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Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins

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Gooey Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins!

Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins - super HEALTHY and sweet and delicious!

Do you know what yesterday was?

Why, it was none other than National Zucchini Bread Day! A very special day – right up there with Thanksgiving and Christmas as one of the most important days in the history of forever and ever.

Or… maybe not. But still, a day worth celebrating with homemade zucchini muffins.

Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins

When I realized how few zucchini recipes there are on my blog, it made me sad. And ashamed. (EDIT: I’ve now posted a recipe for Chocolate Fudge Zucchini Brownies, too!)

zucchini muffins

vegan zucchini bread muffins

So today you get my best zucchini muffin recipe! A great way to use up zucchini, these homemade chocolate chip zucchini muffins are moist, sweet, and packed with whole grains and shredded zucchini – The perfect healthy muffins for breakfast, snack, or dessert. Or maybe even dinner.

Hey, they’re practically a vegetable! 😉

chocolate chip zucchini cupcakes

It’s obviously too late to go back and make these zucchini muffins for National Zucchini Day this year, but do not despair! National “Sneak some Zucchini onto your Neighbor’s Porch” Day is August 8th. Yes, that really is an actual holiday.

Super weird, right?

Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins

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  • 1 1/2 cups spelt or all-purpose or Bob’s gf flour (180g)
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 3/4 tsp salt
  • optional: 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/3 cup xylitol, or sugar, or evaporated cane juice (65g)
  • 1/16 tsp pure stevia, or 2 tbsp more sugar
  • optional: 1/2 cup chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup applesauce (120g)
  • 1/3 cup coconut or veg oil (Replace with more applesauce only if you don’t mind the gummy texture of fat-free baked goods.) (70g)
  • 1 tsp white or apple cider vinegar (5g)
  • 1 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract (6g)
  • 1 cup grated zucchini
Total Time: 20m
Yield: Makes 10-12


Zucchini Muffins Recipe: Preheat oven to 350F and place 10-12 cupcake liners in a muffin tin. Combine all dry ingredients in a mixing bowl, then set aside. In a large measuring cup, combine all liquid ingredients (including zucchini). Mix wet into dry, and immediately portion into the baking cups and place in the oven. Bake 19 minutes, then allow the zucchini muffins to cool before removing from the tray. These vegan zucchini muffins are soy-free and can also be gluten-free and sugar-free.

View Zucchini Muffins Nutrition Facts

Super Healthy Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread Muffins

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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. Lisa says:

    Chocolate chip zucchini muffins are one of my favorite! Right behind banana dark chocolate chip! These look fabulous.
    Make up a holiday…hmm that would be tough, I don’t even know!

  2. Cassie says:

    Oh my these look so good! I have tried stuff like zucchini bread, but I have never made it so I am a little nervous and I hope I do everything right!
    But, I just wanted to say, I love your blog and I read it all the time and refer to it every time I need a sweet tooth fill. You really are just amazing! Thank you for everything you do!
    If I made up a holiday, it would probably be something like National Creativity Day or something like that where everyone gets to show off their special talents. I don’t know, though, just a thought. (:

  3. I like the little specks of green. That means I can eat the whole pan, right? Right.

  4. YUM! I’m allll about putting veggies into baked goods. Zucchini just works so well. Thanks for the recipe!

  5. Can I just say I’m completely impressed you don’t have batter all over the muffin tin? Not even a drop? :)

  6. Sarah the official CCK drooler says:

    Haha, every day is “don’t get out of your pjs day” for us home schoolers! And zucchini brownies?
    I would want every day to be “No SAT To Worry about Day”. Yeah, I’m that stressed out high schooler.
    I saw SMU (I think you went there?) in the news yesterday! How cool for you :) (Yes I have prospective colleges on my mind, forgive me)

    1. Yes, all 5 living presidents together. It was definitely a great moment!
      Although… I will always be mad they evicted me from my favorite apartment a few years back in order to build the library!

