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My blog’s Mini Makeover


What do you think of the new header?

All feedback is welcome, as I’m not sure it’ll stay this way. I’ve wanted a change for a while, but it’s been on the back burner so I could focus on what’s more important: the actual blog content. (I’m still looking into hiring a real web designer—goodness knows I am not one! Unfortunately, I fell in love with the work of a designer who’s gone on indefinite maternity leave.)

head 1

If you’re reading this post through email or Google Reader, click on either the image or the blue link above to see how it actually looks on the website.

Other things on which I’ve been working:

healthy butterfinger bars

Healthy Butterfingers!

healthy granola bars

Chocolate-chip granola bars.

chocolate pixies

Chocolate Pixies.

vegan vita muffins

Chocolate Vita-Muffin Tops.

(Photos above are mostly un-edited, and recipes are either going in the cookbook or I will publish them soon.)

Question of the Day:

I really do want to know your opinions on the header. And if you have any other requests for a future redesign, feel free to leave those as well. A few people have asked for a “print it” button… would that be something you’d like to see?

Side note: If you’re interested, click here to see: the old blog header.


Published on October 10, 2012

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  1. Amelia says

    I like the pink header… it’s cute.

    In general, I tend to like headers that are theme-related and artsy such as those on Averiecooks or Ohsheglows. The little trademarks like the silverware/plate or leaves/veggies help with the focus (food/wellness/nature) and add a special touch.

    Just some thoughts. 🙂

    P.S. Healthy butterfinger sounds delicious. Next recipe?!

    • Maria Carolina Rueda says

      I completely agree with the theme-related artsy header. I also love clean and fresh layouts like Peachy Palates. The blue background is…not my fave either. But you’ve got such great content that I really disregard the layout much of the time.

  2. Ali @ Peaches and Football says

    It’s cute – but I think there needs to be something chocolate in there. Maybe you holding a piece of chocolate cake or something 🙂

    Can’t wait for the butterfinger recipe, all the unhealthy halloween candy is quickly weakening my resolve!!

    • Carrie says

      Her holding a plate of chocolate cake with the fork in her mouth like she just took a bite, looking cute with a little smile.. I would go well with the theme of the blog, looking like you’re eating naughty, but you know it’s really not, hence the mischievous smile.

      And I would love that butterfinger recipe as well.

  3. L says

    Katie, you look STUNNING!

    I liked the old header, but the new one looks more professional. But I agree with you that blog content should come first. Really I would read your blog even with no header! Also, did you dye your hair? It looks really blonde. Beautiful!

  4. Jacque Foster says

    I think you are blending too much into the white background now that your hair is lighter, and with lighter-colored clothes on. You don’t stand out enough, and you should because you’re adorable. Also the “CCK” type is a little bland…perhaps a cookie dotting the “i”? Maybe it should change out often?
    YES, PLEASE to the print button! I have to cut and paste each recipe into a PAGES file in order to print b/c my computer is in another room from my kitchen. I’d love that quick-fix!
    I’d also love to see your site have more options on your drop-down under “recipes” such as “Meals” “Cookies” “Cakes” “Pankcakes” etc. vs just the three options.
    I hope this helps!

    • Lisa-PanaMOM says

      I agree that you are fading into the blog too much in the new header, but it doesn’t really matter too much to me! I’m here for the food!

      And, I also would LOVE a print it button!!

  5. Kylie says

    It seems much cleaner than the last header. The purple background of the last one, while matching to the website, took away from it. It honestly took me a few weeks to even realize that was a picture of chocolate in the old one. It seemed to busy. I like that this one is more clean cut, but it would be nice to see a “logo” of sorts. Even just a little doodle of a chocolate bar or something similar would be nice. I agree with the previous poster that a little theme related is nice, without going overboard. There are a lot of designers on Etsy that could design just a banner for you if you didn’t want to take the full web design plunge yet. And, don’t take this in the wrong way, but I think your picture to the side is the best place for a photo. The banner seems like it should have a simple little chocolate design, keeping it clean, noticeable and theme related.

      • Kylie says

        Oh, yes! Sorry about that. I think the picture is definitely nice, and it doesn’t intrude on the banner at all. It just seems like an odd placement when there is another photo a few inches away in the “About Me” spot. Thanks for that!

    • Alanna says

      Oh, and I don’t care either way about the print button if it’s troublesome… I’ve been bookmarking the recipe pages and just accessing via my “mobile cookbook” (iPad) to save paper. 🙂

  6. Kylie says

    And, on a side note, I do like the banner picture more than the current picture. Maybe you could update the side photo with the new banner photo. 🙂

  7. Katy says

    I think you are super-pretty but I don’t love it. I’m not sure why…I feel like it looks kinda infomerical-ish. Like you should have a 24 piece set of Tupperware in your hands or something.

  8. Jerica says

    I love the new pic as well as the type, but I am not overly-fond of all the white space. It needs a little something. I think removing the sub-head was a good thing, as your blog isn’t always about desserts. I do like the “feel” of it though. I am really glad to know that your attention remains on content first 🙂 I love your blog!

  9. Lindsey says

    Your new header looks great, but I agree that eventually it would be great to put some chocolate back into it somehow. Something that makes people drool and catches their eye no matter what page their on. Every time I go to this recipe blog, I’m totally drawn in by the delicious looking molten cake in the header:

  10. Kris says

    I like the font of the new header…maybe it could use a little bit of a shadow underneath or something to make it pop a little more? The white space is kind of big, but maybe I’m just not used to it yet. The picture looks really nice.

  11. Lise says

    I love the new header, Katie. It looks good. And a “print it” option would be fabulous! I can hardly wait for the pumpkin “pie” recipe. Thanks for all your work on these recipes. I have tried a number of them, and so far, they’re all keepers.

  12. Cori says

    Honestly, I know this is not what you asked, but I could care less about the look of the website, as long as it has pictures of yummy healthy recipes, you can have it look however your heart desires. I can not wait for the butterfingers and crust less pumpkin pie… I really hope they end up on the blog!!!!and soon!! : )

  13. carole says

    LOVE the new font; i think it’s a little cleaner and easier to read, and super cute – like you!!
    I thought the previous background, while I loved the dark blue, was a little confusing (couldn’t quite tell that it was chocolate at first). The new white background is a little plain, though, so I would add the blue back in , but like Jacque said, make the “i” dotted with a cookie – cute idea!!
    And YES to the PRINT button!
    We love you, Katie!!!!! Doesn’t matter what the header is!!!

  14. Lily says

    Hi, Katie! So excited to see those new recipes, and can’t wait to buy your cookbook! I like your new header much better than the old one, but there are a lot of things you can do to make it more “you.” I do some graphic design work on the side and would be happy to help you out, free of charge. (I do it because I love it, not to make money.) Let me know if you’re interested!

  15. Jamie H says

    LOVE the simplicity of your new header. I agree, it needs chocolate. What about changing your first “O” into a piece of chocolate cake or a cupcake?
    I think you should add your tag line back in in small print in the lower left corner. Just my opinion 🙂

  16. Diane Pierce says

    I agree with Jacque, your picture looks a little bland and doesn’t do you justice. And there is something in the middle of the first “C” that looks funny to me. Not sure if it is your arm, a chair, or what. Sorry if I am seeing things that others are not. Can’t wait for the cookbook to come out. Can we preorder?

  17. Nathalie says

    I work for a web design company. Actually, one of the biggest, most well known and reputable companies in Ottawa, Canada and we’re #1 in the google search. My hubby owns the company 🙂 It’s been around for almost 14 yrs now. I’ve seen good and bad sites based on what the clients wanted and their personal tastes. I personally feel there’s too much white. The Pink is fabulous, but the white is distracting and takes away from the feel of it. It also fades and washes your picture out way too much. You’re wearing pale colors and your hair is not as dark as it used to be either which makes the white a bad choice. You should also keep “the healthy dessert blog” so if someone stumbles upon your site, they know what your site is about. Chocolate-Covered Katie doesn’t say what you’re blogging about 🙂 I’m more than happy to send you my companies info so you can check out our portfolio section to see some of the great sites we’ve done if you’d like.

  18. Jenny D says

    I like the idea of a cleaner header, but i do agree that it needs something in the background…..just seems to be missing something.

    I use your mint chocolate cupcake recipe all the time but bake them as muffin tops and they remind me of the mint chocolate Vita-tops. I freeze them then give them to my daughters as a breakfast muffin for a change. (I add protein powder to the mix) I figure they are no worse than the pancakes or waffles they want for breakfast and they are super easy, just warm and serve!

  19. Cindy Whitsett says


    You are such a cutie. I love your blog! Thanks for helping make our lives healthier.

    I do like the new header. It’s much less busy. However, I do think it should involve food or chocolate in some fashion. I’m not saying you have to be goofy with it and actually be covered in chocolate, but perhaps you holding one of your glorious creations would be a good addition.

    YOU do whatever you want. I’ll keep following and attempting the recipes that look so good (can’t wait for the crustless pumpkin pie!).

  20. jenna says

    I honestly do not like the new header-it is boring and I liked the fact that your old one had more color, and included chocolate!!

  21. Erika says

    Can’t wait for the pumpkin pie and butterfinger recipes! My mouth is watering just looking at the photos.

    I like the text/font and color but I personally would either do away with your photo and add a different graphic or add some type of background. I like that it looks clean and simple though.

  22. Karen says

    Not a fan. I love you site. I reference it twice a day. I dont like pink, I think it makes things look cheap. I think the banner behind CCK should be a beautiful photo of some of the normal ingredients (dates, nuts, cocoa powder, etc.). Definitely include in the title the think about healthy blog. I just think the thing that makes you cooking different is the ingredients, that’s why I like the idea of the photo banner.

