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This is NOT a happy post

In fact, I deliberated for a long time before finally deciding to write it.  And three seconds after I publish, I’ll probably regret it.  My blog posts are normally light and positive for two reasons: One, I don’t think anyone visits my blog in order to become depressed (or to hear me defend myself from negative comments: bor-ring!).  Two, I am a happy-go-lucky person who is in a good mood 99% of the time (I credit the chocolate for that), so, really, my posts are just a reflection of my disposition.  But I feel like I have to say something today. Sorry in advance for being so negative.

Anonymous comments do not bother me.

So why do I keep feeling the need to write posts and faq answers defending myself and my diet?  It’s because even though I really don’t care what a few sick individuals think of me, I want the general population that reads my blog to know that it is possible to be a healthy vegan.  Plus, I take pride in the fact that I keep myself healthy, so I don’t want people to get the wrong message (or worse, use me as inspiration to start a dangerous diet to get thin).

Honestly, I’ve heard the “You’re too skinny, you’re anorexic, eat a doughnut” comments so often that they’re like background noise by now.  Yes, I would much rather people think I look pretty in my pictures than skinny.  And gosh I’m envious of the bloggers who can just post away any pictures of themselves—even bathing suit shots—without worrying people will say or think something mean.

I know it’s suspicious; yes I have a lot of the traits of someone with an eating disorder, such as being vegan, being skinny, liking healthy foods and nutrition, and loving to run.  But I became vegan due to my love of animals and my resistance to contribute money to their suffering in factory farms.  (More on that in My Path to Veganism.)  And I developed an interest in healthy eating because of my veganism; my mother forced me to educate myself about nutrition before she’d allow me to go veg, back when I was a teenager.

So how do I know I don’t have an eating disorder?

I don’t restrict my food intake in any way, shape, or form.  I call myself a food hedonist: Providing it’s available, I eat what I’m truly craving.  Always.  I never deprive myself of my favorite foods or cravings, nor will I ever eat something I don’t love just because it’s supposedly good for me.  (I pass on wheatgrass!) My philosophy is that one shouldn’t have to choose between good health and good taste; you can have your cake and eat it too!

And I just recently had a yearly physical, with blood tests and all.  The results came back in a healthy range, proving that it IS possible to eat a vegan diet without suffering from anemia or low protein levels.  So although I hear from anonymous commenters that I am definitely anorexic, my doctor says that I’m not.  Whom would you choose to believe?

Of course I would love it if peoples’ first thought, upon seeing me, was: “Gosh she’s so pretty,” not “Gosh she’s so skinny.”  But it doesn’t really matter, because once people get to know me, they stop seeing skinny and start seeing person.  Therefore, the comments from people I don’t even know do not upset me in the slightest (except that I’m sad to know it gives people pleasure to waste their time trying to make others as miserable as they obviously are).

I think I’ve rambled more than enough.

If you’re really bored and want more info, read this post: Hello from CCK.

Anonymous comments do not bother me. Except that’s not entirely true… which brings me to the real reason I’ve written this rubbish novel of a post.  On a post from a few days ago, I received the first-ever comment to upset me.  Yes, anonymous commenter, you read that right: You upset me. I hope this news makes you happy, because then at least one of us got something good out of your malicious words.

Basically, the commenter accused me of fabricating the entire Operation Chocolate-Covered Kindness as a way to make money for myself.  The fact that anyone—even someone obviously not in a healthy state (the commenter admits to an eating disorder)—would believe I’d do something so horrible made me want to cry. (Should I be publicly admitting this? It’s probably making the girl feel even better about herself.)

Besides the fact that fabricating the charity drive would be a disgusting thing to do, it would be a pretty stupid thing to do as well: I don’t know what non-bloggers imagine, but blogging doesn’t make tons of money!  Ask any blogger (ok, maybe not Perez Hilton-big), and he or she will tell you that for the amount of time and effort one puts into blogging, the monetary payback is not much at all.  Therefore, if I were interested only in myself and making money, I’d spend my blogging time doing something—anything—else.

I figured if I was blogging anyway, the charity drive would be a fun way to raise a bit of cash and publicity for a worthy cause with which not many people are familiar.  Sure, it wouldn’t be much, but the victims in Darfur and other such areas need as much help as possible, and so I want to do what I can.

It really sucks that I was trying to do a good thing, with only good intentions, and someone managed to put a negative spin on it and cause me to worry that other people might feel the same way, thinking the whole thing is a scam to make money. I guess I have to realize that it doesn’t really matter what anonymous thinks.  All that matters is where the money is going: to people in desperate need; to people who don’t have the luxury of eating fun foods like snickerdoodle oatmeal or dark chocolate peanut butter; to people who can’t walk out of their homes (if they even have homes) without fearing for their lives.

As I said, I’ll probably regret publishing this post. But at the moment, I just had to put my true thoughts out there.  Anonymous commenters: You can criticize my weight and diet until you are blue in the face and I won’t care.  Go ahead; have fun. But please don’t criticize my attempts to try and make the world a better place.

And now back to the happy, Energizer Bunny CCK.  I promise more uplifting, fun posts in the future.

Published on November 15, 2009

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  1. Jennifer says

    I think you’re pretty! If I’m reading your blog and there’s a picture of you and somebody’s around, I usually make them come and see how pretty you are!

    And, on a more serious note, I inherently trust you about where the money is going. It never occurred to me to think any different.

  2. Jenny R. says

    oh my goodness…Katie you made me cry 🙁 I know how mean people can be. I’ve been called ‘anorexic’ and ‘gross’ so many times. I don’t think people understand that it’s not ok to make fun of people no matter what the ‘trait’ is that they are making fun of. I mean it’s considered taboo to call someone ‘fat’ but really by saying someone is gross for being skinny is really just the same thing. I think you’re sooo pretty and you exude health. You can see it in your eyes and’re glowing. Can I give you a virtual hug? lol
    I guess there are just some misguided people out there with trust issues and insecurities. You have an enormous heart to be doing all this charity stuff and I’ll just click click click away extra to make up for those meanies out there. 😉 Love ya girly!

  3. Kristen @ Simply Savor says

    you go girl! you are beautiful inside and out, and you should never have to defend yourself against negative comments like that. once again, youre the one who comes out on top in this situation because you addressed it honestly and gracefully. you have the support+friendship of so many people in the blog community that those few “anonymous” commenters don’t mean a thing. keep smiling and doing great things! 🙂

  4. taleoftwovegans says

    Aw Katie, I’m so sorry people can be so mean. 🙁 For the record, you’re not pretty – you’re drop dead gorgeous. If you weren’t at the proper weight for you, then you would LOOK unhealthy, and that is so NOT the case – like Jenny R. said, you glow and exude health! I’m sure it is SO obvious to your regular readers that you have an extremely healthy relationship with food – which is so important, especially considering that we live in a society where unhealthy approaches to food is normal. Keep being wonderful! 🙂 -Eve

  5. *Andrea* says

    i’m so sorry katie! you are such a sweet girl. it is so evident in your posts on your hobbies (helping out at various charities), your genuine love for animals, your humor, your zest for life 😉 although i do not have a blog and can’t understand what you go through posting everything out there for those to judge, i admire you sooooo much! DO NOT REGRET THIS POST! it is honest and it let’s us know the truthabout you. i think you are gorgeous, which has nothing to do with your size. you have pretty eyes and a smile that makes me smile 🙂 not to mention gorgeous nails haha. anyways, take the comment with a grain of salt – this girl is in a deep deep depression, suffering from an eating disorder, and probably a little jealous about how popular your blog is and how SUCCESSFUL of a person you are.

  6. Chrissie says

    Hi Katie!
    I just wanted to agree with the other commentors above! You are very slim, very pretty, and clearly, both from your writing and photographs, enjoy your life in a way that you couldn’t if you were in fact suffering from an eating disorder. It sounds to me like your anonymous commentor is jealous of the fact that you are so much healthier and happier than she is – sad for her, but don’t let it make you miserable!
    I don’t think anyone actually reading your blog could really believe you’d be trying to scam your readers with Operation Chocolate Covered Kindness. You are clearly capable of compassion that the commentor in question can’t even recognise, let alone understand.
    Keep up the good work! Your posts always make me smile (and sometimes drool – you’re getting very good at the food porn with those Fudge Babies!)

  7. LZ says

    Wow, Katie, this was such a strongly written post and it obviously took a lot of courage for you to put this out there–but I think it was right for you to do so! Even on a blog, it’s not possible to be happy and positive *all* the time, and there are negative issues that must be brought to the surface. What that anonymous girl said was terribly mean, but your post reflects on it in such a controlled, calm manner, and that only shows what a genuinely good person you are. You have such good intentions, and I have no doubt you’d ever lie about where your charity money goes. You are one of the most kind and considerate writers, and that is why I read every one of your posts on my Google Reader, even if I don’t comment all the time. Along the lines of what someone mentioned above, for every negative person who picks on you because they have nothing better to do, there are many, many more who appreciate your posts, your positive attitude, your discipline, and your consideration. So just keep on doing what you’re doing, because you’re so awesome.

  8. Cassie says

    katie, don’t even pay attention to ppl like that. they obviously have no idea what they’re talking about. you are a beautiful person and anyone who reads your blog can see that. criticizing someone for their small size is exactly the same as criticizing someone for their large size. either way, it’s hurtful. i’ve been on both sides of the spectrum and the only way to get over it is to accept yourself unconditionally and recognize that your opinion is the ONLY one that counts in this life. some people make rude comments because they’re jealous and can’t accept themselves as they are. love yourself and remember that we all love you too! 🙂

  9. Little Bookworm says

    I think Operation Chocolate-Covered Kindness is a great idea. 🙂 I also wanted to let you know that I think your oatmeal recipes are great – the banana brulee one is fantastic!

  10. Meg says

    Wow. I can’t believe someone would even think of saying that. What an absolute idiot. I hope you know how many people are on your side, Katie. You’re one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever ‘met’, inside AND out.

    Love you!

  11. shelby says

    I really wish everyone could see what I see in you. A stunningly beautiful, healthy, good-hearted, caring, sweetheart, and just a beautiful person all around. Do not ever let anyone tell you otherwise!! Who cares what people say? As long as you know it’s not true, and your good friends who really care for you know it’s not true, screw them! I hope you feel better Katie, your smile is too beautiful to be covered with a frown 🙂

  12. candice says

    Katie, I can’t believe someone would try to accuse of doing something that is so obviously untrue. You even mentioned in the “Chocolate-Covered Kindness” page that Foodbuzz will only pay you a tiny bit of money per click, and from your other posts, anyone can deduce that you are truly committed to the charity work that you do. The people who don’t get that are either refusing to believe it or posting to get you worked up. … I’m going to go click around now. ><

    By the way, just organizing this charity drive makes me believe you're beautiful. That takes heart, not thinness. 🙂

  13. Anne says

    *click* *click* *click*

    Please do NOT let her ruin your mood for one more second, she is definitely, completely and utterly not worth it.

