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Healthy Pop Tarts

Yes, healthy pop tarts.

Healthy Pop Tarts!!!

Pop tarts without the corn syrup.

Without the food dyes, without the trans fats. Healthy pop tarts with real fruit, with whole grains, with ingredients you can pronounce.

vegan pop tart

And you can turn this healthy pop tarts recipe into many different flavors Smile.

healthy pop tart

Healthy Pop Tarts

(or you can make regular-sized pop tarts)

  • 1/2 cup plus 3 tbsp spelt flour (Or all-purpose flour, or a mix of the two. Whole-wheat pastry flour will work; it’ll just be less soft, and you’ll need to add a tiny bit more oil. For notes on gluten-free options, see nutrition link below.) (100g)
  • *tiny* bit over 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 1/2 tbsp agave or pure maple syrup (or honey, but not for strict vegans) (21g)
  • 3/4 of a packet nunaturals stevia, or omit and add one extra tbsp of the above liquid sweetener
  • 3/4 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 2 tbsp vegetable or coconut oil (21g)
  • 1 tbsp more oil, or milk of choice (omit if using the extra liquid sweetener in place of the stevia) (15g)

Combine dry ingredients and stir. In a separate bowl, combine all wet ingredients, then mix wet into dry and stir. Pour crumbly dough into a gallon-sized plastic bag and smush into a ball. Still in the bag, roll dough into a very, very thin square. (For step-by-step photos, see nutrition link below.) Chill at least 20 minutes, or your pop tarts will be crispy. Meanwhile, grease a baking pan, and make up whatever filling/s you desire. (I’ve provided a few ideas below, and feel free to make different flavors within the same batch of dough.)

Preheat oven to 350. Cut open the bag and slice the dough into rectangles. If you’ve rolled it thinly enough and use all the dough, you should be able to get 34-38 rectangles. (Cut much bigger rectangles if you want regular-sized pop tarts, as opposed to minis.) Put a little filling—about 3/4 teaspoon—on half the rectangles, then place remaining rectangles on top. Cinch down with a fork or your fingers, and it’s okay if some of the filling comes out. Bake 14-18 minutes, depending on how crispy you want the crust. Once cooled, spread on glaze (recipe at the bottom of this post), and store in a plastic container for soft pop tarts or a glass container for crispy ones.

View Nutrition Facts

Also see above nutrition link for step-by-step “pop tart making” photos.

vegan pop tart

For the healthy pop tarts glaze:

Microwave (or heat on the stove) 1 small strawberry for 20 seconds, then mash very well until it’s like soup. Add 1/2 cup (60g) powdered sugar or Sugar-Free Powdered Sugar and stir stir stir. It’ll seem extremely thick at first, but if you just keep stirring, it’ll turn into icing.

And yes, it does work with the sugar-free powdered sugar (recipe linked above, in blue). You probably won’t use all of the icing for the healthy pop tarts, but this was easier than telling you to microwave 1/8th of a strawberry!

Healthy Pop Tarts- with lots of different flavor ideas!

Other Flavor Ideas

Very Berry Healthy Pop Tarts: (shown above) Simply mash strawberries (or other berries), microwave a few seconds, then stir in a little stevia or powdered sugar. Portion about 1 tsp on each of half the rectangles.

PB&J Healthy Pop Tarts: Spread a thin layer of your favorite jam on half of the rectangles, then add about 1 tsp peanut butter.

Apple Pie Healthy Pop Tarts: Chopped apple, cinnamon, and Sucanat or brown sugar stirred together.

Molten Lava Healthy Pop Tarts: Fill pop tarts with as many mini chocolate chips as you can!

More ideas: brown sugar & cinnamon, strawberry cream cheese, oatmeal raisin, carrot cake, Nutella…

healthy pop tart

What would be YOUR dream pop tart flavor?

I really like the cookie dough idea people mentioned in my previous post. You will be seeing cookie dough pop tarts in the near future…

Published on October 1, 2012

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  1. Erikka says

    This recipe looks AMAZING. you are a genius katie! Anyway, do you think I could sub in applesauce for the oil? Or half oil/half applesauce? Thanks!

  2. Anonymous says

    Perfect!!! I am so excited to make a batch of these. 🙂
    When you say they are “crispy” if you dont chill 20 minutes before cooking, just how crispy do you mean?
    Thanks for the awesome recipe!!! 🙂

  3. annabel lee says

    Hooray! I’ve been trying to find a good homemade and healthy pop tart recipe!
    Pop tarts sans gelatin!! 🙂

  4. Lauren says

    Yum! I didn’t eat a lot of Pop-Tarts growing up (my mom was very health-oriented, and I was deprived… ;-)), but these look adorable! I may have to pipe on the icing like a Toaster Strudel for my hubby though because that was his favorite as a kid. Thanks for ‘healthifying’ it!

  5. JenniferH says

    I have been wanting to attempt healthy poptarts forever!!! You just made my day!!! (I recently tried the Kelloggs Pastry Crisps..and they are delicious, but have all sorts of bad stuff for you.) If the whole wheat makes them crispier, I’m thinking that is the direction I will go for copycat pastry crisps! Great job, Katie!

  6. Barb says

    Awesome! The step-by-step photos for this are INCREDIBLY helpful! What awesome ideas- I’m going to make chocolate peanut butter poptarts ! 🙂

  7. Annie B says

    Love, love, love this!!!! I have been feeling so torn. My kiddos spend three nights a week at their dad’s house (we’ve been divorced quite a while) and they get pop-tarts for breakfast every day at his house and they love them. I refuse to buy them, because they are so awful. Now I can make these for the kids when they ask for them and not feel like they are looking at me like the big bad witch for making them eat healthy food!

