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Use your Imagination

As a very young girl, I thought the concept of a pictureless book sounded terribly boring. Once I learned how to read, I obviously discovered this wasn’t true; anyone who’s ever created elaborate characters in his/her head, only to be disappointed by a book-turned-movie, knows the incredible power of imagination.

However, when it comes to cookbooks, I’d still rather see photos.

vegan-blueberry-muffin   0   raw-cookie-dough-balls_thumb

findingphotographytips   mint_thumb_thumb   CSC_0866_thumb

(Once again, the pictures are actually links.)

My goal is to one day have a photo for every recipe on my recipe page. But in the meantime, I set up a Pinterest board for the recipes:

The board can be found here: My Recipes in Pictures.

Question of the Day:
Are you ever disappointed by movie versions of your favorite books?

Or are you ever upset when you imagined a character differently than the movie portrays? I think, as a rule, books are better than movies. The Da Vinci Code, Memoirs of a Geisha, White Oleander… Oh, and one of my absolute-favorite books: Gone with the Wind. They left so much out of the movie version! What happened to Scarlett’s son?!

Luckily, I think the Harry Potter movies got better as they went along. But still, I remember being so disappointed—initially—when the characters were different from how I’d imagined them. How dare they! Winking smile

Also, do y’all have a Pinterest page? Right now, I only have the board of my recipes. I’ve restrained myself from making another board; the whole idea seems very dangerous. I could waste hours on that site! (If you do have a board, and you want me to follow it, just let me know. I’d be happy to follow anyone wishing for another follower.)

Published on September 29, 2011

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  1. Natasha says

    Happy Friday Katie –

    Well as an avid “reader” I’m torn – eg. – I love foreign film – and something I can sink my teeth into on a literal level – BUT I’m super visual – hence I adore your site 🙂 It gives me both…
    I loved the trilogy – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – the books and the movies were incredible and left me wanting more…
    I suppose it’s subjective….but being a SCI-FI/Fantasy/Documentary girl – I’ve had a hard time outside of Harry Potter and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo reading frivilously – add Lord of the Rings in there Ok – I’m done.

  2. w says

    I made your pumpkin cream cheese bars but they kinda failed and I have absolutely no clue why!!!! 🙁 i followed the recipe very closely but my batter was way to little to fill an 8×8 inch pan. In the end, they turned out as pumpkin panckes!! It still tasted delicious though, just that they were not what I had expected. Any facing similar problems??

      • w says

        I blended quakers instant oats to get oat flour. Flax egg, 4TBS raw cane sugar (instead of 5TBS, I cut downa little), cooked and mashed pumpkin, almond milk, coconut oil, baking powder and soda, salt, cinnamon, vanilla extract. The only thing I didn’t have was pumpkin pie spice and I followed all the measurements except for the sugar. Any clue why it went wrong katie? 🙁

          • w says

            Nope, I measured the oat flour and not the oats. Do you think it’s because I used instant oats instead of rolled oats? I kinda think the prooblem lies with the flour too because I only managed to make a small amount of batter, probably about half the 8×8 pan so it turned out really thin like pancakes. And thanks so much for taking time to read and reply comments!! That’s really sweet of you! 🙂

          • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

            I just feel really badly that it didn’t work for you! Yeah, the only thing I can think of is that maybe oats have too much air and are too airy… the one time I tried it with oat flour, I used Bob’s. I’d suggest trying it with spelt or ww pastry flour if you can. (Or a gf mix like Pamelas if you can’t have gluten). I hope it works for you!!

  3. Jess says

    I agree about harry potter; even my mother thought that last movie was better than the others. i’m not surprised this stuff happens though; movies try to be 2 hrs or less, whereas a book might have to span several hours to cover everything, so they leave stuff out. it’s a shame really, b/c some of that stuff actually s important to people. i stopped reading harry potter after like, the 4th book (it’s spine broke) about 8 or so years ago (i was introduced to harry potter 12 years ago), so i just sorta catch up with the movies. weird thing s, i own every book, and i have yet to see PoA (the movie). anyway, i didn’t know where this snape/lily was coming from, until i saw the deathly hallows pt 2, but i imagine there was more depth they neglecting even earlier than that.

    btw, nice pics; sorta making me hungry. i love food, and pics of food. good luck

  4. Liz @ Southern Charm says

    I agree with you about the books being better than the movies … and I agree that HP got better as it went on, but it still wasn’t AS good. Books are so descriptive and really allow for you to use your imagination. Maybe that’s why we enjoy reading?

