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Too many Posts?

According to Google Reader, I publish about 5-6 posts per week.  But a few days ago, I received a comment from a reader asking me if I could post less often.  She wrote:


Katie, I love your blog.  It’s definitely my favorite, and it’s the first one I read when I get a chance.  So I know this is going to sound strange, but could you possibly consider not posting every day?  I know this seems strange to ask, but the thing is that your blog is so amazing that I hate to miss a post, and it’s hard to keep up when you post so often.  Furthermore, you have such great ideas and recipes that I’m constantly bookmarking your posts with the intent of making something, but then you go and post something else, and I want to make that too!  Then I get overwhelmed and end up making nothing. 

I know it’s unfair to tell you to change the way you blog, and it makes me sound selfish.  But I just thought I’d send out my request.  In no way does this mean you have to scale back if you don’t want to.  I’ll just have to find a way to keep up, because I do NOT want to ever miss an amazing CCV post! 


Am I posting too much?  Would it be better if I posted only 3-4 times per week (or just did small, meal-of-the-day posts in between)?  I do try, as often as possible, to link back to previous posts, because I know there’s no way all my readers can read all my posts.   

What do you think?  (Or maybe you really don’t care, and I am taking myself too seriously.  After all, I’m only one little blogger in a “world” of millions!) 

But since I’m on this tangent, I have another question for ya:  Does the time that one publishes make a difference?  I’m always afraid that I’ll pick a time to publish when no one is online, and therefore no one will see my post.  Other bloggers: Do you worry about this and about trying to pick a “best” time to post? 

Part of me says, “Katie, the whole reason to blog is simply to have fun, not to overanalyze and worry about “rights” and “wrongs” in terms of post frequency and timing.  But another part of me feels that writing my posts takes a lot of time and effort (I’m sure all you other bloggers know what I mean!).  So I’d feel sad if I put all this hard work into a post and then nobody read it.

In any case, I’d love to hear what y’all think!


And thanks so much for sharing all your funny/scary/terrible, horrible, no good, very bad (anyone get the book reference?) stories yesterday.  It’s nice to know I’m not the only one.  While I wish those things hadn’t happened to any of you, misery still loves company. 

So keep sharing!

I’ll have another “big” post up tomorrow.  If you like nut butter (and who doesn’t?), check back!


Published on August 26, 2009

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  1. brandi says

    i like your # of posts per week, but you do what you want to! 🙂 i’ll be here reading whenever!

    ooh…can’t wait to see the nut butter post!

  2. Daria (Summer of the CSAs) says

    I like the number of times you post. I worry about the time of day I post too, but I’ve decided I just need to stick with what’s convenient for me. That keeps blogging fun rather than making it into a chore for me.

    I always think of Alexander and his terrible, horrible, no good very bad day when things are going wrong. 😉

  3. Kristina says

    Katie, please keep posting at the rate that you do (if thats possible :] ) I read your posts all the time and your blog is a breath of fresh air in both in its creativity and also in its consistency. It is such a great ”mood pick-me-up” after a long day at work. Thank you so much for posting at a day to day basis!
    -Wish you all the best!!

  4. Danielle says

    I like the frequency of your posting, it’s not too frequent or too slow. I’m always seeing things on blogs I want to try/make but I just bookmark it for when I have the time. Keep doing what you’re doing!!

  5. Caroline says

    Personally, I think the amount one blogs depends on what they have to share. If you have a lot of interesting things than you will have to post, and if you are going for a point where you aren’t trying much, then you’ll post less.

    I think the frequency should be the result of the content, not the other way around.

    So, Ummm, keep on posting, basically :OD

  6. Meg says

    I’m going to have to disagree and say that I LOVE how many times you post – it always gives me something to read and enjoy. If I happen to miss a post it’s definitely no trouble at all to go back and read it 😛 I think you should take into consideration how you feel about it as well! Post when you have time, when you want to, and when you just feel like it! Ya know?! I can honestly say that no matter how many times you post, people will read, always; your blog is one of the best, Katie 🙂

    Also, I don’t think the time should matter too much – especially if most people live by Google Reader, haha. But I think whatever you feel is best in this situation is the way to go. Gather everyone’s ideas and opinions and make a decision, no matter which decision you make I promsie I’ll still be reading 😉

    Have a wonderful day Katie! Can’t wait for the next post!

