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Better than Peanut Butter?

Yes, the following is better than peanut butter.

I know, you’re all rolling your eyes right now, saying, “How can anything (besides chocolate) be better than peanut butter?” Hear me out; this spread has the one-up on regular pb because it:

  • is easier to spread
  • is lower in calories (more about this at the end of the post)
  • tastes sweeter, without any added sugar, and has a serving of fruit

Above, spread on top of Banana Bread for One.

Another bonus: This recipe doesn’t make as much of a mess as trying to smush sliced banana into a sandwich. As usual, the recipe is so simple that I feel a little silly writing it down.

Banana Butter

  • 1 medium banana
  • 2 to 4 tablespoons peanut butter, depending on how pb-y you like it (or almond, cashew, walnut butter, etc.)
  • optional: I like to add a little cinnamon

My favorite ratio is 4 tablespoons peanut butter to 80 grams (without peel) banana (about 1/2 a large banana). And I often use a frozen banana, which makes this spread taste like peanut butter ice cream!

Procedure: Whir the two ingredients in your food processor or blender until smooth.  Leftovers can be stored in the fridge.  (If possible, it’s best to let the mixture sit for a few hours before enjoying, as the taste becomes more robust with time.)

Above, spread over a Breakfast Pizza Cake.

Other Ideas for Use:

This creation can be used anywhere you’d use regular peanut butter—warmed up and drizzled over oatmeal, as a sandwich spread, dip, or pudding, as a smooth-and-velvety topping for waffles or pancakes, on vegan ice cream, or simply eaten plain off a spoon (or out of the blender, depending on your level of self-restraint!).

As for calories… Ok, so I’m having a bit of a dilemma: Recently I’ve been getting quite a few requests from readers asking if I can add calorie counts to my recipes. I don’t count calories, but I know that a lot of you (readers and fellow bloggers) do count. So, since I really try hard to make my recipes—and my blog in general—suitable for everyone, and since it’s not hard for me to figure out the calorie counts anyway, I thought I’d ask: Do you want me to add calorie info to my recipes? Please vote; either way, I’m interested in hearing your opinion. And until I figure this dilemma out, here are the nutritional stats for the banana butter:

Banana Butter Calories:

Serving Size: 1 tablespoon (based on my favorite combination)
Calories per serving: about 40 calories
(As a reference, regular peanut butter has about 100 calories per tablespoon.)


Yes, there is a chocolate version.


Published on August 27, 2009

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  1. Kailey (PB Swirl) says

    I have to agree with jessica – no to calories. I hate when other blogs post calorie counts because then it just leads to comparison. Also, the person should be able to figure it out on their own. Its an unhealthy obsession in my opinion. I love that none of your recipes have the calorie count. I love the feeling of just not knowing.

    of course I am totally going to make this as soon as i get back from vacation!!

  2. Brandi says

    calories or no calories- doesn’t really matter to me, especially since i know you DON’T count them.

    um…making that into ice cream sounds amazing 🙂 great idea!

  3. Diana (Soap & Chocolate) says

    Oh MAN banana butter sounds just lovely. I feel a comeback tour of the brownie batter pancakes coming on…topped with banana butter!

    As for calorie counts, I vote no. If you yourself live a life without counting calories, that should reflect on your blog because the blog is in fact a reflection of YOU, not your readers! I think it’s wonderful and considerate of you to take reader concerns into account, but only insofar as it fits with your own philosophies. If they want recipes with calorie counts, they can go find an obsessive blog that does include them. Or just do the work to figure out yours!


  4. tabitha says

    good, simple, quick–my favorite kind of recipes as a busy momma!

    nope, no calorie counting for me
    if you are eating healthfully i don’t think calories matter…i used to obsess when i was younger
    i ate crappy stuff to keep them low–like 1000 or less a day
    now i eat everything i want of the healthy foods and weigh less (after 3 kids)…i figured my calories for a couple weeks with a tracker and i’m getting in about 2500 a day at least!
    i think if someone wants to know they can figure them out with a tracker…unless you are dying for more to do…then go ahead and include them
    but…nutrients and fiber are more important to me

  5. Lainie says

    Katie that sounds SO GOOD! I am honestly making this today. I can’t wait.

    I don’t think you should add calories; why should you, when you don’t count them? This blog is YOUR creation; it’s all about your love and devotion to good, healthy food…and if caloric counts aren’t something you typically think of, then why add them? It seems you have faithful, loyal readers, calorie counts or not.

  6. MarathonVal says

    Great Katie!!! This is one of those “why didnt I think of this first” recipes…. I LOVE banana and PB together but it never occurred to me to blend the two together. Brilliant!

  7. Kelly says

    Okay, that looks AMAZING. I love banana topped with peanut butter (…or vice versa, hehe) but blending them together is brilliant!

    As far as the calorie-countin’ goes, I’m voting no, for basically all the reasons people have already said.

  8. Kristen @ Simply Savor says

    you had me at “better than peanut butter”. you are so right, nothing is better than bananas + peanut butter, can’t wait to try this. and my vote is for no calorie count–if its made with real, whole foods and tastes great then it shouldnt matter! have a great day 🙂

  9. Marina says

    I am sooo doing this!
    Don’t start with the calories, there is no reason to count them when you’re enjoying your food while beeing healthy as you are now 🙂

  10. Laura says

    I say no to the calorie counts, especially since you don’t count them.. like someone already said people can find them out for themselves if they want to, I’d rather not read about the calories personally since i try very hard not to count them!

  11. jcd says

    Oh, we used to make this (or something very similar) when I was a kid! Thanks for reminding me about nutty-nana goo (as we called it). It is fantastic over waffles with some chocolate chips sprinkled on top. Just sayin’. I think I will have to make a nutty-nana sandwich for supper tonight! The comment about making this into ice cream sounds divine. 🙂

    As for calories, please DO NOT add them. You don’t count calories so why go through the bother of calculating them? If anyone really wants to know, they can head over to one of the many calorie counter websites, enter the ingredients, and get a count for themselves. I won’t get into my whole numbers-obsessed-society rant here… you’re beyond that.

    After all, it is your blog – do with it as you wish. Don’t let other people tell you how to run your blog. Once you start caving to requests that don’t follow your jive, the blog will no longer be fun. I love your blog (and all your wonderful e-mails). Don’t change it!

  12. Jenna says

    1) I don’t think you should post nutritional information on your blog. At all. This is your lifestyle you’re blogging. If someone cares enough about nutritional information, they can take the time to do the calculations. It’s quite easy, actually, with the wealth of information available today. and are just two examples of sites where you type in a food and get an approximation of the complete nutritional profile, plus I think they both have toolbars that you can download to make it even simpler! I DO sometimes count calories, but I absolutely think that you should not have to.

    2) A response to the post-before-last, about you posting “too much.” Puh-lease. I enjoy the fact that if I’m away from the computer for a day or so, or don’t have time to check the blogs I love, I can come here and see a string of posts with delicious food porn photography and quirky thoughts and life stories! Post three times a day, once a week, whatever! And both “parts of you” are correct – you should have fun with this, on the one hand. And at the same time, those of us who adore your blog DO recognize the work that goes into these posts, and do not take you for granted.

    And really, how is it possible to “miss out” on a post? Ya just scroll down….

    Oh, P.S. – You mentioned the fact that you try to link back to previous posts whenever you reference things about which you’ve already blogged. I love this – it reminds me of those old Goosebumps scary children’s books – the “Choose Your Own Adventure” ones. Have you heard of/did you ever read those? I always used to keep nine of my fingers stuck inside the book, “bookmarking” where you had to make a decision and leaving just one finger free to turn the pages. With those books and your blog, you never know where you’ll end up!

