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J Crew and Chocolate Brownie Pancakes




Red Velvet Pancakes

I left out the food coloring, though. So really, they’re Chocolate Brownie Pancakes, which sounds equally delicious as red velvet. If not more so.


h 100years

Stark contrast, huh?

I read 100 Years of Solitude a few years ago in Spanish (for school). Liking it much better in English! And I don’t watch much tv, but Desperate Housewives is my guilty pleasure.


shirt jcrew

I will only shop at J. Crew when there’s a sale. Otherwise, girl cannot be trusted. (Same thing with Anthropologie. Sure, they have bargain racks. But invariably, every price tag I pick up says $250. Yikes.)

What are your “currently”s?

Another of mine: making Raw Chocolate Milkshakes.

Still deciding what flavor to make next. P.S. What does cake batter ice cream taste like? A lot of people have left requests for a raw cake batter milkshake… but I’ve never tried the original, so I don’t know how to recreate it!

Published on February 26, 2011

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  1. Albizia says

    Unfortunately, my “currently” is much less entertaining than yours because currently I am trying to make my room look like there’s been a hurricane. There are cardboard boxes everywhere and I am sure that soon there will be no place to step on the floor. Moving out is a hard thing…

    By the way, I love your shirt. Plaid clothes have always been my weakness.

  2. Gen says

    Currently sitting at home alone……
    eating: ginourmous kale salad! and drinking sweet tea! (like any true southerner….=P)

    Love the outfit!!!!

  3. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table says

    I’m obsessed with guar gum. I finally tried out my ice cream maker (2 months after I got it). Pumpkin pie vegan ice cream – yum!

    Cake batter ice cream is thick and creamy. Lots of vanilla-y sweetness. Rainbow sprinkles on top. 🙂

  4. Andrea Schuetz says

    Hi Katie!
    I wish I were having those pancakes right now – I’m eating some vegan donuts though….I can’t complain! 🙂

    Cake batter ice cream tastes like a yellow cakes batter…if you ever tried the batter of a duncan hines cake mix…that’s pretty much it! Please make a milk shake like that! Better yet, an ice cream replacement!! 🙂

  5. Colleen says

    it tastes exactly like cake batter! no joke. they serve it at chains (maggie moos, coldstone) and edys/dreyers makes ice cream called “take the cake.” yum!

  6. Lisa says

    uuuuuuum. currently im eating lunch but wishing it was an hour ago so i could have make your pancakes 😀
    haha im SO MAKING THESE SOON. just gotta buy cocoa powder. 🙂

  7. Sarah says

    I am probably one of the “many” to request a cake batter something or other. Cake batter ice cream literally tastes like raw cake batter. Really buttery and vanilla-y. It has glints of cinnamon too. It is pretty thick in consistency. Please keep working on this! You could put Coldstone Creamery out of business (my fave place for cake batter ice cream)

  8. Carrie (Moves 'N Munchies) says

    YES desperate housewives is MY FAVORITE and it has totally gotten better in the last few seasons! currently I’m eating a banana with pb (shocker!), im watching myself type these words and I’m wearing my floral fuzzy flannel pants and an oversized sweatshirt (can I get a ‘YAY’ for comfy weekend clothes?”)

  9. Jennifer JCD says

    Sounds like an awesome day! And I love the white flower shirt! (But everything you wear is super cute.)

    I am currently:
    – printing ‘interview a tree’ sheets for a Girl Guide event this afternoon
    – reading your blog
    – wearing ballet tights and leotard under my Girl Guide uniform because I have a dance performance before the Girl Guide event and won’t have time to go home in between
    – planning on eating a frozen fruit smoothie/ice cream for lunch

  10. Jen S. says

    Oh, I cannot be trusted in a book store. I’ve made myself commit to a year of reading only off of my own shelves or from the library this year after realizing just how much money I spent on books last year. (Worthy investment, but I’m on a tight budget these days. But then, who isn’t?)

    Currently, I’m enthralled with home improvement and design magazines to inspire organization and decoration ideas for the apartment, reading all day and night, and knitting in between, oh, and trying out each of your recipes! =)

  11. Brandi says

    My currently’s
    -Craving soft serve and a milkshake(thanks to you)
    -Wanting the vegan mac n’ cheese from City Cake & Cafe
    -Sitting on the computer till lunch and needing to take a shower.
    That’s only some of them.

