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Healthy Chocolate Pecan Pie

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Impossible healthy Chocolate pecan pie.

Impossible Healthy Pecan Pie - NO Butter, and NO Corn Syrup!... Full recipe: @choccoveredkt

Of course chocolate.

Would you expect anything less from a chocolate-covered blog?

vegan pecan pie

You all saw my ugly pecan pie.

Luckily, the second try for this healthy chocolate pecan pie turned out much prettier–and much more delicious.

This secretly healthy pecan pie is the perfect balance of gooey, chewy, rich, and sweet. If you can’t stop eating the raw batter, you know a recipe’s going to be good!

chocolate pecan pie


Healthy Chocolate Pecan Pie

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  • 1 cup raw pecans (plus extras for garnish)
  • 12.3 oz silken-firm tofu (one Mori-Nu package)
  • 2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 2 tsp cornstarch or arrowroot
  • 1/2 cup agave or pure maple syrup (See nutrition link, below, for a sugar-free idea)
  • pinch uncut stevia OR 1 tablespoon sugar 
  • 2 tbsp molasses (or more agave, if you don’t want a molasses flavor)
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder


Blend all ingredients, except pecans, in a food processor until very smooth. Then add the pecans and pulse a few times until they’re chopped. Pour into a prepared pie crust, and top with additional pecans if desired. Bake in a preheated oven at 350 degrees, for 45 minutes. If you serve the pie immediately, it’ll be very gooey (not necessarily a bad thing). But if you let it chill in the fridge, it firms up quite nicely the longer it sits. The pie fills up a prepared graham-cracker crust. If your crust is bigger, you might want to make 1 and 1/2 servings or even double the recipe. I cut this pie into 9 slices for the party, but that was because people often prefer “taste-size” slices at parties with many desserts. I’d say this recipe could comfortably serve six.

View Healthy Pecan Pie Nutrition Facts

Healthy Chocolate Pecan Pie

Question of the Day:
How do you pronounce “pecan”?

I always said it pee-can (like toucan) until I moved to Texas. There, people told me I had it all wrong, and it was pee-cahn, or even puh-cahn. They take it very seriously down here… kind of like the “sprinkles or jimmies” debate. By the way, does anyone say “jimmies”? I’ve never met anyone who does!

almond breeze coconut milk


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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. I LOVE Almond Breeze – can’t wait to try these new flavors.

    I say puh-cahn or pee-cahn pie. What’s funny was after I had your pronunciation in my head it was REALLY hard to figure out what I naturally say. Ha. We had pecan pie for Thanksgiving this year.

  2. Katie says:

    Definitely “puh-cahn”, and I’m from “deep” south Louisiana. This looks FANTASTIC!! Can’t wait to try CCK!!

  3. Barb says:

    i’m from the philadelphia area, and everyone i know says “jimmies” for rainbow colored, especially. chocolate are still “sprinkles”, most times. I’ve always said “sprinkles”..

    I’ve never been a fan of pecan pie, but probably because I just love other pies so much! Your recipe makes me want to try it! Maybe I’ll be a convert.. :) Glad you had a happy holiday!

  4. Audrey says:

    I say pecan like you do. I also say sprinkles…and pop (for carbonated beverages).

  5. Okay…so making this! I gotta get me some tofu 😀

  6. Joy says:

    Jimmies are chocolate
    Sprinkles are rainbow!
    Pea can is how I say it

  7. Just saw the almond milk on Hungry Girl and cannot wait to try it! Also, I call them jimmies – it’s actually not Politically Correct at all but is I think a New England thing.

  8. Hi. Dying dying dead. Pecan pie is kind of my addiction. Protein surge FTW.

  9. Katie says:

    Definitely “puh-cawn” (The “w” just seemed right, I …stretch… the word so much), but then, I use terms like “y’all”, “hunker down”, and “I reckon so” pretty regularly.

  10. This looks phenomenal, I can’t wait to try it out! I now have reason to stop by the grocery store tonight and pick up some tofu :-)

    I say pecan like you do, though I am from the north…I think PEA-can is more of a southern thing…though I’m no expert :-) I think it can be said either way as long as it’s tasty and going in my mouth. :-) :-)

    Jimmies…such a north east thing. I just moved out to Boston from Minnesota and everyone I talk with out here calls them jimmies; it took me a while to understand what on earth they were talking about!

    keep these recipes coming Katie, they’re fantastic!

  11. Tine says:

    Lovely recipe! Gonna try this!
    Question: is the extra sugar necessary if you already use agave of maple syrup? Or do you need it for the ‘texture’ of the pie?

    1. Depending on your sweet tooth, you might think it’s sweet enough without it.

  12. merry says:

    i say peecan or puh-can. but i say jimmies! and i’m from new hampshire :)

  13. I have yet to try pecan pie in my life! Craziness! Must make ASAP! This sounds amazing.

  14. Crystal says:

    Oh Katie I was SOOOO wrong our pies are NOTHING alike!! Here is the recipe and picture of my pie …

    If you ever feel like making it and telling people about it I would be honored!! It was soooo simple to make just a few ingredients that I already had on hand and no baking required (other than toasting to pecans)!!

    To be fair the pie I made is not vegan, but only because I used a store bought pie crust … swap out the crust for a vegan crust and then you will have yourself a 100% true vegan pie!! :)

  15. I’m SO psyched for this recipe! My family bought a chocolate pecan pie from Cracker Barrel this T-giving but I could barely stomach any of it – that goopy layer of corn syrup freaks me out BIGTIME. It would be amazing to make this for Christmas so I can show them what a whole-foods version tastes like :)

  16. Sarah says:

    i say to-mato and you say tomayto. I say pee-can you say puh-can. i say pumpkin you say punkin. All depends on where your from and how your parents said it, i guess. By the way this looks exactly like the chocolate pecan chess pie i made for thanksgiving. Have a chocolate covered day, CCK!

