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Can you name this dessert?

Pizza for breakfast!

Sometimes I get so caught up writing new recipe posts that I forget to write about other things I’ve been eating. Today’s breakfast was worthy of a magazine cover; too pretty to not share:

breakfast pizza

The actual recipe can be found here: Single-Serving Breakfast Pizza

(Be warned: It’s an embarrassingly old post!)

A few years ago, this breakfast pizza was one of the most-popular recipes on my website. However, it wasn’t originally called “breakfast pizza.” No, originally I thought it’d be a great idea to name this lovely creation… a pizzert. I went on calling it “pizzert” for over a year, until finally someone told me she couldn’t get on board with the recipe because she was pronouncing it to sound like it rhymed with lizard. Yikes!

dessert pizza

So yeah, the recipe needs a new name.

artisana coconut butter

Question of the Day:

What would you call this recipe?

Edit: I could not choose a winner based on best suggestion… because I liked them all :).

So I chose a random winner instead: Alanna.

For now it will stay Breakfast Pizza… and I will continue to secretly call it Pizzert ;).

Published on May 20, 2012

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  1. Emma says

    Can’t stop laughing!
    I’ve made your pizzert a few times, and it’s one of my favorites of your recipes because it’s so easy and versatile. But I never thought to say it like Lizard LOLOL!

    • Emma says

      Oh, and I can’t think of any recipe title names at the moment, because I’m just not creative like that! But what’s the delicious looking frosting on your recipe?

    • Denise says

      We made this as a perfect ending to my angels 14th Birthday weekend. All six of her friends scarfed it down before we even left for church. So on the way I asked, what would you guys call that. They came up with Heavenly Rainbow and Sweet Awakenings. When asked why those they said well one we didn’t expect such a sweet awakening lol and two, what teenage girl wouldn’t eat something that looked like clouds and rainbows. Works for me, love feeding all of her friends healthy versions of what they eat at home. They are always delightfully surprised. Thanks for sharing. With my disease. (GP and POTS) I always make sure the things I make them are extra special on the days I can actually cook. 🙂

      • Jadébelle says

        I love love love this. Such a sweet story for such a sweet dessert. When I make new recipes I always give them sentimental names. Tarts and Pizzerts and such remind me to much of rushed dinners instead of the Heavenly Rainbow which was made with heart and love. Unique!

  2. casey says

    Is there anything wrong with just “Breakfast Pizza?” What about Breakfast Fruit Pie. Like a pizza pie, but fruity. Or Fruity Breakfast Pie. Or Fruity Breakfast Pizza Pie. I don’t know!! Regardless what you call it, it looks delicious. Will consider adding to my breakfast rotation. Right now i’m on an oatmeal kick. Made the night before, cold by morning, delicious!

  3. Krisitn says

    I think it looks lovely and you should call it what it is: an every day brunch tart.
    (I would not try to abbreviate fruit tart because then you will only get a “fart”!)

  4. Sue says

    Hi Katie! I think you should call it a “Sweetie Pie” = a sweet breakfast pie. That way, the name shows that people don’t have to have fruit on their dessert pizza pies (chocolate! coconut! slivered almonds!) but that it is a sweeter version of a pizza pie.

  5. Nikki says

    Fruit Pizza is a good name for it. Or Fruit Pie or Fruit Tart.

    You could also name it ‘Sweetza’ (Sweet Pizza).

  6. Sally says

    It looks a lot like a fruit tart…. what about breatart? (pronounced like braveheart except like bray- tart) reminds me of the movie… maybe i will watch it on this rainy-ish day… Breatart, the conqueror of all other breakfasts!

  7. Olivia A says

    Yum! This one is gorgeous!! I <3 this recipe. How about calling it a pancake tart? Whatever you decide to call it, it's still a delicious recipe! 🙂

  8. Löu says

    i think i would go for something like
    “Sweet-zza” or “Sweet-izza” or for something longer “Break (the) Fast with Fruity Pizza”

  9. Sandy says

    Sunrise Fruit Supreme – or just Sunrise Supreme. Something I’d want every morning or even at night! Looks yummy

  10. Sabrina says

    Baked pancake pizza (since it doesn’t have to be fruity [ahem chocolate] and the word pancake is associated with breakfast!). Or just Sweet pancake pizza.

  11. Nada (One Arab Vegan) says

    How bout Single Layer Breakfast Trifle or Fruity Breakfast Flatbread? Tropical Breakfast Brioche (a bit of a cheat since the “bread isn’t really brioche though) I think “Fruitata” (mentioned by someone above) is a winner. Either way it looks delicious!

  12. Maya says

    Since it’s a brinner (Dinner for breakfast) I’d say.. go with Good morning Pizza! (Pizza for when you wake up in the morning!)