    As runninwriter said in that post: I’m sure those who benefit from the Enough Project are throwing their arms in the air in disgust.

    So, I’m off to do some clicking. Especially for Tracey.

  14. Heather says

    I hate that you have to defend your lifestyle, your beliefs, your diet, your love of running, etc. all because of your genetics. It’s truly sad. I don’t think ANYONE – skinny or fat – should be made to feel guilty about their weight. I’m sorry you have to do that. You’re beautiful, awesome, positive and inspiring.

  15. Steph says

    don’t listen to anyone who tries to bring you down Katie. you’re a beautiful person both inside and out. you never appear anything but genuine on your blog and I don’t understand how anyone could go so low as to criticize someone fighting for a good cause. keep your chin up- there are so many people on here who support you! 🙂

  16. elise says

    girlfriend keep your head up and know that those (anonymous) losers have nothing better going on in their miserable lives- so they have to put you down. you are fabulous and everything you are doing is great. so flash em the finger and move on. the rest of us know you are a healthy thang with the best intentions. xxx

  17. Animal-Friendly 79 says

    Even though you may regret this post later, I think it’s great that you’re willing to share your emotions like this. The fact that someone left a comment like that is disgusting, but that doesn’t affect the fact that Operation Chocolate-Covered Kindness is a wonderful idea and you’re a fantastic blogger.

  18. molly says

    Wow- some people disgust me. Thank goodness there are people like you making the world a better place despite all the idiots.

    Honestly, one thing that really makes me mad are people who look at someone and judge them.
    I understand how difficult that is. I went on a trip with a friend. Two weeks after the trip, I come home to my dad crying. Apparently my friend had seen me enjoying food on the trip, and noted that I was thin, and therefore I must have been throwing up after meals. She told her parents that she had heard me puking after multiple meals, no doubt about it. Her parents had called my dad.
    I was still in the final stages of anorexia recovery and I had felt like I was finally moving forward with my life.
    And it was difficult for my dad to trust my word, because I had done the whole make-excuses thing when I actually had an ED. Luckily it all worked out all right, but I spent days feeling betrayed and lost.

    ANYWAY bottom line is I always looked at you as beautiful. You can be slim and beautiful, you can be curvy and beautiful, you can be muscular and beautiful, and it took me a long time to figure that out.

    Also, that one commenter is more evidence that eating disorders aren’t just about food – they come along with confidence and trust issues.
    And when I think of all the readers you have, I think it speaks deeply about your personality that only one mistrusted your generosity.

    Keep up the amazing work, girl! You’re an inspiration to all the bloggers (and women, and girls, and vegans, and people) out there!

  19. Abby says

    Good for you for voicing your feelings. First off, I think you are very pretty, Katie, and Im not just saying that. You are a sweetie and I truly enjoy reading your blog. It’s one of the first ones I became interested in a few yrs back!!

    I get that comment occasionally too about the skinny thing.. It frustrates me to nooo end as it’s usually a really unhealthy person making it!
    As long as you know you are healthy that’s all that matters. Keep doing what you’re doing!! 😉

  20. DJ says

    Chin-up, chuck, try not to let the haters bother you! It’s all too easy to criticise, especially when you’re in a bad place. Take some little comfort in the fact that this individual would probably tear the face off anyone or anything to boost their own brittle self-esteem at this point. With your playful, healthy outlook to food and your genuine desire to help others you were – sadly – too good a target to miss.
    DJ xoxo

  21. chauceriangirl says

    When I look at your photos, I see a beautiful woman with a great smile and gorgeous eyes. I will admit to noticing that you are thin, but there’s nothing you’ve ever written here that would make me believe you’re not healthy. Besides, it’s none of my business.

    I’m sorry that some people enjoy judging others by their own standards. Accusing you of being dishonest in the charity drive is absolutely ridiculous, and only someone with that thought in their own hearts would accuse you of it.

    I think you’re an amazing person, and keep hoping I’ll run into you one day so I can tell you in person. Don’t let the grumpy people ruin your day.

  22. Ricki says

    Wow, that one is really over the top! Please, please do not let malicious comments upset you! It never ceases to amaze me that someone would take the time to write something so negative (and hide behind an “Anonymous” identity when doing it). Perhaps everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if they don’t like/approve/believe/enjoy/whatever your blog, then JUST DON’T READ IT. What is the point of hurting your feelings and annoying the rest of us when we are all here to enjoy your blog, applaud your efforts, share your cute recipes, stories and jokes, support you and exchange (civilized) ideas? To my mind, malicious commentary is just not what blogging is supposed to be about. “Delete” is too good for that commenter, I say! Put it behind you (as I think you have) and get on with your good work and blogging. If YOU and WE know you are doing a good thing, then Ms. Anonymous really doesn’t matter, right? 🙂

  23. Anonymous says

    Once, when I was reading your blog, my brother came by and his mouth dropped open and he said

    -Do you KNOW that girl? SHE’S HOT!!!

    So um yeah, anorexics may think you look unattractive, but teenaged guys (my brother’s 19) think you look like a supermodel.

  24. Maria says

    Katie, there is no need to regret posting this. I love that you are always showing your honest true self. Anyone who has read your blog for a significant amount of time can see that you have truly good intentions and that you have a need to help others! Most of us wouldn’t believe that commenter (not even for a millisecond!), so don’t you worry about that! Sorry to hear about those mean comments. On a lighter note, I guess that’s what you have to deal with when you are so famous 😉 When I see your pictures, I personally think about how pretty you are and your gorgeous nails 😀 so don’t be ashamed! This is YOUR blog!

  25. Andrea@WellnessNotes says

    I am so sorry about the negative comment. Please remember that that’s just one comment and that’s not what the rest of us are like… You are doing a wonderful thing with Operation Chocolate-Covered Kindness!

  26. Lori says

    I am so sorry that someone wrote that to you. I hope you know that most people that read your blog would never ever think that! I don’t understand why some people can’t just stop reading if they don’t agree with something. Your blog is being enjoyed by so many people, if they don’t like it/believe you, just keep their big mouths shut and move on!
    You are such a giving person! Not only your Operation Chocolate Covered Kindness, but you give to your blog readers everyday. I am always thankful for your fun posts and recipes. So thank you for all that you do!!
    Oh, and I (and my kids) are really looking forward to the Pumpkin Pie Babies! 🙂

  27. lindsey says

    love, you ARE AMAZING! don’t let anyone bother you about your size, because you are who you are. obviously, you eat what you enjoy and what your body tells you to…chocolate!! 🙂 the point is, i know what an eating disorder is like; i suffered from one for a couple of years, and i am STILL recovering. you are a wonderful person, and keep up your wonderful view on life 🙂

  28. Danielle says

    I can’t believe someone would actually try and accuse you of trying to earn money for yourself. It’s not like you asked anyone to send money to your house, all you asked was for people to click around on your website (which I do ANYway lol). When I first saw operation chocolate-covered-kindness that thought didn’t even breeze by my mind. I highly doubt others would think the same.

    As for your pictures, I think you are beautiful and the fact that your so giving and have such an kind personality makes you even more gorgeous. 🙂 Please don’t ever stop posting pictures just because some people are judgemental!

  29. fruitsveggieslife says

    Katie –

    I am so sorry that someone would EVER thing that OC-CK was a scam. You are such as kind, generous, loving person – I never once imagined that the money that you are raising would go to anything less than a fantastic cause. As for the appearance attacks – when I see you, I see a gorgeous, healthy, chocolate covered sweetheart.

    Keep up the amazing work!

    Tons of Love,


  30. Kris | says

    Awww Doll face, I am very sorry to hear you had received this comment and that someone is really that sick to say these things to someone as sweet as you.

    I just want you to know that when I first saw your pictures I thought you were so beautiful and it is your eyes and your smile that show your shining beauty!

    You might need to read this twice – Just remember that ANY negative THING or COMMENT any one says about you or thinks about you is beacause they are jealous and they have the same thoughts about themselves.

    Things we admire and dislike about people are things we think of ourselves deep down.

    I hope you have a better day darlin’ Don’t let any one get you down!


  31. calmkindpeace says

    That is too bad. The problems I see in todays world include: people judging….people assuming….and worse people adopting practices JUST because they see someone else doing it.
    No one should feel guilt for what they are eating….no one should compare and judge….yes, you are really tiny, and probably do exhibit traits of an ED….but whether you or anyone else did cannot be assumed by others ….and it cannot be something remedied over the web….family and friends are who has to step in then…..either way, people often need to stop focusing on others and comparing and feeling guilty for stuff…and instead focus straight at themselves, i will eat the ice cream if i want it, or eat the bananas and oats if i want it, etc….there should not be comparing, etc…assumptions really burn me up…

  32. Delilah says

    The anonymity of the Internet has provided people with the “confidence” to step up and be nasty; you’re doing the right thing, ignoring them. Katie, you are beautiful and a lively character. If your doctor says you are healthy, then you ARE healthy. People who say otherwise are just jerks!

  33. lovemyveggies says

    Hey CCV! I never comment but love reading your blog. Just wanted to say that you’re awesome and whoever wrote that email was terrible to say the things she said. Your Operation Chocolate-covered kindness operation is such a great idea and I have been clicking away. And btw, you are gorgeous!!! Don’t ever believe anything else. 🙂 Size does not define a person, it’s the beauty within that does.

  34. Janna (Just Flourishing) says

    Katie, you are stunning. THAT was the first thing I noticed about you when I started reading your blog 🙂

    It’s easy to let a nasty comment shake you up. You’re ALLOWED to be upset by it. But you just have to remember, like you obviously do, that for every nasty reader there are 100 other readers who love your blog and think you’re great.

    I think it’s good you address this kind of stuff though, because I’m sure there are a lot of girls who look up to you and it’s important to clarify that that’s just the way you were made 🙂

    And in terms of the Operation Chocolate Covered Kindness comment… it’s just ignorance.. and jealousy. Those who are avid readers of your blog know how kind and generous you are. Its unfortunate that that person chose to jump to a negative conclusion right away. It obviously says something about the way THEY are and the way THEY see life. Unlike you who has such a lovely disposition. 🙂

    Keep your chin up!

