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Chocolate Mudslide Oatmeal

To say I’m excited about Halloween would be an understatement.

How can one not get excited when thinking about Halloween Cupcakes, cute black cats, jack-o-lanterns, and (the best part!) dressing up? During this time, nothing is exempt from my little Halloween-happy fingers. Nothing, not even my oatmeal.

So this morning, for my post-run breakfast, I celebrated the holiday a bit early… with ghoulishly-good chocolate mudslide oatmeal.

chocolate mudslide oatmeal

Dark and scary … it’s like something straight out of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Chocolate Mudslide Oatmeal

(serves 1)

  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1 cup milk of choice
  • scant 1/4 tsp salt
  • sweetener of choice
  • 1 tbsp Dutch cocoa powder (It has a completely different taste from regular cocoa powder)
  • optional, Amazing Grass chocolate powder

Cook up a serving of oatmeal with the  milk and the salt.  (I like to cook the oats the day before so that I can throw breakfast together more quickly.) Add the vanilla, cocoa, and more salt and sweetener to taste.  I also add a little more milk of choice, as some will evaporate if you leave the cooked oatmeal in the fridge overnight. Optional: Right before I eat it, I sprinkle on about 1/2 a little packet of the chocolate super food powder.  Then I drizzle on about 1/8 cup almond milk.  I don’t stir either of these things in.  I love the unstirred, powdery texture.


A swampy concoction, fit for a Monster.

This recipe works very well with the Voluminous Oatmeal Trick.

What lurks in your oatmeal?

Published on October 30, 2009

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  1. jcd says

    I just click on the CCV-Katie button in the Apple Safari browser every morning when I get to work. I have you linked as one of my favourites, so your blog pops up on my screen (along with a few others) when I open the browser.

    Although, today I am using Internet Explorer, but same thing – the CCV-Katie icon is in the favourites bar so I just click on it. No fancy Google Reader here.

  2. *Andrea* says

    i love google reader! i’m not sure if there even IS something better out there 😉 this oatmeal looks divine! i need to buy morecocoa powder

  3. jannayael says

    I use google reader!

    Mmmm chocolate oats. I have never tried chocolate in my oats… I’m a bit nervous. Chocolate for breakfast? I don’t know if I can do it!

  4. Abby says

    I use google reader just because its the only thing I really understand how to use.. lol.

    It’s annoying though bc when you type in my blog name.. the first option to subscribe to is my old blog on blogger.. not wordpress. Oh well!!

    UH DELICIOUS looking oatmeal Miss Katie!! 🙂

  5. Lori says

    For quite awhile I didn’t evn know google reader existed and just had your blog saved under favorites and clicked to it every day.

  6. Bianca- Vegan Crunk says

    Yum! I love unstirrred concoctions too. There’s something wonderful about each bite being unique….instead of all uniform. Cocoa powder in oats is a genius idea!

    I don’t subscribe to Google Reader or any other blog readers thingys. I use the blogroll link list on my blog to keep up, since it lists blogs in the order they’ve most recently updated. I start at the top every day and work my way down.

  7. tabitha says

    mmm, chocolate oatmeal–why didn’t i think of it?
    my kids will love that!

    i’m on blogspot…so i get updates via them

    i’m so excited for halloween too!!
    watched charlie brown’s great pumpkin last night 🙂

  8. Jessica says

    I need to get back into making oatmeal now that it’s chilly outside. I’ve been stuck on cold cereal for awhile and need a change!

    I’m not technologically advanced enough to help you with the question of the day, lol. I just use a normal broswer to check out blogs and I have them all saved in a favorites folder.

    I think I know the new fudge baby flavor, but I’ll keep quiet. If I’m wrong, then I can’t wait to hear about another version! 🙂

  9. RunToTheFinish says

    If someone uses your feed, it doesn’t matter if it’s in Google Reader or another form like NetVibes. It sounds though like you have a lot of people just bookmarking you and not using the feed.

  10. Marina says

    My oats were mudslide too today! I love cocoa in oatmeal, specially that part where it kinda bakes on the stove, and you find chewy parts in your oatmeal 🙂

  11. Chelsea says

    As crazy as it seems, I manually check all the blogs I read! I just created a blog-bookmark folder and go through it each day. Maybe I have too much time on my hands…

  12. Hani says

    That oatmeal looks very yummy!

