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Peanut Butter Stuffed Brownies!

Hi chocolate munchkins!

I first wanted to quickly answer a question. A lot of y’all have asked if there’s a way to get my posts without having to remember to click on the website every day.

If it’s easier, you can get CCK recipes by email.

For today’s post, my friend, Scott, wanted me to show you his invention. He decided yesterday’s brownie bites would be even more exciting when stuffed with peanut butter. I swear, my influence is rubbing off on him; he’s starting to think like a foodie!

pb cupcakes

Above, a pb-stuffed Fudge Munchkin.

That’s not actually Scott’s stuffed brownie. His looked ugly! But, as he reminded me, “Who cares how it looks, Katie? It’s the taste that’s important. And this tastes awesome!” Spoken like a true foodie.

pb cake 2

How to make Stuffed Brownie Bites:

You could shove a pastry bag up the bottom of the Fudge Munchkin. (Oh my gosh, how naughty does that sound?!) But I just cut out a little hole, piped the icing into the brownie bite from the top, and then piped on more icing to conceal the hole.

For the frosting: I mixed peanut butter with a little almond milk and agave to thin it out. Then I stuck it in a plastic bag and cut off the corner.

But you could also use Peanut Butter Frosting.

Scott had an even easier answer: He cut his brownie in half, spread on the frosting on the bottom half, and then messily smeared more pb frosting on top. Okay, so maybe he’s not such a foodie after all!

pb cupcakes

It’s a regal snack: Peanut butter crown on Chocolate Brownie Bites.

Question of the Day:

Are any of the guys you know foodies?

Or are they more like all my guy friends: if it’s food, they eat it! My dad, however, is the ultimate foodie, especially when it comes to wine and cheese. I think he likes Whole Foods even more than I do!

Also, how would you stuff your brownie bites?

How good would they be stuffed with Cookie Dough Dip?!

Published on June 8, 2011

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  1. Qi Ting @ Misadventures of Fat free Baking says

    Hehe. The only 2 guys I know well enough to evaluate if they are foodies (my brother and daddy) are highly picky! My dad like da baos (giant meat-filled steamed buns) but will only eat the most famous and most delicious. Its so difficult to satisfy him! My brother is a little easier to satisfy but refuses to try anything new! For example, in the yeasted category, he’ll only eat pizza, plain white bread and char siew buns. Oh, and they love anything that’s NOT healthy. What a bummer! Still trying to influence them into getting on with a healthy diet… Score 1 with managing to bet bro to like food from a Vegetarian stall more than his previous favourite stall (which only sells fried meats and vegetables cooked in puddles of oil eek)!

    As for the brownie bites, I’ll love to stuff them with chocolate/mocha custard or even some blueberries baked right into the brownies! Heaven on earth! 😀

  2. Jenny says

    Again, chocolate and peanut butter proves to be one of the most heavenly combinations on earth… 😀 As always, those treats look delicious! Even though it’s not necessarily “prettier” than the rest, the brownie bite with PB frosting that has chocolate chips added looks heavenly. Chocolate + PB… + more chocolate = awesome. How would I stuff my brownie bites otherwise, though? With more chocolate! (i.e. Molten lava brownie bites – like molten chocolate cake, with a cakey exterior but fudgy interior~)

    I have no foodie friends, haha! Most of the people I go out to dinner with “just eat”. They rarely ever say that something is bad, or critique their food, or pay attention to subtle flavours, etc. Only my mom takes the time to appreciate the finesse of some dishes and the quality of ingredients.

    Sine starting to read blogs, I’m glad that I’ve found I’m not the only one who enjoys grocery shopping at Whole Foods so much! I used to think I was just flat out crazy or something, hah.

  3. Ragnhild says

    This looks perfect!
    And please, try to stuff them with cookie dought! I remember once upon a time (like 4 or 5 years ago 🙂 ) I made a brownie in a pan, spead cookie dough all over the top, and then melted chocolate as a top layer! EVERYBODY loved them!

  4. Tiff @ Love, Sweat & Beers says

    My hubby and I both dabble in foodie culture. For instance, we love good beer n’ cheese, especially when well paired, but we both also chow down on not so glamorous eats. Yeah, late night takeout Chinese, anyone? 🙂

  5. VeggieGirl says

    Suave Slav has an iron stomach, so he can handle any new/exotic food out there 🙂 He helps me to be more adventurous and to break out of my food ruts as well.

  6. tea-bag says

    most of the guys i know, i’ve met from working in kitchens so, yeah, they’re foodies – but they’d probably barf if they ever heard themselves referred to as that!

  7. Angela says

    I don’t think you can get much better than peanut butter and chocolate. I was thinking of stuffing them with a chocolate sauce, but maybe I will try the PB.

    My bf is a complete foodie. He’s the one that gave me to the link to your site in the first place. We are always trying to come up with healthier and tastier treats, which is why we have been experimenting with brownie recipes lately. So far, mine is the winner (flourless chocolate brownies). However, this could be the new contender, just hopefully he doesn’t see the recipe before I get a chance to make it!!