  35. Melinda says

    Katie, I am so sorry to hear that. I think that the majority of your readers know you a little better than that. The fact someone did this anonymously indicates that they have something to hide themselves and are hiding behind these cowardly words (and clearly no name). Negative words like that often indicate jealousy, which is possible as you have a successful blog and a desire to do go in this world. I know it is hard to ignore, but don’t let somments like these stop you from anything you want to do. Yes, you may be skinny, but if you say you do not have an ED (yes, yes we all know denial is the trademark of all disorders!!! LOL) then I believe you because you are so passionate about the fect that you are healthy and do actually consume foods daily. So anyways, keep up the good work!

  36. Allison says

    Wow. It is so hard to understand how people can make such quick judgments. Get all the facts before you start throwing out statements that will hurt people. It kills me how people think that just because a person doesn’t fit into the “perfect” mold, that it means they’re unhealthy. This follows right along with non vegans asking vegans “but where do you get your protein?”. Have they ever asked themselves questions about whether or not they are eating nutritionally sound foods? Probably not, they just eat their fast food and prepackaged foods galore and trust that the mainstream media wouldn’t steer them wrong. How could it be possible for a person to weigh less than or more than a BMI chart says they should and still be healthy.
    I used to be in the obese category on BMI charts until I gave up fast food and processed foods. Then I switched to cooking most foods from raw states myself, then I went vegan. I am now down to just a bit overweight due solely to a lack of muscle which I try to work on a little everyday. But I am HEALTHY! I had a physical less than a year ago where they said that my body’s true age was 13 even though at the time I was 24! I eat more fruits and veggies than anyone I know, I just have 23 years of lack of muscle growth to make up for. But I am healthy!
    Sorry for the long comment.
    As for the charity commenter, I can’t believe that someone could possibly have so much of a negative outlook that they would accuse you of that. I like to think myself a positive person and I think we just don’t need people like that in our lives.
    Have a great day!

  37. tabitha says

    aw hon
    that would have hurt my feelings as well
    we love you
    don’t care if you are making money-you put a lot of time in this blog
    and anyone who is claiming to give to charity and isn’t (not you) has their own fate coming anyhow

    people are jealous that you’re thin
    their problem
    some people are so miserable they love to try to bring others down
    keep your head up
    you have a grand heart–it’s 3/4 the reason i follow you–the rest is a bonus

    i don’t care what your dr says..i believe you
    eyes don’t twinkle that much in sickies 🙂

  38. Jenny says

    oh baby don’t you regret posting this for a second!! I hope the overwhelming support that you have been receiving is a slap in the face to the ridiculous anon who’s accusations are both cruel-hearted and ridiculous. When it gets down to it though — you focus on you… the individuals who read your blog and know what a GIFT you are to the world never duobt for a second your intentions or the lifestyle you convey on your blog. I’m going to tell you the same thing you told me – the person who left that comment may have some unresolved issues of their own and rather than accepting that they find more comfort in bringing others down. Don’t give them the satisfaction.

    I love you tons and tons baby and if you want to chat furthur you know where to find me.

    and p.s. you are amazingly beautiful – both inside and out.


  39. Gina G says

    o my goodness katie! i am so so so sorry hear that! you are amazing Katie and don’t ever let any one else make you think differently! You are stunningly beautiful inside and OUT! i could write a whole long paragraph like the others, but im sure everyone summed it up for me also. =) dont ever hold back what bothers you or let anyone hold you back! (sorry i was trying not to write a long comment too hah) your truly wonderful katie!

  40. Katie says

    Katie you are beautiful inside and out. My brother is the same way can’t gain weight and he eats like a pig. Seeing what you eat you most def do not have an ED. Keep your chin up I love you and your blog. I’ve loved joking around with you and just your lighthearted sense of humor. There is no winning with people they love to critique people because they are insecure w/ themselves. And on a computer they don’t have to own up to their comments. *hugs* keep on keeping on!

  41. Kat says

    Katie, your post made me really sad… I am so sorry that there are shitty people out there who so wrongfully make accusations of kind-hearted people like you (and all the long time blog readers know that you volunteer at Catskill animal sanctuary and the dog shelter among other things :). I want you to know that one of the first things I think of when I think of you is that you are totally gorgeous and you have an amazing light-up-the-room smile. Your passion about food and animals is inspiring, and your blogging has actually inspired me to start my own blog…. so just ignore the idiots out there and keep up your brilliant work. we all love it… xoxo, Kat

  42. Cynthia K. says

    Katie, I’m so glad you addressed this. That person was obviously jealous–you’re creative, talented, beautiful, AND suffused with chocolate, and some people just can’t handle all that! As for the other 99% of us, thanks so much for your amusing posts and great recipes–I love me some fudge babies!

  43. Jannifer says

    You’re probably tired of reading comments on this post but I just have to put my “two cents” in. Don’t let the mean girls get you down! People tend to project their own intentions and motivations on others. I don’t know you except through reading your wonderful and inspiring blog, but there was never a thought in my mind that you would fake a charity drive to raise extra money for yourself!! It’s obvious that you are a kind and sincere person interested in being a good role model and helping others.

  44. Janet says

    Katie, I think you’re great, and pretty, and I wish I could give you a big HUG! Anonymous people who are too cowardly to even identify themselves, and whose sole purpose is to criticize and make ridiculous accusations, are just a waste of cyberspace. You inspire so many people, I hope all of the comments of support will outweigh the the negative feelings and bring back your beautiful smile 🙂

  45. Anonymous says

    Katie, I love reading your blog, I love how you address issues aside from just personal health, but also animal welfare and charity issues. You are a truly amazing (not to mention gorgeous) person who clearly tries extremely hard to help others. Thank you so much for blogging, you’re amazing recipes and upbeat attitude are so inspiring.

  46. Tiffany S. says

    Ahhh, honey – I’m glad you shared that with us. I’m so sorry someone made you feel bad. It never crossed my mind for one moment that the money was going anywhere besides where you said it was going.

    I know for anyone who has a food/weight issue on the heavy side, it’s just hard to imagine how someone could be as thin as you are and be healthy (I will admit I first wondered when I “met” you too). But then I got to know you and have come to understand that we are all in our bodies no matter what size they are.

    I believe you are a beautiful, honest person, and that’s that.

    I’m at my mom’s right now, and she won’t stop talking about 4 g-d lbs she’s gained (she weighs 35 lbs less than I do). She probably thinks all sorts of horrible things about me walking around in my bathing suit, and I just don’t care. It’s my body (as yours is yours), and I’m happy. As I get more fit I won’t necessarily be more HAPPY but it will something checked off my to do list.

    Anyway, big hugs from here!

  47. Kathleen says

    You are wonderful. Most of us know it (obviously ^). Some people are less wonderful for whatever reason and we just have to deal with it or ignore them, sadly.

  48. Kristie Lynn says

    I know it has been said before, but you really are gorgeous, girl! There really is a glow about you in the pictures we get to see 🙂

    I definitely believe you when you say that the money went to charity, and I never thought otherwise. That anonymous commenter is definitely a joy-stealer 🙁

  49. Emily says

    I’m so sorry that someone wrote you such a horrible comment. Whoever it was can definitely be classified as an idiot and coward for not even being willing to give his/her name, and for obviously misjudging you! I think it’s so great that you are donating your blog clicks to charity. And it is evident to regular readers that you are a perfectly healthy and balanced vegan who is beautiful both inside and out.

    Love and hugs your way!!!

  50. Ashley says

    Hi beautiful,

    I’m sorry that someone said such rude things to you. Pffft to them. I truly enjoy your blog and I think what you’re doing with the Chocolate Covered Kindness drive is fantastic.


  51. Jolana says

    Hi Katie, I am de-lurking just to let you know that you are beautiful, great inspiration to me and doing an amazing job with the charity drive.

  52. The Pancake Girl says

    I am so sorry you felt the need to have to write this post.. you should never be put in the place to have to defend doing such a compassionate, and loving thing, and nor should you have to defend your looks and health. People have a lot of nerve. If they don’t like you or what you say or how you look, then stop reading the blog. It’s that easy. Granted I don’t know you, but I have been overcome with how kindhearted you seem through this blog. Please don’t stop being you or doing the things you love, including on this blog.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!


  53. Jenna says

    Lady, you *know* you’re going to get about 10,000 comments on here telling you how amazing you are, and I’m gonna be one of them.

    It’s good to see you venting a little, actually. You don’t even have to say the stuff about your doctor and your blood results; your personality makes it very clear that you are exceptionally healthy.

    It’s like you said, only a person who is unhealthy themselves could manipulate their vision of you to reflect that. It’s much easier to criticize others for the faults we know are truly within ourselves. And I mean that about both the Operation: CCK and about your weight/health…and about anything else, now that I think about it! Those seemingly-ungrounded assumptions are actually not UNgrounded at all; not that they are grounded in anything about you – if I were Freudian, I’d call it “transference,” but basically, it’s all about them. And that makes it matter even less, because only *they* can change that kind of extreme selfishness.

    At any rate, if you don’t think you’re beautiful – not *only* physically, but pretty much in your entirety as a lovely living being…well you’d better shape up (bad pun unintended)! But I don’t think this is the case, so therefore I will simply declare my solidarity and support for all your endeavors, troubles, and joys.

  54. Lyss says

    for every one sick person, there are 99 of us who love you dearly and see the goodness in your heart. don’t give up! don’t let them get you down! i know it’s hard, but they don’t come from a good place. YOU, however, DO.

    and anyone who looks at you and sees anything less than beauty is distorted, for sure.


  55. Julz says

    Okay, honestly, pay those comments as little mind as humanly poss bb. Clearly, they misunderstand YOU and your heart, which for them is a sad sad thing. They don’t have it in their heart, or in their energy, to do such a beautiful charity drive, so they figure no one else does? Idk, but I think it’s all such a bunch of rubbish and immature jargon. YOU DO WHAT YOU FEEL. THat is all and you should keep on keepin on with all of the beauty that you emit to the rest of the world <333

    However, I do have to say something about the first part of this post… While I think it is inappropriate to judge someone else's health status, I think it is quite another thing if individuals are triggered by your pictures or by your posts. You know I think very highly of you, but if someone were triggered by my posts, I, personally, would take a second look at the pictures and why I was posting them to begin with. I know what I look like and I know what pictures make me look a certain way… We all do. Do I think any of your pictures suggest such an illness? No. I think you look divine. But there are ppl who may think otherwise, more importantly, there are young readers who may be "triggered" by some of your pictures, as it seems that were the case, so I guess that makes it rather unsafe to post them. But as I said, you do what you feel is right. DO I think you are a precious lil creature with a heart of gold? DUH. But are there some young girls reading without the privilege of KNOWING you? Yes and they may think/feel another way. You must take everything with a grain of salt, bb. Keep true to YOU, above all else though.

