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(Disclaimer: I purchased all of the following products with my own money and have no affiliation with any of the companies.)

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vegan greek yogurt

Brand new Greek yogurts from everyone’s favorite dairy-free company, So Delicious. These almond milk Greek yogurts are soy-free, dairy-free, and coconut-free. They come in berry flavors as well, but I only purchased the chocolate and vanilla. Both were tart, yet slightly-sweet, with a custard-like texture.

fair trade chocolate

One of my favorite (fair-trade!) chocolate companies has just introduced a coconut-flavored chocolate bar. The Sweet Riot Dark Chocolate Kickin’ Coconut bar is delicious! Soft dark chocolate, with sweet coconut shreds in every bite.

Love in a wrapper.

kit bars

New from Clif Bar: Kit’s Organic Fruit and Nut Bars. Imagine a Larabar, but with a higher nut-to-date ratio (so more rich and less sweet). The chocolate flavor tasted almost like a cocoa macaroon. (I actually only bought the chocolate and peanut butter ones. Sorry, but berry-flavored snack bars just don’t interest me!)

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smores whoopie pies

Mini S’mores Pies

Published on July 15, 2012

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Chocolate Covered Katie is one of the top 25 food websites in America, and Katie has been 
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ABC's 5 O’Clock News. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating dessert every single day.

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  1. Kendra says

    First of all, I would like to say that I absolutely LOVE reading your blog; you always come up with such creative and delicious recipes, and have given me such inspiration in my cooking endeavors:) Your photos are also great, and give me a clear idea of what the finished product will look like (though taste is more important to me than looks, of course:D) I just started my own blog, and I hope that you will be able to check it out at some point if you have the time! I have a feeling I will be linking back to many of your recipes, as I did in my first post:D Oh, and those new almond milk yogurts look amazing; I will have to check the Whole Foods near us to see if they carry them!

  2. cindy says

    so weird that I didn’t even notice that you said that on Thursday’s post! Anyways, i love the sweetriot chocolate covered cacao nibs…. so I’m looking forward to trying the bar 🙂

    Thanks Katie!

  3. Charla says

    Katie, I rarely comment on your posts (I rarely comment on ANYONE’S posts, not just yours), but I have to this time. I’ve gotta say it sounds like people are just twisting your words around (positive words, at that!) and making them into something negative. And in this case, it sounds like people are making a big deal about something you literally didn’t say! Your blog is amazing, and anyone who is a regular reader hopefully knows good and well that you wouldn’t post anything that should be taken that way. Keep doin’ what you do, girl – you’re good at it. 🙂

    • Lynnette says

      Well, you know what I think? People who get their knickers in a twist just need a good orgasm. Oops, did I say that in my outdoor voice? Love this little blog…

  4. Danielle says

    I don’t think your post was offensive at all. I think rich desserts, even at a party, make a lot of people feel guilty. Having a healthy dessert there can be a relief.

    • Michele says

      Yes that is so true; many people do feel guilty after eating treats and that is why this blog is such a hit! I think it’s wonderful that you are sensitive to what people say but I hope you don’t feel badly about it, honestly.

      Last night I made your cookie pie and while I rarely have seconds (not because I feel guilty but because I get full), I had to partake of more. I paired it with your blender- peanut butter ice cream and it was SO AMAZING! All sugar-free and gluten-free. Thank you thank you hunny.

  5. Melinda says

    Katie…you seriously did not need to defend yourself! This is YOUR blog…YOUR thoughts, YOUR recipes which you have so kindly shared. If someone takes offense to your freewill to say as you please then they can click that exit up there in the corner!

  6. Anonymous says

    I agree with the previous commenters. There are some people out there who actively LOOK for things to be offended by or complain about. The words, in my opinion, were harmless. It’s a shame some people are so sensitive and twist words. Why on earth would they even be on a healthy dessert blog if they weren’t looking for healthy alternatives to replace the not so healthy ones , and then get offended when you say “guilt doesn’t belong at a party”? This site is dedicated to guilt free, amazing desserts, kind of goes without saying, no? Just my thoughts. Love love love your blog! Keep up the awesome work!

  7. Melissa says

    I heart the Sweet Riot Bars!!!!!! Thanks for letting us know about the Almond Milk Greek Yogurt Icecream, I will have to keep a lookout for those!!!