  7. Christine Moore says:

    The reason why “Sneak Zucchini on your Neighbor’s Porch” exists as a holiday is because some people during the summer are overloaded with zucchini from their gardens. I have heard of stories of people giving neighbors bags of zucchini only to find it returned to their porch! This kind of thing surprises me because I love vegetables and there are so many ways to use zucchini in cooking that it would be very difficult to reach this point of saturation.

  8. Jill says:

    Looks yummy! What is the difference between the 1/3 cup xylitol and the uncut Stevia? I get confused by all the sugar substitutes. Do you keep standard ones in your pantry – if so what should I keep onhand?

    1. Xylitol looks more like sugar, while stevia is more concentrated. I keep all of the sweeteners on hand that are listed in any of the recipes… good thing my kitchen cabinet is big enough! 😉

  9. Jamie says:

    Just left the produce stand! No zucchini! So sad! Can’t wait to grab some so I can try this- looks great, thanks!

  10. Chantal says:

    Hi, I love all your recipes but I’m curious why you don’t use a lot of ground flaxseed and water for substituting eggs in recipes?

    1. Actually, a lot of them DO call for flaxseeds. But in this particular recipe, there is no need. For eggs, the applesauce takes the place of the binder, and the vinegar reacts with the baking soda to help it rise (among other things).

      1. Regina says:

        So does that mean (if you are not vegan) you could you replace the applesauce and vinegar with an egg?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Is it possible to switch the sweeteners for honey in this recipe. I would imagine so, but thought I should check.

  12. Oh these look heavenly! I must try this recipe. I’ve been looking for a recipe to replace my mom’s “so loaded with oil and sugar it doesn’t even approach healthy” ones 😉

  13. I’m all for don’t get out of your pajamas day. Or wear your favorite t-shirt day, or just wear running/workout clothes to work or school day. Or bring your dog everywhere day.

  14. Yesterday was World Penguin Day, too! 😉

  15. Edith says:

    I am so glad that I forgot to throw my second zucchini into the soup I made earlier this week – that means I had enough to make this recipe this morning :) We definitely did not wait for the muffins to cool in the pan, they were so delicious while still warm! And I made these with a gluten free whole grain flour blend I had made this weekend and they turned out great.

    By the way, I recommend your blog to everyone! I always say “that Chocolate Covered Katie, she’s a genius!” I have tried so many of your recipes and I have loved every single one. Thank you! Being relatively new to several dietary restrictions has been a challenge, and I have survived in large part thanks to you!

  16. Kris says:

    I wonder why Zucchini Bread Day is on a day when zucchinis aren’t in season….

  17. Kristen says:

    I’m making these right now. Subbed oat flour instead of the options posted, We’ll see how they turn out :) and I’ll let you know :)

  18. Kristen says:

    I made these with oat flour, reduced the sugar by three Tbsp (used coconut sugar) and used 85% dark chocolate crushed up for the chips. They turned out great! I just ate THREE…..Although, I only got 8 muffins. Still super yummy! And really quick and easy to whip up.

  19. They look delicious. I’ve never baked with zucchini but this recipe is making me want to.

  20. Becky H says:

    These look great!
    Any idea of how many zucchinis I’ll need to make 1 cup shredded?

  21. I love baking with zucchini! yum! These look scrumptious! I would have to say… eat as much as you want without the effects of calories day!!! haha!

  22. Amy says:

    I think that there should be a National Zucchini Bread Day every month! It was one of my favorite treats growing up, but my grandma was the only person who baked it for me. Since she only visited once every other year, I had to cram two years’ worth of zucchini bread into one week. I’d eat half a loaf every day, so it’s probably a good thing she didn’t put chocolate chips in hers… I would have consumed the entire pan in one sitting!

  23. Aislynn says:

    I had almost everything on hand so I made this to go with tea tomorrow. I didn’t have chocolate chips because they somehow accidentally managed to fall into my boyfriend’s mouth so I subbed in half a handful of raisins. I had half the oil so I used more applesauce and I also made a cake instead of muffins.