    1. Sarah says:

      p.s.- just wondering, do you not like it when people leave links, cuz i think i’ve been doin’ that quite a bit :) i think it might get annoying so if you would rather i not do so, please just tell me.

  17. Christelle says:

    I say pee-can and I call them sprinkles….I’ve never heard of jimmies before?

  18. I say pecan the same way too, I am going to have to try this pie since my family has a pecan tree here in texas.

  19. Ashleysh22 says:

    I met people in Rhode Island who said jimmies.

    I pronounce pecan like toucan :)

  20. Yasmeen says:

    That pie looks awesome! I’m going to give it a try this weekend, but I’m going to use Comfy Belly’s Cinnamon Cookie Pie Crust for double deliciousness! :))

  21. Rebecca says:

    I’m from Texas and I say “puh-cahn”…The “pee-can” is what men keep in the car for long auto trips in case there’s not a serviceable, clean restroom for many miles or any acceptable trees or bushes to duck behind… Women might have these also but it’s a bit more challenging for us gals…(TMI…but this is a joke for us here in Texas)!

    (Joke, folks…just a joke…) If you “get” this then I bet you have a hard time saying “pee-can” again without a grin!

    😉 Cheers, Y’all!

    1. Julia says:

      My dad used to ask what the difference was between a rich man & a poor man: The rich man has a canopy over his bed and a poor man has one under his. .. . 😉

      1. Rebecca says:

        I’ve never heard that one! 😉 What a hoot and a holler!

  22. I love this pie recipe- and wish I had seen it before Thanksgiving. I indulged too much in a chocolate pecan pie that was definitely NOT as healthy as this. I made a pumpkin pie using silken tofu that was AWESOME.
    Oh- and I picked up some of the almond/coconut milk over the weekend… I think I’m in love…

  23. Wonderful recipe Katie! I posted a pecan recipe today too, love pecans this time of year! I heard Rachel Ray say one time that both are correct…And your pictures look beautiful!

  24. That looks delish! I love pecan pie and this is an actual healthy version!

  25. Sounds delicious! I bet the tofu gives it a bit of a cheesecakey texture. And I definitely say pee-can. I also say jimmies, but only when referring to chocolate. The rainbow are sprinkles!

  26. Delicious! I love that this is a healthy pecan pie recipe!!

  27. Definitely puh-cawn. All the way.

  28. Amanda says:

    I absolutely love pecan pie, but tend to stay away from it because it’s such a calorie/fat bomb. I love that you’ve managed to health-ify pecan pie, while still keeping all of the great flavor. I’m excited to give your recipe a try the next time I have a craving. :)

    I say “puh-cahn” most of the time, but I’ll change it up depending on who I’m hanging around. Is there a “correct” way to pronounce it?

    1. Someone below left a link to a dictionary entry. I’ll have to check it out!

  29. Katalicst7 says:

    I’m also from Philly and I always say jimmies! And yes, since moving to Texas, I say puh-cahn. Also strange, until I came to Texas, I didn’t like pecans. Now that it’s easier to buy them fresh, I LOVE them!

  30. Megan says:

    Being from Texas, I do pronounce it “puh-cahn”, but I don’t take it seriously if people say it differently. I have never heard anyone actually say jimmies, although I do see it on packages. I suppose we could all start saying nonpareils! I am not a huge fan of pecan pie (often due to its nutritional disaster) but your recipe eliminates the excessive corn syrup plus has chocolate! Yum! Also, I tried a fantastic Vegan Pumpkin Pie recipe from Vegetarian Times, and my parents loved it! You might not have seen it on another comment, but I read about a website where you can design your own chocolate bar,, and immediately thought of you!

  31. I’ve always said “jimmies.” That’s how we roll in Rhode Island! :)

  32. When I lived in England I used to say pee-can too but since moving to Canada people say pee-cahn. Where I’m from in the Caribbean, we all have such funny Caribbean accents that there’s no point in going on our pronunciations! We say “burGUNdy” for burgundy. Yikes!

    Yay for new Almond Breeze products! Thanks for the heads-up…!

  33. I saw “peecahn.”

    And ohmygoodness!!! A coconut almond milk? I’ve got to try that!

  34. Omigosh this looks so delicious!! I love pecan (I pronounce it puh-cannn) pie and the addition of chocolate sounds even better!! YUM!

  35. I LOVE pecan pie!! It has been too many years…thank you for this recipe, Katie! 😀

  36. Yay! A tofu infused pecan pie!!!! I may try it with peanuts since its very hard to find pecans here! I pronounce pecan as peh-cahn… totally my own guess. :-)

  37. Being from New Orleans, I say it “puh-cahn”

  38. Amber K says:

    It’s funny because I actually change the way I say it depending on the situation for some reason. I usually say pee-can pie, but by themselves I tend to say pee-cahns. Why? I have no idea.

    Sprinkles – FTW! :)

  39. auntiecarole says:

    Living in Massachusetts, I grew up with “jimmies”— chocolate or rainbow. I love PEE-CAN pie–this looks wonderful especially with chocolate!

  40. Leo says:

    oh my, I am sO going to do this!! chocolate and pecan (I say it peh-cann [rhymes with anne]) are, like, one of my favorite combinations ever (right next to pb and banana and apple and almond butter)

  41. Kit-Kat says:

    I say pecan like: “Pee-KON”.
    My Grandmommy says it: “Pee-KAHN”.
    And I’ve only heard “jimmies” once: from a Brittish lady in a Brittish shop.
    Almond Breeze is such a yummy company…. I’ve had their regular Almond milk before, but I have switched over to Silk’s almond milk when I use it. I find myself having Soymilk more often than almond milk (I do use it in baking, though).