    I think for a raw milkshake you should make a strawberry.

  12. Parita @ myinnershakti says

    I feel the same way about the actual stores…that’s why I go outlet shopping! Although, sometimes the prices are identical (hate it when that happens!).

    Currently I am really craving good home cooked food because I’ve been at training for a week and the food wasn’t very healthy 🙂

  13. Gloria says

    J Crew and Anthropologie are my 2 favorite stores! The sale rack at Anthro is my best friend… such great deals on small sizes nobody wants 🙂

    I’m currently digesting my tempeh portobello tomato sandwich and watching Jersey Shore (TOTAL guilty pleasure!!!).

    And cake batter ice cream was my favorite in college. My boyfriend and I would get the Birthday Cake Remix from Coldstone and they’d mix in an entire brownie, sprinkles, and whipped cream. It was HEAVENLY! I’d mix in your own dry yellow cake batter (like the singly lady muffin ingredients!) or maybe even the whole cooked muffin itself? I just got a package of mimicreme in the mail and my first order of business is to make THIS sans suga:

  14. Nina says

    Oh my gosh!
    (This is the first time I’ve ever commented here!) I tried making the Chocolate Brownie Pancakes for lunch. They were AWESOME!! So fluffy and so rich a chocolate flavor 😀 I’m so happy right now. I topped them with natural creamy PB <3 Thanks Katie!

  15. Liz @ Tip Top Shape says

    I feel with JCREW I either go there and get a fantastic deal, or I leave with nothing and rail about all the stupid cashmere and how 99 dollars is not a valid sale price. lol

    Currently, I am sitting in Argo Tea and blogging. Obviously, since I am commenting on this post, haha.

  16. Lindsay @ says

    Oh my gosh – if you could create a healthy cake batter milkshake, I will wash all of your dishes forever 😉 What does cake batter taste like – hmm…let’s see. It tastes like vanilla that has some extra thick, extra sweet vanilla frosting mixed into it. So I guess it is like vanilla on steroids. And rainbow sprinkles make it even better – so you need to find some rainbow colored cacao nibs 😉

  17. Hannah says

    oh lord!! sales+me=happy Hannah!! there is an amazing thing we do at my college called Free Boxing. I’ve gotten Seven for All Mankind and JCrew clothes in there for FREE!! doesn’t get much better.

    Currently….listening to my itunes on shuffle; who knows what will come up!
    Currently…trying to begin my blog but not doing the technical stuff too well….
    currently loving….soy nut butter
    currently wanting to make…your red velvet pancakes. I’ve been eyeing them for DAYS and can’t wait until spring break when I have a kitchen!

  18. A Tablespoon of Liz says

    I once made cake batter balls using mostly flour and soy milk powder… the milk powder really made it taste like cake batter!

  19. Emma (Sweet Tooth Runner) says

    I’ve never had cake batter ice cream…but I’ve had plentyt of cake batter!! Can’t WAIT for the recipe! 😀

    And when I come to live with you I am SO stealing all your wardrobe!! Your outift is AWESOME! 🙂

  20. Namaste Gurl says

    Nice J.Crew bargain! I can’t even find anything that cute on sale there- their sale to me is still full price:) Happy day!

  21. Änne says

    oooh, I love the white shirt, its so cute…

    currently I can´t stop looking at my new haircut and wondering whether my hairdresser is a magician or something…she made my curly mess look like silk 😀

  22. Angel says

    Trying to wait. Not succeeding. May I ask for the Brownie Batter Pudding and Skinny Fudge Babies recipes? I am sure you are busy, so if you can’t, you can’t…. they just sound soooo good! Chocolate calls 🙂

  23. Erika @ FoodFitnessFun says

    Wowza, lovin’ the outfit, girlie! So cute!
    Currently, I’m wearing my Karate uniform because I just got back from a 5 hour photo shoot for my Sensi’s book.
    Currently, I’m snacking on a Banana Bread Larabar.
    Currently, I’m just catching up on blogs and relaxing.
    Have a great weekend Katie! 😀

  24. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says

    Currentlys…well, I did a wish list post yesterday. Pretty much I’d love to have anything on it become my currentlys. 🙂

    Currently am loving warm coffee on dreary weekend morning
    Catching up on my ‘reader and blogs
    Currently loving my little girl 🙂

    And I am a sale-only girl at Anthro, too!

