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Vegan Marshmallow Fluff

4.90 from 48 votes

This healthy vegan marshmallow fluff is going to rock your world…

Aquafaba Vegan Marshmallow Fluff

Sweetener of choice


Water from a can of chickpeas


Homemade marshmallow fluff ????

Vegan Marshmallow Fluff without corn syrup or egg whites. Full recipe:

Crazy, right?!

I can’t take credit for this brilliant “bean liquid egg whites” discovery.

The idea was sent to me in a facebook message earlier this year by a reader who discovered you could whip up the liquid from a can of garbanzo beans with sugar to form stiff peaks then pipe the mixture out and bake it into vegan meringues.

Since readers often write to tell me their own recipe ideas or experiments, I didn’t think too much about the message at first, especially since meringue and I have always been more of acquaintances than friends.

However, a few months later when I noticed some of my friends posting stunningly beautiful chickpea vegan meringues on instagram, suddenly I was intrigued.

No corn syrup, no powdered sugar, no raw eggs. You will NEVER believe the 2 ingredients! Full recipe:

Healthy Vegan Marshmallow Fluff

Then another reader left a comment on the blog asking if I’d tried bean meringue yet and mentioning that chickpea liquid–commonly referred to as aquafaba–has been used as an egg replacer since as early as in a 1968 cookbook (Ten Talents, by Rosalie and Frank J Hurd).

Wait… so it can be an egg replacer in other things besides meringue?!?

Like crepes?! Or baked goods??

So many ideas are swirling around in my head right now…

vegan meringue
How To Make Homemade Marshmallow Fluff

Christina’s message had mentioned whipping the liquid with fine sugar to form meringue, but I wanted to know if the aquafaba would also work with a liquid sweetener.

Only one way to find out! Seven minutes in, my pseudo meringue still looked like water, and I was almost ready to give up and throw the whole thing out.

But—magically at minute 9—it began to thicken… and thicken… and thicken even more!

Above – watch the video of how to make vegan marshmallow fluff

I had a baking sheet all ready to go for the meringues…

The only problem was that I just couldn’t seem to stop dipping my spoon into the airy cream.

It was just like marshmallow fluff!

No corn syrup, no powdered sugar, no raw eggs. You will NEVER believe the 2 ingredients! Full recipe:

Ideas for ways to use this healthy marshmallow fluff include:

Homemade s’mores, as frosting for cupcakes or my Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe, in fluffernutter sandwiches… the possibilities go on and on!

Easy Two Ingredient Vegan Marshmallow Fluff Recipe

Edit – There’s also now a version for Chocolate Marshmallow Fluff!

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Vegan Marshmallow Fluff

This ridiculously easy vegan marshmallow fluff can be made with just two ingredients.
Prep Time 12 minutes
Total Time 12 minutes
Yield 3 cups
4.9 from 48 votes


  • 1 can chickpeas or white beans (15oz)
  • 1/3 cup sweetener of choice, such as agave, fine sugar, or xylitol for sugar-free
  • optional pinch cream of tartar, for stabilization


  • Open the can of beans and drain just the watery part into a stand mixer or a large mixing bowl. (Save the actual beans for a different recipe. If you need inspiration, here are 50+ Healthy Uses For Canned Beans.) You should have about 1/2 cup chickpea liquid. Add all other ingredients, and beat with an electric mixer or in a stand mixer for 12-16 minutes. It will look thin for quite a while—and you’ll probably be cursing me—but don’t give up hope! Mine really began to thicken around minutes 10-11. Cover and refrigerate any leftovers. It separates overnight, but re-beating works perfectly. (I’ve not tried this recipe without beaters, but you are free to experiment. The sugar version can be baked into meringues; I haven’t tried baking the liquid-sweetener version.) I’ve tried this healthy marshmallow fluff with both regular and unsalted bean liquid and can’t taste a big difference, so use whatever you have on hand.
    View Nutrition Facts


Also be sure to try this Coconut Whipped Cream Recipe.

Have you made this recipe?

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And now I’m going to go work on some homemade Mallomars…

Published on April 30, 2015

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      • Lulu says

        How long does it keep in the fridge?? I’m guessing from comment above it doesn’t? Thinking of using it on my vegan sweet potatoes (trying your recipe of course!) but wanted to make the fluff in advance. Thx!!

    • Barbara Turner says

      Probably it will! I made it and it was disintegrating into a watery texture by the late evening and I made it at 5 p.m. so no I don’t reccomend this for cake icing. I’m just wondering if cream of tartar wouldn’t keep it thickened. Try that and let us know. I wish I’d thought of then.

  1. Dana says

    There have been so many marshmallow recipes being posted now. I’m glad I got to see your version Katie! Could this be made with xylitol or date sugar?

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      I’ve not tried it with either of these two sweeteners, but maybe either experiment or do a google search to see if someone has made vegan meringue with one of them and blogged about it. Be sure to report back if you experiment!

    • Olivia says

      I’ve tried meringues ( french style not swiss style like this ) with xylitol ( normal egg whites ) and it’s taken ages to dry out. Like 2, 3 days ages. So I’m assuming this would too. Oh and they taste like mint chewing gum due to the cold taste you get w/ xylitol. Some like it others don’t. Haven’t tried it with date sugar though.

    • Janet Robertson says

      Please please do not use Xylitol for ANY reason ! It is deadly to dogs and since they love the taste…many have died from finding gum, candy, mints , cookies made with Xylitol !! Of course dogs will go into cupboards, purses , backpacks and totes…often containing such a sweetened goodie..and very little can kill them ! This is well documented and I’m asking that you not advise people to use this sweetened for any reason and please share. ! THanks so much !

  2. Katy says

    This IS crazy…I need someone else to make this. Like now. I am at work and don’t have my stand mixer OR a can of chick peas with me. I am trying when I get home either way! I bet it would be a lovely if you added some fresh strawberry juice to it. Yummm

  3. Paige says

    I’m totally thinking lemon flavored meringues!!! … But I wonder if you bake these on low the same way you cook egg white meringues? So curious to try this!!!!!!

  4. CRobins says

    Two questions: first, can this be made by soaking dried chickpeas (or white beans) overnight and using that water?? rather than from a can? and two, has anyone tried with coconut nectar as the sweetener?

        • Chocolate Covered Katie says

          I’ve only used canned, but be sure to report back if you try with homemade beans! Or you could try googling to see if anyone has used non-canned liquid.

          For the meringues, I just baked them as if they were egg meringues (using instructions for a non-vegan recipe). I didn’t write down a recipe, but I’m sure there are other vegan bloggers who have posted recipes for how to make chickpea meringues. I’m always hesitant to give links to recipes I haven’t personally tried, but here’s one I found from a quick google search just now:

          • Rebecca says

            Please remember that this isn’t soaking water but water of beans that have been soaked overnight *and* cooked. I highly doubt soaking water will work. Some companies use a lot of salt in the cooking water and others use kombu. I don’t which ones work the best or if this even matters — you’ll simply need to experiment. (If the water with kombu works, this is the healthier option.)

            If you do use canned beans, please remember to make sure that your beans are from a BPA-free canned. Unfortunately, it’s still the norm to use BPA-lined cans. A list of manufacturers that don’t use BPA-lined cans (current as of January) can be found at

            Good luck and please let us know what you discover!!

          • Ayumi says

            I actually did cook some soaked chickpeas two days ago and was curious whether the cooking water would work as the liquid from canned beans. I didn’t add anything to the cooking water and let them cook for about 1 hour. When I beat the liquid it became considerably thicker and whitish like in Katie’s pictures, but I think it was too diluted, so I should have used less liquid for cooking. But in general it was very promising, just didn’t go as thick as in the pictures (but I also didn’t add so much sweetener because I already felt that the liquid was pretty thin and not the way it looks from canned beans). So much from my side, I guess it’s well possible with normal cooking liquid. 🙂

          • Talbot says

            Maybe the ability of the mixture to stiffen up comes from a component of the kombu similar to agar agar? I’m just guessing, but that would make a lot of sense.

          • Rebecca says

            Talbot, it looks like you can use beans cooked in either salt or kombu — both work equally well. It doesn’t look like it’s a component of the kombu causing the mixture to stiffen.