    (Whew, this comment turned out to be a novel!)

  13. ~Jessica~ says

    I second what others have said: no to calorie counts unless it’s something you personally believe in/want to do. In my opinion they reduce the enjoyment of multiple flavours, textures, aromas and colours to one number that is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and remove the love and pleasure from cooking/eating. I don’t think anyone *enjoys* calorie counting and it’s usually a manifestation of self-loathing or perceived inadequacy related to weight…I hope the commenter isn’t too obsessed by the issue and I truly sympathise with them if they are.

    On a lighter note: amazing recipe! How long do you think leftovers would last in the fridge (shelf-life wise…although I doubt there would be any leftovers with me in the first place)


  14. Bianca- Vegan Crunk says

    I love this! I recently discovered the wonders of raw banana soft serve (made from frozen bananas in the food processor), but I bet banana PB soft serve would be even better. I could even make it with raw almond butter for a crazy raw awesome treat!

    Bananas are magic!

    As for calories, I’ve recently started counting for fun…cause I got the iPhone calorie-counting app. But part of the fun is figuring out calories from a recipes raw ingredients. I don’t think you should worry about it for your blog. Folks who really want to know can figure it out.

  15. Karen says

    I hope that you don’t start including calorie counts. I follow a few different blogs, and one thing I love is that each blog is a genuine and unique representation of that blogger’s philosopy towards nutrition/exercise/lifestyle. By including calorie counts, you are making your site less authentically ‘you’, and I think by doing so your blog would become less enjoyable for you and not as meaningful to your readers. Just my two cents! Thanks!

  16. buffmuffy says

    WOW what a great idea! I love bananas and pb together, so making a spread out of them is such a fantastic idea! Loves it! Great cals too, so I can eat the whole jar right? LOL

  17. Jen says

    mmm I wonder how long it stays good for in the fridge…I guess the length a refridgerated banana would stay good for lol!. Katie I wonder what would happen if you caramelized the banana first like the brulee method and then blended…probably be super sweet.

    I vote no to cals…too numerical. It would take away from the veganny goodness.

  18. Emma says

    I’d say no to calorie counting. If other people want to know the calorie content, they can work it out for themselves, there are lots of websites to help them out with it too. Plus, it’s not really relevant. A lot of people get obsessed with numbers, but your blog is about enjoying food, you can’t enjoy food and worry about numbers at the same time!

  19. Ariel says

    Great recipe! 🙂 I love making up new varieties of nut butter and nut milk.

    I’m happy to see so many of your readers saying no to calorie counting. I like the fact that you don’t focus on calories– it saddens me to see people obsessing over numbers and feeling guilty or virtuous according to what they eat! I know that many people find it useful to count calories, but I think that it draws attention away from eating a healthy and varied diet and leads people to choose foods because they are low in calories/fat/carbs rather than because they truly enjoy them. I’ve had people tell me that they don’t eat avocado and coconut like I do because they are so “fattening”, or that they won’t eat a potato or a slice of whole grain bread because they are full of carbohydrates, yet they pour aspartame into their coffee and eat 100-calorie packages of cookies and chips.

    I’ve become disillusioned with a lot of other food blogs over time, but yours is always a joy to read. I like your philosophy that food is meant to be enjoyed and I like that you post about other aspects of your life, as well, such as travel, your family, and your volunteer work– by the way, I’d love to hear more about the charity projects you’ve mentioned!

  20. itstartedwithafish says

    Genius looks at the ordinary and finds an extra-ordinary take on it, – so, what can I say? pure genius, Katie, PURE genius.

    And, – the kids will LOVE you !!!! (at least the oldest J, peanut butter lover par excellence that he is 😉 )

    Elvis butter, – oh yeah, that rocks !!!!!

  21. Anon. says

    I’m just curious, but as someone who is as thin as you are and who has said before that they would like to gain weight – I have to ask:

    Why do you keep replacing high-calorie foods with things that are lower in calories? I mean, zucchini pasta? Banana butter? Truly. For someone who runs several miles, is already very thin – that is not a good idea. You need the fuel found in REAL foods that are calorically dense in order to keep yourself going. I’m not trying to bash you, but it is kind of a cause for concern. There is nothing wrong with eating real PB or real pasta – in fact I eat about 1/4 cup of PB and a plate of pasta on a daily basis. Because, like you, I am a runner and am naturally thin to begin with. And we NEED the calories and energy provided by whole grains and fats. I’ve read your blog for awhile now, and while I know you say you eat 2600 calories a day, and I believe that – it does concern me that every recipe you post now seems to be getting lower and lower and calories. What happened to the good, calorie-dense, brain and body feeding foods?

  22. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says

    Ohhh I now know what I’m gonna do with those nannas on my countertop! Banana butter, awesome idea. Thank you!

    Girlfriend, putting calorie counts on recipes is alot of work. If you care to add to the stress/workload of running your blog, awesome. If you don’t, don’t. You will never be able to please everyone, either. To include or not to include calorie counts. Just please yourself 🙂


  23. VeganBabette says

    I say no to calories.
    I imagine this blog already takes a lot of your time, so there’s no need for you to spend more time counting them.

    Since you usually give recipes, people who do count calories can do so themselves, that’s my opinion.

  24. taleoftwovegans says

    I also vote no to adding calorie scores! Personally, I think anyone should be able to figure out if something is worth eating without consulting a calorie count. For exampe, this recipe is bananas, with a few tablespoons of nut butter. What’s not to like? Food is about balance, not numbers! I just got hooked on banana ‘soft serve’ myself – adding a spoonful of nut butter sounds a-ma-zing! -Eve

  25. teenagedvegan says

    Like most people, I don’t think you should post calories. You don’t count calories, so if people want to know, they can do the maths themselves.

    By the way, I’m going to have to make this one day soon now!

  26. Chocolate-Covered Katie says

    To Anonymous:

    Thank you for leaving such a well-thought-out comment that wasn’t derogatory or accusatory as many anonymous comments can be. To answer your questions:

    I DO DO DO eat regular pasta. I love the stuff. Please read through my blog before you assume I don’t eat it, as I have quite a few pasta-centered posts (including Betty Spaghetti, Lo Mein, and Soba). In fact, I’ve actually written a not-yet-published post centering around the goodness of pasta. Look out for it in the future! 😉

    Why are my recipes so “light”? As I said in this post, I try to make my recipes suitable for everyone. And I know that many people who read my blog are trying to watch their diets. Therefore, I always include variations such as “sauteeing liquid of choice” instead of saying “oil” etc. That way, people can make the recipes as high-cal or as low-cal as they want.

    And I don’t eat this peanut butter spread in place of peanut butter. I do still eat regular nut butters on an almost-daily basis. But I like this one (my mom actually made it up when I was in high school) because it’s easier to spread, less messy, and I think the pb and banana flavors really stand out more when they’re mashed together. Plus, I eat bigger quantities of this stuff than I would regular pb (i.e. I spread more on a sandwich than I would if it were plain pb), so I make up for the extra calories that way.

    If you are really interested in my diet/life/philosophy, I’d be happy to talk more through email if you want to de-lurk.

    Thanks for reading!

  27. Daria (Summer of the CSAs) says

    What a great idea!

    I don’t mind that you don’t post calories – it’s pretty easy to estimate if one is really concerned with how many calories are in a dish, and I think it’s great to promote a less calorie-centric relationship with food. So rock on! 🙂

  28. Diann says

    I swear you and I are on some weird psychic wavelength. I made this just last night, except I wasn’t fancy enough to put it in the blender. I added chocolate chips to my banana butter. Because chocolate and peanut butter, well you know….