  13. PBnJ Fam says

    This is one of my favorite spring/summer treats! I would like to call it a “treatza” (treat + pizza) because I don’t usually eat it for breakfast… I eat it as a treat.. Sometimes I go all out and do chocolate drizzle and peanut butter chips etc. on it – it is SO universal!! But I also vote for the “fruitata” suggestion from earlier… it makes me smile :0) (but it doesn’t HAVE to be topped with fruit so that is a little limiting…) Hard to come up with a name for something that can be eaten ANY time of day and topped with ANYTHING!! Thanks for the great recipe!

  14. Jenny D says

    Hmmm, thats a hard one. I do like breakfast pizza, though. Then you can call them blueberry pizza, oatmeal raisin pizza, fruit pizza, etc. Pizza cake? Chocolate cookie dough pizza cake! I’ll keep thinking on it, its hard to get “pizza” outta my head!

  15. Kimberly says

    What about “Fruit-za-pie” or “Deli-icious Breakfast Pizza”!

    … or like someone above already said… just accept the ‘pizzert’?? lol.. I think it kinda has a ring to it! “Fruity Breakfast Pizzert”!!! 😀

  16. Mandie says

    I’d call it a Fruitiza (or Fruitizza)! (pronounced – froo-tee-za)
    The name just came to me a split second ago!

      • Mandie says

        I don’t know why, but Breaky Plizza sounds good (as in “please, pizza!”)
        Kind of like, “Breakfast? Please Pizza!”

        I don’t know, perhaps I’m weird – lol.

        That is it for my *crazy* suggestions.
        Coming up with names for different things is SO fun!

        • Mandie says

          Oh, and ‘Plizza’ would be pronounced, ‘pleezza’

          And you could leave out the ‘Breaky’ part and call it,

          “A Plizza, Sure to Please Everyone”
          (because it is SO versatile)

  17. Hanna M. says

    Swizza (sweet pizza) was my immediate thought! Another suggestion: If made with chick pea flour, you could call it sweet socca/fruity socca/dessert socca.

  18. k says

    It is clearly just a fruit tart…or you could call it a fruit pinwheel to be creative. I think that fits it nice 🙂

  19. Aurelie says

    I’d call it a Fruitzilla!

    Mainly cos it’s so choc-ful of fruits. Plus it slightly resembles pizza!


  20. Kat says

    Well, since I have already made dessert pizzas before (and just called them ‘Dessert Pizza’) I don’t know why you would need to come up with a fancy name for the ‘Breakfast Pizza’. A strange name is just going to make people question it and possibly skip over the recipe because they have no idea what it is and it doesn’t sound appetizing. Now saying ‘breakfast pizza’ get’s people’s attention because it makes people think ‘Pizza for breakfast? Now I’m intrigued.’

  21. Isabella Defesche says

    I’m going to go with either Sunshine pizza or Sunrise pizza. :] Nothing better than to start your morning with some sunshine and some pizza. 😀

  22. Erin says

    How about “Sweet Dream Pizza” because people will have just been dreaming. 🙂 Or like “Sleep-busting Sunrise Pizza”. Something along those lines!

  23. Karen says

    First let me say that I’m SO GLAD that you re-post oldies because I miss a lot of good ones (like this) when I’m just browsing around your recipes.
    Second, although I’ve seen name ideas that are much more creative, before I even saw that you were asking to name the dessert, one word popped into my mind the second I saw the pic, so I have to suggest it: Scrumdiddlyumptious! Or maybe for a play on words, you could even say ScrumdiddlyBreakfast. Either way, Yum-O!

      • kelly says

        I second the oldies. I am newer to your blog (lovelovelove it!) and it would be fun to see your oldies but goodies highlighted. I have made your cookie dough dip so many times and have surprised each person who ate it (after the bowl was demolished). They were SHOCKED that it was made with beans. yippee!

  24. Tiffany Nay says

    I can’t believe you just re-posted this! I seriously found that recipe 3 days ago, and that’s what I’v been eating for breakfast ever since! I served some to my husband with some “better butter” that had been made with a frozen banana, so he called it “cold pancakes” lol. Whatever we decide to call them though, I think it’s an awesome, easy recipe! You never let me down, katie 😀

  25. Tracey says

    Breakfast Sweetza, Morning Pizza Tart, Pastry Pizza, Breakfast Berry Sweetza, Pizza Pie Berry Suprise, or Pome Pizza Pie!

  26. JJ says

    P.S. Where do you find the coconut butter? I live in Dallas too (well, not right now, I have about 2 more months in London before I get back to Dallas) but I’ve never been able to find coconut butter anywhere. I tried to make some like your homemade coconut butter recipe, but the coconut just stayed powdery no matter how long I left it in the food processor. Is there a trick? I even tried adding coconut milk after like 10 minutes of notion happening, but that didn’t work either….maybe I just have a wimpy food processor, ha!

