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These are NOT cake pops…

Cake pops are so yesterday. What’s today?

Cookie Ball Pops!

People keep telling me I need to make those trendy cake pops. But as fun as it is to follow a trend, you know what’s even more fun? Starting your own trend! And so today… Let’s start a new trend. I’m predicting it’s going to be huge.

After all, it’s cookie dough.

cookie dough pop

Joking aside, these things are awesome-delicious, super-fun, and mega-adorable. You should all run out right now to make them!

What are you still doing here?

Really, go!

Oh right, you need a recipe first.


Cookie Ball Pops

(Can be gluten-free!)

  • 1/3 c + 1/4 c flour (I adore these with oat flour! You can use white, or even spelt flour.)
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda (not baking powder)
  • up to 1/3 c chocolate chips
  • 2 tbsp brown sugar (do not omit or sub with white) (20g)
  • 1 tbsp plus 2 tsp white sugar (I omit, but I have no sweet tooth) (21g)
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • optional: 1 tbsp vegan butter (12g) (You can omit, for fat-free balls)
  • 2 tbsp plus 2 tsp milk of choice, or more if needed (40g)

Mix your dry ingredients, then add in wet. Roll into balls, insert lollipop sticks (or any long object, really), and freeze. Or, feel free to not add sticks, and simply eat these as cookie balls.

(Each ball, without butter, will have 23 calories.)


Kinda reminds me of a flag.

Repeat after me: I pledge allegiance to the cookie dough


The cookie-dough exclamation point !!! !!! !!! !!!

Other Cookie Ball Pop ideas:

Those Single-Lady Funfetti Cookie-Dough Balls

Or, for raw cookie ball pops: Raw Cookie Dough Bites

Join me in welcoming this trend with open arms… or open mouths!

Published on May 9, 2011

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  1. Lisa says

    Oh my gosh, YES! I am so going to spread this trend. How? By eating extreme amounts of cookie ball pops, of course ;).
    You’re so creative. I love it!

  2. Emily K says

    Count me in! Goodbye cake pops, hello cookie dough. I’ve always liked cookie dough more than cake anyway!

  3. Jenny says

    What a fun recipe! I’ve actually never been a fan of cake balls… Chocolate chip cookie though? Count me in!

    (PS Your photography skills have improved so much… It’s amazing! Pro food photographer much, Katie? ;))

  4. Valerie says

    They are so cute! And I’m so excited to hear you’re being true to your name and covering them in chocolate! 🙂

  5. Kailey @GardenGirl says

    I pledge allegiance to the cookie dough…
    Oh yes I do. Every single day! 🙂 I think I’ll have to pledge allegiance to these too. Where do you buy the sticks?

  6. karla says

    these would be totally cute dipped in a bit of melted dark chocolate. also, i definitely laughed at fat free balls. I guess I’m immature :-p

  7. Leslie says

    Sooooooooo cute!!! I’m going to put ribbons on them and make cookie ball pop bouquets. Such a cute rpesent idea!

  8. Anonymous says

    Sorry to let you down, but there are already plenty of recipes for cookie dough pops around the blogsphere!

    Not to say they don’t look great though, can’t go wrong with cookie dough!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Really? Can you give me a link? I made sure to do a google search before writing this post, and I came up with only one entry–for Kraft s’more cookie pops.
      I’ll agree that there are a lot of cookie balls around the blogworld (as well as plain cookie pops), but I have not seen cookie ball pops yet.

      • Veggie Cate says

        I haven’t seen cookie ball pops before. I think you’re the first!
        I agree with you, though, that cookie balls are all over the blogworld! Crazy!

        • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

          Wow, ok I feel embarrassed… Not that I could’ve known I was copying, because it’s STILL not showing up when I google search. This is all I get:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=9c17e529bf934417

          Well, I guess I did the first health-i-fied and vegan version, anyway! And hey, the more cookie pops the better! I said “WE should start a new trend” not ME. So it looks like we are ;).

          • Kate says

            Just my two cents, but if you didn’t use a particular blogger’s post as inspiration, I don’t know why you should be expected to give it a shout out. That would be like me feeling like I have to give a shout out to Angela every time I have a spinach smoothie. I love Angela, but she isn’t the reason I started drinking spinach smoothies, and so it’d be false advertising if I told people in the blogworld that she was.

