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Healthy Cadbury Creme Eggs

Healthy Cadbury Creme Eggs?!

Homemade Cadbury Crème Eggs recipe that doesn't use sugar, corn syrup, or artificial colors or additives. Instructions here:

Today, those ubiquitous Cadbury Creme Easter eggs are receiving a much-needed healthy makeover.

  • Goodbye, high fructose corn syrup
  • Goodbye, artificial flavors
  • Goodbye, Yellow #6

By the way, if you google to try and find out what ingredients comprise Yellow #6, you get some creepy results…

Homemade Cadbury Crème Eggs that can be made without any sugar, corn syrup, or artificial colors or additives. Instructions here:

Instead of stuffing the homemade vegan Cadbury Creme eggs with a gloppy mess of powdered sugar, corn syrup, and butter, I decided on something way better…

Filling them with ice cream! Have you ever tried a Cadbury Creme egg? My childhood Easter baskets were filled with so many chocolate bunnies that I guess there just wasn’t room for any egg-shaped confections, and I’ve actually never tried a non-vegan Cadbury Creme egg. I’m curious as to what they taste like… Might have to order a vegan Cadbury Creme egg online to see how these healthy Cadbury Creme eggs compare.

If you don’t want to do the ice-cream thing, I’m also including an option below that does not need to stay frozen. Both ways are delicious and perfect for Easter!

vegan cadbury eggs

Healthy Cadbury Creme Eggs

(Completely vegan!)

Yolks & Cream Filling:

  • 1 bag frozen mango or peaches (240g)
  • 1/4 cup milk of choice (60g)
  • pinch stevia extract OR 1-2 tsp sugar
  • ice cream of choice, such as my Healthy Ice Cream Recipe, OR coconut butter or cream cheese, such as TJ vegan


(Or you can skip the chocolate recipe below and simply melt a bowl of chocolate chips)

  • 1/4 cup cocoa or cacao powder (20g)
  • 2 tbsp virgin coconut oil, liquid (20g)
  • 1 tbsp pure maple syrup or agave (15g)

*If you don’t want to keep the eggs frozen, you can skip the yolk recipe and simply use more cream cheese or coconut butter, naturally colored by mixing in a small pinch turmeric.

First, get out an egg-shaped mold (available at places like Michaels, for about $1, in the cake-decorating section) and put it in the freezer to chill. To make the yolks, combine the first three ingredients in a high-powered blender and blend until completely smooth. Scoop out and freeze while you make the chocolate. Combine chocolate ingredients and stir to form a thin sauce, then take out the chilled candy mold and paint chocolate in a thin layer around the bottom and up the sides of each egg, using a small spoon. Freeze five minutes, then do another layer. Fill with the ice cream or cream cheese that has been warmed to a spreadable consistency, then add a tiny scoop of the yellow filling to the middles. You’ll have leftover yolk filling, as the larger recipe is necessary for smooth blending. I made “deviled” eggs by leaving them open, but you can meld two together by coating the seal with extra chocolate sauce if you’d prefer.

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Published on March 20, 2013

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  1. Erica { } says

    I gotta say … I try to eat healthy 80% of the time in my life but Cadbury Creme Eggs definitely fall into that ‘less than healthy’ 20%. I’m totally indulging in a few of the real ones this year – but will be making these as well!

    • Dana says

      I agree with you on this one! I eat well most of the time and don’t really eat processed food, but Cadbury eggs were my FAVORITE as a kid, and I still love them… I don’t have the heart to change them!

  2. Mallory says

    I can’t lie, the real ones are pretty good. But the gloppy mess inside is SO rich that you’re almost sick by the time you’re done with it!! I ate A LOT of candy before going vegan/becoming more healthy and I wouldn’t put this at the top of my list or anything. As far as holiday candy, I really liked the palmer ones that were little circles with peanut butter and chocolate. Do you know what I’m talking about? Haha. But yeah… you’re not missing that much =)

  3. Faith says

    These look tasty! I wondered when I saw the picture if you had ever eaten the Cadbury version. They don’t actually have a white and yolk portion, but instead the entire interior is a beige type color (not as white as actual cream). I love the fruit incorporation here though!

    The reason you can’t find an ingredients list for yellow #6 is because it is the sole ingredient. It also goes by the name tartrazine (wikipedia here: So basically, yellow #6 is just a common name for a specific chemical.

    • Veronica says

      I’m not sure what country you’re in (I think that makes a difference), but the Cadbury Eggs in the states do have a white and a yellow portion. I’ve probably eaten my weight in them over the years; their imagine is burned into my brain. And, I Googled a photo.

      • Anonymous says

        Yeah, in Australia they are definitely white with a yolk inside – we used to stir them around so they became a pale yellow colour.. but honestly I never cared for them. The are way too sickly. My old school friend however, ate a record 45 creme eggs over the course of the months leading up to Easter. Gross!!