  42. I pronounce it pe-cahn, but when I lived in SC for college, every thought I sounded like an idiot, they all pronounce it pecan, like toucan.

  43. Laurel says:

    Hey Katie,

    Where do you get a prepared pie crust from? Is it something you made earlier or did you buy it? Also is it gluten free?


    PS. I live in New Zealand so can’t always get the same products as you. PPS. I say pee-can.

    1. I jususually buy one from Whole Foods… or even the regular grocery store. Wholly Natural has a vegan one, but I doubt it’s gf (or available in NZ). I should try making my own sometime… maybe with my graham cracker recipe, which can be gf:

  44. pea-CAUGHN is how I say it.

    When I lived in NC and SC, they said it PEEE-can

    I love reading how people say it…great question. And great recipe!!

  45. Charissa says:

    Ooh, I can’t wait to try those new almond milks! They look great!

  46. Carley says:

    Yum! Since moving to AZ from MN I now say pa-Kahn. Not intentionally though!

  47. Lou says:

    I pronounce it like pee-can. hehe.
    I’m totally going to make this for Christmas… my in-Laws have a pecan orchard so we have ridiculous amounts of the nuts around… this looks like a delicious way to use them :)

  48. Rachel says:

    I loooooove pee-cahn pie! You almost never see it in Canada! I definitely feel like I need to make this, maybe with my Christmas baking.

    Almond AND coconut milk?! Yuuuuuuuuuuum!!

  49. I’m drooling over here!!

    I haven’t had a slice of pe-cahn pie for ages (even before I changed my diet) and it was next to torture to see the traditional butter and egg laced version over the holiday! Yours looks SOOOOO much better, though!

  50. ha ha ha, this made me laugh so much… i have no idea what all these words are- its like a foreign language to my little British mind! I thought jimmies meant pyjamas at first!!! 😉 though i do say pee-can (never heard it pronounced any other way!)

  51. Lisa says:

    YES!! puh-cahn!!! I used to say pee-can too but then my friend from texas also corrected me. She was like NOOOO its puh-cahn!! And now I say puh-cahn and my friends from up here make fun of me and say pee-can. so. I cant win.
    I like puh-cahn better anyway 😉

  52. Becca says:

    I pronounced it pee-can until I ordered pecan pie in a restaurant in Atlanta and the waitress didn’t understand me. Now I say puh-cahn. And Jimmies are chocolate, rainbow jimmies are rainbow.
    I’m from Maine. what do you call soft-serve ice cream?

    1. “Soft serve.” LOL what do you call it?
      Some people call it fro-yo, too.

  53. Hmmm…Chocolate and pecan pie! I can’t say I’ve ever seen that.
    My Dad, who is from Jersey, says Jimmies, and every time I go down to the shore they always ask if I want jimmies. I call them sprinkles though :)

    && The new Vanilla Coconut Almond Breeze is amazing!! I randomly found it at shoprite one day and I’m hooked.

  54. Sünne says:

    Oh, this looks fantastic! Did you have a slicde yourself or just prepared it for you family? Just another way if there was a more chocolatey dessert for you then :).

  55. Mmm chocolate peeeee-can (how we say it in the UK!) pie sounds AMAZING! I can’t wait to make this!! I have never had pecan pie before, and I bet your chocolate version is even better than the original! 😀

    We can’t buy vegan pie crust here I don’t think, so do you have a recipe for it? I could always Google it, but I was wondering if you have a good one you use? :)

  56. Aja says:

    I say it peck-can just because that’s how my whole family says it as a joke. Or peck-en.

  57. Tofu in pecan pie..I never would have thought of that! Sadly, I try to avoid there any other substitute??

    1. Maybe pureed dates… and then leave out the agave? Or… maybe coconut milk yogurt and extra cornstarch? LOL maybe pumpkin or mashed potato? Ok, that might be a stretch…

      1. Karen says:

        I know this post and comment string is like four years old, but I was thinking, I bet you could just add the cup of pecans from this recipe to your chocolate pumpkin pie recipe and you’d get a result that’s pretty similar to this recipe.

  58. Anna says:

    AH I have not seen the new Almond Breeze flavors…must find asap!

  59. BroccoliHut says:

    Haha, my mom says “jimmies.” Maybe it’s a Chicago thing?

  60. “Puh-cahn” for me. Although in Missouri you hear “puh-cahn” and “pee-can” about equal. As for “jimmies”? I’ve never heard that one! It reminds me of “skivies” which means being naked or in your undies! Lol.

    Now as for that Almond Breeze, I’m DEFINITELY ready to try me some of that almond coconut! That might make some awesome chai tea (or oatmeal!).

    1. Oh dear. I will never look at a sprinkle the same way again! 😉

  61. That’s a gorgeous pie. Bet it tastes good, too. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

    As for the pecan pronunciation, I tend to say it differently depending on what other words I’m pairing up with it. I do the same thing with the word caramel. Weird.

  62. Shannon says:

    Puh-cahn. And also, caramel I say care-uh-mul. Not car-mul or car-uh-mel, or car-uh-mul… And I’ve never even heard of jimmies. Oh, reeses is rees-is, not rees-ees. Not sure what else there is.

  63. Eric Jaffa says:

    I pronounce pecans like pea-cans.

    The only time I heard someone say “jimmies” was in the 1980s when I was buying an ice cream cone in Boston, and the girl behind the counter asked me if I wanted “jimmies” on it.

  64. Alexis says:

    I don’t like pecan pie much traditionally, although a chocolate pecan pie certainly sounds more tempting. I DO like your photo of the pie piece from head on. It is so dramatic and delicious looking.