  25. chelsey @ clean eating chelsey says

    Love that outfit! The details on the white shirt make it super girly, but the plaid makes it classic. Love it.

  26. Getting Through It says

    Hmmmm batter ice cream taste rich and very creamy. It is hard to explain, I meant it literally taste like a cold creamy form of cake batter.

  27. Heather @ Get Healthy With Heather says

    I love that tops! The big white flowers are too cute.

    Currently cooking some chickpeas in my pressure cooker and making a grocery shopping list. Fun times 🙂

  28. melissa @ the delicate place says

    nom. i had a gluten/dairy free brownie yesterday from a gourmet bakery in the city and my god. so so good. love the check pattern shirt super cute! i have a soft spot for a good sale too 😉

  29. Tara says

    I’ve read a lot of Gabriel Garcia Marquez for Spanish, but never in English! Maybe I should check that out.
    Adorable outfit! I love the white shirt.
    Other good milkshake flavors would be butterscotch or key lime pie!! I froze a banana today so I can make the mint one.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      It’s so much more enjoyable in English! …but maybe that’s just ’cause I’m not fluent in Spanish. Or maybe it was ’cause I had to write esssays about it. Yeah, that was definitely why I didn’t like it much ;).

  30. Jess says

    I was eating pancakes this morning and stopped by an asian market, so i picked up some food there, so I might have ramen tomorrow. My entertainment for tonight will be fanfiction, as it has been for weeks. I was reading the shining, but I can’t seem to pick it up again.

  31. Hannah says

    I have that shirt! Both of them, haha. Except I got the button up in the pink. I’m currently doing….well nothing really. I’m about to read Fall of the Giants though!

  32. kaila @ healthyhelper blog! says

    I am currently reading blogs, watching Robin Hood, and eating some of the muffin tops I just made in addition to a nice crips fuji apple! A good night in my opinion!

  33. BroccoliHut says

    Haha, you sound like me–I love Anthro SO much, but I refuse to go in there because the price tags are just too much. I end up leaving empty-handed and depressed.

  34. Ally (oatsandspice) says

    J. Crew is my all-time favorite store – I wish I owned the place because I would be one happy girl! Cute outfit 🙂

  35. Cynthia K says

    Currently: drinking coffee
    Currently: reading “The Poisonwood Bible” by Barbara Kingsolver (for the billionth time)

    I haven’t read “100 Years of Solitude” yet but it’s on my to-read list. I snagged my sister’s copy of “Love In The Time of Cholera” and have read it thrice; I really enjoyed it so I think it’s time to add some more Marquez to my life! I love reading (and re-reading) and have been super excited about tax refund time because I really want to add some new books to my ‘library’, but my grown-up responsibilities are hanging around in the corners of rooms and glancing at me constantly, and making me feel guilty for even thinking of buying something that’s strictly for my own pleasure. 🙁

  36. Stacey (The Home-Cooked Vegan) says

    I watched the first season of DH, but couldn’t get into the second one! My shows right now are Parks and Rec, Scrubs and Weeds 🙂 I bought 100 Years of Solitude a long time ago and have yet to read it! I forgot that I even had it until now!

    I’ve never been to J.Crew or Anthropologie. I’m usually a Target or Forever21 type of girl, I can’t see myself spending over $25 on jeans OR a shirt. I might shop at the GAP if they are having a big sale, but other than that, I’m all about some Target. I could live in there. In one of the clothes racks, like I used to pretend when I was little 🙂

  37. Heather @ kissmybroccoli says

    My currently’s:
    1. Catching up on my favorite blogs…which you can see, since I just commented on you last 5 posts!
    2. Experimenting with hummus! I think I’m going to try a sweet potato flavor today!
    3. And reading the book Intuitive Eating

  38. Alex@Spoonful of Sugar Free says

    I’m currently…just waking up and checking emails in my pj’s 😉

    You should make a pina colada!!! I love those 🙂

  39. Embodying Freedom says

    Currently eating: Kashi GOLEAN cereal with almond milk (doesn’t look as insanely delicious as those pancakes, though!)

    Currently reading: The Tough-Minded Optimist by Norman Vincent Peale

    Currently wearing: pajamas & a hoodie! I’m actually writing this from my bed…it’s a lazy Sunday 🙂

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