          • Valerie says

            Yes, very important to NOT use the soaking liquid. For chickpeas, perhaps the worst effect would just be flatulence. But for some beans (like red kidney beans), you could get very ill. When cooking dry beans, always soak them, then always throw that water away, and always rinse the bejeebers out of the soaked beans before you cook them.

          • Cindy says

            5 stars
            For the record, the water left over after cooking chickpeas does work. I’ve cooked chickpeas in my Instant Pot and used the liquid leftover (aquafaba) to make meringue cookies using Katie’s recipe with sugar, vanilla (plus almond extract). I piped the meringue into cookie shapes and baked them for 1.5 hours at 200 degrees (I think that was the temp – it might have been 175). I put chocolate chips in the centers of some (those were my favorite!) and sprinkled cinnamon on top of others. They turned out perfectly and lasted for nearly a week in a closed container.

      • CoyoteKitty says

        Lots of different opinions here about how to soak and cook beans, how much water, salt, etc, I’m trying to decipher it all! Those of you who have made this recipe with home cooked beans, could you post a recipe of sorts for your quantities and procedures from how you soaked to the finished product? Thanks!!

        • Heather says

          I have used the aquafaba I get from cooking chickpeas.
          Rinse 1 cup dry chickpeas
          Place in pot of cold water
          Bring to boil. Cover. Let stand 2 hours
          DRAIN the liquid
          Add 3 cups of filtered water to pot
          Bring to boil. Cover. Simmer 4+ hours
          Drain the aquafaba

          Hope this helps

    • Elaine Tsialafos says

      If you Google, How to make Aquafaba, it tells you exactly how to boil down the bean liquid to make it. You just can’t use the liquid as is. It’s very easy.

  5. A says

    Thank you for trying it with liquid sweetener! I am excited someone else tried it, because I don’t eat refined sugars and only kept seeing the chickpea meringue around the internet made with dry sugar.

    I also wanted to thank you for mentioning how you came up with this recipe and not taking credit for the garbanzo bean liquid egg replacer idea. I have seen SO MANY other bloggers post about this idea and act like it was their own brilliance, and it’s maddening to me that they’d try to deceive their readers like that and take all the credit for an idea that’s already been around the internet.

    So excited to start making vegan marshmallow fluff sandwiches now 🙂

  6. Maria says

    Hoorrraaayyy!!! This is just what I have been yearning and searching for!!! An easy egg- dairy- and nut/coconut-free marshmallow recipe (food allergies). Thank you so much!!! Now my daughter can have her first smore. Yay!

    • James says

      I looked through this list, and yours is the only one addressing s’mores. Did it work out well for you?

  7. Susan L says

    Oh my gosh!,, I just made this yesterday myself! I saw someone else’s recipe online and decided to try it…all I had to say was wow… It was so good, I couldn’t beleieve it.

  8. TS says

    I’m so glad that you said we could use white beans instead. I’ve seen chick pea meringue before, but always skipped it because I’m allergic to chick peas 🙁 But now I can try this! I always discarded the liquid because it has preservatives in it, so is this really healthy?

    Anyway, love your recipes. You’re my go to person for vegan desserts.

  9. Lucie says

    Oh. My. God. (!!!) I have heard this was possible (also that you could make this by boiling sesame seeds and whipping up the resulting eh.. water/gooey thing) but I’ve never seen anyone actually make it! Looks like my next cooking project 🙂 Thank you so much for having the courage to try this out and show us it actually worked!

  10. michelle says

    I’ve made the meringue and made the fluff with xylitol instead of sugar. its good. I love seeing all the things people have created already

  11. Debra says

    Katie! Love that you posted this! I have been searching and searching to find the nutritional facts on the bean liquid (sometimes called aquafaba… there is a whole facebook page dedicated to “hits and misses” using it!) How did you find the nutritional info of the bean liquid? I am on a special diet where I have to log every carb/protein gram. I even called some companies that sell garbanzo beans and they couldn’t tell me the macros of just the liquid! Any help would be great!

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      Hi Debra,
      Based on the fact that half a cup of cooked beans and half a cup of canned cooked beans are listed at the same calorie count, and then taking into account the number of servings in a can and the total calories, it looks as if the manufacturers are calculating the water as having a minimal impact on total calorie count. Remember that nutrition labels are an estimate, never an exact science. (Nutrition labels in grocery stores are legally allowed to be as high as 20% off.) I’m not a doctor, so I can’t advise and would recommend you ask your doctor if it’s okay to count this water as zero or if he or she has an alternative suggestion for you.

      • Debra says

        Thanks for your response! I think when added, the water wouldn’t add anything, it is the sugars/carbs that “leech” off the beans that could be the issue. It certainly isn’t just water that we drain. I’ve tried to find info re: drained vs undrained so I can do the math, but I haven’t had success. Eden said the nutritional info on the label is for beans AND liquid, not drained beans. But when I search beans “drained” the counts are the same. Ack! Guess I will have to skip this magical recipe until I can figure it out! Love your site and all your recipes!

  12. Dianne says

    I cook a lot of garbanzo beans and never buy the canned. Normally my hubby drinks the liquid but have just told him that he does not get the next batch (today). My question is did you try it with cooked beans Katie? Is there any variation to your recipe. I am so excited to try this not to bake meringue but to frost or top desserts with, as you said… OH the possibilities, so exciting. And as an egg replacer? WHAT!!! YAY!!

  13. Debra says

    Sorry if this is a repeat post. My browser blipped or something! Just wondering where you found the nutritional information for the bean liquid? I’ve been following a facebook page all about using it “Vegan Meringue- Hits and Misses”. But I cannot find the nutritional info for just the liquid! I even called a few companies that sell garbanzo beans and they couldn’t tell me. I have to track all my fats/carbs/protein grams. Thanks for posting this! Hoping I can use it as a lower protein alternative to egg whites!

  14. Chani says

    My jaw dropped when I saw the recipe! Thanx so much for making it with liquid sweetener:). I wondering if you can use black bean can liquid. Cuz I’m thinking to make black bean brownies and top it with the marshmallow stuff. Btw, the black bean brownies are the best gf cake recipe I’ve ever made. Thnx sooooo much!

  15. Sherlock says

    Can I just use a blender like a Ninja or Magic Bullet to whip it all up? Seems like it would take half the time.

    • Emma says

      I haven’t tried this recipe (yet! it’s on tap for the weekend!) but I use my Cuisinart food processor to whip up egg whites for meringues and things and it works perfectly. Just make sure everything is extra-clean without a trace of fat or anything on the equipment, or you really will be beating for forever.

    • Bob says

      I tried doing it in the blender, but the mixture got too hot. So I put the mixture in the fridge to completely cool, and it worked with the hand held beaters.

  16. Jessica says

    I’m not vegan but never make meringues because egg whites alone rob your system of biotin. Considering that I was planning on making roasted chickpeas this weekend, I’ll definitely be trying some variation of this.

  17. Nicole R. says

    Wow, I read a lot of vegan food blogs and I have never heard of this! I never buy canned beans because making them from dried is so much cheaper. It might be worth making an exception for lemon meringue pie, but I too am interested in whether this might work with the cooking liquid from homemade. I imagine it could vary widely based on how much water you use for the amount of beans? I hope lots of people try it and report back!

  18. Erika says

    I have always heard you should rinse canned beans really well because the liquid on them can cause painful gas. Is that just a wives tale? If not, this recipe could be painful. 🙁 maybe that is just black beans and the white ones are different?

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      I have heard that you need to cook raw beans fully because of the gas issue, but I hadn’t heard you need to rinse canned beans so unfortunately I can’t answer this question. It hasn’t seemed to be a problem for anyone I know who has tried it.

      • Erika says

        I surfed around the internet to see what I could find about it. Some say that the bean water contains a particular sugar, oligosaccharide, that the human body can not break down and thus causes gas. Others say the bean water is full of sodium or preservatives. Still others say that bean water is perfectly healthy for you. I guess it can’t be as bad for you as all the artificial stuff you find in most things these days. Certainly worth trying your recipe when the ingredients are something we typically throw away; who doesn’t love free?! Thanks for all of your great recipes and hard work!

    • Kayla says

      I am a Registered Dietitian. I have never tried bean liqiid either because as a student we learned that bean juice contains Stachyose and Raffinose, Oligosaccarhides/sugars that cause cramping and bad gas. If no one else has this issue though, i would love to try this recipe!