    I keep up with all the blogs I read on Bloglines. I tried Google Reader, but Bloglines was more intuitive to me.

  13. Kelly says

    Aw, I *love* Nightmare Before Christmas! Maybe I’ll have to make a bowl of your Mudslide Oats and watch the movie tonight!

    I use Google Reader…. I’m a recentish convert, but I *love* it! So much easier than using bookmarked pages or going through a blogroll… ick.

  14. rhodeygirltests says

    I just type on c-h-o-c and then hit down and enter and go to your blog which is saved.

    How do you see how many people subscribe through google reader?

  15. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says

    First do tell on how you figured out the reader subscriber feature?? I am soo curious as to mine.

    I get about 800 hits a day. So I wonder how many ppl are subscribed?

    And yes, if there is another feed source that’s better. I think google has it’s glitches but it’s kinda the biggest and most commonly used but cant wait to see what you find.

    Mudslide oats? Yeah, yum! Been doing that with reg cocoa, gonna crack the can of dark this weekend sometime i think though..cant wait for fudge baby new recipe, either !


  16. Gina G says

    i gotta buy some extra dark chocolate cocoa powder! this looks deeeelicious! =) I use chocolate stevia liquid in my oatmeal every morning, with cup of cinnamom (hah not really, but i love cinnamon), and coffee! have a wonderful day katie =D

  17. Jenny R. says

    oh my goodness that looks amazing…I have a packet of that chocolate superfoods powder stuff sitting in my kitchen but I’m scared to use it…I don’t know why! What does it taste like?? is it sweet tasting?
    p.s. I’m so close to getting my camera issues under control to send that pic

  18. KatieP says

    I love Nightmare Before Christmas ~ ♫ kidnap the santy claus!♫
    I use Reader and I am also interested to know how you figure out subscriptions. ♥

  19. Kate says

    Thanks for giving my favorite movie (Nightmare Before Christmas) a mention! Hahah. I have memories of watching it even as a little kid, and I love it because you can watch it at Halloween AND Christmas. 🙂

    This is probobly a really bad way of keeping track of the blogs I read, but I just put them all into a big category in my “favorites” side bar and then read on down the line. Oh well, works for me anyway.

  20. Jocelyn says

    I have ONE subscriber. What am I doin wrong lol

    I don’t use google reader…I don’t really like it. I just keep adding blogs to my favorites lol.

  21. Lainie says

    Hi Katie! I’m finally back in the blogging world…yeah! Your oatmeal this morning looks divine and something I’m going to have to try! I love anything chocolate…

  22. Katie says

    I love your oatmeal recipes, but I usually eat them as dessert or dinner #2/ nighttime snack. I am more of a savory breakfast fan.

    I use Vienna to read blogs…and I read too many of them.

  23. Jenny says

    i vote your PB babies go swimming in the mudslide! just a thought 🙂

    I’m a google reader — interested to hear this undercover bloggie secret!

  24. MarathonVal says

    I’m glad I’m not the only one Katie…. I have the same issue!! When I switched from blogger to wordpress I did lose some readers at first, but I still have way more readers than my subscriber # reflects and I’ve never been able to figure that out!

    Have a great rest of the week! 🙂

  25. Demelza says

    Haha, I just use the bookmarks option. ^^;
    That oatmeal looks super-tasty!
    And I’m not too sure about the next fudge baby flavor…
    But I AM pretty sure I’ll be heading to the grocery store this weekend to pick up some fudge baby making supplies. ^.~

  26. Devan Newman says

    new fudge baby flava!? oooh

    Do you measure all of your ingredients for your oats? or just eye ball it!?

    you could make a “lurking” bowl of tropical oats.. with lychees.. stuffed with blueberries making eyeballs 😀

  27. Maria says

    As much as I love chocolate and oatmeal, I’ve never tried them together (gasp!). I just love my plain old banana oatmeal, that I never bother to try anything different 😉

    I use google reader, but other people might use their blogroll everyday? I’m curious about other methods as well!