      • Trish says

        I’ve eaten Cadbury Creme Eggs in several countries, and they all are white with the yolk. And delicious…best in the UK though!

    • Regina @ Fit4Mom says

      I think she’s referring to the side effects rather than the ingredient list in the dye. All of those dyes have been linked to one thing or another. It’s best just to avoid them all together.

  4. M says

    Ok this is not a Cadbury egg in any way shape or form! It LOOKS kind of like one, but does that make it a Cadbury egg? I would think if you call a recipe for a food a healthy so and so, it should taste like that item… Since it is a food recipe, not a lookalike photo contest. You should have tried a Cadbury egg at least once before attempting to make a recipe for one. They taste nothing like mango or peach ice swirled ice cream in a chocolate coconut shell. Nothing at all. And they are heaven. You should’ve made some kind of vanilla creamy frosting filling sans any coconut or peach or mango whatsoever, because that is what one tastes like.

      • M says

        I have plenty of fun – I eat real Cadbury eggs. My point is there’s no reason whatsoever to call this a Cadbury egg other than for search terms and web hits. It’s not a Cadbury egg. It won’t taste like a Cadbury egg. At all. If you just called it a chocolate ice cream egg, which is all it is, there wouldn’t be as much hype/gimmick. I saw the headline in my email, was excited bc I thought “Ooh a Cadbury egg! I love those.” but yet again was tricked into a recipe that has nothing to do with what it’s supposed to be!

        She could have easily made a vanilla cream filling, which is what a Cadbury egg tastes like. That’s my issue with this. It’s not a Cadbury egg, don’t sell it like it is one.

        • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

          It’s supposed to be fun, and it actually says right in the post that I didn’t go the normal route of the gloppy powdered sugar filling. The reason for calling it a Cadbury Egg is because the entire point in making them was to make them look like cadbury eggs. Even just a quick glance at the recipe will tell someone they’re not supposed to taste like the ones sold in stores. So I’m not sure why you think I’m trying to “trick” anyone :-?.

          • Anonymous says

            She thinks it because she is a miserable person. Negative people, who always try to see the worst in others, will always find something to complain about. Just ignore her and keep on doing what you’re doing. I think these are brilliant!

          • Kaylee says

            I will say that calling these “Healthy Cadbury Eggs” is slightly misleading. When I saw the header and read the rest of the post, I was still expecting something remotely similar to the original. When Katie said that she did away with the corn syrup and powdered sugar, I was intrigued at how she did this, but I was still expecting something comparable to the original.

            You have to admit that saying that these are “Healthy Cadbury Eggs” and then claiming that they were intended only to *look* like such eggs (which they kind of don’t anyways) is like saying that you made “healthy chocolate chip cookies” that are made from mashed potatoes and whole black beans as the “chips”, thus tasting nothing like an actual chocolate chip cookie– instead only looking slightly like one. Hence, it is not actually a “healthy chocolate chip cookie”. Does this make sense? I like the idea and will probably try the recipe, but the name is just misleading, is all!

          • Rebecca says

            Hi Katie! I love your site because you reinvent the unhealthy treats that most people are used to eating. I don’t have the luxury of choosing to buy a disgustingly sweet “Cadbury Egg” because the ingredients will make me sick. Knowing how terrible the ingredients actually are, I would never buy them for anyone I care about either. That’s why it is so nice to have someone like you come up with such a great alternative! Anyone who is complaining about you “tricking” them is just being ridiculous and petty. If they don’t like your recipe or what it is called, then they can go eat a real Cadbury Egg. Thanks Katie for your awesome recipes, my family enjoys when I make them! We just had your “healthy shamrock shake” on St. Patrick’s Day and it was awesome!

        • Liz says

          I suggest you unsubscribe from the emails. This website clearly isn’t for you. Now, even if you disagree with something, there is a way to word it so you don’t come off as rude and disrespectful. I’m not necessarily interested in every single recipe on this site but I simply don’t make those and move on. Your negativity is ruining the experience for those of us who are ACTUALLY interested in Katie’s wonderful recipes.

          • Mariella Kruger says

            I didn’t see M as rude or disrespectful. I, too, was expecting a recipe with flavors closer to an actual Cadbury egg. I don’t think this is a “trick,” but I do find the recipe name to be unfortunate. And I find most internet interactions unfortunate because it seems like whenever someone has a valid point, but it’s different from the majority, said majority vilifies them and calls them “rude.” How about calling the recipe Cadbury Creme Eggs That Are Really Nothing Like The Real Thing Except In Looks And That Is Debatable? That might be a good compromise.

        • Sheena says

          M: So are you going to go after the Cadbury company as well? After all, they are calling their product “eggs” when clearly they aren’t eggs. Oh the horrors!

