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How to make Chocolate Chip Cookies for Two

Chocolate Chip Cookies

There are times when you just need a cookie NOW.

Today’s recipe yields two big cookies, similar in taste and texture to the ones you’d buy at the mall, but much healthier! The cookies come together almost instantly—no stand mixer needed, and no rolling out dozens of cookie dough balls. These are super soft and gooey, straight out of the oven!

Cookies for Two Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Share with a friend, or eat one now and keep the other one for later. There’s nothing like going through the day knowing a soft chocolate chip cookie is waiting for you at home!

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

How to make Chocolate Chip Cookies for Two

Category: Healthy Cookies.

  • 3 tbsp plus 1 tsp spelt or all-purpose flour (or 4 tbsp oat flour) (30g)
  • scant 1/8 tsp salt
  • scant 1/8 tsp baking soda
  • 2 tsp coconut sugar (or regular brown sugar)
  • 2 tsp evaporated cane juice (or regular sugar)
  • 3-4 tsp chocolate chips
  • 1 tbsp plus 1 tsp coconut or vegetable oil (14g)
  • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp milk of choice

Preheat a toaster oven to 325 degrees F, or a regular oven to 350, and grease a tray. In a cereal bowl, combine first six ingredients and stir extremely well. Add wet, and stir to form a dough. Break dough into two equal balls (or 4 balls, if you’d prefer smaller cookies), and smush into cookie shapes. Place cookies with some space between them, as they will grow as they cook. Bake 11 minutes in the toaster, or 7-8 minutes in an oven. They should still be a little undercooked when you take them out, so let them sit 5 minutes before removing from the tray.

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How to make chocolate chip cookies for two people.

Question of the Day:

Do you have a  favorite “tried and true” chocolate chip cookie recipe?

In terms of how to make chocolate chip cookies, everyone seems to have a different idea about what makes the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Some people like soft cookies, some prefer crispy cookies. Some swear by adding cornstarch to their chocolate chip cookies. I’ve never tried it, but supposedly it makes the cookies extra chewy. For a bigger-batch recipe, I use my recipe for Flourless Chocolate Chip Cookies, which yields cookies that are somehow chewy, soft, and crispy all at the same time!

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Published on June 20, 2013

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  1. Sara K. says

    Yes!! I had found another recipe for two chocolate chip cookies (which I haven’t gotten around to trying yet), but I was hoping you would make one without eggs! Thanks Katie!

  2. Nicole says

    This is perfect for my picnic date I have planned for tonight :D. Gourmet Mac n’ Cheese, with two perfect cookies for dessert? Can’t wait to make them!

    • Julie says

      I made these tonight with a couple substitutions..
      no sugar(well, no ACTUAL sugar..)
      used stevia(about 2/3 of a little packet)
      and I used 6 tbsps of sweetened(thus some sugar) shredded coconut
      I also used coconut milk, and doubled the recipe.

      AND…I baked them on the bbq! 😉 they turned out heavenly! 🙂

      • Louisa says

        Baked on BBQ? How did that happen? I would love to try that sometime, just because my little toaster oven can only bake around 6 of these cookies at once.

  3. Sandy says

    Place them in a toaster!? You mean the same thing I use to toast bread? If yes, that would be amazing! Better than wasting energy heating up my oven just for 2 cookies
    I try not to waste energy 🙂
    P.s. I live in Australia so we might be using different terminology

  4. Am says

    Thanks for this recipe! It was great to make only 2 cookies! I didn’t have any chocolate chips (*gasp*), so I used pecans instead. Delicious!

  5. Alanna says

    I’ve always preferred my cookies to be a little crispy… not the hard, chip-a-tooth-and-crumbs-fall-everywhere type, but with a slight crust to the outside and chewy on the inside. I know lots of people love the still gooey cookies straight from the oven, but not me. I do love the idea of doing these in a toaster oven, though! It always seems like a waste of electricity to heat up my huge oven for a small batch of baked goods, so the toaster oven is perfect. Sadly I don’t have one, but my boyfriend does! 🙂

  6. Kaylee says

    I like GOOEY cookies . . . My dad makes the best. I have no idea what he does but no matter how many times I watch him and use the exact same recipe, mine never turn out the same . . . It’s not just taste either, his are gooey thick goodness. Mine are are flat and crispy . . . and though my husband loves flat and crispy I do not . . . 🙂