  5. Megan says

    I love that you have pictures for everything! I feel the same way about cookbooks, I really want to see a picture of how the dish should look. I agree with the Harry Potter movies too! They did get better, although they still left out so much! I thought the Lord of the Rings movies were very well done, which is probably why they had to make them so long and with extended editions! I have seen a preview of the Hunger Games movie and the characters aren’t as I pictured, which is disappointing. Books are SO much better than movies! I am reading Les Miserables and movies do not do it justice!

    • Amelia says

      I agree with the Les Miserables book. Also Phantom of the Opera! (although I also think the movie is amazing) There’s so much in that book. Everyone who love the movie should definitely read the books, it’s very interesting to read the stories behind the characters.

  6. Heather @ Better With Veggies says

    I was very disappointed by Percy Jackson: Lightning Thief & Twilight movies (although Twilight is getting better) – I wish they wouldn’t do the movie version until they could really do it right. Otherwise I spend the entire movie frustrated, and my poor husband has to hear me keep muttering under my breath. 🙂

  7. Jenny says

    Oh my… Too many beautiful pictures in one place (your Pinterest board. I don’t use Pinterest… because I’m afraid of becoming addicted! Unfortunately no time for that at the moment, with school and whatnot!

    I am a huge bookworm, so yes, I’d definitely agree that books are better than their movie counterparts. I’ve read Dracula, and most of the Draculas in the movies are quite different than how I thought he was conveyed in the book… I’m afraid they’ll make Artemis Fowl into a movie. I like my imagined version of Artemis! I agree about Harry Potter, too; at first I was miffed… but by the second movie, I was actually already very satisfied and quite taken with all of the actors and actresses. 🙂

  8. Debbie (Accidently Delish) says

    oh i just love your pictures <3

    i think movies are NEVER as good as the books. So glad you mentioned White Oleander because so many people raved about that movie, but if you had read the book, it was horrible. The Da Vinci code is another great example, I feel like if I hadn't had read the book I would have had NO idea what was going on. And don't get me started on Harry Potter. haha.

  9. Sarah says

    I get disappointing all the time *sigh* but, i think that its sorta a credit to the author. I mean, they made their story so captivating, so colorful, and so rich that it was worthy of a movie, but it was just too good for people to make into a single movie. That’s how i see it when i’m disapponted. After I read the Narnia books, we watched the BBC version for the first time. Up to that point, i had never seen a Narnia movie. I WAS HORRIBLY DISAPPOINTED. Aslan looked like a puppet and Lucy wasn’t cute and Susan wasn’t pretty 🙁 Then we saw the Disney version! Though not perfect, i loved it so much! Then there is the Little Women movie i wasn’t crazy about. I have to say though, this year’s Jane Eyre was pretty good! I have not seen The Help, but i hear its a winner- anyone who has seen it, please tell me how it was!

  10. Jill says

    On almost all books, I completely agree with you on the book/movie thing. There is one exception I have found…P.S. I Love you was a great movie, but I thought it was not a very good book (in my opinion)! I was so disappointed because I thought the book would be really good, based on the movie. I am currently reading The Help and look forward to seeing the movie when I’m done!

  11. shea says

    hey katie. yes omg i was so disappointed in the move the clique. i found these teen books called the clique by lisi harrison. they are super funny even though they are meant for teenagers i just love them. well tyra banks did a movie based on the books and it was awful. for starters she couldve hired better actors. and the set design was awful. it was just all around bad. but i love your new pics. they are so pretty & delicious looking. 🙂

  12. Ericka Andersen says

    Hi Katie — new reader here. So glad to have found your blog…it’s the only like I know of. I’m excited to try some of your recipes. I just got started with Pinterest as well — so I’ve hardly done anything but I’m looking forward to being more active. My name on there is Ericka_Andersen.

    As for your movie question, I can’t say I’ve ever been severely disappointed in a movie version of a book though I do think Time Traveler’s Wife was much better as a book! Looking forward to checking back in!