          • Anonymous says

            Correct me if I am wrong but I would also like to point out that the only recipes she actually claims to taste like the original thing are named copycat recipes (like the copycat oreos, copycat Little Debbie Cosmic Fudge brownies, etc). The point of this blog is to find a healthy way to reinvent and enjoy desserts. Anyone who has read this blog before should already know that.
            It just boggles my mind how anyone could have negative comments for such an awesome blog. I mean healthy desserts people…enough said! lol

    • Veronica says

      Chill out. It’s not like you paid for an expectation and didn’t get it; you simply opened an email. Apparently you were never taught, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

    • Anonymous Pseudonymous says

      What do you mean? CCK isn’t trying to sell you anything. You don’t have to make the recipe if you don’t want to.

    • Taqah says

      Well i suppose it depends on what you are looking for. as a mother who doesn’t serve any sugar to her daughter… Looking the same is great better even than tasting like it because I’d rather she didn’t accustom her palate to those kinds of things. Because my d doesn’t even like to eat sweets but sees the “pretty” candies her friends eat and wants the experience and things like this make her super happy. Btw — I’ve never had a Cadbury eggs but frankly they sound gross and I’m super glad this doesn’t taste like it.

  5. LMarie says

    I would say you are missing out if you have never tried a real Cadbury Creme Egg. My husband thinks they are gross…now that I think about it, I’m not sure he has ever had one. It may be the whole idea of eating something that is supposed to resemble a raw egg that bothers him. One is enough though. They are sooo sweet! I don’t eat sugar (cane sugar) anymore so I won’t be having any Cadbury eggs this year. I was excited when I seen your recipe. They look fun and I think the kids will love making these.

  6. Olivia@ OmNom Love says

    Those look amazing! I’ve eaten Cadbury Creme Eggs occasionally (mostly around Easter), and I will admit that I love them and they are delicious. However, this looks even better than the real thing. I *must* make these! 😀

  7. Amy McCann says

    I have had the creme egg, but the “white” grosses me out. Let me tell you, though, the caramel eggs are too.die.for! I think I can make it with this idea! Thanks as always Amazing CCK!!!

  8. Alex @ Cookie Dough Katzen says

    I’m obsessed with cadbury eggs! I never really thought about the creepy ingredients though. :/ Anyway you could make the creme another way without ice cream? I’m assuming the creme is just sugar and weird ingredients…hmm

  9. Katie says

    Hey Katie, These look really good, I just wish they were named something else. I have a roommate who is OBSESSED with cadbury eggs, so I was really exited when I got this email, but I can’t imagine this tasting anything like the real thing.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Hi Katie,
      I called the actual recipe “Cadbury Cream Ice Cream Eggs,” and to be honest, I had meant to change the title of the post to that as well. When I started working on the post, my initial goal was to do a real copycat of the powdered sugar version, but I tried an experiment with protein powder and it was so awful that I scrapped my plans!
      As I told someone else above, I did see a recipe for homemade cadbury eggs if you’re interested in trying to exactly replicate the ones sold in stores:

  10. Jessica says

    I’m a little puzzled as why you would compare these to Cadbury creme eggs instead of just presenting them on their own as an Easter/spring dessert alternatives, as I can’t imagine they will taste anything alike. But, I hate the taste of Cadbury creme eggs so that is a good thing for me!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      (See my response to Katie, a few comments above.)
      I started this post weeks ago in LiveWriter, with the initial idea of doing a copycat. When my idea changed, I remembered to change the recipe title, but not the post title… You have no idea how much I now wish I could go back and change the title!

      • Jessica says

        No worries- I hope I came across as respectful. I have been working on my own blog (not food related) and I have come to see how much time these kinds of posts require. I appreciate you continuing to share recipes with us 🙂

      • Hanna says

        Ah, but Katie, you CAN change the title. It’s pretty simple. These are clearly not Cadbury eggs, change the title to what they actually are.

          • Lauren says

            If you’re using WordPress, it is possible to change the title of a post and keep the URL the same as the original 🙂

          • Sheena says

            It is doable. But its not advisable to change it after it goes live, plus it wouldn’t change the title of the emails. I think it is very strange that people are getting so upset over a simple recipe title. Maybe they should go after Cadbury. After all, they are calling their product “eggs” when clearly they aren’t eggs! 😉

  11. Paula's Plate says

    What a fun new twist on a classic candy! Nice work Katie!
    I will happily admit that I LOVE Cadbury cream eggs and can’t wait for them to come out each Easter. I’m all about the 80/20 rule and I will happily fill my whole 20 with Cadbury eggs:) if you can get your hands on a vegan version, it’s worth a try just once:)

  12. Jamie says

    I dunno, I think taking *a* bite of a real creme egg would be worth it. It’s something one should experience…but at the same time, they’re totally gross. I mean, they’re not, they’re just ridiculously sweet (I loved them as a kid, but now they are just blech). And are they actually not vegan? So much chemical…lol. I guess there is probably gelatin in them.

