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Snickerdoodle Pancakes

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Good morning, Snickerdoodles!

Do you like snickerdoodle cookies? They’re not my favorite, because they don’t have chocolate! But my mom adores snickerdoodles. So, for Mothers’ Day, I decided to get creative with her breakfast.

Light, fluffy, & super delicious pancakes that taste like homemade cookies! Full recipe:

Apparently, the name “snickerdoodle” comes from a German word for “snail noodles” (a type of pastry). Yummy? 😕

snickerdoodle pancakes

Snickerdoodle Pancakes

(makes 6 super-fat pancakes)

  • 1/2 cup spelt, all-purpose, or Bob’s gf flour
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • pinch uncut stevia OR 2 tbsp sugar (You can use less if you’re planning to top with syrup and therefore don’t want the actual pancakes to taste sweet. With this amount, the pancakes taste kind of like cookies, even with no toppings!)
  • 1/2 cup plus 1 tbsp milk of choice, or more for thinner pancakes
  • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • tiny bit over 1/16 tsp salt
  • Unless you like the texture of fat-free pancakes, I recommend adding 1 tbsp oil (for fat-free, use an extra tbsp milk of choice)

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snickerdoodle pancakes

She loved them! After adding just a smidge of vegan butter and a tiny sprinkle of cinnamon sugar (more for appearance than taste), she proclaimed, “I feel like I’m eating snickerdoodle cookies for breakfast!”

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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. YUM!! Bring on Pancake Sunday!! 😀 Seriously, every Sunday I just turn to YOUR awesome recipes!!

    And weirdly enough, I think snickerdoodle spaghetti sounds pretty good! 😛

  2. my MOM LOVES SNICKERDOODLES TOO! it must be some mother thang!… these actually look like LEGIT snickerdoodle cookies… idk how you did that but you DID IT WELL!
    HELLZ to the yeah ive eaten snickerdoodle cookies!

  3. Ummm seriously?! Snickerdoodles are one of my favorite childhood pasttimes. Can I even consider a cookie a pasttime? Well.. I am! These look great!

  4. I have that same paper you used for the background! 🙂
    SNickerdoodle pancakes is SO creative and sounds delicious!

  5. Veronica says:

    I’ve never been a fan of snickerdoodles, but I’m all over anything else with the same flavor profile, like these pancakes and the oatmeal! YUM! I know, I’m strange. 🙂 Oh, and you know what else is sooo yummy? Snickerdoodle blondies. I dare you to veganize them!

    1. Melissa says:

      Snickerdoodle BLONDIES? They exist?
      Off to google! Loooove snickerdoodles and blondies. 😉

      1. Veronica says:

        Yes! They are so yummy, even better than the cookies! I made this recipe, but it’s not vegan:

        1. Veronica says:

          The only thing that needs nixed is the eggs (and vegan butter for the butter), but I bet a egg sub would work.

          1. Melissa says:

            Oh yeah, easy peasy! That’s so veganizable… it’s dangerous! Must make. Thanks for the link!

    2. I think it needs to be done!

  6. Liz says:

    Katie I have a challange for you! Will you make vegan poptarts in super awesome flavors? (like snickerdoodle…yum!!)

    1. *Puts it on her to-try list*
      My sister says she has a cookbook with a poptart recipe… I may just have to ask her to forward it to me. Then I can play around with it and see if it can be veganized/made healthy!

      1. Jennifer says:

        I am glad someone asked about Poptarts! I can’t wait for that recipe 🙂

  7. Melissa says:

    Hrm… I wonder what adding a smidge of cream of tartar would do to these? That’s the thing I love about snickerdoodles… that little… *lip smack* that cream of tartar adds. Full disclosure: I always add extra(!) since I love it. Oh, and I go overboard on cinnamon.

    Totes making these. I’ll see if adding cream of tartar screws the pooch or not, eh? LOL.

    1. I would’ve used some… but we were out!

      1. Melissa says:

        Oh noes! Disastersauce!! 😉

  8. Emily says:

    I think cinnamon sugar sketti would be good! And your pictures are getting better everyday!!