            You came up with this idea of cookie ball pops all on your own, and this other girl isn’t even calling her pops “cookie ball pops” and they are also, from what I can see, not anything like yours in terms of the recipe. So it would be really silly if you feel like you need to give some stranger a shout out just because she coincidentally happened to have the same idea as you to put a cookie dough ball on a stick. As I said before, this is obviously your own idea and it’s the idea, not the actual recipe, that makes it yours (just like Angela’s green monsters, which is a much cuter way to market it than my calling it “green smoothies”). I for one am going to be making them and helping you with this “new trend” that is so much more exciting than cake pops.

            On a totally unrelated note, I made your fudge babies last night for the millionth time, and even my junk food hating friend had to admit that they were delicious.

            Is it just me, or do my comments on your blog keep getting longer and longer?

        • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

          Wow, ok I feel embarrassed… Not that I could’ve known I was copying, because it’s STILL not showing up when I google search. This is all I get:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=9c17e529bf934417

          Well, I guess I did the first health-i-fied and vegan version, anyway! And hey, the more cookie pops the better! I said “WE should start a new trend” not ME. So it looks like we are!

          • Kate says

            Woah girl, there’s no need to feel embarrassed! We don’t expect you to keep up with every single blog post that every single person has every written! And actually, the people who usually make something trendy aren’t even the ones who first thought up the idea!

            Angela certainly wasn’t the first person to blog about green smoothies. And Gena DEFINITELY wasn’t the first one to put bananas in the food processor and call it ice cream. They just found a new and fun way to show it off.

            So I say, you keep showing off those CUTE cookie ball pops. Make them a trend! Because I for one, want to follow this trend no matter who starts it ;).

          • Kate says

            After reading the link I wanted to add one more thing. Sorry to keep rambling! So the other blogger calls hers Cookie Dough Pops, not Cookie Ball Pops.

            So I think you are safe to claim the Cookie Ball Pop trend for your own! 🙂

            And then you can take it to new levels. Don’t just stop with chocolate chip cookies. You can make up pb cookies, etc. I’m excited to see what you do with this trend. You always amaze me with your creative spins on things. I still have to make the cookie dough pancakes!

  9. Veggie Cate says

    I love this new trend! So much better than that uggs and skirts trend ;). You seem to start a LOT of foodie trends, Katie. Pizzerts, fudge babies, coconut butter! You certainly got ME hooked on all these things!

  10. Katelyn says

    Allie at made cookie pops about a week ago… she covered hers in chocolate too, I bet you’d love them!!!!

  11. Hela says

    hahaha, love the flag 😀
    and you know what, I made the chocolate chip pancakes today, though I didn´t add any chocolate chips 😉 Instead, I added mashed banana and blueberries to the first batch, and… wait for it… they tasted awesome… LIME JUICE and POPPY SEEDS to the second batch!! Yes, you heard me!!! Utterly delicious!!!

    • Sarah C. says

      This is genius! I want them for my birthday instead of cake! And forget cake POPS. Cookie pops are way more fun!

  12. Jackie @ Baking Charms says

    ‘Pops’ are EVERYWHERE! I love this trend and I think it’s super cute 🙂 Such a non-messy way of eating something.

  13. Emma (Sweet Tooth Runner) says

    KATIE YOU ARE A GENIUS!!! Ohmygosh I’d SO take cookie dough pops over cake ones ANYDAY!! As soon as I am better I am MAKING THESE!! 😀

    • FreshFoodFitness says

      Me neither! I mean, who would want just a bite of cake? But cookie dough balls are way more exciting. I’m on board for this trend for sure. And wouldn’t it be cool if they did make it all the way to Oprah? Or if Blake Lively invited you over to her house to make them like she did for Bakerella and the cake pops?

  14. bitt of raw says

    Cute! I think food on a stick is beginning to be a big trend. I made some all raw vegan cake pops in a challenge. It felt fun eating them on a stick. I will be doing more things like that I think.

  15. Faith @ lovelyascharged says

    Ohmahdear. So I’ve been looking for the perfect cookie to make for the new boy to show him that I can still be a baller cook and be healthy at the same time…and I think I just settled on this!

  16. Dawn @ Blonde on a Mission says

    I tried the cake pops from Starbucks, and I didn’t really like them! They weren’t flavourful & just tasted….average. My palate isn’t set up for the generic unhealthy treats though, so I think these look DELICIOUS!!! I am going to make these. These CCK cake pops makes me dream of a cake pop bouquet of flowers! Cookie dough, birthday cake, dark chocolate covered cake pop, chocolate mint, chocolate mocha… my mouth is watering like Homer Simpson right now haha.

  17. Tori (Fresh Fruition) says

    These are so adorable! I can’t wait to be home for the summer with a kitchen to use again so I can make up a batch of these babies! My best friend just recently started eating gluten-free, too, so I’ll have to give her some for fun.