  23. Tracy Shumake says

    The font is cute and I like the pink, but unless you have recently gone blond, you may have over (or under?) photoshopped your pic. You need a little color correction on your hair. And I agree with the others that the content should be more heavily featured. Your personality is a key part of the website, so it’s appropriate to have you on there, but if you’re going to be that literal with your photo, the chocolate should probably be featured literally too. You could also do something more conceptual that doesn’t have a pic of either you or chocolate, but that evokes the idea of chocolate decadence and femininity.

  24. Mariah says

    I love the big pink writing! But I think it is too white- maybe a light pink in the background or some other color. And I would recommend moving the name over so it doesn’t cover your picture (which is adorable!).

  25. Jeanne says

    I like the simplicity and clarity of the header–but some graphics would add interest, too. You might get bored with it otherwise. A print-it buttom would be wonderful! How about a “lick-it” button?!! Just kidding!

  26. Leslie Zander says

    Katie, I am a designer so if you really want to give the blog a make-over, shoot me an email! I just don’t feel like the header (or the whole blog layout really) represents how awesome of a blog you have!!! We can take it to the next level if you are ready…

  27. Jill says

    I agree with most that you need something chocolate in header and fill in all the white/dead space.
    Can’t wait for the Vita Chocolates – I’d love to make your version – I buy them all the time!
    Also can’t wait for the butterfingers!

  28. Kat says

    well, it kinda seems so empty to me.. I´d rather put some background to that. But it´s still nice, although I liked the old one better 🙂 Btw, I love your cheesecake recipe 😉

  29. Gabrielle says

    If you manage to pull off those healthy butterfingers – I will forever be your servant.

    For real. My favorite candy. (other than Reeses, of course).

    Have you ever heard of Jenny from the blog Peanut Butter and Jenny? I don’t know her personally, but I read her blog, and know that she’s a really fantastic self-starting web designer, and she’s created some really impressive blog layouts. I can’t imagine she charges a ton, and she seems like a great person with which to work.



  30. Bailey @ Onederland or Bust! says

    As a Graphic Designer, I have to agree with the other comments. The header isn’t bad, but it is definitely lacking in character. I think chocolate should definitely be incorporated somewhere and your current picture is a very nice picture of you, but it blends in to the background and looks like an after thought. I personally like clean designs and your new header has captivated that, but it just needs an extra somethin’ 🙂

    And all your upcoming desserts look fantastic!

  31. Holly Lance says

    The new header is very cute – I love the hot pink, and it definitely looks more professional. As a trademark attorney (as well as an avid follower of your blog!), I would also recommend incorporating a design element to add distinctiveness. If you ever want to consider registering CHOCOLATE-COVERED KATIE in the Patent and Trademark Office, definitely get in touch!

  32. Sara Z. says

    I have to confess I liked the old one better as well. I do like the font and the color of the print in your new one, but I like the picture from the old one better (no offense!) and the background. I definitely think the new header is a good starting point though! 🙂

    • Sara Z. says

      I should have been more tactful 🙂 I think I just like your hair better when it is brunette. This is probably because I wish I could dye my hair a bit darker, but everyone tells me I’m too pale to pull it off 🙂

  33. Lea says

    I like the new header but I think it’s missing some chocolate! But otherwise I think it’s simple, straight forward and looks nice!
    I’m super excited for that crustless pumpkin pie recipe!

  34. Jenny says

    I love your new header, Katie! It looks very clean and simple. I can’t wait for the recipes you’re going to share on the blog and I’m equally as excited (if not more!) for your cook book! Are you going to need any recipe testers???

  35. Janae @ Bring-Joy says

    I like that it’s clean & simple. I would love to see some sort of CCK logo, though. You’re defintely a big deal, & you should have a logo. I paid a graphic designer to help me figure out mine. I think simple & clean is the better way to go, as far as logos go, but having a logo creates a bit more name recognition (although you don’t really need help in that category!). A logo is sort to the professional stamp on things. Those are my 2 cents.

    (You’re gorgeous, btw!)

  36. Rachele says

    Both are cute, but I think you should have something covered in chocolate – your theme!!

    Your photos are amazing! I am very interested in your butterfingers, vitatops, crustless pumpkin pie, — oh what am I saying? I love ALL your recipes. Haven’t disliked one yet. I can’t wait to try your chocolate PB mug cake (today’s email) when I get home from deployment. Thank you for posting your incredible recipes!!

  37. Beth says

    I would love a Print button that would just print the recipes and not all of the comments! Although I alove the comments, I do not need to print 47 pages of them. I often just copy your recipes into a word document and print that. And why I am writing you, thank you for your wonderful recipes. I learn so much from you and have tried many techniques I would never have thought of on my own. You are wonderful!! 🙂 🙂

  38. Robin says

    You have such a cute face of course its good! Honestly, the layout is fine however you do it as long as the recipes keep coming! Between you and Skinnytaste I’m obsessed with experimenting your dishes. My boyfriend and our coworkers really enjoy it, too!

  39. Kristi says

    I really liked it until I started reading all the comments…lol. Then I had to go back and look at it again. 😛 I still really like it. There is a lot of white, but it gives it a clean look, uncluttered. The brown line under it reminds me of chocolate. I think it’s great!

    I don’t comment much as my computer time is pretty limited, but wanted to take a moment to tell you how blessed I have been by your blog! I am a single mom with six girls….and girls like chocolate!!! I have two boys that like chocolate, too. It’s just not the same. Anyway, I’ve been on a beyond limited budget and trying to eat healthy. Blech! Then I found YOU!!! Healthy and yummy? And chocolate, too? You are our new household name. My ten yo is a choc-o-haulic to the extreme. I think you are her new favorite person. 😛

    Thank you for this blog, for sharing your recipes, for your beautiful smile that lights up my inbox with your email every morning. It’s great to start my day here, and then at the breakfast table, too. 😛 We did the snickerdoodle pancakes the other morning when I realized I was out of eggs. The kids thought they were great. Dessert for breakfast??? 🙂 I tripled the recipe and still didn’t have enough, though. Maybe how many servings it makes would help? Or I can keep guessing, too. I am just definitely not as talented in the kitchen as you are. : )

    Anyway, thanks again for sharing your gift with us. I’m telling EVERYONE about you…..even a lady in the grocery store the other day that was new to gluten free. Can’t wait for your cookbook. Hope it’s out by Christmas; it will be at the top of my list! : )

  40. Shannon says

    CANNOT wait for the recipes to go along with the pictures!!! Healthy Butterfingers? My hubby would die!!! He LOVES Butterfingers, and if I can sneak something in that’s healthy, that would be awesome! And the Chocolate PIxies look fabulous — EVERYTHING looks great! And the new header looks just as good!

  41. Chris says

    I don’t care WHAT you do with your header as long as you post that crustless pumpkin pie!!! (My daughter wants the butterfingers though!) I guess I’ll get on-board with the chocolate-is-needed-in-the-heading idea…..well, you ARE chocolate covered Katie, right?!?!?!?

  42. Kristy says

    I agree with some of the others, the new header isn’t my favorite. 🙁 I like your hair better darker, so I’m personally not a fan of this pic of you. You are so super pretty, especially with dark hair!! 🙂 I also think the header is a little bland. I like the clean look, but it does need a little bit something extra. I do design work if you are interested! 🙂

  43. Barb says

    I think your heading needs some chocolate or some food or something extra. I do really like the pink!

    Can’t wait for the pumpkin pie, and a print it button would be AMAZINGG as I print so many of your recipes! 🙂

  44. Monica Chambers says

    Hey Katie! I’ve been following your blog for about a year now. Every recipe has been absolutely incredible!! You are so creative with all the things you make! When I come to your website, you provide wonderful inspiration for my cooking and dessert-making! Thank you!

    I’m writing specifically because I am a graphic designer (I have a bit of web design experience but not a whole lot but I have an excellent eye for good design). If you are looking for someone to hire to help you with the design of your blog, maybe you could consider me. The Facebook page above can show you some of the work I’ve done.


  45. Erin says

    I’ve already given feedback on Facebook, but I’ll say it again here: I like this header better than the other one (like others have said – it looks cleaner & more professional) but it’s also a little plain, and the picture of you looks kind of lonely at the top.

    I personally wouldn’t use the print button, but I don’t think it would detract anything, haha.

    And that pie sounds (and looks) fantastic. Very excited 🙂

  46. Eribis says

    I honestly don’t really like the new header. I saw it yesterday and thought my computer messed up. The white background makes you look washed out… You’re Chocolate Covered Katie and so I feel like the background needs to reflect that. !CHOCOLATE! As for the print button it doesn’t make a difference to me because I just write everything down because I sometimes make changes.

  47. Amy Sun says

    I’m honestly not in love with it. I like the font and I think you look cute but there needs to be some added graphics that help define the blog and the chocolate side of things. I think you look great but I’m so used to seeing you with dark hair that it was a bit of a shock to start! On the recipes…I thought “How did I miss making those???!!!” What a relief to see you haven’t posted them yet. Please put up the butterfinger one soon! 🙂

  48. Aimee B. says

    I think your new header looks simple & nice. You are beautiful as always. I would LOVE a “print it” button. I am always finding I need to copy & paste into my email, so that would be a huge help. Those butterfingers sure look scrumptious! I hope they are an upcoming recipe in time for Halloween. Thanks for all you do! 🙂

  49. Katie says

    I agree that you need something chocolate in there! Please hurry with the butterfinger recipe! It looks soo good 🙂

  50. Megan E. says

    I think I have to agree with several others – I don’t like the switch.