    This cake is perfect! Sweet enough to settle my sweet tooth without being too much. And even with only half the oil it wasn’t gummy, but moist and slightly dense (which is my preference anyway).

    Thank you Katie!

  24. I’m grateful you’re always on top of these ‘holidays’ as I always forget about them! I would definitely make a National Massage Day – that is my FAVOURITE treat!

  25. Lisa B says:

    I love how you can see the pieces of zucchini!! I don’t know about a special day but the last few weeks I’d like to get rid of Thursdays…so maybe move to a 4 day week but have day in between off?? But I do love your ‘Never Stop Eating Chocolate’ Day!!

  26. What a great way to get your veggies into breakfast, I certainly have a hard time doing this! If I could make up a holiday, it would be national sing-along day. Everyone would have to sing instead of talk. I think it would just make people laugh and spread a few more smiles around the day. :)

  27. Anonymous says:

    Katie, today I bought an Endangered Species chocolate bar (88% cacao). And I am having second thoughts. Because my diet is so incredibly clean, I feel like I’m doing the wrong thing in eating chocolate bars. What is your opinion on the matter? I know you love chocolate bars and chocolate chips and such, and you’re really healthy and glowing! Please, please help me! I am a tad anxious about this… :(

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hi there! I’m not Katie, but I do have experience as a nutritionist. Nothing is wrong with eating chocolate bars, and you made a better choice by choosing Endangered Species with 88% cacao. You can still maintain a clean diet and enjoy chocolate at the same time, just make sure to eat it in proportion!:)

  28. emma says:

    These are amazing! made some this morning and they got a big thumbs up from my boys, who have taken the rest of them and gone off fishing at the lake. I used unrefined organic cane sugar as it’s all I had, worked just fine.

  29. Bianca says:

    I LOVE ZUCCHINI!!! This looks so yummy:)
    If I could make up a national haoliday, I think it would be National Skipping Day! Or maybe national Be Random Day…

  30. I think we can make these and celebrate a few days late. Besides, don’t most holidays last a week? 😉

  31. Emily says:

    I don’t usually like zucchini, but in cake – that’s another story!
    Have you tried chocolate zucchini cake?

  32. Andi says:

    I made a batch of these today due to lonely zucchinis in the fridge and an empty cookie jar. My sister’s comment upon biting into her first ran along the lines of, “This is amazing! Heavenly! Wait a second, there’s something green. Don’t tell me, is it spinach?” Fear not, she ate around 5 more, plus expressed hope that they could count as salad!

  33. Ooh! Yummy! I LOVE zucchini!! Another great recipe, Katie! Great job!!!

  34. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of chocolate chip zucchini bread! I am so excited to make these in a few weeks when we’re overrun with zucchini!

  35. j says:

    These look fabulous, but Katie or Anyone – know how to change this recipe into a cookie recipe? I would love to try these but the kiddos are not fans of muffins. On a side note, they are completely in love with the eggy breakfast and the deep dish cookie pie (and I used a lot less sugar than called for). Thanks for the completely awesome, kid friendly recipes. I am so happy to have healthy, vegan recipes (and lots that are soy-free, too!) I can serve them!!!!

  36. Jessica says:

    Made these yesterday and brought them to the last day of class today – they were a hit! My veggie-averse boyfriend loved them as well. I used an average size zucchini and got almost exactly two cups shredded, so I doubled the recipe and got 24 muffins. After I took them out of the tray, I let them sit on a cookie rack to cool down a little, because they are pretty moist and I think they would get gummy if stored right away.

  37. I love zucchini bread! I made OSG zucchini muffins last year and they were so good. I will have to try yours as well, because, well, everyone is better with chocolate!

  38. What could I replace the apple puree with? I have fructose malabsorption so I cannot have apples!

    1. KNB says:

      I know your post was from a while ago, but can you have pears? I use pearsauce or pears to replace applesauce or apples in any recipe :)

      1. Unfortunately no to pears too. Damn fructose malabsorption! Any other ideas?

        1. KNB says:

          I am still learning about substitutions, but I would think any fruit or veggie puree would work if it is a similar consistency?? Banana? Pumpkin?