    What is the best way to store these?

  18. Mary says

    At the risk of being the 70th person to tell you this, I LOVE this idea! Putting all the ingredients on my grocery list right now!!! 🙂
    Count me in for this trend!

  19. Albizia says

    You were right – I need my hands only to make these and very strong will to let them live until I share them with somebody else 🙂 I can probably make them for my colleagues in the university. I am sure they love your creation.

  20. Livvy says

    OMG YES! YES! YES! I’m already loving your new trend and you’re sooo right; it will become HUGE! I’m going to try these with both oat + spelt flour-I can’t decide because it all sounds too amazing!

  21. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says

    I had seen Allie’s cookie pops a few days ago and have seen similar things on other blogs, not “healthy living blogs” per se but more baking blogs, and non-foodbuzz sponsored blogs, just this whole other realm of blogs i didnt know about until about 6 mos ago…have seen lots of cookie/cake pops.

    But no one has time to read everyone’s blog! Especially when you’re busy getting your images uploaded on FG. Saw your pancakes w/ the syrup drizzle on there when I got an email from them about a submission approval.

    So happy that’s all better now for you 🙂

  22. Elena @ GagaForGrapefruit says

    eeeek! i have EVERYTHING, EXCEPT chocolate chips! whyyyyy! i want to make these RIGHT NOW!

  23. Parita says

    There is nothing left to say but YUM! And Katie, I am obsessed with your cookie dough boatmeal! I have no self-control when I make it!

  24. Tara says

    I was just recently thinking how someone needs to make a healthy cake pop (haha I accidently wrote poop.. I’m so immature), but cookie pops are even more fun! Plus this can be a single lady recipe or shared with friends! I want to make a chocolate cookie or oatmeal cookie one. Or a sugar cookie one. The possiblities are endless!

  25. Kristie says

    HECK YES these look just wonderful. Cake pops are adorable but cookie ball pops got a whole new thang goin on. Especially since cookie dough is just da bomb. Obviously. Yet another winner recipe into my ‘To Make’ folder… it’s getting quite ‘beefy’!

  26. Aja says

    I need to make these. I think I have to get up early tomorrow before school to make them. They look amazing. I absolutely love your Not Guilty cookies, and so does my boyfriend which is amazing because I didn’t think he’d like anything that wasn’t full of fat and sugar. Seriously, they’re better than a full fat, full sugar chocolate chip cookie. You’re a genius!

  27. Jonna says

    So, is it raw spelt flour? Raw oatflour? with baking soda? Do you bake them in the oven? Can you eat unbaked-baking soda?

    Im just curious :)) They looks devilishly delicious!

    great blog 🙂

  28. Amie Sue says

    These are very cute. Last week I made some out of my “raw” peanut butter cookie batter and then dipped them in raw chocolate. Heaven!! They are sure fun to make aren’t they?
    Blessings, amie sue

  29. Jane says

    Hi Katie,

    I noticed that all your receipes include nondairy milk and was wondering if your recipes will work the same with normal skim milk? I wasn’t sure if that was just a vegan recipe, or if therer is a significant difference in texture or they way they will turn out!

    Please let me know!

    Thank you! Love your blog! Makes me want a cookie so bad! 🙂

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Hey Jane!
      Haha yes, I just write “nondairy” milk because I’m a vegan. Skim milk should work fine in all recipes calling for non-dairy (unless it specifically states “coconut milk”).
      Well, actually I don’t know about the recipes with agar, because I don’t know how the skim milk would react with the agar. But all the other recipes should be fine with skim milk!

  30. Rosa says

    Did mine with Coconut flour (all I had) had to double the “milk” bc was too dry, but still YUMMY!!!

  31. Sarah C says

    Katie! I made these and OMG they are delicious!!! I didnt bother to put them on sticks, though. They just went straight to my mouth :).

  32. Qi Ting @ Misadventures of Fat free Baking says

    I tried this with whole wheat flour, regular skim milk, additional 2 tsp of unsweetened cocoa powder, and chocolate sprinkles instead of chocolate chips. It tasted like brownie batter! Didn’t bother to freeze it though. I just had to spoon in into my mouth right from the bowl on impulse. It smelt so good! After all it was supposed to be raw… right? Haha Anyway, it was DELICIOUS but too much salt for me though (no idea why) so I added extra sugar to balance it out! 😀

  33. Val says

    Made these this morning! As chocolate chip funfetti cookie ball pops!! I may have had a few before they were “pop” and YUM!!!! I love how its the perfect size little treat!!!