  7. Susan says

    I love this concept. They would make a great snack for probably everyone but me – I usually get hungry too fast when I eat snacks that are mostly carb, and since my snack calorie allowance is 200, I couldn’t really add protein. I will save this recipe, though, because I know these cookies would make my husband happy. And I might find a way to add protein powder and then just eat less. 🙂

  8. Hannah @ TalesFromTheLastFrontier says

    Love this! Sometimes I just want to whip up a quick cookie for the hubby and I. Such a good idea! Personally, I don’t have a go-to cookie recipe. Probably because I am still experimenting with dessert recipes and am still having so much fun trying out different ones 🙂

  9. Lisa says

    Definitely the perfect serving.
    I always like single recipes…well, for one since I’m single;)
    another, I think they’re more fun that way because you can make different flavors all the time that way.
    I honestly can’t even remember the last chocolate chip cookie I had, so I’m not sure if there’s a tried and true method for me…mostly anything with dark chocolate is good enough for me.

  10. Alisha @ Gluten Free Perspective says

    Love this!! Having an entire pan of cookies laying around the house is definitely dangerous. I have no willpower against baked goodies so I will definitely take advantage of this one.

  11. Laura Miller says

    These look really good!

    I’m not exactly vegan, so my tried and true recipe does contain eggs, but no butter. I use basically the toll house cookie recipe with a few of my own twists, one of them being vegetable shortening. They come out super soft and fudgey and gooey, and they stay soft for a solid week!(Maybe more, we’ve never been able to test it though…) So yeah, we like soft cookies in my house. We also use the big scoops(like, muffin scoops) for the dough. The bigger the cookies, the better they seem to cook. Everyone says the cookies look HUGE, but they don’t look all that much bigger to me.

  12. Tiffany says

    Hey Katie,

    Happy First day of summer! I promised you that if I came across a blog with a good mobile phone layout I would let you know. I found one that might be perfect for you 🙂 Check out

    The layout is great, you don’t have to zoom in or out. The blog is perfectly centered for the phone and the writing is large. I’ve also seen similar blogs that enable a drop down menu where you can click and go through the different categories on your blog (such as recipes, about, FAQ.)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  13. CP says

    Love most of your recipes Katie, (maybe I’m the only non-fan of cookie dough and colored sprinkles?) would you consider adding a “print” button like other websites that offer great recipes do? I’m not printing on paper but would love to save your recipes for later in a doc to use when I’m not online. Most print functions on other pages allow you to save a doc without all of the extras that are on a page- they would include your logo, recipe, a photo and nutritional info, but not the adverts and comments. Thanks for considering this-

  14. Delia says

    Katie, this is like the fifth recipe that I’m making from your blog and I gotta say this is delicious!! Thank you for making healthier versions of my all time favorite desserts; as an individual with a family diabetic background your recipes have saved my health from my sweet tooth! 🙂

  15. Nicole @ FruitnFitness says

    This cookie for two is perfect! I know I can’t be the only one who has a hard time staying away from cookies once I have made them. Two cookies to eat would be easier than trying to avoid huge batches of them.

  16. Jordan says

    Hi Katie! I love your recipes and your personality; I would love to see you on YouTube in the near future! wink, wink

  17. Dalia says

    I saw this recipe after eating 3 oz of pasta and veggies. For some reason I decided that I had to make it right away and I swear I had plans to save three of them, but instead ended up having a 900 calorie lunch. (Im not feeling the guilt yet though!) I have a favorite chocolate chip cooke recipe but it makes 80 servings and whenever ive tried to split it, its never turned out right so i only make it on rare occasions! Thanks for this Katie 🙂

  18. Liz dR says


    A few commenters have hinted at having the same problem as I do, but I’m just going to come out and say it: I am a true-blue carbhydrate addict! I cannot control myself around sweets. Period. At all. Everything is much worse (harder to resist, easier to eat more, more headache/nausea-inducing, worse sugar hangover the next day) when the ingredients are refined, but even healthier versions of baked good with whole grain flours and raw/whole/low-glyc sugars are not something I can simply eat a normal portion of. So . . .

    OH MY GOD A RECIPE FOR TWO FREAKIN’ COOKIES IS THE BEST THING EVER!!! THE BESTEST BEST! A life without sweets means eventually buying a huge package or making a huge batch (and then eating everything at once!), but this is THE PERFECT SOLUTION! Please please please never stop coming up with new ideas. Wow. Just . . . Wow!

