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Snickerdoodle Pancakes

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Good morning, Snickerdoodles!

Do you like snickerdoodle cookies? They’re not my favorite, because they don’t have chocolate! But my mom adores snickerdoodles. So, for Mothers’ Day, I decided to get creative with her breakfast.

Light, fluffy, & super delicious pancakes that taste like homemade cookies! Full recipe:

Apparently, the name “snickerdoodle” comes from a German word for “snail noodles” (a type of pastry). Yummy? 😕

snickerdoodle pancakes

Snickerdoodle Pancakes

(makes 6 super-fat pancakes)

  • 1/2 cup spelt, all-purpose, or Bob’s gf flour
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • pinch uncut stevia OR 2 tbsp sugar (You can use less if you’re planning to top with syrup and therefore don’t want the actual pancakes to taste sweet. With this amount, the pancakes taste kind of like cookies, even with no toppings!)
  • 1/2 cup plus 1 tbsp milk of choice, or more for thinner pancakes
  • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • tiny bit over 1/16 tsp salt
  • Unless you like the texture of fat-free pancakes, I recommend adding 1 tbsp oil (for fat-free, use an extra tbsp milk of choice)

View Snickerdoodle Pancakes Nutrition Facts


snickerdoodle pancakes

She loved them! After adding just a smidge of vegan butter and a tiny sprinkle of cinnamon sugar (more for appearance than taste), she proclaimed, “I feel like I’m eating snickerdoodle cookies for breakfast!”

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  1. YUM!! Bring on Pancake Sunday!! 😀 Seriously, every Sunday I just turn to YOUR awesome recipes!!

    And weirdly enough, I think snickerdoodle spaghetti sounds pretty good! 😛

  2. I love snickerdoodles! My sisters and I had a cookbook when we were really young that had ‘kid recipes’ and the first thing we made out of there were snickerdoodles! I loved dipping them in the cinnamon/sugar mix — and then eating tons of dough :)

  3. my MOM LOVES SNICKERDOODLES TOO! it must be some mother thang!… these actually look like LEGIT snickerdoodle cookies… idk how you did that but you DID IT WELL!
    HELLZ to the yeah ive eaten snickerdoodle cookies!

  4. Ummm seriously?! Snickerdoodles are one of my favorite childhood pasttimes. Can I even consider a cookie a pasttime? Well.. I am! These look great!

  5. I appreciate a good snickerdoodle but they always take a backseat when there’s chocolate and or peanut butter to be had. These look mighty tasty though, I bet they’d be delish with melted sunflower seed butter on top!

  6. Those pancakes sound great. Never had a snickerdoodle but I love cinnamon! :)

  7. I have that same paper you used for the background! :)
    SNickerdoodle pancakes is SO creative and sounds delicious!

  8. Veronica says:

    I’ve never been a fan of snickerdoodles, but I’m all over anything else with the same flavor profile, like these pancakes and the oatmeal! YUM! I know, I’m strange. :) Oh, and you know what else is sooo yummy? Snickerdoodle blondies. I dare you to veganize them!

    1. Melissa says:

      Snickerdoodle BLONDIES? They exist?
      Off to google! Loooove snickerdoodles and blondies. 😉

      1. Veronica says:

        Yes! They are so yummy, even better than the cookies! I made this recipe, but it’s not vegan:

        1. Veronica says:

          The only thing that needs nixed is the eggs (and vegan butter for the butter), but I bet a egg sub would work.

          1. Melissa says:

            Oh yeah, easy peasy! That’s so veganizable… it’s dangerous! Must make. Thanks for the link!

    2. I think it needs to be done!

  9. Liz says:

    Katie I have a challange for you! Will you make vegan poptarts in super awesome flavors? (like snickerdoodle…yum!!)

    1. *Puts it on her to-try list*
      My sister says she has a cookbook with a poptart recipe… I may just have to ask her to forward it to me. Then I can play around with it and see if it can be veganized/made healthy!

