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Blue Velvet Cupcakes – No food coloring needed!

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blue velvet cupcakes

People love Red Velvet.

But why does it have to only be red velvet? What about green velvet, purple velvet, or—dare I say it—blue velvet? When I was asked to make cupcakes for a boy baby shower, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to try my hand at blue velvet cupcakes. However, two problems existed: One, I wanted the cupcakes to be natural (no blue food coloring). And two, I didn’t have a healthy chocolate cupcake recipe!

EDIT: There is finally now also a  Healthy Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe.

blue cupcakes

Experiments are always fun when they include chocolate, because you get to eat the not-so-perfect trials. (Fortunately and unfortunately for me, I got this cupcake recipe right on the first try.)  At first, I’d planned to use a recipe straight from the cookbook, VCTOTW. But as I worked, I changed it up completely!

Blue Velvet Cupcakes

(healthy and low-fat!)

  • 1 cup spelt or white flour
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder
  • 3/4 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1 1/2 tbsp cornstarch
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 3/4 cup sugar of choice
  • 1 and 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup yogurt (I used SoDelicious plain coconut)
  • 3 tablespoons canola oil or melted coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup milk of choice
  • 1/2 cup blueberries (60 grams)

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Mash or puree the blueberries (or just leave ’em whole). Mix dry ingredients, then add in wet. Don’t overmix. Pour into 12 cupcake liners, and bake 22-24 minutes. The blueberries didn’t exactly turn the cupcakes blue; but they are blue in spirit… and when you bite into one, you can see the blue from those lovely–and antioxidant-packed–berries.

Click for notes about a fat-free version.

blue velvet cupcake

Since I wasn’t really a guest at the shower, I didn’t eat one of the final-product cupcakes. However, I did eat an unfrosted one (straight out of the oven) that morning as part of my breakfast! Someone had to be a taste-tester, right?

The Icing on the Cake

2013 EDIT: I frosted the cupcakes with Pillsbury (surprisingly vegan), but if I were to make them again I would use my new favorite frosting of choice: Vegan Cool Whip. Just add a blueberry or two for a vibrant frosting.

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. Thanks for another creative recipe!

    I definitely definitely want to have children – I’ve found the right guy, but now I almost want to wait longer to just enjoy him for awhile after we get married.

  2. AHHHH yo u have created a new THING girl! i can see this going far! i mean who ever started red velvet? whynot BLUE! love it!

    yes i defs wnt kids! i think at least…. i know i wnt to name my girl Aubrey or Aubree

  3. yes I definitely want kids! 3 at least :) I know what I want my daughters name to be (after my grandmother) but boy names are tough for me!

  4. Lenna says:

    Lovely recipe! Well, I don´t think about having kids now or in any near future, but who knows what life brings…oh, I am speaking like my grandma:))

  5. I don’t have kids but I do want at least 1 but hopefully 2. I used to want 5 or 6! Yikes. I have a few names that I do like — I like Molly or Marjory for a girl and Jack for a boy :)

    1. Awww Molly! Yes, go with Molly!!! :) :)

      1. Oh I didn’t even think about your Molly :)

        It was my Grandma’s name and for some reason I’ve always wanted to have a child with a name that rhymed with mine! I have a friend who jokes that I’m going to have a bunch of kids with rhyming names: Polly, Molly, Wally and Dolly!

      2. Emely says:

        Don’t forget Lolly and Raleigh! :)

  6. Kaysie says:

    that is so funny that you posted this! I love red velvet cake… so much so that I told my pastry chef friend to make “blue velvet cake” for my baby shower in a few weeks cause I am having a boy! Great minds think alike 😉

    1. Wow, that is creepy coincidential… and really cool! I bet your cake is going to be beautiful! :)

  7. One of the sweetest, nicest, most giving women and mothers I know is a lady named Gardenia. I think it’s a beautiful name!

    I never wanted children. At all!!! Until I was about 27-28. Then my clock started ticking so loudly that it boomed. I told Scott i HAD to be pregnant. Like yesterday. And a month later, I was. And the rest is history :)

    1. I love the name too! Who knows… I might rethink my choice to throw it off my list. Maybe I’ll someday have a kid named Gardenia after all. :)

    2. Julie says:

      Averie you sound like me. I want kids so bad right now that I cry over cute kids on commercials, my heart aches, I dream about it, I talk about it a lot, and then my husband goes to work and talks about it too. We’ve chosen Aurora for our first daughter, and Camden for our first son.

