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Melty Pizza Hummus

It’s hummus.


But it tastes like pizza.

This initially started out as regular hummus. I’d never made my own hummus before, so I trusted a recipe from Vegnews. It was easy enough to make, but the finished product tasted quite bland.

In an effort to jazz up the flavor, I turned to Hunts (as I often do when a recipe needs a flavor boost).  And then, little by little, plain-jane hummus morphed into…

Super Pizza Hummus!

pizza hummus

With super powers.

Maybe it needs a theme song… Anyone want to work on that?

Healthy Pizza Dip

Melty Pizza Hummus


Found here: Healthy Recipes with Beans

  • 1/2 cup cooked garbanzo beans (drained) (75g)
  • 2-4 tbsp nutritional yeast
  • heaping 1/2 tsp dry basil
  • heaping 1/8 tsp salt
  • 1/4 cup plus 2 tbsp basil-and-garlic tomato sauce (90g) (Or plain tomato sauce, and add a little extra basil and garlic) (I used Hunts.)
  • 1 tbsp olive oil (For a fat-free dip, you can omit. But you’ll lose the richer the flavor.)

Combine all ingredients in a food processor and blend very well, until there are no chunks left. (I used a Cuisinart.) Scoop into a serving dish, and serve with chips, raw veggies, or whatever else strikes your fancy. Or use as a spread for sandwiches or toasted bread. (If you like your hummus cold, chill in the fridge before serving.) Fridged in a closed container, this’ll keep at least a few days.

View Pizza Hummus Nutrition Facts

Pizza Hummus Dip

Do you like hummus?

Have you ever tried a flavored one? Oddly enough, the best hummus I’ve ever eaten was in Hong Kong. I was there for a varsity tennis tournament, and we stumbled upon this tiny Middle Eastern restaurant one night. Have you ever noticed some of the best food can be found in those hole-in-the-wall places?

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Published on January 30, 2012

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  1. Ali @ Peaches and Football says

    I’ve bought hummus mix and made sandwiches with red onion, lettuce, and cucumber before but have never made from scratch. I just got a bunch of nutritional yeast from my mom this weekend and now I have a fun new ingredient to play around with!

  2. katie @KatieDid says

    I don’t buy hummus much anymore but I used to plowwww through big containers of sabras. You traveled all the way to hong kong for tennis?! Or was that when you lived abroad? Very very cool!

  3. Heather @ Better With Veggies says

    You always have such creative ideas – I love the way you jazzed up this hummus! It’s so easy to make, I have a hard time buying the packaged stuff anymore, but I haven’t thought to add a tomoto-y flavor to it. Great idea as always!!

  4. Emily says

    This is GENIUS! I’ve made hummus in my Vitamix countless times, but the only flavor I’ve ever done is plain or red pepper. Never in a million years would I have thought of making it pizza. YUM! Really, Katie, how do you think of such creative ideas? Can I peek inside your mind for just a day?

    Love love love this post!

  5. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table says

    This is such a cute idea! I want to make a mini pizza with it. My go-to hummus lately has been a cilantro-jalapeno with a little orange zest in it. I love the bit of sweetness it adds. So good with corn tortillas and fresh veggies.

  6. Sarah S. says

    I definitely have a new appreciation for hummus since finding your blog with its sweet hummus recipes ^.^ but I’ve always loved it! This “pizza” hummus makes perfect sense to me. In fact, a regular in my house is “hummus pasta” which is basically a cup or two of hummus (often roasted red pepper hummus) mixed with a jar of pasta sauce, some sauteed veggies, and a T of oregano over pasta. My (non-vegan) husband loves this because it feels more substantial than just spaghetti and tomato sauce, and the hummus imparts a creamy, “cheesy”-ness.

    • Lisa C says

      This is such a great idea! I know what I’m having for dinner tonight: spaghetti with pizza hummus sauce! Thanks Katie and Sarah!

  7. Lisa C says

    I am LOVING your new savory posts!!! I always loved your dessert posts (hello, this is my favorite blog!) but now with the addition of a savory post here and there, your blog has gotten even more… sweet ;).