      • Heather says

        I thought this was just the soaking juice that caused cause, which you drain before cooking dried beans. I used the bean liquid in my hummus and it doesn’t bother me. I have a lot of digestive issues, but related to other foods: dairy, soy, wheat, …

  19. Ursula says

    Awesome idea! Mine turned out more like whipped cream, so I made strawberry parfaits. I took a photo but can’t figure out how to post.

  20. Deb says

    World rocked 🙂 I would not have guessed chickpea water was so useful! Here, I have been just literally throwing it away!!

  21. Goose Wohlt says

    Nice work. Variations on this recipe and other low glycemic fluffs ( as well as answers to all the questions your commenters are asking ) are available in the original discussion group. Please consider adding a link to the group in your post, so that everyone knows where to go to contribute and join in on the fun: It’s only through our open sharing spirit that these recipes are reaching as wide an audience as we have now, and attribution is key to making that happen. Read more at and come share!

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      Wow, that facebook page is fantastic! Thank you for sharing! I would be happy to share the link to answer the commenters, but do you have a specific post you can link me to that answers their question about homemade beans (or the other questions they have)? I like being as specific as possible when replying to readers to avoid confusion on their end. Or, please feel free to reply to them with links any time you have one! I know some bloggers don’t appreciate when commenters leave links, but my policy is the opposite. There are many times I don’t have the answer to a commenter’s question, and I’m always grateful when someone chimes in who does!

      • Daniela says

        They are working on a q&a but right now there is a post at the top of the page with links to the main recipes. It’s an amazing group! I recommend everybody to join it. Most questions are answered and no, they haven’t figured out how to make angel food cake yet.

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      It wouldn’t let me comment on the facebook post, but I did want to respond. I’m still shocked such a facebook post was published in the first place and that people on the same side of the vegan cause as me automatically assumed my intent in not referencing a group I didn’t know existed was malicious. I’ve always tried to give proper credit when an idea is not mine and had made a point in my original post to stress I was definitely not the creator of this brilliant chickpea idea, mentioning where I’d heard it and where I’d been told it had originally come from. When you left a respectful comment on my site, I was very happy to edit my post and include a link to this group, and I replied right away by saying I’d gladly change my post to include it.

      Then I clicked on your link before editing my words and was shocked to see a passive-aggressive post about my website right at the top of the page—liked by many people I’d respected for years (and apparently also liked by the person who created the vegan meringue facebook group)—claiming I was not giving credit where credit was due… to a forum I had no idea was the original source. Instead of respectful comments like yours, I started to receive comments on my own site laced with profanity and hatred. If this is the kind of thing the Vegan Meringue group and its members stand for, I don’t feel comfortable having a part or sharing it with my readers. The chickpea water is a fantastic idea, but I don’t want to unknowingly cause any more drama or negativity, especially among the very people working towards the same goal as me. Seeing as meringues and meringue pie have already been done by others, I promise not to post such recipes in the future on my blog. But please know that my original intent was never to hurt anyone or take credit.

      • Jennifer says

        Curiosity made me go searching for the post, and I have to agree it was a thinly veiled jab at this blog post, and also kind of ridiculous. Katie clearly listed her inspiration for this recipe, and even if she didn’t, does everyone who makes chocolate chip cookies have to link to Nestle or whoever it was that first discovered you can bake chocolate chips in a cookie and they won’t melt? I saw a lot of recipes on that facebook group that didn’t reference the person who first discovered pavlova meringue, brownies, etc. I’m also unclear how they are expecting everyone to magically know about their group and faulting people who don’t, but that’s another subject entirely.

        • Anonymous says

          I have to agree with Jennifer. Ideas are not the same thing as recipes. Every time someone wants to make a cookie pie with chickpeas, they shouldn’t have to link back to Katie’s deep dish cookie recipe unless they used her actual recipe. Every time someone wants to make a molten lava cake, they shouldn’t have to link back to Jacques Torres if they use their own recipe. And on and on.

          To clarify I don’t have a problem with Goose’s comment on this thread, just what some of the people in the facebook group wrote. I’m also not a vegan and appreciate honey being included here, as I don’t eat agave and would have just used regular marshmallow fluff with eggs if this option wasn’t presented to me.

          • Kaitlin says

            This just makes me so sad. Vegans should NOT be attacking each other. I’m sorry you encountered this, and for what it’s worth I had no problem with the wording of your post nor did I think it came across as if you were taking credit for the idea. Personally, I do not really care where the idea came from and I think what vegans should be more concerned about is not who gets the glory but the fact that vegan meringue is now a possibility! That is a victory for ALL vegans!

          • Gina says

            I wish you could ask those commenters how many people they’ve turned vegan. I’m willing to bet good money more people have become vegan due to your influence than due to theirs. I am one of them. Found your blog as an omni, and now I’ve been vegan for over 2 years all thanks to you! You are a perfect example of one small person changing the world for the better.

  22. Shannon says

    This is the coolest thing I have come across in a long time!! There are so many possibilities this could be used for!

    • P King says

      I assume that most of you readers have used chia seeds to replace eggs in your recipes.
      Just look up chia seeds on Google and you will find tons of information!

  23. Jenn says

    Katie, I have a challenge for you! I wonder if this recipe/method could be adapted somehow for frosting. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a white or off-white frosting without refined sugar and without coconut. My kids don’t like coconut milk/cream/meat, and one doesn’t like chocolate (which would disguise the coconut sugar color), and haven’t heard of a way of making frosting from agave which is light in color (and I don’t want to use xylitol or stevia). I did see there is a powdered agave available but expensive and reviews say it’s not as sweet as sugar so you need to add something else. I hope you’ll take me up on this challenge! 🙂

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      Hi Jenn,

      This is actually thick enough that it can be used as frosting as-is. I topped chocolate cupcakes with it the other day for s’mores cupcakes and it worked perfectly! I’d only advise frosting just before serving.

    • Ann says

      If you google recipes for stabilized whipped cream, you’ll see that people use unflavored gelatin to keep it from running and such. I’m pretty sure a vegan gelatin or agar could be used in this to do the same thing!

    • Kay says

      I’m actually going to try this with a blended cauliflower to see if it has more the thick frosting consistency rather than the cool whip consistency. I’m very excited about all the ideas this recipe has put in my head. 🙂

  24. Mexiholic says

    Do they have to be canned. Would the liquid from crockpot garbanzos work? Or simply cooked garbanzos? What ingredient in the liquid causes the reaction to take place? A starch from the beans or some additive in the canning process? Just got me to wondering. Thanks!

  25. Karoline says

    Hi Katie!
    How did you calculate the nutrition facts? I mean, as long as you’re using calorie free sweetener, wouldn’t the calorie content be close to none? I guess, what I’m really trying to say is — what is the garbanzo water all about? What does it contain… besides from water?

      • Heather says

        Hi Ladies,

        I actually just came across such a product at a local independent health food store. They are usually the first in town to carry new products. They are still the only place (despite having Whole Foods here), that carries the protein-packed hemp-based greek yogurt by Living Harvest that I discovered there last month: Tempt Yogurt! Check it out if you haven’t!

        Anyway, back to the low cal liquid sweetner. It’s Madhava AgaveFIVE and sweetened with agave, stevia, & monk fruit!

  26. thunderbuns says

    Wow!! This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen on your blog. I can’t wait to try it! I usually cook my chickpeas from scratch, but this look worth buying a can for.

  27. Deb Hill says

    Dear Katie;
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I recently discovered that I am allergic to eggs, and the only difficult part was not being able to make meringue. Sounds silly, but I have a layered hazelnut meringue torte that I was hoping to re-work to a healthier state soon, and some coconut macaroons I love to make. This really does help me work with recipes so well. I’m off to give it a try! Many hugs for your posting today.

  28. Dalya says

    OMG! This is crazy awesome! I am so excited to make this!
    Katie, would this recipe work as marshmallow fluff in Rice Krispie treats or would it seperate like you said it may in the fridge?

    • Nicole says

      I tried using this to make rice krispy treats last night and unfortunately it did not work. It turned the cereal soggy and never hardened it all together. As soon as I tried to cut it into bars, it completely crumbled and fell apart. I’m thinking it’s because this fluff isn’t as sticky and thick as normal marshmallow fluff.