  65. Marla says:

    I say jimmies and always thought it was a New England thing (there’s even a reference to them in The Handmaid’s Tale, and that takes place in Cambridge, MA…). As someone else noted, jimmies are chocolate, sprinkles are rainbow colored!

  66. Moni'sMeals says:

    Yes Katie! I love this. I have only one pecan pie reccipe and it is not very healthy! So I now have this for maybe a Christmas Pie. :)

    Thanks Doll!

  67. Kathy says:

    *gasp* I have all the ingredients! Even the tofu! Haha~ I know what to make tomorrow 😉

    I’ve never met anyone who uses ‘jimmies’, only sprinkles. Although, nowadays, nobody I know uses the word ‘sprinkles’ much anymore.
    I call pecans puh-cons. I use to pronounce it pee-cans, until I watched that Honey Clusters of Oats cereal and a guy called them puh-cons. Now I use puh-cons and think the old way I use to call it is weird!

  68. Laury says:

    I never met anyone that said sprinkles! Or maybe I have but at least not in my area! I live near the main line (I think you used to go to Bryn Mawr?) we say jimmies around here!

    1. Yes, I did :). I actually lived in Philly when I was little, too… so weird I never heard them called jimmies! Or maybe I did, but I didn’t pay attention because I was too busy eating the ice cream ;).

  69. Hannah says:

    I thought you meant pyjamas by “jimmies”, because in Australia pyjamas are sometimes called “jim-jams”, but reading the comments it seems they’re sprinkles? To me, sprinkles are the long candy things, and we call the sprinkles that are little tiny spherical balls “100s and 1000s”. Oh, and yes, we say pyjamas not pajamas.


    Still, I find “jimmies” completely ridiculous. *sticks out tongue* 😉

  70. LizAshlee says:

    I can’t wait to try the new almond milk variations-have you tried em yet?

    1. I haven’t… I haven’t seen ’em yet.

  71. Vanessa N says:

    I say it like “pea-can” and i also say “chocolate jimmies” and “rainbow sprinkles”. I’m from MA… I think “jimmies” is an east coast or even just northeast thing :)

  72. Tricia says:

    Seriously—I had never heard of “jimmies” but we just got a new market in town with a “Jimmy Bar”—all the colors of sprinkles you can imagine! I thought they made it up…..:)

  73. Yum! Pecan pie is my holiday favorite–this baby is bookmarked! I have never heard of “jimmies” until right now. lol.

  74. Isobelle says:

    This looks so good! I have been trying really hard to like pecans, lately. I have never been very fond of them, for some reason. Oh, and I am from England, but I have always pronounced them as pee-can. Pee-carn or pee-cahn just sounds odd to me. There is no R in there!

  75. Seriously, how you do you manage to create these amazing creations! I so wish my littlest one was not allergic to soy (although I’m playing with making a non-soy tofu…maybe you could help me experiment with this….contact me if your interested in helping me finally nail down this Burmese tofu once and for all!)

    1. I once read an idea that you can use chickpea flour to make a soy-free tofu. It might be worth googling! :)

  76. Mmmm chocolate and pecans are one of my favorite combos!!! :) I plan on making this for Valentines Day (well, only if I can wait till then!). I love to have your recipe for 5 minute chocolate oatmeal, with toasted chopped pecans instead of the chocolate chips! So good.

  77. Jess says:

    i’m a jimmies and PEA cahn girl from jersey…
    looks good, but i’m not supposed to have that much unfermented soy. :(

  78. Suzy says:

    I made this and it was delicious! Mine didn’t look quite as pretty as your picture (it never does haha your pictures are too pretty!) but it tasted so delicious! It actually tasted alot like a smore poptart, yum!

  79. Kathleen says:

    That looks SO good!!!!! 😀

  80. caroline says:

    i say jimmies :) its common in boston, where i’m from. it’s so wierd to call them sprinkles.

  81. 6mccanns says:

    I have lived in AZ my whole life and we always have said peh-caun. BUT when I am hankerin for it a say PEA-CAN all Exaggerated like! Wish I had found this before Thanksgiving. Guess I’ll make it now. I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE! We eat stuff from here almost daily!

  82. Kali says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful pie recipe. I have been eating it nonstop for the past two days… I froze it and I have to say I like it 20 times more frozen. Happy Holidays and thanks for making good food so much better!! :)

  83. Johanna says:

    I love how many of your recipes incorporate tofu in desserts- I have some I’ve been meaning to use up. Does the nutrition include crust? Should we always assume that it doesn’t?

  84. Carol says:

    Thank you for posting this recipe. I am allergic to corn. Yes you read that right and corn syrup is one of the worst things on my list. I can handle corn starch in small doses. I will be trying this soon. I keep searching old cook books for recipes that do not have corn syrup. If you find any let me know. and I will pass some on to you. Thanks again carol.

  85. Ashley says:

    You’ve convinced me to buy a food processor. This looks fabulous!

    Definitely puh-cahn. But then, I’ve lived around North Texas my whole life.

  86. Melissa says:

    As it is the State Tree of Texas … Texans know how it is pronounced … it’s puh-cahn. No pee in my pecans please! hehe

    Just found your site. Grew up in the Dallas area but now live in the mtns of Colorado. I’m a Gluten-free vegan (due to food allergies with eggs, dairy, and gluten).

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Oh o-kay… LOL I guess my Texan friends are right! 😉

  87. Julia says:

    Oh. My. Gosh.
    I made this for V-Day tomorrow, but I just ate 1/4 of it straight from the oven :/
    Kind of defeats its healthiness, but it’s *almost* a holiday :)
    The remains are currently chilling in the fridge, and I can’t promise I won’t be going back for another cold piece in a few hours! What an amazing recipe! Thanks!