    2. Natalya says:

      I have fructose malabsorption as well – I often use mashed banana in place of applesauce. :)

  39. Lauren says:

    Love love love your recipes! Thanks for taking the time to create this website. I just so happen to have all the ingredients for this so I’m getting to work on them now :)

  40. Eris says:

    My grandma made chocolate chip zucchini cookies once and I really enjoyed them but I wasn’t sure about these muffins. But I made them last night (I got 11 muffins) and I took one to work for breakfast. It was good. Really good actually. I was surprised at how much I like it and wished I had brought more then 1.
    Keep up the good work!

  41. Taylor says:

    These are so good! I made them last week and I think I’m going to make them again tonight. Perfect for breakfast, snacks, and dessert.

  42. Jennifer says:

    These are delicious! I love zucchini bread, but wanted something a little healthier, and these hit the spot!

    I have no idea what holiday I would want to make up, I’ll have to give it more thought!

  43. June Stone says:

    Can you tell me where I can order sugar free chocolate chips? I live in Israel and depend
    on my friends to bring it to me when they visit. Are there any national chains that carry them? Love your recipes especially the sugar free. June Stone from Tel Aviv Israel.

    1. veganlivingrocks says:

      Xylitol will kill your pets if ingested. Do not give them or let them taste or eat any of your baked goods with this in it. It was on the local news here in Orlando recently. Love your website.

  44. Beth says:

    I just made these yesterday, and not only are they delicious, but my boyfriend (who, once upon a time, would not eat ANY vegetables OR whole wheat breads) raved about them. He’s broadening his diet, so I’ve taken the opportunity to try to introduce him to as many delicious, healthy foods as possible.

    Also, I added some unsweetened, shredded coconut to a portion of the muffins, and it’s delicious!

    Thanks, Katie!

  45. Kim Priestley says:

    I was just wondering if you could freeze grated zucchini for use at a later date? I want to try all these recipes but don’t have enough of all the other recipes. You obviously know how expensive the GF (and Soy free) flours are. I just can’t afford to do them. But if I can freeze the zucchini, I can do them throughout the rest of the year. Thanks! I can’t wait to try these muffins!

    1. Sorry, I’m not sure… maybe if you squeeze all the water out. But I really don’t know that it’d work.

  46. Irish says:

    Hi Katie,
    First: I’m SO thankful for your blog – my kiddos are on a low sugar, high veggie diet this summer and your site has been a life saver for me – thank you!

    I made the chocolate chip zucchini muffins with: double the stevia, combo of date & maple sugar (next time I think I’ll do 1/4 c b/c they were plenty sweet), pureed the zucchini with a bit of water, whole wheat pastry flour, and added 2 T coco powder and they are AMAZING! Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much for trying them!

  47. Margaret says:

    Katie, I love your creativity, your generosity and your overwhelming zest for all things delicious. And I’ve enjoyed many of your recipes. Any way you could sometimes include “regular” ingredients for some of your recipes (like todays zucchini muffins) instead of only listing the gluten free versions? Thank you!! Also, how are you surviving the Whole Soy debacle? It’s killing me!!!! Thanks for all you do.

  48. Lori says:

    Made these tonight, and they are delicious!

  49. Barbara says:

    Hi Katie

    I was in Wegman’s watching a VitaMix demo and told many people about your fabulous blog. I have finally made the decision to purchase a VitaMix knowing it will come in handy when I make your fabulous recipes.

    Thank you so much for creating and continuing your blog:)


  50. Irish says:

    Love these Katie! Today I was out of zucchini & applesauce and wanted to make for my kids so below are my modifications. They aren’t as tasty as original but pretty darn good and considering large amount of greens added I’m pretty excited :)

    Instead of zuch & applesauce I pureed (really really well) my fresh organic 10 oz spinach package plus 2 bananas which equaled 3 c of pulpy liquid, whole wheat pastry flour, 1/2 c erythyritol (sugar alcohol) + 1/4 c maple sugar (not syrup), 1/4 t liquid stevia, 1/2 c enjoy life baby chocolate chips, 3/4 c coconut oil, and 6 T coco powder.