    PS: Best recipe for choc chip cookies is my own, which started out as Toll House’s but got so modified over time that it really is my own. Using molasses and agave makes them CHEWY!!! and undercooking them makes them soft, and then cranking the oven up high makes the outside just a tad crispy . . . MMM! But I will now use my mad cookie skills with this recipe instead!

  19. Kat says

    Yamm, a perfect cookie is FULL of chocolate, chocolate chips, chocolate chunks, possibly chocolate spread and cacao powder, chewy, moist, but a little bit crunchy too if that even makes sense. I love your recipes for 1-2 people so I will make this one next.

  20. Taral says

    Oh Katie. Thank you for such a superb recipe. I decided to go ahead and use the bobs red mill gluten free flour and they turned out heavenly.i did not use xanthum gum. They were crispy on outside and goey inside even the next day.
    Thank you

  21. Mallory says

    While I appreciate the calorie count information, why do you omit the oil, sugar, and chocolate chips? Seems like those are pretty key ingredients here.

  22. Cwupcake says

    Holy Yumminess, Batman! I love this recipe. I don’t know what it is about coconut oil in a cookie that makes it taste like cookie dough even when cooked.

  23. Kelly Hunt says

    There are lots of different recipes but I’m interested in those recipes that opt for healthier options. At least they care for the welfare of other people.

  24. CJ says

    I think I need a toaster oven . . . if it wasn’t so late – and so hot! – I’d make these RIGHT NOW! I’ve been gluten free for almost two months, and while the bread issue isn’t a problem (oddly enough) I really miss cookies.
    Maybe tomorrow . . .

  25. Judith @ Mostly About Chocolate Blog says

    WONDERFUL! It’s just my husband and I with no kids and neighbours who seem to be never home so this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I have some 6 cupcake recipes but even that lasts a week 🙁 Perhaps we need to gym & eat more 😉


  26. Nova Young says

    Hi! First time on this blog, and I’m really loving all the recipes! These seem really fun and easy to make and bake, but however, I currently am out of vanilla extract and cannot get some. Does anyone have substitutions?

  27. Ally says

    Just tried making these today cuz i really needed cookie 😉 and omg it tasted so yummyyyy crispy!! Subbed the evaporated sugar for stevia though and its really nice!! ;D healthy cookies!! In love!! Thanks katie!!

  28. Marisa says

    I love this recipe – I’ve made it a couple times and it always makes the perfect number of cookies. But is it just me or is this recipe not linked in the archived recipes section? I went looking for it today to make them again and couldn’t find it under single serving desserts or under cookie recipes!

  29. Dee says

    OH MY YUM! I’m breaking my low carb diet to try one of these. Pre diet days….I could whip up a whole batch of oatmeal cookies & have them gone within a few days. A 2 cookie recipe is really clever. Sugar & grains are addicting.

    I used homemade oat flour, homemade vanilla, & Enjoy Life chocolate chips (allergy free). I added a bit more oat flour b/c I didn’t like how oily the dough was….although it tasted wonderful raw! Still oily, so I went ahead & baked them. They do fall apart a bit, but maybe that’s b/c I couldn’t wait until they cooled down…or maybe due to the extra oat flour! Yum.

  30. Christy says

    These were SO tasty! Two questions… 1) Could I add a little bit of egg to help bind the mixture? 2) If so, could I reduce the amount of oil? Thank you for the recipe! My husband and I were happy campers! 🙂

    • Unofficial CCK Helper says

      GF flour is not an option listed in the recipe. If you need it to be gf, why not try using the oat flour listed in the recipe? Just buy certified oat flour.

  31. Isabella says

    Little late, but I just made these. Subbed the oil for applesauce and cane for stevia. Still used brown sugar, though. Turned out great!

  32. Bee says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I made these today and, let me tell you, they were PERFECT. I did add a few chopped walnuts to the tops before baking them. You are a genius! Thanks again.

  33. Morgan says

    These are sooo awesome! Big and chewy and perfect so I don’t eat a whole batch! I added 1 tsp. less of white sugar and it had the perfect amount of sweetness for me!

  34. Melissa says

    Just made these… SO GOOD! I didn’t think about it and poured my freshly melted, and quite hot, coconut oil in which melted the chocolate chips a bit, so they were more like chocolate chocolate chip cookies. Still awesome though.