  7. Jessica says

    I always like reading your posts, no matter how many you put up per week. It’s actually good for me when you post every day, cause it gives me something to do on my work breaks 🙂

  8. Heatherkind says

    Dont change a thing. Especially because one person asked you too. I think that person has some nerve really. I love reading your posts everyday. I dont think that you should scale back. She should just scale back. i mean, if she only wants to read a post at a time instead of two or three than that is her problem. She can just read one when she wants.

    That is just my opinon.

  9. Jen says

    I like that you post a lot. I have a lot of them bookmarked too, but that’s just because you’re so awesome 😉

    That said, time of day doesn’t matter to me at all. I don’t even notice the time a blog is posted (sorry!).

  10. Kelly says

    Personally, I think your rate of posting is just perfect. I sometimes find it difficult to keep up with bloggers who post multiple times a day, but even then it’s not like it’s a huge hassle. And since I’ve just caved and started using Google Reader, things are easier than ever. 🙂 As for the time of day, I think about that too, but since your blog is so popular I’m pretty sure you could post at 3:00 AM and not notice a drop in readership! People return for a reason, and it’s not because of the time you post. 😉 So keep on keepin’ on, sista!

    (And you gave me a major flashback to childhood with your book reference at the end! Ah, nostalgia!)

  11. Nelly says

    don’t change a thing…you should be able to do whatever you want to do…whatever makes you happy…your posts are amazing and insightful and i look forward to all of them everyday or whenever you can post!

    keep posting lady!


  12. Samantha says

    Hi Katie!

    Just wanted to let you know that I think your posting is fine…and the timing is good as well, as google reader just keeps the post until it is read. There are some bloggers that I feel post too often, but it comes to that only when there are multiple posts a day.

    Keep up your amazing work!

  13. Kate G. says

    Hi Katie,

    Im going to agree with most people here and say DON’T CHANGE!
    Honestly i think that is a really strange comment to request less posts when the like your blog so much… why WOULDN’T you want to read more???
    Keep ’em comin’ girl 🙂

  14. Lisa C. says

    Post where, when and how often you will. It’s your blog.

    One a day is fine. Five a week is fine. Three a year is fine if it works for you (of course the rest of us would sorely miss you). Thirty a day is fine if it works for you (and the rest of us would be scrambling to keep up and wondering if you’d cloned yourself).

    And two words for folks who feel they can’t keep up/ keep organized: Google Reader. Lets me see what I’ve read, what I haven’t, and twice a week I can crank through the 15+ BoingBoing posts a day all in one swoop.

  15. Jenna says

    i don’t think you should change how you blog! whatever works for you is the way to go 😉
    don’t just change it because ONE person thinks you should!
    besides there are bloggers out there who blog 3-4 times a day, nevermind 3-4 times a week! you go girl and keep doing what you are doing!

    i just found your blog and i really like it, i recently made my own and was would love it if you could check mine out and let me know what you thinkk!


  16. Kiersten says

    I don’t think you post too much and I don’t think you should change a thing just because one person thinks you should. It’s your blog, do what YOU want to do.

  17. nic - the auspicious squirrel says

    Katie, I agree… post to have fun and to share. Personally, I post when I have something to share/say. I have you RSS’d so I’ll never miss your post regardless of what time of day you post. I like to read your post daily, and look forward to it. I aspire to post as often as you, but again make sure I have something to say as well.

    As far as keeping up with your recipes, I either keep that tab up on my browser ( if I think I will make it soon), look at your recipe page, or simply search your blog for the recipe.

    Don’t stress, just have fun… isn’t that why we are doing this?

  18. randomlymikey says

    i worry about posting too much, not enough, right times, etc. for people to want to visit my blog and i mine is pretty small compared to yours. lol. but i just remind myself a blog is really for YOU first. it’s great to share and to help others but your blog is like your own lil space so i think you should do whatever feels right for you. i know i will keep coming back regardless. especially if it includes nut butter 😉

  19. Ashley says

    You need to do what feels good to you! Don’t let others’ “expectations” influence your posting frequency/style because it’s unique to you.

    That being said, don’t place pressure on yourself to post. Blogging is supposed to be a fun way to communicate, share and learn, so don’t let it get you down!

    As for time of day, I try to post mine in the morning, but I don’t always stick to that!