  8. Debbie (Accidently Delish) says

    do you believe in fate?

    tell me how weird this is.

    so i was totally planning dinner tonight and thought i haven’t made a hummus pizza in forever. i basically take a tortilla make hummus my “sauce” and add 938924 toppings. i was debating what hummus to use as i was kind of burned out on the ones i had.

    totally making this. this is totally my hummus base for tonight.

    so thank you. i think it’s fate 🙂

  9. Ashley says

    never had hummus but it’s been on my list to try, and now I have been convinced! Question tho: Could I omit/sub the yeast?

  10. Michaela says

    the last pic is divine!
    I just had hummus for lunch 🙂 Looooooove it! I usually always make my own, so easy and versatile.
    This reminds me of a hummus I created last summer: with fresh basil and sun dried tomatoes, soo good!

  11. Connie says

    Where can I find the other hummus recipes you have posted? I would like to have a way to search for the recipes on your blog. Also your picture looks like you have some fresh basil maybe or left it a little chunky when mixing. Or are these things you were dipping with? Love your recipes. So many good things on your blog. Thanks.

  12. Sarah says

    Hi Katie! Looks delicious! I have some chili on the stove tonight and was hoping to make your “cake-like” version of your totally addictive cornbread which I’ve already made once and was DEVOURED by my family. The link appears to be broken. Any change you can repost? Thanks so much! We love your blog.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Hi Sarah,
      The link is actually not broken… Can you tell me what browser you’re using? (And can you possibly try a different one and see if that works?)

      I can email you the recipe if you still can’t pull it up, but I’m still very curious to know what browser you’re using, because others have reported problems with links on my site that are very much NOT broken :-?.

      • Sarah says

        Just tried it and it works today! Yesterday I was making sure I had all the ingredients and it kept coming up “404’d”. Using Google Chrome. Today it works though. Go figure! My husband will be excited 🙂

  13. michelle says

    Do we make hummus….um yes weekly…lol my hubby inhales it my 4 yo loves it to. My favorite store bought is Sabras chipotle…. we make that kind too…adding chipotle in adobe sauce with cilantro. Pizza hummus with sun dried tomato and basil. We make it with olives and lemon juice….the list goes on 😉 i’ve never added nutrional yeast tho ill have to try that…..
    Oh and I’ve made you’d sweet ones too yum

  14. Nicole K. says

    Oh my goodness gracious, Katie, dear, I just made this and am in food heaven!! This is exactly what I was craving for lunch today! I made it with a mix of beans and non dairy cheese that I had on hand since I didn’t have the yeast and garbanzo beans and it still tasted FANTASTIC!

    • Leslie says

      I just made it too! I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw the recipe and went out to make it RIGHT away. I was worried you all would think I was nuts… but I just couldn’t not make it once I saw I had all the ingredients. It came out fantastic! My new favorite way to eat hummus, for sure. And so fast and a great way to add extra protein, which I’m always looking to do. And I like Nicole’s idea too. I might just have to make another batch with some Daiya added in!

      You rock, CCK!

  15. Lisa says

    Love hummus! I typically make it from scratch and love to give it a Mexican flair – almost like refried bean flavor. (cumin is the main star in the recipe) I’m intrigued to try this pizza version – it sounds delish!

  16. Lorne says

    Do I like hummus? Yes YEs YES. Some may have milk, butter or cheese as a staple item in their fridge. I have hummus. Hummus makes my world a better place :0)

  17. Anna @ The Guiltless Life says

    It blows my mind how different hummus can taste from person to person, restaurant to restaurant, brand to brand. While I do like the Sabra brand I have found that chunkier hummuses – as opposed to the creamy texture of Sabra and most other store-bought brands – are so yum. My local supermarket’s own deli department makes one and it is phenomenal. I think the secret ingredient is tons of fresh parsley mixed in.

    I have tried flavoured hummuses but the most common one is roasted red pepper hummus and I am not a fan of red peppers. The idea of a pizza hummus is VERY tempting!

  18. Sarahishealthy says

    Hi Katie,
    Long time, no comment. But I’m still reading and avidly following :). I just made this for lunch, and it was delicious! I spread it on two slices of Ezekiel bread and added some roasted red peppers.
    Oh my yum.

