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I’m going to New York City!

Pretty sure it’s my favorite place in the world. The only problem is that there are so many great restaurants, shops, and sights in NYC, it’s hard to choose what not to do! I’m not getting very far, in terms of mapping out an itinerary.

Restaurants, shops, museums…

And, I have to visit the home of my modeling career. 😉

You know, in case they’ve reconsidered and want me to model for them full-time. I wouldn’t ask for much; they could pay me in dishes! Or chocolate. I’ll always accept payment in the form of chocolate.


At some point, I’ll also visit my favorite NYC restaurant.

NYC To-Do List

Other places I’m hoping to get to include Greenwich Village, The Museum of Modern Art, the Harry Potter exhibition (excited about this one!), Souen, Broadway, Central Park…

Any other recommendations?

You can also leave suggestions on Twitter.

Not that I need more ideas to try and fit onto the already-overflowing “to go” list. But I’d love to know your favorite NYC locations anyway. When I asked for recommendations last year, one person told me New York even has a Museum of Sex!


Definitely going to Lifethyme, for their Pumpkin Lasagna.

What are your favorite things to do in NYC?

Mine include going to museums, running through Central Park, and people-watching.

Oh, and seeing my two favorite Broadway shows.

Published on July 13, 2011

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  1. t says

    How lucky are you! I would hit up MOMA and the Candle Cafe, in fact, I always do! The Russian Tea room is also one of my favorite places- the food isn’t anywhere near vegan, but you can have a cocktail and soak in the amazing atmosphere and flirt with the Russian bartender. 🙂

  2. teabag says

    i’ve been to nyc but i hate doing tourist-y things. instead – i spent new year’s eve at a dive bar and my other time venturing out to local mom & pop restaurants & ethnic eateries! explore – you’re in new york, you’re bound to have an adventure!

  3. Vegan Alexandra says

    I’m heading up to New York this Sunday! 😀
    I’ll be there for three weeks, but I’ll spent the majority of my time in Southold, not the city.
    I’m sure I’ll get to visit the city sometime though. (:

    One of my favorite places in the city is Chin Chin’s. When I went there as a pescatarian (pre-veganism), I ALWAYS ordered the Szechuan Lobster (sorry Lobster </3 ).

    Luckily, they have vegan options, so I can still enjoy (:

  4. Katelyn (new kid on the vegan block) says

    I love Lifethyme Market! I used to shop there all the time when I lived in NYC. Their bakery is awesome too! I keep hearing how amazing Caravan of Dreams is, but I haven’t been yet. Since it’s summer and super hot out, my recommendations are One Lucky Duck Take Away for a shake or Kyotofu for their soft serve. Have fun!!

  5. Shannon Roche says

    you have to go to lula’s apothecary!
    their ice cream is the best ice cream ever, vegan or not. it’s mostly cashew based. they have coconut whipped cream! and malt if you want a malted milkshake!

  6. hannah @ Theflexitarianeater says

    Ah so exciting! I’m actually
    In NYC right now, and absolutely in heaven (especially foodie heaven)! Honestly, in terms of recommendations, you really can’t go wrong with whatever you do… Definitely check out the health foods type stores (including the non-chain ones). They’re unbelievable!

  7. Silvia says

    Madame Tussauds museum! I loved just to be on the Times Square, walking around and watching people 🙂 New York is my love :). I love Home Alone so I had to take a pic with Plaza hotel, it´s right next to Central Park- South I think, on the 60th street :). Have a great time, but I´m jealous! 😀

  8. Dorry says

    I LOVE NYC! It’s one of my favorite places for sure. I love to walk around aimlessly and stop in for snacks and drinks at different places. Museums and parks are a must, and of course the fabulous dining. We are going up there next month and I’m counting down the days!

  9. Jenna says

    Two recommendations:

    1) Atlas Cafe ( – cheap vegan eats, plus vegan soft-serve with add-ins, great smoothies, and Vegan Treats desserts. I know you’re not much of a sweets person, but let the ones you love have a big ol’ healthy(-er) indulgence from this place, and even if they were already open-minded, they’ll realize a newfound love for veganism

    2) Curly’s Vegetarian Lunch ( – Cheap veg comfort food. It’s sooo good.