  27. Bethany Davis says

    OOO, or Suit Your Fancy Sweetie Pie (I like alliteration), Mouthful of Goodness Pie, Or you could make it a huge ol’ poem

    Pizza pie, Pie and fruit
    It’s your choice
    whatever suits

    Eat it plain or fill it up
    Enjoy the flavors
    chocolate, fruit, or nuts

    For a grand delight
    add some spice
    Every combo will be just right

    Either way it’s sure to please
    Just look at the picture above
    Featuring Katie’s healthy cream cheese!

    🙂 OK, I may need to go and drink my coffee now.

  28. Robin says

    breakfast pizza usually involves eggs, crust, and other toppings, cheese, sausage, peppers, etc.
    And fruit pizza is usually full of sugar,
    sugar cookie crust, topped with cream cheese frosting, and fruit
    why not just call it
    Healthier Fruit Pizza
    and mention as most of your recipes are, it is healthy enough to eat for breakfast!
    Yum, looks tasty!

  29. holleyrogers says

    Delizioso Frutto Pizza. Well..this is my thought process…pizza is essentially Italian, so why not call is “Delicious Fruit Pizza” in Italian? 🙂 Plus everything sounds so pretty in Italian as well. And THIS is a pretty breakfast!

  30. moepurple says

    Pancakelette (It kinda looks like an omelette made out of pancake batter instead of eggs!)
    Fruitatta! (It also looks like a fritatta with fruit!)
    Or a Fruit Pizookie Pie
    Fruit Pizzalette
    Fruit Pizzatta (pizza and fritatta combined)
    Breakfeatza! (Sounds italian! Haha)

  31. kelly says

    my daughter saw the photo (she is 9) and she said, “how about, “breakfast pizza pie!”
    I agree, it has a thicker crust like a tart too, maybe fruity breakfast tart. or fruity pizza tart.

  32. Elena Wurlitzer says

    How about calling it:


    It’s pretty and snazzy, and it’s pizza — so the name should have a few “z”s, right?

    Tee hee. Looks delicious!

  33. Stephanie says

    It makes me think of eating fresh summer fruit outside under a pretty sky filled with clouds so I’d call it “Fruit Cloud” or “Fruity Forecast” or a “Fruit Picnic.”

  34. Taylor says

    Spring Awakening!
    Pizza Morning
    Sweet Pizza….Sweetza
    Single Girl’s Pizza
    Pizza Delight
    “This won’t make you fat!”
    Sweet Wheels……a regional term for pizza haha
    Anything U Want Pie (cuz you can put anything on it)

  35. Chelan Shepherd says

    Okay… umm…

    Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Pie
    Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Cake
    Scrumdidlyumptious Cake
    Sweet Nothings Pie
    Sweet Somethings Pie
    Wonder Pie
    I-pizza (‘I’ as in single-serving, customizable, Italian and/or a take off on the Iphone)
    Fruit Fandango
    Fruit Pie Fandango
    Pizza Fruit Fandango
    Shorty’s Fruit Pie (kind of looks like shortbread, and ‘shorty’ is slang for a good looking girl)
    Shorty Pie

    That’s all I’ve got (for now)!

    • Samantha says

      OH. MY. GOSH.

      I haven’t thought about Choose Your Own Adventures books in ages. I totally was into those when I was a kid. You made me look them up to see if they are even still around anymore.

      • Chelan Shepherd says

        It’s so funny, I keep bringing them up in conversation lately and I have no idea why. ARE they still around???

        • Samantha says

          They are still available! I think he was writing and creating long after I was too old for them (looks like he was publishing into the late 90s and I think there have been second publishing runs on the ones from the 80s.

          Talk about a flash back. I had completely forgotten about these until I saw her post!

  36. Agne says

    I would call it Pizza for your Soul, because fruits are food that nourishes people’s body with so many good things.. :))

  37. Elzie says

    Dreaming Pie
    Doozie (Literally – Dream-Your-Pizza-Pie or Interpretation -Your Dream Pizza Pie)
    Fruitie (Fruity Pie)
    Za-Fruittie-Creation (The Fruit Pie Creation)

  38. Jennifer says

    Summer Fruit Pie, or Summer Fruit Tart… something like that.. I just really think of summer when I see fruit like that.