  35. Carrie says

    WOW! This is a great recipe. First, I was so surprised there was so little dough. I could have gobbled it up in a few bites. (But I refrained). I was making the cookies for my kids because whenever I make a big batch I lose control and eat too many and too much dough ;/ So this was a great solution. And I was so surprised at how much bigger they got after baking in the toasted oven on my little stone bar pan (which is so perfect for stuff like this.) This may solve my baking issues. This and your pumpkin brownies that I am IN LOVE with. Thanks 🙂

  36. Katherine says

    LOVED this recipe the first time I tried it, but the second time around I had to make some substitutions. I didn’t have oil, so I subbed plain fat-free Greek yogurt. This was totally experimental, but it actually turned out so delicious (and even lower in fat!). My boyfriend actually came into the kitchen and hugged me after eating one haha!

    However, because of the Greek yogurt substitution, I had to bake for about 13 minutes rather than 7-8 in the conventional oven. I kept on monitoring the cookies though, to make sure I wasn’t overcooking them. Then let them rest for 5 mins before serving.

  37. Kelly says

    This is pure genius. My husband asks for these by name. I use maple syrup instead of cane sugar & it’s delicious. I also tried to omit the oil and they still turned out fabulous. Thanks for posting 🙂

    • Faith says

      Did you still use the coconut/brown sugar? And did you substitute maple syrup 1:1 for the cane sugar without adjusting anything else?

  38. Jacky says

    These cookies are amaaaaaazing! I tried making them with coconut and sometimes almond flour.. you know, for when I’m feeling adventurous. Great recipe! Thanks Katie

  39. Elizabeth says

    Hey Katie!
    I’ve been a fan of your blog since I discovered you about a year and a half ago, and your 5-minute mug cakes have saved my life more times than I can count, but today was special. Right after finally making your Cauliflower Alfredo (which I’ve had bookmarked for ages, and was absolutely delicious. I’ll definitely be making that again), I was lamenting to my roommate how I wanted a chocolate chip cookie. Just one cookie. She suggested I make a batch, which is not something I really have time for at the moment, but as I reluctantly pulled up your website to look for cookie recipes, this is one of the first ones I saw.
    Needless to say, they’re in the oven right now, and I’m sure they will be amazing.
    Thank you so much for always knowing just what I need!

  40. Louisa says

    Hi Katie,

    Just wondering: why do these cookies look so much softer and more browned than your flour-less ones? Did spelt/ap flour affect your cookie outcome, or was size the culprit?

  41. Kari says

    I juuuuuust made these! Wow. How do these cookies taste so buttery with no butter? Made the recipe to a T! I made them with all the unhealthy versions of your ingredients, as that is what I had on hand. Now I have a gorgeous, tasty cookie for my lunch too! Really, just perfect!

  42. Nao says

    First of all I want to thank you for all the amazing recipes! First time commenting but I’ve been a fan for a while now!
    I have a simple question. When a recipe calls for fractions of teaspoons (like with baking soda), how do you measure it?
    I never knew how to do it properly so I take random guesses. I’ve got the hang of it for cupcakes, but I think cookies require more precision!

    • Naoko says

      Hello again. Sorry for the dumb question, I live in Japan and I didn’t realise our measuring spoons were different from those in the US!
      I will try converting the amounts into grams.
      When I make them they taste great but they always turn out cakey. I don’t know if it’s too little fat or too much baking soda… Love the recipe though. Thanks!

  43. Jenelle says

    I found this recipe last week and have since made it at least 5 times. So, thank you from me (and my husband, when I feel like sharing), but not so much my waistline! 😉

  44. Agnes says

    Just made these today, using spelt flour, coconut sugar, and almond oil. Great recipe, I love that you have so many recipes for one person, it really helps when you live on your own and don’t want to have to make 20 cookies or muffins every time you want just one!

  45. Cindy says

    So, I wanted something sweet but portion controlled. Well, the batter was amazing…I wasn’t sure if they would even make it in the oven, but I was able to control myself:) They just came out of the oven and I’m letting them cool before diving in…I’m sure they will be just as good as the dough:) Thanks for another great recipe Katie!

  46. Josephine Sharpe says

    These are delicious, I make them often, perfect portion control for those lacking will power! Love the single lady cupcakes as well. Thanks Katie!