  8. Ellen says

    I have my dough chillin in the fridge as I type this! LOVE your website. I don’t think there’s a single recipe I haven’t wanted to make as soon as you posted. I probably check CCK more than facebook!

    • Ellen says

      Oh, and for my filling I haven’t filled them yet but I’m thinking of mixing some coconut brown sugar with a little Earth Balance for some of them, because the brown sugar pop tarts were always my favorite. I’m not sure what flavor to make the rest of them, but I’ll probably add some chocolate to some of them in your honor.

  9. Anne says

    THESE ARE TOO CUTE! I love the pictures, and I’m excited because Pop Tarts were always my favorite breakfast when I was a little kid. Now I always see them at the store and have such good memories of eating them as a kid. Trying yours soon!

  10. Gina Berninger says

    These look yummy. I was wondering if you had a vegan recipe for oatmeal chocolate chips cookies. They are my favorite and I saw you did variations on oatmeal.

  11. Kelly Dickinson says

    Awesome! I just pinned this. I’m always just a fan of the Pop-Tart crust, I hate the sugarry filling. I think the crust you came up with with some pumpkin inside will be the best! Is the Pinterest contest still going on?!

  12. Stephie says

    What a super idea, these look great! The chocolate would be my favorite, definitely but I’d make a variety (peanut butter, apricot jam) and freeze them so whenever I had them again it would be a sweet surprise.

  13. Leslie says

    Looks like I am the first one to actually make them. So often I come here all excited that I’m the first one to make one of your recipes, only to find that someone’s beat me to it.

    I made these with 2/3 spelt flour to 1/3 all purpose, and the shells themselves were out of this world terrific. I always remember Pop Tart shells as being a little bit cardboardy, so the homemade ones blew the taste of the storebought straight out of the water. 100% more delicious.

    As for the filling, I didn’t have strawberries so I made raspberry, following the rest of your instructions for the Berry Pop Tarts to a T.

    Oh my, they are wonderful. Your recipes just keep getting better. How on earth do you even have any left for the cookbook?!

    My nieces are coming over this afternoon, and I am going to be the coolest auntie ever :).

    • Kylie says

      I totally agree about the pastry part! I never loved the “crust” of the PopTarts because it was usually just dry and tasteless, but these rocked!

  14. Liz says

    Katie, these are so so so adorable! I don’t think I’ve gotten this excited about ANY blog recipe (or any recipe in general) since… oh probably your cake batter Reeses.

    Definately making these today!

  15. Sherlock says

    I made these too just now. They’re delicious! I used strawberry preserves because I didn’t have fresh berries. Also, used the chocolate chips, peanut butter and jelly and diced apples. So easy to make and simple ingredients. Next time I will make biggers squares though as these are very tiny 🙂

  16. Anna says

    I was JUST thinking about how much I miss pop tarts! I think I’ll try and egg less cookie dough inside…or egg less brownie batter. Maybe even those fudge babies inside of it…I have so many ideas!!!! Yay!!!!!

  17. Vyvacious says

    Yay! Something healthily delicious that I can indulge in! Thanks Katie! 🙂

    I love anything Oreos so that’d have to be my dream pop tart flavor… My friend’s bf swears that Oreos are vegan, he eats them like crazy, haha. I certainly hope they are for his sake 😛

  18. Alvina MB says


    I hate to be pedantic, but I am deeply disappointed that you included honey in the list of ingredients for this recipe. As someone who does not eat animal-derived ingredients (of which honey is one, because, yes, bees are animals!), I used to recommend your website to people like my mother who don’t know what to cook or bake for me. Now, it’s easy for me to know what is vegan and what isn’t, but for the uninitiated, I can no longer point to your website for completely safe recipes.

    Even though you specify that honey is not for ‘strict vegans,’ there are many, many people who do not think of their friends and family members as ‘strict’ vegans – just plain vegans. I think that it might be more helpful to designate more clearly that honey is not appropriate for vegans – or better yet, delete it all together.

    Thank you,


    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Hi Alvina,

      I did actually think long and hard about adding the honey part to my post. But the truth is that I’m a vegan for ethical reasons… so my main goal is not to live up to a definition, but to cause as little harm to others as possible. I have researched it many times and I just don’t see how eating honey is harmful to the bees; more bugs are killed to make organic broccoli. Personally, I won’t go out of my way to consume honey, but I don’t have a problem with anyone who says they’re vegan but does eat honey. After all, no one is 100% vegan all the time (I’m thinking of things like leather steering wheels or book bindings). We’re all just trying to do the best we can, and my goal is to make veganism seem do-able and mainstream.

      But I did make sure to stress in the post that strict vegans don’t eat honey, and please don’t worry: you WON’T be seeing me listing options for eggs or butter or anything like that in future posts. Becoming a vegan was the best decision I ever made, and I don’t see myself changing anytime soon (or ever).

      • Allison says

        I don’t think what Katie did is a problem, but thanks for explaining it, Katie. Like you, I am a vegan and don’t consume honey, but I don’t really have a problem if others want to eat it. My main concern is animal welfare and I’ve actually met beekeepers in real life!

        No blog can hand hold someone, and you shouldn’t expect to just give someone a website and say “I can eat anything from here.” What about chocolate chip brands? Some have milk, but it would be impossible for Katie to recommend a specific brand since she has readers all over the world. Or, I am gluten-free, so I have to tell my family in advance that only gluten-free oats will do.

    • Anna says

      I can see your point of view on this; however, not everyone who reads this site IS vegan (not me, anyway). I appreciate knowing every healthy kind of ingredient that can be used for the recipes, because, even though it isn’t vegan, honey IS a healthy ingredient (much healthier than most sugar replacements, anyway). Maybe she could change the note to “not suitable for vegans,” but, being the kind of girl who likes to know her options, I personally don’t think she should take it off.