  28. Pure2Raw Twins says

    We used to bookmark out favorites, but then heard about google reader and just starting using it for about a month now. So far we like but not sure how all this technology works!

  29. soup says

    I use google reader although I haven’t quite figured it out yet despite having dozens of blogs on it.
    The commenting thing is what gets me .I always end up having to actually go to the blog to comment.

  30. Katharina says

    Oo I made a bowl of oats with the chocolate amazing grass too 🙂 Do you remember those mud pies they use to have us make when we were little? I think it was like chocolate pudding + oreos + gummy worms (for the full affect).

    Let’s see.. what could the next flavor be? Chocolate chip? Almond?? Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s going to make my mouth water.

  31. onefitfoodie says

    ammmazing oatssssss you are a genious katie!!

    I am very fed up with my reader right now bc it is not updating my posts GRRR I can;’t figure out how to fix it!!

  32. Sonya says

    Am I the only one that subscribes to email updates? Other than bookmarking that’s the only way I can find my favorite blogs (I feel so clueless…and embarrassed).

  33. Anne says

    I’m not sure what you call it. I have a Google home page and I subscribed to your via the RSS feed button on my tool bar. There is a star with “Favorites” on my tool bar and when I click on it a list of “feeds” that I am subscribed to comes up. If there is a new entry, the title is bolded. I click on it and read your latest entry. I don’t think it is a Google Reader because when I’ve tried to subscribe to a site using Google Reader, it doesn’t show up on my list and I never can figure out how to check for updates.

  34. Allison @ Runs A Latte says

    I have recently discovered your blog, and I think it’s fabulous!! I have spent the last hour clicking from link to link and drooling over all of your recipes! You mentioned cooking your oats the night before in the post. I was just wondering if you do anything specific to ensure they turn out. I had no idea you could prepare them before hand, and I’ve been missing out on so many oatmeal days for lack on time in the morning. Just curious if you just cook and store in the fridge or if there’s some magical trick to it. Thanks!

  35. Amy says

    Hi Katie,
    I have only recently discovered your blog and was clicking through all the delicious recipe links when I came across this little bowl of heaven!
    I made something quite similar the other day and I just loved that someone else had the same idea (albeit before mine). Can’t really feel guilty for having dessert for breakfast now!


  36. Louise says

    Talk about a late comment.. but I have a question.

    I found your blog and after years of being forced to eat normal oatmeal by my Nan I’m excited to discover new ways to enjoy it.

    I’m wondering if you heat your oatmeal up before you add the vanilla and cocoa to it – I think I’d prefer this version cold but would it work that way?

    (I also keep my oats in the fridge overnight)

    I might add cinnamon to this, nom!

  37. Lina says

    I’m so happy I stumbled upon your blog! I saw this recipe and of course I had to make it right away. I couldn’t even wait for the oats to increase their volume before devouring the first bowl. Let me just say that cooking the oats in coconut milk instead of water is just… *drools* Ahem. *wipes away drool*

    Yup. Just that awesome.

  38. Rachel says

    Hi Katie!!! I just found your AWESOME blog!!! I love it!

    I tried to click on the chocolate super powder link and it didn’t work? I was wondering what it is?

    Thanks!!!!! 🙂

  39. Camille- the college girl says

    I figured today, I would start out the last day of 2011 with a bang- a bangin chocolate oatmeal!!!! lol. This was a nice indulgent treat for the morning and I’m glad we have the same love for chocolate- I’m not alone in the world. I think next time I will add more cocoa powder, I just couldn’t get enough chocolate 🙂

  40. Strawberry Mama says

    Oh my. This is the best oatmeal I’ve ever had. So good! I just happened to have a sample of the chocolate greens powder that I had just picked up. I stirried it in and topped it with chocolate chips and almond milk. Great breakfast for me and my kids!

  41. Sabrina says

    Hi Katie!