      We knew we were getting closer to being ready for kids when the screaming kids in grocery stores no longer annoyed us :-)

      Katie, so funny that you chose blue velvet. I hate the color red, and always said that if I ever get around to making red velvet cake, I would make it blue.

  8. I’ve always known I would be a mother, some way some how. I already have my perfect little girl name picked out, but boy names are more difficult for me.

  9. BLUE velvet?! I love it you are a GENIUS!! These are PERFECT cos I am a huuuuge blueberry fan, and obviously I like chocolate a little bit too 😉

    I want a whole LITTER of children hehe! I like names based from people I love! So the name Katie is a firm favourite :)

    1. Wow, Emma, this comment actually made me cry! And in a good way, of course. I just can’t believe how sweet you are!
      Also, I used to want to name my daughter Emma. No joke. But then Friends had to come along and make the name trendy… so now everyone is named Emma LOL! I guess everyone knows what a good name it is!

      1. Catherine says:

        Oh my gosh, me too! I loved the name Emma and was so mad when Rachel named her baby that, because I knew there would be many to follow. But I still think it’s a beautiful name.

  10. I am definitely looking forward to being a mom. Don’t want to be one in the near future, but I’m looking forward to having the husband and family. As for names, I want to name a daughter Vivien. Other than that, no clue. I think I’ll let my husband decide. lol

  11. Too cute! I’ve always wondered why it had to be red, too!

  12. I definitely could be perfectly happy never having kids. I think working in the preschool ruined them for me! I may be able to handle one – years down the road, of course – but I’m not exactly overflowing with maternal instincts, so I’d have to come a long way from where I am right now to consider it!

  13. I think you’ve outdone yourself this time! They are so cute! I think one day I would love to have children, but for right now, I am happy to be a career gal :)

  14. Emily says:

    Ah I don’t know about kids. I always said I didn’t want them and I still don’t… But who knows, maybe in the very distant future I will. If I DID had a baby, I would have to name her Grace. And yes it would have to be a girl. See? So not ready for kids.

  15. Eric Jaffa says:

    In the early 1990s I collected versions of the song, “Blue Velvet.”

    It was before MP3s, and so I bought the whole CD for each recording (and got to listen to other songs performed by the artist.)

    1. There’s a song? Too cool! When I was little, I always thought that if I had a band, I’d call it “Blue Roses.” :)

  16. Barb says:

    i can’t wait to try these! they look delicious

  17. Jennifer JCD says:

    Oooh, blue velvet, now that’s my kind of cupcake!

    As for kids, I love them, I really do, but my husband and I have decided not to have any of our own. I teach Brownies and volunteer with kids as much as possible so I can get my kid ‘fix’ every week. :)

  18. Blue velvet cupcakes. How clever! I just happen to have blueberries in the fridge right now so maybe I should give this recipe a shot?! I hope to have kids one day but right now, it sounds so scarrrrrry. I will name my baby after a country, fruit or a piece of food 😉

    1. Diane says:

      Name them ‘Brazil Nut’ and kill two birds with one stone! 😉

  19. Love this recipe!

    I tell myself that if I want to have kids, I should probably try to do it by 35, but that’s only ten years from now! I’ll be done with my masters and RD-training in a little less than two years, so I figure that will be a good time to check back in.

  20. Angela says:

    Mmmmmm…looks delicious. I can’t wait to try them out.

    I already have one child (Elli) who is 8 months. I would love to have at least one more. She has a healthy appetite and so far loves everything. A future taste-tester will be fantastic for me.

  21. Beautiful cupcakes! I appreciate that you didn’t resort to using food coloring.

    I absolutely want to have kids… and hopefully sometime soon. My husband and I have been married for two years, I’m two years shy of 30, and we’re settled in this area – it’s time ;). I like Jack for a boy, and Lily for a girl. I used to love the name Isabella, but there are so many now thanks to Twilight!

  22. Blueberries sound so good in a cupcake!

    I do not have children yet (well.. I mean.. by birth. I consider my 17 students to all be my children ;))
    I definitely want them someday though! I can’t wait to be a mother!

  23. Being a mom is my biggest life goal. I love kids and can’t wait to raise my own! I’d love three- two boys and a girl. Because I think boys are easier to raise during the teen years, but I’d still love a girl to have the mother-daughter bond with!!