      1. Jennifer says:

        I am glad someone asked about Poptarts! I can’t wait for that recipe :)

  10. Melissa says:

    Hrm… I wonder what adding a smidge of cream of tartar would do to these? That’s the thing I love about snickerdoodles… that little… *lip smack* that cream of tartar adds. Full disclosure: I always add extra(!) since I love it. Oh, and I go overboard on cinnamon.

    Totes making these. I’ll see if adding cream of tartar screws the pooch or not, eh? LOL.

    1. I would’ve used some… but we were out!

      1. Melissa says:

        Oh noes! Disastersauce!! 😉

  11. Emily says:

    I think cinnamon sugar sketti would be good! And your pictures are getting better everyday!!

    1. Thank u!!! And lol I bet Will Ferrel (in Elf) would like snickerdoodle spaghetti!

  12. They look amazing!!! Your recipes are so delicious and creative. I just made the cookie dough balls a few nights ago…so good! :)

  13. Tabitha says:

    I never was a fan of snickerdoodles as a kid, but I LOVE them now (probably has something to do with my mild obsession with cinnamon…yum!) Liz Lovely makes the best, chewiest, and most delicious vegan snickerdoodles I’ve ever tasted. I had to make a snickerdoodle version of a raw cookie dough balls, and I’m pretty much addicted. I am DEFINITELY going to make these pancakes! Please excuse me while I wipe the drool from my mouth now…

    1. Ooh I completely forgot about my Snickerdoodle Fudge Babies until you mentioned your raw cookie balls. Also, I’ll have to look for those Liz Lovely cookies!

      1. Melissa says:


        I grabbed a great groupon like deal for $30 of cookies for $15 and I’ve been eating half a frozen (very important, I like them frozen since they get gooey/chewier) Liz Lovely each day since. The Snickerdudes. are. AWESOME. So are the gluten free chocolate ones and chocolate mint ones. *drooooooool* I got the chocolate moose non-gluten free ones and they were good but the GF ones rocked my freaking socks off.

        I’m all out of GF chocolate cookies and now I am sad.

        Katie, they taste like COOKIE DOUGH. You’ll love them. LOVE THEM.
        (GF chocolate. Seriously. DO IT.) Best cookies in the world, hands down.

        1. Tabitha says:

          AGREED! All of the flavors I’ve had were amazing. The only gluten-free kind I’ve tried so far are the chocolate mint, and they were phenominal. I got that deal too, and I fully intend to get a whole case of gluten-free cookies (well…I might have to try the peanut butter ones). OMG…I have to stop talking about them. Best.cookies.ever!

  14. I love snickerdoodles! And I love your snickerdoodle pancakes. I must make them soon! The Snickerdoodle oatmeal really excites meeee

  15. Kari says:

    Love! I don’t bookmark your recipes one by one anymore because I’d have too many. Fortunately your recipe page is very well-organized.

    Snickerdoodles always remind me of the State Fair and those enormous fried “elephant ears” mostly because they also had lots of cinnamon and sugar.

    1. I am so happy you think my recipe page is organized… because I am so embarrassed at how UNorganized it seems! I just have so many recipes and don’t know how to best organize them all :-?.

  16. There you go, making me DROOL! 😉

  17. McKella says:

    I LOVE snickerdoodles! Chocolatey stuff is usually my dessert of choice, but cinnamony stuff is a close second. I love the smell of cinnamon. Cinnamon rolls, snickerdoodles, apple pie, mmmm…time to go make pancakes.

  18. Lenna says:

    Those pancakes look mmmmmmmmmhazing!:) I seriously have no idea what snickerddole is and if they sell it in my country, so I don´t know if I´d like it, but considering it contains cinnamon – yes, I would probably like it a lot:)

  19. i love snickerdoodles..which is precisely why I had your snickie oatmeal and why i’m for sure going to try the pancakes!

  20. These snickerdoodle Pancakes look amazing! I love snickerdoodles- I just made a great batch on my blog but I never thought to make them into pancakes! They sounds sooo good and look pretty easy! Thanks!