    People, make this right now! You won’t regret it :).

  19. Sarah says

    Sabra is my favorite hummus. I also like making my own with just chick peas, peanut butter (tahini is icky), olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper.

  20. Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen says

    Love it! I once made a BBQ Hummus that tasted just like eating BBQ and it was amazing. [Although next time I’d go one step further and perhaps add liquid smoke.]

    Recently, to conquer my pizza cravings, I’ve been making a mix of quinoa flakes, oat bran, pizza seasoning, and nutritional yeast. Easy and delicious!

  21. Sapphire says

    Oh, I am SO trying this tomorrow! I would try it tonight, but my husband asked for tacos, and pizza hummus wouldn’t really go, now would it? *lol*

    Hmm…maybe taco hummus? That may work. I’ll have to dig out some spices and give it a try tonight!

  22. Katie @ Nutrition in a peanut shell says

    Ah I love hummus! My favorite is Sabra but I always buy Athenos because it’s cheaper :c
    Although making your own looks so easy! Good idea!

  23. Taylor says

    I made this literally right after you posted it today! It is delicious. It is also the first time I’ve made my own hummus and I’m so glad it was a success! By the way, I absolutely love your blog…you make it so I can eat chocolate treats everyday without feeling guilty! 😀

  24. Tierney @ GetYourVegOn says

    This looks delicious! I’ve put hummus on pizza, but I’ve never tried pizza hummus. I bet it would be even better made with fresh basil when it comes in season. Will definitely give this a try.

  25. Bridget says

    LOVE hummus! I just finished a tomato and basil hummus from Trader Joes… I bet this tastes pretty similar! I’ll have to give it a try!

  26. Albizia says

    I make my own hummus because it is just impossible to buy it here. I usually keep it simple and put only garlic and red pepper in it. And it seems like I am one of the very few people who still make it with tahini…

  27. Amber K says

    I hated hummus when I was a kid, but I think it’s because my dad would always buy these weird flavors of it. When I tried it as an adult I just stuck to the original and it’s delicious! And I like it better than even my usually favorite flavor : roasted garlic. I absolutely love roasted garlic everything, except for hummus! lol

  28. Lindsay @ In Sweetness and In Health says

    Oh man, I love pizza, and I love hummus- so this sounds like a winner :). I’m pinning this right now!

  29. kaila @ healthyhelper says

    I have a similar recipe for tomato basil humus on my site! The addition of nutritional yeast really makes it! Its so funny how so many bloggers think a like when it comes to recipes! We all must have similar tastes and preferences!

  30. suzanne says

    I LOVE hummus. I have been looking for fun toppings for pizza – this would be so great with lots of veggies on top. We do pizza night every Friday so I will look forward to this in a few days 🙂
    You have some great recipes – so nice to make some yummy things that I can feel good about feeding my boyz. Thanks for that!

  31. Karen says

    Recently discovered hummus – have started making my own. Like the idea of tomato, will have to experiment. Also will have to try nutritional yeast. Thanks for your wonderful ideas!!!

  32. Sassy Stephanie says

    OMgosh! Have you seen the new Hunt’s with fennel and red pepper?? Bought some yesterday but don’t know yet what to try it in!

    I always make my own hummus. Tastes sooooo much fresher. Sometimes I put a can of white beans in too to boost the protein power!

  33. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga says

    I love hummus but I have to watch my bean intake. I love it, but they don’t love me back 🙂

  34. Lauren (PB&G) says

    Wow.. I’m drooling over here..

    I have been craving pizza but have been too lazy to actually whip up some pizza dough, sauce and cheeze sauce.. this is a perfect alternative!!

  35. Moni'sMeals says

    Now this is just amazing and sounds super delicious. I eat hummus ALL the time, so this is right up my alley and I am shocked that I did not think of this! So simple and healthy too. 🙂

  36. Nazanin says

    omgoodness, this sounds insane! two of my favorite things in one? my head is exploding…i am soo going to try this…i feel like this is one of those life-altering recipes, haha. you can’t really blame me though, vegans LOVE their hummus!