    I wanted to ask: if you were to compare the flavor of Nunaturals or Xylitol to sugar, which would you prefer? That’s the only issue I”m coming across in tryign to make things. I don’t personally desire to avoid actual sugar in all things, but when I’m making some treats for my kids, I try (mostly because I have a type 1 daughter) to make htings very low sugar, or use natural sweeteners like fruit. But I’ve been trying to do a chocolate alternative so my 7 year old can have some candy to “graze” on at Easter, and all I happen to have on hand is Splenda. I really don’t use it very often, someone gave me what I have (people hear diabetes and they have good intentions, but then they do some weird thngs), but I can’t stand the aftertaste. Stevia and xylitol aren’t cheap, and I hate the idea of buying something and then not liking it.

    That was long and complicated, when all I wonder is: what tastes more like sugar? Or, really, what doesn’t have an after taste? (is that one word or two?)

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I guess it depends on the recipe. If you look at my recipes, you’ll see that I often use a combination of sugar and another sweetener.

      Honestly, in baked goods, I don’t taste a difference between xylitol or sugar. And if you are going with stevia, I’d recommend the NN above other brands, because I DO think other brands have a noticeable aftertaste even in small amounts.

  13. Hannah says

    I may have eaten them a few times, but I can’t remember. I haven’t really been able to stomach Easter candy very well ever since I got sick two Easters ago and landed in the hospital! By no fault of the candy, I can assure you!
    These look totally good! If I wasn’t sitting on a bunk bed I’d do a happy dance! You’re so awesome.

  14. Alex says

    As someone pointed out below, one google gives the answer to Yellow #6. I hope you’ll edit the post to change this.

  15. Nina says

    I think I’d enjoy your version better than the actual Cadbury creme egg. I used to eat them but they are so sweet they literally make me shake.

  16. chay says

    These look good, I might try making them.
    Although I would question your assertion that you can’t find any search results for what is in Yellow #6.
    I typed Yellow #6 into google and the very first search result at the top of the page is to the Sunset Yellow (another name for Yellow #6) which not only tells you what it is made from but also gives a chemical diagram of exactly what is in it.

    Its ingredients are C16H10N2Na2O7S2
    Which sounds scary until you realise that H20 also sounds a bit scary until you find out it is water. 🙂

    • Regina @ Fit4Mom says

      I don’t believe she was saying she couldn’t find the ingredients.. but that the ingredients/results of the search were creepy. Mainly the artificiality (if that’s a word) of the dye that is used in many foods today and the side effects the articles claim the dye has.

    • Caroline says

      (I’d just like to make the point that those aren’t ingredients, that’s a molecular formula, which on its own says very little about the property of the molecule itself… but let’s keep chem class off of cooking blogs XD)

        • Caroline says

          hahah, yes, that sort of chem is okay, but right now I’m doing some veeeerry specific stuff in organic chemistry which is not relevant to cooking XD — that’s what I was thinking of. Definitely baking involves lots of chem — I like cooking a bit better because of that 🙂 (though there are some cool chem things in cooking too — for example, putting a little baking soda in caramelizing onions makes the whole thing go faster by bringing the pH up.)

  17. Kristy says

    To this day, this remains one of the biggest deceptions of my childhood! After seeing the commercial with the clucking bunny (that they still use), I swore those eggs were going to be the most amazing candy I’d ever had. The horrible shock I received upon finally tasting one was indescribable! These, I’m sure, will be much better. I might even try filling them with coconut butter and mango.

  18. Tanner says

    I’ve had a Cadbury Creme Egg… They’re rather disappointing. WAY to sugary! Super concentrated amounts of sugar like that make my throat burn, so I can’t eat them, but that’s okay, because other Easter treats are so much better! I also prefer making Easter baskets for other people, rather than getting them myself (although some Apple Pie Larabars and Annie’s Bunny Grahams would make a happy Esater indeed!). My parents are both trying to eat healthier this year, so I think I’ll make them some of your recipes! I don’t know what to make my mom, though! She is soooooo picky and doesn’t like anything I like! I don’t even know what she does like, other than Lean Cuisine Meatloaf and Strawberry Frozen Yogurt, neither of which would last long in a basket 🙂

  19. Kristen says

    I used to love the real ones, but never wanted more than one or two bites- they are SOOOOOO sweet, overly so. But Cadbury’s chocolate is absolutely delicious, and the gooey sweet creamy consistency inside them is really good. Worth a try at least once in your life!