  29. luckytastebuds says

    TOTALLY think that you shouldn’t complicate your own life if it’s not what you normally do! If someone wants to find out the calorie count on something, they can 220% always do it on their own!! Don’t worry so much about it Katie! Your loyal readers will always be loyal readers, and I’m sure whoever requests the calorie count will still be a reader despite not having stats. THey just gotta get off their butt and work on their math a little more. 🙂 hehehe

    OH and I love the fact that your spread is smoother!!!! and i’m sure it’s more fragrant, and naturally sweeter too!

  30. Tori says

    Just stumbled on your blog. That PB spread is too cute. I used to actually make something very similar to that, except I added in vanilla protein powder and a bit of soymilk. Then poured it into a bowl and topped it with granola ^.^ Best snack ever, albeit a bit time consuming to make. Good stuff though!

    BTW – In reference to your anon. commenter – I do the SAME thing when I make food for some reason. I know that everyone else in my house doesn’t quite have the same caloric requirements as me, so when I make food for the family, I tend to set aside a bit for myself that I’ll stir-fry up with extra olive oil or add some coconut milk into my rice, add an extra handful of almonds to my side salad etc. The beauty of food is that it’s adaptable to everyone’s needs, and you can even do it up with the same basic ingredients.

  31. Jessica says

    I say no to the calories. If people care that much, can’t they just figure it out from how much of each item you put in the recipes? Personally, counting carlories (and pounds!) just leads me to obsessing.

  32. *Andrea* says

    ya i agree, calorie counting is just not a good thing in general. too much work for the brain and can lead to obsession. this recipe looks delicious though! and simple 🙂 aka i can recreate it in my dorm

  33. CoconutGal says

    Girl, it’s your blog. You don’t count calories. So why, take the extra time to do it for others? I know you are super sweet and want to cater to the greater majority of people. But, in my humble opinion, if those people are counting calories, they can do it themselves. You are busy enough! It’s sweet of you to consider but I say keep your blog as real and fabulous as you are and post what YOU are excited about/want to talk about. That’s why I love you. 🙂

  34. Jessica says

    I don’t count calories either because I’m afraid of becoming obsessed. I used to do it, and I just got too tied up on numbers. Besides, its pretty easy for someone to look up nutritional info online if they really want to know.

    I bet your banana butter would be AMAZING with my dark chocolate PB! A match made in heaven, perhaps?!? I wish I had a magic bullet, but my food processor might get the job done. Do you use a really ripe banana?

  35. Maria says

    I say no to the calories because this is your blog, and you don’t count calories anyways. If the reader wants the calorie count he(?)/she can calculate it–less work for you 😉 You are so sweet to consider all your readers though, Katie. We really appreciate it!!!

    Hmm, I’ve got to figure out a way to ship some chocolate mousse to you…5000 entries is a lot ya know 😉 But it seems as though you’ll be having plenty of chocolatey goodness on your birthday, but you can never have too much, no?

    Brilliant Banana Butter by (whoa look at that alliteration) the way! Sounds AMAZING!!!

  36. Meg says

    Calories schmalories…if it tastes good, is nutritious, and satisfies hunger, why bother? I feel like calories really take the joy out of eating. You know?


    You’re a culinary Queen, Katie!

    I think it’d be great as a topper for your banana brulee oatmeal, which I love, by the way 😉

    Love ya!

  37. Teresa says

    My vote is NO TO CALORIE counts. I don’t think you should have to figure out nutritional facts for other people, especially since they can figure it out on their own. One reason I love your blog (and there are many) is because you don’t harp on calories, weight loss, body image…. In such a diet obsessed world, your blog is truly a breath of fresh air. No need to change- keep it real girl!

  38. Jessica says


    You obviously don’t read CCV’s blog, do you? Just take a look at her Morning Routine post that she just did, which was brilliant, and you’ll see that she doesn’t shy away from the healthy fats or carbs:

    So stop attacking someone and assuming they don’t eat healthily, especially under the cowardly cloak of anonymity. Those of us who follow CCV’s blog regularly can see that she eats what’s probably the healthiest diet out there.

  39. Jules says

    I vote no for the calories, because they really don’t matter that much. Who cares about calories as long as the food is healthy and delicious? You should do what YOU want to do, and people can figure out the calories by themselves if they really want to. And that peanut butter and banana spread sounds delicious, I really want to try it as ice cream 🙂 And that anonymous person doesn’t sound very nice, I don’t think you should listen to them, especially since you already addressed the issue they brought up in a different post. You eat foods because they’re healthy, not because you have to get a certain number of calories. You already know what works for you, and that person is just being inconsiderate and rude.

  40. randomlymikey says

    yay! i will have to try this 🙂 when i did count calories it really wasn’t that hard to figure out the calories for a recipe so i think that your readers should be able to do that themselves.

  41. Cassie says

    No to the calorie counts! I was an obsessive calorie-counter for a long time and I think it is an unhealthy road to travel down. Just listen to your body (speaking to myself too lol)! btw, i love banana butter. Usually I don’t even use the blender and just mash the banana up w/ a fork and mix it with heated pb (microwave). It’s really good if you scoop some of the excess bread from a bagel and use it as a filling…mmm!!!

  42. Christina says

    I don’t think you should add calories either. If someone needs them, it’s not hard to calculate them herself! I used to do that all the time.

    And banana butter is a genius idea! So simple but so good. I’ll be trying it asap!

  43. lola says

    yay!!!! this recipe sounds delicious, it’s just my kind of recipe!!!
    but i don’t know if i could make it in a regular blender, id make such a mess because it’s a very small quantity and the blender is so big.

  44. CaSaundra says

    Your mind is so busy coming up with these stunning recipes, I don’t think you should assert mental energy to cals–so you can just keep the recipes comin’ please–ha!

  45. Kiersten says

    Banana butter would not be safe around me. I could polish off a whole bunch of that in minutes, lol.

    I am glad you’re not changing anything just to appease a few readers. Your blog is great the way it is. That’s why you have so many loyal readers!

    If someone wants to count their calories so bad they can just use a calorie counting website.

  46. Julie says

    What ? NOTHING is better than peanut butter ! 😉 But as I do love banana, that spread must be as best as my favourite breakfast mixture !

  47. Julie says

    I think putting calories account are very silly. Food should be a pleasure not a torture !!! Unfortunately, more and more people are attracted to lose weight because of the media.

  48. balancejoyanddelicias says

    i personally don’t think it’s necessary to add calorie for your recipes. And don’t do it to please your readers. Do what you think it’s good for you! 🙂
    love this banana-PB combo.. sounds delicious~~~

  49. Jess says

    No need to add calorie counts to things! Life is wayyyy more about the amount of calories in that delicious sounding PB. Shouldn’t it be about the taste? And isn’t on able to have good nutrition and not have to rely on counting cals?! Yes and yes! Don’t posts the amounts, way too tedious. No need to change your blog for one (?) person 🙂
    <3 jess

  50. Lori says

    That looks so good. I’ll be making it for sure. Another one my kids will go nuts for!
    I am glad you are doing what you want to do on your blog! I actually like to see calorie counts but in no way need to. If I want I can figure it out on my own. And I think looking at the ingredients is much more important than the calories. Keep doing what you are doing and have fun with it. It seems lots of people love your blog the way it is!

