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Food is NOT the most important thing in the world

What are some things that are more important to you than food?  To me, family is definitely more important.

Sarah (a reader) asked:

In the eight (I think you said eight) years you’ve been vegan, have you ever KNOWINGLY eaten a meat or dairy product, either by accident or choice? I know you said you sometimes eat things that might have trace animal products, but I was wondering about things that have more than just trace amounts. Just curious!

Actually, the answer to your question is “yes.”  When I was in high school, and had only been vegan about a year, my mom once surprised me with homemade chocolate chip cookies, using this recipe.


(The perfect photo above is not mine, it’s Maggie’s. I only wish I had such skills!)

Mom was so proud that the cookies were vegan: made with dark chocolate chips and all!  When I looked at the chip bag, though, it turned out that the chips weren’t actually vegan, even though they were dark chocolate. There was still milk in them, as well as butter oil.

But I never told her.

I was so grateful for her thoughtfulness and kindness. And I wanted her to see me enjoy the super-sweet gesture. After all, she deserves compassion from me too. People are animals too! (Now, if it had been a yogurt smoothie or a lasagna in which she’d forgotten not to add cheese, the case would’ve been different. I’m not saying I would’ve eaten anything just because it was made with love. But as I said in my previous post, you have to decide what’s most important; situations—and veganism—aren’t always black and white. And it’s a personal decision that’ll differ for each of us.)

Nowadays I’m the one making Mom eat my cookies…


My raw chocolate chip cookies.

Questions of the Day:

What are some things that are more important to you than food? Or: Has anyone ever made you a meal that really wasn’t your favorite, but that you ate anyway, due to the enormous amount of love put into it? Something that comes to mind for me: My grandma made a vegan salad this summer with arugula. This green isn’t my favorite, and my mother HATES it with a passion, but we quietly served ourselves a small portion to make Grandma happy. There are more important things in life than food. Family is one of those things.

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Published on July 26, 2010

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  1. [email protected] says

    even more reason to love you- you are an amazingly caring and grateful being! i sadly know that i wouldve yelled “wth!! im vegan, and theres milk!!! why would u do that, do u know what veganism is!!!???” which embarasses me to say because i was a little too selfish in the past and didnt think much of others beyond myself. thank GOD im totally opposite today *PHEW*. but just like ur last post, diet isnt religion, and food is food. we honor our choices, but anything that is accidental or even uncontrollable needs to be shrugged away and not have too much energy attached to it. and like you realized, the thought behind what ur mom did was much greater than the actual food. and it was baked with LOVE <3


  2. Jess says

    I definitely eat things my that I normally wouldn’t because they are made with love! When someone has slaved all day to make me a delicious meal, i’m going to honor that and EAT! 😀

  3. Rachel says

    This is a great post, Katie! I always struggle with finding balance (especially at family dinners) between eating with people I love and eating what people I love are eating… does that make sense? haha 😀

  4. Jackie (Peaces of Earth) says

    LOVE this! It’s so true. There has to be a compromise. Going with your post that you wrote yesterday (which I just read and and also loved loved loved), there is no way to be 100%. We have to decided where our priorities are. Family is my priority. This doesn’t mean I’m going to dig into their meat and dairy dishes, but if something is specifically made for me and it happens to accidentally include a trace of dairy, I’ll eat it like you ate your mom’s cookies. Love is way more important. I rather eat a tiny trace of milk than make a family member sad.

  5. Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear says

    Even though food plays a big part in my life I still value family, friends and happinness more.

  6. Carley Frazer says

    This is so true Katie and I think we’re on the same page because I had a VERY similar post to this today! Great minds think alike eh?! There are much more important things in life because after all, when we die we aren’t going to bring food with us but rather the blessings, experiences and love we’ve enjoyed in our life!! Keep speaking wise words sista!

  7. Pure2Raw Twins says

    Great post girl. Life is so much more than food, food is just something that helps us the fuel and energy to live our life but not the thing that should be the main subject of our life. Family and friends, and doing what I love is more important than food!

  8. Heather Eats Almond Butter says

    Trying to catch with my favorite dish model. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time in NYC Katie! And yes, I agree, family and friends are much more important than food. Whenever we dine at friend’s houses, I eat whatever they prepare even if it’s something I would never make for myself. After all, it was made with love, my favorite ingredient…besides chocolate of course. 😉

  9. yogiclarebear says

    my grandma made me a birthday cake this year. i dont eat cake or “sugars” or anything not on my “safe” list for years of dealing with disordered shiznit. anyways, she said to me, “clare i know you wont have any of this cake and thats ok, but i made it gluten-free just in case.” and i ate some. and i think she was crying a little bit, and i was for sure. it was a big deal for me to eat outside my “box” and i was glad it happened then and there.

    thanks for the reminder. family.

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