      • Mab says

        Melted marshmallows start out as a solid at room temperature and will revert upon cooling back to their solid state.

        Since this fluff is liquid at room temperature to begin with, it will remain that way. Though freezing or partially freezing might work if you don’t mind ice cold rice krispy treats.

    • Sheindal says

      Head over to the vegan meringue hits and misses group on Facebook, you will find actual marshmallow recipes there which you could use in non-baked treats.

  29. Lisa C says

    OH MY GOODNESS – I just had to try this…and I mean immediately! My husband reminded me that we had strawberries – nuff said! This is so good and so much fun! Summer frozen lemon meringue pie? Cocoa meringue cookies? Where to start? I’m curious, though, why this works…

    • Sheindal says

      See for the earliest meringue related experiments that I have seen: Joël was experimenting with bean water last year, but there have been similar earlier successes using things like soya lecithin to create foams, though perhaps not to the extent of creating pavlovas and so on! People have also previously made meringue etc with things like flaxseed emulsion, but maybe not as impressive as the bean juice version:

  30. Victoria says

    Wow this is incredible! I love the creativity. On another note, can you please make a recipe index!! I want to be able to see all your recipes at once!

  31. Melissa says

    Probably the reader who wrote to you was inspired by the discussion going on over at this group on Facebook. A few people are credited with its rediscovery, and lots of work has been happening in the last few months to see what works and what doesn’t. You might want to check it out before duplicating a lot of the efforts.

      • Tammy says

        I havent tried this yet but I definitely will. I just have a comment tho. I was going to check out the fb page listed but after hearing about the ruckus I changed my mind. Since this has been used as an egg replacer since 1968, how can they be sure they are the original developer of this recipe? Its ridiculous, we should all be working together to improve on all the processed crap. I never understood people keeping family recipes secret from even other family members. Just plain dumb. Your not making money off this. Thanks for the post!

  32. cate says

    This is so awesome!

    I like chickpeas in hummus and on salads, but when I use things like chickpea flour, I find the taste overpowering. Is the garbanzo bean flavor present at all in this?


    • cate says

      Answered my own question. Made it with white beans. It smells slightly beany, but does not taste so. I can’t believe how great it worked. Turned it into meringues, which are in the oven now.


  33. pdw says

    Tried this today, and it worked great! I refrigerated my aquafaba, because I know meringue works better if you chill the eggs first (and chill your bowl and beaters too!) I just used regular table sugar, not superfine. Added a bit of vanilla. I see some sites are recommending adding cream of tartar, vinegar, or lemon juice for a stabilizer, or guar gum/xanthan gum for extra thickening, but I didn’t use any of those. With my Kitchenaid on high (with a plastic wrap shield to control spray!) it was looking like meringue within three minutes, and at seven minutes was forming stiff peaks.

    Off to look for a lemon pudding recipe…

    • pdw says

      I’ve made this a few times since it was first posted.

      The last time I made it, my fridge was acting up, and had frozen the bean juice that I set aside to make meringue. I decided that the action of the beaters would thaw it quickly enough, rather than risking getting it too warm using the microwave. So I just smashed it up and dumped the frozen bean slush into my mixing bowl.

      As soon as I started beating it, I could see white froth forming, and it was thick meringue within a minute or two. The fastest I’ve ever seen it form. So the colder the better, even if you freeze it!

  34. Cathy says

    I’ve seen recipes that have caused me to think, “OMG I need to make that!”, but this one stood out above all of those, and I made this today! Mine whipped up into white, glossy perfection in just 6 minutes (I left the mixer running for 13 minutes total). I frosted a chickpea blondie with it and then baked the rest into meringues. This is so fascinating and this gives me so many ideas and inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing!

  35. Ad says

    Katie, please do be the honour of crowning your website one of my FAVOURITES!!!!!!
    Agreed that you get inspiration and tips from umpteen sources- kudos to them! But the truth is that you are an AMAZING vegan pastry chef (how are you NOT on cake boss already??????)

    Anyway, i just want to thank you for all the amazing recipes you put so much effort to put out, because they are truly amazing! This particular recipe? Nothing short of a milestone! Hats Off!

    Thanks for all of your recipes! Really! Thank You!

  36. Jules @ WolfItDown says

    … and now we all regret having poured the water of all the beans and legumes in the past….
    This looks stunning, I would never have guessed you could have done that 😀 Thank you so much for the tip! x

  37. A.nony. Mous! says

    OK, finally tried this, and it worked *great*! I cooked my own chick peas, and drained the liquid–then simmered just the liquid for a little while to thicken (I used no salt). Refrigerated overnight, then put 3/4 c liquid + 2/3 c sugar + a healthy dose of vanilla extract + a sprinkle of xanthan gum and mixed. It thickened within 2-3 minutes. The vanilla does a great job of covering the beany taste. Not sure I’ll get around to baking this, but that’s next on my list.

    • sherri says

      Hi Katie – I made this version and it worked too…didn’t know if it would minus the ‘real’ sugar…quite yummy –

      120 ml (1/2 cup) chickpea brine, drained from a can of chickpeas
      1/2 tsp xanthum gum
      1/8 tsp cream of tartar
      Powered Stevia – to taste
      2 teaspoons vanilla

      Thanks for your inspiration:))

  38. Leia R. says

    I tried this with honey and it was delicious! I separated off half and added in cocoa powder to the other half. It made a lovely chocolate fluff! I tried baking both and the chocolate one unfortunately melted down. The white one baked okay but it was still unbaked in the middle. I’m still in awe that this works and I’m never throwing out the chickpea water again! Thank you for the recipe!

  39. Pottedfern says

    *jaw drops* wait, what?? and it doesn’t taste bean-y and weird? (I’ve made your chickpea cookie dough twice in the same week and it was delicious, yet this still sounds crazy)
    Wait you can use salted?? (that’s the kind I have) And it won’t taste salty?? How :O

  40. lisa @bitesforbabies says

    I’m a huge fan of making healthy substitutions in baked goods and desserts. I can’t believe how dense and luscious this looks…no need for the overprocessed stuff, which we all know is full of preservatives and additives!!

  41. Sarah says

    This is amazing I can’t wait to try this! I jut bought some chickpeas for it yesterday! And would you be able to come up with a lowfat vanilla chai muffin? Or more flavors of your baked French toast? I’ve been eating your pumpkin baked French toast A LOT lately!

  42. Jaime says

    1. THIS IS AMAZING! I can kind of taste the bean flavor but I can pretend it’s fluff flavor and it’s great. I don’t eat anything with corn syrup and that is all marshmallow is. I made this just because I could.

    2. Do you think it would last okay without being refrigerated? Or should it really be kept cool because of the bean liquid?

    3. When you say rebeat, do you mean with the mixer, or will a spoon/fork work okay the next day?

    • Unofficial CCK Helper says

      Should be fridged. You can rebeat with either, but it will be much fluffier and sturdier with the beaters.

  43. Larice @ Feeding Your Beauty says

    That’s it! I’ve got to try this. I’ve been seeing this “canned bean liquid meringue” idea circulating the blogosphere and I’m so intrigued! I love that you kept it as a fluff, I can see so many fun uses for it! And the egg replacer idea for crepes, baked goods… Lovin’ that! Thanks for posting Katie! Now I know it’s legit 😉

  44. MG says

    Awww, when it said “healthy” I thought it meant it would replace the sugar, not take away the protein-rich egg whites—they’re the only nutritional thing in meringue! Not very vegan, sure, but I don’t think you can legitimately call this item “healthy.” Still, it’s weird enough that I’ll try it—but with xylitol. 🙂

  45. Jenn says

    I tried cooking the recipe made with liquid agave. I baked small mounds of it at 350º for 10 mins. It came out flat like it had melted, with a little puff here and there but not like I expected. However the parts that got hard and crispy became chewy when eaten and tasted like a very familiar candy but I can’t place it… Sugar Daddy maybe? My kids went nuts over it. I think some kind of candy recipe could be made out of this.

  46. Lydia says

    I JUST TRIED THIS AND ITS AMAZING!!! I used honey and you can’t taste beans at all. I want to try sooo many things. It’s a breakthrough in the vegan world!!