  8. connie says

    katie, you so cant take things personal and forget those people that pick apart words and post anything negative, you have one of the best blogs, love it when you post, i have seen these icecreams but not the almond milk one, i will so be on the look out for those…thank you for the tastetesting and sharing…was wondering have you ever tryed chocoperfection chocolate bars, now those are some delish chocolate..a little spendy but well worth it, they actually taste like a fine chocolate and so cant believe they are actually good for you…if you ever see them buy one to try, you will fall in love…our natural foods store sells them but very pricey, i buy them online…again, thank you for all you do for giving us healthy treats and keep on with the positives from all of us, because we love you and your blog….your my favorite food blog i belong too, so forget those piddly ones that will leave you a negative…..have a great day today, from another one of your biggest fans:)

  9. Angela says

    I am a new reader here, and I have to say you seem like one of the most kind-hearted, genuine people. It is obvious from what you write and how you respond to people’s comments here that you only ever have the best intentions. I honestly, cannot figure out why someone would be offended by your words, but I think it is silly and unnecessary for them to criticize you.

    On another note, we just tried your cookie dough dip and your blondies and they were both a hit, the first with my kids and the second at a dinner party. Thank you for sharing with us.

  10. Michelle says

    So do you get tired of all the love? I love your blog and read it for a long time, I read a few blogs I can’t imagine a food blog of any kind, writing bad or negative things. Even if I didn’t care for a recipe ill go onto another one. Why would anyone do that is beyond me. I love your blog not only for the recipes but because you are a sweet person always trying to answer questions, think of others …..keep up the great work and recipes!

  11. Marissa says

    I’m not sure if your into green bars but Greens + came out with a vegan superfood crisp bar and its so good! There are other flavors too.. chocolate pb and blueberry.


  12. Jess says

    It was probably the same people who put down my post a few weeks ago and made me feel like an idiot. People that we don’t even know.
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but after putting so much time and effort into something, it is unfortunate that negative comments would be made about such a petty little statement.
    I read all of your posts, and pin nearly all of your recipes, and eagerly anticipate the release of your cookbook! You are doing a great thing here! With the increasing interest in healthier eating, you are helping to pioneer the way! I appreciate all of the work you do for your followers and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next!

  13. Pooja says

    Honestly, the kind of things people take offense at !! I had to rack my mind to think back if you had said anything offensive and all I remembered was some lovely looking sprinkles and a yummy dip recipe. I don’t comment on blogs very often but in this instance, I felt I had to. You really should ignore people who make a mountain out of a molehill…this is a food blog, for god’s sake. Not some sermon or a political forum where people need to look for hidden meanings in everything. Please do not feel you need to apologize for people who fail to appreciate all the hard work you put in and instead spend time nitpicking. It was a lovely post and that’s all there is to it.

  14. Linda says

    Hi Katie! I really appreciate you taking the time to address the word choice in your previous post. I’m really tired of blog writers and others offering a non-apology (SORRY IF YOU WERE OFFENDED GEEZ) rather than considering why their words may have offended someone. I thought that choice of words was a bit out-of-character for you (because I read your blog every day and I love it!), so I really appreciate that you took the time to clarify your meaning and to address the issue publicly, rather than simply editing the previous post and avoiding the whole issue.

    Thanks for being so awesome 🙂

  15. Mandy Cheshire says

    Hi, Katie! I also thought nothing of your word choice in the previous post… But I am not surprised at the grace and sweetness with which you are addressing that person’s (people’s?) concern. What a great example you set. Just don’t let it get you down. 😉

  16. Suzie says

    Oh my, those finds sound delightful!!! I hope to come across these great discovers soon 🙂 I hate when I say things and they sound completely worse than I meant or easily taken the wrong way, totally understand what you mean & what humble demeanor to apologize like that when in reality you meant well, reading is hard sometimes to interpret– take texts for examples, its easy to read them the wrong way! But you seem so kind-hearted, I don’t think you could ever mean to offend someone. Thanks for the food finds!

  17. Stefanie says

    I really like the new Cliff bars. Even the berry flavor is good. The PB and Chocolate coconut are my favorites out of the 4. I may like them better then lara bars. I’ll have to check out the yogurt. The greek coconot yougurt was not very good.

