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Funfetti Blondies

One of my friends is a first-year kindergarten teacher. She wanted to bring in a treat for the kids, to celebrate the end of their school year.

So she looked through my list of Chocolate Covered Katie 500+ Healthy Dessert Recipes.


After much deliberation, she finally decided on blondies. We spent the afternoon in the kitchen, making blondies for her lucky students.

funfetti blondie

We used the recipe for my White Bean Blondies, then we threw in 2 tablespoons of sprinkles (pre-baking). We also subbed a combination of applesauce and oil for the peanut butter, because snacks at my friend’s school must be peanut-free. Here’s the modified recipe:

Funfetti Blondies

(makes 15-20 squares)

  • 1 1/2 cups chickpeas or white beans (1 can, drained and rinsed) (250g after draining)
  • 3/4 tsp baking powder
  • 1/8 tsp baking soda
  • level 1/4 tsp salt
  • 3/4 cup brown sugar or coconut sugar or xylitol
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup ground flax or quick oats (20g)
  • 1/4 cup peanut butter (or Earth Balance or veg or coconut oil)
  • 1/2 cup chocolate chips
  • 2-4 tbsp sprinkles, plus more for the tops if desired

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Blend all ingredients (except chips) until very smooth in a food processor (not a blender). Mix in chips, and scoop into a greased (or tinfoil-lined) 8×8 pan. Optional: for “prettiness” you can stick some chocolate chips on top of the batter as well. Bake for around 30 minutes. They’ll look a little undercooked when you take them out, but they firm up as they cool, and you don’t want them to get too hard.

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What are your favorite vacation spots?

I want to plan a vacation for this summer, and have no idea where to go. I’m leaning towards NYC, since it’s one of my favorite places in the world and I usually go there every summer. But maybe I should try something different. California, Portland, Boston… all are in the running!

Published on May 27, 2011

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  1. Jen says

    Boston is great in the summer! There are so many great places in Boston and Cambridge to explore, and you can get out to the beach pretty easily to take advantage of the short nice weather season 🙂

  2. Jennifer JCD says

    Funfetti nut-free blondies. Brilliant!

    Favourite holiday spots: Banff (or Jasper), Alberta, Canada (mountains!!! and gardens and hot springs and cute shops and hiking, etc. and free personal tour guide = me); Chicago (art gallery, orchestra, science museum, theatre, architecture, etc.); Disney! (Anything Disney gets 100 bonus points from me: Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Disney’s resorts/hotels in random other American towns); and San Francisco is really pretty and there’s lots to do there too. If you’re feeling like a trip up North, there’s 24-hour daytime golfing in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada; an Alaskan cruise (or just hanging out in Alaska) is unbelievably scenic and relaxing; Prince Edward Island, Canada has the Anne of Green Gables house, among other things. Ahhh… can you tell I’m dreaming of holidays?

  3. Aisatsana says

    Those photographs are beautiful! Please let us know how the kids like the blondies. I always want to take healthy treats to share with others, but sometimes no one else will touch them. 🙁 I love your blog, Katie, and thanks for the blogging tips yesterday!

  4. Cait @ Beyond Bananas says

    I am going to San Fran for the first time in 3 weeks. I can’t tell you how awesome it is because I haven’t been there yet.. but I know there are SO many things to see.. like Wine Country.. Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, Trolleys.. all the history that the city has! AHh I am SOOO excitedjust writing this! 🙂

  5. Emily says

    I have coconut blondies in the oven! I subbed coconut butter for the pb, coconut flavoring for vanilla, and shredded coconut for chocolate chips! They are smelling divine.

    My favorite vacation spot is also NYC…so I’m not much help.

  6. Ragnhild says

    I love your photos- so pretty! Im not a big sprikles, dont like the taste of them.. but they do make beatiful treats 😉
    Oh, go to NYC! I love love love New York, but have only been there twice! My favorit vacation was when I went to Belize! I was lucky enought to get the trip (all included + salary) from 2 members at my gym, so I could be theys nanny for 2 weeks! It was the best vacation EVER!

  7. Jenny says

    I LOVED chocolate sprinkles as a child. My mom would even make me a chocolate sprinkle sandwich on rare occasions, as a special treat… so I love sprinkles. <3 The chocolate ones are the best, IMO, but the rainbow ones are okay too… At least they're prettier, right? Haha.