    1. You look like a barbie from 1985 – not really the theme you are going for
    2. The font is too childish and barbie-ish again, more adult or more “desserty” would be better
    3. The pictures no longer match, the blog looks like it is done by two people.

    I would recommend taking up someone who has offered to help in the comments, as your blog grows, having someone else do tech would help quite a bit!

    That said, please do post the butterfinger recipe, and quickly, I really like that candy and it would be perfect for halloween!

  51. laura says

    Can’t wait for all the recipes! I like the change in the header, but I don’t personally like the white background. I think you need a darker/colored background.

  52. sassygirl says

    I loved the old header much better. your pix is lost in the new header and it doesn’t
    pop like the old. That being said, your recipes and writing are far more important to
    me than the website design. I would keep reading, keep baking, and definitely
    keep up with your blog no matter what!

  53. Lydia says

    Hey Katie,
    Hooray for all of your upcoming recipes, especially the butterfingers! My husband is PUMPED!

    I like the clean design of the header, but I just don’t think it does justice to what an amazing and creative blogger you are. I know a lot of people have already commented with more details, so I won’t bore you with repeats, I just think a blogger as fabulous and dedicated as you needs a bolder and more substantial header.

    Raising my steamed almond milk with pumpkin to you! 🙂

  54. Jamie says

    How about Jeanete Fulsa for web design? I might be spelling her name wrong, but she is the author of Chocolate and Vicodin, so you guys should get along just great!! Good luck!

  55. Rebec says

    I agree with what many have said. This header is a huge improvement from your last one so way to go! It can be even better and should include “healthy dessert blog” as Nathalie mentioned. It should be more of a graphic than a plain font. Add one our delicious pics as the mainframe graphic with the text to the side of it. You are darling, but your pic doesn’t need to be in the header. Love your blog and website! Keep up the great work! Thanks for all your sharing.

  56. Myrtle says

    Like the font and the color of the header. But the picture of you looks like you have no arms!!
    I would LOVE a “print” button so I can print your recipes without having to cut and paste into word every time.

  57. Jodi says

    I actually like your old header better. This one doesn’t make me want to eat chocolate at all! :). I agree with others that it is too white and with your blonde hair, (love you as a brunette!) it blends in to the background. A print button would rock. Especially one that prints either 3 X 5 or 5 X 7 recipe cards.
    Love your blog. Can’t wait for the cookbook!!!!

  58. Roberta says

    I love you Katie… but I don’t think that’s the most best/nicest/most flattering photo of you that we’ve seen on your blog. Sorry kiddo.

  59. Leafy says

    I think the new header needs a little more. I’m not sure what though.
    I would like a print option but I’d rather have the cook book 🙂
    I love your easy and delicious recipies!

  60. vegannewbie says

    Sorry to say but i hate the new header! Its awful. The other one was much nicer. I agree with the others too though about how themed headers. I really like how Angela ( mixes hers up every season with something new and creative. You now take such great photographs, I dont this new header is doing you justice. Its just too boring and generic.

  61. Melodie says

    That’s a great photo of you! And I like the “openness” of the new look. My advice would be to create a header that uses photos of your yummy treats, including something chocolate, of course – like say 4 photos lined up together with the title above or below them. I know I am always more attracted to a blog if I can see a sample of the deliciousness being offed in the header. But do what you like! That’s part of the fun of having your own blog :-).

    • lyss says

      I definitely second this idea. Some of your awesome dessert photos in the header would probably draw people at first glance, whereas just a title and photo of you doesn’t really show what your blog is all about. Maybe I think that way just because I’m a visual kind of a person, but I would guess most of your readers love your photos, too! You can keep it clean and neat with just a few square photos, as opposed to a messy collage. Just my 2 cents, ’cause you asked! But, ultimately, please do whatever YOU like!

  62. Pipsa says

    I do LOVE the new header! It gives the site a much more lighter and modern look. I’m not a huge fan of the blue background, though. Maybe the “About Me” -picture would also require an update? Not that you didn’t look very fresh and cute in it, but the photo seems to be a bit oldish and a more current photo would give a right impression of the website to someone coming here for the first time…

    These are just a couple of thoughts of mine, please don’t feel offended if I was too straight-forward! I just ADORE your blog and I hope you’ll never quit, I would be miserable without your newsletter and your delicious yet healthy recipes 🙂

  63. Andie says

    I’m so excited for the crustless pie!! (I normally don’t even like crust so I bet this is gonna be a really, really yummy pie! Pumpkin=heaven!)

    About the blog header: you look so pretty, Katie! But I think you should add something in the background instead of making it just plain white—or maybe hold up a piece of chocolate-something (it is a chocolate-covered blog, after all!) But it’s YOUR header, and your blog, so however you like it should be the most important! I’m a huge fan of your blog–although we’ve never met, I always look forward to new recipes. I used to restrict my eating and have a really low body image and self-esteem…but now I always eat a normal, healthy-sized breakfast…often one of your recipes! 😀 Thanks so much for starting this blog, Katie! I’m glad I found it!

  64. Carlie says

    1. So excited about the vita tops!

    2. I agree with Jacque. This picture of you is SUPER CUTE! However, the lighting on your hair really helps you to blend in with the white background. It would be nice if the pic could be cropped a bit more so we more of your face too! And like Kylie and Neena suggest, there are heaps of good graphic and web designers on Etsy that can probably help you for REAL CHEAP!


    And Katie, thank you for your awesomely exciting recipes!!!

  65. Maryz says

    Love how clean this new header is…but you need some filler. You look beautiful and the color is awesome (I’m a huge pink fan). Maybe some desserts pics or just some photos of chocolate, flowers or ??

  66. Erin K says

    Agree that the photo doesn’t work as a blog header photo. It’s too washed out to pop.

    Also, the neon blue and neon pink need to go. They are jarring to the reader and are bad design choices.

  67. Kelly says

    Mmmmm those butterfinger bars look FANTASTIC.

    I’m not really sold on either header. The new one is better but still lacking something.

    Shameless promotion, but my boyfriend is a web designer if you need someone 😉

  68. T says

    Hi Katie!

    The new header is great, and people will visit your blog regardless. However, I think the font could be improved- there are many free font sites all over the internet with unique and more “popping” fonts that you can find.

    May I also suggest that you teach yourself some web-design courses? You can actually learn a lot of these techniques online, and if you are going to do this for a living you may as well be a one-stop shop as much as possible. I’m learning basic programming right now from MIT through a free online course, and there are many, many other such courses available online. (Here;s a good place to start the search:

  69. katie says

    Love you and once again, CONGRATS on the book! I am so excited to get it when it comes out!

    Ok, the header I do not like. I think you look so beautiful in the pic of course, but I think with you becoming an author, you need a much better header, more professional.

    Love ya girl!

  70. Kay Gellerstedt says

    Hi Katie … I really like your headers. They always give us a heads up about what follows … and it’s never disappointing! I can’t wait to see the recipes for all of the yummies listed in this blog! I searched your site to find them and was disappointed when I couldn’t find them! 🙁 PLEASE hurry and post these delishiousnesses!!!

  71. Megan says

    Those muffin tops and pixies look amazing!!!! Do you have a muffin top pan? I am obsessed with vita tops; albeit, they don’t have vegan ones. Leave it to Katie to create one!

  72. Tish says

    I will be honest, I don’t like the new header or the old one. They are both too childish. You need something more mature that will appeal to wider audience. The pink and purple are for young girls and really should appeal to all types like older men who like to be healthy also. You should not include a picture of you in the header and you should also take your name out of the header. You are growing up and trying to expand and need a better brand name. Sorry I love your desserts but hate the look of the blog, all the headers, and the blog name.

  73. Justine says

    I like this header better than your other one, but it needs something to jazz it up. Like chocolate:) Looking forward to your upcoming blog posts!! Oh, and tomorrow is National Dessert Day!! Can’t wait!! Hehehehe…….

      • Justine says

        Commenting for the 3rd time today. Lol:) Anyways, my 10 year old sister suggested you use the picture of yourself on the Black Bean Brownies post, minus the pan of brownies, for your header. I would agree!! She also asked if you were married. I told her no, and she replied, “Wow! I’m surprised. She’s so pretty!!” 😀

  74. Whitney @ She Lives Fit says

    Hey Katie! I love your website and your recipes so very much! I am a graphic designer by education, and have always thought you could use a little design-“eye” for the header… I like the cleaner look you’re going for with this revision, but I still think it needs a bit more personality. I think a “brand” or logo would be a helpful addition and revision to your website. With as much readership as you have, and the quality of your content and photos, you should have a more professional identity for your blog. I’d be happy to help if you’re looking for a freelancer — you can check out my website to see the logo I did for my own business, and I’d be happy to assist you if you’re interested. It would also be very very helpful to have a “print” function in your blogs, because now the only real option for your recipes is to copy/paste them into a document to print, which is rather clumsy, and then you lose all your information on the recipes (you should copyright, or keep your blog name intact on recipes that are being printed by the thousands, which you could do with a print-feature).

    I’m so happy for all your success and excited for your cookbook!

  75. Jaime says

    I think it’s much cleaner-which is great! I say lose the blue on the sides…it kind of hurts the eyes against the white. Also, your header should be geared at NEW readers. Your current readers don’t care as much…we already know to come back. The first thing a new reader should see up there are some of the great photos of your proudest work. Keeping with that, I think you should somehow incorporate your “healthy dessert blog” tagline back in to let new readers know what your focus is. Or maybe come up with a new tagline!

  76. Rachel says

    First of all. I love your blog! You are so inventive and creative and I know we all appreciate you sharing your recipes with us SO much! And yes, I cannot wait to buy your cookbook!

    I like the font of the new header, but I agree it is missing something that “catches my eye”.I like the idea of keeping “healthy dessert blog” in your header. That is what made me stop and look at your blog in the first place!