  20. snugglebunny says

    Isn’t this why Google Reader, RSS and Bookmarks were invented.

    I know for myself, I use RSS to keep up. No need to check everyday, just wait till the feed refreshes and reflects new activity. I believe that Google Reader works much the same way.

    I also have tons of recipes I have bookmarked and put in my recipe program (over 1700 recipes as of last backup). Will I ever make them all? no. Do I care? No. I make what I make as I can and have the ingredients or desire to do so. That is life. And I hate to say it, but the person who sent you that emial sounds like a self-centered Gen Y’er who thinks that the world revolves around them. If your blog causes her to be paralyzed by indecision, what is the rest of her life like. (over 40 Gen X’er observation observation)

  21. itstartedwithafish says

    honestly, – I think you should start postin 5 to 6 times A DAY, Katie !!!! I check my google HP several times a day and I am so grateful for your regular posts ! (I have to admit, I get bored so easily, – esp. with that stomach bug that keeps me from doing anything creative right now), – you are my constant ray of light !!!!

    SERIOUSLY, I love all the blog(ger)s I visit regularly, but those few that decide to share more often or regularly (or at best regularly more often 😉 ) just have that VERY special place in my heart.

    Katie, do as YOU please and what fits your agenda and leave it to us to fight our inner demons (eg. an overabundance of curiosity paired with a stifling lack of drive, – gee, sounds like I’m talking about myself *shrieks*), – I bet we are all big girls (ahem, not in a Peta way, – more of in an emotional way…) and yes, – we can, trust me, sisters, – WE CAN stand the awesomeness that is the frequency in which Katie’s blog (awesomeness galore!) is updated without feeling like a mere speck of dirt should we not be able to try each and every bright (and awesome) idea, Katie plants into our heads…

    …did I mention that I think your blog is awesome ?

  22. Krista says

    I’m cool with the amount of times you post.

    As for myself, I post in the early evening only because that is what works best for ME. I’ve never really considered if people are online or not. I figure that if I’m in their reader or queue, that they’ll see the post when they have time….

  23. jen molica says

    i’m okay with the way you post. sometimes i feel like you post about the same things a little too often-(i’ve never known someone who loves oatmeal as much as you do!), but that’s okay too. you can’t not-not be you.

    then again, giving yourself a day off isn’t a bad idea.

    xo jen

  24. Anna says

    I think the problem here is that she isn’t devoting enough time to blog reading. Priorities, people! Keep the posts coming, whenever you want.

  25. Will Bake for Vegan says

    Heya Katie. I know where this reader is coming from since I seem to have the same problem of not knowing what to make because all of your recipes look absolutely delicious. To be honest, I look forward to your posts everyday and am a little sad when you don’t post one day. I’m working on a transition into veganism right now and your blog is truly inspiring. Maybe a comprimise is in order? I think you should blog whenever you are inspired to do so, (since your inspiration really shines through,) and go with the flow. As for the confusion this reader is suffering, I think that could be solved by another section on your blog that lists things you’ve made recently (even if it doesn’t have a recipe). Don’t get me wrong, you’re recipe tab is completely helpful, but with the addition of this new section, I think it would make catching up on your blog a bit easier if a reader misses a few posts. Thank you so much again for blogging! You really inspire the vegan in me :).

  26. Brandi says

    I’m sorry but that is one of the silliest things I’ve ever heard. I hope that lady was saying that in a joking manner.. I think the amount you post is great. I post daily in my own blog, and I’ve never had a complaint about it. Hehe. You keep doing what feels right for YOU, that’s all that matters. Your readers will be here!

  27. Liz says

    Oh wow, I totally disagree with the girl who emailed you – I definitely don’t think you’re posting too often. I check back daily – since we’re in different time zones, I check in the morning AND at night so I don’t miss anything (I do that with a few blogs I love whose authors live in the States) just to make sure.
    Anyway, you should be flattered that she’s *so* flustered by your amazingness that she asked you to slow it down. That’s sorta, kinda like someone coming up to you and saying – “Wow, you’re beautiful, my eyes are hurting from just lookin’ atcha. Could you maybe put a paper bag over your head?”
    So it’s a compliment… but probably not something you wanna do. Anyway. Just keep doin’ what you’re doin’ because look at how many readers you’ve got – you must be getting something very right!