  88. deb says:

    hi Katie…just wanted to say I love your blog and i am not a vegetarian !!! LOL… my mom always used to say “jimmies” for sprinkles…this brought back some great memories… thank you !!!

  89. Jessica says:

    Hey Katie! This looks amazing, could I use 2 T of maple syrup instead of molasses?

    1. Sorry, I haven’t tried it so I don’t know.

  90. Misty says:

    This pie is pretty freakin good, but if you could create a healthy version of (regular) pecan pie, that would be epic!

  91. Jordan-FoodFanatic says:

    Katie, I LOVE almond milk, I think it is way healthier, and dairy milk makes me sick. I used to always get Almond breeze unsweetened vanilla, 40 calories. THEN I discovered Trader Joes unsweetened vanilla for 40 cals. OH my gosh, so delicious you need to try it!

  92. Heather LaGuire says:


    Just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog. I have enjoyed TOO many recipes from it to list. I will say the only non-chocolate thing I’ve made from it was the sweet potato chili – Yum! My husband loved it too. THANK YOU for sharing your creativity with us, it has enriched our lives :)

    1. Aw Heather, thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a sweet comment :).

  93. Sherone says:

    Born in England live in Australia and in both places it’s ‘pea- can’ and sprinkles no matter what colours. I am making this tomorrow, just as my deep dish cookie pie finishes. Thank you Katie:) You have changed my eating life:)

  94. Toni Jones says:


    I can’t do soy, so Tofu is out for me…..what can I sub that w/? Thanks. LOVE your site!!

  95. Kelly says:

    They say jimmies in Maryland. There’s even an ice cream stand near Frederick, MD called the Jimmy Cone. I had never heard of jimmies until I moved here!

    1. Liz says:

      I beg to differ. I grew up mere blocks from MD and never heard the term jimmy until college in Boston. It’s sprinkles all the way in the DC-area!

  96. Holly says:

    Definitely. Puh- cahn! It drives me insane that my husband is teaching our children to see. Pee- can and pa-JAM-as. You don’t get any puh cahn ice cream around here until you get you’re pa-jaw-mas on!!!

    1. Donna says:

      YES, I agree.

  97. Cole says:

    Tried this as one of the dishes I prepared for my family’s Easter dinner, and ayup! you called it: no one believed me when I said it was healthy. Or at least most folks seemed really skeptical. So win! It went fast, long story short. And that’s inspite of the little adventure in making it. Using a my mum’s food processor from the 70s meant that part took just over half and hour till we’d achieved a satisfactory smoothness, and then I found out her oven is psychotic. 22 minutes in, I smelt something and…yeah, burning already.
    Luckily the rest of the pie was fine when I cut a slice, I just dusted the top with some cinnamon and nutmeg to help cover the blackness, and filed off the burnt top edge of the crust to salvage the look and presented it in flanned out slices to focus attention on the unburnt interior. Which I had to stop my brother and mum from sampling it to extinction for “quality control”.

    1. Wow, I thought MY food processor was old lol. It still works from the 70s?! Talk about a quality product! 😉

  98. Anne Boston says:

    Just discovered your website. Wow! Can’t wait to try this and your chocolate pie!

    I grew up in the Boston area, and we always called them jimmes. Pee-can’ is how we say the nut, though I’ve heard it as puh-can’. But we talk funny here anyway…. (drinking fountain is a bubbler; Coke, ginger ale, etc, are tonic; milk, syrup and ice cream all mixed together is a frappe. Oh well….)

  99. Jeannette says:

    The name “Jimmies” came from the Jimmy Fund, for cancer research in the Boston area, now the Dana Farber, it’s kind of a regional thing. I LOVE the chocolate jimmies. Recipe looks great, thanks for sharing.

  100. Philly Girl says:

    I LOVE THIS! I love your whole website actually. Thanks for posting such wonderful recipes! I have a giant sweet tooth and this really helps with that. Also, I say jimmies…

  101. Chocolate Girl says:

    Hi Katie. I just found your blog recently & love your recipes! Is there a way to make the choclate pecan pie soy-free? I’ve been vegan for over twenty years & just recently became soy-intolerant. Thanks!

  102. Barbara says:

    I just returned from Georgia, where we stopped at a “peekin” store where I thought I might buy some puhcawns for today’s dessert. In southern Georgia they say peekin, I guess, to add to the dialects mentioned. I’m from the south (Both Oklahoma and Florida) and we say puhcawns and sprinkles. When we lived in Massachusetts, it was pea-cans and jimmies – sprinkles were unheard of.

  103. Kelsang says:

    I subbed the pecans for walnuts, and I didn’t have silken-firm,only silken tofu and the batter was really,really runny,like water consistency.
    Did your batter turn out like that? Will the pie get firmer in the oven or if it sits?

    1. It will get firmer if you leave it uncovered. But I’ve only tried it with silken-firm, which is much different from silken. So I don’t know if that substitution could work.

      1. Kelsang says:

        Ok thanks!

    2. Eva says:

      I used silken, as I couldn’t find “silken-firm”, and my grocery store doesn’t sell mori-nu, which I looked up online and found is a very unique tofu product, sold in proprietary packaging. I cooked it about 10-15 min longer and kept it in the fridge overnight, but it still came out more like a chocolate cream pie with a few nuts mixed in. Everybody loved it after I started calling it “Chocolate Cream Pie” rather than Pecan Pie! It was very much like a traditional pudding pie. Next time I would use just regular “firm” tofu and see what happens, as this one (using regular “silken”) came out less firm than the photos. But it WAS super yummy!