    You are amazing Katie! Thanks for all your hard work and even asking for feedback!
    ps. Those butterfingers look out of this world amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Maddie says

    I think you should put one of your lovely food photos on the opposite side. Otherwise it looks more like this is a blog about a chocolate covered model. =p Also this may seem strange but I’m pretty good at making banners if you’d like any help on a redesign. 🙂

  78. Shundara says

    I like the new border is cute I love the pink. I would suggest you add some desserts in the back ground or maybe you holding whisk or a bowl of chocolate would give it some spice!

  79. Amy says

    The general consensus from my house:

    Our first impulse was that we liked the old header better. Then we took a deep breath and gave the new one another chance. We decided we like the cleaner look of the new one better. The increased white space is pleasant to look at as well.

    In addition, my daughter likes the font and color of the new one better. (I don’t have an opinion on that.)

    Good job. And we’re really looking forward to the recipe for healthy butterfingers!

  80. Jennifer D. says

    I don’t care for it. The contrast between the pink and white is too big. The picture of you looks a little awkward with the head tilt. It is very plain too.
    I tend to like ones that are more artsy and not ones with pictures. Here are some examples:

    That being said, those of us that are not graphic designers have a hard time with this sort of thing. Still, it isn’t going to make me unfollow you or anything 😉

  81. Sherry says

    Sorry, I wasn’t in love with the old header but I like the new one even less. Too blah I guess I’d say, not enough visual interest or pow. I know not very constructive, I instantly know what I don’t like, but not as good at articulating what I would like, I just know it when I see it! And YES a print it button with be great! I’m always copying and pasting so I can copy a recipe!

  82. Maija says

    I agree with those who would like to see more colour. I also (strongly) agree that it should have something that shows chocolate and points out that HEALTHY is a main theme here.

  83. Alli says

    Hi Katie,
    I don’t have a blog or a website…..I have been a graphic designer for 20+ years….and either header is ok….neither knock my socks off, but they aren’t bad either.. I am not a web designer but I could come up with some header graphics for you to look at. I would definitely like to play around with some different fonts. I recently updated our company website….its very industrial I created the look and all the graphics and organization of how the site flows Ijust didn’t actually make it work….you know the code!… . You can also see a few more samples of my work here…. . Let me know if you are interested!…..Great recipes! Can’t wait for th butterfinger one and yes please to the print it button!

  84. Bonnie says

    I agree with a previous poster. Check out ‘s header. You need something with you – simple, classic, elegant and dripping chocolate.

  85. Anonymous says

    You’re gorgeous, your pictures are incredible, and your food…well, there are just no words to describe! Unfortunately I don’t think your header quite reflects all that amazingness…yet…When I first came to your site I was like, “wow, a little design and this blog could very well take over the blogosphere for good because you have all the ‘hard’ stuff down pat–recipes, pictures, etc. Like you said, someday maybe a designer can help out…I think you’re awesome, but yeah, like quite a few others said with the new header: too much white, not an amazing font, maybe no picture, but including something about chocolate or some other logo/design element. Good luck, you’re awesome!!

  86. Sophie says

    I really like the new header. It’s a nice, refreshing change. The “The Healthy Dessert Blog” font is reminiscent of Halloween. I’m excited for your new recipes, they look yummy!

  87. Lindsey says

    Jenny over at is really good at headers! I would email her and see if she can come up with some cute designs for your blog. I’m really excited about your cookbook! Please give us ordering details asap!

  88. Sam says

    I like this header much better. it looks very clean. the other one was nice but the sharp simplicity of this one just really sticks out. The only criticism I would give is the picture. It is a great picture but do you have a way to darken it? The white background with the dark pink washes out the photo a bit 🙂

  89. Cathy says

    Yes, I would love a print button, with just the recipe and a small picture.

    I agree with Cori, any header is fine as long as you continue with your wonderful recipes.

  90. Rita Cruz says

    Hi Katie! I’m a reader from Portugal, and I must say I absolutely love your blog! I think a “print button” would be really helpfull, because I have to copy and paste the recipes in a word document before I can print them, and I don’t always have the time to do that, so I end up with twenty or more recipe links in my favorite list (I even created a folder named CCK where I put all the recipes I want to print when I have the time). Regarding the header, I think you should add some pictures of your creations, some of them are so beautiful and photograph so well it’s a shame you don’t show them off! For instant, the pictures of the cheesecake made it look so yummy I think they would be perfect… Or maybe something with chocolate, of course =)

  91. Alyssa says

    To be honest, I think you are awesome but I really don’t like the new header. Like a lot of people have said, I’m not a fan of the bubble gum pink and I have seen tons of pictures of you on your site, and I think the header one is the least flattering. And that’s hard for a pic not to be flattering bc you are seriously adorable. I think it would be cute to have like a mid cooking pic with flour and measuring utensils etc.
    Seriously?? Butterfingers!!!,!

  92. lois nelson says

    I agree the new header is too plain–definitely some chocolate needed somewhere!

    Can’t wait for the butterfinger recipe!

  93. Carrie says

    I’m not a graphic designer, but I do set up websites/blogs off WordPress themes as a side business, and I’d LOVE to design/set up your new website if you’re ready to take the plunge! I would recommend working with one of the lovely graphic designers who’ve offered their services above, and I’d be able to integrate their designs into a comprehensive website and blog format.

    If you’re interested, just let me know and I can send you prior sites I’ve done and pricing info. I assure you I’m extremely reasonable. 🙂

    As for my opinion on the new header, I would have to agree that it’s got some things going for it, but not enough. It’s got plenty of white space, which helps it look professional, but its very “washed out” and light. When you mentioned there was a new header, I was expecting a pic of you literally “covered” in chocolate (with clothes on, of course) :). Hmmm, maybe there’s an idea ;). And I miss having a space that tells me instantly that your recipes are healthy.

  94. Vyvacious says

    I think everyone has some really good points! I personally agree with some previous posters that a little more color pop would be good!

    However, looking at my own blog, I guess I don’t follow the norm either so I don’t know how much my opinion really matters here. I say, do what makes you feel happy and giddy inside when you see the header. For me, that’s a Batman-inspired header created for me by one of my good friends. I know it doesn’t reflect food or travel or anything else I post about but it does make me happy because I feel like I’m staying true to myself.

    After reading your blog for a little while now, I feel like you’re a very happy bright person who loves blogging about your healthy desserts. I know that you love helping others by giving them a healthier dessert option. I see that you’re trying to bring that with your cute smile and I think your banner should be an extension of that! Have a picture of you holding some of your favorite baked goods or milkshakes! Use a dessert that photographs well and that you really love! I also agree that having something chocolate-related would be great in the banner!

    Sorry for the novel 😛 I just know that I’m currently going through the same struggles of attempting to redesign my own blog. I hope I wasn’t too forward with my suggestions or analysis 🙂

  95. Tiff says

    Though I love that pic of you, I’m just not 100% sold on the header. Then again, I probably have no idea what I’m talking about since yours is still 10x better than mine! haha

    I’m excited about that crustless pie!

  96. Rhonda says

    I think the pic is cute, but maybe a little too flirty looking? I think you should be holding something chocolate or cooking related…a whisk? A giant chocolate bar?

  97. Jenny Zilmer says

    Your picture is nice on the new one, but it needs some chocolate on it! For that reason I prefer the old.

    Also, you had mentioned a while ago a red velvet recipe, which I haven’t seen posted. Can we expect this soon?

  98. Boo says

    Agree with many others – think your header needs more pizazz. It does not reflect you and your talents! It is quite tame and bland – you need something that stands out more – either the colour or some actual chocolate there somewhere would help, and just something bolder, really. The new recipes look amazing!
    When is the book due?!

  99. Jennifer says

    Agree with the others, you are adorable, but fade into the background and not into the pink font for chocolate – maybe even a caricature of yourself would be nice and you can make it any fun color or just food icons. Ingredients would be great as mentioned on top. Also, for sure a print it button with an option to delete the photos (the cost of ink!!) The pics draw me in, but when I just want to make it often or make a copy for a friend, I just want the facts.
    Thanks for all your hard work in making great food!

  100. Susannah says

    I think the header looks great, Katie!

    But if you are looking to hire a professional web designer, I highly recommend Anonymous Design. Here is their website: I can personally vouch for the high quality of their work and great customer service.

    p.s. I’m now a pumpkin peanut butter cups addict!

  101. Smee says

    I like it better than the old design, but it’s still not quite chocolatey enough! What about using a font that looks like chocolate, and keep the pink for a different part of the header? is a nice example of this. I love the site by the way and have made many things from it, but unfortunately pumpkin puree and apple sauce aren’t available here in Ireland, so I can’t make everything! 🙁

  102. Lena says

    When the picture was loading, I kept waiting for some sort background to load, haha. It’s pretty simple/plain – still very cute, though. Although now that you’ve added the “healthy dessert blog” part below, your picture is cut off and it’s no longer connected to the brown link bar underneath, which kind of makes it hover in a way that bothers me a little bit (but I am weirdly OCD in those things) with all that space below. But that’s an adorable photo of you!

    Anyhow, I still have your previous chocolate pixies recipe bookmarked, and despite that I’m very excited about this one. Will it be very different? (Healthier maybe? I love chocolate pixies but they’re not very good for my diet…) Also, butterfingers = yay!

  103. Kathryn Shaffer says

    WOW, everyone has such great feeback! I love the clean look of the new header. But chocolate could be incorporated.

    You could have a contest for “header submissions” and the winner gets a free cookbook…. I’ll bet you’d have lots of takers.