      • Anonymous says

        I’m a vegan, and I eat honey. Like Katy said, I don’t see how that’s any worse for animals than buying organic produce where the bugs are in the produce, or non organic produce where they have used bug spray.

    • Sherlock says

      I’m sorry you’re being Pedantic too Alvina! You going to go to ever vegan blog site that consumes honey and tell them how disappointed you are that they do? Rather then placing blame and seeing only the negative you outta try thanking Katie for what she does! She has a following of over 40,000 people on facebook and her site gets an incredible amount of hits from vegans and non-vegans every day. How many people do you think have changed their diets just because of Katies website alone? A lot! She is giving people an alternative to the norm. A healthier and cruelty-free version of their favorite desserts. How can you be such a negative Nancy about that? Nobody is perfect. We all do the best that we can with what we have to work with. As Katie already stated, she has done her research. She isn’t an ignorant vegan but rather a very knowledgeable and kind vegan. Give credit to the people who try and do, and take your finger pointing somewhere else.

    • Anna says

      I am not a vegan but make these recipes all the time because they are healthier versions and tastey! I also use honey as one of my main sweeteners so please don’t stop mentioning honey as a possible sweetener, katie!:)

    • Stef says

      Alvina, why don’t you just tell your mother that you don’t eat honey. You are already telling them which website to cook from so adding one more modifier shouldn’t make a difference. I love that Katie offers all the options- gluten-free and otherwise. Makes my life so easy. Keep up the good work, Katie!

      • Noel says

        Please don’t stop posting honey as an option! I am not vegan, but love your website for healthy recipes for me and my family and daycare! I use honey because it is healthy and usually the cheaper option for my strict budget. Thanks for the recipes, I LOVE the black bean brownies and want to try out these pop tarts sometime!

        • Anonymous says

          I totally agree with all the responses to Alvina. There are so many people high on their soap boxes preaching about “right and wrong’. You have a brain, access to research, choices and free will. If you have issues with honey, don’t use it and I sure hope you don’t wear leather, I hope there’s no tallow in your soap, no beeswax in your candles, no lanolin in your moisturizer, no carmine in any of the dyes in your clothes that are red, in “vegan” food you choose to eat that is coloured red or in your makeup. I could go on for days, but I think the point has been made. Katie is catering to a WIDE variety of diets and lifestyles which each individual chooses for different reasons. I am vegan, I too eat honey. I know the local bee keeper that I buy it from. Believe me, those bees are fine, happy and productive. If they weren’t, they’d leave and build a hive elsewhere. That’s what they do. I appreciate ALL of the possible alternatives as they cater to a variety of dietary choices. Kate, you’re doing an amazing job. There will always be someone who takes time out of their day to complain about trivial things. Pay no mind, they are the minority 😀

    • Sunnie says

      Alvina, why don’t you just save your notes for the people cooking for you? Leave Katie be – she (and the rest of the readers) knows what she’s doing.


  19. Life's a Bowl says

    LOVE these!!! My husband would be so happy to have one of these [or a bowl full of minis and eat them like cereal] 😀

  20. Nicole @ Healthy Way to Cook says

    I looooved Pop Tarts back in the day, but they’re so awful for you. I’ve made them at home before, but I’m SO happy to finally see a healthy version! Definitely giving this a try 🙂

  21. Rachel Heidenreich says

    Katie! Thanks so much for ALL your fantastic recipes 🙂 and I can’t wait for your cookbook. I was thinking about a cookie dough pop tart just yesterday and wishing there was someway to make a healthy, yummy version. I think I’ll leave it up to you to find it! I appreciate the helpful way you list a number of different sweeteners, recognizing that not everyone is in the same place both in their understanding of vegan-living. Keep it up!

  22. Sam @ Better With Sprinkles says

    pin pin pin pin pin pin pin pin. <3

    I pretty much grew up on Pop Tarts! You are all sorts of awesome.

  23. Emma says

    It’s official!
    I am obsessed!!!
    I made a batch of these, and I was gonna just do the strawberry filling like you recommended. But then I got creative and started playing around and had SO MUCH FUN making different flavors. I made one cake batter one with sprinkles and frosting, one pumpkin pie one, one with chocolate chips, one with jam and peanut butter magic shell frosting. And then it was time to go to class so I had to stop. But now I am EATING all of them and am dreaming up tomorrow’s flavors!

    CCK’s pop tarts are the new doughnuts! 🙂

  24. Jenny Leigh Evans says

    Pumpkin would be wonderful… I also really like pumpkin and peanut butter! I just saw pumpkin cereal bars, but they were not vegan or gluten free, so I will be trying to recreate at some point in the future!

  25. Kendra says

    Those look SO delicious!! I will definitely try to make them sometime soon; I would have fun playing around with different fillings:) A few of my “dream flavors” would be apple pie, lemon cheesecake, mint chocolate, peanut butter, blueberry pie, and many more!

  26. Allison says

    I think I might have to take you up on this challenge! I have a bag of Arrowhead Mills flour on hand just for your recipes, and I’ll try it out with this one today :).

    • Julie says

      Please do let us know if that brand of GF flour works with this! I have another brand that I will try when I get a chance. Will report back if it works! Thanks!

  27. Emma says

    Ahh thank you Katie! Amazing! 🙂 Could we please have the calories for a full-size one? I could do it but I don’t know how much of the mixture you would need for one.

