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Happy, Healthy, and… Hot??

How to stay warm in the winter:


Option One: Hats and scarves!

I must have about a billion scarves (and lots of winter hats as well). To me, scarves are the only fun part of cold weather. Otherwise I’d be happy if it were 75 degrees all year long.

And they double as photography props, like in this oatmeal photo.

But there is another way to stay warm…

sleeping dogs lie

Option Two: Henry and Batman choose to park their butts in front of the heat dish.

All. Day. Long.

They even exercise in front of it:



(Henry is very good at downward facing dog.)

batman sleep

Batman is just very good at being cute.

I haven’t been posting many photos of them lately, because they live at my parents’ house and I often forget to bring my camera when I visit. But they’re just as adorable as always!


Option Three: Pumpkin Bread in a Bowl.

It’s one of my favorite warm breakfasts, and it tastes especially good with raisins. Or chocolate chips, of course! I’d share with Batman and Henry… however, they won’t even leave the heat dish for food. Their hierarchy: heat > food > walks > everything else.

Question of the Day:

Do you like scarves? And winter hats?

Tomorrow: Another way to stay warm… A chocolate way Winking smile.

Published on January 25, 2012

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  1. Ali @ Peaches and Football says

    I love scarves but am not a fan of hats because they make my hair get static-y and messy. Wish that wasn’t the case. I’m cursed with super-fine hair that doesn’t do much!

    Can’t wait for the warm chocolate recipe tomorrow!!

  2. AikoVenus says

    They’re so cute! My cat does the exact same thing except his exercising is just taking a nap from the strenuous work of sleeping. ^^; I need to try your pumpkin bread since my mum is apt to trying it after tasting your other delicious recipes!

  3. Kate@cookingwitharthur says

    Ooh I’ve just discovered your blog and it is absolutely brilliant (although I’m a little freaked out that we look very similar and have the same name AND you were born in London, my OH says there must be some kind of chocolate-loving-Katie-gene). I’ve probably spent about 2 hours reading it all and I’ve just made the blondes which are amazing! Thank you.

    I have auto-immune arthritis so staying warm is pretty much obligatory, and I basically do what your dogs do. In fact, I’m sprawled by the heater now 😉 and typing this with fingerless mittens and a snood on, which is not really a good look but maybe it will catch on…And I eat a lot of oatmeal.

    • Marcee .... ILLINOIS says

      Hello Kate …..

      Are you on helpful medications?

      Not to make everyone miserable ….. but, yeah, I have the same medical issues as you. Today is not a fun ….. my body is ice cold …. very sore and everything hurts. Motrin (taken all day long) is my only source of (hopeful) comfort.

      Also wondering if you eat sugar …. or sugar substitutes?

      Best of Kate.


      • Kate@cookingwitharthur says

        Hi Marcee,

        Sorry to hear you have it too! It’s rubbish isn’t it?

        I’m on methotrexate, naproxen, Humira and sulfasalzine for the arthritis. I have tramadol too for when the pain is bad but it makes me a little high!

        I try not to eat too much sugar as it isn’t great for the inflammation. Instead I tend to save sweets for a treat and sometimes use sweeteners. I reckon a few treats a week though is fair enough when you have miserable joints. I need chocolate to be happy!

        How do you manage it? Have you had it long? If you do fancy a peak at my blog (it’s about cooking and eating with arthritis, and I’m still starting out with it), I’d massively appreciate any feedback – good or bad.

        Hope you keep warm,


        • Marcee .... ILLINOIS says

          Hi again Kate.

          Thought to check in to CCK again …… on a whim. Her blog is soooo popular. I love reading comments from her fans!

          Ohgoshgee really? Have no idea whatsoever what all those meds are. My doctor suggested Lyrica last year. Terrible. Not sure how anyone can take that. I tried twice …. left me continually sleepless for days. Done with that. Motrin works best. For me.

          Basically, you/me/anyone ….. must battle it out ….. everyday. The pain can be different, it does vary, awful no less. Love warm/hot showers! So lovely on rickety joints. Ha. Something anyway. Have you used Aspercreme? A huge helper when one is desperate for relief.

          I bid you peace Kate. Let’s take care of ourselves best as possible.

  4. Ashley Dodge says

    I love scarves! I have a collection of them- and still growing. I’m addicted! I’m not big on hats, so thankfully that leaves more room for scarves:) And those pups are adorable!

  5. Marcee .... ILLINOIS says

    Yep …. love hats, scarves and gloves. We have sooo many, from years past, I could open a store!!! The older cashmere and wool blend scarves are the best ….. soft and well, old. Like a comfy sweatshirt.