    Love you! xoxo

  56. Brandi says

    Katie I am sad to hear someone is sad and bitter enough about themselves to try and bring you down. I enjoy reading your blog and it’s obvious you have such a sweet personality. You are beautiful! It’s funny that the world preaches ‘people come in all shapes and size’ except obviously there is the unspoken byline that says ‘except skinny because skinny people are NEVER healthy’. It’s ridiculous how much flack naturally thin people get by jealous people who have the unhealthy desire to be a shape their body is NOT. You can tell by the meals you post that you are not skimping on food – you eat amazingly large meals for such a little girl 🙂

    Keep on being awesome girl!

  57. Pure2Raw Twins says

    I think it is good your voiced what you are feeling. I totally agree that you can be healthy and be a VEGAN. That is why we started our blog too. I have got blood work done too and everything came back fine!! SO f**k the negative people!! YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL PERSON!!!! Never let someone tell you different : ) Sorry I get upset over this stuff too.

  58. Heather Eats Almond Butter says

    Precious pretty Katie, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Those of us that know your kind heart know that you would NEVER EVER fabricate some kind of false charity drive – that comment was way out of line.

    Know you are so loved in Nashville. Me, CD, and my brother are 3 of your biggest fans.

    Love you much!

  59. mihl says

    I can understand that you are upset. How can people who don’t know you at all judge and accuse you like that. I really don’t get it. Your blog is awesome and so are you.

  60. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says

    This is a timely post b/c I just got another anon rude comment regarding the fudge babies that I fwd’ed to you and deleted it. None of us blog for drama or criticism, we blog b/c we want to share and give and when people take our kindheartedness and sharing spirit and say mean things about us, our character, or intentions, it hurts. Well, it hurts for me and I think you do an AMAZING job of handling these types of things. You are able to shrug it off better than I am and you inspire me to do the same. Keep on blogging from the heart, I love you and think you’re awesome 🙂

  61. ~Jessica~ says

    Goodness…I don’t know where to start. I am truly heartbroken on your behalf. When I first started reading your blog over a year ago, the first picture I saw of you put one thought into my head and that wasn’t ‘that girl is sickeningly skinny.’ No, that thought was ‘what a wonderful advocate for veganism she is.’ The first thing that I noticed was your hair (it tends to be what I pick up on first because I’m a little insecure about my own) and how wonderfully thick and shining it was. The second thing I noticed was your smile, which sparkled right out of the screen. The life in your eyes radiates a beauty which has nothing whatsoever to do with weight. Yes, you are thin. But that’s not all you are. Since when did it become acceptable to make such hideous comments to slim people? It doesn’t detract from your appearance at all and to be honest I think every single person who criticises you for your weight is jealous, pure and simple. I know that my life would be a lot easier if I didn’t have to constantly worry about gaining weight and most other people would envy your naturally slender frame. If this girl has an ED, she’s probably tortured by the fact that she can’t be your size in a healthy way. Not that I’m excusing her actions at all, but EDs can totally destroy a person and turn them into a malicious monster. I am sure that she was not always so vindictive. You clearly take excellent care of yourself: I’d like to see anyone anorexic run as fast and as far as you can.

    What makes this so sad is the fact she attacked your inner integrity as well as your outward appearance. Once again, I think this ultimately stems from resentment. Rest assured that NO-ONE else would ever equate such an altruistic act with a money-making scam. We all know you too well for that.

    I nearly cried just reading this. Please do not let this person get to you. The more popular you are, the more likely it is that someone will try to undermine you.

    Stay strong and remember that this was one person. There are hundreds more who love you and believe in you, and I am privileged to be amongst them.



  62. nic - the auspicious squirrel says

    Oh, Katie, I’m so sorry that people can be so mean, you have the biggest heart and it shows all the time in your posts!

    Your TRUE readers know you, and we love you for all the kindness you bring to everyone’s life. Don’t let someone who hides behind anonymity get you down.

    I want you to know that those of us who have been following you, know you are beautiful inside and out! 😉

  63. Vanilla says


    To Anonymous commenter: &?*%(&%%/$$?%&*&?%/%$&?*(&?%$/%?&/”%?&*(?*%&$?/%”?*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that clear???? How dare you!

    I’m so mad, I’m triple double-clicking all your posts, in honor of Chocolate covered kindness Operation. T_T

    Making money for yourself? You’re like one of the most generous person I know! You reply to almost every comment, you do billionz of giveaway (even if it’s free, you still took the time to host it!)…

    Beside, I’m sure you know 99.9% of the readers that likes you. The rest…well, they just have to click the red thing on top of the right corner.

    And for the anorexic thing…just tell them to go to Japan: According to them, EVERYONE is ‘anorexic’.

    (And don’t forget, even though I don’t know what’s for grab, I’m in for your giveaway! Afterall…it has the word ‘Chocolate’!)

  64. C says

    First of all, I think you’re very pretty, your face is just gorgeous!

    Second, I didn’t know so many people who read your blog are psychologists, but obviously they are, since they are diagnosing people over the internet – I wish I had their abilities (and I am a psychologist!). Well, I’m just being sarcastic – you should not diagnose people you’ve not even met (and you shouldn’t do it anyway if you’re not a professional, for that matter). Anorexia is a serious mental disorder, that is not just defined by being skinny.
    The other accusation is just silly and mean, and certainly comes from a highly frustrated individual.

    I love your blog!

  65. Kiersten says

    You tell ’em Katie! Seriously, don’t let a single negative comment on your blog bother you. People who leave those comments are just trying to get a rise out of you, which is pathetic. It’s especially pathetic because they don’t even have the guts to leave their name. You are a beautiful girl, inside and out!

  66. Marina says

    I am sorry that you were feeling down because of someone’s mean comment! people are just evil and envious. Don’t let such comments hurt you. You are a good,beautiful person, and remember that always!

  67. taleoftwovegans says

    I’m so sorry Katie. As much as the internet has so many positive aspects, I really hate the anonimity brings out in some people. I prefer to think of society as nice people who mind their manners and that’s hard to keep thinking when this kind of thing is so commonplace. Reading your blog, you come across as one of the kindest, most generous people I have ever seen. You are so beautiful on the inside and outside! 😉 I would NEVER for one second doubt that you have 110% best intentions for anything you are doing and it deeply saddens me that others apparently do.
    Keep your chin up and know that despite those negative nellies, the majority of us love you and think you are wonderful! *biiig hug*

  68. Tori says

    Hey Katie,
    I don’t comment very much, but I wanted to let you know that I think you are a very beautiful girl, one with a heart of gold for sure. I really empathize with you, I often get the same “you’re so skinny!” commentary, and not much else from people I know in real life. But you know what? 90% of that is pure jealously for the fact that you ARE so pretty, and that you do not have to make yourself absolutely crazy to be that way. I can tell just by looking at you, you are naturally gorgeous. And as someone who has been anorexic – I can tell you right now, no one who is starving themselves or malnourished has hair as thick and luxurious looking as yours. I am willing to bet that these anonymous comments are stemming from people’s own insecurities and self doubts that they are passing onto you. Its truly not worth your time spent thinking about. That horribly accusatory commenter is obviously nuts – running a scam like that would be illegal first of all, and we all know that you are truly a kindhearted soul who wants to to do something to make this world a better place.
    Take care Katie. have a good run, a hot shower and some chocolate. Don’t let anyone bring you down. You’ve got more to offer the world in the soles of your feet right now than whoever these people are could carry.


  69. determinedtoshine says

    Katie, I don’t often comment but I ADORE you and your blog. I just wanted to tell you how angry that anonymous commenter has made me – anyone who reads your posts would know that there is not a selfish bone in your body, so to suggest your motives for your Chocolate Covered Kindess Operation are anything other than charitable and compassionate, is disgusting.
    And similarly, I think you are a truly beautiful and healthy woman… so I’m glad any negetive comments on that subject don’t affect you 🙂 Personally, I am recoverying from anorexia and I find your blog so inspiring because you are such a healthy, balanced role model.

    Take care
    Hannah xo

  70. livingfreeforever says

    I don’t always comment on your blog-BUT I DO LOVE READING IT!!!! I think you are very beautiful and I think it’s awesome that you would even think to raise money for charity through your blog. That show what a kind heart you have:) I pray that God blesses you richly for your willingness to give–not only on this blog, but to those who are less fortunate than us!

  71. hotflashbang says

    Keep doing what you do… as soon as a comment disturbs you, delete it.. Life is too short, really, it is… Those of us who are clicking away know where the money is going… nothing else ever entered my mind…. Blog on Sister

  72. Michal says

    Kaite please please do not let this negative person bring you down. You are really an inspiration and I think that you are so pretty. Im sorry that this person felt the need to put you down, when you are doing more than most people do in a life time. Everyone who commented here loves you and enjoys reading your writings. I know I do! 🙂

    I hoped you enjoyed your weekend to some degree, cant wait for your giveaway!

  73. Katie says

    Well, I just found your blog today, and despite the “unhappy post” – I really, really admire your determination and what you stand for. I am very emotional, and I care enormously what other people think of me (I try really hard NOT to, but I just can’t shake it) – so I can relate to your feelings of wanting your readers to like (or even just respect) you. You’re doing a great thing. Don’t let that anonymous commenter get you down. This new blog reader thinks your AWESOME and can’t wait to read more!

  74. TheRawRealist says

    Sweetheart, dont listen to those haters out there. You are a beatiful woman, and you are an inspiration to all us all – be it veganism, recipe and activist (or all!)
    Thank you for the sweet email last week, its just more proof of your true kindness and generosity.
    And no need to feel guilty about a negative post, we all have our down time, its best to get it out!
    Much ♥♥♥
    *oh on a postitive note, I am addicted to your fudge babies!! Made MORE again last night, vanilla coconut! I have decided they will be my xmas dessert at the family dinner this year 😀 xx

  75. Katie says

    I empathize with and admire you for speaking your mind about the “skinny” comments. In fact, I wish I could speak as eloquently when I get those types of comments. You are beatuiful, healthy, compassionate, and you come up with AMAZING recipes. I make at least one thing from your blog every week. I am addicted to the agar pudding, the tofu pudding, the alfredo sauce, and I’ve made (at least once) your 24 carrot cupcakes, pumpkin pie stir fry, stir fry salad, mustard grilled veggies, etc, etc.! You get hundreds of positive comments for every negative one, remember that! But don’t be afraid to speak your mind either. That’s why you have this blog, isn’t it?

