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Chocolate Covered Katie Anorexic?

Addressing the elephant in the room.

It’s not something I ever wanted to address; the subject of eating disorders has nothing to do with my website nor what I stand for, which is why I’ve let the rumors go unchallenged for so long. But readers have recently been leaving an even higher number of weight-related comments than usual, now calling me both too thin and too fat. (I’ve even been called pregnant and anorexic in the same post.) As I know girls are using photos of me for “thinspiration” and citing my blog as a reason it’s okay to eat 100 calories a day and starve down to 70 pounds…

I feel addressing it at this point is the right thing to do.

If you’ve ever googled “chocolate covered katie,” you’ve probably seen the search engine’s lovely (I say this facetiously) list of related searches, which includes “chocolate covered katie anorexic” and “chocolate covered katie eating disorder.”

It’s self-perpetuating: curiosity will cause people to click on the terms, and therefore the suggested searches will most likely never disappear.

Although I don’t have an eating disorder and have always eaten well, I fully admit that I did have an unhealthy relationship with exercise that took a toll on both my appearance and mental health.

While I’d thought I was happy during those years and was technically healthy—with normal labwork, few sick days, and a good relationship with food—the over-exercising was sabotaging my efforts to gain the curves I desired. I wouldn’t allow myself to even entertain the possibility my beloved running routine could be partially responsible for my inability to gain weight.

When I finally did make the choice to give up running (that story is linked above), I gained about 10-15 pounds quickly, easily, and happily. Imagine discovering—almost overnight—that you suddenly have the body you’d always wanted!

Looking back, I only wonder why I didn’t realize sooner the extreme exercise was not the healthiest thing for me: it had become a source of stress in my life and was draining me of energy, which was manifest in my appearance.

I am a million and a half times happier now, and it shows!!!

Chocolate Covered Katie Ice Cream

(Maybe even two million and a half times happier.)

It’s difficult to make guesses about a person’s life simply by looking at a photograph or by judging his or her online persona.

No, my life is not all about food; and yes, I occasionally do indulge in “unhealthy” meals and desserts. I just don’t post about these occasions because it isn’t relevant to the theme of my website.  Hateful things are written on the internet under a cloak of anonymity, and it’s unfortunately women putting down other women all too often, writing words they would never feel comfortable saying in real life.

In my years of blogging, I’ve been called everything from “skeleton” to “fat slug” to “anorexic with a boob job,” and it eventually forced me to realize my self worth needs to come from something other than the opinion of a stranger on the internet. The routineness with which I receive these acrimonious messages has at least given me the ability to shrug them off.

Although… when I saw the “fat slug” comment, I could not stop laughing.

I completely stopped reading the CCK internet rumors and conspiracy theories a long time ago, even if that means letting some false claims about my life go unchallenged. Although I could defend myself against the rumors, doing so would become a full-time job, and I’d rather focus my time elsewhere. The people who know me in real life are easily able to tell the truth, which is all that matters.

However, the one thing I feel I do need to clear up is that anyone who tells you my blog promotes eating disorders is grossly mistaken. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Chocolate Covered Recipes have healthy fats, whole grains, and real-food (non-artificial) ingredients, and you’ll never find me promoting dangerous cleanses, calorie restriction, or touting any one food as a “miracle” cure. I’ve turned down many high-paying offers from companies to promote such things on the blog.

In consideration of the readers with a medical need, lower-calorie and sugar-free options are included in my posts when available. But the recipes are not specifically “diet” choices; just healthier choices, and you can choose the ingredient options that suit your own personal needs.

I go further into detail on this topic in my Chocolate Covered Katie FAQ Page.

Please, the next time you read any kind of gossip online, take a moment to consider the source before believing it as fact. And if you ever come across something written about me that you don’t understand, please always feel free to ask.

I’m one of the most candid and open people you could ever meet, and I don’t get embarrassed easily. If a stranger really wanted to know everything about my life, I’d have no problem leaving in every detail. At the risk of sounding clichéd… all of the stupid mistakes I’ve made in my life have made me who I am today, and I’m not embarrassed about a single one.

Chocolate Covered Katie Anorexic

If you want to use me as thinspiration, keep in mind that the thinspiration you are using is a healthy woman who eats a balanced diet heavy in calories, healthy fats, and carbs.

I don’t advocate starving, and it’s completely not necessary to starve yourself to be thin.

Here’s What I Eat In A Day

I’d hope that what people can get out of my blog is the message it’s important to treat your body kindly; to nourish it with real-food ingredients; to truly enjoy the foods you are eating; and to take in enough calories for the strength and energy to live your best life possible.

No crash dieting. No cutting out food groups. No starving. Please take good care of yourselves. ♥

Now, can we put this subject to rest and get back to the food?