    Love you!

  28. tabitha says

    Hi Katie!
    I can understand where the woman is coming from and I’m sure she hopes you didn’t take it personally at all.
    I think you should post when you feel like you have something to say…
    That said, I have trouble keeping up with so many posts…so, I only get to comment sometimes….I know how she feels about trying to keep up….

  29. Anonymous says

    any time, all the time! doesnt matter. just do me a favor and keep posting lol i luv ur posts!
    katie anne

  30. Lainie says

    I love your blog Katie – I understand what the reader is saying, but I really enjoy reading your posts everyday. If it’s up to me, I say “keep ’em coming!”

  31. Cassie says

    Katie, I couldn’t care less about the time/frequency of your posts, just as long as you DO post! I always hate it when I find a cool blog and subscribe to it, then the blogger never posts anything. Just keep doing what you’re doing 🙂

  32. lalaliving says

    I love your blog! Honestly, after reading other food bloggers who update 2-3 times per day, I often am left craving more from your blog… definitely not less! Haha… But most important is for you to blog when you feel inspired, not an artificially imposed number. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  33. Lori says

    I think you should blog however you want to blog! I know there are times when I get behind on reading and have to catch up, but no big deal, it is always there. I also don’t think the time makes any difference. Everybody is in a different time zone and can just read it when it suits them.
    You have a great blog and great recipes and ideas – just keep doing what your doing and enjoy it!

  34. Julie says

    Hi Katie !

    I think you should do what is best for you. I do understand how you feel when you say a blog is hard-work and takes lots of time. But filling a blog should be fun not part of worries. Anyway, even though I can’t follow your blog everyday, I try to read most of your posts ! I really love your blog !

  35. Heather Eats Almond Butter says

    Nut butter? Where? When? 😉

    I don’t think you post too much Katie. I cannot keep up with the 3 posters a day, but I think 5 to 6 posts a week is perfect. Plus, I don’t think the time of day matters. Most people keep up with blogs through Google Reader, and no matter what time you post, they’ll see it.

    Keep up the good work. You know I love me some CCK!!!!

  36. Emily says

    I think you should post whenever you feel like it. It’s your blog, and you should be able to write whenever you want to. When you get a brilliant idea, sometimes you just can’t wait to post it. 🙂 I’m sure people will keep reading no matter what!

  37. Christina says

    I’ve thought about the time thing too but eventually just decided to post whenever I get the chance to.

    I don’t think you post too much, if anything I wish you posted more often! I get so excited when I see you have a new post up 🙂

  38. Erin says

    Um, it’s called Google Reader and RSS feed.

    Girl. People are crazy. Like you have to tailor your blog posts for 1 reader. Um, I don’t think so, lol!

  39. CaSaundra says

    I think you should do what works for YOU and not for others. If you like posting like you do now(which I like btw!), then keep it up & unfortunately you may lose a reader. At least you have lots–you rock! xo

  40. miss v says

    i don’t think i’ve even thought about the time of day i post. wow! now i might get paranoid! 🙂

    i think everyone should post what they want.. once a day, ten times a day, or never. it’s what you want to do – it’s your blog.

    that being said, i hope you don’t mind, but i don’t always get to comment on all your posts – sometimes i only get online (for non-work) every couple days, and i’ve missed like 2 or 3 posts – so i don’t comment on them all. just the most recent one. but like i said, that isn’t a reason “not” to post – just as long as you are happy and satisfied!

  41. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says

    I’m am not adding anything new, I’m sure, as your 52nd comment LOL

    But Angela of OhSheGlows was just talking about this phenomenon last week in one of her posts. Both the pressure to post frequently “because everyone else is” but that 2-3 posts per DAY! was stressing her out. Yah, I’d say. She said that she has come to the conclusion that one good post per day is better than 2-3 rushed posts. She also noted that some really high profile bloggers may only post 2x/week but their language, typos, food pics, etc. are all flawless. Quality over quantity.

    I guess ZestyCook talked about this at the conference. He also said (by virtue of reading this on Angela’s blog) to post before 11am. I am on pacific time and frankly, there’s no way I’m gonna have things organized before 8am! my time unless I pre-write it before I go to bed the nite before.