  10. Jennifer says

    NYC is so exciting!!!!! I live between the Bronx and Long Island (apartment in the Bronx, family on LI) so I get to the City fairly often. If you are coming before August 7, the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum is intense but amazing. Seriously. (And, of course, the Met is just generally great).

    Another really great, though a bit out of the way, place is the Cloisters. It houses the medieval art collection of the Met up in Fort Tyron Park. Rockefeller or Vanderbilt (one of the robber baron-types) actually had portions of destroyed monasteries from France brought to NY and reconstructed. So, you walk around in this monastery-like building, look at medieval art, and can then stroll around a medieval garden. It’s really very pretty. Of course, I happen to be a medievalist, so I’m a little prejudiced.

    I do, though, really want to see the Harry Potter exhibit! I keep telling myself I will go, but haven’t made it yet.

    If you have any questions, Katie, feel free to email me! And, enjoy your trip!

  11. Cait @ Cait hates Cake says

    Oh my goodness, that pumpkin lasagna! I’ve been to New York a couple times and honestly, while the restaurants, shopping, etc. were amazing, spending time in Central Park stands out as my favorite.

  12. Rebecca says

    Hey Katie!

    I haven’t been, but I do have a recommendation…there’s a website called and you can go to it and choose whatever city you will be visiting. As the name probably suggests, it gives you lots of places to choose from that locals love! I found this website yesterday and my family is using it to figure out where to go while we visit Los Angeles next week.

    • Lexi @ A Spoonful of Sunshine says

      I live near LA, and while I’m no expert, we have a few favorites!

      I’m not sure if you have any dietary specifics, so I’ll throw out a variety of options just in case:

      The Griddle Cafe (HUGE pancakes, easily vegetarian, not sure about vegan options)
      Veggie Grill (all vegan–the All-American Stack is delish!)
      Native Foods (all vegan, a little bit more au natural feeling)
      Flore (known for vegan brunch)
      Other things to try –> go to fairfax avenue and try any of the gajillion Ethiopian places. All have vegetarian options and many have vegan options

      Is there any cuisine you’re looking for specifically? There’s tons and tons of Mexican that I could recommend.

  13. Lisa says

    yes! love NYC. liivng there in a few months! 🙂 greenwich village is the best!!
    make sure you go to Peanut Butter & Co sandwich shop in greenwich village! its my favorite 🙂

  14. Jess says

    I’m sooo jealous right now! I love NYC and jogging in central park is def one of my favorite activities. I also like wandering around Chelsea Market. Have fun!

  15. Keni says

    i’ve been following your blog for a while, but this is my first comment. i’m new yorker, and agree, it just may be the greatest city.

    recently ate at the v-note – – a great vegan dining experience if you’re looking to try some place new!

    enjoy your time while you’re here!

  16. Msdramateacherlady says

    My favorite place!!! Not surprising considering I’m a total theatre geek. For chocolate, track down one of Jacques Torres’s restaurants, he is the chocolate king! Also, Serendipity (like the movie) for frozen hot chocolate. As for site, the Guggenheim is amazing, as is the Met. For theatre experiences, I would recommend trying to get tickets to the following shows: “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” (Daniel Radcliff singing and dancing, enough said), “Next to Normal” (a darker show, but so incredibly amazing. It won the Pulitzer prize a couple of years ago), and finally “The Book of Mormon” (how could you skip the Tony Award winning Best Musical of the Year).

  17. Bethany @ Bananas for Smoothies says

    Oh, I am SO with you on running in Central Park! There is nothing like running in NYC! I last visited NYC two years ago and I really enjoyed seeing Chicago on Broadway. I also highly recommend going up the Empire State Building at night – my hubby and I went at 10 pm and it was so magical! As far as eats, I made a pilgrimage to Pure Food and Wine and One Lucky Duck – yeah, they’re both super expensive, but the food is amazing and I know the cost of their ingredients is high. I also had some awesome vegan pizza at Viva Herbal Pizza. Have a great time – there’s no place quite like NYC!