  21. Gen says:

    Yuum!!! Even though its not chocolate, I looove cinnamon+sugar!!!! 😀

  22. Yum! Snickerdoodle pancakes?!? They totally look like cookies. I’m so down with that!

  23. Oh my those pancakes actually look like cookies! I like snickerdoodles, but really I’d just prefer chocolate. I wouldn’t say no to snickerdoodle ice cream or blondies though.

  24. I’m definitely making these on pancake Sunday :) thanks for sharing girl…I’m sooo excited, snicker doodles are my fave cookies!

  25. Abby says:

    I love snickerdoodles! They are my Grandma Rosie’s signature cookie. They definitely have a special place in my heart.

  26. Lori says:

    I must make these for my daughter. She loves snickerdoodles!

  27. Elle says:

    I’m definitely making these this weekend. :) Snickerdoodles are great, but I never remember to make them.. I always revert back to chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

  28. these look so yummy! i can’t wait to make them. I really like snickerdoodle cookies, even though I don’t eat them that often

  29. tea-bag says:

    when i was in high school my bf said he’d buy me his favorite snickerdoodle cookie from starbucks. imagine my surprise (and disappointment) that snickerdoodles have nothing to do with snickers! false advertising!

  30. I have had them a few times and they are good! But, I’m with you…they don’t have chocolate so they aren’t my favorite. 😉

  31. Katherine says:

    I posted on of these questions in your last post early this morning, but anyways I have two.
    First, I am planting a garden, and thought I would ask you some great veggies to plant in it…?
    Also, I am needing more protein in my diet, and I am thinking about adding quinoa. What are some easy ways to cook it, to make it flavorful-but without adding calories to it?

  32. Even though I do LOVE chocolate I like to branch out and I think snickerdoodle is a great way of doing so! These look lovely, Katie!

  33. Joanna says:

    Snickerdoodles were always my favorite cookie to make with my mom around the holidays so I can’t wait to try out these pancakes!

  34. Ragnhild says:

    Theey look really good Katie!
    Im not really sure if I have had snickerdoddles before, because I dont know what they are named in Norway. But I would like to make these pancakes anyways. Cinnamon is always good :)

  35. Musiclover says:

    Do you mind if I ask how you get in enough calories for your active lifestyle? Your recipes look sooo good but are very low in calories :( I hope I don’t come across rude.

  36. Yum!! I love that I actually have everything to make these pancakes. Most snickerdoodle recipes (besides the cookies, actually) call for things I don’t have on hand like tartar sauce or something weird like that.

    The first time I ever had a snickerdoodle cookie was when I made them for the 12 Weeks of Christmas Cookies and they.are.delicious!!!

  37. I’m with ya on the chocolate in cookies preference. Although I do like a good snickerdoodle from time to time. And these snickerdoodle pancakes just look irresistable, even without the chocolate. I’ll definitely be trying these pancakes soon…hopefully this weekend!

  38. i don’t think i’ve ever eaten a snickerdoodle only because if cookies are involved, i’ll ALWAYS opt for the choco chip :)

  39. The “snail noodles” bit cracked me up! Slash Snickerdoodles are sooooo good, but I agree, everything is better with chocoalte! Whenever I think of snickerdoodles though I think of cinnamon-sugar graham crackers that I used to eat when I was little:)

  40. Jennifer says:

    Well…I was really looking forward to trying these until I read the part about “snail noodles.”

    Seriously though, I can hardly wait to try this recipe :)

  41. Diana says:

    The photos are incredible! Makes me want a snickerdoodle like crazy!

  42. I’ll have to try these! I’ve only attempted making homemade snickerdoodles once, but that attempt was unsuccessful. Pancakes may be easier.

  43. ya know, I’m not a huge fan of the cookies either, BUT… the pancakes look amaaazing. :)

  44. Hannah says:

    Snickerdoodles are one of my all time favoritesss! I lovee this. Must. Try. Today.