  104. jo @ includingcake says

    Loving the foodie experiments! I think the purple in your previous header worked really well for you…purple is known in the design industry to be associated with indulgence (think Cadbury’s if you have that in the US?) so i think you were onto a winner with the colours before, however i like the clean look and the font choices. Like others have said, I do also think you need some chocolate imagery in there somewhere and a bit less white background.

  105. Jennifer says

    Hi Katie–

    I’ve been following and loving your blog for several months now. I’ve tried at least 10 different recipes and they’ve all been great!

    I think your new header is nice, but I’m not crazy about the Lucida Sans-esque main font. I have to admit, it does look a little dated (maybe mid-90’s). The subtitle font is adorable. I’m crazy about fonts and logos and just wanted to chime in.

    Keep up the good work and thank you so much for providing all these recipes!

  106. j says

    Personally I don’t print recipes- it is a waste of paper- but some people are into tat so it would make it easier for them I guess.

    I’m going to be honest with you here about the header- I think it looks plain and uninspired with tat plain white background and the picture is not as flattering as the last one was, this one makes you look a bit washed out.
    But switching it up is always nice, so its admirable you are looking into adding versatility to that area of the site! Love that you always like to have things just so 🙂

  107. Michele says

    Katie, are you still reading after all these comments? Heh heh.
    My honest opinion is that you’ve outgrown this site. Like you said, you’re not a blog designer and that’s okay, but you’ve become more and more popular so I think it would be wise to hire someone to help you with it. I’ve been thinking about doing the same thing myself, so I’ve done some research and I’ll give you links to some designers. Did you know a lot of blog designers advertise on Etsy? Check it out.
    BTW my issue with your blog is finding recipes, it always takes me several steps to find the recipes I want.
    P.S. You’re awesome.

    • Linde says

      I agree with your point about finding recipes. The search function doesn’t really work. If you type in keywords, you get a whole list of recipes that have nothing to do with those keywords! Also, older (but still great and useful!) recipes are not in the list that is offered at the “recipes” section.

      & Agree to your P.S. too!

  108. Norma Flora says

    I think the site looks very nice. I agree maybe a little too much white space, but please do not fall into the trap of using multiple contrasting colors for background and words. This often leads to the inability to read anything on the page. Whether I visit a blog is not determined by how nice it looks only by how functional and readable it is. just sayin.
    I am so happy about the crustless pumpkin pie!!!! Can not tell you how much. I dislike crust!! I know I am probably the only one out there, but I just don’t like it. Can not wait

  109. Faith says

    Things I like about the new header: It’s a very clean design, which I like. Although the incorporation of chocolate was relevant from a content standpoint, it was visually confusing the way it was arranged. The first time I looked at it I had to figure out exactly what it was.

    Things I like about the old header: The byline. I think it’s important to emphasize that health focus of the blog, as that is what really sets it apart from other dessert focused blogs. Even if you are wanting to leave your options open to post more non-dessert recipes, it would probably be good to include a byline that incorporates the idea of health.

    I’m probably the minority here, but I actually don’t LOVE the photo in the headers. Don’t get me wrong, I love the photo on the sidebar, and I think it’s important to give a visual reference of who YOU are. But I think the header should be more focused on the topic of the blog, which is food. Although you do include tidbits from your life on here, it’s not the primary focus.

    • Sarah says

      100% agreed with your last comment. Katie, you’re adorable but two pictures of you so close together comes off as sort of you being full of yourself, which you definitely are NOT. I hope this doesn’t hurt your feelings or anything, I just don’t want your readers getting a false impression of you!

  110. Amanda @ Heart Tree Home says

    A print it button would be great. I think you should try to find a web designer; your blog is so much better and more professional than it appears at first glance. Not trying to offend, just saying that your blog is awesome and it deserves to IMPRESS when people come to your site for the first time… 🙂

  111. Heather says

    I liked your old header better, but I think the old one could do better by removing the purple section and just having chocolate images in the background. The color of the type brought it out, the chocolate background was dark enough not to be distracting, but still very yummy looking, and the shirt you wore in it perfectly matched the color that fills the “extra” space on the left & right margins of your site. Plus, you looked gorgeous in the other picture, your eyes were bright, you had a very genuine looking smile- the pic in the new banner looks so “posed” and I think the white background is just blah…

  112. Amanda says

    I personally like the old one, but in the new one, i love your hair! i just think it needs more of a background than just pink lettering on white background… you know? you are gorgeous and honestly, this is your blog, so make your header anything your little heart desires! 🙂

    thanks for all your recipes. you have saved me many times over again! xo

  113. Aimee says

    As everyone else has said the new banner is nice but it’s a little bland. It needs chocolate. I like the idea one of the posters mentioned about incorporating some of your more common healthy ingredients into the background. I also like the font that was linked in one post that looks like chocolate. That would make us all drool even more than we already do while on here.

    A print button would be great as well. But don’t sacrifice the content for the look because the content is why we’re all here not because of the blog’s looks. We’ll all still come back no matter what the pages look like because the recipes are sooooo delicious!

  114. Erika says

    I would love a print button; I have the hardest time getting the recipe and pic to print together on one page. It would be nice if the “print function” would print a single page with a title, one picture, and the recipe. I like lots of pics on the blog, but would like an easy way to save ink and have a nicely put together recipe card/page.

  115. Soni says

    It may just be me but with the white background and your hair being lighter your hair looks almost gray in the pic. Otherwise it’s pretty nice. I would LOVE a print button, I like to have the picture and nutritional info with my recipes and as I just have notebook on my comp to copy paste to I can’t get the picture that way.

    • Katie says

      I agree with Tanya. I do like it, but it’s missing something and too much white space. (unless you’ve gone on a cleaning and whitening binge, then it’s ok for a little while, until things get messy again. Some of the comments about food, CHOCOLATE, fruit…
      Please don’t be disappointed. There are times for a change. But all the white would make me go nutty after a bit.
      LOVE your recipies!! and LOVE THE PICTURES!! and Most Of All I Love All The CHOCOLATE! a chocolate smilie would be good now! ☻

  116. Eating 4 Balance says

    Totally agree that chocolate needs to be added to the header! Like maybe the words should drip in chocolate? Hmm.. That’s a thought! 😛

    Print-it buttom would be awesome as well.

    If you got a recipage that would be even cooler. But I know those take a SUPER LONG time to do.

  117. Elizabeth O says

    I like the new header! It’s simpler, (and therefore easier on the eyes, and easier to load)- and you look more professional in the picture. Though I agree with one commenter that you should have some sort of chocolate in it!

    Ultimately, it’s your blog, your decision! Just remember with advertisements and blog/web designs: sometimes less is more.

    Thanks for all your delicious recipes!

  118. ren says

    i kind of feel bad commenting for the first time with criticism, so let me first say…YUM! used your luna bar based recipe this weekend and it’s awesome. i find myself pinning every single recipe of yours and think you are pretty awesome…

    that said…i think the font you’ve used is too thin and is poorly kerned. the photo is a little too light and needs some pop. but i do love the subheader font. because you post such lovely pictures of your recipes, you might want to use some of those. i am an illustrator and tend to default to art for a header, but since you are (or will be) promoting your book, maybe consider tying the book cover into your header? but i think a stronger font will go a long way.

  119. Alison says

    I like the header! I love your blog no matter what the header looks like 🙂 But I agree with some of the other suggestions that there could be chocolate in it!

    SO excited for the healthy butterfingers and crustless pumpkin pie!

  120. Chris Eastvedt says

    Sorry, but I don’t like all that white space, and when you combine it with such a light-colored photo, you look washed out. The old header was more fun: there was a good amount of vibrancy and contrast between the colors, and the font was spaced better too. Not happy with this new option. The previous version was much better.

  121. Sara says

    I don’t love the new heading–for some reason that I can’t put my finger on, I think it looks dated. I do agree that a clean look is better, but there’s something about it I’m not feeling. It might be the photo–someone said it looked a little bit infomercial-ish, and that might be it. I was going to say it looks a little Glamour-shot-ish. That said, you are SUPER photogenic, and I love all the photos you post of yourself holding food…maybe a photo with food in your hands?

    I also agree that the content is what’s important–I read your blog daily, and I swear I’ve tried about half of the recipes on here. Every time I make some new awesome dish and have my (also vegan) husband try it, he just looks at me and says, “Chocolate Covered Katie again?”

    • Hallie says

      “That said, you are SUPER photogenic, and I love all the photos you post of yourself holding food…maybe a photo with food in your hands?”

      This is exactly what I was thinking! The most memorable image of YOU that I have from this blog is a photo of you in an apron holding a slice of cake or pie or something. I wish I could remember which post it was to mention it specifically, but I would definitely recommend using a photo of yourself with food. You are a shiny, happy, healthy looking person, so having you pictured with a treat you’ve clearly made (in apron for example) links the concepts of “dessert” and “healthy” for me as a reader.

      I’m torn on the logo idea because one of the things I love about your blog is that your photography is consistently great. Maybe you could have a banner with a few of your favorite food photos? That might be too busy, but that could help to convey the diversity of recipes that you offer.

      Thanks for offering such incredible recipes and positive attitude. You deserve a design that demonstrates the quality and uniqueness of your content, but in the end, your content really does speak for itself. Great job.

  122. Mimi Barber says

    Love, love, love your blog and all those healthy sweet recipes! Thanks so much for including Weight Watchers points! All of the comments by others conveyed my thoughts about the header. A print button would be wonderful!!!

  123. Rachael says

    Great content, great recipes, fun to read. Not so great layout/scheme.

    The bright pinks/purples and that picture of you make this look like a 13 year old girl’s blog. I think you are beautiful and look so good in other pictures, just not that one. The head tilt (makes your neck look too short) with the jean jacket are very childish, which isn’t you!