  37. Inge says

    ‘Normal’ hummus isn’t really my thing but I just made this and it’s very good! Next time, I’ll use a bit less nutritional yeast though. I love the pizza cutter in the background of the picture, you’re very creative 🙂

  38. Rachel says

    i LOVE my hommus, i make my own all the time because its so quick and easy.
    I don’t know how your hommus could have been bland though?? Chuck in some lemon juice, garlic and cumin and it will be deeelicious!

  39. Emilia says

    oh. my. I wish I had a food processor at uni so I could make this right now!! I adore hummus, normal, dessert or flavored. This one sounds brilliant 🙂

      • Amanda S. says

        No you don’t, because the tomato sauce adds enough wetness. I tried it with a third of the olive oil and it was fabulous- next time, I’m omitting the oil.

      • Nikki says

        or just add water until you reach your desired consistency – oil really doesn’t do ANYTHING but pack on calories. You could also use lemon, or orange, or other juices or vinegars. And true, the tomato sauce/paste will add extra moisture as well. You can also blend in cooked veggies.

  40. Amy says

    Hi – I just found your blog and made this pizza hummus right away – it is so good! I normally buy trader joe’s tahini-free hummus as our staple, but this pizza hummus may replace it! I added a bit of dried oregano since my tomato sauce had basil in it. Thanks for the recipe 🙂

  41. Chinar says

    I haven’t had the chance to go through the comments, but!
    If you want to eat a traditional tasting hummus, the way to do it is this:
    (this being said as i’m turkish and hummus is in my blood! I make it like this and it’s how it’s traditionally made)

    1 can of drained chickpeas
    juice of 1 lemon
    1-2 cloves of raw or slightly fried garlic
    a bit of olive oil
    pinch of paprika
    Blend that all up, taste it as you go along and if it’s too think add some warm water or more olive oil

    you can also add in some parsley while you’re blending
    once all blended up and to your taste (salt, olive oil and lemon juice) to serve add chopped parsley, a drizzle of olive oil and Aleppo pepper (I sometimes add this in with the paprika for more of a chilli hit!) And like you added extra bits (more chilli, coriander, tomato, peppers etc) for different flavours do so using this base recipe. It is FAR from bland!

  42. Caralyn says

    Hummus is my favorite dip! I use it in everything: sandwiches, wraps, salads, with chips….. just 30 minutes ago I had it with crackers! My favorite flavor is spinach and artichoke. I’m obsessed with spinach, so it’s only natural. 🙂

  43. Amanda S. says

    This tastes JUST like pizza! I tripled the recipe to serve more people, but I did NOT tripple the oil and it came out great- so you probably don’t need nearly so much oil in the recipe. My only question is why it’s called “melty”. Am I supposed to cook it? Without cooking it, it’s no more “melty” than any other hummus I’ve tried, but I’m wondering if it melts when cooked!

  44. Mozzie says

    let me share my version of the recipe 🙂
    1 be bored at home in the evening
    2 start making peanut butter in your blender
    3 feel too lazy to wash the blender and throw some chickpeas in
    4 think about some CCK recipes, completely forget about peanut butter leftovers, add olive oil, tomato sauce and basil, then think that you should use some oregano, garlic and LOTS of chilli….
    5 blend all of these together
    6 enjoy the taste and be surprised after finding a piece of peanut in your hummus 😀 but it tastes great anyway – i used it as a spread on my piece of brown bread 😉

  45. Christine says

    Katie, so since I “found” you 2 weeks ago, I have made a ton of your recipes. I am not vegan, or vegetarian. I am nearing 40, and struggling with my weight since the birth of my 4th child. In the past few years, I have really worked at eating healthier, but I am by no means a health-nut kind of eater. So, I am an “average” person – woman, mother, struggling with weight, trying to find a balance between food that is healthy and food that satisfies.
    You can really hit that balance for me. Everything I have made is 1) delicious 2) healthy and (bonus!) 3) so easy to make (did I mention I hate cooking, too?).
    So, thank you! Tonight I made the melty pizza hummus and it blew my taste buds away!
    You are the best thing since sliced bread! (and so much healthier than bread, too!)