  24. Renée says:

    I don’t really plan on having kids, but I’ve always loved the name Aurora for a girl. I don’t know what name I’d like for a boy though. I think of names I like all the time but none of them have stuck with me enough to remember them!

  25. Lauren says:

    These are so pretty, love the icing! I definitely want to have kids, probably somewhere in the next 5-10 years. My husband and I are those crazy people who have already named all our children like waaaayyy before they’re born! HAHA! Who knows if we’ll stick with them once they’re actually born, but we’ll see I guess! :)

  26. Lilly says:

    I have always wanted to me a mom, since I can remember! Maybe adoption, maybe kids of my own, but def being a mommy in the future.

  27. Laura says:

    I’ve always wanted to a mother. I played with dolls until I was 15 years old, and on my 14th christmas I got a real babies pram to play with with my ‘babies’. Crazy. I love alot of names, espescially girls. Clara, Eden, Cadence, Talullah, Georgie, Jazelle, Hanna, Lucie….okay, yes i’ll stop- there are loads. My mum is called Claire though so i’m hoping to call my first daughter Clara. As for boys names I really like Robert, Leo, and Louis! :)

    1. Aww Clara reminds me of the pretty girl in the Nutcracker!

  28. Katie! Where were you when I was making my BFF’s baby shower cake?! she’s having a boy and I made a Strawberry Chantilly. Bright pink. Haha! It was good though!

    If you can vegan-ize it and make it blue, I’ll be forever impressed/indebted/will bring it to her son’s birth. His name will be Jackson – isn’t that cute?!

    I don’t want kids, but my bestie’s child is going to be “mine.” He’s already the recipient of a running stroller for me to cart him around in. :)

    1. LOL maybe I should’ve made your strawberry dessert for this baby shower. The doctor says the girl is having a boy, but my mom swears she is going to have a girl b/c of how she’s carrying her belly.

  29. Luciana says:

    Those are too cute! Adding the blueberries was a great idea!
    I want one kid. I’m so set on that I’ll probably end up with identical triplets or something. My husband and I can never agree on names! We both want something not too popular, but not completely made-up, either. We like Autumn for a girl, but what if she’s born in the summer?

  30. Jenny says:

    I almost thought that the frosting on the cupcakes had been coloured blue by the pureed blueberries in the recipe, haha! I was thinking “Wow, those must’ve been some funky-coloured blueberries…” 😛

    I’d definitely like children, but have never thought about baby names! I used to be horrified at the idea of having children, but I guess something changed along the way.

    I love the little blue “pearls” you put on the cupcakes! Makes ’em look so professional. Very nice touch!

  31. Cute! Your photos are gorgeous, and good idea using blueberries for a natural coloring! As for kids, not a fan. But I’m an only child, so I feel like I have to procreate at some point to carry on the family legacy or whatever. If I had a brother or sister to do that duty, I would totally never have one. But I guess I should someday. I’m putting that off until the last possible second though. At least if I do have a kid, it’ll be a vegan kid, and those are way cooler.

  32. I’m in my earlier twenties and have been married a wee bit over 2.5 yeras, but I’m still very not ready for kids! One day, yes, but not today!

  33. tracey says:

    Hi Katie,
    Sorry to hear of the passing of sweet Molly.

    On a more sweet note… have you ever made a single serving brownie? Searched but didn’t see one on your blog. I just had a sweet baby girl, Evelyn Ruth, so my baking time is limited. I am loving the single serving recipes for a quick healthy treat with easy clean up.
    I am going to use the cookie recipe (to create a brownie) and add some cocoa…wish me luck!
    :) Tracey

    1. I haven’t done brownies yet :(. I am a chocolate-covered disgrace; I don’t even have a NON-single brownie recipe posted here! Hard to believe, right?
      Luckily, I am planning to at least post a blondie recipe later this week. Perhaps brownies need to follow soon after!

      Oh, and good luck!

  34. Yum! Blue velvet sounds awesome. Although I don’t remember ever having red velvet anything, haha. I already have kids. I never really wanted kids but now that I have them I would never ever even think about wanting to go back. It really is the greatest joy in my life :)

  35. Sam says:

    I definitely would like to have children – some day. My fiance and I are getting married next summer and I would like to enjoy a few years of “just the two of us” before we think about kids. I always thought I would want two, but one might be nice as well. I guess we’ll see what happens when we get there! As for names – I have no idea!