  18. tiffany says

    I actually just saw almond milk yogurt in the flyers this week. I never noticed them at the store when i go shopping but I’m definitely gonna try them soon 🙂 I also saw coconut milk ones in the same flyer and I’ve never actually noticed them on the shelf..i should really pay more attention lol

  19. Anna Banana says

    Oh my gosh, those yogurts look so good! I’ve had trouble switching from dairy-full yogurt to dairy-free because it seems like I’ve only had gritty varieties. Anyone have advice on a non-grainy brand? I’m assuming this one might be worth a try and there have to be good ones out there.

    I agree with you (and took your sentence how you meant it). Guilt does *not* belong at a party! It’s not like parties come along every day, so nobody should feel bad for relaxing and enjoying some stellar food at one. 🙂

  20. Lisa @ The Raw Serenity says

    Lovely Katie, I don’t think you should worry over your last post.
    Everyone who reads your blog often, knows that you are supportive and wouldn’t dare mean it in that way.
    I don’t understand why people feel they need to make a negative remark public when if it really did bother them they would have sent you a private email.
    Love your work Katie, keep being you x

  21. Joy says

    I’m not a big commenter because mostly I don’t have anything to add (I’m a suck cook so…) but I have TWO comments today. Your post Thursday was absolutely fine and that really is a case of someone looking for a fight – the anonymity of the www makes people forget the whole “if you can’t say anything nice” rule…
    And second I’m excited about the so delicious Greek yogurt I’m dying to make blueberries dipped in yogurt that I keep seeing on pinterest. But although I’m vegetarian I’m not vegan but trying to be so…. Yum!

  22. Karen says

    Greek Style with Almond Milk!? Where are my car keys? I “need” some right now! Thanks for the headup on new products. A less-sweet Larabar-type Cliff bar sounds delish also. Keep the posts coming, please!
    BTW – do you have a recipe for CCKatie’s Haterade? I would recommend people stop drinking that stuff! 🙂

  23. Deneige says

    Your post was So NOT offensive!! If someone is offended by your blog they can simply type in a new website and go about their way. I made the cake batter dip that night and actually had leftovers for the past few nights! It was delicious! Don’t listen to the few who decide to make a fuss over nothing, they’re wasting your time!

  24. cara says

    Hi Katie- I have a request for a post sometime! It would be SOOOOO awesome to get a list of pantry /grocery items to keep on hand for someone who wants to be able to whip up your healthy desserts throughout the week. !!! Pretty please with chocolate on top? 🙂

  25. Kelsie says

    Found your site last week and har already tried several recipes. It is a godsend for gluten- free gals like me that are trying to watch their weight. Thank you so much for all that you do- don’t let a few negative comments get you down. You are so appreciated by the rest of us! One request- more caramel recipes! Specifically, Carmelita’s would be wonderful (oat-ey, chocolatey, caramel-y goodness…. What’s not to love?)

  26. Jessica says

    I had to go back and read your previous post to see what people were criticizing you about, and found nothing! xD But generally cake batter isn’t healthy enough to eat with a spoon…with all the raw egg and stuff! xD
    Greek yogurt with almond milk sounds so delicious I will keep my eye out for it next time I go grocery shopping. Thanks Katie!

  27. never offended says

    If one never allows offense into their world and accepts others opinions with an open mind and heart even if one does not agree than one would not be plagued with the “pain” of being offended. just saying.

    • Anon says

      Interesting point of view. And good for you that you are never offended…really. But some people have ‘negative’ programming, and then that is all that they can find in an otherwise perfectly positive blog post. Just as much as ‘WE’ need to learn to just allow all opinions with ease, ‘OTHERS must ALSO do their part in cleaning up the way they see things. Otherwise, the world will always be out to ‘get’ them. It’s a 2-way street.

  28. Danica @ It's Progression says

    Where did you find the new Kit’s Organic clif bars? I haven’t seen them in stores yet but they sound great!

  29. ML Bishop says

    For pete’s sake, I cannot believe you had criticisms from that last post. I wouldn’t waste the energy even mentioning that insanity on a blog entry. You have a wonderful blog and if someone has a problem, they can just close the web browser, goodness.