  51. Gertrude says

    Splendid! I have 3 frozen bananas in the freezer. and 4 out that I should use real soon.
    and, although you’ve already reached your own conclusion with regards to the calorie issue, I’d have voted for NO as well. Do watcha wanna do. It’s your blog. Maybe if you’re losing all your readers, then you might wanna do something…=p

  52. Gaby says

    That looks so good! I actually tend to mix my nut butters fruits and jelly’s before spreading them already. It makes it much easier that way! I”ll just put my few spoonfuls in a bowl usually with jelly, though sometimes I”ll mix it with jelly or melted chocolate or whatever i’m in the mood for that way the flavors are all blended and go straight into the bread without the mess! Sometimes I”ll even heat it up for a few secs in the microwave to make it easier. (last night I did ginger jelly and cashew butter, you MUST try this!) And I need to go buy more bananas!

    As for calories, DO NOT do it. I love that you don’t post calorie counts and don’t care because it just fills my head with a bunch of worthless junk when I have to see it over and over on other blogs. You post the ingredients and that’s enough for anyone to go to the trouble if they really want and figure it out, but there’s no sense in dragging you into it.

  53. broccolihut says

    I’m with you on this one–Calorie counts are pretty unnecessary for recipes. They fast become irrelevant when you change up recipes as much as I do!
    If readers really want to know the Calorie content, it’s simple enough to add up the Cals in the ingredients and divide by the number of servings.
    Anyway, I like you and your blog the way they are–don’t change!

  54. Kelly Turner says

    do what you want, girl! and calorie counts are TEDIOUS! dont do anything you dont want to, and dont make more work for yourself!

  55. M says

    Anyone who wants the nutritional info for your recipes can do the math just as easily as the chef can!

    And honestly, if you do need to know the calorie content of a meal before you eat it, wouldn’t you prefer to calculate it yourself and know that it’s accurate for the exact measurements and brands or types of food that you yourself are using?

  56. Liz says

    Oh I’m so glad you’re not going to start posting calories up. I totally agree with what pretty much everyone’s saying here. I personally count calories but the thing is it is VERY easy to figure out how many calories are in any given recipe. If I want to know I just figure it out, and it’s always more accurate than relying on what the poster might say (since brands vary in cals etc).

    Anyway – so great to see you staying true to yourself!
    Love ya!

  57. Caroline says

    No to calories.

    I know from all too bitter experience obsessing over such things is a really good way of ruining your life.

    To be honest, if you are posting a peanut butter heavy recipe, I’ll know it’s not low in calories, I’ll also know those calories are nutritionally dense ones, so its okay to eat that now and then.

    Think about it. Two nice slices of spelt toast with some PB on has more calories than a small candy bar. Which is better for you, which fills you up longer, and which are you more likely to cram in your mouth without thinking about it.

    I say no to calorie craziness.

  58. gretchen says

    hey katie – what’s your take on storing the banana butter? does it keep in the fridge, or does it go bad super quickly? just want to make sure i don’t make too much on my first try and then have to ditch it if i can’t finish it! thanks, girl 🙂

  59. Emily says

    Banana butter?! Oh, are a genius: two of my favorite flavors in one spread. I can’t wait to put this on my oatmeal!

    As for calories, it’s totally up to you. I don’t count calories, so it doesn’t matter to me. 🙂

  60. maya says

    amaazing!!!! i hav blended a fro banana with cashew butter and makes a ‘ice cream’ good..kinda like this..only this is like a alternate pb!
    i am so excited haha looks so good, on oats, over many possiblities, and you go girl for not counting calories but thanks for sharing the cals for those of us who do. ah.


  61. Marianne says

    That would make the best fruit dip, perfect for a party 🙂

    If someone wants a calorie count on a recipe, there are plenty of websites out there they can use to get an approximate idea. If it’s that’s important to them, they’ll figure it out 🙂

  62. Mia says

    I can say first hand that the banana butter is amazing 😀 In my opinion eating it straight up is the best way – though I will definitely be trying the frozen banana combo in the future (haven’t yet ’cause my processor broke and the frozen banana wrecks havoc on my poor blender.)

    I know I’m catching up to your posts a bit late and that you’ve already figured out the calorie dilemma but I’ll put my 2 cents in anyway 😉 This is your blog and you personally don’t count calories so I just really don’t see any reason in making yourself calculate up the calories in your recipes – it’s kind of like putting up recipes with meat even though you’re a vegan but some people that read your blog aren’t. I count calories myself and when I made your recipes I tallied out the calories for myself – no biggie.

  63. jcd says

    I just made the frozen version of this last night. I had to add some unsweetened soya milk to get it to whip up all light and creamy, but it was SO GOOD!! And so healthy too. Fantastic. Thanks for the great recipe!

  64. MarathonVal says

    Katie, I just made this with almond butter (although I used more banana than you did in mine in order to make a larger quantity) – and it is FABULOUS!! I just tweeted about what a genius you are, haha.

    Question though – I assume this has to get stored in the fridge, how long do you think this lasts before it starts to mold/spoil?

    You should go down in the Food Bloggers Brilliant Recipe Inventions hall of fame for this alongside Gena for banana soft serve and Angela for Green Monsters! It’s THAT GOOD!!

  65. eatingmachine says

    Sometimes, I figure out the calories of what I’m baking, because I like seeing how I can play to up the protein/fiber of a recipe and whatnot… And so on those I’ve put up calories, because I might as well share what I did, because it’s there… But if you aren’t keeping track of the calories yourself it’d be silly to go to the work of putting them up!

  66. Kristie Lynn says

    I’m hoping this is the banana butter post you are talking about in your giveaway post… 😛

    I dream of the Cinnamon-Raisin PB&Co peanut butter, but without the raisins. The consistency and cinnamon-y-ness is perfection to me. I love all things coconut, but I haven’t tried any of the Artisana butters so I can’t be positive that I’d love them 😉

  67. Sünne says

    Hi Katie,

    Creamy-dreaminess can’t get any further than cashew butter! It’s my hands-down favourite nut butter (no, I still haven’t stop raving about it …).
    The Artisana nut butters sound interesting, too.

  68. brandi says

    My favorite nut butter right now is the cinnamon raisin pb from Pb& Co, but there are still tons of flavors I want to try 🙂 including the Artisana flavors! any nut butter will be a friend to me.

  69. Jamie says

    I hope this is the post for the giveaway! I would love to try some banana butter with CHOCOLATE! I think that would be heavenly!

  70. Kristina says

    I get so much inspiration from your blog, thank you once again! I was dying to try the Artisana nut butters so here goes my entry ;]
    -One of my absolute favorite nut butters at the moment is the Organic Almond butter with flax seed oil by Once Again. Its super pricey but the toasty, rich flavor that it delivers is superior to the one of Maranatha’s (which is pretty awesome too!).

  71. jcd says

    Glad to hear you had such a good birthday!

    My favourite flavour of nut butter is definitely the aforementioned nutty-nanna goo (similar to your Better than Peanut Butter, with a touch of cinnamon), but some other favourites are almond butter and cashew butter. Mmmm….

  72. Happy Vegan Lady says

    This is my first comment in a long time… but I have been reading, just quietly! I love both smooth and crunchy peanut butter (especially the PB&Co versions!). Cashew nut butter is also wonderful!

    I haven’t been lucky enough to find any ‘different’ flavours of peanut butter over here in the UK. All the shops here stock seem to just be plain nut butters. I’d love to try the maple and chocolate versions of PB&Co (I know I can easily get the flavours my spreading maple syrup/vegan chocolate spread over the peanut butter, but it’s just not quite the same as getting it all from one jar, is it? Haha).

    Coconut and chocolate sounds divine. I’d love to try a macadamia and cranberry combination in spread form. Cashew nut and cinnamon might go together nicely as well. Mmm…

  73. runningmind says

    My favorite flavored nut butter has to be maple almond butter…but white chocolate PB is a close second. Thanks for doing the giveaway Katie. And Happy Birthday!!!