    I think there should be a logo and more sublte colors, pictures of desserts/chocolate, and probably not a photo of you. If you look at 90% of the other food blogs out there they don’t have a picture of themself except for in their “About Me” section.

    I think it is time you worked with a professional on this. Either way people will still visit your page but I think you could get so much more if you did the extra work with a designer.

  124. Laura says

    Not a huge fan of the new banner. It definitely needs more color or chocolate 🙂
    But….LOVE your blog! Your are amazing Katie! I live in Carrollton and I’m always thinking I’m going to run into you when I’m at Whole Foods, or now our new Trader Joe’s, hope I see you one day!

  125. Josefa says

    Love this header a lot more! Looks great! And your pic is adorable!! I would love to see a “print it” button. Would be great to be able to add your recipes to a recipe box. 🙂 Keep up the great work. Can’t wait until your cookbook comes out. When will that be??

  126. Barbara says

    Love the blog….but not so much the header! I think you need professional graphics…but it doesn’t stop me from reading your blog! Can’t wait to see the recipes for the pumpkin pie (no crust) and Butterfingers!

  127. Lizzie says

    Make the “o”s look like cookies! And the letters brown like chocolate! And change the violet background to a dark brown and the white section to a light (caramel?) brown. Chocolate covered blog!!! 😀
    I like that it looks cleaner, but your photo seems a little bit too small for the white space.
    But, honestly, I don’t care how your blog looks as long as you continue posting such tasty recipes. Oh, and by the way, you are a great photographer!! 🙂

  128. Shannon @ Skinny Sometimes says

    I’m excited for all these upcoming recipes, but I really love butterfingers and I’m most excited for that one. I love the new picture in your header, you have such a pretty smile!

  129. Cassandra Land says

    I just recently started following your blog and haven’t had the chance to make any of your recipes. But they all look really good! Part of what made me add you to my RSS is that your recipes are simple and healthy. Unfortunately, the new header doesn’t reflect that and I’m not sure I would have added you without realizing your recipes are healthy AND chocolate. Something like a logo or a subtitle that tells about your blog is needed to help you stand out as the healthy chocolate blog. 😉

    Plus, just personal opinion, but I think you look fantastic as a brunette. The picture on your sidebar is another reason that I started following you, because you can make so many good recipes and still look that healthy!! Something about the white or the photo placement in the header takes away from that healthy glow you have in the sidebar photo.

    I’m looking forward to start making your recipes!! Thanks so much for posting all of them and the drool-worthy photos!

  130. merry says

    i definitely like the new one better! it’s a lot more simple. i looked at the old header and realized that the picture makes you look much younger. the new header is much more sophisticated 🙂

  131. Pat says

    I like the old one. Since you asked I like your hair Brown too. LOVE your recipes and whatever you decide to do will be fine. But I like the old header…

  132. saida says

    I was staring at chocolate muffin tops yesterday at the local grocery store and I had to force myself to keep walking. I didn’t want to fork out $6 for 4 muffin tops! Perfect timing, Katie! Also, I agree that I prefer the new clean header, but there is definitely too much white space around your picture 🙂

  133. Jennyb says

    print button for recipes would be amazing. i once printer a recipe from your blog at work – however i also managed to print 42 pages of comments! touch embarrassing as i hadn’t been there long & used so much paper!

  134. Pat says

    If you are thinking of adding any Print link or recipe link PLEASE check out ZipList IT is fabulous. I use it everyday on my Ipad but it is a site too. Go check it out….

  135. Caitlin says

    I like the simplicity of the new header, but agree with some of the other commenters that you are blending into the white a bit with the blonde highlights. (Although your hair looks beautiful)! Maybe add a simple decorative background to the header? Also, have you thought about getting a logo designed for your site and other online postings? That would be really cool. Then it could be easily transferable to anything. Just picture it, a CCK tank or t-shirt! 😉

  136. Paula @ Paula's Plate says

    I think the pink and brown color contrast is very nice; I like that a lot. I also really like the simplicity of the new version. I do, however, see what others are saying about the “sparse-ness” of the image. I wonder if you could fix that by simply having a bit “fatter” or “bolder” of a font for
    “Chocolate Covered Katie?” I also like the suggestions about incorporating some chocolate elements in the title, thought that may make it too “busy.”
    Long story short, I love the color choices and simplicity. Could you fatten up “Chocolate Covered Katie” with a bold font to make it a little more substantial and bring the name of your blog to the foreground a bit more?

  137. Casey says

    Hey I really like this new header though I must say I think I like the old one a little better, because of the darker coloring. This one just has a little to much white for me, but overall I think it looks great! Please, please, please post the healthy butterfingers next! That sounds amazing!

    • Alexis @ A New Art History says

      But now, I’m browsing through the comments, and it looks like there are people with opinions all over the map about the header. I guess you’re going to have to go with what feels good for your eyes.

      I also wanted to say that all those pictures, even unedited look mouth-watering good. I too can’t wait for the crustless pumpkin pie.

  138. De'Etta @ Choosing Joy says

    Personally, I liked the old header better…BUT I think this one looks more professional and is easier for the eye to focus on the important info (theme of blog). I do think I’d add something chocolate somewhere….

    A print this button could be nice.

    I can’t wait for the butterfinger recipe!

  139. Shelly Hawes-Smith says

    I liked the old header better but only because I hate change. LOL Please give us the butterfinger recipes and update us on when the cookbook is coming because I can’t take the taunting photos of the recipes you won’t give us.

  140. Peanut Butter Bunny says

    Personally, I like the new header. Ya look all cute and cowgirl-ish in that jean vest. :3 But your picture (and the pink!!) really is what makes it. There is a bit too much white, for me. Maybe some psychedelic colors would do the trick?! Maybe like a couple trees in the background…or a forest, or open field, or…er, I don’t know. NO! A kitty holding a piece of chocolate! :O

  141. Peanut Butter Bunny says

    And holy…tofu. When you said the pie and butterfingers were gonna be and gonna possibly be (respectively) on the blog, I was like, “YES!”

  142. LaKaye says

    Hi Katie!

    I agree with many of the people who already posted. I also think the header could use some chocolate. I’m viewing the site from a large monitor and it shows a ton of blue space around the site which is distracting with the pink logo. Maybe you could make the site background & links brown?

    As for the overall blog, I think the content here is stellar! I recommend it to everyone I see, but I think you deserve to have one of those ultra adorable custom blogs. Until you can hire a designer of your dreams, have you considered buying a template that you can customize? I found a list of super cute templates that I think would be perfect for what you’re doing. The prices range from $15 to $79. They are here:

    Good luck and I can’t wait to try more recipes!

  143. Jamie says

    I’m not a huge fan of the header. You look gorgeous, but it’s just not as special as you or your blog is! You need something more distinctive.

    But that being said, I’d read your blog either way. You rock.

    Ps. DYING over the pumpkin pie and the butterfingers. If you ever run out of taste testers, let me know! 🙂

  144. Kristen says

    I think it would be better without the picture and with a more modern font, maybe with a design around it. There are so many other pictures on the blog, I think having one up top is distracting.

  145. LaKaye says

    Hi Katie,

    I think your content rocks and you deserve to have a super-awesome custom blog. Ultimately, hiring a pro to handle this stuff while you keep baking is the way to go. But, if you’re not in the position to hire a designer, there are some great templates available that you can customize if you know a little photoshop. Here’s a list of great templates from $15-$79.

    In the meantime, the blue background is very distracting. Maybe you can change your background color and link colors to brown or a soothing color. The blue & pink compete with each other when what you really want is harmony.

    Good luck! And I can’t wait to try the new recipes!

    Sorry for the double post, but not sure my other comment submitted.

  146. Shell says

    I LOVE your healthy single serve dessert recipes. The blueberry muffins are a favourite as they work well for a diabetic snack, with your option to omit the added sugar!!! The single serve recipes are quick to make and a wonderful way to ensure I don’t have leftovers to tempt me to overeat.

    I think the new header looks better than the old one, and lots of people have offered sound advice. As you said, it’s a work in progress. I would suggest working out what are your value(s) in regard to the blog and trying to incorporate something that symbolises them into your header. For me the values would be something along the lines of: (1) single serve, (2) healthy, (3) mouth-wateringly delicious! And not necessarily in that order.

    A lot of people have asked for a print button. I’d like to see a button to save the recipes as PDF documents, as I don’t have a printer and store them on my iPad (and thus only having a print button won’t help me). I use the iPad as a recipe book. Currently I have to collect screen shots of the recipes, and collate these photo images which is a bit cumbersome. PDF’s would be so much better.

    I can’t wait for your book, and hope it will be able to be shipped to Australia!!!

    Keep up the great work.

  147. TexasLea says

    I like the new one better than the old one. However, I think the deliciousness you post about needs something even better. I agree with others about not needing your photo in two spots. You are a super cute girl, but I just think since this is mainly a food blog, if there is a photo in the header it should be food, namely chocolate.

    You mentioned hiring a web designer. Please check out this one: I have been a fan of her work for several years now.

    And, if you just want someone to design a cute header I’ve got a recommendation for that too:
    I bet she could do the blog name in a super cute font and then make it look like it had chocolate dripping all over it. Something whimsical and fun like that would be very fitting for this blog in my opinion.

    Can’t wait to see the pumpkin pie recipe and I’m even more excited about the idea of a book!

  148. auntiecarole says

    First, a PRINT button would be great!!!
    The blog heading does need some color, too white and/or colorful graphics. I love the picture!

  149. Eric Jaffa says

    I like the new header. Crisp and clear.

    You don’t need to show food in the header since you show food below.

