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Homemade Cookies’n Cream Frosting

5 ingredients, no corn syrup, no butter, and it can even be sugar-free! Learn how to make it:

Just 5 Ingredients!

With none of the corn syrup, artificial flavors, or trans fat found in packaged frostings. (And none of the palm oil, high maltose corn syrup, corn starch, canola oil, tapioca starch, distilled monoglycerides, polysorbate 60, added color, rice flour, sodium stearoyl lactylate, sodium acid pyrophosphate, soy lecithin, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate…)

Creamy and smooth, it’s perfect for icing cakes, cookies, or my #1 favorite chocolate cupcake recipe.

Cookies and Cream Frosting

Every now and then, I will have WAY too much fun with a photoshoot…

This was definitely one of those times, especially since I had to got to stop and lick frosting off my fingers every three seconds! 🙂

Oreo Frosting

Oreo Cookie Frosting

Cookies ‘n Cream Frosting

(Makes about 1 1/4 cup)

  • 1 cup raw cashews or macadamia nuts (120g) (For a nut-free version, see the nutrition link below)
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/3 cup powdered sugar OR pinch stevia (see chart)
  • 2-4 chocolate sandwich cookies (I used Healthy Oreos)

In a cereal bowl, cover the nuts with water and let sit at least 8 hours (no longer than twelve). Then drain and pat dry. Combine the drained nuts with the salt, vanilla, sweetener, and the 1/4 cup water, and blend until very smooth like buttercream – without any visible cashew pieces. (Blend a full minute in a Vita-Mix or up to twelve minutes in a food processor.) Crush the chocolate cookies with a fork, then stir in by hand. Stirring them in by hand prevents the cookies from turning the entire frosting brown. This frosting can be piped through a piping bag if desired. Leftovers are best stored in the fridge, and it’s best to frost cakes right before serving.

—> View Cookies’n Cream Frosting Nutrition Facts <—

Oreo Icing

Healthy Chocolate Mini Molten Lava Cake

Link of the Day: Single Serving Chocolate Molten Lava Cake

Side Note: I choose not to write about certain subjects here because I’m not sure my food blog—with its frivolous subject matter—is the proper place or that my words could possibly take away anyone’s pain. Devoting one paragraph would seem irreverent, while devoting an entire post might come across as exploitative. But although I’m not publicly posting quotes or Bible verses on my food blog or on facebook about tragedies that have taken place (or are currently taking place) in America or around the world, it doesn’t mean I’m not privately sending thoughts, prayers, and donations. It doesn’t mean my heart isn’t breaking for those who are directly involved.

Published on September 11, 2014

Meet Katie

Chocolate Covered Katie is one of the top 25 food websites in America, and Katie has been 
featured on The 
Today Show, CNN, 
Fox, The 
Huffington Post, and 
ABC's 5 O’Clock News. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating dessert every single day.

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  1. Jeannie says

    This looks delicious, and exactly the kind of dip that would be perfect for a slumber party! I may make this soon and will report back!

    P.S. I happen to be one of those that enjoys hearing more about your thoughts/life outside of “CCK”, but understand completely that you don’t want to detract from the purpose of the blog (or seem like you’re using it as an outlet for making social/political statements). I will say though that there are those of us readers who are also sending thoughts/prayers/donations, and I appreciate hearing that you do too. =)

  2. EVA says

    In all honesty, I don’t think you need to write a paragraph addressing today’s “anniversary” or even write a disclaimer. We are all grieving inside, and I think it does not make you heartless to not address it. You have a dessert blog, so bring on the desserts!

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      Unfortunately, there have been times in the past when I’ve not mentioned certain events and have received very passionately angry emails as a response. I wanted to let people know the reasoning behind my decision to keep the blog strictly food-related.

      • EVA says

        People aren’t paying the domain, so why are they telling you how to run yo blog? I call shenanigans on all of them. It’s a good thing you addressed that in a “P.S.” -type manner so it doesn’t override the post.

    • amber says

      Seems like on your food blog you may or may not choose to address what you want. It’s her blog! She is writing about what she wants to.

  3. Monique says

    Oh I know that feeling of having to stop and lick your fingers (pretending you just need to taste or you have to clean your fingers because well… ehh you really need to clean them! And then just keep on going shaping cookies or the like).