  20. Charlène says

    Oh wow, I can’t wait to try these! I actually have a sinful confession… I buy one of those eggs almost every time I go grocery shopping (that’s once a week). They’re like my dose of chocolate for that day! But I’ll have to give those ones a try.. who doesn’t love ice cream?

  21. Danielle says

    hi Katie,

    if you ever want to experience a creme egg without all the crazy Cadbury chemicals, Laura Secord chocolates makes a giant creme Easter egg that’s like a more intensely vanilla flavored version of the Cadbury eggs. I would imagine they would use more natural ingredients as well.

  22. Kitty Bea says

    Artificial colors are one of those things I wonder why in the world they even exist. It’s all for the marketing and making things sell better by looking more appealing. But they’re carcinogenic, for crying out loud. Not what we want to put in our bodies.

    This recipe looks lovely, I think I might try it with banana ice cream!

  23. Eating 4 Balance says

    So… I’ve never been a fan of cadbury eggs. I’m not even sure that I’ve ever eaten an entire one before…? I’d much rather eat my weight in jelly beans for Easter 🙂

    That said. My mom is obsessed with mangoes, and I think she would be able to eat all of these ingredients, so I’m going to have to try this on her for a homemade Easter present!

  24. Anna @ Your Healthy Place says

    Wow…I wouldn’t have thought it would be possible to make this healthy, so thank you! I do find that creepy about Yellow #6 but not surprising, unfortunately…

  25. Alyssa says

    How fun! And very daring of you 🙂 Those egg shells look precarious! The real Cadbury Creme eggs are pretty fab, but these look like a must try!

    • karen says

      My daughter is allergic to coconut we use enjoy life chips or actually cheapo brand chips from the grocery store. They have better ingredients then the name brand!

  26. Lisa says

    These are a cute idea! They freaked me out a bit at first, since they look a lot like a real egg ha.
    My friends love these, so I’d totally make it for them, I’ve never been a fan of the cadbury eggs, brownies on the other hand I can do!

  27. Ashleigh says

    Katie, If you have never had a REAL Cadbury Egg, you have NO BUSINESS making one! It’s a classic. It’s like saying “healthy peanut butter cup” but not putting peanut butter in it. I was hoping for an actual taste-alike, not just a look alike. Bummer. I’d love a not-as-sweet Cadbury Egg, since they now hurt my sensitive teeth.

  28. Isabelle says

    Hi Katie, im a reader of yours from Sweden! This blog has really made my life filled with joy that we can eat healthy and good tasting treats without a lot of junk in it! Love it:) I have been inspired to go vegan, but my family does not support this lifechange. They say that i´m going to be deficient but I tell them my knowledge and information I know about vegan but they wont listen. I dont know what to do then wait til I move away from home. Was there some circumstances when you became vegan? Hugs!:)

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Hi Isabelle,
      My parents definitely worried in the beginning. They became much less worried as the time went by and they saw that I was still healthy and happy, and doctor tests came back normal, etc.
      It was so long ago for me, but there’s a lot of information if you google “parents don’t want me to be vegetarian.” Some of their advice might be more helpful (and more current in terms of book recommendations). Good luck!

  29. Melissa says

    I absolutely loved Cadbury Cream Eggs as a kid. Not sure if I’d like them now, though. I’ve noticed my sweet tooth is practically non-existent since I’ve been eating vegan. Maybe that’s why you like so many things with less sweetener? Interesting to think about, huh?

  30. jodye @ chocolate and chou fleur says

    Your ideas never fail to amaze me, Katie! I was a cadbury creme egg fiend back in my pre vegan days, and haven’t been able to enjoy them since. I’m definitely going to have to try these little gems! Thanks for the recipe!

  31. Anonymous says

    Actually, if you google “yellow #6”, it’s the top result. (Perhaps it wasn’t when you first tried it. Google searches change with time, and every person gets different results. Maybe all the people trying to search for it, since you put up this post, changed it!)

    In the wikipedia entry on Food Coloring, there’s a list of the most common ones, and next to the number of each color is its name. Thus, Yellow #6 is Sunset Yellow. Here’s the wikipedia entry on that for you:

    When I read your comment about not being able to google it, I said “Challenge accepted!”

    And those eggs look fantastic. Maybe, just maybe, my kids will want to try them badly enough to let me have the time to make them!

  32. Hungry Heather says

    Dear Katie, I must say you always handle yourself like a pro under pressure. It amazes me that people bypass the minutes and hours that you have poured into writing about your latest creation. Evidently people do not read thoroughly because your blog article clearly states that this recipe is not meant to be a true copycat recipe. Yet, you always give your readers the benefit of the doubt even when they don’t even read what you wrote! It is totally ok to request a true copycat recipe, but why don’t we do this politely?

    That being said, it is waaaay too cold here in Pennsylvania for me to think of anything made of ice cream. The recipe seems cute and creative as always, but I think I’ll opt for the copycat Reese’s eggs for Easter this year!