    Katie …. you look smashing in pink! Matches up w/your cheeks ….. lovely! A few months ago I gave my (twins!) great-nieces matching (all cotton) sweaters/caps in that same exact color/pattern!

    Great seeing the poochies …. wow, Batman has grown. They look very healthy ….. just adorable. Is Batman a good watchpuppy?

    I would consider buying one of those heat-thingies for us. Doggies love warmth in winter. Our Gidget is cuddled-up on the sofa …. in my comforter! She knows what feels good!

    Awful cold here. Brrrr.

    Love-love your blog (the gorgeous food is always fantabulous!) Katie.

    Sweet & chocolately day!

      • Marcee .... ILLINOIS says

        Ha! Cute. Love it.

        All our gentle-poochies (past & present) ….. were always encouraged to bark …. growl …. throw fits!!! Ha. That is their #1 duty! To be kind + nice + sweet is #2!

        We reward them with excellent grub, snacks, huggies and kissys and everything else under the sun. How many poochie-owners buy Marimeeko comforters for their bow-wows?!? (My hands are raised!)

        Truthfully ….. I can only recall 2-3 of our doggies that actually bit/lightly snapped. Wasn’t a huge deal. They were basically “protecting” what was important. We would calmly explain for them to bite “nice” …. haha … funny thinking about it all.

        Another day Katie!

  6. Kat @ a dash of fairydust says

    I love hats and scarves! In fact,how should I be able to survive the cold months without my super long and fluffy scarf?! I’d end up as a living popsicle in the end!
    Can’t wait for a chocolate-y way to stay warm,hehe 😛

  7. Jennifer JCD says

    I’ve never heard of using a heat dish before! Your pups certainly have their priorities right!

    I’m not a huge scarf and toque person. Yes, it’s cold here, and I have a few toques and scarves… but I always wear the same two sets for years and years until they wear out. This is year three (?) for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic set… black/white/red knitted toque with a pompom on top and red knitted mitts with the Olympic logo on the back and big white maple leaves in the palms. I don’t know… I don’t have any fashion sense, and when it’s cold, warm is all that matters.

  8. Carrie says

    Your dogs are a-dog-able! 🙂 Love those pics.

    Yes, I became obsessed with scarves while in France. I wear one every day in the winter and since it is cold in the office, I don’t take it off! 🙂

  9. Lisa says

    I LOVE scarves and hats and I have a small collection of them….in the back of my closet…
    Because while I got a fabulous amount of use out of them when I lived in Ohio, I have lived in Florida for the past several years and have found only one of two occasions to get them out! I miss a few of my adorable winter coats as well.
    But, it’s a brisk 77 here on this January day. 😉

  10. Melissa says

    As someone who grew up in Northern Canada I had a bit of a chuckle about needing hats, scarves, and heat lamps in Texas!

  11. Katie says

    I do so love scarves, not just for winter, but all year ’round. And I must wear hats, I’m so sun sensitive. Hats with big-wide brims. So they’re not really winter hats. Put I just put different scarves around my hat, add a seasonal pin and it looks like I have bunches of hats. Then a scarf around my neck,

    I also think Henry and Batman are cute. No dogs for me now, but I have two cats. One can be adorable, when she’s not a grouch, and the other is adorable ALL the time, even when he’s bad. ♥

  12. Sarah the official CCK drooler says

    I love scarves, must have a gazillion myself! Hats, not so much. I also like to stay warm by standing in front of a Zac Efron poster. I pride myself on my resourcefulness (;

  13. Steph says


    You are absolutely stunningly beautiful!

    I look so funny in hats. I wish I didn’t, because I love them and they keep my head nice and toasty :).

  14. Sherlock says

    You look adorable! I’m not a fan of winter hats/beanies but I do love my scarves. By the way, your dogs are so darn cute!

  15. Christine says

    Cute dogs! Haha, I guess TX doesn’t get as cold as it does up north where I live. We have to actually wear hats instead of photoshopping them on! 🙁

      • S. says

        Katie, just to let you know if you get a lot of these bs comments (which it seems like you’re getting) they’re all from the same place. Gomi! I swear I don’t post there, but I do sometimes read the crap just for laughs at how stupid some people can be and how sad and sorry their lives are!
        If I were you I’d delete the comments, because they’re TROLLS!

        • Christine says

          What is Gomi? I just thought she was making a joke about the weather by pasting on hair with a hat on it – like being ironic or something? Sorry if it was offensive in some way. I’m really confused.

          • Christine says

            You do have great hair! I just thought you were playing a joke with the hat though. Sorry for the misunderstanding!

          • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

            That photo’s from my 3000 calorie post, right? It’s obviously not a photo (in other words, I was trying to be funny with the acorn, which is obviously not really on my head!). I probably tried to fix the hair to make the acorn sit more naturally… and I say “probably” because that picture is over two years old and I don’t remember even posting it! But if you’re interested, here’s the original photo–where my hair is NOT photoshopped:

          • Still Wondering says

            Thanks for the info – that makes a lot of sense!

            I guess I just get put off by all the photoshopping. It feels fake or forced to me.

            I love your food photos. Those are really great.

          • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

            I guess I was just trying to be funny. Even I think it looks dumb, in retrospect. I have another photoshopped photo of me somewhere on my blog, where I put my face on a bumblebee… I did that kind of stuff a lot when I first started my blog. Nowadays I try to use photoshop as little as possible, even for my food photos (although I definitely still do use it for those)… because–as you pointed out–I’m not very good with photoshop! I’d rather spend the time trying to learn how to make them look good straight out of the camera :).

          • cammy says

            Im a registered dietitian and have worked many years feeding people in all sorts of clinical situations including people who could not eat by mouth and were fed by a feeding tube.You know exactly how many calories a patient is receiving and for your information there are people who are “hypermetabolic” who do not gain weight no matter how many calories I gave them via a feeding tube . I do not know Katie personally so I cannot vouch that she eats 3000 calories a day or not. But I think it is unfair to her to say that someone cannot gain weight on 3000 calories a day. Katie- I think you are a beautiful, lovely young lady and I appreciate your blog as a registered dietitian to make desserts and treats healthy and good for you. Ive made several of your recipes- all of which have turned out deliciuos. Keep up the good work and dont let the negativity get to you.

          • Andrea says

            3000 calories? You actually claim you eat 3000 calories a day????? You must be the exception to the rule of thermodynamics, the missing link, the only human alive who can eat more calories than they consume and continue to maintain an unhealthily low body weight.

            I hope you get help some day.

          • Sherlock says

            You have the audacity to comment on this blog claiming CCK is unhealthy and underweight! There are many people who do, in fact, eat that plus more and don’t gain weight. You have some nerve picking at people you know nothing about. Keep your ignorant and foolish comments off this blog!

  16. Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola says

    Aww your puppies are so cute!! I don’t blame them- I’m the same way when it comes to my space heater. Staying near it reigns supreme so I try and do all tasks while sitting RIGHT in front of it. And mmm I needed a new warm breakfast option so I’ll have to make that Pumpkin one!

  17. Connie says

    Katie, those dogs of yours are total cuties! I have two little dogs myself that I use for heat–yorkies make great lap, leg, and feet warmers 🙂

  18. Lisa C says

    You are gorgeous, CCK! Proof of that healthy vegan diet you eat? 😉
    I’m transitioning to vegan, and you’ve been a huge influence. You’re amazing!

  19. Alexandra says

    No need to photoshop! Your fans will still love you, Katie, even if you show them how you look without “enhancement” or fake hats.

    • S. says

      Katie, if you get a lot of these bs comments (which it seems like you’re getting) they’re all from the same place. Gomi! I swear I don’t post there, but I do sometimes read the crap just for laughs at how stupid some people can be and how sad and sorry their lives are!
      If I were you I’d delete the comments, because they’re TROLLS!

      • Alexandra says

        I’m not sure you know what the definition of “troll” is in terms of Web forums, S. Katie, I really meant it when I said that your fans love you. How is that trolling?

  20. Alyssa says

    Looks like your pups have their priorities straight, lol!

    I, too, am transitioning to vegan and find myself coming to your website more and more. Thank you!!!!!

  21. Alex@Spoonful of Sugar Free says

    One word: AAWWWWWWWWWW 😀 😀 😀

    And yes, I looove scarves! I never get to wear them much in Florida, though 🙁 I have 5 really cute ones, too!

  22. Nathalie says

    Adooooorable. And I do like scarves, and hats. Unfortunately I don’t love shopping so I haven’t accumulated like… any of them. Maybe two. And they were gifts, lulz.

    Just thought you might be interested, I tried making your classic carrot cake recipe yesterday! It seemed to turn out well, and I used this particular kind of carrot in Tokushima called a “kintoki” carrot. It’s a vibrantly red-orange color, and I can’t wait to see what it does to the color of the interior of the cake. I still need to ice it before I serve it, but I will take pictures and link you when I do =D

  23. Kaila @healthyhelperblog! says

    Love the dogs! They are both so cute! My pup has been freezing lately but she refuses to go near the space heater! Scares her I guess!