  28. Ali @ WHOLEistically Fit says

    Yum & cute :). Who doesn’t love pop tarts!?!? Hmm… my dream flavor… I think I’ll go with a mixed berry. Looking forward to the next amazing Katie creation! 😉

  29. Kaila @healthyhelperblog! says

    I have been wanting to make homemade poptarts for my mom forever! She only likes the unfrosted cherry ones and they don’t make those anymore so I’ve been wanting to surprise her with a homemade version! Now I can! 🙂

  30. Kylie says

    I have been thinking about pop tarts for a few days now, so the timing of this post is just so ironic! I tried the GF version. I used Bob’s Red Mill All Purpose Gluten Free mix, doubled the dough recipe and added 1 heaping tbsp of ground flaxseed. The ball was bigger than yours, but when I tried the recipe without doubling, it just rolled out paper thin. There was no way I could have cut it into squares. After I rolled the dough out into a giant square I let it sit in the fridge for 10 minutes, took it out, cut my small squares and placed half of them on the baking sheet. I put the other half back in the fridge because when they got warmer they started to fall apart when I tried to pick them up. Then I scooped my filling and made my icing (letting the other half of the squares sit in the fridge for a total of ten more minutes). They had no stretch when I took them out of the fridge, so I pretty much just made sandwiches. I made half strawberry and half brown sugar cinnamon, and it was easy to press the second half of the squares over the dry brown sugar cinnamon mix, but if I tried to press on the strawberry ones, the filling all ran out. So for now, if using this method, I would stick with a dry mix or fruit chunks, not mashed juicy fruit. That should keep your filling intact. Then I just followed the instructions for how to cook them, and I am thrilled with how they turned out! They are a little crispy, and both fillings worked great! Next time I will just dice the strawberries, but even though I didn’t press the edges on the strawberry version, the edges did still sort of “melt” together and they all came out in one piece. Thank you so much for this recipe! I hope this is a simple enough way for even the GF-ers to make this. Really wonderful!

    • Kylie says

      And! They are husband approved. 🙂 My husband loves brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts, but we don’t buy them anymore since we try to stick to a whole foods, plant-based way of eating. These were perfect! I had all the ingredients on hand except sugar. I made my icing with the sugar free powdered sugar “recipe” using coconut sugar and a strawberry. And, for anyone curious, I didn’t use any liquid in the brown sugar cinnamon version. I literally just mixed coconut sugar and cinnamon to taste. I used 4 or 5 strawberries for the strawberry version and 5 drops of stevia (I didn’t want them really sweet beyond the strawberry sweetness). Also, for my dough, I used 24 drops of stevia because I don’t have any powdered. I still used the recommended amount of milk and oil, though, even though I didn’t use extra powder. It all worked out great. Don’t expect your GF pop tarts to be as cute as Katie’s, but they are still delicious!

  31. Chloe says

    Katie, I just made these gluten-free! I used Bob’s all-purpose flour, and was out of stevia so I used the agave. I also made a chocolate peanut butter version with 1tsp peanut butter and a lot of vegan chocolate chips. These are amazing!! I made half a recipe, and it made one normal-sized poptart. Thought you would like to know that these work great as gluten-free!

  32. Amanda says

    These were great! I did it with gluten free flour. I used an all purpose gluten free flour available at . I had the same issue as the person several entries above where it was rolled so thin it just wanted to break apart. But when I did it thicker, not a problem and it still baked up wonderfully!

    • Kylie says

      I think next time I am going to try the regular sized pop tarts, and I am going to try making the top sheet a little larger than the bottom since gluten free won’t stretch like gluten flours.

      • Amanda says

        I did the regular size poptarts…I didn’t have time for the little ones. I made six big ones. However, you are right. Gluten free flour is crumbly and not stretchy at all!

  33. Lauren says

    So when I saw your first picture I thought THAT IS A HUGE STRAWBERRY! Then I scrolled down and realized you made mini-pop tarts 🙂 Thanks for scaring me though, hehe! Looks delicious though!

  34. Nicole says

    My 3.5 yr old and I just made these. The first time she has ever stayed in the kitchen for a whole baking experience. i used raspberry preserves. I did put too much filling in so they exploded some in the oven 😉 Very yummy. Not pretty truly delicious.

  35. Kerry says

    These look incredible! I always loved the idea of pop tarts, but every time I tried one it was way too sweet for me. I’m so excited to make these because I can put whatever I want in them and sweeten them as much or as little as I want! I think I’ll try filling mine with pumpkin butter!

  36. Brandie says

    What an ingenious way to roll out super thin dough! The only problems I see with making this recipe are, firstly, finding the right GF dough… but most importantly, if I EVER made them, Junior would NEVER stop asking for them! LOL.

    (I can totally use that technique for some other recipes with super thin dough requirements also!)

    Love ya Katie 😉

  37. Liz says

    Katie this recipe is dangerous. My boyfriend and I ate them all before they even cooled off!

    Also, tip for those about to make this: If you do the strawberry filling try using the left-over filling to make the glaze. I had leftovers of both.

  38. Melankalia says

    Oh! This sounds perfect for my family! My elderly mother is something of a sugar/fat fiend, which is not at all compatible with the several health issues run in her side of the family. So, I try to gently steer her away from the things she tends to get obsessed with (poptarts and toaster streudel, prime examples) and towards healthier alternatives. I am thrilled to say that I’ve tried several of your recipes, and so far she’s loved them all. I cannot wait to try this one!

  39. Mindi says

    I love your site, my family is not vegiterian or vegan at all, but I really appreciate all the healthy options you have for deserts specifically. I’ve made dozens of recipes from your site in the last 5 or 6 weeks since discovering it and they have all been great. My kids love pop tarts and I hate to buy them because they are just disgustingly unhealthy, so yeah I can now give them pop tarts and feel good about it. Thanks again for your hard work.