  45. I can’t even remember the last time I had a snickerdoodle cookie! I guess that means it’s been too long and it’s time to have one 😉

  46. kate says:

    Mmm these look so good. I had a banana left over from baking so I made your banana pancakes for one this morning and they were so tasty! So much more satisfying than my generic pancake mix and had way better nutritional stats :P.

  47. I haven’t met a person that doesn’t like snickerdoodles! Seriously, the best flavor out there! These look delicious Katie!

  48. shannonmarie says:

    Snickerdoodles are huge in my family. My mom is actually known as the snickerdoodle lady, bringing in the beloved cookies to my sister’s fellow dancers at all of their performances.

  49. I think you should open up a CCK Bakery 😀 These look so fluffy & delicious!!

  50. I’m not a huge fan of snickerdoodles (much prefer chocolate chip cookies, bourbon biscuits, or speculoos biscuits) but I LOVE cinnamon sugar pretzels.

  51. kspar66 says:

    I’m with you, katie, snickerdoodles aren’t my fav..But I love the name! The detractor of snickerdoodles for me is that they’re usually very soft, sort of boring cookies and don’t have anything chewy or crispy about them. That said, your photos of your snickerdoodle pancakes are incredibly gorgeous..They look crispy and delish and I will def be making a batch in the near future! Actually, I will be making a tooonnnn of ur recipes soon, as I am graduating in 2 days and will be in my parents spacious kitchen for 1.5 months cooking and baking to my hearts desire!!

  52. This couldn’t have come at a better time because I plan on having pancakes for dinner tomorrow (I always end up having them for dinner for some reason rather than breakfast!!!) and I have been cinnamon C-R-A-Z-Y lately! CCK does it again!!!

  53. Lauren W says:

    Hi Katie! I love how creative you are! I had your snickerdoodle oatmeal for breakfast this morning! It was delicious! I am a teenage girl and have just started my own blog! If you get a chance to check it out, that would be wonderful and I would be so honored! Thank you for being an inspiration for me to start a blog! -Lauren

  54. Emily says:

    Those pancakes look amazing! I’m with you- I’m not usually a big snickerdoodle fan. I used to make them for my brother all the time growing up but since they are chocolate-less, I’m not usually drawn to them. But I have been using cinnamon and splenda (now stevia) in my oatmeal for years as an alternative to brown sugar so I bet I’d like these pancakes! You come up with such yummy things!

  55. Have you ever eaten a snickerdoodle cookie? = yes, i worked at the mall in h.s. right next to a Mrs Fields cookie store! And I would eat TONS of snickerdoodles. And choc chip cookies. And pb cookies. And just…cookies :)

  56. Um, YUM!!! 😀 I love snickerdoodles!! Under certain conditions, that is… they have to be be extremely soft, thick, full of cinnamon, aaaaaand BIG 😉 I think your recipe fits the profile (six pancakes would make one huge/AWESOME cookie 😀 )

    Now I have to decide between these and cookie dough pops. Hmmm… let me think about it for a while… ok, done! I’ll make BOTH!! 😀

    <3 <3

  57. Jess says:

    i’m making these for breakfast tomorrow; and yes i have, they’re pretty good

  58. Love snickerdoodle cookies and now I am sure to LOVE them as a pancake!!! YUM Perfect breakfast!

  59. Aja says:

    I read this post in school and had to make them right when I got home with my boyfriend. We loved them! You come up with the best stuff.

  60. Tara says:

    I love snickerdoodles! In 8th grade my Spanish teacher was OBSESSED with them and made them all the time for us. We would all say “Senora, tenemos tanta hambre!” She would say “Galletas de Canela!!” and pass them out almost every day. She was obviously my favorite teacher ever.
    I come up with flavors the same way! I always think of other types of desserts or yummy flavor combinations and apply it to everything.

  61. BroccoliHut says:

    Confession: I’ve never had a snickerdoodle cookie. Crazy, right?
    I love FAT pancakes, so I’ll have to give this recipe a try.

  62. These pancakes look like actual cookies. It’s quite amazing

  63. Perfection! I definitely thought these were stacked snickerdoodles until I saw the title.

  64. Lisa C says:

    Just made these, and they were incredible! I didn’t want breakfast to end :(.
    Thanks, Katie!