  47. Liat says

    Wow-great tasting cookies. I tripled the amounts , and obviously should have done more!
    I think next time I’ll cut the sugar a bit since they came out very sweet.

  48. curlyfroyo says

    This was absolutely perfect! I got my sweet tooth out of the way without risking needing a cookie monster exorcism lol and since it was so good i only needed one. Btw I used whole wheat flour bc thats all i had from the food co-op, the dough was a bit more crumbly/harder to form balls but that did not reflect in the final product, thank goodness. Whole wheat flour also didn’t spread out so next time I will flatten them out more manually before baking. I used natural sweetener and brown sugar mix 50/50(i like nectresse), unsweetned vanilla almond milk and opted for coconut oil. This was my first time making a baked good completely from scratch (no short cuts/not from a box). Too excited to make this and catch my future hubby. Thanks!

  49. Dana says

    Definitely just made these for the 3rd time this week… And I made 8 of them… And I just ate two… Sooo. There’s that.

  50. Nathalie says

    It’s grey, cloudy and pouring rain outside, I’m stuck writing a horrible chemistry thesis and just finished an intense workout, so I decided to treat myself to a chocolate chip cookie. I wasn’t really expecting much, just wanted a sweet pick-me-up… but Oh My Goodness Katie you’ve outdone yourself again! I’m not even kidding, these were the best chocolate-chip cookies I’ve had in a looong time. I used coconut milk, olive oil, milk chocolate chips and one tsp of vanilla sugar and 1/2 tsp of maple syrup. Served hot straight out the oven with an espresso – Divine! Thanks for making me feel all better again 😀

  51. Faith says

    I just had a sudden craving for cookie dough and not much time on my hands, so I halved this recipe and whipped up some dough in <5 minutes. I used whole wheat pastry flour, and since my smallest measuring spoon is 1/8 tsp and I wasn't baking anyway, I left out the baking soda and just sprinkled with salt to taste. Satisfied my craving and wasn't too much! Maybe I'll try baking next time haha. Thanks for another winner Katie! (BTW, I had some leftover frosting from a birthday party this weekend so I made a single lady cupcake last night and it was perfect)

  52. Emma says

    This recipe is AWESOME! I just finished eating both cookies. Mine turned out super thick, soft, and cakey. Delicious, thank you so much!

  53. Mary Lee says

    I had to Google to learn about Spelt, do you use the whole grain version in your recipes, please and thank you. I am anxious to try several of your recipes.

  54. Harriet says

    hello! These look great, but I hate firing up the oven for just a small thing like 7 minutes. I guess I could do these before my main meal goes in or something, but would a microwave work for these cookies?

  55. Annie says

    My husband and I make these several times a week! It’s so perfect for dessert! We love to have a cookie and a glass of wine! Thank you so much for posting single serving options!

  56. Kiki says

    Katie, I want to tell you I’ve been using this cookie recipe for more than a year. I love its versatility. I’ve doubled, tripled, quadrupled it. I’ve swapped the chocolate chips for dried cranberries, nuts, sprinkles. I’ve added spices for a spice cookie. I’ve made it with powdered ginger and rolled the cookies in panko. I’ve made it with whole milk, soy milk, coconut milk. I’ve made it with all AP flour. Whatever I do, it’s always good. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe that’s good as is and also good as a basic cookie.

  57. Kiki says

    I want to say I use this as a basic cookie recipe. I’ve made so many variations of it, I can’t remember them all and all have been delicious. I’ve made them with sesame seeds and a few drops of sesame seed oil, I’ve made them with ground ginger rolled in panko, I’ve made them with raisins, with cranberries, with nutmeg+cinnamon+allspice as a spice cookie. I’ve used coconut milk, almond milk, cow’s milk, soy drink milk mix. doubled, tripled, quadrupled . . . suffice to say, I love your recipes Katie 🙂

  58. Luna says

    I literally NEVER leave comments on any recipes on the web (too lazy!) but these cookies are BLOWING MY MIND! They turned out SO good. They taste better than any chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had. THANK YOU!

  59. Petra says

    Thanks for the recipe Katie, these are amazing! 🙂
    I swapped part of the flour to cocoa, it’s like a double chocolate cookie 🙂

  60. Marie says

    Girl thank you SO MUCH for all the content you make! I finally got off my low calorie diet and have some extra space in my eating budget and these healthy recipes are PERFECT

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