  24. Kit-Kat says

    I love to KNIT scareves and hats for winter wear. It gets really cold here, and I hate the cold, but homemade outerwear makes me feel happy and chic in the cold. Brr!

  25. Ashley says

    LOVE scarves. I’m a wee obsessed actually. and pumpkinbread in a bowl may be on the menu for tomorrow morning….
    So I just saw a recipe for cake batter pancakes(complete with sprinkles:D)?! omnomnomnom. You should definitely concoct a healthified version of when you have a chance 😉

  26. Amber K says

    I usually sit right in front of the heat covered in sweaters and blankets. Because I’m sticking to my cold overnight oatmeal and smoothies 🙂

  27. Shannin says

    I just had a “what is this model doing on this blog?” moment. UHM. You are quite stunning, my dear! Try best to stay warm, look as though the dogs are!

  28. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga says

    Hats are a must for me or something to protect my ears when I run outside. They get sooo cold and I get a Mr. Misty headache otherwise. Cute pink hat you have 🙂

  29. Lisa VB says

    Katie! I love your pumpkin bread in a bowl but I always eat it cold out of the fridge. Do you warm it up after it thickens? Does it stay thick?

  30. Linda says

    Just found your site and have tried a few recipes. Yum.

    I’ve got the ingredients for the Pumpkin Bread in a Bowl. You mention that it’s good on a cold day but I don’t see heating instructions. A quick zap in the microwave?

    And I love hats and scarves and shawls!

  31. natalie @ southern fit foodie says

    That is a gorgeous picture of you!!!

    I love scarves, but I think they look weird on me. I’ve been wanting an infinity scarf but haven’t found the right one yet…

  32. Erin says

    Your dogs are too cute!

    I will definitely try your pumpkin “bread” sometime soon, but seeing as it is finally warmish in NC today I made a CCK-inspired sweet potato smoothie. Same flavors, but way different temperature! lol

  33. Lisa says

    When I read the forecast this morning for San Diego was to be 72 and sunny with a light breeze, I packed up the kids and made the hour drive to the San Diego Zoo. No hats and scarves today!! Tanktops and shorts!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOO!

  34. Sophie @ LoveLiveAndLearn says

    Haha I love this post, your pups are so cute! My cat always curls up on the section of the floor which has the hot water pipes running under it to stay warm. Or we cuddle up together 🙂 I love winter scarves, I have a huge navy blue snood that I wear practically everyday because it’s so warm and comfy!

  35. Danielle says

    I’m a knitter and have a box packed with hats and scarves, LOVE EM! Being in Connecticut, tempeture changes day to day….gotta love New Englad weather….must be prepared for anything.

    You’re dogs are so cute!!!!!! I have a heat dish too….I like to set it up so if i’m sitting on the couch i stay nice and warm. One of my dogs like to “sit” next to me….Back legs on the couch in “sitting” position…front legs standing on the floor RIGHT IN FRONT of the heater so she gets ALL the heat, and i get none. lol….i think i’m going to break down and get a second heat dish so i can get some heat too.

  36. Anna @ The Guiltless Life says

    I don’t look good in all hats but I really love a nice warm knit toque (or beanie in the US). And scarves are lovely, my favourite part of every season – light or heavy scarves, all work! I love how you used them as photography props – great trick – thanks!

  37. Katie @ ohshineon says

    I’d agree… chocolate cures all illnesses, fixes all problems, and makes the world a better place. I’ve actually never had coconut milk before. I do have coconut oil, though I haven’t used it much since purchasing it (I always forget about it in the back of my pantry). What are the nutritional benefits of coconut milk?

  38. Hannah says

    I love hats and scarves- but I hate the static that comes along with them! Do you have any alternate recipes for the pumpkin bread- it sounds like a great idea… but I absolutely hate pumpkin 🙁

  39. Anna@ActiveFingers says

    I love scarves of all kinds! I realized recently that I wear them so much that my students freak out when I don’t have one on 🙂

  40. Christina says

    I was just going through some of your archives to see if I’ve missed any recipes lately (I try to make one of your desserts at least once a week) and I ran across this post – I have to say, your pic with your hat, scarf and sunglasses is just too fabulous! You are too cute! 🙂

    Keep these awesome recipes coming – they really fix my sweet tooth…AND the fact that I can get my husband and kiddos to eat these “healthy desserts” is an added bonus!

    My all time favorite cookies are sugar cookies and butter cookies – do you have anything in your “recipe repertoire” that is a healthier version of those 2 evil cookies?

    All the best,

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