    I was wondering if you used Amazing Grass chocolate superfood powder in anything else you make? I saw some at the store today and it was sort of expensive ($23) but seemed healthy and i and was wondering what else I could use it for? I have never heard about it before and have only seen it mentioned by you in this post, so I literally know nothing about it. But I figure if you use it it must be pretty good! 🙂

      • Sabrina says


        I was actually able to go onto their website and order a sample pack of their flavors for $2.99 (free shipping!).
        Okay I’ve got one more annoying cooking question for you for today…I bought some xylitol to make your sugar-free powdered sugar with, and I see you list it as a substitute in some of your recipes that call for sugar. Can I sub it in any recipe that calls for white sugar? Is the ratio for sugar 1:1? (I assumed it was because you didn’t write anything about it having to be substituted in different proportions). Finally, is it only to be used for baking? Or can I put it in to sweeten anything? Oatmeal for example?

        I suppose that was actually more than one question, sorry 😛

        Thank you so much!

        Your huge fan 🙂

  42. Casey says

    Can you use your volumoinus oatmeal trick for this or does it work better to do it the way you have written above? Also, where can you find the amazing grass superfood powder and is there anything else you would sprinkle on top besides that? Sorry for all the questions this just looks so good I want to get it right! Thanks!

  43. Ryan says

    I saw the recipe that calls for bananas on pinterest and it looked so good! I didn’t have the bananas so I decided I would try this recipe! It turned out pretty good! I feel like I kept adding sugar and cocoa to get the chocolaty sweet taste. I also added chocolate chips while it was cooling and wow what a difference! The melted chocolate gave it such a sweet taste! I can’t wait to try the other recipe.

  44. John Schmidt says

    2 Questions regarding the yummy looking cocoa oatmeal: What’s with the Amazing Grass chocolate superfood powder? Why would I want to add this to my oatmeal? Also, can I get a recommendation for a good “Special Dark Cocoa”? Thanks very much!!

  45. Katie Heck says

    Mmmm I just made this oatmeal…but I also incorporated the Melted Banana Trick!! Let me tell you, Chocolate Banana Mudslide Oatmeal=Ridiculous!!! & I sprinkled carob powder & drizzled almond milk on top since I don’t have the Chocolate Superfood. It was delicious!

  46. Marina says

    Hi Katie!! I just had this for breakfast this morning and it was perfect!!! The first of many recipes of yours I will try. 🙂 I did use skim milk though; I am just starting to go vegan and I didn’t have any almond or soy but it was just as good. I am now obsessed with your blog and I cannot wait to keep cooking up your delicious recipes, thank you for making cooking so fun and easy 🙂

  47. zoe says

    I tried your Five Minute Chocolate Oatmeal yesterday then I made this, and I have to say I like the Five Minute Chocolate Oatmeal better. this was wwwaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy to runny for me.

  48. Kate says

    I was having such a chocolate craving tonight so for dinner I made this. This was my second time and I have to say I’m in love. You are right about the cocoa though. The first time I used unsweetened (all I had on hand). This time however I used the special dark and it was a million times better!

  49. Grace M says

    Instead of sugar and dark cocoa powder, I decided to use a packet of ‘Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Sensation’ hot chocolate mix since we had extra lying around, and also added some cinnamon. This is a great idea for when I have a craving for chocolate (let’s face it – that happens all the time) without having too much guilt. It turned out pretty good for oatmeal, I must say. Thanks for sharing!

  50. Kait says

    I have been quietly stalking this blog for a while now. Firstly, I want to say thank you for sharing your adventures in life and in the healthy vegan food world! This blog has been such an inspiration to me in so many ways. I also wanted to share that if you do 1/4 tsp of almond extract and a 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla it tastes just like an almond joy! (I also used unsweetened cocoa instead of special dark, but I’m sure it would taste more like an almond joy with special dark.)

  51. Rachel says

    I made this today. I used 1 c of unsweetened coconut milk, Hershey’s cocoa powder, and rice protein powder. I did have to add more cocoa powder to get the chocolate taste. I used regular sugar as my sweetener and stirred in slivered almonds afterwards. This was the first time I’ve had non-baked oatmeal and enjoyed it! 🙂

  52. Ltr11 says

    Melted banana trick. At least twice a week. Mmmmm… I love it with cashew butter or pumpkin seed butter swirled in (we’re very adventurous with our nut butters!) I think I’m going to treat myself to this on my birthday. Chocolate for breakfast… A dream come true! By the way I live your blog 😉

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