  39. Johnyne says

    How about:
    “Tropical Sunrise Pizza”
    “Fruit Extravaganza”
    “Fruity Breakfast Pie”
    “Who You Callin’ Fruity Breakfast Pie”
    or “Fruity Sphere of Luv”

  40. Mandie Lauren says

    Oh! Let’s get Italiano on this!
    “Pizza Colazione” Which I think means exactly what you already named it; Breakfast Pizza.
    According to ( ), pizzas are named like that… orI assume that’s just how Italian works… and colazione means breakfast (as far as I know – I don’t speak any Italian! This is all throwing myself out there spontaneously and hoping it’s accurate!)

    Similar suggestions:
    “Focaccia Colazione” (Focaccia being another bready, pizza-esque food)
    Also, if we want to get away from the “pizza with bacon and eggs on it” connotation, I’d suggest… however you say something like ‘Fruit Pizza’ or ‘Breakfast Pizza with Fruit’ in Italian. I’m not even going to attempt that one as I have no clue how Italian grammar works xD Could any Italian speakers help me out? 🙂

    I like it because it’s still descriptive, and even non-Italian speakers will likely recognize the word for pizza (and the word for fruit. Frutta? Frutti? I have no clue, but it’s something like that!), and the Italian is a nod back to the origins of pizza as we know it, as well as kind of attention-grabbing for someone skimming the recipes 🙂

  41. Maggie L says

    Since people always do the “Breakfast for dinner” idea and have pancakes or something for dinner, you could just try and switch that around. Or here are just some other ideas as well 🙂

    “Sun-rise pizza”—-personal favorite 🙂

    “Early-morning pizza”
    “Dinner for breakfast-fruity pizza”
    “sweet and savory pizza”
    “Dizza” (dinner + pizza)

  42. Cristina says

    For those who have a sweet tooth or who make this for the ones they love, here’s a cute name……Sweetie’s Pie. 🙂

  43. Kalese says

    Since you have ‘fudge babies’ (which are awesome and delicious) you could create a theme for naming your recipes and call them ‘fruit mamas’

  44. Claire says

    Mmm..that looks amazing. Looks like a cookie with cream and fruit on top…sounds like an awesome breakfast to me! Names…how about… Cookiezza, or Not-your-leftover-pizza-for-breakfast :D, or the Flying fruit saucer (looks a little like a flying saucer, if you squint your eyes!), or the Ihiepab (I-Hope-I-Eat-Pizzert-At-Breakfast)…ok, I’m seriously getting weirder and weirder ideas. I should stop now.

  45. Sunnie says

    What about a “Pan Baby”?

    LOL I was thinking of your fudge babies (which I still have yet to make!) – a “pan baby” for breakfast sounds cute.

    Or, your could just call it a Yummy Fruit Flattie. 😉

    • Sunnie says

      Or, since there isn’t always fruit on pizzerts, you could call it a Breakfast Sweetie. Or a breakfast sweet-zert?

      NO! WAIT! A sweetza! 😀 LOL.

  46. Beth says

    what about breakza? (which, coincidentally, is what my brother called breakfast until he was 4 because he couldn’t pronounce it lol)

  47. Alanna says

    Oh my. I can’t even think straight because I keep staring at that lovely picture!

    As for a name, I vote for something with tart in it, since that’s what it most closely resembles to me.

    No-guilt breakfast tart for two?
    Healthy breakfast tart?

    (Oops – my subconscious took over the keyboard for that last one.) 😉

  48. Heather LaGuire says

    Fruiti Tuiti Pizzarooti (My idea was Fruit Pizza, but I saw somebody had already posted it :))

  49. katy says


    My mom and I used to make a [not so healthy] version of that when I was growing up. We called it fruit pizza. Not super creative, but I like it!

    BTW I also like the name “pizzert”

  50. Cat says

    How about “Breakfast Tart”? It’s simple and easy to customize – Blueberry Breakfast Tart, Mixed Fruit Breakfast Tart, Chocolate Strawberry Breakfast Tart…

  51. Allison says

    My made something that looked like this when I was a kid and she called it fruit pizza. You could also call it Sweet Pizza. I call it breakfast tomorrow….

  52. Barb says

    Okay – I got it:
    Fruity Egg-Free Frittata

    Yum– Thanks for so many wonderful recipes, Katie! I’m a new subscriber, first-time post, and big fan!

  53. Nicole says

    We still just call it pizzert! My 2 kids LOVE it! I let them bring it for packed lunch to school one day. I had to explain to my son’s preK teacher that I did not “just let him have cake” for lunch. Your stuff is so good people think it is bad for you!

  54. Ashley says

    Shoot Sweet-za was already posted!! hmmm
    cake-fast ( ooo or cake fest)
    pizza cake
    Cookie-zza (pronounced (cookieetza)
    Slightly lame but I tried 😉

  55. Matt Di Clemente says

    Dear Katie,
    Thank-you for your fantastic recipes! You are a genius.
    I would call your creation *** Foccacia di Frutta ***.
    What do you think. Foccacia means the round bread made at home over the hearth in Italy. It is more popular even than Neapolitan pizza. It is commonly vegan. My grandmother makes a version with rosemary, but who would not love your Frutta version?
    Best wishes, and thank-you again!