  47. Christina says

    Yum!! I’m so glad you decided to experiment with the bean liquid! This looks fantastic!! The possibilities are endless, can’t wait to see your other experiments!

  48. Alyson says

    I used a kitchen aid food processor instead of mixer. It took maybe five minutes and no standing holding a hand mixer. Way easier!

  49. Melissa says

    I used garbanzo bean liquid and agave and whipped it up in my food processor which was actually pretty quick. I think it tasted okay but my daughter did not like it all – she gagged on it – not sure if it was a texture or taste issue? I might try it again with regular sugar and see if the results are different … Love to finally have a use for the liquid after using the beans!

  50. JoAnna says

    Katie. You have got to try to create a vegan baked alaska. A google search doesn’t even pull one attempt up and if anybody could nail it, it would be you.

  51. Gayle Parke says

    Crazy question, but I always rinse my beans to remove some of the gas-causing bubbles. Will eating something made out of some of the offending liquid cause gas? ;-/

  52. Lorraine says

    I just made this with 1/3 cup xylitol and a dash of vanilla and it worked great! I made it in my Vitamix, and it turned into cream almost immediately. I gave it several minutes on the lowest setting and it got even fluffier.

    It tastes good and I like the texture but…. I have never actually eaten marshmallow fluff so I’m not sure what to do with it! Just eat it straight?

    • Heather says

      Hi, I’ve been looking for someone who has used the Vitamix! 🙂

      What numerical setting did you use to start whipping and how long is “immediately” lol 🙂 Thanks!

  53. Jill says

    This sounds too easy!!
    When you say fine sugar, does that mean regular sugar that I would use for baking?
    I would love to try it with honey, but I have a rather expensive honey on hand right now. I’m thinking sugar would be the way to go 🙂

  54. Natalie says

    This is crazy!! I just had to try it! I could barely get 3 tablespoons of liquid out of the tin and was convinced this wouldn’t make enough to even sandwich 2 cookies together but you’re right!!! minute 11 and it started getting thick. Now I have at least 10 times the volume!! Amazing! I’m just eating it straight from the bowl off the beaters! so impressed! I’m going to try and make some beacon hill cookies. Fingers crossed. Thanks so much for the recipe!

  55. Alana says

    Mine fully whipped up in 5 or 6 minutes! No idea why it whipped up so quick….but i wasn’t complaining 🙂 I used cannellini bean water instead of chickpeas because i was out, still worked great and turned out super yummy!

  56. Candida says

    Hi Katie,
    Love your blog.
    So how do you use the bean water as an egg white for crepes say? Do you whip them up alone? How much water=1 egg white?

  57. Lori Nester says

    this goes really quickly with the whipping attachment of a hand mixer – I just tried it with my Braun — almost instantaneous!

  58. kim keenan says

    Hi Katie

    Love your website. I had a thought what if you topped your fantastic chocolate pie recipe with your new vegan marshmallow recipe, voilà you have s ‘more chocolate pie! Yum. Personally I love peanut butter on my s ‘mores so I also suggest adding peanut butter in the graham cracker pie crust.

    Happy baking 


  59. esther says

    I tried this and my kids loved eating by the spoonful. Only, do you have tips for baking it into meringues? Mine totally flattened and melted away. I beat the mixture stiff enough that it stuck to the bowl upsidedown, and added cream of tartar and cocoa powder… anyone have any suggestions?

  60. Kevin says

    katie! OMG. I tweeted my pic to you the other day. This has got to be up there with the 7 wonders of the world, and the holy grail itself! It’s a miracle. It makes no sense and it’s a miracle!! Mine just whipped up to a HUGE bowel with stiff peaks. I had put a bit too much xylitol so I added a splash of lemon juice at the end and whipped it in and that gave it a delightful lemon mousse flavor. BUT, I decided to be brace and see what a small quantity frozen would be like. I am telling you…this is the best healthy cool whip I could imagine. If you take it out after freezing over night and let it soften slightly for 3or 4 minutes it’s like a dreamy soft serve. I bet you could add a splash or two of pineapple juice when first whipping and freeze and have dole whip! Advice …. Whip until peaks are really stiff before adding any bit of juice to flavor. This has made my happy feet dance a dance of joy! 🙂

  61. Ash says

    Hi! This recipe is so cool and I am schools the texture works! Mine still has a little bit of a chickpea flavour. Is there a way to change that? I used agave and vanilla extract. Also just curious how long this can keep. Thanks!

  62. Malka Hellinger Forshner says

    the first time I made this amazing “marshmallow fluff” it fluffed up right away, only about 8 minutes or so, and we enjoyed it so much!! Now I’m in the middle of my second try, and it’s just not happening……..I did use a white bean instead of chickpeas (we don’t care for canned beans, so both batches, I first cooked the beans from scratch) This batch is just not fluffing up….even after more than 20 minutes in the mixer. Could it be that the “bean goo” was cold? Not that it’s warming up a bit, it’s just barely starting to fluff……….anyway, thanks so much for the amazing recipe!!!

  63. Upma says

    This vegan mallow recipe is amazing..!! Still have to try it tho but can we make an angel cake …subbing this for egg whites..??
    Tx…luv ur blog…

  64. Aenia says

    I just made this, and this tastes like real marshmallow fluff! Almost no cleanup, and mine began to whiten around 2-3 minutes and thicken around 8 minutes. Extra beating until 12 minutes made it thick! I doubled the amount of chickpea brine (1 cup) and added 1 cup of xylitol (not powdered), 1 tsp lemon juice instead of cream of tartar, and 1 tsp almond extract. Will definitely make again 🙂 Thank you Katie for another success!

  65. aashi says

    This is sooo amazing
    Cant wait to try it out
    But there are no canned chickpeas available here … only dried ones
    Any alternatives?
    Please suggest

  66. Maria G. says

    Wow! I’m still not sure I beleive this can be done! And you can even bake it?
    I have also heard you can make something similar with flaxseed eggs, but I’m not sure those can be baked.

  67. Tim Mutty says

    This is awesome I just tried it and you may not realize it but if you freeze this stuff after whipping it it becomes almost no calorie ice cream or frozen whipped topping!!! You should try it!!

  68. Destiny Ramsey says

    Katie!!! I made this! Wow! And….strange!! I really enjoyed watching the transformation! FYI you MUST add some sort of sweetener. Fluffy bean whip is yuck! I added a stevia/erythritol mixture. As it sat it sweetened up but the creamy texture went away. It became frothy in the frig. I haven’t rewhipped to see what it would do. All of my children approved of it and this has massive opportunities!

  69. Rachel Karash says

    According to Goose Wohlt, he got the idea from a French Youtube video . This was in turn inspired by Joël Roessel, who has no idea how the makers of that video wound making it.

    My two cents:

    #1 We are now prepared for Chickengeddon.
    #2 Where was this in World War II?

  70. Roger M. says

    Wonderful vegan recipes! Much appreciated.

    And what a lovely young woman you are, too.

    Thank you for making the world a better place for animals and all of us.

  71. Emily says

    Just tried this recipe for the first time. I used coconut sugar since I already had that on hand for the recipe I was pairing the fluff with. It gave the batch this toasted flavor that was almost like a campfire roasted marshmallow. Really delicious.

    I don’t think I beat my fluff long enough (I was trying to follow the recipe by memory) because mine seemed a bit bubbly. However, it did hold its shape. I’m baking it into a meringue now just to be on the safe side. Fingers crossed!

  72. Angela says

    I am going to try this as a fondant base. I currently make marshmallow fondant with melted marshmallows and icing sugar, and have heard you can use marshmallow fluff and add icing sugar until you have a rough consistency. This sounds much healthier so next time I make a cake and need fondant, I will experiment with this 🙂 thank you!

  73. Beth says

    Help! I made the fluff added melted earth balance and crispy rice cereal but it won’t stick together. It tastes great but I can’t cut them; only spoon them out. My cereal didn’t stay crispy either. Any ideas?

    • Alice says

      I just did this on my blog! I used peanut butter and a little more maple syrup to make it stick together. I froze the bars before cutting. I wonder if it would stick together if we half-baked the fluff, so they were like soft meringues, before adding them to the krispie treats.

  74. Patty says

    Unbelievably easy! I beat mine on high speed and it only took 5 min. I did use sugar, though. Thank you for posting this!!