  46. Rebekah says

    Just made this and LOVE it. I guess I quadrupled it, though, because I used a whole can of garbanzos, half a can of Italian diced tomatoes (basil-garlic-oregano), a good dousing of nooch, and then drizzled in some olive oil freehand. I didn’t have any basil, but next time I’m going to find some fresh to put in and also want to remember to put in garlic! I can’t believe I forgot to do that. Hummus + garlic = much better, imho. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

  47. Karla says

    I LOVED this! I doubled the original version (using 3T nutritional yeast as a base) and I still thought it was a small amount – maybe because we’re a family of four. 🙂 Today I tripled the recipe but used 2T of the yeast as a base so I don’t run out! I couldn’t find it in my regular grocery store so it might be hard for some to track down.

    It reminded me of how I used to add pureed chick peas to my pasta sauce so I decided to do that again. Recently I bookmarked a recipe for creamy avocado pasta, which is basically pureed avocado with garlic and lime juice as a sauce, so I decided to add some chick peas, olive oil and nutritional yeast. It was really good! The kiddos weren’t too sure about the green color, so when I served leftovers I masked the color by adding in homemade pasta sauce. It tasted really rich and creamy.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  48. Tina says

    This recipe is AMAZING! I just made it, and me and my 4 year old DEVOURED it with some raw carrots, lol!! I only had 1 tablespoon of the yeast left, but I added a little shredded parmesan romano cheese to it (I’m not a vegan 😉 ) and it it super, duper yummy. I plan on DEFINITELY making more 🙂

  49. Barbara S. says

    Hey Katie,

    I have just discovered your site…it is amazing! I am perusing now for recipes I want to try and gathering an ingredients list (shopping day tomorrow). Thanks for the inspiration….would love to see a cookbook (and I notice you’re working on one)!

  50. Wendy D. says

    I made this awesome hummus over the weekend and it is delicious!! I have tried several other types of hummus and have never really enjoyed it. But this recipe is the exception to the rule. I am not vegan so I substituted parmesan cheese for the nutritional yeast. I have to say I just LOVE your blog. I can’t wait to work my way through all of the yummy recipes. Thanks Katie!!

  51. Amanda says

    I was looking around for a different flavor for hummus recipe today and stumbled upon this website. First off, great site and the food looks so good despite knowing it is healthy! Fr the pizza hummus, I didn’t have (and had no look finding either) the nutritional yeast. Since you said it gave it the cheesy taste, and as I am not a vegan myself, I substituted Parmesan cheese in place of it. I kept everything else the same except to add a little more true pizza flavor I added some turkey pepperoni in the processor. Wow! This is so yummy! And even though I changed/ added a few items, it is still super healthy and low fat! I ate it with homemade pita chips seasoned with olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper and a few Sociables crackers (which added a unique flavor that made it taste even more like pizza)! Thanks for the great recipe and site…I’m addicted to your site already!

  52. Fiona says

    Holy moly this is one of my new favorite types of hummus! I didn’t have great success with the deep dish cookie pie unfortunately (but I will try it again), but this was definitely a delicious success! Thank you for a great recipe!

    • Fiona says

      Oh, tripled the recipe to use an entire can of beans and Hunts. I still kept it to 1T of oil and used 6T of nooch. Also, because my tomato sauce was plain I added an extra heaping 1/2t of basil and 3 cloves garlic. Yummy! Great with tortilla chips!

  53. Alexandra says

    Well this is the first time I’ve ever heard of hummus not made with chick peas…odd cause I love lebanese food as my grandmother used to make a lot of it from scratch. I’ll definately have to try this. I just looked up hummus and found it can be made by exchanging out the chick peas for other beans …wow learned something new today! I’ll have to keep looking for all types of hummus recipes! Thanks!!!!

  54. Megan says

    Wow!! I was just about to have a snack of hummus and carrots but I thought back to this recipe that I have wanted to try for about a month! I happened to have all of the ingredients in the cabinet (I swear it was fate!) so I dumped them in the mini prep and A-mazing! I had to limit myself to about a quater of the batch (I tripled the recipe to use the entire can of chickpeas!) but I might end up eating the entire thing in 2 days like I did the banana buttter recipe (whoops!)! So good and so much cheaper than a certain favorite brand of mine that I won’t mention 😉 thanks Katie!