  76. Allie says

    First time posting but I feel compelled to respond. Katie, don’t apologize for this post, or anything you post for that matter, this is your blog you’re free to write what you please and feel. Conversely, people that “anonymously” write caustic comments about you, your eating habits, or goodwill do not have that right. Yes, in your pictures you do look thin but the only reason I think that comes to mind and perhaps the mind of others is the ridiculous obsession our society has with eating and everything it has to do with it from eating disorders, striving to be “thin,” to the obesity epidemic at hand. I enjoy reading your posts and getting great ideas about food to incorporate into my diet. Though not a vegan or vegetarian I have a love for vegetables and you’ve introduced me to quite a few new ways to get some greens in me :). And you mentioned the people seeing you as “skinny” rather than “pretty.” You seem to have an excellent approach to pushing negativity away from you but I just thought I’d add something that I’m working on living myself. I don’t remember who quoted this or its exact wording but it goes something like this: In the end, people really won’t remember what you looked like, exactly what you said to them (I’m a psych major- trust me our memories are REALLY faulty), but they WILL remember how you made them feel.” In a world that is constantly telling us to concern ourselves with the physical and material, truly it is the emotional and spiritual part of ourselves that is most important. Katie, thank you for being you! Just by reading your posts I “feel” like your a kind-hearted person with a love for people and concern for our world, your sincerity is welcomed in an environment that speaks the contrary.

  77. Cecilia says

    Wow, I’ll save you the trouble for reading another LONGGG comment 😀 Just wanna say I agree to all the FAB comments about you Katie!! You are one of the KINDEST, BEAUTIFUL-EST person I’ve EVER know. You are amazing, don’t let anyone make you doubt that….

    I hope you have a great day today

    Many many many hugs to you.

  78. Bethany says

    Don’t let them get to you! You have an amazing blog, and a big heart to donate the money you earned! Smile, because the majority of us out there are supporting you and love what you do!

  79. Emmy says

    Hello Katie,

    I think the best way to avoid such accusations in the future is to ask a lawyer about establishing an official NGO or a charity fund (I live in Greece, so I am not really sure how the American legal system works). In this way you could help your respectable work and give it an impetus you cannot imagine, and also close the mouths of the people who say that you use the money for your own benefit.

    Helping the poor is the best quality of a person’s character. Don’t stop it, on the contrary think about do it more professionally.

  80. healthy & homemade says

    You tell them girl! Anonymous comments are LAME. Simple as that. If you have such a big negative opinion you need to share it with the world, then grow some balls and tell us who you really are.

    It’s okay to be skinny. My little brother is as tall as me (5’7″) and he’s 99 pounds, he just cant seem to put weight on! And it’s okay =) My dad wore size 28″ pants when he was in college. Skinny is perfectly fine if you’re naturally that way, and you’re healthy. We all see how much you eat, how many calories you’re consuming, and how incredibly nutrient dense your food is. I love your blog, and I think you’re very pretty!! =)


  81. Nicole says

    Negative people need to make themselves feel better by bringing positive people down. Don’t let them take you down their path. You are a positive, wonderful, chocolate loving vegan and that is all you have to be. Chin up babe, and keep on truckin!

    Hugs and a lot of vegan love

  82. Emily says


    I just wanted to say, as someone who has been diagnosed with anorexia in the past, (which was subsequently queried as being due to Celiac disease but no matter) and was held in two eating disorders units for 8 months before they found out what was wrong, I hope I know how cruel, cold, nasty and ruthless some people with eating disorders can be- something that I was totally unprepared for before I was admitted to hospital. I don’t know whether it is the disease, or the pain that they are trying to hide but… I think you would find it very hard to evade the ‘net’ of mental health services/hospital if you were, in fact anorexic- and both your friends and your family would definitely be on your back. The very fact that you can study well, run consistently and long distances, eat the way you do and smile! seems to be very telling- a lot of the people I met in hospital never, ever, smiled. Also, its worth remembering when people have eating disorders, they can sometimes become very irrational and come up with quite bizarre things- due in part to their electrolytes being so upset. Also, you don’t look anorexic because you aren’t pale with huge dark shadows under your eyes, sallow cheeks and yellow teeth- and you have a full head of hair. Sorry for the long post, I hope my rambling, amongst all the other great messages, helps you to see- it isn’t you, its them, but its not even worth getting angry or frustrated with them because unfortunately, their mind may be so physically exhausted and wound up, they half don’t know what they are saying… x

  83. anon says

    you should say what youre feeling!

    my sis showed me your blog after she saw me reading this organic food blog she was like — you have to go to this [your] website! her hair is SO shiny and her skin is SO nice (all things you know that anorexic/ under nourished people dont have)

    and dont listen to what they say about your charity work — not everyone is able to comprehend why people do things for others without asking for anything in return. as long as you know that what youre doing makes you happy, is helping other people immediately and youre also bring awareness to other peoples suffering in the process… its a done deal, lady!

    keep your pretty head up! you have everything to be proud of 🙂

  84. Tyler says

    first of all, you are truly beautiful!!! we are not all meant to be the same size, and anyone who reads enough of your blog should know that you have a very healthy relationship with food. plus you have glowing skin and shiny hair….you are definitely well nourished!

    also, anyone who thinks you are lying about giving to charity has to be a mean-spirited and unhappy person. please don’t be upset b/c for every one random person that thinks that way, there are hundreds of others who are inspired by you. keep up the good work!

  85. ohhmay says

    Wow Katie… This post hits home so much…
    1st of all, you are a wonderful person and I have been doing all I can to help your charity drive. You’ve inspired me (& others for sure!!) to donate more this season and work hard to make the world just a little better.

    2nd-ly, When my stomach was really bad, I lost weight. I was also a runner and interested in nutrition. A DOCTOR told ME I had an eating dissorder, and I knew he was wrong. Finally, I found a doctor that would help me solve my actual stomach issues and I was able to gain all the weight back and beome healthy again.

    It hurts SO MUCH to hear accusitions, or “just eat a hamburger”. It hurts that people won’t publicly humiliate overweight people, but they will underweight people. Thank you for writing this post, I hope more will understand IT’s NO MORE ACCEPTABLE to say things like this to thin people than it is to call someone “fat”.

    Our society is so skewed, they look at pictures of models with a BMI of 15 and idolize them, then criticize everyday people that are that small. By the way, YOU look like a model so forget everyone else! 😀
    You’re doing a GREAT thing and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Thank you for being so inspirational!! 😀

  86. M says

    I am so appalled for you. You are so incredibly gorgeous, btw!

    People can be so hurtful when they’re jealous. The girl admitted that she’s suffering from an ED, but she’s clearly not making her best efforts to recover — if she finds your blog triggering because you eat large portions and remain so thin, then she should NOT read your blog. Period. I struggled (fine, still struggle!) with a disorder myself, and I am familiar with those bitter, hateful feelings of jealousy. It’s just awful, how resentful and icky you can behave when you’re over your head in ED. You just think how it’s so unfair that everyone else eats so much, never exercises (obviously that’s not you), and weighs so much less. It becomes so ugly and competitive and brings out the absolute worst on you.

    Just know that it is probably her disorder talking. She said whatever she could to upset you. It never occurred to anyone else on here that you could be anything other than charitable. The idea that you’d be illegally keeping the funds? That’s so absurd, i cannot even fathom that she actually thinks that. I think she was just trying to be hurtful.

  87. Jennie {in Wonderland} says

    Wow, Katie, this post really upset me on your behalf. I only recently discovered your blog – and quickly {my neck almost snapped because I turned toward the kitchen so fast} whipped up a batch of Fudge babiessssss!! I absolutely adore your blog, and the first thing I noticed about you – no lie – is how GLOWY you are! I felt so jealous of your shiny smile, lustrous hair and your unbelievable skin! You are gorgeous. So don’t listen to people haterating all over your beauty.

    Secondly, obviously most people know you’d never fabricate a charity drive. My instinct tells me that the person wanted to do something good themselves, but didn’t know how {or felt they couldn’t for whatever reason} and took that resulting frustration and anger out on you.

    Chin up {as the Brits say, lol – I am a Canadian living in England at the moment} and keep rocking. You’re an inspiration to a lot of people. Hugs xoxox

  88. Bekah says

    Keep your chin up Katie- you have sooo many readers, good support day to day, and you’re doing a great thing. Just gotta brush your shoulders off, once in a while I guess. (In true Jay Z form.)


  89. Crystal says

    People are just stupid, bottom line. I really, truly, 100% love your blog and the way that your chipper self really shines through in all your posts. Yes not everyone will like you- but those that seem to have a problem with you are insane! I hope that you can see from all the above commenters and myself that you are truly a wonderful person and blogger and that we love you!! Keep your chin up kiddo! We all need you and your insight 🙂

  90. CaSaundra says

    I love you Katie girl!!! I would say more, but I think everyone’s covered what I would have said!

    *You’re amazing.
    *You’re beautiful.
    *You’re inspiring.
    *And your you–never change! 🙂 Xo

  91. Mama Pea says

    Oh my stars. This just made me cry. People have all sorts of motives for attacking others, and I can’t even begin to understand why they would target you: one of the most loving, generous people our blog community, and probably this world, has to offer.

    I’m going to keep plugging your cause as long as I can remember to do so.

    And I must add, that when I first saw your photo initially, I thought, “Gosh, she is so pretty,” and then I kept reading CCK and thought,”Gosh, she is so loving.” Personally, the second trait rates higher in my book anyway.

    Stay strong, Katie. The world is better because of you.

  92. Christina says

    Don’t listen to what anyone else says. Your gorgeous and if they actually read your blog, they would know that you are one healthy chick that eats what she pleases! And also, you’re so amazing for doing the charity drive. I don’t know how anyone can anyone say anything bad about you!

  93. psychoj1 says

    Oh Katie…


    I hate negative anons. Why do they feel the need to be so negative? LAME. No one has the right to call you out, ESPECIALLY your AWESOME charity idea. Do not regret this post! It was a great one!

    You are beautiful!
    <3 jess

  94. Michele | aka Raw Juice Girl says

    Wow, Katie, I’m so sorry someone said that to you!!! Like everyone else said above, you’re beautiful (through and through!) and anyone who doesn’t see that needs to find some cyber glasses – and a heart – and take a closer look at you, girl!!

    I can’t fathom finding anything bad to say about you, or this blog.

    Keep up the good things you do and poo on bad comments!!!!!


  95. Karen says

    Hi, Katie –
    The person that left that unfortunate comment for you obviously has low self esteem and builds him/herself up by hurting others. Please realize that there will always be random outliers. However, the majority of your readers realize that you are both healthy and generous:) Don’t let a Grinch ruin your Christmas!

  96. Rose says

    Lame (the commenter, not you). I’m an omni – I thoroughly enjoy your blog and I never got any “fake” vibes coming from you. I can tell you that I have a friend with exactly your build and she’s far away from anorexic (she’s an omni as well with a healthy appetite for both meat and veg), so it’s not that unusual! You look v healthy, and even though you’re thin you can CLEARLY see muscle definition in your photos.

  97. Kyle says

    Aww I just had to share the love and support, and I really am not a regular commenter (even though I always read your blog!)