  56. Shannon says

    Haha, okay so of course I thought of pifast (pronounced pee-fast). Around here we call that a fruit pizza, but that’s not very original. Alas, I cannot think of anything clever that’s also accurately descriptive.

  57. Sapphire says

    Well, we always called this a “fruit pizza” when we would make it at home…how about:

    Sweet Summer Fruit Pizza


    Sweet-za Pizza

  58. Nadia says

    How about a “Tutti Frutti Pizza” 😀 my dad used to call me tutti frutti when I was a little girl…now it’s just tutti though 😛

  59. Heather says

    If you are looking for cute and long “Cream-cheesy “Anything Goes” Breakfast Bake” or short and sweet “Blissful Breakfast Bake”

    I like that either name incorporates any combination to add (fruit or chocolate).

    Forget breakfast…..I think I will make this now……YUM! : )

  60. Annette says

    Breakfast Fruit Tart for One wraps it all up. Looks great, can’t wait for ripe summer fruit to make it super summery…

  61. Lindsay says

    Hey katie

    I think a cute name for your dessert pizza would be Pizzaz. Pizza with Pizzaz because its dessert.

  62. Samantha says

    OK, she was totally missing out then. 🙂

    It is fun to see this make an appearance again…I was just thinking about making one yesterday!

    There has been some great and creative suggestions.

    • Sarah the official CCK drooler says

      Fruita palooza pizza? Or fruits n’ cream tart/pizza?
      My creative well has now officially run dry.

  63. cyndi says

    Why limit this to just bfast? I’d have it for dessert or a snack anyday!
    I’d name it
    Fruit torte
    Passion fruit torte
    fruit passion tart

  64. Cristina says

    Fruizza! (Froo-EEZ-za)
    Frutazza! (Froo-TAZ-za)
    Piazza! (Pie + Pizza).
    Sweetizza! (Sweet Pizza).
    Ambrizza/Ambrozza! (Ambrosia + Pizza)

    That’s all I got! Best of luck.

  65. Kayla says

    1. Strawberry sunrise
    2. Morning Glory
    3. Dawn danish delight
    4. Dawn’s delight
    5. Breakfast Bliss
    6. Berry Breakfast Blast
    7. Berry awake

  66. Rachel Harding says

    Frookie, or Fruikie since it’s kind of fruit on a cookie…but for breakfast.
    If you pronounce it Froo-kie it sounds kind of like a curse word,
    If you pronounce it Frui-kie it just sounds funny.
    Fruikie…heh heh heh

  67. purplegirl says

    Pizzert is the best! I’d say stick with the old name! But sweetza, sweetie pie,or pizzaz would be ok too. I guess.

  68. Tiffany says

    How about breakfast tart? Whenever I think of a tart, I think of a sophisticated English tea. This dish looks like it would fit right in with a lovely tea set, white tablecloths, and Earl Gray!

  69. MeLissa Rocco says

    I believe it should be “Have It Your Way Breakfast (or Dessert, if you prefer) Tart” because when I saw it, I thought of a wonderful fruit tart that I used to enjoy (until I found out I couldn’t eat wheat – boo!) at my favorite restaurant. The Have it Your Way part alludes to the fact that you can make it with any toppings you like. 🙂

  70. Samantha says

    I am finding myself wanting to comment on everyone’s post. You almost need to take the top 10 and do another voting session.

    On the subject of old recipes that hide…someone mentioned greek yogurt I think maybe in yesterday’s post?
    (for any of you that have not seen this gem – like me)

    Anyway, I did finally look up and made today more in the spirit of the vanilla mousse (sweetener + vanilla). In the first place, put vanilla mousse + strawberry + pizzart (with chocolate chips) = stunning strawberry shortcake. I wish I had taken a photo. Secondly, probiotics aside, that is a pretty amazing yogurt option. Like I might not buy soy yogurt again option – which I have an on and off relationship with anyway!

    Thank you as always!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I think maybe I’ll have to draw randomly :(. How on earth can you choose?

      In any case, I just was looking through your blog. It always makes me smile… And I adopted my dog for my 18th birthday, just like your sister! 🙂

      • Samantha says

        LOL. If only I hadn’t eaten my latest creation before I took a photo I could have put that on the site for you to see. 🙂 But thank you for stopping by, I really do appreciate it.