    Followed rest of recipe the same way and my kids love em ! Thanks!!

  51. Megan says:

    AWESOME recipe.

  52. Erin says:

    I just made these last night. My kids (3yr. and 6yr.) ate two a piece after dinner and thought they were great. Mommy thought they were extra yummy too! Thanks for the recipe!

  53. sd says:

    Can I sub pumpkin for all of the applesauce and mostly all of the oil ? I am all out of applesauce >:0

    1. Rachel says:

      I just made these and ran out of applesauce so I subbed pumpkin for half of it. I did use oil. They are still in the oven; they are very soft in the center. I also subbed banana for half the sugar though. I’m betting they will turn out fine, maybe a bit too moist. Depending on your expectations, I’m sure subbing all pumpkin would work. :)

  54. Mary says:

    Made these a few times and they turned out great, I used 1 large zucchini and it made more than 1 cup, so I froze about 1/3 cup for later. I dried the zucchini with paper towels and squeeze out more water. I know no egg is needed but one time I added one and 2 tbsps flax seed with 1 tbsp water. I also used King Arthur white wheat flour which makes a more dense healthier muffin. Add dark chips every time. I also made a crunchy topping of chopped walnuts, cinnamon, 1 Tbsp sugar. Love these!

  55. Stella says:

    I made these a moth ago, and they were soooooo good. I couldn’t stop eating them. I also added a dash of cinnamon and a few walnuts to the batter.

  56. Paul says:


    I’ve been eating my wife’s cooking for years, and years…it’s good. But tonight, I came home to a real treat. This is the first time that I’ve eaten zucchini anything, and do I need to say…that is one good vegetable. The recipe is amazing, the texture of the chocolate chip zucchini bread is awesome. It’s healthy!!!! Come on…I love it. Told my wife to try other recipes that you have…great job. Really impressed. Thanks, a loving husband.

  57. Carrie says:

    Can I use almond flour or coconut flour in place of spelt flour?

  58. LRT says:

    I made this as a bread earlier this week and it was AMAZING!! Super moist and delicious – it was especially good right out of the oven when it was warm (I had to fight my husband off at least until we finished dinner :-)), and still really good the next day (I don’t think we’ll get to see how it holds up past day 3 – it will definitely be gone tonight!). To make it a bread, I just baked it for about 45 minutes in a loaf pan rather than 19 as muffins. Thanks for the great recipe!

  59. Emily says:

    I’ve been scouring the internet for a vegan zucchini bread recipe that isn’t overly-sweet. I made this in my loaf pan and it came out absolutely perfect. :-) The texture was fluffy and it was just the right amount of sweetness with the added chocolate chips. Thank you!

  60. Andrea says:

    Any idea how long these stay good? I’m making them now for the snack for my daughter’s preschool class for her birthday. Her birthday is in 3 days. Think they’ll still be good or should I freeze them? Thanks for the great recipe!

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Three days is fine :)

  61. beth c says:

    these are amazing!! thanks so much for sharing the recipe! i made these yesterday with bananas because we didn’t have any zucchini, and i’m back to make some more today! :) they were a huge hit, and one of the first muffin recipes i’ve tried online that actually turned out decent! i think i’m going to lessen the sugar & add a little flax meal today! yummm!

  62. kathy says:

    Sweetened or unsweetened applesauce?

  63. Valerie Dabach says:

    I just want to say that I love you. I am a huge fan. You are the best ever!

