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Hello from CCK (again)

My blog is going through a change.

(No, not that change!)

I started this blog for fun. As the number of readers climbed, it made me a little nervous. I became much more cautious about privacy; I stopped posting friends’ photos and shared much less of my own personal life as well. But I’m afraid this might’ve made my blog rather boring. Recipes are fun and all, but everyone and her brother has recipes to share. I want to put the personality back in my blog.

Hence the change. Obviously, this doesn’t mean I’m going to start listing all my personal info in posts like a naive idiot. Hello blogworld, here is my credit card number. Here is my social security number. But you won’t use them, right, because I trust you.

There’s another reason I’ve shied away from getting too personal: I’m overly worried about hurting others. I know full well that a large number of people who read my blog are girls (and boys) recovering from eating disorders.  So I worry, hating to think that they might find something in my posts upsetting. They struggle enough as it is; I would feel awful if one of my photos or posts added to their suffering. But the fact is that no matter how careful I am, someone is going to be offended/upset at something I write at some point. I can’t always worry about posting certain words or photos because it might upset someone. That’s not fair to anyone.

I am healthy. So why should I feel like I have to hide my body?  Yes, I have a responsibility, since I’ve chosen to publish information publicly (as I wrote in my first Hello from CCK post). But you, as a reader, also have a responsibility to take good care of yourself. Only you know what type of blog content upsets you or isn’t healthy for you to read. If you don’t take good care of yourself, who will?

What does all this mean? It means, from now on, my blog is going to be less fluff and more real. The recipes will still be there, but I’m also going to share much more of my day-to-day real life.

“Being real” means showing not-so-perfect photos: I’m talking “no-make-up” pics, monochromatic meals, foods on mismatched plates, and sweaty post-run photos. It means allowing you to see the true me: I’m not perfect and do not have all the answers. If you’re thinking, “Ugh, Katie, I have enough real-life issues of my own. I don’t want to hear about yours. I’m only here for the recipes,” then please feel free to skip my posts on the days I write more personal posts. As I said above, I promise to still share many more recipes. But I’m also excited to share more than just recipes.

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Published on June 21, 2010

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  1. Allison says

    It would be wonderful to have you post more “real” stuff! There are many blogs I visit just for recipes and beautiful pictures of food but yours is one that I always enjoy reading because of your fantastic outlook on life. You could probably post about doing laundry and make it entertaining and enjoyable. (Maybe you might not want to run with that idea…). As for the not posting pictures of yourself because you are afraid of offending someone, I think it is important to see that healthy people do not always look the same. I live probably 90% a really healthy life. I exercise, I eat tons of veggies, don’t eat fast food, don’t drink soda and cook most of my food myself but I have 23 years of unhealthy lifestyle to rid my body of. When I make a comment about eating chocolate or bake sweets of any kind I get comments from people in my life asking whether or not I should really eat them. As though my not having a perfectly toned body means that I have to be on a constant diet and that I will never be able to eat a cinnamon roll ever again. I wish more people had a realistic view of what healthy people looked like. Rant over!

    My point is: You Rock!

  2. Gaby says

    Way to go Katie!! I’m looking forward to these changes and am inspired by your willingness to be open and be yourself no matter what.
    I can be way too self conscious, especially when it comes to body image. I feel like I’m judged all the time! I really want to learn to accept myself and accept that I’m the only one that needs to be ok with myself. I also have a hard time sticking up for my healthy habits, choices and beliefs. I try to be really open to everyone else’s ideas and not judge or say anything that may go against someone else’s beliefs, but they definitely do not have that courtesy with me! I get attacked a lot by those closest to me, and it’s time I stick up for myself!
    Hopefully now I can pick up on some of your bravery 🙂

  3. Pure2Raw Twins says

    Girl you know we will keep reading no matter what 😉 We love your blog and you! I think what you do with your blog will be great.

  4. aimee says

    i am proud of you! i went through the same thing with my blog, beginning it as my ‘green’ blog and realizing that if i didn’t start opening up about Me, i was doing myself a disservice by not showing a little of myself. through the process, it’s helped me learn more about myself and be less afraid of being vulnerable. something about the process has allowed me to be less afraid of saying what i really feel and take more risks – not in an exhibitionist way but rather trusting those around you, readers, friends, etc., to listen and be open to what you have to say. you don’t have to disclose any confidences, it’s about opening the chocolate covered heart and soul 🙂 you have much to offer and it’s been great to read your writing thus far, and i know we are all happy to see that you continue to share. happy solstice!

  5. Marianne says

    I may be one of the more “guarded” bloggers, but I choose to be that way, because the focus of my blog is not a recount of every event that happens in my life. I know alot of bloggers do so, and that’s cool, but it’s not what I’m going for. Always good to have that “air of mystery”, ya know? That being said – you should always do what you want with your blog, and I’ll totally read – you got sass that I like 😀 And you like hockey.

  6. Jo says

    You have so much confidence and spirit Katie, people will be drawn to your blog no matter what you write about! I am a very guarded person, in everything I do, and am very jealous of your ability to be so open.

    And I have NEVER considered your writing to be “fluff”. You just keep doing your thing 🙂

  7. Sheila's a Lady says

    What the heck??? I think the commenter a few above me has some nerve to say your blog “just got ‘boring’” especially since it doesn’t seem like she comments very often, only to say negative things.

    How is that acceptable?

    I think your blog is one of the most creative I read, even recently: Hug a Fat, Vita-Mix ice cream trick, homemade chocolate with a funny name, I could go on. And on and on.
    So no, I don’t think your blog is fluff at all! But, nonetheless, I’m excited for the changes.