  104. Victoria says:

    Do you drain your tofu before blending it, or no? Just wondering cause I want to make this for dessert today! Thanks

    1. I don’t, but I use Mori-Nu (and highly recommend it), which is in an aseptic container so there’s nothing to drain.

  105. Anonymous says:

    i say jimmies :)

  106. Donna says:

    Ok, puh- cahn pie, I’m from the south:) my grandma (from the Delta) had a pee can (chamber pot) we used as a potty during the night to avoid going to the outhouse. Sorry folks but there is no way I could call it a pee can pie. And I reckon you know that I am older than most of you- Hah, I am over using the southern vocabulary.
    Hopefully, this wasn’t offensive, d

  107. MC says:

    I am a New Englander, therefore I say Jimmies!

  108. Terri says:

    In our area of PA we see pee-can and jimmies!

  109. Michele says:

    Any tips for a gluten-free, no/low sugar crust option- recipe or store-bought?

    1. cck says:

      This is the only pie crust I have posted at the moment… but I’m working on a graham cracker one too.

  110. arlene says:

    Just made this the other day… and wow! It was delish :)) my husband could not believe it was tofu and once I told him, he literally hesitated for 2 seconds and proclaimed “tofu-huh?! gimme more!” LOL. My daughters absolutely loved it as well. Thank you so much

  111. Emma says:

    Is the tofu base liquid-y enough so that the chopped pecans “float” to the top while the pie is baking like a non-vegan pecan pie, or do they pretty much stay where they are when you stir them in, so if you want pecans on top you have to actually stick them on there?

  112. Laura says:

    My dad loves pecan pie! Can’t wait to try this!
    Is there anyway to make a NOT chocolate version of this though?

    1. I’m sure there is, but I haven’t tried experimenting yet!

  113. michelle says:

    When you chill the pie does it go straight from the oven to the fridge? I want to make this pie tonight!

    1. I’d let it cool first. Maybe 20 minutes or so?

  114. Tracey says:

    I’m from Philly, and I say Jimmies!!! Rainbow jimmies, chocolate jimmies. I live in Michigan now, though, so I have to catch myself before I say it and auto-correct to sprinkles or they look at me like I’m crazy. Never heard anyone outside of Philly refer to the sprinkles vs jimmies debate. LOVE your recipes. Keep ’em coming!

  115. Madeleine says:

    I would really like to make this for Thanksgiving, but had a question: I really like bourbon flavor in my pecan pie. Do you think I could add some bourbon to this and it would still come out right?

  116. shlomit says:

    what do you say, will it work as a raw cake?

  117. Rizi says:

    I just keep making this whenever I entertain and it’s a huge hit (even for people who eat regular pecan pie with all the sugar and syrup that is in it.) I only used 1/3 c. maple syrup and it is sweet enough for me.

  118. Cassandra says:

    I’m trying to create a Vegan Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie. Most recipes call for a 1/4c bourbon to be added to the filling. Could the same be done here? Recommendations?

  119. Calla says:

    I would suggest omitting the molasses – it has quite a noticeable taste. Other than that, this pie was delicious!

    1. Try Organic Rice Syrup instead of molasses. I LOVE it in pecan pies!

      1. Eva says:

        I was curious about this – thanks for the tip!

  120. Jade C says:

    Hey Katie :) saw this recipe when you first posted and now looking back at it to make for Christmas this year. I was wondering, if I take out the cocoa, do you think it would have to be replaced with anything to keep the texture?? We don’t have chocolate pecan pie over here in the UK ((that I have seen, anyways 😛 )).
    Also, we in the UK say pee-cAn :) and never say “jimmies”, we have “sprinkles”, “hundreds-and-thousands” and “sugar strands” :)
    Jade C :)

    1. Hey! Did you try it without the cocoa? If so, how did it turn out?

  121. LynPer says:

    Thanks so much for this delicious recipe! I was delighted to find a non-dairy, lower-calorie dessert. Just made the recipe tonight for Thanksgiving tomorrow. it was yummy & gooey like you said. I love chocolate a whole bunch so I added 1/3C of chopped 70% & 100% cocoa mixed chocolate….yum! I also added 2TBS of bourbon…yum! BTW, this was my first experience baking with tofu and I’m no larger intimidated!

    Keep up the great work!

  122. Jane says:

    Just wanted to let you know that my toddler son is OBSESSED with this pie! He helps me bake and I always let him lick the spatula when we’re all done. Well that was a big mistake because now I have to make sure he’s out of sight whenever I open the fridge so he doesn’t come running for “PIEEEEEEE MAMA PIEEEEEEE!” It’s so delicious I can’t imagine that I’ll ever make a pecan pie any other way. Hopefully we don’t get too tempted before our late Thanksgiving dinner this weekend : )

  123. Melanie says:

    What could you use in the place of tofu if you do not prefer to use it?

  124. kate says:

    Ive never heard of jimmies but we either call them sprinkles or hundreds and thousands in Australia

  125. Anonymous says:

    is there anything that i can replace the tofu with?

    1. Anonymous says:

      since im not a vegan

  126. anna says:

    is there a soy free version? can i uses ricotta? thank you:) u rock:)

  127. Anonymous says:

    Jimmies are the chocolate sprinkles. Been calling them that for
    60+ yrs. :)

  128. Jessica says:

    I just found your website tonight as i was looking for an organic chocolate hazelnut spread MOST similar to Nutella……can’t wait to try your recipe! But now i’m looking at all these other recipes and my oh my……….i have a happy road of baking ahead of me:) I’ve been trying to do everything healthier lately (though everyone thinks i was good about it already) but, now i have a ten month old little girl and i know whatever my husband and i eat she will be eating someday too. It makes me rethink everything and learn exactly what is in the food i buy ….i’m happy to know i will be able to make wonderful treats like these for her:) Thank you!!!