  40. Becca Rarick says

    Thank you SO MUCH for this recipe! Does anyone know a good substitute for the agave nectar/maple syrup? I’m on the Candida diet (for a yeast infection) and can’t have any form of sugar other than pure liquid stevia. The replacement doesn’t need to be sweet, I just want something to help with the texture. Thanks!

  41. Landree says

    I have to say, I am the laziest cook/vegan/baker ever, but try to be very health-conscious, and EVERY SINGLE ONE of your recipes that I have tried are absolutely amazing. Amazing in the sense that not only do I think they are delicious, but I trick all the omnis so easily. I made the chocolate pie for my boyfriend’s birthday, and he also bought a marie callendar’s one (sp?) and at the end of the night, my pie made from your recipe was entirely gone, and Marie’s was left!

    So now that I have sung your amazing praises cuz you rock, I’m curious to know since I really am not good at this kinda thing and usually sadly need it spelled out:

    If you were to make regular sized pop tarts, how many would those make, and would you have a general idea of the nutritional information? If that’s too much work no worries on responding! Thank you!

  42. Noel says

    Katie, What would you try to make them like the brown sugar pop tarts. Those are my favorite and I am not good at coming up with recipes on my own. If you have time, help please! And I love your website by the way!

  43. Cassandra says

    For your Weight Watchers note, we call it Points Plus. The system isn’t really new anymore. We’ve had PP since 2010. 🙂 Thanks for including the WW info! Your recipes are super WW friendly!

  44. Jilly says

    These look incredible!! Your creativeness continues to inspire! 🙂

    Please continue to include honey as an ‘option.’ I’m pescetarian. Not everyone here is vegan – tho i respect those who are!

  45. Amy B says

    LOVE all of your recipes! Thank you for also giving alternates for special diets, it makes things so much easier!

  46. Sara Nickel says

    These are adorable! I have not had a Pop Tart since I was in college. Never really a big fan, but convenience was the dorm living factor. I wonder if a homemade version might be a deal breaker?

  47. Hannah says

    I just made these (they are actually in the oven now). I could only get four pop tarts from the dough. How do I get it thinner?

  48. Andrea says

    Hmm, my dream pop tart flavor would have to be salted caramel pumpkin. Though, that bananas foster idea up there sounds pretty great too!

    Also, are you a fan of eggnog at all (vegan, of course!)? I noticed that eggnog is out in stores here now and it got me thinking that I’d love a healthy eggnog recipe! I searched your blog but I didn’t find one, so if you’ve posted one already I apologize! Everything you make is so delicious, though, so I’m sure any vegan eggnog recipe you use would have to be good!

  49. Erica Selby says

    THIS IS INSANE! I just bought Vanilla cupcake poptarts for my son…I know, I know…not the healthiest thing for him to be eating, but I have not bought any in years. Anyways, I started thinking about how I coulld come up with a healthy version. I just so happened to look at your page and BAM they were right there..that’s so CRAZY! Thank you for the recipe.

  50. natalie @ southern fit foodie says

    Mmmm…this takes me back to my childhood! We weren’t allowed to have poptarts normally, so if we ever did get them…man, oh man, was it a treat! I always liked the plain strawberry variety, and I would put melted butter on the top. I know; that’s very disturbing. Thank goodness for this new healthy version of poptarts!

  51. Hanna says

    these look so yummy – perfect way of using up the annual glut of raspberries I guess 🙂
    oh and Katie, I’m having REAL problems searching your site 🙁

  52. Choco-holic ;) says

    Just made these! They are amazing! Everytime I make one of your recipes they turn out perfect! I always have others try them and they never guess they are healthy! Everyone I had try these said thy tasted just like pop tarts and were amazed when I said they were sugar free! (I made with a ll agave) even my dad said he wants me to make them bigger so he can have them for breakfast! He requested cinnamon sugar next time 😉 thanks Katie!

  53. Rebekah says

    I love blueberry PopTarts so that would be my choice. Can you use frozen berries? Should I thaw them first or just throw them in the blender and blend them up frozen then thaw them? Peach Pop-tarts would be awesome, too. Wondered if anyone else had used frozen fruit …. Thanks!!

  54. moonsword says

    Many thanks for sharing the recipe…they look superyumful! I think I’d try
    -fig jam filling
    -blueberry and cinnamon
    -happy face frosted on top
    just cuz I like smileys sometimes 🙂

  55. Bek @ Crave says

    Pop tarts aren’t huge here in Aus and I’m actually not a big fan of them- but I love the look of these…the pb flavour you mentioned totally won me over 😉

  56. Jennifer JCD says

    Absolutely genius! My husband is going to go crazy over these when he gets home today. Thank you so much for coming up with a proper recipe for these, one that we can feel good about eating. Yummy!

  57. Lisa Broadley says

    Hey Katie
    I made these on the weekend and they tasted very good! However I’m not sure if I used a ‘1 gallon’ bag as I live in Canada plus I don’t know how big my bag is. Would you mind providing the dimensions of the bag? I only ask, because I got only about 12 pop tarts. Thanks!

  58. Meg says

    Yum Yum Yum!! We made these this afternoon, using all-purpose flour and ground oats, because that’s what I had. It worked really well! We also used frozen strawberries, and microwaved them before smashing-worked great! Thanks so much!

  59. Rebekah says

    Awesome! My boyfriend likes poptarts and I’m trying to find healthier versions of things for him to try 😉

    Would anyone be able to give me an estimate of filling for a “regular sized” poptart? (I’m afraid of putting too much in and having it cook out!)

    thanks 🙂

  60. Emily says

    These were awesome!

    My kids loved them, and the best part is that we got to have fun making different flavors. LOVE this recipe!