  36. I’d love to try blue velvet! I’m all for blueberries. :) They look beautiful, too!!

    I’d love to have kids someday. I think 2, maybe 3..4 TOPS would be nice. :)

  37. What about a healthy chocolate cupcake with pink frosting in the centre? So I’ll know who to call when I’m having a baby shower for myself :) waaaaay down the road though. I would love to have a girl someday, but I don’t know what I’d name her…yet.

    1. Haha I wanted to name my daughter Dawn after I read all the Babysitter’s Club books! :)

  38. bitt of raw says:

    I realize the bottom of the cake doesn’t have the food coloring, but you used some on the top, right? Or did just the blueberries make that color? Blueberries always dye everything purple not blue unfortunately.

    Vegan Cupcakes is a great book!

    1. Oh lol yes, the frosting definitely has food coloring! 😉

  39. I’m just getting caught up on bloggery after having been away all weekend and first wanted to say I’m sorry for your loss. I completely know what it feels like to lose a dog – they’re every bit as much a ‘family member’ as the parents, siblings, etc. But onto happier things – cupcakes! These look divine, and I love the idea of blue velvet, although I can’t hear ‘blue velvet’ without thinking ‘blue steel,’ which of course brings me to Zoolander, which of course brings a smile to my face. Sorry for the total stream of consciousness here, and thank you for the lovely cupcake inspiration :)

    1. Haha don’t be sorry. I love that movie too… even though I’ve only seen it once (a long time ago!)

  40. LoveCupcakes says:

    Great job! A Blue Velvet cupcakes made from Blue Berry. But is there any way to make the cupcake itself to turn blue without using any food coloring?

    1. Maybe if you didn’t use the cocoa, the blue from the blueberries would be more prominent? (Add an equal amount more flour for the omitted cocoa powder.) I can’t really think of any other ways… except to make your guests wear blue-tinted glasses ;).

  41. Ragnhild says:

    Wow, those cupcakes are soo cute!
    I really want a family someday, but first I need to find a good houstband 😉 I love names from The Bible, like Benjamin (my favorit), Lucas and Noah

  42. blueberries and chocolate sounds amazing! it reminds me of Trader Joe’s powerberries, which I’m pretty sure I can inhale in an hour.

    I definitely want kids, but not now! As of the moment, I want a big family considering how lonely it was growing up as an only child. But I know that number is going to reduce after having one kid.

  43. Stephanie says:

    I must be an odd one as I’ve never wanted kids. Just happy to be childfree and spoil my nieces and nephews and of course, my furry boy. I’m 37 now and still no tick tock.

  44. How cute! They look delicious

  45. These look so cute…I bet everyone loved them! Not to mention I def took a little looks at that red velvet pancake recipe :)

  46. Jess says:

    this is a great idea since i have everything on hand for once, i might try it this weekend. i love cupcakes :)

    Also, yeah thinking about kids, certainly not now, for two reasons, but hopefully later, depending on what options are available. I have my heart set on at least one girl, because I want to name a child after my favorite anime character, Tima. I also like Antonella, which is my beef’s sister’s name. For a boy, I have a solid Charles; I’m unsure what else I would like.

  47. Moni'sMeals says:

    this is great Katie! Your photography again is just stellar! I will make these for sure.

    Yes, I want kids…ideally in 1-2 years. No must plans but that is just ideal as we are soooo busy right now. :)

  48. All I’ve got in my head is that really ancient song Blue Velvet by Bobby Vinton, “she wore bluuuuuuueeee velvet, ooh, ooh ooooooh” :-)
    I know it’s weird but I don’t want children. I love my nephew, goddaughter and friends’ kids and really enjoy having them and being around them – but don’t want my own!
    If I ever did though, I love Saffron or Siena for a girl and George for a boy.
    Hope you’re feeling better x

    1. Haha there was a Xerox commercial once, where they sang: “She wore… brown.” It was that song. And then they had a bunch of other color songs where they replaced “brown” (in a monotone voice) with all the colors as if to say, if the color is messed up, it doesn’t work very well. It was the funniest commercial!

  49. Oooh, these look so delicious!

  50. Emma says:

    your photos are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST AMAZING!!!!!!

    1. Emma, you are the SWEETEST!