  18. Sarah @climbinvegan says

    I LOVE NYC!!! I’m going there for school next year, and I’m super excited for all the vegan food. There is actually a vegan wine/cheese/chocolate bar in Manhattan! You should look it up!

    Also, try both of the vegan ice cream’s in the lower east side.. Lula’s Is AWESOME!

    Have fun! 🙂

  19. Tara says

    My favorite thing to do is go see broadway shows! We also ALWAYS go to peanut butter company for pb sandwiches before a matinee, and then later we go to a fancier (but I would argue not quite as tasty.. pb always wins!) dinner.

  20. Amy says

    I went to New York last year with my school! (I’ve graduated now.)
    We saw Stomp and In The Heights! We also went to NBC Studios, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
    We walked through Central Park, and that park is beautiful. I’d do anything just to go back to New York.
    I miss it a lot, and I’m actually really jealous that you get to see the Harry Potter exhibition!

    However, I do wish that I knew more about health and fitness when I had gone, I totally would have checked out all the vegan places and of course Peanut Butter & Co.
    Things change though! Next time I go to New York I will know what to look out for. 🙂
    Have fun in New York Katie xx

  21. Michaela says

    I have been to NY once and I loved the vibe of the city and seeing all those famos places that appear on tv regularly 😉
    But I prefer London ♥!

  22. Greengirl says

    City Maps. It is a virtual map of the city that can you search with a key term or block by block and look at every single store and business. Once you find what you are interested in you can literally find out everything you want to know from what time a restaurant opens, to making reservations, to drink and food specials, even how much street parking will cost. It’s a great product and will help make sure you do everything you want to during your trip! Hope this helps 🙂

  23. Bekah says

    ok, I don’t really have any suggestions because i have never been to NY but I saw you mentioned Harry potter exhibition! I bet that is going to be awesome! Ok I have to ask.. You going to the midnight showing tomorrow evening of part 2?

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      No lol I’d get too sleepy! I went to 10:30 for pirates once and felt dizzy from all the action so late at night! Plus, I want to delay the experience as long as possible… because it’s the last movie 🙁 🙁

      • Bekah says

        Oh no, thats not good. it would be so hard for me to delay it.. lol. I want to see how close they have it to the book, i am probably going to tear up some, and possibly fall asleep, but its worth it lol
        🙂 i hope you have an amazing trip where ever you decide to go!

  24. Lorin says

    Go to Max Brenner’s, chocolate pizza! It was featured on Best Thing I Ever Ate on Food Network and it’s the best dessert I ever ate in my life. If you want to load up on peanut butter, go to Peanut Butter and Company, I think it’s in Greenwich.

  25. Rachel @ The Avid Appetite says

    I work in NYC and live just across the river. It is such a wonderful place! I also recommend South Street Seaport if you can get down there. Amazing views, nice outdoor restaurants and they have The Bodies exhibit, which I haven’t been to, but it’s on my list!

  26. Dawn @ Blonde on a Mission says

    Even if you don’t like candy, you have to see Dylan’s Candy Bar! It’s a 3-story whimsical candy wonderland! It’s my once-in-a-New York treat 🙂
    Magnolia Bakery has cupcakes that are to live for. They are the best I’ve ever had, and probably ever will have.
    One of my favourite neighbourhoods to explore is Soho! They have the cutest little boutiques & interesting finds. I tell ya, when you’re in NYC, you enter a time warp & it seems like you only get so much to see in the days that you’re there. I have been there 4 times & still haven’t seen many of the things I wanted to!

  27. Victoria @ Pursuit of Hippieness says

    My favorite place in the entire world 🙂
    Walk on the High Line, it’s beautiful! And then there’s nothing I love more than walking around the west village and visiting little hole in the wall coffee shops and cafes and juice bars… there are so many vegetarian and vegan options around there!

  28. Lauren @ Chocolate, Cheese and Wine says

    My favorite thing to do in NYC is EAT. I would be lying if I said any differently! They have such a great variety of restaurants/ stands it’s the perfect place for a food lover!