  55. Jilly says

    “Tribe” brand hummus is THE best – Mediterranean style… has the oil on top. Sooo delish. I do make my own now and then tho.

    You can buy nutritional yeast on also, along with many other ingredients needed in recipes on here. (this one looks great, as do most!!)

    But the comments on the recipes give me a headache lol… people – READ! And use Google.. be independant! Katie cant hold your hand! (;

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Oh Jilly, your comment made me smile. I don’t think anyone’s ever written something so true. Comment after comment after comment of people asking the very same thing as the person right above! Or people asking questions you could easily google. It’s enough to drive ya crazy ;).

  56. Julie says

    I just tried this today. Not only did my son gobble it up for dinner with baked tortilla chips, but my husband who never likes anything “sneaky” that I make could not stop eating it. A definite winner in my household! Thank you so much.

  57. Gal says

    Katie, I was just wondering, if there is a chance to turn that great tasting hummus into crackers or something like this:) It will be awesome, just like all the rest of your recipes.

  58. Me! says

    Ok so I stumbled on this one and my mouth started watering! The bad thing is I am allergic to tomatoes! Too bad because this sounds and looks soooo good!

  59. Jessasaurus says

    This is amazing!! I have been craving pizza like crazy, but with corn/wheat/dairy/nut/peanut allergies, it is just impossible. I love hummus and get it all the time–but NEVER AGAIN!!!–this is better than any of the store-bought stuff, and soooooo easy! thanks for sharing!!

  60. Jamie says

    Oh. I figured you just meant look for a yeast that was nutritional. See, THIS IS WHY I DON’T COOK! When I was at the store I didn’t see anything in the ingredients for regular yeast that looked particularly “nutritional” so I just bought regular yeast. And made the hummus. And it was not very good, haha…I LOVE cheese (I mean, what’s pizza without cheese. Come to think of it…what’s the WORLD without cheese? I could never be a vegan, but I wish I could ha) so I bet if I had not been my dumb blonde self (fake blonde though….because I need an excuse for my little–very frequent–ditzy moments) and looked for NUTRITIONAL yeast….and not yeast that is nutritional, haha…it would have tasted better 😉

  61. Kelly says

    I just wanted to thank you for this recipe. After buying the nutritional yeast specifically for this recipe, but chickening out on making it, I finally got brave and tried it tonight to take to work for a carry-in tomorrow (might as well use them as my guinea pigs, right?). I used tomato paste instead of sauce – just added a little water to thin it out. I also used a pre-made mixture of pizza spices and some minced garlic. It turned out very tasty. Next time I might not add quite so much water so it stays a little thicker… but, I suppose it might thicken in the fridge overnight.

  62. Queen Mommy says

    I’ve had this on my list to try for awhile. Yum! I tripled it by using a whole can of chickpeas and an 8 oz can of tomato sauce. Mine was a little thin, but I didn’t have enough nooch either. That didn’t matter. The flavor was still really good!

  63. Claire Bailey says

    This sounds great. I made some, the regular chick pea and tahini type, the other day and it tasted a little meh so I added some nutritional yeast and it made a big difference. When eating it today I also sprinkled some dukkah on top and it was really good. I think I will try this next time though. This is the first time I have seen a recipe for hummus without the tahini though. Although from Chinar’s recipe above it doesn’t traditionally have it in there anyway.

    I am another non-vegan or vegetarian who absolutely loves you blog and have shared recipes from it with lots of people. Can’t wait for your book to come out, will you be stocking it in any Australian shops? Or doing a book signing tour over here? Not serious on that one but it would be awesome 🙂

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I’ve always wanted to go to Australia! My high school went as a school trip, but my family moved away before the trip took place.

      I don’t actually know if it will be sold over there in stores, but it looks like Amazon ships to Australia. 🙂

  64. nia says

    Love this!! We make it for every family party now, great way to get picky kids and non-veg eating adults to eat a vegetable. They don’t even know the dip is healthy!