  65. ellalinea says:

    I hadn’t ever heard of snickerdoodle cookies until i started reading your bloggie 😉

  66. Jessica says:

    Oh my! Katie these are amazing! I made a stack of the 6 and spread fresh nut butter on each level! TO DIE FOR!!

  67. Emily K. says:

    Oh goodness, I came here all excited to tell you I’d ALREADY made these pancakes and to tell you how AWESOME they are. I thought I’d be the first, but it seems a lot of other people are even faster than me in trying them! Holy YUMMY! I’m having more tomorrow! :) :)

  68. Snickerdoodle pancakes! Yummeeeee. Now that I know it means snail noodles that is what I will call them, as in “Would you like some snail noodle cookies?” Hilarious!

  69. I’ve never heard of a snickerdoodle pancake but I know I want one. :)

  70. Moni'sMeals says:

    what a clever idea! Snickerdoodle pancakes and even oatmeal. Now that is just what I needed. :) TGIF!

  71. Katherine says:

    Hey, finally got my blog up. You are on my blogroll :) Can you add me to yours?

  72. Quix says:

    Anything with cinnamon in it is a-ok in my book. These look amazing! Love your creative process.

  73. Ahhh, this looks amazing! I know what’s for breakfast on Sunday :)

  74. Lisa says:

    ooh. snickerdoodle blondies sounds amazing. You made me wanna bake really badly now!! I love this blog more and more everyday =)

  75. Mellie says:

    I love snickerdoodles but I don’t eat them that much. The pancakes look AMAZING!

  76. Ragnhild says:

    Hey Katie :) Can I be on your blog roll?

  77. Yes I’m a guy. Yes I blog. Yes I run cross country. Yes my team mates used to give me crap for having a blog…that is until I started making us all pancakes on weekends using some of your recipes. Except in much larger quantities lol. Thanks!

  78. lisa says:

    i’m not much of a fan of snickerdoodle cookies but those pancakes look yummy! My mom loves them too!

  79. Those look delicious! Did they really taste like snickerdoodles?

  80. Hiya!
    I just stumbled across your blog and love it! You are such genius in the kitchen. I think I’ve been eating your peanut butter cookie dough balls every day for the past week and just had to link you on my blog in my first post, I’m so obsessed with them. Keep up the good work, girl!

  81. Um, this is out of control amazing! I love it. Healthy too. :)

  82. How many pancakes would you say is a serving?

    1. This recipe makes about 6 pancakes.

  83. Minerva Garcia says:

    I just performed a face-off between your pancake recipe and another unmentionable healthy recipe blogger. The challenge was chickpea flour :) You are the champ! Thank you for always giving me a reason to eat breakfast and dessert for dinner :)

    1. Wow, thank YOU for SUCH kind words!

  84. katie says:

    I love love love all your recipes! At work I’ll go through recipe after recipe during lunch, wanting whatever it is I’m viewing as opposed to my meal, even if it is good! So many sweets, I love it!

  85. Jana says:

    Great, great great. I loved the recipe!! But I had to take mor soymilk,because my whole-wheat-flour soaked a lot…

  86. Josh says:

    So good!! Topped with a little bit of brown sugar and cinnamon..didn’t even use maple syrup. Thank you!

    1. Aww thank YOU for trying them!! :)

  87. Jen says:

    Just made these for my pm snack-amazzzing!!! I added a lil chocolate into the 2nd pancake, but its better without it for some reason! LOVE IT!!!!! Thanks you little genius!

    1. Aw you are so very welcome :).

  88. Camille says:

    I made these this morning and let me just say a PERFECT way to start off this beautful Sunday!! Cinnamon and I go together like Peanut butter and chocolate! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cinnamon and these pancakes represented that love so well! It has inspired me to start a new tradition: Pancake Sunday! I am soo excited about this.

  89. Kit-Kat says:

    I <3 Snickerdoodles. I loved them as a kid, and still do now.