  29. Karen says

    I have lived and worked in midtown Manhattan for the past 6 years and I have so many recommendations! First off, you shoud check out the High Line park – they just extended it 10 more blocks in June and it’s so fun to walk above the city! Row boating in central park is super fun and running around the reservoir is fun too. Pure Food & Wine is a very popular and delicous raw restaurant that you would likely enjoy should you wish to try something new. My favorite health food markets are Westerly Natural Market (closed until the end of July 🙁 ) and Fairway. I am slightly obcessed with Fairway. The green market in Union Square is pretty much where every great NYC chef gets his/her ingredients for their meals. It’s open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 8-6. You can find great locally made edibles there. In terms of chocolate… Max Brenner is totally fun….and for the record I am NOT a Magnolia’s fan. Crumbs is SOOO much better. Their giant peanut butter cup cupcake is what dreams are made of 🙂 Hope you have a blast doing whatever you decide to do!

  30. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    I’ve been to NYC twice and I loved the museums, Central Park, seeing the Statue of Liberty and just walking around town in general. It is such a cool place!

  31. Juli says

    P.S. If you are looking for a really good and affordable Cocktail, you should go the Mariott Marquis right at Broadway. The American Lounge overlooks Times Square and their Cosmopolitans are really tasty!

  32. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga says

    That Pumpkin Lasagna looks amazing and normally I am such a desserts girl but that really looks stellar!!

    Have fun on your trip! I am soooo happpy for you that you planned something and are going! Although I wish it was to San Diego or to CA, I know how much you love NY and you have all kinds of things you’ll be doing (again) and I can feel how happy you are in this post announcing it…so HAVE FUN!!!!


    • Faith @ lovelyascharged says

      Such a ditto on the lasagna! I don’t even like pumpkin and I’m pretty sure I could have it gone in about 2 minutes.

  33. Kaitlyn@TheTieDyeFIles says

    Lucky you!! I’m so jealous (especially of the HP exhibit!!)

    I’ve been to NYC 3 times, all for a grand total of about 8 hours. I’ve seen nothing of the city except through a bus window! It sounds like heaven, you and Chelsey are sonvincing me I MUST take a trip!

  34. Kristie says

    You lucky gal you, I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time! I’d LOVE to get to New York someday. I’ve only been once ever but I was only 6 or 7 so I hardly remember nor could I possibly appreciate the full experience of it all. And I was only there for one day. I DO remember being completely mesmerized by the million mile high buildings and the OCEAN of yellow taxi cabs. It was an adventure for sure. AND we saw Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, any little girl’s dream. I can’t wait to experience it again someday to its full extent though. I’m excited to hear about what you end up doing… and eating of course! 🙂

  35. Aja says

    I went to NYC when I was 14 on a “School” trip and we were up at 5 in the morning (with a three hour time diff, that’s like 2) until midnight walking all day for 3 days. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I could have just done it leisurely.
    5th Ave is a must, though. and be wary of street performers. They put people in the crowd to steal your wallet.

  36. Mary @ Bites and Bliss says

    LUCKKYYY!! That’s such an amazing city!! Be sure to go to the candy shop! Walls and walls and walls of the most amazing candy. 🙂 and of course PB&Co!!

  37. meg @ pinkgiggles says

    I am headed to NYC this weekend for vacation! I can’t wait and this post definitely helped me to add to my never ending to do list 🙂

    • Lorin says

      I went there it is really good! I got the peanut butter sampler and I actually bought their cookbook. 🙂

  38. katie @KatieDid says

    Congrats on planning a fun getaway! You must be soooo excited to be going. I’ve been a few times but not in quite a while, so I wish I could be more help in deciding what to do and see. Can’t wait to see pictures and see all the delicious cuisine I’m sure you’ll partake in!

  39. Alex@Spoonful of Sugar Free says

    Ugh. New York is not for me. I hated it there when I visited….so I’ve never been back. My family has gone a couple times, but I refused to go! But have fun, Katie!