    Don’t let the haters get to you. That’s it. And for every nay-sayer there tons of other people who are reading and willing to support you.

    THANKYOU for raising money for this cause.

    You are a beautiful girl. Thin has almost become demonized just because it is more uncommon to see it, now. We’re desensitized to bigger and heavier body types, because that is what we see so often.
    As long as you’re rocking those blood tests and feelin’ gooood, I have no words of discouragement or judgement for you. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, be it very thin or bootylicious.

    Keep up with your fab blog, awesome recipes and amazing, beautiful attitude.


  98. Anonymous says

    Hey Katie. I have commented on this blog a couple times before, but today I wanted to publish this comment anonymously. The reason being that I wanted you to be able to read at least one anonymous comment today that would make you happy. Even though someone felt the need to bring you down, for whatever reason, under the guise of anonymity, they will have to take responsibility for the hurt they caused you in one way or another. I have a feeling this won’t keep ya down, which is what makes your blog such a pleasure to read, how you keep true to yourself. You are beautiful, inside and out!

  99. Kyle says

    …And you shouldn’t be ashamed or your body, or feel the need to “censor” it just because it might trigger someone else’s bad habits.

    I was raised in a strict Christian environment where we were told to NOT do SO MANY THINGS because it might “trigger a man to lust.”

    That’s HIS problem, I’m wearing normal clothes, not a saggy dress, thanks.

  100. j says

    I’ve struggled with being judged for being slim my entire life, and (like you) I am especially prone to insulting comments because I like to eat a diet composed of almost strictly whole foods. Basically people judge me based on the premise that skinny+ doesn’t eat oreos, burger king, or donuts = anorexic. I totally understand how self-concious these comments can make you feel.
    ps One thing that has really helped me gain a bit of weight are bowls of nut butter and dried fruit. Right before bed (when it has least affect on future appetite) I just mix about 1/2 cup of dried fruits like figs and raisins with a few huge scoops (maybe 1/4 cup?) of nut butter (imho roasted almond butter is best). Delicious, healthful, and a super-concentrated form of energy!

  101. Ana says

    Hi Katie!
    I have been reading your blog for a while but haven’t commented before, but today I felt like I needed to come here and say hi plus a few words for you.
    First, you are beautiful and cute! Don’t ever pay attention to any of those people that talk to you like that as they don’t even deserve your attention, and most probably they are jealous as can be of your body and beauty, you can bet on that!
    I am also very much into nutrition and health food and I just hate when people judge me by something I am eating or how I deal with my son’s food (I make all our meals, including the ones he brings to school – I am 30 and have a 7 year old son). I hate when they say “that’s why you are so skinny”, but trust me, I have also heard “I am so jealous that you eat that much and is so skinny”. That proves to me that people do say things like that because they are indeed jealous.
    Plus, they don’t have the courage to show their face, and cowardliness walks right along with jealousy.
    Those who love you and know you will do anything needed to keep you in a comfort place and support you on whatever decisions you have on your life, food-wise or not.
    So just try to stay as healthy as you can, eat what you love and love your body, love yourself above all and that will certainly be enough to keep you going and strong to overcome those type of comments.
    Sorry for the long post, I really just wanted to say I sympathize with you, a lot, and that you are not alone on this subject. But we are stronger than those who can’t even say their name, and definitely healthier too!
    Your blog is really nice!

  102. Ananas says


    1) You do not look unhealthy at all. When I first found your blog I mostly noticed your very rosy cheeks and your HUGE smile!

    2) How do you manage to get enough iron? I would love to be able to eat less meat, since I’m not crazy for the taste/texture, but I really struggle with iron levels!


  103. Naomi says

    katie, I know you have heard this over and over again but the fact taht you posted exactly what is on your mind, shows just how strong a person you truly are. You have so many people behind you and are here to support you that its unbelievable. You have such a way of inspiring others and I am still waiting for the day that you come out with a cookbook of the fudge babies!!

    the charity is amazing, and what you have done with some effort and passion is something I haven;t seen anyone do in a long time

    keep it up and keep blogging what you feel!

  104. Melissa says

    No regrets, Katie! You write what you’re moved to write; that’s what I like about your blog! By the way, you are a beautiful girl and from reading your blog, it’s clear that you’re just as beautiful on the inside too. I think Operation Chocolate-Covered Kindness is a great idea!

  105. snackface says

    Awwww, sweetpea!!!! I am so sorry, and I really want to kick some anonymous rump!

    I am completely shocked that someone would have the nerve to even THINK this operation kindness is a fabrication. Like, what!?! The thought NEVER crossed my mind!

    And as someone who’s been reading your blog for, what, two years? I can honestly say that the first thing I think when I see a picture of you is “she looks like the nicest, sweetest person in the world.” And then I go on to ponder how you have such glowing skin and shiny hair. You are gorgeous, inside and out, and you need to know that. We all love you!

  106. Katrina (gluten free gidget) says

    You are beautiful, kind, generous, and very VERY loved. Do not let some “random” hurt you too deeply. You know who you are. Your family knows who you are. Your friends know who you are. Those you help know who you are. Keep on helping others and changing the world. You are making a difference.

  107. Diann says

    Oh, Katie, I just hate that someone has upset you so much with an absolutely stupid comment. You are one of the most beautiful, healthy, energetic, kind, wise, and generous bloggers I *know* and that accusation is absurd. Please put it behind you and know that your loyal readers are right here with you.

  108. Jennie says

    Okay, I’m sure you may have erased it, but I went back through that post and saw a whole lot of love, and a whole lot of positivity, so please don’t get down about one comment, especially from someone who doesnt even have the guts to ‘show their face’ *by being anonymous*. There are a lot of people here, including me, that think what you are doing is awesome! So please keep up the good work and don’t let the negativity affect you… 🙂

  109. mika says

    katie~ i look at the comments and supporters that you have and i feel so much joy for you. i am very happy that you felt that you could share a non-happy post with us. you have created this beautiful chocolate-covered community who adores you. i hope that the anonymous commenter will be able to find some happiness (chocolate would be a good start!) for themselves. my guess is that person must really be going through a hard time for them to lash out at you.

    in the meantime, i am going to take the next few minutes to click all over your wonderful website….

    p.s. i think you are a really special person!

  110. ajoyinclass says

    Katie –

    I am so so sorry you received such a horrible comment.

    This person has nothing to gain but the bad karma coming to him/her.

    And I look at you and think, “Gosh, she’s so pretty!” for what it’s worth 🙂 Because you ARE.

    other katie

  111. Gaby says

    Katie! You are beautiful inside and out! I can’t believe someone would say those things to you and honestly it is actually really sad if you think about how insecure someone must be to read about someone they don’t know and take the time to put them down.
    I totally understand feeling judged and accused because of my body and my interest in veganism and nutrition and if you need someone to talk to I”m totally here for you (I always need a place to vent too!)
    You don’t need to apologize in the least for writing what you feel on your blog, this is your site! And your feelings, whether good or bad, are totally valid and deserve a place. Just keep in mind that for every one dumb anonymous commenter, you have a hundred more that loyally read your blog daily (or multiple times daily!) and support you 110% in everything you do, from fudge babies to charities.
    Keep your chin up girlie 🙂

  112. Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) says

    Hey Katie- I’m sure I have nothing new to add to 111 other comments above, but you sure got some nice anon comments today- esp the one from the 19 yr old boy who thinks you’re hot!! 🙂

    In your heart, you know that the charity drive is true- as is your eating behaviors and lack of food-related issues. You are very lucky and we are lucky to have someone as positive as you are to share your world with us.

    Hugs to you!

  113. Vegyogini says

    You’re gorgeous, Katie…inside and out! Your heart is one of the most pure and generous I’ve encountered. I understand why the negative comment upset you and I understand why you wrote this post. Please don’t regret it; you did the right thing!

  114. Sarah A says

    Katie – you’re one of the most optimistic, upbeat individuals I’ve ever come across. Althought I can’t speak for everyone, I’m willing to bet a fair number of us visit on a daily basis for a dose of your fantastically upbeat attitude as well as the commentary and pictures of food we wish we were eating (that chocolate post had me literally drooling on the keyboard – dark chocolate really is the best!).

    To the anonymous individual: A misguided attack with roots based in jealousy is a truly ugly thing because it is a malignancy of your own choosing. Seek a more healthy release for your derision.

  115. Clay says

    Ill tell you what, the anonymous whatevs…. yeah, the minute i find them in a dark alley I am going to feed them a completely anti-vegan diet and laugh as they develop the gout from all the chopped liver they ingest. I well then purshace every wheelchair and pair of crutches in the tri-county area and not provide them with one!

    Revenge is sweet, almost as good as come fudge babies. Alright, nothing is that sweet…

  116. Tamara says

    I felt the need to delurk and say that I think you are so incredibly inspiring. I love your attitude and outlook on life, and I find you soo encouraging.

  117. Michelle says

    Dear, sweet Katie.
    I see you’ve already received more than 100(!) posts saying how wonderful you are. This shows how much support you have out there.

    I love your blog. I think it’s wonderful that you show healthy vegan foods, it makes me laugh that you enjoy running so much (I loathe it and aspire to be like you one day) and your passion for changing the world is such an inspiration.

    I know that the money you’re raising will go to people in need, and it never even occurred to me that it might not. Anyone who has read your blog can see what a genuine person you are. I feel sad for the anonymous poster who obviously is in such a bad way personally that she cannot see your goodness.

    I hope this comment serves to put a smile back on your face, I think you are beautiful! And you are made even more beautiful by your wonderful, caring soul.

  118. crazylittlethingneela says

    katie i am so sorry that people get you down with their comments. i think the fact that i am the 102 commentor who is 100% that you are nothing of what they tell you you are! you are an pretty attractive young lady with everything going for her. you have all my support and i would seriously do anything to make these people stop. but you know jealousy is always out there in this world. and some people just don’t know how to deal with that

  119. BroccoliHut says

    Aw, Katie, I am so sorry to hear this. I can definitely understand what it’s like to get negative comments about weight–I’ve definitely gotten “you’re propagating eating disorders, stop blogging” comments that honestly hurt me. What I can’t understand is how anyone could NOT see how truly honest and good-hearted you are; it is SO clear to me that your intentions in Operation Chocolate Covered Kindness are so honorable and commendable. Please know that I am here to support you:) Someday, we’ll meet at the PB & Co. store, chat, and eat peanut butter together.