  74. Jamie says

    This is my mundane (compared to some of the others) response to my favorite nut butter. I LOVE almond butter. I have no idea why; I don’t particularly love almonds. But there’s just something about the butter form that is delicious to me.

  75. Lori Z says

    I love nut butters but I think my favorite is still peanut butter. The only flavored nut butter I’ve tried is dark chocolate and white chocolate. I loved the dark chocolate. I suppose I should try a few more flavors and might find a new love!

  76. itstartedwithafish says

    Bwaaah !!!!

    Anyone throw a pity party for me ?

    No-one ?

    What if I tell you, I have never EVER had any kind of nut butter yet ?
    Okay, I have had peanut butter, I will confess, but only the plain ole sugared and salted storebought kind (with the occasional banana or jelly -outrageous and adventurous, aye ?-) and I have like 3 glasses of tahini in my cupboard (because a part of me is lusting for trying hummus, FINALLY!!!- only to surrender to the chickenish 7 other parts of me….)… tahini is a nut butter, right ?
    Not that I have tried it.

    So, – I am almost a nutbutter virgin *boohoo*

    But I do love nuts so, – my favourite nuts are cashews (though they are no nuts, just like the peanut), macadamia, pistachios and almonds (would they be nuts? ), hazelnuts, brazil (though they make me feel dizzy and I am not too sure they are real nuts) and strawberries (ha, after all THEY are nuts 🙂 ).

    Heck, doesn’t look too good for me.

    Must go and find nut butter… and finally the heart to try some….

  77. Kat says

    I just discovered the Blue Diamond brand of almond butter and all they put in it is almonds & salt — so delicious! especially right out of the jar… and blended with bananas—mmmmm! so yummy!

    and my birthday is the 10th this week! so I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win!

  78. Kate G. says

    I have never tried the artisana nut butters but they have always intrigued me, im really excited for this giveaway!

    My favorite nut butter would have to be peanut butter. plain and simple but it literally goes with everythinggg 🙂

  79. veggie365 says

    I’ve never seen the Artisana brand where I live – I’d love to give them a try – your banana butter idea is brilliant! 🙂

  80. Tasha says

    I’d love to try any of these flavors, as I haven’t been able to find this brand in my area!! Right now I love my Almond butter, but would love to try something new as I love nuts in general =)

  81. Devan Newman says

    my current favorite nut butter is raw or roasted almond butter. i cant seem to get enought of it!
    in cereal
    on apples
    broccoli even!!!

    i want to try a chocolate-coconut nut butter.. i think that would be fab!!

    I once tried a rum-cashew nut butter.

  82. angiolle says

    What an awesome giveaway!!! My favorite nut butter is cinnamon raisin peanut butter…but i have been dying to try the Artisana brand!!! All of their nut butters sound amazing!!!!

  83. hopeinpeanutbutterandoats says

    oh bloody helll this stuff is TOO good and TOO addicting! i just love it.
    my favorite nut butter flav is definitely Mighty Maple from PB&CO. I am going through major withdrawal right now because I just ran out of my beloved PB.
    I have been dying to try the ARtisan’s brand, but can’t find it at any of the health food stores and the only one that is sold is the coconut one at a raw cafe an hour away blah.

  84. *Andrea* says

    ilove dark chocolate dreams by pb&co OR maranatha’s dark chocolate almond spread. deeeeeeelish!

    happy (belated?) birthday!!!!

  85. elise says

    i think i really reallly reallllly need to try this goodness! im a recent almond butter lover (nuts used to make me a bit squeamish but nutbutters are helping me overcome the fear). hope you had an amazing birthday! i wanna know what you got – there were so many presents!!!! hopefulyl fun cooking tools and stuff 🙂

  86. hodgepodgeofhappiness says

    I am in love with any nut butter that has cinnamon in it! I can’t get enough that spicy creamy taste 🙂

  87. Karen says

    Thank you for doing this giveaway, all of the Artisana flavors look DELICIOUS!!! My ‘everyday’ nut butter is Naturally More. I would love to try a macadamia nut butter.

  88. Anna says

    My favorite has to be plain old crunchy with the only ingredients being peanuts. While the fancy chocolate, raisin, and maple kinds do wonders for my oatmeal, I really do truly love the original the most.

  89. Hani says

    How sweet of you to host a giveaway for your birthday! Right now I am really enjoying white chocolate peanut butter, especially with cold sliced apples!

  90. Krunsdogs says

    I love cashew butter, especially whipped together with bananas. I have not yet had the pleasure of trying macadamia or hazelnut butters. And of course, PB & Co have awesome flavors as well!

  91. Catherine says

    I love chocolate and hazelnut together. But those paired with bananas would be sooo good! Thats the nut butter combo i would choose!

  92. Heatherkind says

    My favorite nut butter would have to be Cinnamon rasin swirl….Oh so good. Keep up the awesome posts Katie!!! HAppy Birthday again!

  93. fruitsveggieslife says

    Hmm… The perfect nut butter would be a chocolate almond butter for me! Its one of my favorite combos ever.

    Although the banana butter looks darn good!

    (And a belated happy birthday! Mine was on Saturday. Here’s to a good year *raises non-existent glass*)

  94. Jenna says

    I havent had the opportunity to try any kind of flavored pb, Id love something like cinnamon bun or dark chocolate would be yummy ! 🙂 Good giveaway ! 😀

  95. teenagedvegan says

    At the moment I’m in love with chocolate chip PB, but if they created a triple chocolate chip peanut butter, I would be in heaven!
    it looked like you got so many gifts! You’ll have to tell us what you got :p

  96. Jessica says

    Everything you post about is (or at least looks) delicious, CCV!!! Thanks for the opportunity to try this delicious concoction!


  97. Diana (Soap & Chocolate) says

    To be honest, even just plain old almond or peanut butter is good enough to make me sigh contentedly, but my more recent encounters with Dark Chocolate Dreams were pretty memorable.

    FAAAAAAABULOUS giveaway! I hope your birthday was awesome!

  98. Kathleen says

    I love almost all nut and seed butters. Almond, peanut, coconut chocolate! and recently sunflower seed butter.

    My dream flavor might have to be macadamia coconut pumpkin spread/butter with hints of pumpkin pie spices.

    That is one I’ll probably have to concoct myself… somehow I don’t see it appearing in a health food store near me.

  99. elizabeth says

    my favorite flavor of pb?? i’m going to be boring and go with no sugar added, all natural, plain. I don’t like people messing with my pb! (unless its me, adding a banana 🙂 )

  100. Heather says

    A. I love nut butters! ( I think white chocolate wonderful would be my favorite peanut butter, but out of all the nut butters, almond and walnut are tied for taste and texture. Add cinnamon to any of these, and I’m hooked like Captain.)
    B. I love to dream &
    3. Use my imagination so…
    2+2. I’m bored out of my mind and feel inspired to dream up flavors (Sorry if this is too nonsensical!)

    In a nut galaxy far far away, in a place not too distant from your home, the Peanut race suddenly encountered a deliciously diabolical threat to its very existence. This threat surfaced, as such enemies often do, in the most seemingly interesting, and unlikely of places…the kitchen. Until recent events, the Peanut population was thought to rule the world. From restaurant entrees, to candy bars, and perfumes, Peanuts were powerful. With explosive creativity though, Sir Sparkling Almond, chief chef to Her Majesty Princess Pecan concocted the most delicious array of nut butters imaginable and thus established new harmony in the nut galaxy. Here are some of his latest creations…

    Pristine Pistachio Butter
    Apple Cinnamon Soy Nut Butter
    Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond Butter
    Crunchy Coconut Cashew Butter
    Toasted Vanilla Almond Macadamia Nut Butter
    Seriously Cinnamon Walnut Butter
    Sweet Honey Pistachio Butter
    Coco Hazelnut Butter
    Lovely Lavender Almond Butter
    Creamy Cranberry Cashew Butter

    Then End!