  30. Jillyb says

    Had to drop a line to say thanks for the fantastic blog you keep here! I honestly think that some people go through life looking for ways to take offense. If that’s their perspective, then I’m sure they will always succeed. I read the previous blogpost and understood exactly what you meant and the way you meant it. This is your blog – don’t apologize. 🙂 Keep up the fabulous work – you’ve saved me a ton of time and money in experimentation!

  31. Amanda says

    Getting offended over the last post is pretty immature, even if the folks weren’t frequent readers. There’s a point at which recognizing naysayers is just feeding their fire. Having read your blog for some time and noticed this pattern, I’m surprised you still apologize every time your diction offends one or two people. You should take more pride! Not like they have thousands of readers. You’re the clear winner here.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I actually don’t apologize every time someone’s offended. Sadly, at least one person will get offended by pretty much every single one of my posts.

      But if I really do feel I was in the wrong, it’s only right to apologize for my error in judgment. In this case, I really can see where they could have taken offense.

  32. Emily says

    i have never commented on your post, but i think that is ridiculous. i was an english major, and i absolutely believe that language is important in shaping our reality, but that guilt business is overblown.

    really. go have a nice sprinkle party today!

  33. Kathy says

    I re-read yesterday’s post 3 times and I still can’t find where you said anything about having guilt at a party. I must have totally missed the boat on that one. I wouldn’t have taken offense to something like that anyway!!!

    Will have to look for the chocolate yogurt. Looks awesome. And LOVE the sweet riot chocolates. Love finding new yummy products to try!!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I edited it out of the post, as it really wasn’t my intention to offend and I can see how people were interpreting my words negatively. The original post said:

      Cake Batter Dip healthy enough to eat with a spoon.
      No guilt.
      Guilt has no business at a party.

      • Kathy says

        Must have read it and didn’t think a thing of it. I certainly didn’t take offense to that. People just like to find things to complain about! We know where your heart is!! (most likely in the middle of the cake batter!!) LOL And I’ll be right there with you! Yum

  34. Alyssa says

    Ah, the Internet, where, if you’re so inclined, you can be offended by anything! (Seriously, some people are offended by youtube videos of puppies running. How can anyone be offended by romping puppies?!?!?!)
    I cannot imagine you deliberately trying to offend ANYONE. Just the opposite!
    Your blog is amazing. YOU are amazing! I can’t wait until your book is published: I’m going to buy a copy for myself and one for just about everyone I know.

  35. Cindy says

    I find you to be simply adorable. Please don’t let the remarks of others cause you start second guessing everything you write. I enjoy your sincere, light-hearted, and delicious posts. Some people just aren’t “happy” unless they are miserable and do their best to make others miserable. Glean from constructive critiques where they have YOUR best interest at heart; absolutely dismiss the rest.

  36. Kcli says

    Ditto…I rarely comment but had to re-read the post (and comments). I bet you are going to see a lot of activity on that entry because we want to figure out what is considered offensive enough for someone so they feel they must hurt another. Guess i’m clueless because I’ve always figured you are kind because your recipes avoid the mood swings associated with a crummy diet)

    Me thinks you are quite original and I recently had to create a Pinterest board dedicated just to you because I kept pinning so many of your recipes.

    Repeat after me…screw ’em! (a bit vulgar but feeeeels sooooooo goooooood!)

    Now get back to saying what ever is on your mind (and keep the recipes coming for your dedicated fans)!!!

  37. Jamie says

    almond milk greek yogurt?! finally!! i’ve been wishing for a vegan greek yogurt (not soy) and i don’t know how i’ve missed this one! i feel like i check whole foods every time i go, which is way too often. 🙂 i’ve actually never seen almond milk yogurt period there, or at least not the one at park lane by northpark. but then again, i do have pretty bad eyesight. 🙂

    as for anyone who took your comment on thursday the wrong way, i can’t imagine how. guilt doesn’t belong at a party! i took your words exactly how you said you meant them, the first time. eating a non healthy desert would make me feel guilty (especially since i know i could have made one of yours and it would taste just as good! scratch that…better!), and that doesn’t make for a fun party! but i know so many people who don’t feel guilty about indulging a little when it’s a party, but the bottom line is the same: guilt doesn’t belong because parties are supposed to be fun! no apology necessary in my opinion!