  34. Dr. V says

    Ok, confession… I skipped the “pops” and even the “balls” and just ate the batter right out of the bowl with a spoon!! 🙂 thanks for your awesome blog! I have made several of your recipes and plan to use some to demonstrate to my patients that they can have tummy desserts that are actually healthy and allow then to still stick to their nutrition goals! Thanks!!!

  35. Summer says

    Ok. I’m 22, and still giggled like a middle schooler when I read “fat-free balls”.

    That being said, these look delicious

  36. Marissa says

    You are a genius! I love your blog! It helps me get my kids to eat healthy food without them knowing, a very difficult task!! I’m thinking cookie dough balls for breakfast…totally amazeballs!!!

  37. Sabrina says

    Such a great idea. I wanted to make something healthy to and i came up with protein cake pops. I omitted part of the cake batter and re placed it with whey protein. They came out really yummy! 🙂

  38. Lucia says

    I honestly never understood the facination of eating raw cookie dough. Couple of my friends go sick eating raw cookie dough, but good luck with your venture, Katie. My husband took some cake balls I made last night to his office and they were a huge, I mean, huge hit with everyone there. So for those of you on here that think cake pops or balls will die, think again.

  39. Amanda says

    I made these the fat free way (sans margarine). Two things to note: 1. without the margarine, they are very liquidy, so I am eating mine with a spoon. ;-p 2. Do NOT add the white sugar- I made mine with the brown sugar and they were MORE than sweet enough.

  40. Monica says

    Hey! These look GREAT!! I was just wondering though, when you said you love them with oat flour, is that just oats ground up? I hope so, because I can’t have wheat anything and I SOO want to make these!!!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Yes, oat flour is just ground-up oats (very finely ground). But if you use oats, you’ll have to measure the amount AFTER blending. (In other words, don’t use 1/2 cup oats if it says “1/2 cup oat flour.” You’ll need to use more oats.)

  41. Isabel Barganier says

    Hi Katie! Omg! This look sooooooo delicious! I love cookie dough A LOT, so I’m definitely making these ASAP! Thanks so much for this recipe! 🙂

  42. Jyl says

    New to your blog, discovered you from skinnytaste, I was just wondering, how many balls do you make for the 23 calories? I sure discovered a lot of new yummy sounding recipes looking for the answer though!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Oh wow, I can’t believe I never wrote that in. I am so sorry!
      Unfortunately, I don’t really remember how many I got (I made them back in May). I’m editing the recipe to take down the nutrition link. Sorry for the confusion… I guess it gives me an excuse to make them again ;).

  43. Sherlock says

    I made these using rolled oats instead. I really don’t like the idea of eating raw dough that’s made with flour. It makes me gag eating unbaked flour. They tasted great using the rolled oats!

  44. Shade @ One Vegan Fatty says


    Just made this (since it’s the quickest recipe of life LOL) and it’s AMAZING!! I didn’t even bother making the balls, I’m just eating it out of a cup LOL…I made it with the oat flour as you suggested (YUM!) and I partially ground my chocolate chunks to make sure each bite was super chocolatey AND to amp up the already great flavor, I ground up some walnuts and mixed those in too…fantastic…easy…everything is already in my pantry…this makes my tummy VERY happy…lol

  45. Sofi says

    This is probably me being really slow, but on your measurements what do you mean by T and C? Im hoping this is a continental thing and Im not just being silly!

    So excited to make these healthy versions tho..

  46. Amandaleigh02 says

    I just tried these and they were great! I added a little protein powder and I loved them! Thank you for the great recipe!

  47. Marsha says

    How do you store these? You said to freeze them, to get them to set, and then didn’t mention storage. Please let me know! If you already answered this in another comment, I’m sorry, but there were so many comments! I love your blog, and am so ready to make all your recipes! Thank you!

    • cck says

      Hmmm… that’s really weird! This post is over a year old, and I don’t know why I didn’t write in how many it made. I just did some quick math and I *think* it would yield about 14 balls (including the white sugar) for 23 calories each.

  48. kassy says

    I absolutely love anything to do with sweets, love cake pops. Sweets is one thing I don’t include in my diet, which is bad. I like the idea that these are low calories so I can eat 5 and not feel bad:) You have a ton of great healthier recipes. Keep up the awesome work you truly are awesome at tweaking things and making them delicious.

  49. Alisha says

    I just made a batch of this up using spelt flour and I changed the butter to coconut oil and left out the white sugar, and OMG it is so yum. It is going to be a challenge not to eat it all! I can’t wait for my new blender to arrive because I am dying to try the raspberry fudge cake!