  40. Rhoni says

    OMG! I <3 Pearl River Mart! 🙂 I lived in NYC for 5 years and hope to move back there someday. My fave NYC restaurant is probably Vatan ( It's a vegetarian Indian restaurant. It's ridiculously beautiful inside…they serve you everything on the menu in small portions in 3 courses. It's all you can eat, but not buffet style…so it's still super fancy. If you want more of something – you just have to ask for it! If you like Indian food you will love this place. However – I have no idea if they are vegan friendly! You pretty much have to make reservations to dine there; so it would be important to inquire about beforehand since everyone is served the same things. If they can accommodate you I hope you go!!!

  41. Elise says

    I’ve never been to NY (or america for that matter) so I can’t really help, but have an amzing time and please report back with more yummy foods for me to drool over!

  42. Albizia says

    New York is my dream city. I hope i have a chance to visit it someday. The places on the top of my list are Times Square and Central Park. And Harry Potter exhibition? I’m so jealous! 🙂

  43. Katie says

    Have so much fun (here) in NYC! I can’t wait to see where you go. It’s always hard for me to come up with suggestions on the spot, but have you had Angelica Kitchen’s gluten-free cornbread? It’s a must!

  44. Alexandra (Veggin' Out in the Kitchen) says

    Ahhh, SO excited for you!!! Since you didn’t get to come to Greece with me, can I go to NYC with you instead? I’ll bring the chocolate for the plane ride. 😉

    I went to New York City for one day last year. I loved all the sites, but I have to admit there were a bit to many people for me. I’m sure it’s not like that in all of NYC though! I would like to back again someday and explore more of the city! 🙂

    Have a fantastic time girl!

    <3 <3

    P.S. You would truly make the most gorgeous model EVER! 😀

  45. Nathalie says

    I spent a month in New York in 2009 while I was getting my TESOL (teacher of english to speakers of other languages) certification. I ate a LOT, not a lot of it vegan though. Oh, except for when I went to Whole Foods, which was often =3 We don’t have one single WF in Delaware. I would eat (a huge container of) their eggplant parmfor breakfast (not vegan), or their soba noodles (vegan I believe).

    I actually found one of the most fun things was to train-jump and see where it took me. Exploring is fun!

    Side note: I have bought an ice cream maker, and it’s made of awesome. I’ll post my concoctions on my blagh and link ya soon (^.^) I want to try making a super-elaborate-yet-vegan sundae! I need ideas for toppings….

  46. Sarah says

    For restaurants in general check out – maybe your trip will coincide with a vegan drinks!
    For raw restaurants Pure is always great – make reservations to sit outside in the back. Here in Brooklyn we have a cute, inexpensive place called Rawstar in Prospect Heights and there is a new place in Williamsburg called Rockin’ Raw (I haven’t been to the latter yet, but I’ve heard great things).
    For fun food stuff skip Eataly, If you go to Chelsea Market check out the Highline – they just opened up a new section and it is really amazing up there. I also like the very old- style stuff at Sahadi’s (Middle Eastern imports) in Brooklyn and Patel Brothers (Indian Imports) in Queens but I feel like that stuff is better for stocking up on groceries if you live here or are staying a while. Same with Hong Kong market in Chinatown, though they have a little fun produce there and at the carts around it and under the Manhattan bridge – I just picked up some amazing dragonfruit.
    For clothes I love Century 21 (go early!), Daffy’s, and various sample sales. If you check out Century 21 and drink coffee there is a Starbucks (not the impressive part) in the World Financial Center and you can drink it outside on the marina. There are also some fun shops like Beacon’s Closet and Peachfrog in Williamsburg. If you plan it right you can check out Smorgasbord – a new all food spin off of Brooklyn Flea.
    There is a Museum of Sex in midtown – haven’t been yet. Another good one is PS 1 in Queens, plus you could check out the views of Manhattan from Long Island City.
    There are also great music venues, coffee shops, bars (a new vegan one called Pine Box Rocks!), events, art shows…and more. Last I heard we even have vegan fried kool aid – I would never eat it but maybe you could tackle healthifying it? If you want more specific info or recommendations feel free to email!