    • Beth says

      Did you make anything with it? I made rice crispy treats but they didn’t stick together. (I posted a few days ago.)

  75. Jess says

    Okay so I usually just make recipes and lurk but I tried this recipe and I have to say… I don’t know when the last time you had marshmallow fluff was, but this doesn’t hold a candle to it! I had grand plans for a vegan rocky road ice cream with homemade fluff but it was not marshmallow fluff-ey at all. I figured I’d try making some meringue cookies instead, so we’ll see how those come out but dang did I really want to make that ice cream!

    • Marissa says

      Actually, as a newer vegan, I’ve had real marshmallow fluff pretty recently and can say this is pretty close to nailing it. In fact, I might even like this one better!

      • Jess says

        Maybe it’s the non-stickiness that got me. Maybe if there’s some way I could mix some ricemellow fluff and this and make a fluffy sticky mess it would be perfect for my ice cream!

  76. Marissa says

    HELP!!!! I can’t stop eating this!!! Vegan marshmallow fluff?!?! You are a GENIUS! I went vegan a year ago and live in a small town so we don’t get things like Ricemellow Creme or Dandies marshmallows, and I’ve never been one for ordering things online. But we DO get canned beans, of course! All I can say is THANK YOU!!!

  77. Jayni says

    Hi Katie! I just tried this fluff, and it turned out great! I used agave syrup and it came out fluffy and thick.

    I wanted to see if this could be used in baked goods. I made some fantasy fudge that called for marshmallow creme and used a fresh batch of this “marshmallow fluff”. I can’t remember how regular fudge is supposed to taste, but it tasted great with this as a substitute – and is about 1/5 the calories of regular marshmallow creme. I’m still working on adapting my fudge recipe to be healthier, but I plan on using this each time I make it. Thank you!

  78. Christina says

    I used Eden organic canned white cannelloni bean water with honey and it got thick within a couple of minutes! Also, I didn’t want it to separate after a day and have to keep beating it so I threw a bunch into a shallow container and put it in the freezer to see what would happen – so good! It’s kept its frothy consistency and is still soft enough that you can spoon it out and eat it. Like marshmallow fluff ice cream. I highly recommend it 🙂

  79. heather says

    I used maple syrup and will try to make them into cookies at a low temp when I have time will let you know

    • heather says

      I also used dried bean water after cooking I let it come to room temp for about 24 hours and it worked perfectly even with maple syrup as sweetener. Again will let you know how the cookies come out

  80. Katie says

    With the honey or agave version do you think it would still brown with a kitchen torch? I am going to put this on top of a chocolate pie. 🙂

  81. Alan says

    I just tried this and it whipped up in about 2 minutes with my hand mixer’s whisk attachment! I used regular white sugar and a little maple syrup. So good with fresh peaches. I found it to be a little salty, so I just sweetened it more, and the residual saltiness actually complemented the fruit quite nicely.

  82. Meagan says

    I tried to make this yesterday. It tastes nice, but the consistency was too airy, nothing at all like marshmallow fluff. Is that the way it should be?

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      Looks like a content spammer. Really sad, but unfortunately there are hundreds of them and google doesn’t provide an easy way to report it. Ridiculous, I know… I wish this weren’t the case. People plagiarizing bloggers’ hard work is the worst part of blogging. 🙁

  83. Genny says

    This was too strange not to try! We were making a vegan ambrosia salad & needed marshmallows-which in our area of the country are difficult to come by. So then I thought we could make marshmallow cream. Super simple recipe. It does taste like garbanzo bean liquid, so we added 1 1/2 tsp. vanilla bean paste & 1/2 tsp. almond extract. Totally reminded us of marshmallow cream! Wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t actually do it mysel! Still amazed!

  84. Louise says

    tried this and it was fluffy with peaks. Didn’t put in the cream of tartar. Tried to bake it and it went completely flat. 250F for 40 minutes.

  85. Amber Hall says

    Do you think this fluff recipe could be used to make rice Krispy treats? This looks super yummy can’t wait to make it!

  86. Donna Piteau says

    Katie – I have never seen a cooking site such as yours in all my adult years. It is simply mystifying! Thank You so much for such wonderful recipes.

  87. Alexa says

    Just made some with raw honey, took 15 minutes with a hand mixer. Looks just like meringue, tastes like honey. Taste taste with two 9 year old boys in about an hour. (who are big fans of your black bean brownies, by the way!)

  88. Alainore says

    This is seriously over-the-top delicious!!!! I used organic, salted chickpea liquid, regular white sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract and a pinch of cream of tartar, whipped the heck out of it for 14 minutes. It’s like magic! We used it to top your awesome black bean brownies. Both were a hit with everyone in my house (hubby and 3 kids – 11, 13, & 17). Thank you, Katie, for a recipe that is not only delicious but really fun to make!

  89. freda says

    How about if we use a pinch of tapioca flour to keep its composure while processing the bean liquid and sugar! Would that work?

  90. Hannah says

    Hi Katie, I’ve got two questions for you:
    I went to my local grocery store last night and couldn’t find anything labeled “white beans”, although there were white-colored beans called “Great Northern Beans” and “Cannellini Beans”. Are ether of those the same thing, in the same way that chickpeas and garbanzo beans are the same? Also, would the marshmallow fluff separate overnight if I used them in your Homemade Mallomars recipe? If so, what would I do about that (I guess this makes it 3 questions:)?

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      Hi! Either of those will work! If you want to make up the marshmallow fluff the day before, just re-whip it before making the mallomars 🙂
      Once the mallomars are made, just store them in the fridge or freezer and they last a few days.

      • Hannah says

        Thanks a bunch! I went ahead and tried it with the Great Northern beans liquid, and it worked out really well 🙂 The fluff was delicious but tasted strongly of honey, so my only suggestion for other readers who may not want a strong honey taste is to maybe mix half sugar/ half honey or just do the sugar. If that’s not a problem, this recipe is perfect. 5 stars for this healthy version of marshmallow fluff.

  91. Okashi says

    Ok, I’m going to be honest: I was very skeptical at first. However, I decided to give this recipe a go. I wacked everything in the mixer and walked away. After about 8 minutes, I went back to the kitchen to see if it was already getting fluffy and it already was! I couldn’t believe it. Of course, I also had to taste it because how good can this taste when it’s made with chickpea liquid, right? I was sooooo wrong! BEST FLUFF EVER!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  92. jaquy says

    I am SO happy I found your incredible site! This recipe just made my day, cannot wait to try it out after work tonight : ) Will post with review, thank you and keep spreading your incredible food love!

  93. Michelle says

    I did as the recipe to a T, put everything (used honey) in my kitchen aid, and I beat on high for 22min before going up, looks the same as I put it in 20min ago! What am I doing wrong!??

  94. Michelle says

    I followed this recipe to a T, and after 22min I finally gave up. Looks just like when I first put it in…added 1/3 cup honey and 1/2 tsp cream of tartar and 1 tsp vanilla added to the bean water, I beat it in my kitchen aide on high, what am I doing wrong ?!

  95. Laura Seidner says

    5 stars
    I just made this & it whipped up almost immediately. My chick pea liquid was very cold & I used powered sugar & some vanilla.

  96. Diana says

    I made this with honey. Not bad (I loved the texture), but the honey flavor was too strong. Maybe I’ll make this with sugar next time.

  97. Aneira says

    5 stars
    This recipe is unexpectedly awesome. I was curious, so I bought a can of chickpeas while out at the supermarket. I kept looking at the can in the cupboard but was a little unsure. Anyway I decided to go ‘all in’ and try it. I used a little less sugar (using powdered sugar) and added vanilla seeds to it. We ate it with peaches instead of cream alternative <3
    It was quite fun watching it turn from liquid to foam 😀
    Thanks for sharing this recipe <3

  98. Genna says

    4 stars
    Your blog makes me hungry even when I’ve already eaten! I love your adorable spins on classic favorites and, of course, your devotion to chocolate!!

  99. Lil Fiest says

    5 stars
    Katie, your recipes are absolutely wonderful! You always find a way to make them healthy & so easy. You are my go to for treat recipes.

  100. Joyce Herrman says

    5 stars
    I’m intrigued! Definitely will be trying this! I have followed your blog a long time and love your creativity! Though I haven’t tried yet, I gave it 5 stars because I just know it will be great!