    1. Thank u!!! And lol I bet Will Ferrel (in Elf) would like snickerdoodle spaghetti!

  9. Tabitha says:

    I never was a fan of snickerdoodles as a kid, but I LOVE them now (probably has something to do with my mild obsession with cinnamon…yum!) Liz Lovely makes the best, chewiest, and most delicious vegan snickerdoodles I’ve ever tasted. I had to make a snickerdoodle version of a raw cookie dough balls, and I’m pretty much addicted. I am DEFINITELY going to make these pancakes! Please excuse me while I wipe the drool from my mouth now…

    1. Ooh I completely forgot about my Snickerdoodle Fudge Babies until you mentioned your raw cookie balls. Also, I’ll have to look for those Liz Lovely cookies!

      1. Melissa says:


        I grabbed a great groupon like deal for $30 of cookies for $15 and I’ve been eating half a frozen (very important, I like them frozen since they get gooey/chewier) Liz Lovely each day since. The Snickerdudes. are. AWESOME. So are the gluten free chocolate ones and chocolate mint ones. *drooooooool* I got the chocolate moose non-gluten free ones and they were good but the GF ones rocked my freaking socks off.

        I’m all out of GF chocolate cookies and now I am sad.

        Katie, they taste like COOKIE DOUGH. You’ll love them. LOVE THEM.
        (GF chocolate. Seriously. DO IT.) Best cookies in the world, hands down.

        1. Tabitha says:

          AGREED! All of the flavors I’ve had were amazing. The only gluten-free kind I’ve tried so far are the chocolate mint, and they were phenominal. I got that deal too, and I fully intend to get a whole case of gluten-free cookies (well…I might have to try the peanut butter ones). OMG…I have to stop talking about them. Best.cookies.ever!

  10. I love snickerdoodles! And I love your snickerdoodle pancakes. I must make them soon! The Snickerdoodle oatmeal really excites meeee

  11. Kari says:

    Love! I don’t bookmark your recipes one by one anymore because I’d have too many. Fortunately your recipe page is very well-organized.

    Snickerdoodles always remind me of the State Fair and those enormous fried “elephant ears” mostly because they also had lots of cinnamon and sugar.

    1. I am so happy you think my recipe page is organized… because I am so embarrassed at how UNorganized it seems! I just have so many recipes and don’t know how to best organize them all :-?.

  12. McKella says:

    I LOVE snickerdoodles! Chocolatey stuff is usually my dessert of choice, but cinnamony stuff is a close second. I love the smell of cinnamon. Cinnamon rolls, snickerdoodles, apple pie, mmmm…time to go make pancakes.

  13. Lenna says:

    Those pancakes look mmmmmmmmmhazing!:) I seriously have no idea what snickerddole is and if they sell it in my country, so I don´t know if I´d like it, but considering it contains cinnamon – yes, I would probably like it a lot:)

  14. These snickerdoodle Pancakes look amazing! I love snickerdoodles- I just made a great batch on my blog but I never thought to make them into pancakes! They sounds sooo good and look pretty easy! Thanks!

  15. Gen says:

    Yuum!!! Even though its not chocolate, I looove cinnamon+sugar!!!! 😀

  16. Yum! Snickerdoodle pancakes?!? They totally look like cookies. I’m so down with that!

  17. Oh my those pancakes actually look like cookies! I like snickerdoodles, but really I’d just prefer chocolate. I wouldn’t say no to snickerdoodle ice cream or blondies though.

  18. Abby says:

    I love snickerdoodles! They are my Grandma Rosie’s signature cookie. They definitely have a special place in my heart.

  19. Lori says:

    I must make these for my daughter. She loves snickerdoodles!

  20. tea-bag says:

    when i was in high school my bf said he’d buy me his favorite snickerdoodle cookie from starbucks. imagine my surprise (and disappointment) that snickerdoodles have nothing to do with snickers! false advertising!

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