  61. Cecelia says

    Anyone else find the dough ridiculously hard to handle? Instead of working, it broke into pieces. I think I shouldn’t have stuck it in the fridge. Or did I do something wrong do you think?

  62. Jules says

    Made these along with cookie dough dip and single lady cupcakes in original, chocolate, and coffee cake for a bake sale…..OHMYGOODMESS!!! Katie, you are a dessert master! The bake sale was for my youth group, and they (being unhealthy, unvegan teenagers) ate all of the pop tart bites before the sale began! Greatfully, they didn’t taste test the cookie dough dip untill we had sold more than half off it…they would have eaten all of that, too! Just so you know, I didn’t say that the tarts were vegan or healthy or nothing untill afterwards, and when I did, they said that I was going to be bringing dessert to meetings from now on 🙂 I’m deffinately up to that challenge, thanks to your blog! When I made the tarts, they ended up kind of cake-y, and crispy and a tiny bit burnt on the edges: but those mistakes made the texture of them even better!
    Also, this how I made the tarts with for the sale, because I was feeling creative and hate strawberry jam. They all turned out really yummy 🙂 my favorite was stuffed with dark chocolate and pretzel bits, which was really plain but DELICIOUS.
    Cookie dough: Stuffed with Katie’s chocolate chip cookie dough dip
    Pizza bites: Omitted the sugar from the dough, and stuffed with a bit of vegan shredded cheese (mozzerella is what I used) and some tomato purée, plus a bit of black pepper and any dried spices (oregano, basil, etc.) that looked yummy,
    Stuffed with PB and a fruit purée or jam
    Spread with coconut butter and stuff with some dried coconut and some fresh mango or mango chutney, and they will taste like tropical deliciousness!
    Made the batter with brown sugar and add a couple of tablespoons of cinnamon, and stuff with obscene amounts of chocolate, plus some tiny cut up vegan marshmallows. You can also add some pretzel bits :-D! Yummmmmmm….

  63. Dani says

    Oh wow.
    I tried this recipe (filling with banana and chocolate) and, let me tell you this… I’ve NEVER tried pop tarts before and these were amazing!
    Also, I don’t have coconut oil so I used 2 tbsp of flaxseed oil. I think flaxseed oil has more calories than coconut oil but it still tasted amazing
    (I love your recipes and you are my most reliable vegan dessert recipe source)

  64. Enya says

    I just tried this recipe but I made them medium and chocolate filled!

    I just lined up chocolate chips as my filling and made a chocolate icing on top. My problem while making them was that the dough was super prone to cracking. It took a looong time of massaging and rolling to get it somewhat crack free. I also couldn’t get the dough super thin like Katie!

    Thanks for the awesome recipe though Katie. Love your creative recipes! 🙂

  65. Hallie says

    I just want to say that this is a great casual dinner party dessert. I make the dough ahead of time (one less thing to do during!), then after dinner I fill them with with mixtures of whatever odds and ends I have on hand: nut butters, banana, applesauce, honey, chocolate chips, cinnamon and sugar, jams etc. It takes me just a few minutes, then I’m back to socializing while they bake. It keeps stress low and the guests think I’m being fancy by offering such a variety! My favorites: fig jam, banana + almond butter +honey, applesauce +cinnamon+sugar, white chocolate + dark chocolate chips.

  66. Natalie says

    Making 4 flavors! Strawberry, blueberry, banana-nutmeg-cinnamon, and the very best, chocolate-peanut-butter!! Can’t WAIT to try them!

  67. Elizabeth says

    Wow, thanks so much! it has so few ingredients and they look delicious! definitely making them, but I’ll make them normal sized.

  68. Hilary says

    I made these yesterday with a brown sugar cinnamon filling and glaze and gave my boyfriend a container of them to take to work for breakfast this morning. He texted me an hour ago: “Mmmm. Those pop tarts are way better than the kind I have…” Success!!!
    We also had the Cookie Dough Dip last night and I didn’t tell him what it was made from until he had approved the taste (by asking for another spoonful!) It seems we will definitely be trying out more of your recipes in the future =)

  69. Hilary says

    Also, I subbed a 1/4 c of ww flour for all-purpose and only had to add about an 1/8 c of milk at the end to make sure it all stuck together. Just a note for those who want to use ww =)

  70. Kathleen says

    I made these yesterday, and they’re very good. I’ve never worked with spelt before, but it tasted just fine. I loved the icing made with just one strawberry and powdered sugar. A brilliant idea! One question – is the quantity of flour correct? Just 1/2 C plus 3 TB? My dough was soft and moist and not crumbly at all and didn’t need the extra liquid. I wondered if there should have been more flour. I made them about half the size of regular pop tarts and only got 6 total (12 rectangles), even though I rolled the dough out thin.

    • Kathleen says

      I just answered my own question. I made these again today with a whole cup of spelt flour, and it was too much. They were more crumbly and a bit harder to shape, but they still tasted great! Back to the 1/2 C plus 3 TB. I will start doubling the recipe and use two plastic gallon bags to roll them out. I’ve made a single batch twice now, and they only last a few hours. So hopefully a double batch will get me into the next day. They are very good.

  71. So says

    How many full sized can be made from the recipie, an how many calories are in each? Oh, and for the brown sugar cinnamon, do you have like a recipie for the glaze and filling, because I don’t know if just filling it with brown sugar and cinnamon will make it as yummy as the store bought ones, (love em). Lol, I’m not a baker!

  72. Sk says

    How many full sized can be made from the recipie, an how many calories are in each? Oh, and for the brown sugar cinnamon, do you have like a recipie for the glaze and filling, because I don’t know if just filling it with brown sugar and cinnamon will make it as yummy as the store bought ones, (love em). Lol, I’m not a baker!