  47. VanessaG says

    I have been to New York and it was the summer befor 9/11. It was a trip I’ll never forget! I am dying to go back. The one place I would go to first (didnt know about it the 1st trip) is Peanut Butter and Co.!!!! I would probably eat lunch there everyday. O’ and then for supper, I’d eat that pumpkin lasagna you had! Enjoy it girl. Eat an extra helping of the lasagna for all of your blogger readers who can’t, haa. Have fun! 🙂

  48. Lauren @ What Lauren Likes says

    Yeah! I loved NYC when I went. I saw the Lion King, and just shopped and ate. It was amazing 🙂 Chinatown is always fun, good knock-off brands haha!

  49. Jess says

    interesting. i live in jersey, so i’m there every once in a while, mostly for the asian and other ethnic communities. i’ve never understood why people marveled at it, yet have nothing but nasty things to say about my home state. i happen to like long island though; perfect for beaches, where they don’t have those awful, sexist laws. you’ve already got a lot on your list, and i think you’ve covered just about everything in Manhattan, but you might want to walk around Brooklyn too for a little bit. Not sure about Queens, Staten Island occasionally has festivals, but not much else, and the Bronx only has the zoo, so i think you’re good for now. have fun.

  50. Sky says

    Have you tried Babycakes? It’s an awesome bakery that only bakes with healthy ingredients such as coconut oil and agave. It’s definitely worth a try.

  51. michelle says

    I used to live in Hoboken New Jersey. I often took the bus across the holland tunnel to take the kids to the little zoo in Central Park. One of my fondest memories is running a Revlon 5K and passing hallle Berry in Central Park! Just too many great restaurants to even remember

  52. Katy Kristin says

    Maybe someone has named it already, but I love Vegetarian Dim Sum in Chinatown! It’s my fav restaurant in NYC. I can’t say for sure whether or not there are vegan dishes, or only vegetarian.
    I loved seeing the children’s puppet show in Central Park at the adorable Swedish Cottage.
    Also renting a rowboat in Central Park.
    I like crafting, and there’s a fantastic button shop called Tender Buttons:
    For really cool home decor, ABC Carpet & Home:

    Have fun in one of the bestest cities ever!

  53. kaila @ healthy helper! says

    I lOVE NYC! My favorite place is definitely central park! I could literally sit there all day and just people watch. It is so beautiful!

  54. Kate @ Naturastride says

    Hey Katie! First, wanted to let you know I made your Cookie Dough Bakes Oatmeal a few weeks ago and have since made it 3 times. SO GOOD. Thank you!
    Favorite things in NYC – you have to go to Il Buco (restaurant in the East Village) – my husband and I got engaged there and it’s our absolute favorite restaurant.
    Another great spot is Kitti Chai if you like Thai food. Have fun!

  55. BroccoliHut says

    I love NYC! I haven’t been in a while, but Seth and I have been invited to a wedding there soon, so I am psyched for another visit:)
    I always love the Broadway shows!

  56. Rachel @ Eat, Learn, Discover! says

    Love NYC! I live there 9/12 months of the year for school, and miss it terribly when I’m not there. Some things I might add: MUST go to Lula’s sweet apothecary, ride the staten island ferry (free!), if you want the NY pizza experience in healthy vegan form check out Viva Herbal, there are a million awesome vegan restaurants I could give you!
    Also, go shopping / walk around in SoHo, explore the west village, and check out the farmer’s market in union square on a monday, wednesday, friday or saturday.
    Let me know if you want more suggestions! I could go on…

  57. shannonmarie (rawdorable) says

    I haven’t been to NYC in years, but I always loved the museums, shows, food and shopping. I’m embarrassed to say that I once got lost in Macy’s. It took hours for my friend and I to find each other. This was in the days before everyone had a cell phone.