  13. Julie says

    I agree…movies always disappoint when you’ve read the book. I was so excited to see “My Sister’s Keeper” by Jodi Picoult. I HATED the movie! The characters were not developed anything like in the book. Oh well! 🙂

    I’m pretty new to your site, by the way, but I am absolutely LOVING it! You. Are. Amazing. My only wish is that I could have you cook for me and I could be your personal taste-tester! Ha ha!

  14. shea says

    hi katie. yes i was so disappointed by the clique movie. i found these books called the clique by lisi harrison. they are meant for tenagers but i fell in love. they are super funny. well trya banks did a movies based on the books and it was just awful. from the bad actors to the poor sets it was all around bad. i love the new pics. they are pretty and very delicious. 🙂

  15. Katie @ Peace Love and Oats says

    I was so scared to see the Harry Potter movies when they first came out! I’d been reading them since I was 11 and had a very clear image of the characters in my mind. But I thought they did a great job, and the movies definitely got better as they went along. However, the first time I saw each of them I couldn’t help but pick out things that were different!

  16. Aja says

    I love all of your pictures. They make everything look so good. I hate when cook books don’t have pictures to go with the recipes. I have no idea if it looks good enough to make then!

    Books and movies are two completely different mediums, so I can’t judge too much on how close a movie adaption of a book is. They both have their own qualities. Some things have to be changed because there is only so much you can do with 90-140 minutes and a budget and a set whereas books can go anywhere, anytime, anything.

  17. Lorne says

    I am a book girl(book worm alert) all the way. I try to remind myself that the movie I am seeing is just one man’s interpretation of the book – but I am always left wondering about things.

    Big confession here – I have not seen or read Harry Potter (did the earth just shake a little?)

    I love your photos, they say ‘happiness’.

  18. J3nn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog) says

    Oh, I am using my imagination about all of the above recipes. In my imagination they are also calorie-free, hehe.

    Yeah, movie versions of books are almost always disappointing. Except for Twilight, lol!

  19. J3nn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog) says

    PS. I know what you mean about Pinterest! OMG, it’s like an endless source of fascination and entertainment. I have a few boards, but could easily create hundreds! I should probably delete some and keep it basic, haha.

  20. Kaitlyn@TheTieDyeFIles says

    I’m such a nerd and I have always loved to read. I got over the picture thing quickly because I started reading early, but I totally agree about cookbook pictures! And the only Pinterest board I have is my recipes too. I think it’ll be a slippery slope!

  21. Kate (Bread & Chocolate) says

    I’m a huge fan of Pinterest – I can catalog what I’ve accomplished, and find so much inspiration. So glad you joined – now I have another place to drool over your chocolate covered photos!

  22. Heather @ Get Healthy with Heather says

    Pictures are a must in cookbooks… Some of my very favorites have a picture of every recipe. Your photos are amazing girl!

  23. Elina (Healthy and Sane) says

    The pictures are GORGEOUS! Yes, I’m disappointed with the movie version of the book – every.single.time.

  24. Jenn says

    I heard that the book One Day is a good one and the movie is not very good compared to the book….however, I will not be watching or reading either as I am not a huge love story fan! hehe

  25. Becky says

    I just found your website from another link on Pinterest. I love the idea of your blog and I’m following you on Pinterest now!

    I’m usually pretty irritated with movie versions of books. Like you said – how dare they be different than how I imagined them to be.

  26. Eleanor@Eatinglikeahorse says

    I always think film versions of books are a disappointment – I liked the first Lord of the Rings but the second and third really annoyed me because they’d made so much up! The only good film version I’ve seen is the Green Mile which is so close to the book – although I saw the film first 🙂

  27. Ashley says

    I had no idea you were on pinterest!!!! I am so following you now!! That site it so addicting, I never get anything done anymore ;( Love all your pics, you make food look so pretty. I prefer cookbooks with alot of pictures too, helps me visualize what Im making.

  28. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga says

    Now that was just a wee bit of work for you 🙂

    Congrats on a job well done and checking that bloggie project off your list!

  29. Moni'sMeals says

    Great photos Katie, you really have the hang of it!