    BTW, I Googled “yellow #6 ingredients” and the first few hits were….disturbing. Apparently the dye has been banned in Norway and Finland. There are public health groups trying to get it banned in the U.S.

    This article discusses the health risks of ALL food dyes and makes a great argument of why the FDA should ban them all:

    Keep in mind there are small percentages of the population who are extremely allergic to food dyes and have a hard time finding products without them. I know a lady who cannot even take medicine that is dyed even though she really needs it.

  33. Sharla says

    How creative!! I would never have the patience for the egg molds I’m sure. Cadbury Creme eggs are not my thing…now, the little mini malted ones!? They get me every year!!

    • sandy blue says

      I’ve eaten cadbury creme eggs. Other than the chocolate being divine, the fillings just sweet but I like the gooey drippiness of it

  34. Erin P says

    Gotta say not once in all my years have I ever tried a Cadbury Egg, at least not the kind that you’ve made a healthy version of here. I have had a variety with only caramel in them though, those were pretty good. Can’t really go wrong with chocolate & caramel in my book though. Something about the yolky egg kind just weirds me out- don’t have any other reason for not trying them though. Perhaps it’s because they just seem like it’d be close to trying to eat a raw uncooked egg. Pretty sure most people know that never seems like a good idea, at least that’s how I see it anyway!

  35. Veronica says

    People need to remember that when you post something disrespectful or hurtful online, there is a real person with feelings reading it at the other end.

    • karen says

      Unfortuneately people post nasty things because they are angry and they take out on someone they have never met. They would never speak to their loveds like that. They would never speak in real life to anyone like that. It is sad that a blogger, who I found and read because my daughter has food allergies, has to get these remarks. Katie you are truley helping my daughter live in a “normal ” world. She doesn’t care that a cadbury egg doesn’t taste the same as real ones, only that it looks the same

  36. Karly says

    These look fun! It’s nice to see a way to celebrate Easter that isn’t overwhelmed by sugar and candy.

    I’ve never been a fan of the Cadbury Creme eggs because they taste too sweet and artificial to me(cream isn’t even spelled right! :-P) but I do have a weakness for the caramel version! I bet the caramel you used in your Twix Bars would be a good way to remake the caramel eggs. 🙂

  37. Alaine @ My GF DF Living says

    I haven’t had cadbury creme eggs in forever! They are definitely not allergy friendly, but these certainly are! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  38. Katy @ Katyskitchen says

    Oh my gosh Katie, these look a thousand times better than those gross goopy eggs at the store! And with fruit too! You’re an easter egg genius 😉

  39. Erika says

    While I’m sure these taste good, I wouldn’t call them an alternative to Cadbury Eggs- they wouldn’t have the same “experience”. A Cadbury Easter egg is gooey. You can eat is slowly and savor each bite as it dissolves in your mouth. While your recipe would be yummy, you couldn’t savor the bites the same with out getting brain freeze. Plus, they just wouldn’t have a nice creamy texture.
    I don’t eat Cadbury eggs much anymore due to us eating more healthy. However, this post has inspired me:) I think I’d use the same choc shell as you. Then I’d fill it with whipped coconut milk (which would need no or less than a tsp of honey) or coconut manna icing (which uses 2-3 tbsp of honey in a whole batch) . For the yolk I’d use an almond milk pudding or custard. Mmmm- thanks for the inspiration:)

  40. karen says

    Cadbury eggs are the most foul disgusting tasting and looking candy on earth. I can not stomach the sight of them. So when I saw your post I was actually grossed out. But it sounds tasty so I will try it. I mean I like my sweets but they taste like pure sugar in a sticky form with a gloppy texture. They are the only candy (food even) I actually find revolting. Yes I would eat crickets before a cadbury egg!
    so thank you for posting an appetizing substitute!! 🙂

  41. Nicole @ Fruit 'N' Fitness says

    These look so fun! I don’t actually like cadbury eggs but my family loves them, I will have to make them for them for easter!

  42. MM says

    Hi! I was googling for a quick vegan cookie recipe and stumbled across your blog! I am all about the healthy (nut, fruit based, but completely luxurious) desserts so am looking forward to getting inspired!
    Also, my mother-in-law recently sent a very adorable easter package which included Cadbury’s creme eggs in them. I am vegan now but thought I would eat one for old time’s sake, as I used to devour them as a child. My partner (who similarly used to eat them as a child) and I are one each with a cup of tea, felt immediately really sick and a bit “off” for most of the day. Just goes to show how your body adapts to healthy/unhealthy food!
    Can’t wait to try these out and hopefully avoid that horrible feeling!

