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Published on November 20, 2017

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      • Jason Sanford says

        You’d have to experiment, and I’d start with a stevia baking blend because then at least you’d still have the same bulk. Be sure to report back if you try!

  1. Leslie says

    I made these last night to satisfy a midnight craving for peanut butter, and they hit it out of the park. Quick and easy and delicious! I will say they didn’t hold together completely, each cookie breaking into about three pieces over the course of consumption, but that may be because I flattened them a bit too much before baking or tried to make them too big. (Though I made eight cookies, so I figured I was right in range?) Whatever! They were still great!

  2. Maureen Hogan Lake says

    Hi Katie! I LOVE peanut butter and will definitely make these! I wanted to let you know that your cranberry orange bread is a HUGE hit in our household. My husband has commented to me numerous times about how good this bread is. I made it to take to an event and it was well received there, too! Thanks for the delicious and healthy recipes! Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Tascha says

      i made them today and used the 3 tbsp of almond flour but when i was done mixing, they were WAY too wet still, so I added another tbsp of whole wheat flour. It did help but even after letting them cool, they were still pretty raw, a little too raw for my liking and normally I love cookies that way. Not sure if that helps but if i try again I’ll probably just use regular flour. Oh, i did use brown sugar so maybe thats where it went wrong? not sure but not sold on these cookies this time around 🙁

  3. Mrs. E. says

    I am a recipe tester and have baked a lot of PB cookies over the years. After just switching to a plant based diet, I am astounded that these may actually be my favorite PB cookies as well! Soft, Chewy, and the flavor and texture is all there. These are soft yet delicate. They hold together and yet when eating they break apart into three large pieces, not crumbs, not a bad price to pay for no eggs and very little flour. I used AP flour but would be happy to experiment with others in the future. I followed the directions exactly as stated and they came out perfect! My PB (Kirkland Organic Smooth PB) was already in the fridge so I did not refrigerate the dough further. Katie, another great recipe! Please keep them coming, you are a genius at what you do! These are even better than any “professional bakery” vegan cookie I’ve had!

  4. Yoko Sumida says

    Katie, these cookies are amazing! But just curious, how do you usually calculate the calories/macros, etc for nutrition info? I tried putting in different brands of peanut butter, etc as well as different types of flour (oat, etc) but at the minimum always ended up with more. Thank you for this delicious recipe!!

    • Jason Sanford says

      She uses caloriecount. I’m doing the math in my head really quickly and getting around 100c/cookie, which is a little more but pretty close per cookie.

    • Tina says

      You can make your own AS, I always do. Just peal some apples, add a splash of water and cinnamon and cook over low heat till they fall apart. Blend-that’s the best AS ever.

  5. Serena says

    I have been waiting to try out the peanut butter cookie recipe the health freak that I am, I chose to replace sugar with coconut sugar ?‍♀️ . I wasn’t statisfied, the coconut sugar has a taste that doesn’t go with peanut butter and the cookies need to be more firm. For the flour, I used rice flour , any idea how to make the cookie a little more firm? Also, which other unrefined sugar would you recommend? Thank you

    • Jason Sanford says

      You can always just add a little extra flour if you’re using peanut butter that is extra smooth or runny. I like either regular sugar or sucanat in these.

  6. Jess says

    I made these for my girls today, they loved them! I like that it makes a manageable batch. (Some cookie recipes make 2or 3 dozen, far too many for our little family). We’re wondering if this could be made using a chocolate nut butter, like Justin’s, if we reduce the sugar?

  7. Alex says

    I just made these. They’re really good, but I encountered one issue- they’re super gooey, soft and are falling apart.

    I didn’t peanut butter, but used something called “sun butter.” This is sunflower butter but it’s pretty liquidy and thin compared to peanut butter. Could this be the problem?

    Do they need more time cool?

    The only other thing I can think of is I didn’t use a cookie cutter. I just used a spoon, and rolled it with my hands. Should I not flatten out the ball of dough? I don’t think I did but I’m wondering if it’s too thin when it’s set on the pan, maybe it’ll become super thin when it’s cooked? I’m guessing the thicker the better, right, so that when it cooks, it doesn’t flatten out?

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