  38. Natalie says

    I take an offense to you apologizing for something completely appropriate and OK and normal. lol
    I’d expect an honest person to say things honestly – so don’t go changing your attitude or your way of thinking because someone needs psychiatric help.
    Just saying. As in who really dissects everything you say not to mention take it personally Katie? I know you’re the star of the blog, but it should stay as star of the blog, not personal bestest friend I never knew. You make good food, awesome food, and you write funny posts, cause you’re funny! keep doing your job the way you do it – it gives it character and reflects pride and love for food.

  39. luv2run says

    hmmm i didn’t notice anything offensive on your last post…but i think your such a sweet person to be sensitive towards other peoples feelings =)

  40. Jenna @ whatever and ever amen says

    It looks like a few people have already said something to this effect but: we can’t spend all our time making sure everyone understands exactly what we mean. Some people just read negativity into everything and some people like to use the internet as a platform for bullying others. You have always been pretty clear in you statements, and I think your readers would want to hear more about your life rather than an apology for a perfectly acceptable comment. Keep up the good work!

  41. Trish @ MyBigFatBundt says

    I HAVE A NEWS FLASH!!! This is Katie’s blog, it is going to contain Katie’s ideas, words, opinions, and values. If you do not LIKE said ideas, words, opinions, and values…then simply ‘x’ out of this page and go to a different blog. “OMG!! Wow!! That was SO simple! You mean I can just choose not to read this blog if I do not like it?” Yes! Exactly. Okay, now that I’m done being a smart-ass, I didn’t even notice what you had said in the previous post. And I will tell you why that is. Listen to this, people. VIOLENT PEOPLE LIVE IN A VIOLENT WORLD. PEACEFUL PEOPLE LIVE IN A PEACEFUL WORLD. SAME WORLD. It is THAT simple. People who are just LOOKING for something negative WILL find it! In ANYTHING. I’m sure His Holiness, the Dalai Lama would offend them. (And that has GOT to be the most compassionate human walking the face of this Earth…) It is simply how these people are programmed, and to a great extent it isn’t even their fault. They’ve got security issues on the inside and then project it out onto others. In their minds ‘you’ should clean up your wording to make them feel better. But in reality, we have to clean up ‘ourselves’, from the inside, in order for what we are seeing to look different.
    Great blog as always. Made your white bean blondies for a workshop I was teaching yesterday, and the ladies went ga-ga for them. 🙂

  42. Raven says

    First of all, I want to say I love your posts, you’re the only blogger I regularly check up on and I love trying out your recipes! But I wanted to ask have you ever tried Coconut Bliss ice creams? They are absolutely amazing and the best I’ve tried so far.

  43. Jennifer D. says

    Everyone reads things with their own perspective and experiences in the back of their mind. You are right, you can’t make everyone happy so don’t try. I love your posts and wouldn’t take any of them in a negative fashion! Great blog and keep up the fantastic work! Really excited for your cookbook 😉

  44. Ashley @ Wishes and Dishes says

    Criticism is no fun but don’t worry – it happens to everyone! (Justified or not). At least hopefully the person was nice about it. I had a nasty comment on one of my blogs a few weeks ago and I wanted to cry, but then I thought I’m not going to let one person’s negativity get me down. Keep up the good work!

  45. Erica @ Cult of Kale says

    I am really surprised people took offense at that little sentence, it just seems so silly!

    The new treats look pretty good, especially the chocolate! My local stores are usually very late to the game as far as new vegan foods go 🙁 The almond yogurt also looks yummy!

  46. Lindsay N. says

    How can anyone be offended by a blog post about something as delicious as Cake Batter Dip?! That post made me insanely happy; you had me at “butter extract.” Katie, you do the work of an angel bringing healthy vegan desserts to those of us who want to make thoughtful food choices but need our sweet fix too! You rock.

  47. Veronica says

    You are so diplomatic in the way you handled the criticism, perfect. I don’t think you needed to apologize but I guess everyone is unique and might take something the wrong way. Take it with a grain of salt is my philosophy. 🙂

  48. Kim says

    Thank you SO much for making me aware of Kit’s Organic Fruit & Nut Bars! OMG, the chocolate one is delicious! Tastes like a brownie! Thought it would be great to eat with one of your homemade ice cream recipes! I have an idea…would you PLEASE create a copy-kat recipe for the Kit bars??? You could call them Kopy Kat Kit bars…you know, a play-on words like Kit-Kat bars??? Yes, I think it’s a brilliant idea…lol 😉

  49. Nicole says

    I think this blog is great and so different from many vegan dessert blogs out there… you use ingredients that I can actually find in a supermarket.