  43. michelle says

    Hi Katie
    Ok so I did see your email and thought maybe they were like the real ones I used to love to eat before Vegan ..I them saw ice cream and thought oh ok…but I would never come on your site and slam you…oh my ….I love your site and have made tons of recipes and loved them…if im not interested in a recipe I move on….I feel bad when people say don’t call it this or that ….give me a break people its your site 🙂
    Keep up the yummy recipes

  44. Karla says

    I used to LOVE Cadbury eggs – I have such a sweet tooth! I still like my treats here and there, even though I mostly try and avoid the unhealthy stuff, but that last time I had one of these they were sickeningly sweet and I regretted it. Might be a bit better with dark chocolate; I simply cannot stand milk chocolate anymore! Although… I still like Reeses. *sigh*

  45. Angela Hypio says

    I think you are amazing Katie!! I tell everyone who ha a sweet tooth like me about your blog. I have made countless recipes so far and love getting your emails! While the post title intrigued me, as soon as I read it I knew it wasn’t your typically Cadbury egg and was EXCITED! Going vegan has been a challenge and you have made it so much easier! Kudos on all your fabulous ideas, I hope that you don’t let negative posts get to you because you are (obviously) well loved by the majority of your followers…and me!

  46. Lex says

    I don’t have time to read all of the comments so forgive me if someone has suggested this already but if you live somewhere like I do where getting to a craft store that would sell something like egg shaped chocolate molds would be all but impossible I have an alternative. That the actual plastic eggs (the ones the split in two that you hide candy, fruits, nuts, etc. in) that can be found ANYWHERE this time of year and chill those before painting the chocolate on to half of the egg. As long as you paint on a couple of layers of chocolate and let them chill well once painted they’ll come off the eggs no problem and look and taste just like the ones Katie posted!

  47. Jessica says

    I typically let myself have 1 Cadbury Egg a year now that I watch what I eat. I just wish my sisters would stop buying them for me thinking that I want them!

    I would have thought you’d fill them with a coconut butter concoction. But this sounds good too.

  48. Chris says

    Just watched a Dr. Oz show where they were speaking specifically about yellow 5 and yellow 6. Banned in Europe but not here. A knowledgeable gentleman pointed out that a study from 2 YEARS AGO connected these colors to sensitive people reacting with ADHD…and the two ladies presenting their attempt to get Kraft Foods to remove said yellow from the Mac and Cheese product here had reams of letters from people thanking them for their efforts. The few excerpts read were astounding. Wild outbursts ceased. Ezcema went away. Etc. Kraft uses REAL FOOD to color the Mac and Cheese sold over there…turmeric and the like…and could certainly do the same here, if it didn’t come down to the almighty dollar. There is a petition online somewhere to get this change to happen. I have to find it….. Also, both yellows are a petroleum derivative, as most artificial colors appear to be… After a quick search, I pat myself on the back to have kept my children away from artificial colors. Of course, they’re grown now and do what they want…..

    Thank you, Katie. Maybe not for this specific recipe but for many many others. Ignore the nay-sayers, please. The rest of us NEED you!

  49. Laura says

    To all you haters out there who are clearly just jealous of her creativity, I am actually very glad these taste NOTHING like creme eggs. I HATE creme eggs the first time I ate one I gagged and wanted to throw up I think they are one of the nastiest easter treats ever made. I do however LOVE chocolate, ice cream (even though I’m DF for health reasons) and currently living in Africa where mangoes are plenty, I can’t wait to make these Katie, you are the best 🙂

  50. Lori says

    That’s clever, but ice cream is not a cadbury cream egg. I happen to love them and I was very excited to see a ‘healthy’ version, but I’m afraid ice cream in an egg shaped chocolate shell won’t do it for me.

  51. Amanda says

    So I’d like to let you know that you have CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER. I absolutely love your blog, it has become my life. Never have I loved being vegan and g-free this much. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have been making food constantly and everything has turned out deliciously!

  52. Amanda says

    Take a big tablespoon of 2/3 powder sugar and 1/3 corn starch. Wet it just enough water and a few drops of vanilla essence to make a thick paste and put a few chocolate chips on top. Eat. What ensues is a fair match but then you still have 3 more bits of the actual egg to eat. Blech!

  53. Angelyn says

    I’m confused – you seem to have made your own chocolate here, so where is the Cadbury? I don’t think you can just call something “Cadbury”, they own that trademark. Also these look nothing like Creme Eggs and the filling in Creme Eggs is not mango flavoured. I’m sure these are very nice, but they’re nothing like Cadbury Creme Eggs and since they contain no Cadbury chocolate it’s probably not legal for you to call them that.

  54. Zambini says

    Please share with your readers that April 17th is now officially gluten free day, to raise awareness with even the non-allergy restricted community as well as to celebrate all the other gluten free eaters out there we can commiserate with!