  8. katie @KatieDid says

    I know only one guy who really appreciates fine foods, and we have the greatest conversations about it! most guys I know forget to eat all day then stuff their faces with pizza or sandwiches! anything that will just fill them up. I could never do that haha! I think stuffing it with some kind of whipped cream would be delish!

  9. Meg! says

    I know a couple guy foodies – if only their names were Adam Levine or John Mayer…HA just kidding 😉 My “dood foodies” are more into different types of food than I am. Kinda like the Man vs. Food way 😉 haha!

    LOVE this recipe idea, Katie, you make me drool. Seriously. Ok…that sounded wrong…your GENIUS RECIPES make me drool 😀

    • Ellie says

      Hahaha dood foodies?!?! Funniest thing I’ve heard all week. Now I am totally going to call all my guy friends that. Too bad they are not picky at all when it comes to food :(.

  10. Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola says

    Ohh these look fabulous! My dad loves anything pb-chocolate so I think I might make these for him as a healthy alternative!

    For my brownies, I think they would be great stuffed with mint! Or maybe some sort of raspberry filling? That would look really pretty too! Hmm any suggestions on how to make one?

  11. Emma (Sweet Tooth Runner) says

    Ohmygosh PB stuffed brownies?! That is my HEAVEN!! Actually no, cookie dough PB stuffed brownies would be my heaven…mmmm… 🙂

    Haha no most of my friends aren’t foodies at all!! They can’t believe that food shopping is practically a hobby and that Whole Foods is my second home! 😛

  12. Jill K says

    Yum! Cookie dough dip would be good in them! I have this weird thing for gummy bears and chocolate, so stick a gummy bear in a munchkin (wow, just pulled a you! *naughty*) or in an oreo ball and I am complete!

  13. Tricia says

    These look fantastic! You made something that was already good and made it even better. Genius :). I don’t really know any guys that are foodies. Most of my guy friends just eat lots of food no matter what it is lol.

  14. bitt of raw says

    How would I stuff my brownie bites? Into my mouth!

    Actually sometimes I put a bite of chocolate in my mouth then a spoonful of PB or another nut butter. Less mess. 🙂

  15. Alex@Spoonful of Sugar Free says

    Oh my gosh. I have been obsessed with my peanut butter frosting. I have a HUGE jar of peanut butter whipped up with almond milk sitting in my fridge. I put it on literally everything.

  16. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    These look delicious!

    My father in law is trying to be a foodie 🙂 Now whenever I see him he tells me about some great recipe I used or a nice new product/seasoning he is going to try. It is hilarious but I’m glad he found something he really likes!

  17. Mary @ Bites and Bliss says

    That’s cute he actually made an attempt! My boyfriend’s the same way. He’s always saying he’ll try to make me something but I think he’s nervous since my blog’s half about food lmho. It’s cute, though..he’s so into food appearance around me, stacking pancakes perfectly and looking over my shoulder when I’m fixing oatmeal. Haha he’ll be a little blogger helper soon. 😉

  18. Emilia says

    Um, these look totally awesome. Wish I had thought of stuffing them with peanut butter! I would probably end up stuffing them with cookie dough, or a lighter frosting…so many possibilities 🙂 I have a couple of guy friends who think they are foodies, even though they totally are not.

  19. O.C. says

    Hah guys are the ultimate foodies!
    They might not always be health conscious but at least they’re usually really adventurous. My guy friends are all just Obsessed with bacon. On everything!

  20. Faith @ lovelyascharged says

    This boy that I’m sorta-seeing is totally a foodie-in-training, it’s so cute! He’s sent me pictures of desserts and his grocery cart before, because he knows how much I looooove sweets and healthy food! He doesn’t know about the blog yet, but if he ever does, I’m sure he’d be a hilarious contributer!

  21. Michaela says

    lol, that sounded naughty indeed 😀
    my dad is a real foodie, too, but apart from him, I do only know female foodies.
    I actually spreaded chocolate cake with pb before 😉 tastes fab! and yes, katie, to stuff it with your dip would simply be divine!!
    you are my favorite blogger in the whole wide world (web ;)) ♥

  22. Emilia says

    I’d have to agree with Carrie…. STOP! 🙂 You just keep giving us amazing, top- notch recipes and ideas. You really are so creative and know your stuff!

  23. Mariah@ Apples"N" Oats says

    scott is definitely on to something!! I would say my uncle is the biggest foodie that I know, but thats also because he is a chef

  24. Teniesha @ Vegan on the Go-Go says

    My boyfriend’s stepfather is a MAJOR foodie, especially when it comes to Indian cuisine–he buys so many specialized ingredients, it’s always so exciting to see what he’ll create next. Unfortunately, my boyfriend is content with sandwiches, so he’s not a foodie, but he always appreciates what I cook (and cleans up afterward, too, hehe!).

  25. Lisa @ Healthful Sense says

    My husband is more of a foodie than I am. He is all about presentation, taste, texture while I care more if it’s healthy.
    I would have to stick with the PB stuffed brownies. PB + Chocolate = perfect combo

  26. Ilana says

    my dad and my brother are crazy foodies! my dad just loves to cook, and my brother took a year off in between college and grad school to work at a bakery, and is considering culinary school.
    i loooveee these brownies, and honestly, i’m all for the slice-and-slather method. Or even simpler, brownie in one hand, spoonful of frosting in the other.