        Well your site makes me smile too so I consider that a great trade. I am such a good older sister…dragging her along for puppy adoption. But really she enjoyed. They were practically teenagers together. She is in college now and I send her to your site to torture her for the day she has a small apartment of her own. 🙂

        I don’t know how you can choose either. The options have been outstanding!

      • Samantha says

        PS. I don’t know if you saw that I made dog versions of your oatmeal cakes for Nim and several other dogs in his life in honor of his birthday. All loved them.

        Around here (WA state) I have been seeing shaped baked oatmeal like treats in the boutique stores. At easter time they were in the shape of flowers on a stick. And literally looked like what your recipe looks like out of the oven.

        The second I saw them I thought of your recipe. Basically I dropped any sugar or none dog friendly extras and they turned out great. I am actually planning to do more dog versions and cut them into thinner strips and freeze them for the summer.

        The versions for me are full of chocolate and other things that dogs don’t need. 🙂

  71. Laura says

    We always just called it fruit pizza or dessert pizza. Or even fruit dessert pizza! But none of those are very fun. :P. I don’t know, mega cookie?

  72. Tash @ Dairy Free Chick says

    How about…
    Fruity Margherita (like the margherita pizza)
    Tutti Frutti Pizza
    Fruta Fresca Pancake Pizza

  73. Jules says

    What about sweet tart? kind of like the candies! but breakfast version lol or like…
    Sweet treatza the pizza !
    Pizza tart!
    sweetza tart!
    nahh i like the suggestion above “sweetie pie” the best 🙂

  74. Katie says

    I think there are quite a few handy names already listed. I love pizzaz and so on. Maybe something funky like Daybreak Berry Dessert?

  75. Kat says

    1. Wake Me Up Sunshine Pie
    2. Wake Me Up Sunshine Pizza
    3. Fruitful Start Breakfast
    4. Very Berry Pie
    5. Very Berry Breakfast Pie
    6. Very Berry Pizza Pie
    7. Sunshine Pie
    8. Sunshine Pizza Pie
    9. Sunshine Berry Pie
    10. Fruity Love Affair Pizza Pie
    11. All-Day Breakfast Pizza
    12. All-Day Breakfast Fruity Pie
    13. Indulge for Breakfast
    14. Healthy Fruity Breakfast Pizza
    15. Healthy Fruity Breakfast Pie
    16. Fruit Crush Pie
    17. Fruit Crush Pizza Pie
    18. Rainbow Fruit Pie
    19. Under the Rainbow Fruit Pie
    20. Colors of the Rainbow Fruit Pie

    Going over-board, I better stop 😉 Making this tomorrow, anyways 🙂

  76. Niki H says

    Pizza-Pie-Breakfast-Oh-My! (best when said in a super cheesy Italian Mario and Louigi style accent 😉 this is one of my fave CCK recipes to date!

  77. Sophie says

    How about PP (pretty pizza)?

    ha ha, just kidding.

    Maybe. . .
    Fruit Pizzaz
    Fruity McZaz
    Frizza (fruit + pie + pizza)
    Frity Pizzy

    I’ll stop now, the z’s are making me dizzy!

  78. Shelly says

    Wow, this looks like a “breakfast pie” to me! Whats yummier than pie?? Okay, cookies and chocolate tie!

  79. Emily says

    What about …. Fruitastic Pizza ? Or Fruity Panizza (Fruit + Pan, Pizza ) Tehe. Or maybe even Fruitizza ? Or ….Breakfast Panizza ? Anyway, good luck Katie ! Have a great day !

  80. Ashley says

    I would call it the “M.V.Pizza” 🙂 (Magnificent Vegan Pizza or Morning Vegan Pizza) Because this recipe is pretty valuable! 🙂 and it deserves a clever name. SO yummy!

  81. Keith says

    I’d call it “pizzert” and pronounce it correctly, which I’m presuming is “peet-z-ert” — a name SO ridiculous and awful, there’s no way to improve upon it.

  82. Adria says

    The BF: the breakfast fruitizza or the baked fruitizza. Or perhaps similarly, the BFF: baked fruity fun, breakfast fruit fun, or breakfast fruitizza fun. In both cases you could preface it with, “Have you met my new BF/BFF?” or “Meet my new BF/BFF!” 🙂

    *I can’t take full credit though because I think I saw someone had come up with ‘fruitizza.’

  83. Claire Bailey says

    The first photo I saw looked like a pavlova to me so I thought maybe Pizlova or Fruitza. Whatever you call it it looks tasty. Might have to make it for my littlies on Wednesday.