  90. Leah says:

    I just wanted to say that I made these pancakes this morning and they are DELICIOUS! And so filling too.
    Thanks for this awesome recipe.

  91. Karina says:

    these were so yummy :) i split the recipe in half to eat as a snack and used whole wheat flour but still added 1 tsp cinnamon cause i love cinnamon :)

  92. Julie says:

    Just made these snickerdoodle pancakes. Kids like them! This is saying a lot since they normally won’t eat any pancakes except those crappy ones from a box mix. Way to go, Katie! Thank you!

  93. The Lodge Lady says:

    Hi, there…the pancakes look great but…the method seems to be missing.
    Do I assume the same method you use for the blueberry pancakes:
    “Combine dry ingredients in a bowl, then add wet. Mix, but don’t overmix. Cook on an oiled (or sprayed) pan, on low-medium, flipping each pancake once.”
    Please let me know.
    Continued success with your blog. I would love to try these!

  94. Katie says:

    I just made these and they were SOOO GOOD. I used whole wheat flour and almond milk and they tasted AWESOME.

  95. Jacquelyn says:

    I made these pancakes this morning. They were good, but very thin and a little chewy. Do you have a tip to help make them a little more fluffy? Thanks!

    1. These are supposed to be chewy like cookies. If you want fluffy, you should try the blueberry pie pancakes… so super fluffy ;).

  96. Arispa says:

    Just made these, SO good. I do have to ask, though how much batter do you use for each pancake?

  97. You are seriously the pancake genius! haha I am so excited to find this recipe…because I was talking to my husband and I asked him what a snickerdoodle was..I said dessert and he said a dog. I need to surprise him this week, to show him snickerdoodle is an awesome dessert :) Thanks for the post!

  98. Chalynda Jackson says:

    can i use another type of flour instead of spelt?

    1. Sorry, I haven’t tried so I really can’t predict the results of another flour other than what’s listed.

  99. Kim says:

    Katie, made these pancakes this am and they were soooo good. I could make the fast enough for the family. Thank you soooo much… I love your site. When is your cookbook coming out!!! Definitely buying one!!

    1. Aw thank you, Kim! I just started writing it, so it’ll be awhile.

  100. Do NOT try using Better Batter to make this gluten-free. FAIL. Stretchy, rubbery, nasty pancake…lol. I think my from-scratch mix will work great, but I am missing my finely ground brown rice flour. My store is out of it, and ordering it online incurs MAJOR shipping costs. So will make this with all of its gluten-y goodness once this weekend. :-) This really does taste like the cookie…

  101. Jenna says:

    These pancakes are AMAZING. I made them this morning and they changed my life. Seriously, so good. So good that I posted the recipe on my blog and threatened to write you a love letter. So thank you!!! I love your site and your recipes :)

    1. Aw I just saw your post… I almost didn’t make it to the pancakes, because the puppy was too cute :).

  102. Mrs. Price says:

    Just made these for a quick breakfast. I let the kids eat first…then they went after mine! Super yummy!

  103. Cassidy says:

    Hey Katie, I’ve never had fat free pancakes and you often say “Add 1 tbs oil if you don’t like fat free pancakes.” Just curious, what do they taste like? How are they different? Ps: You should make more oatmeal recipes! I love the ones you’ve made!

  104. Jule says:

    Don’t know about the “healthy” part but they sure are delicious. Just had them for dinner. lol

  105. amanda says:

    these were the best pancakes i ever had, and i mean EVER. thanks katie!!

  106. Patty says:

    These sound delicious, I repinned, to win.

  107. Rebecca Kimrey says:

    I repinned the snickerdoodle Pancakes. Yum!!

  108. Anne R says:

    I re-pinned the snickerdoodle pancakes. Anything “snickerdoodle” has to be delicious!

  109. Karen says:

    Hi, love the flavor, but mine were gooey in the middle even though golden brown on outside. I have never used spelt before – is that the nature of spelt? Also, do you cook these on a fairly hot griddle just like a regular pancake. Thanks! I’m new to discovering your site. My 17 year old daughter loves the cinnamon bun baked oatmeal. Until now she has refused to eat any oatmeal. Now she requests these every morning. Thanks!