  73. Michele says

    I made these today for the first time, and YUM! I used the extra maple syrup option, with coconut oil. I made two batches, and I think the first one didn’t have enough oil because the dough was *really* crumbly. I made about 6 tarts per ball, with fresh mashed strawberry filling. For the icing, I heated and mashed about 6 strawberries, adding maybe 1 Tbs powered sugar to the mix; I drizzled just a hint of it over each tart before serving. Wonderful! Very low in sugar and super yummy! Thank you so much for this great customizable recipe! Oh, BTW, my dream fillings are those similar to hamantaschen fillings…prune, poppy seed, walnut honey, apricot-cranberry, Nutella-coconut 🙂

  74. M.P. says

    I really like your site. Your pictures are a perfect size, as well as being clear & pretty. I was looking for new & healthy cookies for my Grandchild. I’m excited to try all your recipes.

  75. healthychef says

    These were amazing I love things in minis and to top it off they were healthy! I admit I think these may be better than the packaged ones. So fresh and made my house smell delicious!

  76. healthychef says

    These were absolutely amazing! they really did taste like pop tarts and even a little bit better!

  77. Hana says

    Will this work with out flour??? Please reply this means alot lol

    And how would I be able to make this into Toaster Strudel’s? Do I jut make a healthy glaze and pour it over?? Please reply, thanks.

  78. Miranda says

    This is AWESOME!!! I’m so excited to have found this recipe. I’m trying to do more things from scratch for health and cost-effectiveness. I love pop tarts but figured their had to be a better way to go for my body and budget. This sounds like the answer! Thanks Chocolate Covered Katie!

  79. Jennifer says

    I tried these tonight, using bread flour, and they turned out great. However, my 2 children scarfed them all down in one sitting. Is it possible to come up with a larger recipe that doesn’t involve me using up a whole box of gallon-size resealable bags?

  80. Jaime says

    I made these with a Trader Joe’s Gluten Free flour and strawberry jam and they tasted EXACTLY as I remember PopTarts used to taste (from my pre gf days). FANTASTIC!

  81. Mandi Curtis says

    I am just wondering could you use almond or coconut flour for the poptart
    recipe my daughter is on a special diet for epilepsy it’s a high fat diet so the
    flours you suggest are too high carb…..hope you can help!


  82. Kris says

    I made these this afternoon. They are little slices of pop tart heaven yet healthy and sooooo much better. I used spelt flour, maple syrup & coconut oil. I was worried they’d be too “coconutty” but they are just fantastic. I added the requisite extra couple pinches of flour for altitude. But no matter, I will certainly be making these again and again. Thanks so much. Oh and your photos are so beautiful.

  83. Hayley M says

    Thank you so much for creating a healthier version of these! I love pop tarts so much… at first, then I feel sick. I made these with whole wheat pastry flour and maple syrup and they worked! You’re a genius Katie!!!

  84. Unofficial CCK Helper says

    Sometimes doubling a recipe just does not work. Also, it sounds like maybe you did use too much flour. If it’s too oily next time, just refrigerate the dough awhile.

  85. Madeline says

    I made these last night and they’re already gone! My family loved them. I made brown sugar cinnamon, chocolate chip, peanut butter, peanut butter and jelly, and peanut butter chocolate. They were awesome. Thanks for the recipe!

  86. Ash says

    I just made these and they are absolutely gorgeous and delicious and easy and WONDERFUL! Thank you so much I will definitely be recommending your blog to evvveeryone 🙂

  87. Celia Finnen says

    awesome!! I’m going to try this with a kiwi filling. I have an overload of kiwifruit and need to make some type of jelly, chutney, or hey! poptart filling!! This should be interesting, I never had a kiwi poptart.
    I might try mixing it with mango puree, or even some berries. I’m definitely gonna have to experiment with other flavors, as well, since I used to absolutely adore poptarts as a kid 🙂 thanks for the wonderful recipe <3

  88. michelle says

    my mom and i just tried to make these poptarts with gluten free flour, and we are now obsessed with the dough recipe itself! we now have a new cookie recipe along with these delicious pop tarts. thank you!

  89. Tori says

    This is great! I adopted a cleaner diet last year, and (with a tear in my eye) the first thing to go was pop tarts. I’ve made these twice since finding the recipe, and I have to say that these taste even better than pop tarts! The crust has that same texture I love, without the nasty preservatives taste. Awesome recipe! 🙂

  90. Wolfie says

    1st, these are DELICIOUS! I have some dough chilling in my fridge right now and just from the dough alone I know they’re going to be amazing.

    BUT my big question is how did you end up with enough dough for 30+ mini tarts? I followed the recipe to a letter and the dough barely fills my medium sized zip bag. I figure there’s maybe 8 mini tarts in there or one regular sized poptart. If I rolled the dough any thinner it gets pretty much paper thin and doesn’t look anything like the photos. It’s fine if I’m just making them for me, but I’d like to make enough for the family too. Should I just make the recipe bigger or am I doing something wrong?

  91. Mireya says

    I’m so trying this! I just fell in love with your blog, found you looking for clean eating desserts, since I can give up many foods but not my sweet treats 🙂

  92. Linda says

    I made a batch for my family because my kids love pop tarts, but I don’t buy them because they are so unhealthy. They didn’t last long. I made them with a brown sugar filling and topped with a cinnamon glaze. I will have to make several batches and freeze them for a quick snack or breakfast. They are delicious!!

  93. Maroesja says

    Hey Katie,

    If I fill these up with Apple or strawberries, how long can I save them?
    And do I keept hem in the fridge?


  94. Sarah says

    I really want to make these but I don’t have any maple syrup, honey, or agave. Can I just use regular sugar and add more oil? Thanks.