  101. Lauren says

    My husband has been on me about eating junk and while i agree i keep looking longingly at marshmallow fluff at the store….U JUST MADE MY DAY!!!! Can’t wait to surprise my family!!!

  102. Cathy says

    Beat & beat & beat .. only got frothy 🙁
    Do you mean fine sugar or powdered sugar? I tried with Agave but will try sugar next time.

  103. Dawn says

    5 stars
    This is an amazing idea! But what temp. Do you set the oven on and how long do you bake to make the vegan meringues? Did I miss something?

  104. Christine says

    I would like to make some quinoa crispy treats…..will this work for those?? It said it separates overnight and don’t want to waste 6cups of quinoa experimenting if someone already knows the answer! Thanks

  105. Jenn says

    5 stars
    I made this and it was amazing!!! I spread some on graham crackers and froze it, came out like an ice cream sandwich!

  106. Vanessa says

    5 stars
    My son has some crazy dietary restrictions and I had my doubts about this one, but wow this turned out great! I used sugar as the sweetener and started the mixer (KitchenAid) at a medium speed (I could be wrong, but don’t recall seeing any info about what speed to use). I had better results once I kept it on a higher speed (8 of 10). I might have to cut back a little on the sugar next time because it was a hair too sweet for me, but this recipe is definitely a keeper! And of course my son loves it 🙂 Thanks so much for all the delicious ideas on your site!!

  107. Marsha says

    Can you use the liquid from cooking dried chickpeas? I often cook my own when I make hummus and the liquid becomes like gelatin when I refrigerate ir.

  108. Sam Russels says

    I’m not sure if this question has been asked yet, but how long does this last for refrigerated?

  109. Kay says

    5 stars
    Thanks for posting this recipe! I tried it as listed (using the powdered sugar and vanilla extract) – it had a bit of a weird aftertaste to me so I added about a teaspoon of cocoa powder once it was already whipped up, whipped for another 2 minutes and it’s pretty great- tastes like a very airy chocolate mousse! Its in the freezer now so we’ll see how the rest of the experiment goes! thanks again!!!!

    • A H says

      Try it, as long as you’re OK if the result isn’t what you expected. And let us know how it works, if you do experiment.

  110. judy says

    My sister turned me on to this site.. I am glad she did because I really like the recipes so far.
    Keep them coming! I will also pass this site on to others.

    • A H says

      Never tried baking with it! Try it and let us know. It’s good for topping graham crackers, ice cream, pancakes, or anything else you’d like to try.

  111. Lynn says

    Ok, I’m confused! Meringues & marshmallow are two different things. Marshmallow doesn’t separate…ever. meringues do.So… I guess my question is why are you calling this marshmallow or meringue? Thanks.

  112. Mary Chalupsky says

    You mentioned it separates overnight. So, whatever this is put on, it must be eaten right away? What happens if you put it on cupcakes? Will it separate and make them soggy? Just questions that bother me.

  113. Bev says

    Thank you for this marvelous recipe. I have recently been searching for healthier alternatives. You have made my day. And this is really my birthday.

    • A H says

      Some of the older recipes did not have the print function, but the newer ones do. To print an older one, just hi-light the recipe itself and copy it to a new Word document. You can then print it from there.

  114. Diane says

    The fluff came out wonderful, I can’t say as much for baking it into meringue cookies, all my hard work melted!

  115. Jennifer Clark says

    I was wondering if this would be a good frosting for cupcakes? How long would it hold up at a party in the park? Would the heat make it separate more quickly? Is there anything that could be done to make it stay in shape longer? I am looking for a relatively healthy frosting for my son. He is allergic to dairy, eggs, wheat, peanuts, sesame, and coconut. Thanks!

  116. Carol says

    So, I followed the recipe exactly, using agave for the sweetener. All I got was a half foamy, half liquidy mess! And that was after mixing for upwards of 30 minutes! I tried adding a little cornstarch to solidify it…nothing. I tried refrigerating then remixing….nothing. Any of you try it with agave? Any ideas as to what went wrong??

    • Julie Dove says

      Sounds like something wrong with your can? Aquafaba (chickpea meringue like this) is pretty popular online so it should work and works with agave usually.

  117. Betty Sears says

    I will give this a try,looks delicious.And I love chick peas and just opened a can two nights ago and threw out the liquid.If I had known I would have saved the liquid.Thanks for sharing.

  118. Kathy says

    I love the whipped topping for pies. However, I tried the baked meringue and it didn’t work out. It just melted – looked like I had a pan of melted butter.

  119. Katie says

    Hi Katie!

    I’m just wondering if I make this marshmallow fluff could I use it as a base for marshmallow fondant? So I would add icing sugar to the fluff and knead until the right consistency. I think this would be a yes but wanted to see if you know!?

    Thanks in advance,

    Katie (great name by the way!!)

  120. Rachel says

    Would this hold up mixed into homemade ice cream? I’m going to attempt “s’mores” ice cream and want to try to keep it as sugar-free as possible. Thanks! Also, just bought your book and can’t wait to try some of the recipes!

  121. Nuri says

    Anyone tried hand-mixing? I’m currently hand-mixing a batch and it’s not getting thick enough, even after putting it in the fridge. It’s been about 20 mins already.

  122. Marianna says

    Hi I tried making miranges today. I was patient and used a blade mixer to mix my aquafaba. I did it on low for about 20 minutes and high about 10. At that point the aquafaba was white and had peaks on it while the blade turned.

    In terms of sweeteners I only added 1 teaspoon of honey and 5 drops of stevia liquid. (I wonder if the stevia liquid was the cause of my problem…)

    So my only ingredient were: the liquid from the salted can of chickpeas (with the ingredient: chickpeas, salt, and water) and 1 teaspoon of honey and 5 drops liquid stevia (they are tiny from a puppet).

    Then I put them in the oven. They quickly melted when I checked back on them in 5 minutes. I actually was not surprised because I could not imagine it becoming a solid but I guess it should according to many mirangue recipes.

    So what do you think I did wrong? The mirangue turned to clear liquid with no volume…I am so sad because I can’t have egg and was excited to try this out.

    Here are my ideas: Do you think I need more sweetener? If so how much honey or stevia should I add since these are the only ones I can use ? Do you think it is because I did not use cream of tartar? And if so, how much baking powder would you use since I read it can be a replacement for cream of tartar since I don’t have it at home? Another thing I may have done wrong is I blended the liquid till it turned white and some peaks were forming but they looked more like reefs than peaks (they did not stick up very high when I took the blade out, and only seemed to appear when the blade was being spun).

    I will also ask:



  123. Harriet Russell says

    I don’t know who to believe on the calorie count on this…your recipe calls for 1/3 cup honey or agave OR 1/2 cup fine sugar or xylitol, but the nutrition label says only 5 calories, and 4mg sodium. Another recipe, nearly identical (liquid from 1 can unsalted chickpeas, bit of cream of tartar and vanilla) calls for only 2 tablespoons superfine sugar, yet the the nutrition info is as follows for 4 servings: (makes 2 cups- that’s 8 Tbs per serving)
    Fat2.9 g (4.5%)
    Saturated0.2 g (1.1%)
    Carbs31.6 g (10.5%)
    Fiber6.8 g (27.2%)
    Sugars11.9 g
    Protein7.5 g (15%)
    Sodium261.7 mg (10.9%)
    I can understand there will be many fewer calories if using xylitol or other 0 cal sweetener, but what about all the other stuff? You also say yours makes 52 Tbs…that’s 20 Tbs more than the other one from nearly the exact same recipe. I love the sound of it, and want to make it, but not if it’ really has the fat, carbs and calories as the other chickpea whipped cream recipe says it does. That one is here:
    Thanks, Harriet

    • Jason Sanford says

      Sounds like the other person’s recipe forgot to account in the nutrition facts for the fact that this recipe whips up and the air takes up space, meaning it makes much more than just 20 tbsp.