Chocolate Covered Katie Beach

I’m going to hashtag this photo #fatslug Smile with tongue out





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Published on July 14, 2014

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  1. Aimee says

    After reading this post, I quickly went right back to HS when I had an eating disorder..which is something I fight everyday. Although I do not starve myself, the detrimental thoughts go through my head everyday…challenging my eating habits and how I have chosen to live my life. I am gluten free (for health reasons), dairy free and a pescatarian. And I exercise. I am healthy. The fact that you are able to see that you had an unhealthy relationship with exercise is a positive thing, and taking action on it is even better. Good for you.

    Calling someone anorexic is not a joke. Especially when they do not know the person and their daily rituals and habits. Keep doing what you are doing. You don’t need to justify yourself to anyone. Celebrities get ripped on everyday in the media, being called so many different names. Consider it a compliment to be in the celebrity realm. You rock, Katie!



  2. Annette Roeth says

    My son became a vega after quadruple bypass at age 33. His family will be visiting from Wyoming next week and I wanted to surprise them with delicious desserts, which he stays away from. Sometimes hard when the kids are eating them! My stepdaughter pointed me in your direction yesterday so I’m so excited to try at least 3-4 of them starting today! You’re sweet as can be so continue to be yourself! Lots of good wishes to you!

  3. CrazyNana says

    As a momma of 2 adult daughters, I’m sure such nasty negative comments bothered your mother A LOT! I’d personally want to bitch slap them. Putting that bs aside, I love your recipes and prepare them frequently. I just don’t let my grandkids know it’s not junk food!

  4. Valerie says

    That was beautifully written! and you know the people who lash out and make comments about you being “anorexic” are just unhappy with themselves and have never been through an eating disorder. Its a terrible disease that people do not understand until they go through it themselves or have a close friend or loved one go through it. People think its just to be “thin” but whats thin? Thin is different to every person and people with eating disorders want control and what is something they can control? Food. Exercise. Their body. Shame on people for commenting rude, untruthful posts to you who have no idea what they are talking about. Women AND men die from eating disorders how dare someone lash out and say that to you. I love your blog- always have and when I read what you just wrote I was touched. Thank you for all of your hard work- I’m a baker and I know coming up with low fat, low sugar recipes is tough! I send my blessings to you and wish for many accomplishments to you for the future! 🙂

  5. jill morris says

    Thank you for your honesty and the inspiration that gives me. I was just here for the food. Thank you ?

  6. Sarah says

    Dear Katie,
    I’ve been reading your blogs and using your recipes for some time, and it’s about time I thanked you! I too love eating chocolate on a regular basis, and also eating well. It’s so awesome to see someone who believes you don’t have to give up great-tasting food to be healthy. I think you have a really healthy relationship with yourself and food. I have many friends with various dietary requirements, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and quite a few who are sugar-free. As a hard-core baker, this presents me with quite a serious dilemma when I’m entertaining them — but thanks to people like you, I can still bake up a storm for my friends! Go Katy! Thank you so much!

  7. cc says

    Katie, don’t give a second thought to what strangers write about you. When your in the public’s eye your damn if you do and damn if you don’t. Remember it’s your life!

  8. Dawn Powell says

    I love your black bean brownies! OK now that that’s out of the way, I think you look fine. People,mainly females,can be so catty. Unhappy with themselves and their lives. Keep doing you.

  9. Margaret says

    You’re a positive inspiration Katie! Thanks for standing strong. And sharing healthy options for deserts that allow the maker to be creative! It’s very empowering. Sending love <3

  10. Jennie Gillihan says

    I’ve been very busy and have missed keeping up with a lot of my favorite posts so I just now saw this. It has continued to amaze me the truly sad and hateful people who feel the need to blast bloggers for literally ANYTHING, regardless of the subject. They are the “expert” at every subject imaginable…when in reality, they are truly control freaks, mad, sad, coveting persons. If I were in your position, Katie, I’d have a hard time just turning a blind eye. But you have my undying admiration because you DO. Thanks so much for your blog, your WONDERFUL recipes, and your words. You are “da bomb” baby!!

  11. Liz says

    Hey Katie!!
    In a way this is ironic to me, because I stumbled over this blog when I was up to my neck in an eating disorder, looking out for super-low calorie recipes. I went through your blog alost everyday looking at the photos and trying to figure out substitutes for ingredients that were even lower in calories, and when I went into recovery I avoided this blog for ages.
    Now, two years later, I’m recovered and looking to transition to a vegan diet, and returning to your blog!! You can’t believe how awesome it is to look at your recipes for future reference and not care about making dumb substitutes. So really, if anyone else is here just for the low-cal recipes, you’re missing out on so much.