    Beautiful photos, as usual – that's the trend on your blog lately! Gorgeous photos + interesting, well-written posts… Hm wait, I think that's been a trend on your blog for a really long time now…

    For vacation… CEBU, the Philippines. It's gorgeous. 😀 And costs a fortune to go… Otherwise, I second what someone else said: Disneyland! in California or Florida, maybe? Or Vancouver, BC, Canada – absolutely b-e-a-u-tiful in the summertime!

  8. Maddie says

    Oh! You should visit Provence Town, Massachusetts. It’s this adorable little sea town with lots of restaurants and activities during the summer. It’s pretty close to Boston too! I might be going there this summer and I’m super excited! You could also go to The Fairy Festival. It’s right outside Eugene,Oregon and I’ve heard it’s AMAZING! Plus,you’d make an awesome fairy! 🙂

  9. Hela says

    I bet the kids love them!!
    I vote for IRELAND 🙂 the best place on earth!! so beautiful and you can even go watching whale and dolphins!
    btw, my mum loves you! I made the Raw Chocolate Fudge last night and yep, now she is in love 😀 And so am I! I cannot believe I haven´t tried it til now!! It is uber delicious!! Tastes like mousse au chocolate- veganized 🙂

  10. Lisa Fine says

    These look so cute. I’m more of a chocolate sprinkles girl…could you make a recipe of one of your treats using chocolate sprinkles instead? [I know they look boring, but I think they taste better.]

    I think NYC is always a fun place to visit. I love traveling overseas too, and try go on a big trip once a year. Even though it can be more expensive, I don’t mind spending a lot for a ticket to go to a place that’s cheaper to travel to [like Thailand or India or something.] Curious to hear what you pick!

  11. Melissa says

    I’ll be visiting Portland in October (running the marathon there on the 9th). If our schedules mesh, that’d be AWESOMESAUCE. 😉 But Oct isn’t really summer anymore. Hah.

  12. Jasmine says

    Wehn I visited NY I thought it was great, but then I went to Chicago and fell in love. I have to say, I liked it way better than NY.

  13. Rebeka says

    Ohh you should go to Portland and then take a day tripe to Hood River, Oregon. It’s about an hour drive east (maybe a little less) and It’s so amazing, especially in the summer. There are so many fun things to do (especially outdoor and water sports – windsurfind capitol of the world?). PLUS there are a TON of cute windsurfer/kiteboarder guys there all summer. Yum!

  14. Lilly says

    I agree with Averie, CA is amazing! There is so much to do and it is def not all the same. There is city, urban, beach-y, country, rural, coastal, etc. all driving distance from each other up and down the state. Plus tons of vegan places as well as all the amazing sights and attractions 🙂

  15. Bianca- Vegan Crunk says

    You can add sprinkles to anything, and it really becomes MAGICAL!! And um, Portland, all the way. I wish there were tickets left for Vida Vegan Con!! I want you to go!

    Oh, and as for disappearing bloggers, I’m not going anywhere!! And you better not either. This blogging thing is such a fixture in my life that if I did stop, eating would be less enjoyable. And who wants that to happen?

  16. tracey says

    I vote for the West Coast…great hiking and weather…we love our vacations out west!
    ps…can you give an approximate on the stevia drops in cookie dough “dips” :). I know it is all based on personal preference, but a starting point for me? (sorry if you’ve answered this 1,000 times before)
    Happy Friday!!!

  17. Stephanie says

    I’d go just about anywhere I haven’t been yet. I’d love to explore some more off-the-beaten-track areas like when I went to Montenegro, Serbia, and Croatia. I learned so much and it was a once in a lifetime experience! I’d like to see more of North America’s interior and South America, definitely!

  18. Camille says

    Haha, great list and here’s why: I used to live in California, I currently live near Portland and Boston is my favorite US city 🙂
    If you end up going to California or Portland, let me know so we can meet up!

  19. Kelsey @ Unmitigated Grub says

    I’m loving these blondies!! Keep ’em coming 🙂

    I vote for NYC!! (but i am biased as that’s where I reside…)

  20. Emma (Sweet Tooth Runner) says

    LONDON LONDON LONDON!! No wait, I’m not here this summer, so HAWAII this year and then LONDON next, okay?! Great we have your itinery sorted 🙂

    And when you come, can you bring those please?! I love me some blondies, specially funfetti style! 😀

  21. Nicky says

    Ahhh anything with funfetti is a winner!! So pretty 🙂 Aswell as YUM!
    I really want to go to NYC too, but if you’re looking to go abroad I am in love with Thailand – such a beautiful country it really is. Also how about the Caribbean? I love Barbados sooo much, such a chilled out place to be.