    P.S. Happy Birthday to you
    * May all your dreams come true *

  101. Kate says

    I love the Better n’ Peanut butter that I recently bought at Trader Joe’s (Don’t tell Whole Foods Boy!). I like that it’s the great peanut butter taste, but I don’t have to feel guilty eating it out of the jar like a little piggie b/c it’s so low in fat and calories.

    I also LOOOOOOOOOOVE nutella. It’s the best thing in the world, but I don’t partake very often.

  102. Kyle says

    I favorite nutbutter is peanut butter – but a DREAM nut butter? I’d say peanut butter/COCONUT/chocolate butter. O.M.G.

  103. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says

    My current nut buttah fave is TJs sunflower seed butter, in fact I just blogged about it 5 mins ago. And yesterday, and the day before that….

    I would love to try chocolate infused nut butters, I have some Choco PB2 on order but like a choco-cashew butter would be divine. I want to try ALL of the Artisana flavors!

  104. Emily (Healthy Fit Mama) says

    I have yet to try vanilla almond butter, but it sounds delicious! Chocolate almond butter would be great too!

  105. Jessie says

    I would LOVE to win some Artisana nut butters so that I can finally get to try this delicious looking stuff. I have not had the opportunity to try many nut butters, but if I had to choose a favorite, I would have to say it’s White Chocolate Wonderful from PB&CO. I hardly ever buy it though since I can’t keep myself from eating most of the jar with a spoon. It’s that good!

  106. Gloria M says

    I love nut butter, period! I think I’m a nut butter addict, but i’m okay with that 🙂 Lately though, i’ve been missing PB and Co, especially their Dark Chocolate Dreams… mmmm. I wish they would go on sale every now and again 🙁

    All of the Artisana flavors sound delicious to me! 🙂

  107. ~Jessica~ says

    My dream nut butter flavour would have to be chocolate coffee cashew nut butter…sounds weird but I think the combination of rich, dark chocolate, bitter coffee and the subtly sweet smoothness of cashews would be just divine.

    In reality, I would love to try both Mighty Maple and Cinnamon Raisin Swirl PB & Co flavours.

    I’m not sure if the giveaway is open to UK residents (of which I am one, unfortunately!) so if not then just enjoy the bizarre quality of my nut butter tastes / suggestion ; )

  108. Melissa says

    I like PB & Co’s Dark Chocolate Dreams. And of course there’s always classic all natural peanut butter! I made your banana butter by the way- and loved it!

  109. ttfn300 says

    ooh, my fav nut butter is almond, although i usually don’t descriminate 🙂

    and you must have known how much i want to try that artisana cacao bliss!!! hope you had a great bday!

  110. carolinebee says

    Is that pic from your bday bash!???? So cute i hope u got great stuff and spent it with lovely people 😀 My fave nut butters are TJ’s roasted AB or PB, the perfect combo of taste and value ;D

  111. emielli says

    I`ve never tried any of that brand of nut butter, I`m stuck on my Jiffy Peanut Butter and my almond butter. But I would love anything that was chocolate + peanut butter. Reese’s are my absolute favorite candy, and that combination is insanely good.

  112. Teresa says

    The Artisana Goji Bliss has got to be the most amazing nut butter I have ever tasted! I was lucky enough to sample all the flavors at the SF Green Festival last year. OOhh I do hope that they come again this year! As for a dream flavor… I’d love to try some sort of raw nut butter that incorporates persimmons, just because they are my favorite fruit.

  113. Caroline says

    What makes me feel like a Princess?

    Well, I have very long hair, well past my hips, and really to my tail-bone. Its one of a very few things I like about the way I look. I love standing somewhere windy and taking my hair down and letting the air stir it up and away from my face. It makes me feel like a fairytale princess. Its like the earth is lifting my hair away from my face, and kissing me gently on the forehead, telling me its okay to be me.

  114. monica says

    Happy bday baby!:) I’ve been making raw crunchy almond butter lately with vanilla and cinnamon-sooo good! I soooo want those baby jars of love:)

  115. Jen says

    okay….my fav is artisana cashew butter. It’s like licking frosting out of the betty crocker tub when I was a kid. BUT the dream would be a blend of peanut-cashew-chocolate butter. mmmmm

  116. Kristin says

    Does pecan butter exist? I’ve never seen or eaten any but I love pecans.
    Pecans with chocolate *drool*
    That would be my ideal. That said I love peanut butter and honey together 🙂
    People have mentioned so many awesome combos! I’m getting hungry just reading them! 😀

  117. Laura E says

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!! This would be a great birthday present for me..mines tomorrow the 9th. I’ve really wanted to try the walnut and pecan butter.

  118. Vegyogini says

    I used to absolutely love Nutella before I was vegan. Since then, my favorite nut butter so far has been Naturally Nutty’s vanilla almond butter…WOW is it amazing! Please enter me in the Artisana give-away; I’d love to try their spreads!

  119. Julie says

    You’re so lucky to have so much flavours ! I would love to try the one with pecan. Oh ! My God ! I would die for two slices of bread with in between chocolate-pecan butter and cherry jam !!!!

  120. Diane says

    I LOVE Peanut Butter & Company’s Dark Chocolate Dreams, so I’ll have to say my favorite nut butter combo is peanut butter and chocolate…yum! I love their white chocolate peanut butter, too, though – so it could be a close contest…! 🙂 Hope you’ve had a wonderful birthday – from your pictures it looks like you’ve had a fun day! Best wishes for a wonderful year ahead!

  121. Eliza says

    my favorite nut butter or dream nut butter would definably be a cashew butter with cherry and coconut 🙂 love coconut and cashews together so good, and cherries and cashews are a perfect match in my opinion! i could go on and on about nut butter lol, i think lara bar should come out with a nut butter line, like a cashew cookie butter with like pieces of dates in it, how good would that be! 😉

    lots of love xo

  122. AnAppleADay says

    my favorite would be
    raw almond butter! YUM
    i also looooove adding vanilla extract into my own homemade almond butter. it’s so good!!!

  123. Sally says

    I like peanut butter, almond butter, pecan butter, and walnut butter. It’s hard to chose one as a favorite! Thanks for having such a generous giveaway, Katie!

  124. Claudia says

    My favorite nut butter right now is peanut butter. Unfortunately I’ve never had the opportunity to try any other nut butter or any of the cool flavors.

  125. Angela K. says

    My favorite nut butter is cashew butter. Mmmm. I think there should be a nut butter with raisins and cinnamon in it; that would be lovely 😛

  126. keri410 says

    Just plain old chocolate and peanut butter…. mmmm… that would be my all time fave combo! Thanks for the giveaway gorgeous!

  127. amsinpdx says

    i’ve always wanted to try P.B. Loco’s peanut butter with chocolate chip cookie dough but i’m vegan and it’s not. So I would love if I could find (or make!) a vegan version!