    (is it okay to post some of your photos on tumblr and link to your recipes? I want to make a collection blog of vegan/vegeterian recipes from different sources mostly for myself there and want to make sure if you’d be cool with that or not :))

  12. Tess says

    Excellent blog and spot on – great recipes and inspirational attitude to life.
    Ignore the haters as they are the ones with a problem and their opinion is insignificant. Most of your readers love you and are thankful for all your wonderful recipes and blogs!

  13. Melissa Beth says

    You’re a beautiful girl, inside and out, with tons of talent. I am happy that you support healthy eating. Your recipes ate good, healthy, and tasty. Thank you for supporting healthy body image and eating.

  14. AK says

    Haters gonna hate. Unfortunately there are too many insecure people in this world with too much time on their hands. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been at the receiving end of their negativity, but honestly, you are gorgeous (inside and out)! Just keep your head high, and keep doin what you’re doin.
    Also just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog! Thank you so much for continuing to share your delicious recipes and quirky stories.

  15. Julia says

    Hi, Katie,

    I am continually shocked at the nasty and ignorant things people say on the Internet, and I’m sorry you’ve been the subject of anyone’s hateful behavior. As far as I’m concerned, you spread a lot of joy in the world and you deserve to get nothing but joy in return.

    I have been enjoying your recipes for a couple of years now, and when my doctor recently recommended a vegan diet for me, your website is the reason I didn’t panic (okay, maybe I panicked a little). My first thought on hearing my doctor’s recommendation was, “Bacon! What will I do without bacon?!” I cannot even remember the last time I ate bacon (20 months ago?), but as soon as I thought that I might never have it again, bacon suddenly seemed supremely important. I was definitely feeling some plant-based paralysis, along the lines of “I like meat, and I won’t say no. I like meat, and I won’t let go.” I largely prefer vegetables to meat, but at that moment, I would have taken an oath that I’d never met a vegetable I liked. Then I suddenly thought about your website and all the lovely vegan recipes I hadn’t had a chance to try yet, and I relaxed. I started thinking about all the delicious new dishes that I would be cooking instead of dwelling on foods I hadn’t eaten enough to really miss.

    I’ve cooked five recipes from your site in the last two weeks, and my family has loved them all. You not only saved me from bacon panic (not pretty at all), but helped me move forward with a plant-based diet. I am profoundly grateful.

    I know you get more supportive comments than negative ones, but when I read this post, I wanted to be sure that I let you know what a positive difference you and your blog have made for me. I am cheerfully embracing veganism, and I really appreciate the help you provide through your recipes and blog.



    Are those people crazy? You look healthy, happy, and fabulous.

  16. Kristi says

    I find it interested that many times we like to blame a male-centric media for body image pressures, however – look at how much of it comes from other women! It is a natural part of the human psyche to categorize and compare, however, taking it that step further to name call is sadly hilarious in a way, because it’s pathetic. I am so happy that you found your peace and realize your self worth. You are naturally gorgeous, so there will ALWAYS be haters. That negativity is on them, not you.
    I have bought two of your books. One for me, and one for my mom and it is still a go to for heathy treats.
    Thank you and Much Love – Kristi

  17. Dina says

    Hi Katie,

    I have referred back to your recipes on several occasions. I appreciate your work…even when you have to deal with so much negativity. I have been cooking what I believe to be healthy for over 20 years. But in that time, my learning and researching has caused me to change some things along the way that, at the time, seemed good. I do agree with most of what you speak of, but in some of your recipes, I would caution your use of certain ingredients. I know you are dairy free, but the substitutes seem so much worse and artificial than the real thing. You advertise you use whole food to cook with. My son works at Trader Joe’s, so I know what is in the fake cheeses and meats.

    Please take this in the manner that it was meant, to encourage and share info with.
    Again, thank you for what you do, but please don’t ever stop learning and researching.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi Dina, thanks for the comment. For the cream cheese, you can always use cashew cream cheese too! I can’t think of any of Katie’s recipes that calls for meat substitutes. Is there a particular one you are thinking of?

  18. Shirley says

    Loved this article. Thank you for your sincerity.
    I have a queries you that is really out of the topic, have you thought about doing a YouTube channel? I’d love to see your recipes in a video

  19. Tracy says

    I’m new to your site and followed a link here from Pinterest. Yay! Go Pinterest! I’m a very plus-sized woman who doesn’t care about getting slim. I just want to be healthy which is why I’m on your blog. Like most women do with other women, I noticed your size but you never once looked unhealthy or anorexic to me. This coming from the woman who wants to have a little weight on her to keep my curves. I’m the opposite of you. I’ve always been heavy and when I was younger, I had amazing curves. I’m saying this to let you know that the ones who say these mean things are just being petty and jealous. You’re beautiful. The first thing I noticed was your gorgeous eyes, not your figure.

    Thanks for having a great blog here on the web. I’ve bookmarked it and look forward to viewing it more often!

