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Portable Lunch Ideas

Never worry again about staying healthy on vacation. Just read all of the comments left yesterday re: “Healthy-eating on Vacation.” Thank you all for taking the time to leave such a plethora of good advice. Yesterday, I mentioned some portable snack ideas for healthy eating when you’re not at home. But sometimes—especially on vacations—circumstances call for […]

Healthy Eating on Vacation

I was asked by a reader: Hey Katie, It would be great if you could do a post on eating healthy on vacation, especially how you deal with when you first arrive and haven’t had time to go grocery shopping yet. I always struggle with that! And working out too. Love your blog by the […]

Wanna see an Ugly meal?

The ugly truth I was recently asked: How do your meals always look so perfect?! Answer: Ha! They don’t! Why do you think I don’t photograph everything I eat? (Well, besides the fact that I’d go crazy from boredom) I don’t always bother to use matching dishes, and I definitely do not normally worry about […]

Make Chocolate, not Bombs

I woke up at 10AM, which is about 3 1/2 hours later than usual. No worries; I just skipped first breakfast and continued on like it was any other day. I’m at my aunt’s beach house on Long Island. The trip here was pretty uneventful… but then again, I was unconscious for most of it! […]

CCK Goes To College: Part 1

Even from those of you who have followed my blog all along, I’ve kept much of my personal life a mystery. Partially, I was worried about privacy. However, I also simply didn’t think anyone would be interested in hearing about my daily life. But since I seem to be wrong (I love hearing about others’ […]

NYC never Sleeps

I think last night was the worst night of sleep I’ve ever gotten in my life. Even though I climbed into bed at 10ish, I didn’t fall asleep until midnight… and I woke up at 1:45, wide awake! At around 3, I gave up and grabbed a book to read, hoping it would make me […]

Hello from CCK (again)

My blog is going through a change. (No, not that change!) I started this blog for fun. As the number of readers climbed, it made me a little nervous. I became much more cautious about privacy; I stopped posting friends’ photos and shared much less of my own personal life as well. But I’m afraid this […]

The difference between Girls and Boys

Boysenberries, that is 🙂 Chocolate-Covered Snack: Fresh-from-the-garden boysenberries and High-Protein Chocolate Cake Every year since I can remember, we’ve grown a few fruits and veggies. Tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, and zucchini are favorites. But I definitely wouldn’t say I have a “green thumb.” Once, a cactus even died on me. How do you kill a cactus?! And often, […]

Pizzerts and Protein Powder

Let’s hear it for the letter “P” (I feel like there should be some sort of Sesame Street reference inserted now.) Today, I have a special guest poster: Fat Bobbie! From Bobbie’s Mommy, Cecilia: Hey Katie just want to let you know, I made your breakfast pizzert today. Oh lordy, it was so delicious …. […]

3-Ingredient Coffee Ice Cream

To everyone who lamented their lack of Vita-Mixes: Most of yesterday’s Vita-Mix Ice Cream tips are just as useful for regular blenders or food processors! So you don’t have to be left out in the cold; you, too, can get cold inside, with vegan ice cream! Ice cream such as the one below: 3 Ingredient Coffee […]

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