  22. Another Lauren says

    I like someone else’s idea to drive from San Diego up to the Bay Area or Napa/Sonoma. Then you could hit up Disneyland in LA too. Although in summer it will be crazy crowded.

    But if you do this, you must visit Santa Cruz, California! Not just because it’s my hometown but because it’s a beautiful, quirky coastal town that’s between Monterey and San Francisco and you might like the cuisine. Vegan/vegetarian is pretty popular here because we have a lot of hippie folk and an abundance of natural foods stores: Staff of Life, New Leaf and Whole Foods all in town. And of course, there’s the Boardwalk…

  23. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    These are so cute! I hope the kids like them!

    Favorite vacation spots — all I can think about right now is the beach. I want to be someplace really warm!

  24. Vegan Alexandra says

    I’d suggest you visit Palm Island in Placida, FL.
    I used to live on the island, and it’s a great place. Unfortunately, I had to move the the middle of the state.
    There may not be beaches where I live now… but there’s plenty of my favorite animal: cows. 😀

    But really, look it up. It’s beautiful.

  25. Averie (LoveVeggiesandYoga) says

    I love CA and as discussed on email from San Diego to LA to the central coast Monterrey/Santa Barbara, on up to San Fran and the Bay Area, Tahoe, Napa/Sonoma…seriously it’s a HUGE state, you could start at one end and drive to the other, or halfway, you could spend an entire week (or month) in San Fran/Bay area and never see it all; you could vineyard hop in Napa/Sonoma, you could come hang out with me in San Diego…you would LOVE IT in Ca. I promise!!! I’ll be your tour guide 🙂

    And sprinkles, mmmm, good. They make the world a better place!

  26. Faith @ lovelyascharged says

    Tropical vacations are my favorite (or at least somewhere warm!) Cozumel and La Jolla, CA are my faves! I did LOVE DC and NYC, though…and I’m contemplating a white water rafting trip to Canada sometime in the fall!

  27. O.C. says

    These bloldies look so fun! Very kid friendly 🙂
    As for vacation spots there are so many good ones it all depends on what you’re looking for! I love costa rica for surf an yoga but Boston is by far my favorite big city in America! Lucky me I get to stay up there for a whole month this July for my veterinary internship 🙂 soo excited!!

  28. Alex@Spoonful of Sugar Free says

    So cute 🙂

    But I really love the National parks in Utah. Gorgeous. Zion is spectacular. So peaceful, and you can take hikes, have picnics, and great photos!

  29. Tori (Fresh Fruition) says

    Ohh, funfetti!

    We usually go to some sort of beach. NYC is always fun! What about Florida or, if you’re looking for something historic, another city on the east coast other than NYC? Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Richmond? Savannah, GA is a beautiful place, too!

  30. Katherine says

    Hmm, I love going out west, all sorta of amazing views and things to see there.
    I am going to Guatemala on the 2nd for a mission trip! So, I am all for going out of the country. I don’t know your religion or anything, but if you are involved in a church, getting involved in missions is usually a cheaper way to travel and you get to give back to people 🙂

  31. Alexandra says

    I love sprinkles! I completely agree that they make everything taste better! after all, taste, in my opinion, also consists of other aesthetic characteristics, especially looks (and smell)

    If something doesn’t look pretty, i REALLY don’t want to eat it.

    Oh — and I made your cookie dough dip for dinner yesterday and I ate the entire bowl by myself (granted i halved the recipe but oh well haha) and it was really yummy! for me, it was a bit liquidy so i added some oats to thicken it up a bit. I used cinnamon raisin swirl peanut butter and left out the sugar. it was delicious, and SUPER fillin! garbanzo beans are SO healthy. Thanks, katie! you rocked my tummy once again!

    xxxx alexandra

  32. McIntosh says

    Washington DC is awesome…free museums, zoo, embassies, parks etc. Metro is fast, easy, clean and safe Lots of history/culture and great for walking though it’s hot and humid in the summer.

  33. Dawn @ Blonde on a Mission says

    NYC is a riot. I love it there for all the things you get to take in in a short amount of time – the food, the people, the shopping, the scenery, the feeling of being in a completely different world in that concrete jungle! Central Park is also extremely beautiful!

    And on the complete opposite of the vacation spectrum, one of my favourite places is Tenessee. The mountain cabins are so cute & Nashville is awesome!