  50. Lucrezia says


    I have a question – it is possible to use oat flour without any thermal preparation? Is it OK for kids?
    And about the fats – can I use almond mousse?

    Thank you! Great blog by the way!

  51. Stevie Christine says

    Maybe it was already suggested, but why not melt some dark chocolate and dip them in that? My favorite part of the cake pop is the hard chocolate/white chocolate cover and the soft gooey cake inside 🙂

  52. Sarah says

    I made these tonight. Yum! I did oat flour, no fat or oil, and 1% dairy milk. Mine ended up so runny that it would have been impossible to make them into balls. I spread this on graham crackers instead. Still yummy. I did include the white sugar and it was very sweet. I’d omit it next time. I would also decrease the amount of chocolate chips.

    Katie, how many do you intend this to serve? Like how many balls did you calculate to get the calorie count? Just trying to figure out how many calories I ate. Thanks!

  53. Katie says

    Awesome idea 🙂 I made theses last night and on a random impulse dipped them in chocolate and then rolled them in coconut flakes. I love your blog and your recipes.although i do tend to stray alot 😛

  54. Brooke says

    I made these yesterday and while very good, I don’t think I made them right! Was I supposed to use 1/3c of flour PLUS 1/4c of flour, or 1/3c flour OR 1/4c flour? I used the “plus” approach and mine came out VERY sticky and couldn’t really form a ball. Also, I found that the recipe made about 16 balls each being 50 calories so I must’ve went wrong somewhere. I ended up popping them in the microwave for 2 minutes and they became pretty yummy puffs, but I wish I had cookie balls :/

  55. Sammi says

    hey i just LOVE your blog. i tried making these today, and did the same thing as brooke and got similar results (ended up being too sticky to make into balls), so instead i just got a spoon and ate the mixture. it was SOO GOOD! tasted just like cookie dough <3

    i don't know if i'm doing something wrong, but i REALLY want to make cookie ball pops not just dough… but it tastes good regardless. thank you SOO much for posting soo many yummy recipes XD

  56. Emily says

    Hi Katie! I love love this recipe. However, you said each ball has 23 calories. How many balls does the whole batch make?

    I used white flour and about 2 tbsp choc chips. After calculating however, my whole batch came close to 700 calories!! I made 8 balls so that was close too 100 per ball. What am I doing wrong? If I used oat flour, it still wouldn’t be that much lower?

  57. P says

    Hi Katie! This looks delicious. I know you said they don’t NEED to be baked, but can they be? Would they turn out like proper cookies if they were baked, or does the recipe only suit for freezing? Just curious 🙂

  58. Emily says

    I made these last night, put them in the freezer, and ate them all today! They were so good!! I substituted half of the flour for oats, omitted the butter/oil, and used half chocolate chips, half raisins. They were absolutely delicious and were even better than store bought “everything” cookie dough I tried one time. Thank you so much for the wonderful fun recipe!! 🙂

  59. gisela says

    I think I’m going to makeep this but skip the sticks and rolling it and just eat it straight out of the mixing bowl. 

  60. Marlys says

    How do you store these? I’m helping a local cafe find a healthy cookie recipe and they need to know how they are best stored and how long they last in storage… ps. I love your site

  61. C says

    Hi Katie! I absolutely love your website but I’m a little confused. How many of the cookie balls did you make? when i calculated the calories i didn’t come up with 23 for each when following the healthy chocolate chip cookie recipe that said it would yield 7 to 11 cookies

  62. nitzan hersh says

    can i bake these? how well will they turn out? i tried the “not guilty” chocolate chip cookies and they were amazing btw!!

    • Unofficial CCK Helper says

      Yes you can bake them. But you should use the oil version if baking, which would make them almost exactly like the cookie recipe you did try.

  63. Amy says

    I just made these tonight. I actually made them the first time and they were so runny. I used 40 grams of milk and vegan butter. I then tried it again with 27 grams of milk. They are still runny but less so. Am I just using too much milk? I am hoping by freezing them they’ll harden a little but they really are not dough. They do not look like Katie’s!

  64. AnJanette says

    I still make cake pops but w/o the frosting. I don’t care for the texture. I make them full cake in a two piece pan with homemade cake recipies and the best possible ingredients. We pipe frostings or fillings in upon request before dipping. Yes, they come out round not acorn shaped. Take a peek if you will

  65. Des says

    Hi Katie, the dough is great tasting, I used g/f flour. only thing is they are to sticky couldn’t even begin to roll into balls. I have them in the oven at the moment will see how they come out.

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