  27. A Teenage Gourmet says

    Katie, it’s been too long since I’ve stopped by your blog! I can see that you’ve been busy. I cannot wait to try your blondies, or that chocolate raspberry fudge cake thingy. 🙂 I just posted about a zucchini spaghetti that you would love; it’s vegan! I went vegan for lent, and it’s wasn’t bad at all. I really enjoyed the experience!

  28. Dawn @ Blonde on a Mission says

    You are so funny! I would stuff my brownie bites with molten chocolate so when you bite into them, the chocolate flows out. I wish I knew a male foodie! Heck, I hardly even know any female foodies like myself personally 🙁 Those brownies are totally making my mouth water.

  29. Lenna says

    That´s an awesome idea!! Well, I would try stuffing them with dessert hummus, I am not sure about the result, but I THINK it might be great:)
    My guy friends are NO foodies at all,, they just eat what the see. It they can eat it, they don´t care about the taste.

  30. Elle says

    My brother thinks he’s a foodie, but since half of his meals consist of canned chili (ew!) I don’t count him.

    I would fill them with raspberry jam~! Or just raspberries. Mmmmmm

  31. Rasha says

    Nom nom nommmmmmmmmmm, the match made in heaven.

    I have one guy friend who is the ULTIMATE foodie! Granted, he’s the only vegan I know who also happens to loooove food almost as much as I do. We met working at a raw cafe and we instantly clicked! He even has one of those cupcake towers… enough said?

    My boyfriend, on the other hand, must be coaxed to try something out of his comfort zone. He thinks my roommate and I are crazy for being so food obsessed!

  32. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga says

    I know some hardcore foodies that are men. Seriously INTO their food and I think that’s great! My husband enjoys good food, but he’s not a “foodie” per se. But I know guys definitely are.

    And I love that you infused these cupcakes with so much goodness! I could probably just drink what you had in the pastry bag or just pipe that down the hatchet 🙂

    Love it!

  33. Nathalie says

    I used to buy these chocolate muffins in the states. I’d put them in the fridge so they got a bit firmer, then I’d use a baby spoon to carve out a nice cylindrical hole in the top. I’d use the spoon to sort of eat out a ‘reservoir’ which I’d then fill with peanut butter. I’d fill the hole in the top with a mini Reese’s cup. It was awesome.

    My point being: chocolate and peanut butter as a combination could possibly pwn all.

  34. Alexa @ Simple Eats says

    My dad’s the biggest foodie ever…and my mom! I love being around them and having foodie talk!

  35. Vogelstar says

    That he just smushed frosting between the two halves is so typically male. My guy loves his food but is certainly not a foodie. I took him to a raw food restaurant on the weekend and after scarfing everything down, the only thing he could say was “i never knew vegetables could be so expensive” haha

  36. Serena says

    Looks good. 🙂 I just wanted to point out another way to get updates without checking your site specifically every day is to use a “reader” site like google reader. 🙂

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Oh yes! I use reader… my life is so much easier now, thanks to that thing! I wish I could figure out my own feeds, though. There are at least four different feeds to my blog with different # of subscribers on each. I have to make sure–every day–that all four update! Wish I understood technology…

  37. Sarah says

    I JUST did a post on Whole Foods talking about how much I adore their wine and cheese haha. Your dad and I have that in common. And I love that this is such a regal dish 🙂 I can pretend to be a queen while eating them (or stuffing my face) .

  38. Casey says

    Oh my gosh. STOP! These look soo good. I must restrain myself because I know if I make these Ill eat all of the peanut buttery goodness

  39. BroccoliHut says

    I think I’ve made my dad into a foodie. Our weekly trips to Whole Foods for so long soon became something that we BOTH enjoyed!

  40. Hannah (tickledtofu) says

    Sooososososo yummy!! I know a few guys who love cooking, but perhaps not in a “foodie” sort of way if you know what I mean.

  41. kaila @ healthy helper! says

    I didn’t think your brownies could get anymore fantastic…..I was wrong. PB automatically quadruples their amazingness!

  42. Amanda Jewell says

    I don’t know ANY male foodies! But should I find one… I will make him mine forever! muahaha 🙂

  43. Cait's a Runnerchick says

    there are only a few foodie guys i’ve come across, most of them barely look at it before inhaling! love the contrast between you expertly filling the brownies and then Scott just grabbing the knife and slicing it open…hehe. but, my dad and grandpa ARE actually foodie’s, crazy, and they really put a lot of effort into what they cook. i was pretty lucky growing up.
    and i’m going to have to say that cookie dough in the middle would be THE best…because, wait for it and please don’t everyone hate me: i actually don’t like PB. there i said it, feel free to burn me at the stake.

  44. Natalia says

    My dad was a bit of a foodie growing up, he loved to cook and was quite good at it (My mother could burn water, lol)

    Those look absolutely delicious! (As does all of your stuff!)

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