  34. katie@ KatieDid says

    Boston! boston! theres so much to do and tons of history. i’m biased because i grew up outside of boston, but still its great. plus you could enjoy cali anytime of the year but new england is mostly only enjoyable in the warmer months

  35. Eleanor@eatinglikeahorse says

    What about somewhere like Mexico or Cuba? I’d love to go to either but I’m planning to go either to New York or Egypt next year 🙂
    And thanks for the tips yesterday; if anyone’s qualified to write a post like that, it’s got to be you!

  36. Kris (everyday oats) says

    My favorite is Honolulu, Hawaii. However, I think Seattle is a beautiful place to visit during the summer. It’s definitely a fun place to explore on foot and full of delectable goodies. I love the vibe they have going on there and its just a great outdoorsy city in general.

  37. emma says

    Erm of course there’s enough interest… takes half an hour to scroll past all the comments so I can write one of my own! 🙂 Come to ENGLAND!!! And you can meet up with Me, Carrie and Emma 🙂
    And btw…those children are in for a major treat! 🙂

  38. katie @KatieDid says

    oh and I meant to add to my commet above that I made your choc. chip blondies yesterday but subbed bananas and dates for the sugar. They came out SOOO delicious and my roommates and myself devoured the entire pan in less than 10 minutes no joke. I blogged about it and linked back which you probably get notified about? just thought I’d let you know and say thanks for another great recipe!

    • Ash says

      Hey! I was just hoping you could tell me how much banana and dates you used?! I don’t want to use the sugar, and your substitution sounds perfect!

  39. Cait's a Runnerchick says

    Funfetti colors are always so fun! especially for the little kiddies, but even today who can resist a sweet treat that look like a rainbow? 🙂 and psshhh, what do those foodgawker folks know anyways!

    now as for your vaca, i grew up in CA and have to say that San Diego, Santa Barbara, and San Fran are some of my favorite spots. that said, i live in Portland, OR now and here is a fun fact that you might like: portland has the most restaurants per capita than any other place in the US. oh, and Rosie’s bakery has plenty of chocolaty wonders…hehe.

  40. Tara says

    I would say Philadelphia so you can visit me, but I know you’ve spent plenty of time there 🙂 Have you ever been to Arizona? I love Tucson! I went to Flagstaff when I was little and I enjoyed that too. I’m going to the grand canyon in two weeks, I’m sure that’s a cool place to go! I recently went to California and it is great for vegans, plus there are so many options of things to do and places to see there.

  41. Kat @ Cupcake Kat says

    Come visit me in Canada! … and bring some of those blondies.
    Alright I’ll be serious now. I’ve never traveled anywhere in the US but I know that Las Vegas and Florida are popular destinations. Or how about Hollywood?

  42. Kate (What Kate is Cooking) says

    California, California, California! And I will take a batch of those brownies if you head my way 🙂 There’s so much to do in California- I live really close to Disneyland and the beach, so I vote Orange County!

  43. Sarah says

    I just made these and subbed pumpkin for the peanut butter and added some cinnamon and allspice. My kitchen smells so good right now!

  44. Jill says

    Could you possibly use steel cut oats, bulgur, or whole wheat flour in place of the ground oats? I’m fresh out of oats…

  45. Bonnie says

    I’ve re-read this and thought I’d comment on your vacation spot… You should come up to Canada and visit Canmore in Alberta. Beautiful mountains – trails for skiing and hiking… We try and go there every year. (It’s only 4 hours from us) 😉

  46. tori says

    the batter tastes so good, they also taste so good too. great vacation snack for kids and adults. great idea my whole family loves it for dessert and great party snack . i love blondies they are so good

  47. Nikki says

    Well I can certainly show you how to not make these the easy way… lol. They are baking now. Seem really liquid still at the 25 minute mark. I didn’t have a 8 by 8 pan only a 12 by 9 and I thought that wouldn’t work well so I did muffin cups so I’m going to leave them in longer. I also didn’t have baking powder so I subbed vinegar, I have previously with success but I think that for this recipe my cream of tartar ratio mix might work better. The batter still tasted pretty good. I’m going to try again tonight when I make white bean gratin to do this and pick up some baking powder. I’ll let you know how the cups turn out if they do at all lol

  48. Jenny Allen says

    Have you ever tried to use aquafaba in these instead of oil or nut butter? I’m trying to cut back on fat from nuts and I don’t use oil. Think it would work? Thanks!!!

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