  129. Jamie Karutz says:

    I was really excited about this recipe because I have a daughter with type 1 and a dad with type 2 and if I can make a lowered carb pecan pie, I’d be their best friend :) I think I completely screwed it up somehow, though. I wasn’t thinking about the fact that the pecans wouldn’t be able to float to the top through the tofu, and I didn’t put any on top, so it looked a little funky. Of course, I kinda burned it (clearly, it was not a good baking night for me), so that didn’t help. Anyway, I made it without the chocolate chips, which I’m now thinking would have added some needed sweetness? I do, unfortunately, have a sweet tooth. But mostly, what I”m wondering is: when you make your pie, do you use toasted pecans? The pecans in the filling tasted raw. I actually don’t like pecans on their own much, but I love pecan pie. I’m thinking next time: prepared pie shell (I was trying to keep the carbs to a minimum, so tried to make a pecan crust. That was a MASSIVE fail on my part), toasted pecans in the filling, add the chocolate chips, and put most of the pecans on top. Maybe use a little maple syrup on the pecans on top to give some sweetness?

    I LOVE your blog, and have been having so much fun trying different recipes. Your black bean brownies are now a staple for us; and I’m trying to get the fudge to work for me :)

    1. I use raw, but I also like raw pecans. Toasted sounds like a wonderful idea, now that you mentioned it! And yes, the chocolate will change the flavor somewhat. You can easily add extra sweetener. I wouldn’t add more than a tbsp or two extra liquid sweetener though. maybe try more dry sweetener.

  130. Misty says:

    I just made it! I have to say I wasn’t so sure about it, I tasted the “batter” and didn’t like it. But now that it’s cooked and cooled its amazing! Tastes just like pecan pie just not overly sweet. I made mine with a premade frozen spelt crust. Thanks!!!

  131. Susan says:

    Have you considered coming up with a truly healthy almond meal breakfast cookie or muffin recipe, that perhaps includes shredded carrots? =) Peets has a wonderful Wheat Free Morning Glory recipe that is fantastic! It is not made with almond meal, but it’s absolutely delicious!

  132. Marie Reamer says:

    Love your blog-can’t wait for the cookbook!!
    Growing up in NJ, we said “jimmies”, not “sprinkles”!!

  133. Bridget says:

    jimmies…sprinkles…nope, we call them shots :)

  134. Tracy says:

    In Kentucky we call that a Derby Pie! Looks awesome, can’t wait to try it! Derby Pie is one of my fave’s.

    1. Terri Cole says:

      I’m from Louisville (Loo-uh-vull) and was just thinking how much I miss Derby Pie! Sub out the cocoa for chocolate chips maybe, and add a couple tablespoons of bourbon? OH MAN!

  135. Bonnie says:

    I made this today for my husband’s birthday and everybody LOVED it! :)

  136. Marfigs says:


    I tried this yesterday with two different crusts (since the batter was too much for my one pan) and it came out very tasty! I’m not sure what the texture should be like, because we only get tofu-in-water by us, but it firmed up nicely overnight and apparently tastes like cheesecake (either my husband is making a very sub-textual observation or this is an early sign of madness).

    I haven’t had pecan nut pie in years (thanks to the lack of vegan in coffee shops and bakeries) but I trolled the web for general pecan recipes and woah, was amazed that you managed to cut out 1/10 of the usual sugars and buttery things and still share an awesome recipe!

  137. Ann says:

    My family and all the ice cream places we ever went to say ” jimmies” never sprinkles. We are from Philly. Of course, we also have soda, hoagies and tastycakes.

  138. Cathleen says:

    I’m sorry to say, but your link to the gluten free pecan pie is not working. Thank you for all your great recipes!

  139. Thea says:


    This sounds amazing and I will try it for Thanksgiving! However, as a Type I diabetic I wanted to point out that dates may be low “sugar,” as in sucrose, but it is >80% fructose and glucose so not a great options for diabetics as it will still cause a huge blood sugar spike and shouldn’t be touted as sugar-free! Thanks for making these recipes!

  140. casey says:

    I grew up in Pennsylvania and everyone always called them jimmies! Then I moved to California and tried to order a soft serve vanilla with rainbow jimmies at some ice cream place and got looked at like I was crazy!

  141. Sarah says:


    Have you tried this recipe without the cocoa powder? I’m also looking for a regular healthier pecan pie recipe. If you haven’t made it without cocoa powder, do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks :o)

  142. Sarah says:

    Also where have you found prepared graham cracker pie crusts? I’ve had difficulty with finding them in the past.

  143. Debbie says:

    I must be the craziest New Englander, but I’m from Connecticut and my friends and I always said sprinkles. Jimmies was something that, “so-and-so’s uncle, and that one random ice cream shoppe,” called them, so while I’m familiar with the term, it wasn’t something I became aware of til my older kid years.

    As far as pecan, that’s just what I feel like. I think pee-can sounds kind of gross, but it comes out sometimes since that’s what most people around me say (in New England and the Midwest). Puh-CAHN sounds too snobby and I’m not Southern so I can’t get away with the drawl in peh-CAWN, so I compromise by saying peh-CAN. Purely my own decision after weighing the options.

    On to the pie: 1) How chocolatey is this with only 2 T. cocoa powder? Might I want more to really make it a chocolatey pie? 2) Does the tofu become less noticeable after it’s cooked? My only experience with silken tofu was a mayo recipe, and it was disgustingly chalky. I want to serve this to extended family so it needs to stand up to “regular” desserts!

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      I wouldn’t add more chocolate or it might get bitter. I didn’t taste the tofu when I made this.