  128. Elizabeth says

    Macadamia nut butter is Bomb. Creamy raw almond butter is wonderful as well, I don’t think there is a nut butter in existance that I would not be head over heels for. But I must say that though this post is called “Better than Peanut Butter?” I believe my ultimate fav is crunchy peanut butter

  129. Katrina (gluten free gidget) says

    I’m kind of in lurve with Justin’s Cinnamon Peanut Butter. You have not lived until you have eaten a bowl of oats with Cinnamon Peanut Butter and banana…. or a Cinnamon Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich…. or Cinnamon Peanut Butter and Banana Bread…. You get the point. 🙂

  130. BreakingFree says

    My favorite flavor of nut butter is peanut butter. Yum!! I love the salty goodness. I think a good imaginary flavor would be….um…..cinnamon peanut butter pumpkin. That would be so good!

  131. AmyinOR says

    I’m new to this magical world of delicous sounding nut butters — only regular almond butter and nutella (does that even count?) so far, but me-oh-my chocolately coconuty almond butter sounds delicious. This probably exists already. Must google. New to your blog as well — You make a vegan diet look not only do-able, but delicious!

  132. Lauren says

    my favorite nut butter out is the pb loco’s flavor of peanut butter and banana! reminds me of your recipe 😉
    but my dreammm flavor would be a nut butter flavored with my 3 faves – chocolate, banana, and coconut..all together. wouldnt that be amaaazing?? 🙂

    • Irmgard Marsh says

      Please, please include the calorie count. Those of us on weight loss programs, and these days many of us are in this predicament, need to know that in order to balance taste and calories or we saboutage ourselves. The calorie count can be ignored by those who don’t need it but is a huge bonus for those of us who do. I love what I see on your site but will only try recipes that give a nutritional breakdown, including calories. Please don’t shut those of us with weight problems out. We like cooking yummy things too. The worls discriminates against us enough as it is. Thank you.

      • Alanna says

        I completely understand your perspective (I count them, too), but it’s also important to realize that most of CCK’s recipes have multiple methods of preparation depending on personal taste and dietary restrictions. With options in the type/amount of sweetener, choice of milk, etc and also serving sizes vary by person, it’s impossible in most cases for her to give absolute calorie information. I use MyFitnessPal to track food and exercise, and they have a really handy section where you can enter and save custom recipes, so I’ve been doing that when I make CCK items so I know exactly what I’m getting and can alter the serving sizes accordingly. The app is free (Android and Apple) and you can also access online at I highly recommend it!

        Back to the recipe at hand… I just tried this banana butter yesterday, and it was good yesterday morning but even better today! Love the idea. I used 1/2 banana and 2T Nature’s Promise creamy PB, and that made two very generous servings at about 130 calories each. I was lazy and just melted the banana in the microwave and stirred with the PB so the texture wasn’t as smooth as the photo, but will definitely be making this again! Thanks, CCK!

  133. Ariel says

    Peanut butter used to take first place but since I’ve discovered sunflower seed butter, peanut butter is only second best! My dream combination is sunflower seed butter plus carob or chocolate–delish! Only even more amazing with banana…and peanut butter…wait is that possible in one jar?! Let’s pretend it is!

  134. Gaby says

    Oo giveaway!!
    But first of all, Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day! what cake did you end up celebrating with?
    As for nut butters, hmmm, all of those flavors look really good. I really want to try coconut butter but it’s always so expensive. Same for macadamia. I think something like coconut ginger would be really good.
    I know I also mentioned I sometimes mix in fruit spreads or jellies with my nut butters so some really amazing concoctions I”ve made have been cashew butter/ apricot spread, almond butter and rose jelly from a middle eastern market, or almond butter with guava jelly. I love Sunbutter with agave too 🙂
    Ok that was wayyy more than one flavor, but I hope it still counts as my entry!

  135. megan says

    My dream nut butter would be maple pecan butter because that is my all time favorite clif bar and i think it would be amazing. Or I would have dark chocolate almond butter. I love almonds and dark chocolate too. So hard to decide:o)

  136. WholeBodyLove says

    I just bought the new Maranatha Dark Chocolate Almond Spread and I have a feeling it will beat out Mighty Maple PB Co for my new favorite!

  137. Tay says

    I”m pretty sure I’ve already left a comment, but just to be safe…my fave is either Justin’s maple nut butter (oh holy yum!) or sunflower seed butter!

  138. Katie says

    My favorite nut butter is straight up plain old almond butter. Oh, and I’ve been eating this banana butter on toast every morning for the last week!

  139. Ariel says

    My favorite nut butter is homemade raw almond butter. Next time I make it, I will throw a banana into the blender as well. 🙂

  140. Chelsea says

    Happy (belated) birthday, Katie!

    Ooooh, I’m so excited to have read about this coconut delicousness you speak of. I’m actually allergic to most nuts and seeds, so my favorite nut butter is by default soy nut butter. It is the only one that I don’t have a horrible allergic reaction to!

    I’ve never heard of coconut butters before. Even if I don’t win, if these spreads are lacking peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, etc, I am going to have to give them a try! How have I not come across this stuff before?! 😛

  141. Erin says

    Um, I’m kinda addicted to the thought of any type of spreadable, buttery goodness. I have never tried almond or cashew butter. Big fan of peanut butter and bananas and chocolate. I think the possibilities are endless!

  142. Caroline says

    Oh, and fav flavour of peanut butter….

    I like to make my own chocolate flavoured stuff by stirring in a few squares of melted dark chocolate. It give it a richness which is lovely, without being too much of a sugar bomb. It’s also a loooot cheaper than store bought chocolate peanut spread!

  143. Daria says

    You are so sweet for doing this giveaway! My dream flavor would be choco-banana-coconut-brazil nut. I can taste it now! 🙂

  144. Kim says

    I have only tried plain raw crunchy almond butter, and I am in luv! I gots lots of love to share, so would luv to try them all…

  145. Liz says

    Any nut butter mixed with chocolate is heavenly. I am looking forward to trying this banana peanut butter, sounds like the perfect combo.

  146. Jenny says

    umm your site kind of just keeps making me happier and happier .. first melted banana, now this! you spoil us 🙂

    p.s. is there where i’m supposed to enter your generous giveaway? happy birthday by the way dollface! how old are yaaa?!!

    favorite flavor of nut butter.. yikes this is damn near impossible to answer. If i had to narrow it down to 2 it would be PB&Co cinnamon raisin swirl or Naturally Nutty vanilla almond butter **swoon**

    lots of love miss thing!

  147. buffmuffy says

    ahhh! i could not find a link here on your post so i’m glad i found and hope im not too late~!!!!!!
    i absolutly love coconut butter – it is my fave, but for nut butters i love almond butter. haven’t tried many others.
    i have been wanting… craving … to try this cacao bliss product you so tempt me with.
    that box full of artisana products? wow girl. i’m super mondo jealous. MONDO!

  148. Emma says

    Not sure if I’ve already commented or not, but I guess it’s always nice to receive more comments! My dream nut butter flavour would be… hazelnut. I think you can probably get it, but I must confess I’ve only recently been getting into nut butters and have only ever had plain peanut or cashew. I’d love to try a chocolate and nut butter, or coconut butter too. My local health food shop also sells a pumpkin seed butter, and I’m so going to try it! I love pumpkin seeds! =)

  149. Gina G says

    it is soooo difficult to say what my favorite nut butter is because i havent had the chance to even try most of the nut butters out there! so i guess my favorite of all that i had would be dark chocolate dreams, its amazing! but i think my dream flavor would be mocha cinnamon almond butter, yummmm =) thankyou so much!

  150. Ellen says

    this is a tough question! i would say my favorite flavor that i’ve tried so far is either roasted hazelnut butter or salted raw vanilla almond butter (i make it myself and tastes like cookie dough!).

  151. leslie says

    dream flavor? i’m overwhelmed by possibility! i think, it would be roasted almond and pecan, no salt, with a hint of pumpkin and maple. i need to try making that!