    Anyway, this looks delicious, I think I’ll have to make it soon!

  4. Freddie says

    I’ve noticed you and other vegan friendly bloggers use a lot of raw cashews in your recipes. Where I live, they are extremely expensive ($30 for a small bag) and I’m just wondering if they’re that expensive for everyone or whether there’s some sort of special place you get them from. I’m sorry if this is a question you’ve been asked before. And I realize I never phrased the above as a question, but I meant it as a question.

    • Rachel says

      Wow! How much does that bag weigh? Here they cost about $8-$10 per one pound bag in the regular chain grocery stores. I’ve been trying to find a store with bulk bins because they’re usually cheaper there, but I haven’t had much time to search since moving.

      • Freddie says

        I’m not sure how much they weigh, but I’d guess that they’re around a pound. Definitely not any more than that.
        I’m surprised that you’re able to get them for $8 to $10. That’s so much cheaper! Are yours organic? The ones I’ve looked at were.

        • Rachel says

          No, they are not organic. I finally found a store with bulk nuts. Regular cashews there are $11.39/lb (sadly more expensive than the packaged, which is unusual). Organic cashews are $14.99/lb. Nuts, however, aren’t one of the foods nutritionists say to worry about getting organic, particularly cashews, which tend to come from small Brazilian farms which don’t use pesticides anyway.

  5. Heather @ Shards of Lavender says

    Having to soak the nuts for that amount of time definitely makes this frosting a labor of love, doesn’t it? It looks like it worth it though:) Thank for sharing your recipe; I’ve pinned it for later. I was wondering about delaying posting to my blog until tomorrow or including something, but decided to stick to the food and post as planned. Thanks for taking time to explain to those who may need it.

  6. Keely says

    Hey Katie!
    Awesome new recipe. I wish I could try it out right away but alas, I am trapped out in college.

    I just wanted to reiterate on Jeannie’s comment about liking to hear about your life outside CCK. There are some of us who like to hear about how your life outside of coming up with recipes for us lazy people is like!

    I also had a question about how profits from blogging works. You of course don’t have to answer if you don’t like, but I was just interested because I’m taking a political economy class and it made me wonder a little bit!

  7. Sarah says

    Katie – I agree that you are being wise in keeping your blog food-related. You are wise to know that our words cannot take away someone else’s pain. You are obviously a young lady of deep feelings and great compassion – I am sorry that anyone would think otherwise of you.

  8. Linda @ says

    Don’t feel bad about sharing other aspects of your life, Katie! You’re a human, not a robot who teases out recipes and recipes only. I love this recipe but I love seeing art of your life even more.

    Please do share!

  9. Amy says

    I like that your page isn’t political or newsy. In fact, your page is the first one I turn to when I’ve been reading too many sad headlines.

  10. Andrea says

    Awesome! Could you post a vegan cookies and cream ice cream recipe? You have convinced me and my family that healthy vegan food tastes good as well. Haha, I told my friends about you and your blog and one friend made your mint chocolate chip ice cream! Thank you!

    Love Andrea and best wishes from Australia 🙂

  11. N says

    Hi. Just wondering why the cake has to be right before serving? Hoping to take it to a restaurant to have for a birthday dessert. Is it ok if it stays in fridge?

  12. Maxi says

    Fixed this as a treat for good behavior for the kids I babysit and they loved the frosting on top of some chocolate cupcakes!!! (And my family loved it as well on top of the extras I had lying around). It’s sweet yet creamy and not too outrageously unhealthy. Thank you!

  13. sadie says

    You are so wonderfully creative! I have to make myself stop reading and copying down the recipes and actually make them! LOL. Which one first though? This looks really good, has anyone tied the Newman-Os? I wonder how they rate, healthwise. Always heard about them since I’m a vegan girl. :0)

  14. Diana says

    How dry do the cashews need to be? And does it make a huge difference if you soak them on the counter versus in the fridge? I have never soaked nuts before, but I would love to try this recipe!

    • Jason Sanford says

      You can soak on the counter. But definitely dry them well after draining. This recipe is amazing, and cashew cream in general is so versatile!

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