  144. Jessica Shrock says:

    I would only try a recipe containing tofu if it were on THIS blog! Making this pie right now, for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Can’t wait to taste it! I’m definitely thankful for you and your blog, Katie <3

  145. Erin says:

    Thank you for this recipe. I made this for Thankgiving dessert and it was a smash hit, one of the best desserts I’ve ever had. The filling tasted like it needed a kick so I added about 1-1.5 tablespoons of maker’s mark whiskey to it. The whiskey added a little something extra, giving the pie some more depth.
    The crust I made was the cinnamon cookie crust from comfy belly that someone put in a previous comment. I highly recommend that you use this crust, it’s very good. I used 4tbsp of coconut oil instead of butter.

    1. Thank you so much for making it!

  146. Linda says:

    I’m from Vt, we have jimmies on our banana splits & sundaes, puh-cahn pie is always on the Thanksgiving & Christmas dinner table and we drink soda to wash down our grinders (hoagies, subs, etc)

  147. Teresa says:

    Can the cocoa be left out to make it more of a traditional pecan pie?

  148. Gail says:

    “Jimmies” is a word I haven’t heard since I left NJ! In all the places the military has taken me, (Alaska, Texas, Wyoming, Nebraska) I haven’t heard anyone call them “Jimmies” except back home.

  149. Rachel says:

    Hi Katie,
    I was wondering if soft tofu would also work for this recipe or do you think it would make it too flimsy? You are blending everything anyway so would it make a whole lot of difference? Thanks! Love the recipe can’t wait to make it!

    1. I would think it would work but have not tried.

      1. Rachel says:

        It worked great! Anther question how long does this pie keep for? Thanks!

  150. michele diamond says:

    omg. i think i’m in love. LOVE LOVE LOVE your site and recipes. i think i love you too !! really nice looking recipes. can’t wait to start baking. craving a big glass of milk looking at all of your goodies ! my sister is steering me to more a vegan plant based diet.. but i love, no, i NEED my treats to keep my sanity. so thank you…looking forward to deelish eating ! if you check out my Pinterest profile you’ll see i’m BIG on desserts ! thank you again, Katie !! going to LIKE you also on facebook, natch.

  151. jason hill says:

    Hi love the look of the pie,i’m in the uk and theres 2 flavours of agave,can i ask which one i should use please,theres light and mild, or rich and dark,or is it possible to use honey instead thanks

  152. Lisa Ernst says:

    Katie, I saw this link on Facebook and had to check it out. The pie looks great. But I do have to ask, have you ever attempted a vegan, low sugar pecan pie? I saw the photo of a pie you tried a while back, but wonder if you’ve tried again. I’ve been dreaming of a pie that looks and tastes like the classic but is not made with loads of sweetener. I found one recipe that looks promising, but I’m still trying to figure out how to create the filling without some kind of sugar syrup.

    1. Sorry, I don’t yet have a recipe :(

  153. Greg R says:

    Katie I love you. This is my favorite dessert to eat, can’t wait to try your version of the recipe!

  154. Cass says:

    I say jimmies!!! And that pie looks awesome. Thank you so much for the recipe, I can’t wait to try it.

  155. Susan says:

    This looks great I’ve never used silken tofu before but I think I just might give it a try.

  156. Audrey says:

    My mother, who grew up in Philidelphia, called them jimmies.

  157. amber says:

    I’ve just made 6 little individual ones (delicious, thank you! ) wondering if they freeze well?

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      You can always try! And if you do, be sure to report back!

  158. Ashley says:

    Odd question could this be made without pecans? I love the idea of a thick gooey chocolatey pie.

  159. Mari says:

    Love your recipes, CCK! Just FYI, SILK Almond Milk contains NO carageenan.

  160. Vaughn Lewis (papavonsplace) says:

    I was just wondering how this would work with the pecan-chocolate crust used for the “raw vegan chocolate cheese cake”? I’ve had nothing but raves for that recipe. I just don’t know whether it would work since the Pecan Pie requires baking.

  161. Dorothy says:

    I tried this recipe over the weekend and it was awesome!!!! I loved how easy it was to make also.

  162. Ann says:

    Really you never met someone that called Jimmies Jimmies? You just did. I grew up in Massachussets and that is what we called them and they still do. :-)

  163. DeeDee Fuleky says:

    Could you pour the batter into individual ramekins for a baked pudding? I wonder how long to bake them like this.

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:


  164. Sara says:

    I made this pie for Thanksgiving after FINALLY finding mori nu tofu, and it was a huge hit. Thank you!

  165. Nancy says:

    I have this pie in the oven. How do I know when It’s done??

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      When the time is up, take the pie out and let it sit overnight in the fridge, during which time it will firm up.

      1. nancy says:

        That really doesn’t answer my question. Most ovens bake differently. I want to know how I can test the pie to know it’s the correct doneness, such as , if a knife comes out clean or not.

  166. Parvaneh says:

    Thanks for the recipe. Can I leave out the cocoa powder for a regular pecan pie? Should I adjust other ingredients then?

  167. Franklin says:

    My Mom always taught me to say “puh-cahn”, explaining that a “pee-can” is something a truck driver keeps under his seat.

  168. Marilyn says:

    Oh I can’t wait to make this again. Loved it. Thanks CCK.



  169. jessica says:

    You might have just saved the holidays for me…thank you! My favorite pie, here, and being gluten and sugar intolerant I could no longer have it. Can’t wait to try this.

    PS. The sprinkles and jimmies debate: I learned from an etymology documentary that jimmies was actually what they called CHOCOLATE sprinkles…but the exact root is up for debate, either having very racist overtones (the most common theory, but unproven) or named after its founder named Jimmy (but doubt exists about that “founder’s” actual name). Food for thought!



  170. Lindsey says:

    I live in S.E. Virginia and it is pecan ( like a can of fruit).



  171. Stephanie says:

    I say puh-KAWN. I made this pie and your ultimate fudge pie for Thanksgiving, both with your easy chocolate pie crust with cashews and coconut. So delicious! I linked to both pies in my thanksgiving roundup.