  8. Cynthia K says

    Good morning Katie! Very excited for you after reading your latest State-Of-The-Chocolate-Covered-Union address–looking forward to more fun posts! Have a fantastic day!

    (Gosh, three exclamation points and I’ve only had one cup of coffee so far. I’m going to have to turn it down before I head to work.) 🙂

  9. Kate says

    I agree with Sheila.
    I never would have categorized your blog as boring before, but that doesn’t mean I’m not extremely excited to see what you have in store for the future! 🙂

  10. MsAlex says

    I love your blog now but I love a change, and a bit more of *you* can only be a good thing!

    I’m not very down with the *openess* on my blogger blog, that one is used more for my fitness and food rambling, I tend to save the real/drama/ohnoes! posts for my Livejournal – as it’s friends only so I know who’s reading (and the other blog got created as I was scared I was boring all my LJ friends TO DEATH with posts about my food love!).

    That said, I’m always looking for new friends on both blogs to people who have similar interests to me, so I’m always willing to open up but only to the right people.

  11. danielle_veg says

    Ha! I love it. You bring up a great point: endless recipes do grow tedious after a while (because, let’s face it, I’m never going to make 90% of all of the blog recipes I like!). I’m really looking forward to learning more about the REAL Katie! I’m glad that you’re taking your blog in a direction that makes you happy.

  12. Willow says

    Katie! It’s me, the Anonymous that asked you about your names. I like both CCK and CCV for different reasons. CCV identifies you as a vegan (which I like), but it also could scare potential readers away simply because they aren’t vegans. CCK doesn’t identify you as a vegan, but it does emphasize your chocolate covered ways… and your name.. which may go along with your new changes of becoming more personal. Ahhh I can’t decide!!

  13. Emma says

    Hey Katie! I just started following your blog a few weeks ago and have enjoyed it since I first stumbled upon your blog from my google reader (gotta love recommended reads!). Since that time, I started a blog of my own, and although I’ve only been posting for approx. 2 days (so I’m a total newb haha), I get where you’re coming from as far as the dilemma of what to post/what not to post about personal things. Anywho, what I’ve been meaning to say is that as one of many who visit everyday, I feel your blog posts are very entertaining and lively and that’s why I decided to follow your blog. I think that as long as you feel comfortable with what you’re sharing, go for it! If you’re ever unsure about something, or you’re not ready to share at a certain time, no worries- we’ll still be here to support you!

  14. Chocolate Covered Katie says

    Haha someone else *just now* asked about the CCV meaning. I think four people have asked in the last 2 days…
    I don’t want to confuse anyone, so I think I’m going to have to make the change–for good–to CCK. I’m with you, though, in that I liked the V because Veganism is so important to me.
    CCV will always have a special place in my heart, and obviously I’m not changing my status as a vegan. But it’s just too confusing for people who haven’t known me from the beginning. Eh, a name is just a bunch of letters anyways!

  15. Vanilla says

    You care too much about others!! You know, people with ED (myself inclueded) will have struggles, no matter where they came from. THEY need to work on this. Not you. 🙂

    I’ll be honest. When I first saw you, I was thinking ”I wish I was as naturally thin as her”. But then I realized you were more than just ”thin”. You were happy, wonderful, caring, an awesome cook/baker, yada yada… x)

    So I changed my mind. Now I’m thinking ”I want to live life to the fullest just like her”. 🙂

    *More crazy recipes!! Yay!! 😀


  16. Foxy says

    Well done Katie! I look forward to following the new CCK blog with relish! And dont let those cowardly anon comments get you down- you are very beautiful. As someone who also falls on the skinny side I am tired of all the references to it- you almost feel like you have to apologise for being healthy and in shape-or that one only be sexy with curves.

    Oh…and keep those choc recipes coming 😉

  17. caronae says

    Yay! I love real blogs because we all have personalities outside of what we eat or how often we run. I’m excited to learn more about you. I try to keep my blog real and honest because I think that honesty about what we are going through — physically, mentally, socially, whatever — is important for our health!

    Can’t wait to learn more about CCK!

  18. [email protected] Adventures In Veg says

    Good on you Katie!! I’m a long-time lurker and I love your attitude – you just keep doing what you’re doing and it sounds like you’re really excited about this change to the blog. Just keep being yourself and you’ll be doing good. Can’t wait to read the new posts! 🙂

  19. michellemusesraw says

    I adore your blog and your mix of humility/realness (is that a word) that comes through in each post. Be real, be you – we’ll all keep reading!

    ps – as a fellow Texan (after some years in Minnesota), I’m reminded of the summertime uniform of swimsuits and flip flops. I’ve already worn out one suit in 3 months.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment! And LOL at one point, my dad almost got transferred to MN. At the time, I asked him, “How will we be able to survive, going from 100 degrees to -30?!” 🙂

  20. Serena says

    I am so glad you are doing this! Your future topics look GREAT. 😀 I can’t wait for the dating “meat-n-potatoes” boys one. 🙂 heh..

  21. rebekah (clarity in creation.) says

    girl – we all obviously have been drawn to you for your hilarious personality and quirks… why feel like you have to hide that? it’s why we read in the first place!

    i’ve always been a fan of your honesty and loyalty to yourself – never stop that!

    your body is 100% healthy and natural. don’t ever feel shame because it doesn’t look like someone elses. i hear what you mean about being sensitive to the eating disordered, but seeing a strong, healthy girl proud of who she is will be the best thing for those who are struggling!

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