  120. lora says

    omg you are way to GORGEOUS, LOVING, NICE, TALENTED, CREATIVE, GIVING, and AMAZING of a person to receive such comments. We know you are healthy. We know you do good things for the environment and animals and that is why we return to your blog. Your blog doesnt have to be positive 24/sev… unless thats how you want it to be. But, just know that, if there is a post randomly about you hvaing a bah humbug day, run or failed recipe, then you should feel free to post about it b/c we (your readers) care so much about you that we’d appreciate your honesty, just as much as we appreciate your positivity 🙂 so positive posts and negative posts are always welcomed, because they come from you 🙂

    love ur operation project and love u.


  121. The voracious Vegan says

    Oooh Katie, I’m so glad you decided to post this! Don’t regret it for a second, you spoke honestly and from your heart, which is something we should ALL do. So, thank you!

    I never thought you looked too skinny or unhealthy at all! It never occurred to me that anyone would think that until you mentioned it. When I see pictures of you I see a light shining from your eyes and a big smile on your face! You look joyful and happy, and that is the most important thing ever! You are a great advocate for veganism because you prove to the world that it gives you a glow that just won’t quit!

    Fat, skinny, pretty, ugly, tall, short, none of it matters. What matters is if we are HAPPY and HEALTHY. I wish more of your nasty anonymous commenters would figure that out. Stay strong and happy my sweet chocolate covered friend!

  122. Nelly says

    hey girlie….

    you are beautiful inside and out…and i would never ever call you skinny…you are tiny tiny…i think that people who sit their and judge your weight are envious of the fact that you are able to take such wonderful care of your health and body…and only wish they were as disciplined and passionate as you are about your lifestyle.

    don’t ever ever let anyone bring you down. you’re a beautifully fabulous wonderful lady…don’t change a thing…


    have a beautiful chocolate covered day!

  123. Jo says

    hon, hon, hon!! You are beautiful!!! In all your photos you simply exude health and happiness.

    Although its easy to say, you must ignore these negative people. I get told I’m anorexic all the time, people phone my mum up and tell her that and it can be awful. But I KNOW and those who are close to me know, that I am not. And that is what is important. You know deep down whether you have a eating disorder and it is not necessary for you to have to prove anything to anyone.

    I don’t bother with those who don’t believe me – there is nothing you can say that will change their mind, they will believe what they want to believe. So you just have to get on with living your life.

    It takes courage to actually admit your feelings and you were perfectly entitled to feel upset by anon. I identify with the feelings you have and it makes me feel less alone that others get subjected to the same type of criticism as me. I wish it hadn’t happened to you at all but in a way it helps me deal with it myself. The comments I make to you are really comments I need to say to myself!! You’re an inspiration and you help to make me stronger.

  124. JCD says

    Katie – You are incredibly pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, generous, healthy, brilliant, and kind. You are an inspiration! You are MY inspiration to keep running – and I love it by the way. And, do you think fudge babies are a good post-run snack? They fit the profile…

    Clearly, 132 wonderful comments already is reason enough for you to have confidence in yourself and remember that the 1% of people not brave enough to write their name on their comment and say mean things about you aren’t worth your time or effort.

    Be strong, have a punpkin baby (oh, I cannot wait for the post!), and remember just how awesome you really are.

    *lots of virtual love and hugs*

  125. Whit says

    You are awesome, and if ‘anonymous’ had even taken one second to read your previous posts, she/he would have seen what a huge heart you have and what an incredible person you are. I am behind ‘Operation Chocolate Covered’ all the way, and I think what you are doing is awesome! You have such a great attitude about the comments too. 😀 Keep it up love, you are a great person. And pretty to boot!

  126. Gena says

    Don’t regret the post for a moment, sweetie. You’re entitled to vent, and to put pathetic commenters in their place. I hope you know, though, what a difference you make in the community and how adored you are. You are a beautiful embodiment of the vegan life done right, and I rejoice in your blog all the time!

  127. Jessica says

    You are sweet, kind, and beautiful — and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! It’s unfortunate that a few people have to be negative and take out their own low self-esteem on you. But on the plus side, that last anonymous poster helped you raise even more money for charity by inspiring everyone to write back in support of our beloved CCV! 🙂

  128. Mle says

    Oh my, you are such a sweetheart, what a crappy thing to be accused of, seriously. First off- when I see you, I think you are pretty, and I know being pretty or not seriously does NOT matter in life- but thought I’d let ya know 🙂 And secondly, I am really sorry to hear about this yucky comment. You are 100% right when you say it doesn’t matter what one person thinks is happening with the money, what matters is where it is going! You have such an awesome, encouraging, inspiring blog and it just shows how passionate you are about it, your life style, and sharing with others. You are a fantastic example and when I heard about this giveaway, I thought WOW, how generous & thoughtful, and it inspired me to want to do something the same! So I bet for the few that think you are trying to gain from it- there are hundreds, thousands, who thought WOW and were inspired to do something themselves 🙂
    Katie, you rock. xox

  129. Chrysta says

    oh my goodness.. you are a super caring, giving, amazing person. Dont let the comments of one or two people bring you down! You are doing an amazing job! Hold your head up high and keep on rockin!!! =) I think that sometimes people attack things they dont fully understand. So you just have to keep going and follow your heart and do whats right for you. I hope you have a better day and dont worry about it! =)

  130. Jenny says

    This is YOUR space, and you did not deserve to feel anything less than complete love and adoration. You are fun and inspiring to your readers. I think you can probably associate the mean comments with having “arrived” in the blogging world. You’re like Brad and Angelina now; it comes with the territory. (haha!) Mean people ruin my day so I understand your sadness. I’m glad you are feeling better, though. It wouldn’t have even occurred to me that you would be doing the Operation to make money for yourself. I feel genuine sadness for people with that much cynicism in their hearts. And – You ARE pretty!

  131. JCD says

    Mle – Vegan sources of iron are easy to find: dark green leafy veggies, lentils, soybeans, chickpeas, nuts, etc. By the looks of her blog, Katie eats a varied diet rich in many of these foods. And, since her bloodwork came back normal, she is getting enough iron. I’ve been vegan for four years and my bloodwork has always come back normal too. It’s not as difficult as most people think. Hope that answers your question. 🙂

  132. kate says

    Ditto to all of the above comments. If i were ever to choose to procreate I could only hope to have a daughter as precious as you obviously are. Fat or thin–pretty or not, your inner light is the kind of pure happiness all parents say that they pray for when they imagine their children’s future lives.

  133. Erika says

    Hi Katie! I’m sooooo sorry you have to deal with some of the negatives that come with blogging and putting yourself out there for all the world to see. You are truly a very special woman and it sucks that some people can’t get past you’re exterior (which I think is absolutely beautiful, by the way) and instead see what a sweet, caring, compassionate, intelligent, giving, hilarious and adorable person you truly are. They say that one persons’ negative comment can take at least 10 positives to make up for it, well judging by the number of comments above, I hope you know how loved you are by everyone else and can move past those who try their hardest to put you down. Keep your head up, Katie, keep making those yummy Fudge Babies (and their counterparts) and keep making us all smile every day with your beauty and grace 🙂

  134. Melanie says

    Don’t listen to anyone who posts negative things. You are such an inspirational person you are so compassionate and kind. Please don’t let things that other people say about their own insecurities influance you. You go girl – you rock!

  135. JoLynn-dreaminitvegan says

    I’m a bit late on commenting just because I haven’t been on the computer so much lately but Wow Katie i’m sorry you have to endure these types of negative comments. On the other side you have so many supportive people, fellow bloggers and such who accept you for who you are not what you look like. You are a good person, you are funny(I love reading your posts) and are definitely educated on being vegan.

    My son recently went to the doctor for a physical after being vegan for 2 years(he’s 11) and he is in great health.

    Keep up the great posts!

  136. Rachel says

    I am a newer reader to your blog and even I can see by the first impressions that I had that you are a sincere soul! I never doubted for a second your intentions with your page view charity. I’m glad you recognize that your anonymous commenter is not well, she probably needs help, so the best we can do is hope she gets it and wish her healing. As you know now you have lots of readers who trust you and wish you only health and happiness! Keep up the great writing and inspiration!! 🙂

  137. joy says

    Hugs to you! I think you look great and to boot if someone is so cowardice to post anon to critique they are awful and don’t deserve your concern! And props to you for CCK! I click for it 🙂

  138. Alicia says

    I am a reader and not normally a commenter, but your post made me so sad. I’m sorry that someone would doubt your intentions. Screw the anonymous reader!!!

  139. susan says

    thanks to the anonymous jerk-hole… i’m clicking on operation chocolate covered kindness about 30 times today!

    AND sending ANOTHER email to everyone i know telling them to do the same!

    take THAT anonymous! =)

  140. Stephanie says

    Katie! Don’t be hurt by those nasty people who just have nothing else to do but darn themselves.
    I think you look beautiful and perfectly wonderful. Yes, you might look a bit skinnier than others, but so what?
    As you said, everyone who really knows you know that you are in fact super healthy!
    Ignore the anonymous people and cheer up! Don’t even waste your time thinking about those folks.

  141. Jess says

    You’re gorgeous inside and out! I just found your blog today through advert for the CCK project and am clicking my way through all your archives to help!!

    (It amazes me how many people think vegans are unhealthy – I’ve yet to see a pic of a vegan blogger who doesn’t have amazing hair, skin, and smile and appear more glowing and healthy than anything else.)

  142. jrsimon56 says

    Katie, I think you’re beautiful! I never for a second thought your fundraising efforts were questionable and instantly thought, “wow…Katie’s awesome, she cares about people, and unlike most, is making something good happen!” So, keep up the great work, lady, and keep on rockin’ the veggies. You make me smile, both upbeat and downbeat posts alike.

  143. Yoga Witch says

    Found you through Gena’s Choosing Raw, and was sorry to read this post. It is sad that there is almost always someone who has to say something downright cruel when you are doing something good. I’ve had this happen every time I started a big project with only goodness in my heart. I have come to think of it as a test of my persistence.

    The good will always overcome. Keep up what you’re doing – you are supported!

  144. Madeline says

    What’s so bizarre about Tracey’s post is that I also used to have an eating disorder, and after becoming a vegan to get a grip on my relationship with food, I would read your blog in order to feel BETTER about myself. Your blog definitely helped me out when my roommates, who chose to look the other way while I was hurting myself, also ostracized me because I no longer ate cheese. You were a better friend to me than the girls I lived with, and you didn’t even know I existed. So screw Tracey. She clearly needs to be seeing some kind of therapist so vent this anger towards, because something tells me you aren’t really what her fight is all about. Keep writing!