  124. Amanda says

    Soooo….I made this today and as a culinary arts teacher with vegan tendencies and vegan students, my mind was blown! I walked away and came back after whipping the ingredients and stood in awe I did add cream of tartar and vanilla. I ate some as is, mixed some with crisp brown rice cereal, piped some into meringue kiss cookies plain and then added orange extract and cacao nibs to the rest and piped/baked those, too. What a fun 90 minutes of my day 🙂

  125. Joslyn says

    I am planning to make a dairy free gluten free smores ice cream recipe and I am wondering if I can use this for the vegan marshmallows part? The recipe is from

  126. Markie says

    Not sure if it’s the same as egg whites in this way, but I’ve found that if you beat the whites to stiff peaks before adding the sugar, it takes maybe half the time. Hope this helps!

  127. Carol says

    I had a chocolate attack today and did a general Google search for a healthy chocolate recipe. Luckily I found this site!

    I have Lyme disease and am on a lot of meds. I always try to eat healthy but I have to eat even healthier now so that my liver doesn’t have to do a lot of work to process any junk food.

    Within minutes of finding this site, I made the chocolate candy bar. I used the cocoa powder, melted coconut oil, and stevia. It is delicious and the only problem I am having is staying out of it!

    I posted a link to this site in the general support forum of Lymenet which is discussion forums for people who have Lyme disease and related co-infections.

    My next endeavor will be the shake n bake cauliflower.

  128. Joseph says

    Looks like an interesting alternative to the storebought stuff. I’ll have to give it a try one of these days and see if it would work in some recipes I have that call for marshmallow fluff. I recently made a healthy alfredo sauce using plain fat-free greek yogurt, fat-free cottage cheese, light cream, chicken broth, and a couple of hard-boiled eggs (to help stabilize the Greek yogurt so it wouldn’t curdle when heating) pureed in the blender, then heated over the stove, thickened with a little cornstarch dissolved in water and stirred in some salt, pepper, grlic powder, and grated parmesan cheese.

    I might see if fat-free cottage chese pureed by itself would yield a product with the approximate consistency of double cream (a UK cream product that has so much butterfat in it that you have to spoon it out and can be piped without doing anything to it and can be whipped). If it does I might try to see if there’s a way to whip it and yield a passable whipped cream. Cotage cheese has a very very mild flavor, almost neutral flavor, so with enough sweetener (if successful in whipping it, I plan on sweetening it with truvia) it could make a good accompaniement on desserts suck as pumpkin pie 🙂

  129. Vickey says

    I tried making this once….It was horrible. Tasted like beans. My husband tried it, and he hated it too. No way we could use it as a sweet meringue, marshmallow fluff, or anything else. Bean flavor was way too strong to pretend we would ever get used to it.

  130. Marina says

    These taste delicious but mine are more foamy/airy tasting than thicker mouthfeel I was expecting. Is this accurate or did I whip them too long?

  131. Melissa says

    I’m baking today for an event. I am not GF, but I like to include GF recipes for those who are. I was thinking of making Rice Krispie Treats using this fluff. Does anyone have an opinion on how that would work? TIA

  132. Kelly says

    Hi Katie, I hope you or someone else see’s this I would love the opinion and help. I made this recipe the other night, following it exactly. It looked just like your pictures. The only thing is, even with the sugar it still tasted like chickpeas. I also added more sugar (I think altogether 1 cup) but then the result tasted like chickpeas and sugar. I was wondering what yours tasted like? Should I not be suprised that it tastes like chickpeas since I’m using the liquid from them? I used Goya brand. Could you tell me which brand of chickpeas you used? Also, do you think using White beans instead will have a more neutral flavor? Thanks for the help.

    • Jason Sanford says

      It sounds like a fun experiment. If you try it out, please be sure to report back for the rest of us!

  133. B says

    It thickened in under three minutes, and it was quite nice but rather sickly; I think I put a bit too much sugar in because it tasted of chickpea at first, and it just kind of disintegrated in the oven. Not sure what I did wrong, but it was worth a try.

  134. Linda Arnold says

    This fluff is absolutely AMAZING. I made it using Stevia. Took it with Katie’s sweet potato casserole recipe and the healthy pumpkin pie recipe to Thanksgiving dinner. I did need to whip the fluff up again about 2 hours after I first made it but it whipped back up beautifully. No one could believe what the ingredients were! Thanks for your blog. I only just discovered it. I recently lost 81 pounds and was so happy to have a really good option for sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie ( instead of obstaining from foods I always loved).

  135. Anne Kondratowitch says

    Aquafaba mayonnaise is amazing.
    Much easier than making regular mayonnaise –
    Just put all the ingredients in a container and blend.
    It becomes mayonnaise in less than 30 seconds!
    Tastes wonderful.

  136. Dee Gee says

    Thanks for sharing this recipe. Just FYI I had stiff peaks in about 5 minutes using a stick blender and Lakanto granulated sweetener. (And a pinch of cream of tartar)

  137. Amy says

    Ok, this link shows a reference to two men who came up with the aquafaba-turned-whipped delish delight. (I’ve been reading comments trying to see if anyone posted that using arrowroot or cream of tartar really stabilized it). I know the snarky fb group that attcked you for being a human with a popular vegan recipe blog was a few years back, but want to share in case you never have come across any references to who came up with this to begin with.

    PLEASE throw your promise to not make meringue recipes from aquafaba out the window. You shouldn’t have felt pressured to acquiesce to passive aggressive and openly aggressive internet trolls in the first place.

  138. Barbara Krueger* says

    Question: can you use this recipe as a replacement for Marshmallow fluff in making vegan ice cream? It’s either this or melting vegan marshmallows with a little maple syrup which seems really sweet.
    I’m trying to vegan out a heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk, fluff recipe…

  139. Jo says

    Do you know if I can torch it to get that caramelized touch to it for a pie or sweet potatoes – free the Turkey day is coming up.

  140. Elise says

    I just made it and it tastes disgusting. Any ideas on getting it to not taste like beans? I wanted to fill chocolates with it but this isn’t going to work! With all the positive reviews I’m wondering if I did something wrong.

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi what brand of beans did you use, and what sweetener/amount? Could be a brand issue, or it could just not be something your tastebuds don’t like. We know not every recipe will be for everyone!

  141. sarah says

    I have a question! Are the nutrition facts for white sugar, maple syrup, or stevia/truvia/monk fruit (or any 0 calorie sweetener?) thank you!

  142. Kathy says

    There is something off with your website. I went to print both this recipe and the one for Sweet Potato Casserole. There is a tab you can click if you want an image included when you print. Even if you click this feature, the image does not appear. Just thought you should know. This happens whether I am using a MAC or PC.

  143. Laura says

    I would like to know if this can be used on top of cupcakes and then coated in a glaze.
    Do they have to be eaten within hours or will there be a Cinderella moment when the fluff melts and gets watery?

  144. Adriana says

    I’m thinking about using this recipe for the filler of homemade “moon pies” for a moon themed birthday party! Do you think this fluff will work if I assemble and dip the “pies” in chocolate 24 hours in advance? Or will the filling separate in between the sandwich? Thanks for your help! 🙂

  145. Jessie says

    5 stars
    So, um… WOW. Katie, I just have to tell you, this ended up making a fantastic “icing” for an ice cream cake. I’ve seen comments where the general consensus is that this won’t hold up in the fridge, but it freezes quite nicely! My husband wanted an ice cream cake for his birthday, and you delivered. Your vegan brownies, I made as the base. The only change I made was adding espresso powder. The ice cream layer was some Oatly! ice cream I got from Whole Foods. After all that was sufficiently cold and frozen together, I whipped this marshmallow fluff up and covered the top. I’d tried like a week before this to make almond butter, but it failed. It was super crumbly and never got smooth, but I threw it in the fridge hoping to find a use for it. Well, turns out it pairs very nicely with aquaphaba marshmallows. Crumbled that along the top, and now I have a cake everyone requests on the regular. Thanks for your amazing recipes! This one was a winner for sure, and I’d advise anyone on the fence to just go ahead and try it.

  146. Jessie says

    Aquaphaba is a binder, and if you used it with a sweetener that sticks, I wouldn’t see why not? But it also doesn’t keep its shape the same way actual marshmallows do, so that’s a tough one. Maybe cut your recipe in half and see what happens. I’m not Katie, just a random passerby on the internet, but I’m genuinely curious now that you mention it. Lol

  147. Shannon Kisa says

    4 stars
    This is my first time trying this recipe. I used my chickpeas the day before, so I refrigerated the water. It took only a few minutes to become creamy! It tastes kind of interesting but very cool! 4 stars for the beany taste:)

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