    A movie that totally let me know as a re-make was…WILLY WONKA, so so so lame if you ask me compared to the original. 🙂

  30. Emily says

    I totally agree!! I’ve actually complained about the no-picture-cookbook problem to my mom about 80 million times. I just feel so much less motivated to make something if the recipe doesn’t have a picture!

  31. Jeanna says

    I am almost always disappointed with the movie versions of books. I am an avid reader and I really do think that most great stories can not be properly translated to movie format. The story changes with every reader as you interpret things differently based on your own life experiences.
    Your food photography is fantastic. It makes me want to make everything!! I must admit, I am not vegan but I regularly make your recipes for my husband and friends with rave reviews. Thanks so much for inspiring my to change the way I think about food!!

  32. Danica @ It's Progression Not Perfection says

    I very rarely like the movie nearly as much as I like the book. However, “Water for Elephants” and “The Notebook” were both movies I loved as much (if not more) than the book : )

  33. Flower says

    Yes! I can now find the recipes I’ve been looking for easier. 😀 Your food images are so powerful that I forget the name of the recipe but have the image in clear detail stuck in my mind.

    The only movie that disappointed my was Eragon… I loved the book (my favorite) but the movie was horrible.

  34. Robin says

    Books are much better than films, and they always will be. I think the biggest problem is that the little details that are unimportant for the flow of the story, but make the books special are always left out. Especially with Harry Potter, I still love the films (I really think they are one of the best book-turned-film films), but I miss the little things badly.

  35. Suzie says

    Hi Katie!

    I was just wondering, what non-dairy milk do you use in your recipes?
    I’ve been hunting the aisles in the supermarket in Australia for almond milk or another alternative, but all of them seem to have waaay less nutritional content such as protein and calcium than skim milk! (I’m not vegan)
    Can skim milk be used in your recipes instead? or would that make it taste funny?

    but anyways, you have a truly awesome blog. It’s in my favourites section in my favourites haha!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Hi Suzie!
      I am a vegan, so I’ve never tried skim milk in my recipes. However, I think it’d be ok to use ANY type of milk unless the recipe specifically calls for “canned coconut milk.” I usually use almond milk when I call for nondairy milk, but as I said, any will work :).

  36. Katie @Nutrition In A Peanut Shell says

    Woohoo work it girl! Seriously…you must be working super hard.

    I read the Spiderwick series with my Dad every night before bed (He found somewhere that reading to/with your child every night until they refused to any more bumped up their intelligence level..) and the movie just didn’t do it justice :C

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I don’t really have any strong opinions on it. I don’t think it’s a miracle sweetener, like some people believe. I don’t really know that it’s any better or worse for you than sugar (but then again, I really do not know much about it or about its effects on the body). I use it sometimes, when I need a liquid sweetener.

      LOL I think I said “I don’t know” quite a few times in that comment! 😕

  37. Jessica @ Jess Go Bananas says

    Movies can never beat books. When I see a move that was inspired by a book, I try to see it as a movie and not as the book, because there would be too many discrepancies! I am going to try and get a pinterest! 😀

  38. Lina says

    You know, I really hope you get your own cookbook deal. That would be so awesome and I’m sure you’d enjoy it immensely!

  39. Rebecca says

    Your food photography skills are amazing! I’m the same way with recipes-I need to see the photo. I know its a space thing, but I wish more cookbooks offered photos of everything.

    I agree with you on Gone with the Wind-so much is left out (though I guess a son could complicate things?) 101 dalmations is a big one for me. In the original perdita is a stray dog and Missus is Pongos wife. Hm.

  40. Avra-Sha Faohla says

    I’m very surprised that most of the people who commented on Harry Potter agreed with you! I can’t stand the Harry Potter films! The first two are pretty good, the third is good if you think of it as a movie in its own right (as Harry Potter, it’s awful), and all subsequent movies not only horrifically fail at portraying the story but are horrible movies period. They’re painful for me to watch because they’re boring, they don’t explain things well, and worst of all the lines the characters have to say are just so AWKWARD! I feel so embarrassed for the actors when I watch it! That’s another thing: when I watch it, I’m very aware of the fact that I’m watching a movie. That’s really bad.

    Are you telling the truth when you say that you like them?!

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