  84. Mary Legare Whaley says

    I kind of like “Pizzert”! Hahaa! But before I even started reading and just saw the photo, I thought: “Oh, it looks like a seasonal fruit tart.” I’m from Charleston, SC, and that looks like a southern brunch dish. We love to use local, seasonal ingredients in everything we cook. Whatever they’re selling at the farmer’s dictates every dish! So specifically, what came to mind for ME was, “Southern Summertime Fruit Tart”. Not super creative, but to me, that looks like a summer Sunday in June! =)

  85. Katie @ Nutrition in a Peanut Shell says

    Haha, I always liked Pizzert! I vote you should keep it. Is that an option?

  86. Sarah says

    This actually looks just like the fruit tart at my favorite restaurant! Maybe you could call it Breakfast Fruit Tart? Or, maybe call it a “Sweetie Pizza Pie” or “Sweetie Pie”! 😀

  87. Sophie says

    how about breakfast flat bread? or sweet flat bread? rainbow flat bread? fruit-topped flat bread? beautiful flat bread? or crazy flat bread!
    I always thought flat bread sounded much more elegant that pizza, and they’re basically the same thing.

  88. Chris says

    I think it should be called “A Pizza Heaven”” or “A pizza heaven for breakfast”

    It’s a play off of “a piece of heaven” and it fits for whatever toppings you would like to put on it!

  89. Karen says

    Seriously, when I saw this the first thought that came to mind was “Morning Delight” ya know…instead of “afternoon delight” hehe 🙂

  90. Nikk O. says

    Sweet’za? Sweetzza? Meh. I’ll hedge my bets on Sweet’za. I’d love to wake up to a frosted sweet’za pie, personally.

  91. Eileen says

    Sunshine Pizza
    Tutti Frutti Pizza
    Brunchalicious Pizza
    Fruitalicious Pizza
    Copacabana Pizza
    Carmen Miranda Pizza

  92. Kate @eatrecyclerepeat says

    Asaoha (asa-oh-ha). The kids I teach in Japan always say “Oha!” instead of “Ohayo” (good morning). I think of it more like “wake up!” And this is something I would definitely want to wake up to, hence the name, “morning wake up!” But it sounds cuter in Japanese.

  93. Douglas Anderson says

    I’ve made something similar, and all vegan a couple of times. Absolutely delicious. The other nice thing to do is to drizzle it with chocolate.
    One other option which I have yet to try is using a vegan cream to coat the pizza, then before putting the fruit pieces on spread a compote on first on top of the ‘cream’!

  94. Amanda says

    After all these amazing comments about how great the recipe is, I can’t wait to try it. I have yet to be disappointed by any of your recipes. I think, since it doesn’t have to be a breakfast recipe, that the name Fantastical fruit pie works.

    Good luck picking a name! 🙂

  95. Heather says

    When we make this on our sundays I call it our breakfast cake….but its simple and not that creative so that’s my suggestion. 🙂

  96. stephanie says

    IT looks like tartes aux fruits which is just the fancy french name for a
    fruit tart. Which made me think of pop-tarts.

    Some (mostly silly) Ideas:

    fruits tartes
    Breakfast Pie
    Open-Faced Pop Tart
    Berry Pie
    Who are you calling a tart?
    Monday Monrning Motivation

  97. Allison says

    I’d call it pancake pizza, although I thought pizzert was a perfectly apt name! It’s pretty obvious that the word takes on the final stress of the word “dessert.” I guess some people don’t understand the fine art of the portmanteau!

  98. Lauren E. says

    I love making pizzerts when I want to bake in the morning! But, as for a new name, what about ‘Sunshine Pizza’? It’s so bright and cheery!

  99. Anonymous says

    “sweetie pie” is good but when you say pie, you don t automatically think of pizza. I think “sweetza” is the better name. I suggest “Sweetza Pie” as a good compromise, as it also emphasizes that it’s pizza.

  100. Kim says

    This looks so yummy and it’s amazing how much your photography has improved in the past few years!

    It looks like a pancake with toppings, so how about Pizza Pancake?

  101. A.J. says

    A nice thin crust… Won’t give you a cheesy lactose intolerant bloat…

    How about a Thinza or Thizza?

  102. Jess E. says

    I came on to suggest “Pizza with Pizzazz” but Lindsay way up there had already thought of it 🙂
    Other ideas ive got are…
    Jazzed up Pizza-d! (pronounced so it rhymes).
    Razzamataz Pizzamataz! (Urban dictionary- Razzamataz def: The state of being extremely Razz, meaning Kool with a capital ‘K’. Eg, “S’up Razzamataz” meaning “Hello cool person” Lol (or in my case “hello Kool Pizza!))
    Hip-Pip-Pizza! (Hip Hip Hooray themed).
    Azzip-Pizza! (because Pizza and dessert are traditionally opposites).
    Rise n’ Eat Pizza, dont worry about Shine!
    Wakey-Wakey hands on the Pizza-Breaky!