  64. Lisa says:

    just made these!! eating one as we speak(; i followed the recipe exactly and i thougjt they tastef really good! my mom bought like 10 zucchinis since they were on sale so this was a great way to use em up! thanks katie(:

  65. Lisa says:

    oh and one thing, i i make these again i would probably add a teaspoon or two of baking powder to help it rise, as it looks like yours didn’t rise much as well(:

  66. Emma of Zimt says:

    Katie- I, and my minimal volume of dirty dishes must pay you a formal thank you. THANK YOU for putting the gram measurements for so many of your ingredients in your recipes! I just chuck stuff into a couple of bowls and voila- easy as can be.

    These are in the oven and smell great! I added chocolate (of course. Like I didn’t have enough of that today…) – guess which brand 😉

    Hope you’re well!

  67. Shera says:

    I made these but they caved in the middle and where very oily. Suggestions?

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      You may want to check out the troubleshoot comments in the Recipe FAQ section at the top of Katie’s blog. Here’s the link:

  68. Stephanie says:

    I made these tonight for my toddler who is dairy, gluten, soya, egg and nut free. They are actually pretty good! I cut down the sugar and still think it could be cut further. I used GF flour and some xanthan gum – this wasn’t in the recipe but I assumed it was required?? Took a guess and put in 1 tsp. I found them nice and crispy on top but kind of wet and gooey on the bottom. Any idea why??

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      You need to make the recipe exactly as written. Otherwise, neither Katie nor anyone else can predict why the results are the way they are.

      1. Stephanie says:

        OK – but if I swap for gf flour do I need to add the gum? It says gf works with this recipe and all of the other recipes seem to use the gum so I wasn’t sure! CanI make it by just swapping flours?

  69. alex says:


    Is there any other substitution for the coconut oil? My husband is allergic to it :(

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      As it says in the recipe, you can use vegetable oil.

  70. Erin says:

    These turned out really great! Thank you.

    1. Erin says:

      I made these muffins again except I used maple syrup for the sweetener instead. They turned out really great! I only used 1/4 cup maple syrup, added an additional 1/8 tsp baking soda, reduced the amounts of apple sauce and oil just slightly. And reduced the temperature to 325 for 30 minutes.

  71. Kc says:

    Hi. Love your site! Would like to see a week of food geared to babies and toddlers especially healthy food combos that they won’t detect! Thx :)

  72. Lynne says:

    Hey Katie!

    I’d like to see Smoothie Week! I’m having a Date Vanilla smoothie right now and it’s swee and so delicious!!!

    Or maybe Dates Week! I love dates!

  73. Patrick says:

    Really like your recipes but I’ve noticed a lot of oats and being gluten-free that makes them unusable for me so if you can drop the oats
    Keep up the good work!!

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Look for Bob’s Red Mill certified gluten-free oats in Whole Foods or on Amazon.

  74. te says:

    Why the emphasis on bake “immediately”? I only have one muffin tray so I can only make 6 of these babies at a time.

  75. christine says:

    I make these with carrot puree instead of applesauce because I have an apple allergy and they come out great!

  76. Sue Colantoni says:

    Thanks for your recipes! I am trying to go gluten free, sugar free and somewhat grain free for my daughter and grand daughter who are dealing with gut issues. I am encouraged by your postings of recipes for dessert and breakfast options. Thanks for testing, trying and posting. Sincerely, Mimi

  77. Elaine says:

    The cinnamon is very good in this recipe. i liked these and will be trying your blueberry ones next

  78. Kim says:

    This is one of our favorite recipes ever, been making it for a few years now and still love it!!! Just picked some zucchini from the garden and going to make some now!

  79. Colleen says:

    Loved this recipe. Quick, easy & so yummy… Made it twice on Sunday & am heading to the store so I can make it again.



  80. Rachel says:

    These are delicious! I have no patience for grating, so I pureed the zucchini, converting to grams per your zucchini pancake recipe, so 180g. I used less sugar (they were still way sweeter than I needed them to be) and mostly whole wheat pastry flour (I didn’t have much spelt). I also threw in a few homemade chocolate chips (another CCK recipe)! Yum!

  81. Sarah says:

    These zucchini muffins are great, but I can’t stop eating them!