  55. Kim Bayne says

    I cannot believe the audacity of some people! How disrespectful and rude! NOTHING will taste like a true Cadbury creme egg because they are churned out in factories by the millions with a chemically created flavour that I imagine is programmed into a machine to ensure each egg is identical and tastes the same no matter where or when you buy them. They are not healthy and full of additives. The title says Healthy Cadbury creme eggs….which should indicate to anyone with any common sense that they will be different to the sugary processed kind. Healthy versions of mass produced foods will never taste identical, in order to change your expectations of these recipes you first need to realise that what you are tasting in store bought sweets and packaged foods are chemicals that have been designed to make you crave more if the product. What you taste in Katie’s recipes are real ingredients which most of us should be eating more of.

  56. Maddi @ Pushups in Penny Loafers says

    Your creme eggs look absolutely adorable and delicious. I was just checking out your site and I absolutely love what you’ve done. All your recipes look so whimsical and yummy and I enjoy the fact you put a healthier twist on them. Good for you girl 🙂 I recall eating them as a child but I haven’t had one in forever, since I started eating healthier….everything in moderation I guess though

  57. Bob says

    I am addicted to Cadbury Creme Eggs and have been since I was a kid. I guess I’d better learn to make your version. They look great!

  58. Fran says

    i love cadbury creme eggs. everyone in my house does too. they’ve been a staple easter treat for ever. we even treat ourselves to them every now and then through out the year. i am very happy to find this recipe! and i am absolutely appalled at what yellow #6 is – holy cow!

  59. Kristin says

    Quick question… my son is allergic to coconut… so I was wondering what we could sub for the coconut oil. I’m totally making these BTW. Yummy!

    • Anonymous says

      You can probbly just buy some vegan baking/melting chocolate and use that instead of making the chocolate shell yourself.

  60. Bren says

    this looks like such a fun recipe! even as a not-exact-replica of the cadbury eggs, this looks simply delicious. 🙂

  61. Ryan C. says

    May I suggest you try the original Cadbury Creme Eggs? The ones sold in the US (and Canada) by Hershey’s are, of course, greatly changed in recipe in comparison to the English originals. The true Creme Eggs are made in England without any of the HFCS and artificial junk in them. You can order them on Amazon if you’re interested, just make sure the logo on the packaging looks like this: & . They taste far better!

  62. Carly says

    First of all, I think this blog is an awesome idea and I’ve tried several of the recipes with amazing results (chocolate pie, peanut butter cookies, home-made Oreo’s and the cookie dough latte to name a few.) Furthermore, thanks to Katie’s recipes, coconut oil, oat flour, and shelf-stable tofu are now staples in my kitchen.

    That said, I see where a few of the complainers are coming from, simply because I too almost hit the roof when I saw the title only to find that they’re ice cream-filled which doesn’t interest me much. I don’t think it’s worth getting riled up over, but apparently some did. Also, if I had to pick one more thing that I find *slightly* misleading from time to time, it would be the term “healthy.” I understand why Katie chooses to use the term because it’s brief and eye-catching, but sometimes I feel that the line between “healthy” and simply “not-as-bad-for-you” gets blurred.

    Enough with the nit-picking though, overall I love this site and I think Katie does as exemplary job both with giving specific, easy-to-follow instructions and usually tons of info about substitutions. I guess I’m just trying to play devil’s advocate a bit.

    One more thing, some of you make me laugh when I read your comments about your diets. If you think that eating one sugary egg with like, .001 milliliters of whatever the heck is in yellow food coloring (don’t know or care, red dye is made from crushed bugs and it’s practically impossible to avoid eating if you’re normal.) is going to give you cancer or something, lighten up before you kill yourself from stress instead. Life, in my opinion, is too short to worry about such things.

  63. Angelique says

    I can’t believe all the mean comments on here. What I want to know is how this affects people’s lives that it doesn’t taste like the original? Who cares! Supposed to be a fun and creative idea. Cadbury cream eggs are gross anyways, I would rather try this recipe

  64. Food Lovers says

    I love cooking and these Cadbury Creme Eggs looks delicious. I went through the Nutrition Facts and of course its a healthy-dessert. Will defenitely give it a try!

  65. Emily R says

    cadbury creme eggs… no. i tried eating one once and had to spit it out because it was so disgustingly sweet! (and thats saying something for me) 😛

  66. Giselle says

    It’s a shame that the title of a post ends up getting more attention than the recipe itself… having said that I would stay away from using trademarks like Cadbury’s in your posts in the future. They’ve paid for there trademark because they want it reserved for their own brand – including the quality of their products and what not. It’s there to protect them from people passing off other things as theirs and ride on their coattails…! I think you would have been better off just marketing your own recipe as a fun ice cream egg/easter treat. I personally don’t even like the creme eggs that Cadbury’s make – they’re sickly sweet (the Halloween version even more so) but I love ice cream so I’m sure I would like these.

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