  95. Sarah says

    This recipe was delicious, but it was difficult to shape. The dough was cracked and the jam filling burst after they were done. The jam hardened and was very hard to get off the pan. It only made 6 mini poptarts and I’d really love to make them again. Does anyone have a solution to my problems?

  96. Anna says

    Am i able to freeze these? I have made them before and they are so good, but i want to have them whenever i feel like it!

  97. Melissa says

    Hey! My dough is coming out really crumbly. I had to use whole wheat flour and a little white. Any suggestions how to nit make it so crumbly? Im not sble to roll it out well.

  98. Isabelle C. says

    Just made these and they were a success! 🙂

    Only thing: I left the bag in the fridge overnight and the next morning, the dough was very fragile and would break easily… Any tip to avoid that?

    Otherwise, these are delicious and easy. My only regret: I did not make more…

  99. Anonymous says

    I just made this for breakfast, and they were amazing! The dough was absolutely perfect, and I used the strawberry and very berry filling ideas (which were delicious.) I used all-purpose flour and maple syrup, which turned out really nicely. I would recommend that you cinch it closed with a fork, because the pop tarts I cinched with my hands had a bit of filling spilled out. I love this recipe so much- it’s a keeper! Thanks for the awesome recipe!

  100. Angie Stevens says

    I have just discovered your site and I am loving your recipes.
    I am just wondering why you say to put dough in a plastic bag to form it into a ball? Can hand mixing do the same job?
    Thanks for the explanation and keep up the creative desserts!

  101. Brittany says

    Gluten upsets my stomach if I eat too much. I did half organic wholemeal spelt and half almond meal/flour. It worked really well, nice and moist, didn’t crumble. I am making a bigger batch with 3 parts almond 1 part spelt, maybe a little bit of flax.
    Thank you for this recipe. I used to love pop tarts before I went healthy. xx

  102. Colleen says

    These turned out great, using mini chips in the center and white flour and maple syrup. I got 4 almost full sized tarts out of this, thanks for the recipe, will make again.

  103. Francesca says

    Hello Katie! I’ve browsed all over the web to find the best and best-looking recipes to link to from my Valentine’s day recipe roundup. Yours definitely caught my eye and I’ve added it to the post ♥ I’ll be trying it soon, thank you!

  104. Catherine says

    Just DELICIOUS ! They’ve got nothing to envy to the “real” stuff (not so real after all …). I prepared a fresh blueberry filling with a little bit of coconut sugar and it was amazing ! They really hit the spot if you’re feeling like eating something sweet !

  105. Lauren says

    These were very hard to make, I made the dough thin, but it was very hard to work with. I think thicker would be better. I couldn’t get the dough off the plastic bag without tearing. They are ugly, not nice looking like the pictures. I haven’t tasted them yet, but I am frustrated with that dough.

  106. Heather G. says

    So, I just finished making this recipe. I made normal size pop tarts with fresh ground peanut butter and Smucker’s Fruit & Honey Spread: Triple Berry. I also doubled the recipe. I found the hardest part to be forming the “sandwich” with each pop tart. I think my problem, after reading some other comments, is that I took the top and bottom dough out at the same time. This meant that the tops were too soft and crumbled as I tried to add them to the bottoms. I also struggled to lift the “sandwich” off the bag to put them on the pan. Next time I’ll leave the top in the fridge until I am ready to add it. Then, after making the “sandwich”, I’ll put them back in the fridge for a couple minutes to solidify. Then I would place them on the pan.

    Other notes, I crimped only half of the pop tart, and the ones that I didn’t crimp, and thus didn’t squish out filling, sealed perfectly too. The filling that did come out when I crimped it did not flow over too much at all. I did not add any frosting because I had no powdered sugar. The flavor was delicious! I did not think it needed any more sugar at all. Plus, because I added peanut butter (as inspired by Katie’s recommended flavors) it made a whole protein! Whole Wheat + Peanut Butter = Whole Protein

    I will definitely make these again!

  107. Annabelle says

    I am a blind woman who absolutely loooooooooooooves to cook, and I’m one of those girlies who absolutely loooooooooooooooves poptarts! Ever since October 17, 2015, I made a big change in my life, when I started trading preservatives, additives, artificial colorings and flavorings, and all that yucky stuff that hardly anyone knows what they’re made of, let alone can’t pronounce, for the better quality ingredients. This brings up my question, is it a possibility that I can make these poptarts with a pie crust made from scratch? If so, what kind of pie crust is best for these poptarts?

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi! Sure! That’s essentially what Katie’s recipe is – a homemade pie crust :). And no artificial ingredients here!

      • Annabelle says

        I once tried Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough poptarts, and I wonder what it would be like to make that kind of filling from scratch. Also, is making the icing kind of like making cake frosting? How would I make the kind of icing that dries hard as it cools?

      • Annabelle says

        Also, if I don’t have coconut oil, as I’m not one of those girls who’s a fan of coconut in general, would light olive oil work for this? I have a big container of that, and my mom says that olive oil spoils faster than most other oils.

        • Jason Sanford says

          Olive oil would work, just might have a noticeable flavor. I’d look up royal icing because I think that’s what it sounds like you’re describing 🙂

          • Annabelle says

            Royal icing? Is that what the store-bought version of poptarts is topped with? That would be interesting to learn how to make.

          • Annabelle says

            I wonder if you have a recipe for a healthy version of royal icing. I’d like to learn what that’s like to make.

          • Jason Sanford says

            Hi, sorry I don’t have one. I would google it because I know other bakers do!

  108. Deanna says

    I rolled it out to what I thought was really thin in the gallon bag and I only got about 7 and they were falling apart. Is there something I did wrong?

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