    I totally understand about it being alot of work to post if no one’s gonna read. And like you, I reallllllyyy put time and effort into my 1 post a day and want people to read it. However, I am still in the building phase. You’re in the plateau phase so if *you* would be less stressed posting less, then do it. If you like posting daily, then do it. Make yourself happy, my dear 🙂


  42. Alison says

    What a funny e-mail! Flattering criticism. I think your number of posts are just fine. This is your blog. Post as often or as little as you want. We all enjoy reading your posts.

  43. Mara says

    Actually, I like the fact that whenever I visit your web-site, there’s almost always a new post. I am very glad you post often and I hope — REALLY, REALLY, HOPE — you don’t reduce the frequency.


  44. Ricki says

    I think you should post exactly as often as you feel like it! I may not be able to check back every day, but then I get to read a few in a row when I DO check back, so it’s all good!

    I don’t worry too much about time of day (or even day of week), since I’m unable to post every day. I always post as soon as I’ve got a new post written, which happens whenever it happens! 🙂

  45. Taymer- Caribbean Vegan says

    Well it is your blog and you should do what u want. But But. Sometimes it is good to let ppl miss u and have them checking back for an update. Many bloggers do this not because they are busy but it is like a good reality tv series where u have to wait 1 week to see it again. I post 2- 3 times a week because I do not want to overwhelm my readers and also I cannot cook a stunning dish everyday.

    I too get parnoid about when I post. I find posting in the afternoon gets me more active hits then when I post too early in the morning

  46. Maria says

    I know it takes a lot of time to write each posts, and maybe more readers will read each of your posts if you post left often. However, if you feel like writing a post, you should do that. Never feel forced to post less or more than you want 🙂

  47. Devan Newman says

    awe haha what a silly email!
    Whatever you feel like posting…post it!!
    I am still gaining the courage to make, and EAT a delicious bowl of your oats/pancakes/ and more.

    I do need to make zuccinni ‘pasta’
    and ratatouli

  48. broccolihut says

    Less CCV? Tragic! I vote for blogging just the way you want–you know I will stalk your blog no matter how often you post;)

  49. Emma says

    One of the things I love MOST about your blog is how often you post! I love how whenever I come to your blog, there’s always a new, super interesting post for me to read. I think you should post as much as YOU want to, about what you want. And you always seem to have loads of lovely comments on all your posts, so it doesn’t seem like you really have to worry about people not reading your posts =)

  50. Justine says

    Haha, ok I am going to be super honest and say that I wish my favorite bloggers didn’t post so much (you included). Man its just hard to keep up when people are posting everyday. !. Especially when you have your own blog. I want to enjoy reading as much as I do posting and its hard to when some bloggers post everyday or even up to 3xs a day. Thats just craziness!! For me personally I think I have finally found a balance in reading and posting. If I have something great to tell everyone or even just some good pics than I post. If I don’t and feel like I have to pull something outta my ass (excuse my French) then I don’t because I do not wanna waste my valuable time or the readers :). I know you will make the decision that’s best for you and either way I am a loyal reader :). Love ya Katie!!


  51. CoconutGal says

    I think as long as you are writing your posts because you WANT to, not because you feel you NEED to, then numbers don’t matter. So, if one week you’re not feeling it and you get 2 posts up, fine. And the next 6 posts, great. As you long you are passionate about what you write. No one wants to read rambles about nothing because the person felt they needed to post. It’s a waste of both the writer and the readers time.
    And for the record I have never felt any of your posts were random or not well-thought out, I can tell you always take great care in what you write. That’s why I always come back here! You have great writing talent! xxox

  52. Vegetation says

    I personally don’t worry how often you post! I just apologize in advance for when I don’t get a chance to comment on all of your posts!

    While I’m here and commenting though, I am loving the banana butter you posted today!!! Yum!

  53. Marianne says

    Post when you want. I would think that if someone wants to read all your posts, they will make the effort. It’s not that hard to make sure you read them all if you are using Google Reader – I’m always “behind” on my blog reading, but I always read them all. Posting once a day is definitely not excessive in any way, shape, or form. If it works for you, that’s all that matters.

    And I’m way too lazy/busy to analyze if the time of day I post matters. Again, I think if your readers want to keep up, they’ll figure it out 🙂

  54. Michelle says

    Poat as often as you like. It’s YOUR blog! I luv your posts. In fact, I look forward to the days when I get to “catch up” with your posts.

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