    It’s like how on the opening to the sitcom “The Partridge Family,” they don’t show them playing their instruments, since there is enough of that after the opening. That show lasted four seasons.

    In the opening of the sitcom “Joanie Loves Chachi,” they do show Chachi playing an instrument. That show only lasted two seasons.

  150. Eric Jaffa says

    RE: “future redesign”

    I’d like to be able to get an email notifying me if there is a reply to my Comment, without also getting emails about every Comment below that article.

  151. Olivia says

    Dude, you need to go with a sans-serif font!! I think it will give the header a more modern look. But the tagline (The healthy dessert blog) looks GREAT! But you’re absolutely right – it’s all about the blog’s content, which is incredible, by the way!! Keep up the awesome work :)))

  152. Claire says

    I like the old one better than this. This one is plain and I also don’t care much about the font. You have so many yummy looking photos you should somehow incorporate that in here. Just a thought.

  153. Emily says

    I think a hybrid of the two might work. For instance, I like the photo you have of yourself on the new header, plus the font you used for the subtitle “The Healthy Dessert Blog,” but for one thing, it looks too empty in the background, like the image just hasn’t loaded yet, and for the other, I prefer the squished pink lettering seen on the old header that doesn’t overlap with your portrait. If you took this new header, squished the main font, maybe gave it a thicker black stroke, then included in the background one large image of melted chocolate or something of that sort (something obviously identifiable that won’t conflict with the foreground text and images), I think that might make a stronger header. You might also have to make the subtitle white or pink and give the title a white or pink stroke instead of black, if you are to add a background image.

    On another note, those butterfingers look amazing! I’m not even a huge butterfinger fan! Maybe because it looks like peanut butter there… (I looove peanut butter.)

  154. Dalyce says

    Both look good, but honestly, the old one has a more vibrant “chocolate covered” feel to it, if you ask me! I’m relatively new to your blog (and the blog world in general) but love the bright colors in the old one, the new one feels a bit toned down for such a bold blog as yours!

  155. angie says

    Would LOVE to see a PRINT button!!!! I really don’t care about the layout so much, I’m here for the yummy healthy food! Thanks for doing what you do!

  156. AnnR says

    I think the new header is nice, but I agree with others that you blend in to the white background a little too much – you look so vibrant and healthy in the old header picture. The new picture is pretty but light, so maybe a different background color would work better?

    While you are working on the header, have you ever considered adding the word vegan to the “Healthy Dessert Blog” line ? I am a vegan newbie (3+ months) who kept stumbling across your blog through other links…and I have to admit I ignored it for awhile because I didn’t realize the recipes were vegan! 🙂 The pictures look so absolutely decadent that I was actually getting annoyed to keep seeing the links…I thought they were traditional “omni” recipes just testing my willpower! I finally read a few actual recipes and couldn’t believe my eyes – I can eat this stuff!

    I also would love a print button to print the recipes – I’ve been sharing some of your goodies at work (and sending them to work with my husband too) and everyone asks for the recipes.

    I love your blog – do whatever you want to the header, just keep those delicious healthy recipes and beautiful photographs coming! Can’t wait for the Butterfingers and pumpkin pie!

  157. missy says

    Hi Katie, I love your blog the recipes are simple enough to make that I am always trying new recipes. I really like your sugar free recipes. I have been making my kids breakfast cookies and smoothies in the mornings and they enjoy them.
    Yes a print buton would be great. And I agree with many others the blue is a little harsh, fresh and light might be good with you and some ingridients on the header, and a sugar free section would be great.
    thanks, for alll your work, I wanted to be done with sugar but not desserts, and you helped.
    I like this blogs colors

  158. Noren says

    I personally like the new font and love the picture, but it looks too white; I miss all the colour and chocolate from the old post. Keep up the great work though, I’m excited for the blog makeover!!

  159. Quin says

    I think more chocolate, less white space. And you look lovely Katie but I liked the old picture much better- did you dye your hair blond? However the pink is fun!

  160. Belinda jansen says

    This header is an improvement, but I’m a graphic designer so I’m pretty judgmental when it comes to things like this. I’m a print designer by trade, but I could help you create web graphics till you find a web designer. Check out my website; the site isn’t flashy (’cause I’m not a web designer) but you can see a few logos and graphics I’ve created. Email me if your interested. 🙂

  161. Stephanie H. says

    I would LOVE a print-it button! I normally just copy the contents of your recipe to another program so I can print it but a button to make a printer-friendly version would be great! Thank you for all the amazing recipes!

  162. Alan says

    A print button would be great! I’ve been copying and pasting the recipes but every time I do the font looks funny and I get “?” before every line of the ingredients, all the info is there its just odd.

  163. Fran says

    It’s a funny coincidence that you’re looking for a new web designer, Katie, because I chose to re-design your homepage as one of my recent class projects in a web design course! We all had to choose a website’s homepage to re-design, but I was the only student who chose a food blog. I think my classmates were jealous of my website choice when I presented my project 🙂 One of the students was also a follower of your blog, like me!

    In addition to page layout suggestions, my project included a re-designed header that you may like; it happens to incorporate a lot of ideas that people brought up in the comments on today’s post. Since your website is run by WordPress, I could help you design, develop, and manage it while your current web designer is unavailable.

    May I send you the PDF images of my class project? It was never formally published online (since that would obviously be copyright infringement), so the PDF’s are the easiest way to share them with you.

    I hope you don’t mind my posting this in the comments section, but I couldn’t find a more direct way to e-mail you. I hope we get to exchange ideas!

  164. Hannah says

    Hey! Sooo as a fellow foodie AND design student, I feel that this is the perfect time to reach out!

    I LOVE your blog, I’ve recently become addicted to your single serve recipes…so cute, so easy!

    I have to say that your photography and the overall layout on your blog is pretty great, but I think the header and background could use some more work. I’ve helped friends out in the past to set up their blogs, and since I am a design student, I really enjoy doing extra little projects on my time off. I’ve left a link to my online portfolio, it has my contact info on there. Currently it only has my photography, but I can do graphic design or any photoshopping that you need (maybe a logo as well?) Take a look and if you need any help, feel free to email me, I would love to help out!

  165. Andrea says

    Hmm. I like the font on this header better, but I agree that you blend into the white too much. It’s more like you’re an after thought rather than the prominent part of it you should be.

    A print button would be awesome! For me personally, though, I usually just end up using my laptop as my cook book. 🙂

  166. Jessica says

    LOVe the new header! Although it looks like it’s missing something. Maybe a thumbnail of one of your chocolate creations in the top right corner? Cannot wait for the butterfingers, the granola bar…I just cannot wait for the next recipe, whatever it is =)

  167. Brittany @ Brittany Cooks says

    Looks great! Adding a “print it” button is actually quite easy. I know NOTHING about web design..and Googled how to do it for my own blog. All I had to do was Copy-Paste tbe HTML code onto the template…easy peasy! I especially want to see the pumpkin pie recipe! NUM!

  168. Ellen says

    I like the lettering. The picture-there is nothin wrong with it, you are so pretty! However, your blog is playful and funny and written by you-a young, urban, woman who has lived all over the world and the photo gives a very middle-American, bland sort of vibe, like you are going to teach us boring housecleaning tips instead of interesting vegan food.
    So something that brings out the playful side of you would seem more accurate. But I am only one person(who loves your blog regardless of the header) so my opinion is not necessarily fact:)

  169. Maddy C. says

    Hmmm. You’re very pretty, but I think you might want a different picture of yourself up there… It doesn’t seem like the colours are saturated enough to hold up to the other 3 bright theme colours.

  170. Bek @ Crave says

    Hmm I like your header but think it could be a bit more exciting- Im not loving the font. But who am I right? Just my personal opinion. Ps. So unfair with those teaser photos! Mmmm.

  171. Anonymous says (my ten minute mockup of a better, cleaner header for you.)
    You header/layout isn’t great. Just by toning down the colors and taking your photo out of the header, you’d be on your way to a much more professional-looking site.

  172. Kimberley says

    The new header is cute – i love the picture of you (gorgeous!) but maybe you need something in the background other than white? Your up coming recipes are drool worthy!!!!

  173. Albizia says

    I don’t have the time to read the other 250+ comments so I’ll just leave my opinion even though somebody might have already said the same thing. I like seeing changes every once in a while so putting a new header is a good thing. It looks a little plain though. The picture of you is nice as always but there’s too much empty space that either needs some more background stuff or a fancier font of the title that will make it memorable.

    And I need to find something to eat before I start drooling over the keyboard 😛

  174. Sarah the official CCK drooler @RomneyRyan2012 says

    Looks like I’m late to the party, but I hope you don’t mind a 266th comment 🙂
    I think it was yesterday, maybe before that when I saw the new header. I’m really sorry, but I’m not a huge fan of it… I think it looks a bit odd. The placement maybe? Or maybe having one pic w/ brownish hair and the other with very blond hair- it seems to clash. But I do like the clean cut look to this one! But I agree with others… your blog is about food. So maybe you should have more of a food themed header and no pic since you have one on the side anyway.
    My two cents, that’s all.

  175. Becky says

    OH MY GOSH I’m so excited to see that butterfinger recipe…and the pumpkin pie too, but of course I’ll have to wait for the cookbook for that one.

    As far as the header goes–I think it looks a little empty. I think this is partially due to the fact that you have the obviously digitized lettering with only one single, tiny picture behind it. I definitely think the header needs some sort of picture–be it computer graphics or a collage of photos–but it just looks a little incomplete. Eesh, I really hope that’s not coming off as being harsh-just want to be honest! (And I’m really no blog expert either so I certainly have no room to criticize!)