    1. I’m not sure because mine turned out just fine, but try cooking your pancakes on a slightly lower heat and wait until the bubbles appear on the top, before you flip them.

  110. angi says:

    I just had to drop you a line. I found your site honestly by stumbling upon in it. I have been so tired of boring eggs for my sons breakfast and started with your oatmeal bakes. i am now starting on pancakes i just mixed up snickerdoodle for morning and almost cant wait they smell so good way to go making healthy taste good!

    1. Thank you for trying them, Angi! :)

  111. RGG says:

    Why spelt flour in all your recipes??? Also you are so thin how in the world do you achieve that and make and eat all this delicious stuff???

  112. Kristen says:

    Made today with whole wheat flour and added 1 serving of liquid egg whites and these were amazing! Sooooo delicious. I yielded 4 decent sized pancakes which was more than enough for me. Thanks for these recipes.

  113. bob says:

    Could I use water as the liquid?

  114. Emily says:

    I didn’t have any regular soy milk so I used chocolate soy milk instead, and it tastes great!!!

  115. Paige says:

    I don’t mean to be negative, because I love everything on your site – but these tasted terrible. I was so disappointed. Flat, somehow, and icky. Like not filling enough but left a bad taste in my mouth.

    LOVE your blueberry muffin ones, though! You’re gorgeous and wonderful. :) Just an honest opinion.

  116. Gabby says:

    Oh my god…. oh my god! I just got through eating a batch of these and let me tell you folks, these pancakes are absolutely UNBELIEVABLE!!! Best pancakes ever made. Period. Like holy crap these were good. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting them to turn out good at all. Mainly because I’ve cooked up my fair share of these so-called “diet” and vegan pancakes, and, quite frankly, they’ve never turned out good. So I admit I was pretty skeptical about these. But whoa man, as soon as I took a bite out of these pancake-shaped pieces of heaven, I about died with how good they were! Delicious AND healthy? Incredible! Although…. I do admit that I did decide to throw in the tbs. of canola oil… and I DID sprinkle some cinnamon-sugar on top… but still! I’m sure they’d still be delicious without them :) The texture was just awesome. It was super dense, thick, chewy, and filling – just like a snickerdoodle cookie! One batch and I was stuffed! They were soft and very snickerdoodle-like, much to my surprise. Will DEFINITELY be making these again. Maybe one day I’ll go crazy and add in a little bit of cocoa powder or peanut butter ^_^ Thanks soo much for this amazing recipe, it tasted JUST like that favorite cookie of mine, great job Katie. :)

  117. Kerri says:

    Unfortunately I made this gluten and dairy free(due to allergies) and they did not turn out well :( they were flat, chewy, and the flavor didn’t come through :(

  118. Lara says:

    I just had to laugh really hard when I saw you talking about “snail noodles” 😀 The german word Schneckennudeln refers to a patstry which is made of yeasted dough that gets rolled out, then covered in cinnamon, sugar, sometimes raisins or nuts and butter and then rolled up. It’s similar to cinnamon rolls! And very delicious.
    What I am really wondering about now is, why do us germans have so many patries that are called “noodles”? Weird!

  119. Judith says:

    Hey Katie, I’m german and I recently discovered your blog. Chocolicious! I just wanted to tell you the german word “snickerdoodles” relates to. It’s “Schneckennudel” (pronounced something like “shnackennoodle”) and it’s referring to the snail’s shell, not to its body 😀 it’s a kind of pastry made from yeast and cinnamon/nuts/poppy seeds and it’s absolutely yummy! Check this out:
    Keep rocking this fantastic site, best wishes from Hamburg, Germany!

  120. Jocelyn says:

    Can I use wheat flour?

  121. Graby says:

    Wow. these are spectacular!!!!!! i def got the texture wrong but even with that, they were out of this world. Thank you!!!!

  122. Shannon says:

    If using Bob’s gf flour do you have to add xantham or guar gum?