  145. deisegirl says

    Hi Katie, I’ve never left a message here before though I have looked at your blog a few times (such delicious recipes!!) I just had to leave a comment to express my dismay that there are so many a-holes out there!!!!! I have had woeful food/body issues for as long as I can remember but even though I struggle with my weight I recognise there are people out there of all different shapes and sizes, some people can eat more and not put on weight, some people are actively STRUGGLING to put on weight. Any of the pictures I have seen of you the first thought that comes to mind is not “oh she’s so skinny!” but that you have such a glow about you and it’s pretty obvious that you are a very happy and friendly person. I haven’t even read all the comments above but I’m pretty sure they read along the same lines. Don’t let a few horrible people get you down 🙂

  146. Kelly says

    Oh, Katie… I was away all weekend and while catching up on blogs saw this post in my Google Reader. First of all, the amount of time and love you put into the blog should be apparent to ANYONE who reads even one post, and there’s no way to falsify that. Anybody who would accuse you of something so horrible is out looking for something mean to say, and represents the opinion of .000001% of your readership. 😉 The rest of us love you and your blog and know that all your charity efforts are driven from nothing but the most pure-hearted generosity and care for others. We’re blessed to have you! *hugs*

  147. River - The Crafty Kook says

    Gosh, you’re so pretty! 🙂

    Now that that’s out of the way – don’t let the trolls get to you! You have so many supporting comments on this post! It’s sad that someone would think that you’re trying to scam people, they must not know you at all. Anyway, her plan backfired because tons of us have linked to Operation Chocolate Covered Kindness from our blogs, and now she made me want to click, click, click even more!Click, clickety, click-a-dee! 🙂

  148. hungryforbalance says

    I can’t understand why it is so unacceptable to make rude comments about a person’s weight if they are heavy, but ok to say cruel things about trim people. Besides, too much emphasis is placed on our outward appearance- true beauty comes from within!

  149. veggienymph says

    You know the truth of who you are and of your intentions. Other people’s opinions can hurt (unfortunatley), but for every one person who doubts you there are a hundred others who believe in you.

    You are supporting a worthy cause and giving what you can to support people who desparately need help. You are an amazing woman with a kind and generous heart. Stay strong and know this, you will always be a beautiful vegan goddess in the eyes of your loyal readers!

  150. Laura in Pgh says

    Stopped by your blog to help raise money for the cause and happened upon this post. It upset me so much reading what that person wrote. What a downer … You are obviously trying to help people in need and that person is trying to ruin your positivity. Just know this – you are an strong amazing woman!

  151. Faith says

    I found your website because of all the other bloggers mentioning it and the only thought that ran through my mind about what you are doing is “wow, it’s great that there are such awesome people out there.” It stinks that you got a negative, terrible comment, but as so many others said, you are amazing and should be so proud of what you are doing for others!
    I look forward to reading your blog and learning more about you!
    All the best to you.

  152. Patrick says

    Katie, I doubt I will add anything that hasn’t already been said(I didn’t read any of the previous comments)

    But we live in a cynical world, and cynical times.

    Unfortunately, there are people who use the label of vegan as a cover up for eating disorders. You can find them all over the internet in ‘pro-ana’ communities.

    There are mean spirited, and well meaning people who will of course assume or insist you are anorexic or unhealthy, but at the end of the day?

    You know who and what you are and those people don’t matter in the least.

    I’ve posted it before on here, but when we went out to eat you ate more than me and that is a special accomplishment. Especially for someone who is probably half my size!(I weigh 200 pounds if anyone else wants to bother you just send them my way, and I can always use a snack)

    About the fundraising– again– cynical times, cynical people. Especially on the internet. It’s to be expected someone would think or accuse someone trying to do something good. Such people are one of the reasons I’m no longer involved in AR at all.

    Live right and know it. If you can sleep at night knowing you are living a good life as a good person then that is all that matters.

  153. Marianne says

    Katie, sometimes people are just retarded. They will post negative comments because they want to get a rile out of people, they think it’s funny, and they can hide behind their computer screen. I would imagine anyone who does so is probably pretty insecure in themselves, and are using this as a way to make themselves feel superior. True, no one can know 100%, without a doubt, for sure that you will give the money to charity, but are we all so skeptical and jaded that we think everyone is just doing things for themselves, is scamming, or whatever? I would think not. Let them think what they think, and leave it be.

    And if only people could appreciate everyone for their shape and size as they are, and not assume they know that someone is obviously anorexic/bulimic/compulsive eater, etc. You just can’t know that for sure by some pictures and words on the internet.

  154. gina (fitnessista) says

    1) you’re absolutely, 100%, drop dead GORGEOUS.. as a person and as a looker 😉
    2) that comment makes me SICK.
    some people really need to get help..and then get a life outside of their virtual one

  155. Janae says

    Katie, I just have to amen to the whole blogging DOESN’T make money! I’ve put more time and effort into my blog than probably what’s good for me. And it is purely out of love for what I talk about (veganism).

    Keep up the good work spreading the word about veganism. I know how one negative comment can just really wreck havoc with your brain, it’s happened to me too, and you just have to remember there are so many people who benefit from what you do!

  156. Jessica says

    Oh sweet Katie! It breaks my heart when one inconsiderate person can knock down someone’s faith. You know in your heart that you were doing such a wonderful thing and we do to. Anonymous didn’t have the nerve to tell you personally, if Anonymous did, that person wouldn’t have done it anonymously. Don’t fret, it takes all sorts to make this a beautiful and diverse world.

    Congratulations on the success of OCCK! That was something truly amazing you done. And I’m sure it will be greatly appreciated!!!

  157. bodavian says

    For the past few weeks, I’ve replaced my midnight novel with the CCV archives, reading every single post from the first to this one. I feel like I’ve gotten to know you, if only a little, and when I got to this post, I was alarmed. I hadn’t even considered ill intentions on your part. Again, I know this is a very old entry, but I just wanted to say that I admire your kind words and candid thoughts on life. It has been a treat to go through your blog! It is very refreshing and inspirational. So… I thank you! Don’t let anyone get you down!

    P.S. You ARE beautiful! We should celebrate health and diversity in body types. “Real” women can have all sorts of body types.

  158. datallbrunette11 says

    Katie I just found your website YESTERDAY and I fell in love. At first I couldn’t believe all these recipes were so healthy and they still looked DELICIOUS! I think you’re doing a great thing here for people who want to lose weight, or eat healthy, or gain weight without just eating calorie laden processed junk foods, like me. I’ve been called by anorexic or skinny by my own friends, and sometimes they get so jealous they call me big or fat, just because I’m tall and skinny. I’m working on trying to get some new friends that will accept me for my chocoholic self. Anyone who tells you you’re too skinny, you’re NOT healthy, is wrong and totally not worth the pain or the embarrassment.

  159. Lulu says

    Oh my god I am so sorry for this to happen to you! I don’t know if that anonymous person meant what he or she said but you certainly didn’t deserve to be accused like that. You are a beautiful, Katie, and don’t let anyone take away your shine! Your blog posts brighten up my day and I look forward to new posts ever single day! If there are no new posts, I go back and reread all of your posts because you are just such an amazing person and I love reading your recipes, recreating them, sharing them with friends, etc. I hope your blog will stay for a longgggg time and I hope you remain happy 😀

  160. Brooke says

    First of all, I just think you are awesome and we should be friends. I love your spunkiness, as I am the same way. I just don’t understand how people can find the time to think up and write a hateful comment. They must have a lot of time on their hands. And if they want to put you down, it’s A: because they are jealous of how cool and beautiful you are or B: they have poor self esteem themselves and because of that try to drag people down with them. Most likely, it’s both. Personally, I would take it as a compliment that they spend so much time thinking hateful things about you and then write about it. People are going to think whatever they think, but who cares as long as you know it’s not true. Life’s too short for negative people to bring you down. You are such a talented cook and seem to have a lot going for you. Keep focusing on that and they won’t have much to say.

  161. Susanne Arena says

    Don’t you listen to anyone Katie, they are probably jealous with nothing better to do than to do. The thing is with people like that is they resent nice people……True fact – there are some people out there that do not like nice people and will try to bring them down so they can feel superior. Hope you don’t mind me saying this Katie but you seem to me like a nice, decent young woman and I for one do not like nice people being bullied. Don’t let these people get you down. Cheers
    Susanne Arena

  162. Dorrie says

    Between stimulus and response there is a space.
    In that space lies our freedom and power to choose our response.
    In our response lies our growth and our happiness.

    I hope you don’t regret your post -it is a superb and honest response. Lastly, to quote Dr. Suess -“Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind” STAY positive and happy. You’ve increased my awareness about not only delicious vegan food but also about the double standard for people being dubbed too skinny versus being dubbed too fat. Thank you.

  163. Meg says

    I know I’m late to the party here but that’s crazy. You are beautiful! Look at you! I so admire your openness – people don’t realize that calling someone skinny, skeletal, whatever is as hurtful as calling someone fat. We all have different body types- one of my best friends is built like you and has the exact same outlook on food. She eats when she’s hungry, fuels her body (she is also a runner) and doesn’t over-think it. We were roommates and I saw it all first hand-she has an excellent relationship with food. But, she is tiny and gets nasty comments all the time, so I’ve seen firsthand how frustrating and sad it can be. This is an awesome post, so glad you addressed it, and your blog is my fave! I make your recipes all the time and they’re always fan favorites- keep doing your thing girl! Rock on!

  164. nickypoo says

    Katie im a big girl an wether your big or small some fool got somthing mean to say. You keep doing you. You are awsome and pretty dangone creative, thanks for all the great recipes. We love you.

  165. Morag says

    Katie, you are super pretty, and you absolutely do not look anorexic. I am recovering from anorexia, and you DON’T look or act like anyone suffering from an eating disorder……When I was really sick, I was miserable ALL THE TIME; could never be as happy as you are! You are a healthy, gorgeous person, who has made a choice to be vegan and eat healthy, which is your business and no one else’s. <3

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      Thank you so much, Morag. It’s sad how much misinformation there is out there about me. I’m not actually even considered underweight by chart standards ;).
      Good luck in your recovery, and thank you for such sweet words.

  166. Sanne says

    Old post I know, but it still pops up on google :/
    Katie, your the most healthy looking person I’ve ever seen. People who accuse you of having an eating disorder, don’t know how what people with eating disorders look like.
    And. btw….you’re extremely pretty….and have gorgeous hair (envy)

  167. PJ says

    My teenager is uncomfortably skinny, we call it. And although puberty has given her a bit of shape, she gets nasty comments from friends and strangers. A lot. She isn’t unhealthy. She eats. A lot. Thank you for this post. Every time you hear a negative comment, remember you are not alone. Hugs!

    • Paul says

      I am a obsessed cook and baker and I was shocked that I just heard of you now. I love chocolate. I was also shocked at how beautiful you are and then even more shocked that you get called names based on your looks. I guess not that shocked…it is the internet afterall. Anyways, thank you for the great recipes beautiful! The only I issue I have is there are too many that I want to make. 🙂

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