  58. Sarah says

    I’ve lived in NYC my whole life (just moved) and that can be a bore. But as a trip from somewhere else, its gonna be exciting. I’m going back to NYC to visit some friends in a couple of weeks. Fave place for me is anything with Brooklyn pizza! Definitly visit magnolia bakery- oh goodness.Chinatown is also a great place to shop ( and eat)! After all that food, try running up the Empire State Building! Have a blast Katie.

  59. Aine @ Something to Chew Over says

    Ooohhh I love NYC, I’ve been twice! My favourite musuem is the Frick – I don’t think it’s that well known but it’s this amazing little place. And the Met!

    I love going to Bloomingdales too! 🙂

  60. Amy says

    Hi Katie,
    I love Wicked as well! I have seen it three times now, each time in a different city. Lucky girl.
    I hope you have a great time in NYC. Also I have tagged you for an Amazing Blogger Award!

  61. Ragnhild says

    Lucky lucky LUCKY you! New York is my favorit place in the whole world!
    Ive been there twice only, but I would love to live there for a periode of my life!
    My favorit thing to do there, is eating 😀 It was a vegan paradise, thats for sure! Especially for a girl from Norway!
    It was so big for me to go to Candle Cafe and Baby Cakes, since I had heard so much about both those places!
    I also love to explore gyms in other counties, so I went to a new one every day! And i loved Central Park, the shopping, and going out with my friends!

  62. Aly says

    I live about 45 minutes from the city and I don’t take advantage nearly enough, BUT I absolutely do realize just how lucky I am.

    You must go to Candle 79 or Candle Cafe, both probably. They are both completely vegan and just fabulous. Such interesting and delicious vegan food, you will want to order everything! I’m actually going to Candle 79 tomorrow night, SO excited! (Review coming soon 🙂 )

    Enjoy your trip!!

  63. Jenn says

    Hey!!! I live in NYC! If you want to any help navigating or chocolate hunting, I would love to meet up!!!! If you have time of course, as I am sure you’re booked back to back!! Just putting it out there. 🙂 and just so you know, there is a vegan chocolate and wine cafe called Cocoa V – – and down the block is Blossom, a fancy deliciously fabulous vegan restaurant. Yumyumyum!!! Enjoyyyy!!!!!!! <3

  64. JeanMarie Bresin says

    I am a flight attendant, and I just got home from NYC. If you like costume jewelry at all, go to Earrings Plaza on 32nd and Broadway. Can’t beat the prices. Also have you been to Babycakes bakery?
    Have fun.

  65. Bryana says

    Ooh, I hope you have a ton of fun!
    I live 45 minutes outside of the city, and I go in pretty often for day trips – seeing shows, street fairs, just walking around. It’s so cool you’re going to the Harry Potter exibit. I’m going tomorrow; I’m super excited. I can’t wait to read what you think of it too! 🙂

  66. Laura says

    Very excited you’re coming to my city! Any chance you’re going to arrange a blogger meetup while you’re here? Maybe all go somewhere tasty?

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I didn’t get a chance to arrange a meet-up. Honestly, I am so paranoid and would be scared to post exactly where I’m going to be at a specific time lol. But also, I’m going with a friend, and she’s not a blogger, so I would feel awkward. I wish I could figure out how to do a meet up without compromising privacy!

  67. JulieR says

    I was in NYC in June. It was my first trip and was fabulous! I really enjoyed the Chelsea Market Food Tour that we took. We learned about several of the shops and stores in the Chelsea Market and got to sample many of their goodies! Lots of neat info and history was involved in the tour too. I also enjoyed a tour at the Tenement Museum where we learned about some of the early immigrant families, and got to go through some recreated apartments in a real Tenement Building. Again, I enjoy history and people’s stories, so it was fascinating! Have a great trip!

  68. Mandy says

    I started running in January and I have really enjoyed it. I will be running my first 5k in September. I have decided that one of my goals is to run in Central Park before I turn 40 (I’m 37 now). Thanks for the tip on the running game thats is a great way to keep your mind busy and trying to improve my speed!

  69. Sacia says

    There is A restaurant that only sells chocolate-based dishes and desserts .they even have a chocolate syringe that you can squirt in your mouth

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