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Healthy Homemade Chocolate Candies

Healthy homemade chocolate candies you can make in an ice cube tray!

No corn syrup, no refined sugar + YOU get to control the ingredients that go in. Full recipe: @choccoveredkt


A kid-friendly recipe ♥

With under 5 minutes of prep work, these homemade candies are made with heart-healthy dark chocolate, antioxidant-rich pomegranate, and none of the refined sugar, corn syrup, or artificial ingredients you’d get in store-bought chocolate candies.

You can easily make them in any container or candy mold.

I chose an ice cube maker, which can be found at most grocery stores or Bed Bath & Beyond.



The ice cube tray chocolates look fancy but are deceptively simple to make!


Just melt your chocolate, place some in the bottom of each mold, sprinkle pomegranate seeds on top, and cover in more chocolate.


Freeze to set the chocolate covered pomegranate candies.

They can stay out at room temperature and are adorably festive for any holiday-themed party!

chocolate covered pomegranate

How To Make Your Own Healthy Chocolate Candies In An Ice Cube Tray: no corn syrup, no refined sugar, YOU control the ingredients that go in @choccoveredkt



Chocolate Ice Cube Tray Candies

*If you want to make chocolate pomegranate bark instead, simply swap out the ice cube tray for a pan lined with parchment or wax paper.

If using the chocolate chips, carefully melt them to make a sauce. You can also add 1-2 tsp oil per cup of chocolate chips before melting to achieve a smoother sauce. Place some chocolate sauce in the bottom of each mold—about 2 tsp if using ice cube trays. Place some pomegranate seeds on top—about 1 tsp if using ice cube trays. Finally, cover the seeds completely in more chocolate. Freeze to set the chocolate covered pomegranate candies. The chocolate chip version can be kept in either the fridge or freezer, and it can stay out at room temperature for a few hours if your home is not very hot. The healthy chocolate sauce version should be stored in the freezer.

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Published on February 5, 2015

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  1. Sarah Elizabeth says

    Do you remember then approximately how much of a pomegranate you used for the whole ice cube tray (and how much chocolate sauce?). I’d like to make up a bunch of these and just don’t know how much I’ll need.

    • Hannah says

      Hi Sarah,
      It’s listed in the post amounts per ice cube tray, so just multiply. It’s also listed on the nutrition page if that helps.

  2. Debbie says

    AWESOME! I can’t wait to make and I had bought a few sealed “cups” of pomegranate arils a couple of weeks ago and have yet to open them, so now I know what I want to do with them. Yahoo!!!

  3. Hollie says

    Wow I would have never guessed how easy and fun those are too make. Thanks for sharing Katie and these are def a recipe I will be trying soon…probably a nice little treat for valentines day.

  4. Leslie says

    I bet these were good. I love pomegranate in my chocolate. Actually, I think i’d like almost anything in my chocolate, haha. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Shell says

    You should probably cover your chocolate with cling-film or similar before freezing, then you won’t get that condensation on the chocolate that you can see in *all* your photos. Wet chocolate is not good chocolate, but I would think you should know this already.

    Also, calling melted chocolate a sauce is a bit of a stretch especially when it’s going to set hard at room temperature…

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Sorry for the confusion. My ice cube tray actually comes with a cover, and I often add water with a spritzer bottle during a photoshoot because the shine helps in getting a good, non-dull shot. (If you look closely, you’ll probably notice water droplets in many of my recipe photos.) I may have gone overboard with the final photo; but if you look at the first picture you’ll notice a lack of water.

  6. NowICanEatCake says

    Do I need to spray my ice tray/candy mold with non-stick spray before pouring the chocolate in or do they just pop right out because of the oil in it? Also, I was wondering where you found an ice tray with a lid (I read the last comment)? Can’t wait to try these!

  7. Mandie @ Mandie's Kitchen says

    Putting pomegranates in your homemade chocolates?! That’s something I didn’t think of, but I sounds wonderful! I love pomegranates & chocolate! Great kid-friendly recipe!

  8. Saraquill says

    I’m curious about the pips. My attempt at cooking with pomegranate pips has lead to a very sour experience, or the fruit dissolving, leaving a pocket of mush and a not so flavorful seed. What would you do to counteract the taste/texture issues?

  9. Whole Food Bellies says

    We made up a batch of these yesterday with some chopped raspberries and coconut when stuck inside because of the rain. My toddler had a blast (a messy blast)! Plus they tasted great. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  10. Jenni says

    For some reason my chocolate won’t freeze all the way. I’ve tried this in the form of thin flat bars and this pom pom recipe, and both times the chocolate got thick and goopy but wasn’t a solid piece I could bite into. My freezer is very cold (0 degrees F) so I don’t think that’s the issue–any other ideas? I’ve been making the agave version. (The chocolate mixture itself is delicious!)

  11. Louise says

    on the healthy chocolate sauce — can you use honey instead of agave?

    Also do you only use 1/4 C of cocoa or do you also add in the extra Tbsp?

  12. MK from Finland says

    This is the first “Chocolate Covered Katie” recipe that I ever tried making, and it’s the recipe that I’ve made most often. These are easy-peasy, but very elegant. I purchased candy foil cases (like miniature cupcake papers) to put the mixture in, which gives them a festive appearance. I use dark chocolate with cocoa nibs for an extra crunch. I break up the bars and melt them in a Pyrex measuring cup, then gently stir in the pomegranate seeds, then spoon them into the foil cups. I set in the fridge, not the freezer, and I like how they turn out. When it’s cold enough, I set them on the balcony when the fridge is full. 🙂 This is definitely one of my favorite recipes. Thanks for sharing, Katie!

  13. pcgal says

    I have made variations of this very same recipe. I was actually looking for a hint… But, it isn’t in your recipe or the comments. When I make these, I actually get complaints. It isn’t because the don’t taste great. It’s because they have chocolate all over their fingers before they get the first bite. I thought I might have to add an additional ingredient. I don’t want to add wax or anything like that. Chocolate chips are firm and don’t melt that fast, I don’t get it. I could never leave these out of the fridge, they’d be a puddle. BTW – I live in Minnesota, not one of the hot states.

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