  65. Kristi says

    I wasn’t sure about this…but I was intrigued, so I gave it a whirl. And it is DELISH!!! Honestly, so, so good. And healthy! Yummy. Especially on toasted, sprouted Ezekial English muffins, topped with veggies for a mini pizza. Thanks Katie! xo

  66. Nikki says

    I love blending chickpeas (or other beans) with steamed cauliflower. It really cuts down on the calories and doesn’t affect the taste! I love to flavor it with miso!!

  67. Dora Gountzis says

    Hello Katie,
    Love your recipes. I’m not a vegan, but I have to avoid gluten, dairy (I drink rice milk )
    and no eggs. I can have egg yolks every now and again, but no egg white. When I
    make cakes I separate the egg whites. I would like to know what is the substitute that
    I could use.
    Thanking you,

  68. Lauwchen says

    I recently made this and omg, I know for a fact that I’ll be making this my whole life 😀
    it’s delicious!

  69. jeff foxworthy says

    Hey there! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the great work!

  70. Sue says

    I’m scared!!!! pizza flavored hummus? You are so brave Katie. I’m making this tonight. My husband is ordering pizza and his favorite pizza place puts anchovies in their sauce, so being vegan I don’t eat the sauce. Soooo, he’s gonna have his pizza and I’m gonna have my pizza flavored hummus with pita bread! So excited, I can’t wait. Couldn’t have found your recipe at a better time. Thanks a bunch!!! =)

  71. mars says

    this may be a silly question, but I’m a hummus novice…your recipe calls for cooked garbanzo beans – is that literally taking them from the can and cooking them first?

  72. Joshua says

    I am so going to try this. It will be another recipe where I can use my sun dried tomato infused olive oil… It will go perfectly with the recipe.

  73. Syfronia says

    Humble Hummus, local to Red Deer, Alberta, has a multitude of flavoured hummus. Each flavor is made fresh and tastes incredible. If ever given the opportunity, it’s a must try!

  74. Robin says

    Hi Katie! Before my question, I want to thank you on behalf of everyone who is following Doug Kaufmann’s anti fungal diet. Your recipes are life saving and life changing for those of us who have to make radical changes and can’t boil water! You truly have a gift and thank God you are willing to use it to help people to heal their bodies as well as those who just want to make healthy yummy food! Now my question…..The anti fungal diet is rather limited as to their food choices and especially for those of us who also happen to be sensitive to dairy. They are big on coconut and I knew you were so I got excited until I searched all over and I mean ALL over several cities to find canned coconut or cream without gums or preservatives to no avail. I was able to find Artisanas organic coconut butter though and got excited when their website said that you could make coconut milk from it. I have been dying to make whipped cream ice cream for so long and was originally so happy to find out that they could be made with coconut milk until I realized that there wasn’t a healthy can to be found:-( So I called Artisana and guess who they referred me to? You guessed it my friend! You must be famous! They said that if anybody knew or could make it work, it would be you! What a compliment, huh? So you can probably guess what I wanted to find out. Can I use the butter to make whipped cream, ice cream and other recipes calling for coconut milk? I am praying that there is a way, but I will now defer to you and will wait patiently for your reply. Your fan club president, Robin

  75. Sarah says

    Katie – LOVE this hummus!!!! I’ve been trying to eat gluten-free, dairy-free, but adore pizza 🙁 🙁 sob! This recipe is EXACTLY what I need to keep the “pizza level” in my blood high enough to avoid withdrawal… 🙂 Thank you so very much! (My family & I love just about everything we have made from your site, btw….)

  76. CookieMonster says

    Came out absolutely amazing! I made it with 2 cans of Navy Beans bc I just ran out of Garbanzos making your Cool Ranch Hummus (which is awesome, too). I used a good handful of fresh Gouda cheese, also added some Oregano and used Hunt’s tomato paste instead of tomato sauce. Garnished with fresh Basil on top and some olive oil. Heaven with tortilla chips.

  77. Ashley says

    So I really never post a comment to a recipe…but I just finished blending this and can’t get my 19month old out of the bowl! Our whole family goes through tubs of sabra and I lately started making it at home. This is now in our batch rotation! Thanks for an awesome recipe!

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