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      I’ve made these successfully with Bob’s flour and did not have to add any xanthan gum.

  123. Christa says:

    I only had about 1/3 cup of milk left, so I added warm condensed milk to make the difference and it worked out really well! I would have reduced the sugar had I known, ’cause I had sweetened condensed milk, but it was still awesome.

  124. Jen says:

    I love this recipe so much! Definitely one of my favorite pancakes. :) but every time I make it, I end up with only 3 silver dollar pancakes. Am I doing something wrong?

  125. miranda says:

    These are delicious! My favorite thing about them is the consistency! such a light texture. How would you suggest replacing the milk for yogurt in a recipe like this?

  126. Amy says:

    Making these for breakfast right now! So excited :) haven’t made a recipe yet that I was disappointed with. Katie I only found you about a month ago but I have a terrible sweet tooth and I think you saved me hahaha love love love! Keep up the great work you’re awesome!

  127. Stephanie says:

    Hi Katy,
    I made this today for my daughter using white whole wheat flour and light coconut milk and they were rather moist and gummy. Any ideas on how to make them light and fluffy? This made 4 four-inch cakes.


    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Unfortunately the recipe doesn’t call for white whole wheat flour, so that’s probably what you did wrong in your batch. For more troubleshooting, you can always click on CCK’s recipe faq page at the top of the blog.

      1. Stephanie says:

        Oops, my bad, it actually was WHITE not www flour. I may give these another try once I replenish my spelt, but after reading several other commenters, I may just not like the texture that these come out with.

  128. Jen says:

    Could you substitute ground flax for the flour? We are doing a detox right now that doesn’t allow any dairy or gluten.

  129. Christine says:

    I just made these and they were FANTASTIC! Thanks for the recipe!

  130. Kusona says:

    Just made this but I used oat flour because that’s what I had. They didn’t come out as fluffy but they were still really good!

  131. ericka says:


  132. Emily says:

    I have been obsessed with trying all the pancake recipes lately.. these were so good. I made them with oat flour (blended up oatmeal) in order to make them gluten free and I just feel like it is a little bit of a healthier option that using the premixed flour. They were fluffy and yummy. :)

  133. Alexia says:

    Will this work with unrefined cane sugar?

  134. Maria says:

    Do these really have no eggs or binding agent? I’ve never seen pancakes without a binding agent….

  135. Betty Murin says:

    I tried this recipe, turned out great. I wonder if you had someone read this and didn’t know how to make pancakes, just what they would do. There were no instructions.

  136. Jessica says:

    I just made these for breakfast and they were SO DELICIOUS. I honestly could not believe how they tasted almost exactly like snickerdoodles and were under 250 calories for the whole batch. Thank you so much for this recipe, I’m literally going to be making this every other day for breakfast now haha!

  137. Theresa says:

    I’m gonna give people gifts in a jar with this recipe for Christmas! I think chocolate chips would be awesome in it too keep up the amazing work! God bless

  138. Bridget says:

    Katie these were absolutely delicious! They were just like a snickerdoodle cookie – warm and chewy; which is good because those are my favorite cookies. I used my own mix of gluten free flour and coconut sugar, and they turned out wonderful with the right amount of sweetness for me. I topped them with cinnamon to amp the flavor.
    By the way I have been looking through all your old blog posts. It has been so fun to see you grow as a blogger; now your future looks so bright with a cookbook under your belt. Congratulations! Thank you for satisfying our sweet tooth’s.

  139. I tried these with a combo of Bob’s all-purpose GF and sorghum GF flours, and they came out really fluffy – for any other celiacs and/or wheat allergy eaters out there!

  140. Glennie says:

    You’ve come out with so many new wonderful things, when is a new book coming? I seem to have problems printing & I use your book a LOT. thank you so much for all you do.

    1. Thank you so much! For printing recipes on the actual site, you can always just highlight the recipe and right-click (or press “control” and “c” keys on your keyboard). Then open a Word document and paste :)

  141. kiran says:

    no eggs?