    Oh gosh, I had too much fun! Good luck deciding Katie 🙂

  103. Melissa B says

    How about “Morning sunshine”?

    That is what I say to my kids and grandkids in the morning. Just seeing all that fresh fruit first thing in the morning, is like having a plateful of sunshine!

  104. Nicole S says

    Since you’re already using an Italian word (pizza), just use the whole translation:
    Pizza Di Frutta!

  105. Jamie says

    Faster than a speeding bullet…
    More powerful than a locomotive…
    Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound…

    Look! Up in the sky!
    It’s a pancake! It’s a tart! It’s a pizza! It’s Superman!

    Or, more accurately, it’s Super [Healthy!] Breakfast Pizza!

    Side note: Okay, okay, so maybe I can’t vouch for the first three claims, and I actually have no idea what breakfast pizza would be doing in the sky (Cloudy With A Chance of Super Healthy Breakfast Pizza??), but I’d be willing to bet this pizza will make you FEEL super. 🙂

    Whatever you call it, I can’t wait to try it!

    (Ps. I’m still down with Pizzert 🙂 )

  106. Millie LaBorde says

    It’s a fruit pizza, a Fruitza! It doesn’t have to be for breakfast, many would eat this at all hours of the day!

  107. Sara says

    I make a non-healthy version of this and it’s just called fruit pizza. Uninventive, sure, but it works.

  108. Kate @eatrecyclerepeat says

    Sorry if this shows up twice, but I didn’t see my comment appear…

    I’d call it asaoha. “Asa-oh-ha”. Asa is morning and I learned from the kids I teach that oha is slang for good morning or wake up! And this would definitely make it a good morning if I woke up to this pizza. It just sounds cuter in Japanese.

  109. Lilly says

    Because of so many pices of fruit, I’d call it “Tropical Pie”.
    So many fruits has everything to do with a “tropical” country as where I live, in Brazil ! 🙂

  110. Olivia says

    The first thing I thought of was “Buenos Dessert” or “Buenos Dias Dessert”, since “buenos dias” means good morning in Spanish. And of course, Buenos Dessert could be translated to “good dessert”… Which it certainly is, no matter what you call it!

  111. Dara says

    “Creme de la Pie”
    “Sweet Morning Pie”
    “Fruit Gone Pie”
    “Mai Pie” – if you use pineapples

  112. Renae says

    Personally, I think calling it a breakfast pizzert is perfect. My apologies to the person who rhymes it with lizzard but it ends in ‘ERT’ so it obviously rhymes with ‘dessert’!

  113. Ashley says

    How about:
    Morning Mosaic
    Rainbow on a Pallette
    or… Since most people are on an Italian kick,
    Palette di Colori – “Palette of Colors”

    I am an artsy person…so i thought i would tie that in 😉

  114. App says

    Fruit Delight? ( it sound better in a british accent I think , 🙂 ) Fruit-fast ( fruit and fast from breakfast) Flavor Splash? Fruity Sunshine? Wait! I think have more it’ll come to me! DONT WORRY!

  115. Patrick says

    I’m going with “Untraza” as in “Un-traditional-pizza”

    Hey, can I get the Untraza?

    Winner winner, vegan dinner.

  116. Allison says

    Hi Katie! I love your recipes and your website!! I was wondering, have you ever tried to make a healthier version of the mumofuko crack pie? I haven’t tried making this pie because it looks ridiculously unhealthy but from all the reviews it is apparently delicious. Anyway, I was just curious and would love to see a healthier version. Thanks for all that you do!!

  117. Danielle says

    How about:

    -Fruitylicious Explosion
    -Fruitylicious Delight
    -Fruitful Explosion or Delight (or you could call it Katie’s Fruitful Explosion or Delight

  118. kl says

    Piz’ake – pronounced almost like “(oh for) pete’s sake!” but instead of pete there is delicious pizza cake.

  119. yolanda says

    I know it late, but I was inspired to suggest a name for your fruit pizza. It’s a pizza parfait, or parfait pizza. The name gives you a visual image and the alliteration is great. Hope you like it. Hope it’s not already here and I missed it…

  120. bob says

    When I first saw the photo, I thought “It’s pavlova!”. (Pavlova is quite common over here in Australia).
    Alas, I haven’t had any in a couple of years, as I cannot figure out how to make the meringue 100% sugar free with stevia as the only sweetener. I’ve thought about how to make it vegan, but I have no idea where to start…

    The silver lining is, this looks like a delicious breakfast! I’m planning on making it soon = )

  121. Julia Smith says

    OMG Katie! Your pictures are GORGEOUS! You honestly have the best pictures of any blog I’ve seen so far! AMAZING!! You should be so proud of yourself, becuase yuo are really my favorite blogger EVER! 🙂

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