  176. wendy says

    i don’t really care for it. as someone else noted, the head tilt is a bit too extreme, and i really like your hair when it’s darker. right now the header looks washed out since your hair is light as your denim and your complexion, plus it’s on a white background. i think you need to establish more contrast. i also love more arty headers such as in ohsheglows and ecovegangal, but i totally understand if that’s not what you want. if not, i would hire a photographer or find a friend who’s talented in that area to stage some more deliberately posed shots with a more considered color choice of apparel. 🙂

    totally looking forward to your butterfinger recipe!

  177. Andrea M says

    I like the new header because it is not as busy. The only thing, aesthetically-speaking, that I don’t care for is the bright blue on the margins. It is too much. I think your posts and your recipes are excellent and mature. I think the bright blue seems juvenile or something, but that is just preference. I love your blog so I don’t blame on leaving haha 🙂

  178. MichelleH says

    It’s clean and simple, but I think it’s lacking something. *You* are so bubbly, fun, and sparkly that I think your header should reflect that. I don’t mean a ton of stuff, just a little more oomph of some sort. Perhaps your photo should be you holding some totally decadent chocolate something with sprinkles.

    Secondly….healthy Butterfingers? Shut the front door!!! Yes, please. Butterfinger is my dad’s favorite candy bar and I would love to make him a healthier version.

  179. Life's a Bowl says

    The new recipes look delicious! Butterfingers were one of my favorite childhood candies and I loveee VitaTops 🙂

    I think the new header is good but could use a little more, like a pop- the pink letters definitely stand out against the blue/ purple background but maybe add some of your delicious pictures behind it?!

  180. Jules says

    Katie you’re pretty either way, but i like the new header with your old picture better. AND OH MY GOODNESS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE POST THE BUTTERFINGERS!!!

  181. Amber with Slim Pickin's Kitchen says

    I agree with the majority here, and I liked the old header better. Don’t get me wrong, I like the new one, but I just prefer the old one b/c I think it fits the theme of the blog better. Oh…and for the love of all things holy, PUH-LEASE post the butterfinger recipe 🙂

  182. Khursten says

    I know you have already gotten tons of feedback, but I wanted to just tell you that you are really talented. I have tried making or altering ‘healthy’ dessert recipes and they are usually disastrous. You definitely have a talent for what you’re doing and it helps those of us with diet restrictions or who just want to be healthier. So many people love the content on your blog. That said, the look of your blog needs to represent the VALUE that we are getting when we visit it… I have to admit, the first time I visited your site, I thought you were a high-schooler (you’re beautifully young looking) who was trying her hand at dessert-blogging (yeah I’ve been to many of those blogs)… But after reading on and trying your recipes, I quickly fell in love. Sometimes I spend over an hour just browsing through all your recipes drooling over and pinning and ziplisting the ones I want to try. I’ve thought many times since then that more people would see your blog as a legitimate professional food blog if it had a professional design… We’re all gifted in different areas, and your gift is definitely in cooking and baking… Enlist a professional who is gifted at design. You deserve it and your blog deserves it! There’s my two cents. 🙂 <3

  183. Jennifer says

    Love the pink! But then again, pink is my favorite color so I am a bit biased haha.
    I agree with others saying chocolate needs to be incorporated. Maybe make the words look like they are dipped in chocolate, or have you holding something chocolate related?

    Excited for the pie and the butterfinger recipe! Actually, I look forward to anything you share with us 😀

  184. Laurelin says

    Where oh where is the healthy butterfinger recipe?! The sooner the better, pretty please, with lots of chocolate on top!!!!

    And, the idea of a print button is FANTASTIC!

  185. Cheryl says

    Hi, Katie! This is my first comment on your website, altho’ I’ve been admiring it, and your wonderful recipes, for a long time. I’m writing not only to thank you (finally!) but to add my two cents on the new header. And I’m so glad I got a chance to look at the old one tonight for comparison, bcz like others, I couldn’t remember what it was. However, in fairness, I don’t remember what any of the headers look like on my favorite blogs, yet there are many that I love when I’m looking at them. And I realize now that that is the case with yours as well. I love love LOVE your old header!! The colors are so vibrant and alive, warm and inviting, and the picture of you conveys everything you might want to convey, including how healthy, charming and beautiful you are! The new picture, by contrast, makes you look unhealthy and washed out. I’m sorry to have to say that but you asked for honesty, and really, what’s the point of anything else, right? So…on the new header, there was nothing to draw me in, nor anything that conveyed to me anything about you or your site except the subtle impression that you weren’t all that healthy (hair looks dried out and messy, more like straw). Your old header, however, leaves the impression that altho’ your blog is dessert-oriented, there must be something healthy about them ’cause YOU look so healthy…and charming…and fun! Exactly as you really are! It makes me want to stay a while and see what you have to offer, whereas the new one makes me want to move on. I stay IN SPITE of it, ’cause I already know how charming and fun you are…and how wonderful your recipes! Again, lovely Katie, I am SO sorry to have to be negative, but really don’t want to mislead. And again, I’m so glad I got the chance to review the old before making my comment, so I could see what a powerfully positive impression it always left on me. If you had to change it, I’d suggest only changing the pict of the chocolate to make it clearer what it is — maybe a dessert in the background or something – but it isn’t necessary at all, ’cause as it is, it is truly a winner…as are you, your blog in general, AND your recipes! Thanks again so much for all you share. 🙂

  186. Melissa says

    I like your new header..looks classy.
    Also, just wanted to comment on how much I love your blog. I am lactose intolerant and my husband has numerous newly diagnosed food allergies; including eggs, gluten, rice, corn and potentially milk. It’s great to find recipes that I can make for both of us, especially single serving breakfast items and desserts.
    Keep the good stuff coming!!

  187. Gina Berninger says

    I like the new header as far as the food pics go, but you looked better in the darker background.

    Please share the butterfinger recipe, they look so yummy.

  188. Amy says

    I absolutely love your blog, but I do think a new design is needed to take you to the next level because your blog is huge and it seems to be getting more and more popular.

    I do think having a professional design it for you would be best. I don’t care for the font, I feel like it is outdated and something that was just typed up in Microsoft Word or something. I like pictures of the food in it. And the picture of you looks best below your header.

  189. Karen in SE TX says

    I may have missed it, but do you have an approximate date of when you will be releasing your cookbook? I will totally be buying it. I am 47 years old, and I learn new things all the time from your blog. Plus, your recipes are great, and I am not even a vegan (even though I probably “could” be and some days, actually am close. LOL)
    Keep going, girl, and continue to do what you do. You have a really neat thing here.


  190. Annie says

    I really like the new header. It’s fresh — and the pictures… they make my mouth water.

    As for the “print it” button… YES PLEASE!!!!

    Thanks for all your hard work. Keeping me in healthy chocolate recipes is something I will forever be grateful for!

  191. casey says

    Like the new header with food! All delicious looking, but now missing your lovely face! Perhaps there is a way to have both food pictures AND you in the header? Maybe you on 1 side of the title and a food pic on the other end? Or a picture of you holding something chocolate? Regardless how the header looks, still love the site and your yummy recipes!

  192. Bridget says

    I like this new, new header!

    Also, I hope you get those new recipes up soon because I am dying to try them! Especially the butterfingers 🙂 My 30th birthday is next week and I am having a party this weekend that I would love to make them for!!! (and all of the other new recipes as well!)

  193. Melissa says

    I’m a font snob (I’m a designer, what can I say) and I’ve never been keen on your font choices. They are always too cutesy/Comic Sans-ish (UGH. DIE COMIC SANS) or too “this font came with my computer” basic. You also shouldn’t need a stroke on all the fonts if you pick a good solid one that reads well over photos. You could also toss a screened white bar over part of the pic and put type on top of it. It’s a clean way to have your text pop off the picture without getting too shoddy with drop shadows and such.

    There are loads of great font choices at that are individual and fun, without the samey sameness of system fonts. Just look at the licensing agreements on each one you like to make sure it’s free for your use.

    I do thank you heartily for not using Papyrus or Curlz though.

  194. Allie says

    O.m.g. I cannot wait for the post about healthy butterfingers!! (hurry!!) I actually had been planning on trying to do this but you are way better so… Just gonna wait. … By the way I love your newest header. *nomnomnom*

  195. Tammie says

    A print it button would be great…..and as to other candy that needs a make over, what about Twix? I would love to see that!

  196. Brooks says


    If you get a minute, shoot me a quick email. My wife is absolutely obsessed with your blog and I’d like to throw some things to think about your way.

  197. Hannah says

    I have to ask, what is the recipe in the last photo of the header? It looks utterly delcious, but I’ve looked around and I can’t find it…

  198. Verena says

    Hi! I love your blog! I have made many of your recipes in my transition to veganism, and I have to admit, they showed me a world of possibilities with vegan baking. You rock! The header: If you decide to redesign, I would love to see a cleaner, more streamlined look… something with a more professional appearance. The recipes are definitely worth it (your 1-minute chocolate cake in a mug has become a staple in my home) so I would love for the website to dress the part. You’re doing a fantastic job, and me and my husband (new vegans) really appreciate it!

  199. JoAnn says

    Dear Katie,
    I would love a “PRINT” button if that is possible. Your recipes are fantastic. You are a wonderful human being to share these freely with the world too. Thank you for sharing all your time and hard work and for being a caring person.

    It makes no difference to me what the banner looks like or what you look like. Its a ridiculous thing to even comment on, when the obvious answer is that this is YOUR site and your banner and *YOU*, should be and look the way that you WANT to be. It’s really no one’s business to be making comments. Where I come from, that’s called “rude.”
    Bless you for who you choose to be!

    • Unofficial CCK Helper says

      Hi JoAnn,
      Hopefully you will be happy to know all of Katie’s posts as of 2014 do include a print option! 🙂

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