    • Jason Sanford says

      I love that so many people are commenting who are celebrating being all different shapes and sizes. It’s not about a number or a certain “perfect” body. It’s about being healthy and feeling good in your own skin!

      • [email protected] Bean says

        I agree, I think many women fall into the trap of wanting to have the ‘perfect’ body (I definitely did when I was younger). The problem with that is that there IS no perfect body, and there will always be things you don’t like… It is so much better to focus on being healthy and happy!

  20. Michelle Daramy says

    So, I’m obviously pretty late in reading and responding to this blog post! I really enjoy your blog. It is one of my go-to’s for desert recipes because I know the ingredients will be good and full of healthy fats and variety. I also know the ingredients will not contain harmful, restrictive,or fake things. I love how you use good fat; good, healthy ingredients; and creative alternatives to make your deserts. I just made a version of your banana bread today! Anyhow, I also wanted to say THANK YOU so much for not giving in to money and promoting harmful and longstanding erroneous information pertaining to food and diet on your site. Thank you for turning down offers to promote calorie restriction, crash diets, and miracle foods. Thank you. Coming from someone in the nutrition/health field, I really appreciate that. <3

  21. Jackie says

    Thank you for sharing! I have recommended your blog to several of my friends. I love that the ingredients are fresh, there are alternatives for those who need to be diet specific (gluten free, sugar free) and that everything I’ve made tastes so yummy and delicious! Any time I’m looking for a sweet treat, your recipes are the first I search.
    Of all the topics you selected to respond to, I’m so glad you selected defending your blog. I agree completely with what you said…you advocate healthy eating and healthy choices…not crazy or fast-fixing diets.
    There will always be those who are jealous of the body God gave you. Pray for them…Pray that one day they will realize how beautiful and unique they are! Keep on cooking, blogging, and give us all sweet inspirations in the kitchen (and in our hearts, too)!

  22. Abi says

    You’re beautiful and healthy just the way you are- don’t let anyone or any comment tell you otherwise. I admire your honesty with posts like this and especially your bravery to confront false accusations. While I type, I may as well say that your post about why you stopped running has completely changed my life. I was diagnosed with an eating disorder too and it had taken everything from me. My enjoyment for eating, leading me to isolate myself from the world around me and when my weight continued to drop, I was devastated that I was unable to walk to the bus, to walk my dog or even to walk from the carest park and to my house. It stole my life. So I turned to over-exercise.

    I developed an obsession, like a ritual that I’d perform 3 times a day without fail. It drained me entirely until I was just running on will power. At first I thought that it was a coping mechanism for my weight gain, but later I discovered how strongly I felt about exercising and how even if I tried, I couldn’t stop. I exercised on holiday when I went to crete. I missed out on my favourite programmes on TV, and that’s when I found you and your blog.

    I was amazed at your baking, your cooking and your bravery. I fell in love with your fantastic personality and it became one of my dreams to become like you, let alone attempt to meet you one day. When I found your exercising post, I realised what I was doing to my body- so I stopped. And now, I feel so much more energised. I feel happy- an emotion that I haven’t felt for some time. You became my role model, my inspiration and also a friend that I could relate to all at once. You’re unique and a true character and I, as a huge fan of your work, have to say that you’ve saved my life because otherwise, you would never know how much you mean to me.

    I don’t know of you’ll see this post- let alone read it, but even if you don’t, I feel some sense of accomplishment by just trying. Thank you Katie, and please, continue being you xx

  23. Aafreen says

    I recently came across your site. And its a surprise that ppl actually think (or used to) that u r anorexic. I cud easily laugh at it… U r cute and chocoholic and i love that!

  24. Kat says

    Thank you so much for your wonderful recipes. I am in my 60’s now and needed to change my eating due to high cholesterol as I refuse to take the medication for this. I have not converted to a Vegan but I have cut a lot of meat out of my diet and it has helped a lot. Also, thanks to your recipes and my change of eating, I lost 28 lbs. and feel so much better. Tonight I am making the crispy lemon cauliflower. Looks amazing!

    It is really sad that people have to resort to call people things they are not. You look marvelous!

  25. lillian says

    Happy New Year, Katie! Your site is fabulous and full of wonderful recipes, which the comments should be about, anyway. Thanks for sharing your story and just keep what you’re doing!

  26. Emily says

    Wow. Well written. I have to admit, I loved your recipes first, so when I saw an actual picture of you I was like, “What? How?” I couldn’t help but wonder how you could stay so slim as a foodie. I’m curious though, do you still work out? If so, how much, and what do you do a week? Do you think you are able to stay so slim and healthy because of the vegan diet? I ate vegan when I was in college for about 6 months but had such a hard time with it. But anyways, my favorite recipe of yours is the black bean brownies. They are so amazing. I would be really interested though in any tips you may have on weight loss, maintaining a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, and transitioning into that.

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