    In life I am tired of people picking out the negative things in everything and complaining. I have noticed that these people frequent this blog and are always saying nonsense to make you feel bad about something that is not meant to be offensive at all. Your writing style is sweet and serene, yet these people can still pick something to insult you about.

    What you are doing is amazing, it’s creative, it’s helpful and thoughtful. I have no idea why some people can’t just live by the phrase: If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.

  50. Shannon R says

    Can’t please all the people all the time!

    I had a quick question: I have a houseguest who’s going to be staying with us for a while, and he’s vegan. That’s fine, I wasn’t planning on force-feeding him beef or anything, but he doesn’t do a lot of cooking, and he’s from another country, so he doesn’t really know where to start with vegan convenience foods in the States. We’ll be having probably most dinners together, I can accommodate that, and your blog’s given me plenty of dessert ideas, but he’s going to be on his own for breakfast & lunch. I plan on going to the store with him so he can get his favorite fruits & veggies, but do you have any favorite convenience foods (burritos, pizzas, things like that) that I can stock the freezer/fridge with in advance, in case we don’t make it to the store right away? I don’t believe he has any other food restrictions, so soy, nuts, wheat, etc are all fine.

    • Lindsay N. says

      The Amy’s brand has a ton of great vegan convenience foods including burritos, frozen meals, soups, pizza. I’m a vegan and I always have these items in my freezer when I need a quick bite. Your best bet is to go to Whole Foods – they have a nice selection.

  51. emma says

    Oh YUM! Katie- first and foremost, thank you so much for your incredible blog! (You get that a lot, but now you have it a lot + one =) )

    The Greek Yogurt hasn’t reached us here, north of the border, quite yet, so I may just have to hop over to try some!

    I would love it, and would be so honoured, if you did a Zimt Artisan Chocolates product review- may I send you raw chocolate to try? Let me know the best method to reach you- you would get the chocolate within the next month and a bit!

  52. Nothy Lane says

    Katie, I love this blog! You do a fantastic job of creating new recipes that are healthy and appetizing. Bravo! Thanks for the tip on the yogurt. I will definitely keep an eye out for it.

  53. Moni Meals says

    Great finds Katie.
    And if you offend anyone (accidentally) they can get over it!! I have been reading your blog long enough and you’re the sweetest thing ever! There are some looney and unhappy people in this world… don’t let it bother you doll. 🙂

  54. Genevieve says

    Just wanted to lend my support to you. There are SO many people who appreciate your blog, and even if I don’t agree with every little single thing you say, that doesn’t take away from my absolute enjoyment of your wildly creative recipes. I’m sure you already know this, but I encourage you to pay no mind to people who attempt to criticize you or your posts. Even if you think they might have a point, there are more and more haters where that came from. Haters gonna hate. And honestly, if you’re receiving negative commentary about your blog or your recipes or even your choice of words, that means you’re making it 🙂 It’s a good sign, trust me.

  55. Minerva says

    I have tried the So Delicious Greek style coconut milk yogurt (loved it!), but I’ve never seen the almond version. I’m on the hunt! 🙂

  56. Christine Moore says

    I think you made a great point! If you find yourself offended by something another person says, it is better to believe that he or she probably did not mean it that way, and more often than not this is true. However, if you jump to conclusions and remain bothered, that can lead to hurt feelings and misunderstanding. A very healthy perspective to live by.
    Thank you for the advice regarding youthful appearance and actual age. It makes me feel better to know that I am not the only one who has encountered age-inappropriate comments based on my looks. I shall do my best to keep living the way I wish to live!

  57. meghan says

    SO excited that so delicious is making greek yogurt.. and pretty stoked about the cliff bars. Hopefully they are a bit cheaper then the oh so delicious laurabars!Thanks for sharing.

  58. Amanda says

    I just stumbled upon your very nice blog. Trying to go vegan, and
    Greek yogurt is my last holdout. I read the article which was critized. I do not see what was offensive….people should lighten-up. You do not need to defend or explain yourself. Just continue with these fabulous recipes.

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