  152. Jenna H says

    call me boring (i prefer classic!) but my favorite flavor of nut butter is raw almond butter. just almonds, nothing else. so simple, but so freaking good. :]

  153. Sarah A says

    Ever since you mentioned Peanut Butter & Co Dark Chocolate Dreams (and I went out and bought it and ate much more than I should have in one sitting…) I’ve been utterly addicted.

  154. Marianne says

    Woohoo, a giveaway 🙂 My fave nut butter is probably the dark chocolate dreams from PB & Co, although I do love me plain ol’ pb as well.

  155. Luna says

    waht, you can not ship outside the US?don’t worry, I have relatives there 😉 eheheh i’d relly love to try them, especially because i only can fine peanut butter here, you know, the “helathy food” trend is late in this part of the world 😉

  156. ohkansascity says

    My favorite nut butter flavor is definitely almond butter. Cashew almond butter is definitely awesome though. My dream flavor would be like chocolate almond butter. That would probably be really fantastic!

  157. Alex says

    gosh. plain ole peanut butter is just so delicious it’s hard to imagine anything better. not that i would mind trying other flavors 😉

  158. Abby says

    This post was hard to find, but winning any nut butter would make it worth the search!

    Anyway, I love almond butter and think they should make an almond banana butter. How delicious would that be?

  159. Ricki says

    Mmm would love to win some of those butters and taste them at last! I’m a chocolate gal, of course–but chocolate-ginger would be my fave, I think. 🙂

  160. Kristie says

    One fav nut butter is nearly impossible to choose! My tops depend on the day but homemade almond butter or good old fashioned natural pb make my heart (and tastebuds) quite happy. And that White Chocolate Wonderful definitely has an extra special spot too.

  161. veganhomemade says

    Favorite pb flavor – I think I have to be boring and say that my favorite pb is plain old pb! My favorite combo is pb, banana and chocolate though – I think you would agree 🙂 I’ve always been envious of those who can buy PB&Co though, I get the feeling I would love all those flavors.

  162. Michelle says

    My all-time favorite nut-butter is plain old peanut butter. Not the nasty skippy stuff, but the natural peanut butter. I can’t go a day without a little bite (or a big bite………….)
    Great giveaway!

  163. Gwennie says

    My favorite nut-butter… I live in Norway, so anything other than peanut butter is ridiculously expensive (seriously, it’s between $7 and $10 for a 9 oz jar of nut butters). I have to say that my all time favorite is almond butter. It is so creamy and sweet. Add a little cinnamon and some agave and it’s the perfect topping for frozen banana ice cream… yummy! — I made myself hungry.

  164. maggie says

    Great post!! I love banana butter! I wanna win some nut-butter goodness! My favorite kind would be raw almond butter…its the purest and tastest in my opinion!


  165. Jonna Green says


    Love your blog! Ever since I started reading blogs, I’ve been exposed to the world of nut butters and have been trying so many of them. I still love a good crunchy peanut butter, but am really wanting to try the Artisana ones, any of them! Cocoa bliss sounds great, but would love to try so many and can’t find them locally. Thanks for the opportunity.

  166. Anonymous says

    Coconut, chocolate, banana, almond, mango, avocado.
    Easily my six favorite foods.
    Combine the first four into a nut butter and I’d be practically in heaven! I don’t imagine I’d have much luck incorporating the last two, but hey, thats what the rest of the meals of the day are for!!!


  167. Molly says

    Coconut, chocolate, banana, almond, mango, avocado.
    Easily my six favorite foods.
    Combine the first four into a nut butter and I’d be practically in heaven! I don’t imagine I’d have much luck incorporating the last two, but hey, thats what the rest of the meals of the day are for!!!


  168. Meg says

    Plain ole’ peanut butter! Specifically Smuckers Natural Creamy. If I’m feeling a little more indulgent, Mighty Maple certainly does the trick 😉 or any of the PB&Co flavors, really!

    Hope you enjoyed your birthday, Katie 🙂


  169. Haylee says

    I think a Coconut, Banana Butter with any type of nuts! Anything with coconut or bananas are excelent! Maybe a little cinnamon too.


    Happy late b-day!

  170. mallory says

    hm… i don’t really discriminate, i tend to consume nut butters of all flavors and varieties 🙂

    however, i think a cinnamon almond butter would be de.lic.ious.

    great giveaway 🙂

  171. Holly B says

    I love love LOVE Justin’s Maple Almond Butter. It just doesn’t get any better! I’d love to try the Artisan butters, but have not been able to find them in my area. My dream nut butter? hmmm…maybe something like coconut vanilla almond buttah!

    Thanks for the giveaway! You are a doll 🙂

  172. Vanilla Swirl says

    Is it here to enter the Coconut Giveaway??? I had a hard time finding where to post my answer! I spent quite some time to find the ”Banana Butter” post, lol.

    Anyway, my ”dream” nut butters (with an ”s”, because I can’t choose…I hope it’s not cheating!) is:

    – ”Tiramisu” Macadamia Butter (Coffee liqueur blended with the white, dreamy colour of macadamia nuts. Not for children. ;p)

    -”Black Forest” Coconut Butter (Cocoa, cherry bites and coconut butter)

    -”Nanaimo” Peanut Butter (Cocoa, Vanilla marbled in peanut butter)

    -”Pumpkin pie” Pecan Butter (Pumpkin, raisin, spices and caramelized pecans!)

    Very complicated list, lol.
    Thanks for the giveaway, you’re so generous 🙂

  173. Jackie says

    I just had my first banana butter experience and let me tell you, it DEFINITELTY won’t be my last. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to this eeeeeeeeasy delish treat!


  174. Marissa says

    OH MY GOODNESS! I love PB & Banana sammiches….but I never thought to mix the 2 in a blender! I have been putting PBU on my raw chocolate pudding (which has banana in it) so I suppose that isn’t TOO far off 😉

    but yummy!!!

  175. emi s. says

    I thought I invented this stuff! But, instead of using a blender/food processor, I just microwave the banana, which makes it soft enough to easily mix with the peanut butter – it helps that the PB melts a little, too.

    I usually use almond butter & make one serving at a time – 1/4 – 1/3 banana & 1T almond butter. Since I’m microwaving the banana, frozen ones work fine. Whenever I have a banana that’s a day from unusably overripe, I peel & put in the freezer, sincer they’re perfect for the almond butter mix or banana bread at that point.

  176. Kate says

    This is delicious! I’ve made pb banana icecream before with rice milk and frozen bananas, but never even thought of making banana butter with just fresh bananas and pb! All I need now is some whole-grain bread to put this on… But I really love it with apples!

    And as for your question: I’m fine without knowing the calorie content of your recipes. If I really must know, I can do my own research on it, but it’s not crucial to know. It’s not all about the calorie and fat content, it’s WHAT’S eaten that really matters.

  177. feerlessfood says

    Great idea! I’ve been thinking about making something like this- I got the idea somewhere of a coffee peanut butter, or maybe like a Kahlua or Bailey’s Irish Cream flavor!

  178. Eleanor Jones says

    I’m sure you’ve made it 1,000 times but just in case you haven’t… This with coconut butter is amazing – I didn’t think anything could taste that good…! : )

  179. Anonymous says

    Hey Katie, love the site. I tried this recipe a while back (been lurking) and was in love, love, love with it. However, recently I read about all of our little insect friends that may end up mashed up in our PB during , so I’ve been turned off :o( I’m assuming the same hold true for organic butters (or even more so)? <3

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Ick, yeah, I read that too… but it’s not just pb they’re allowed to be in. It’s pretty much anything. I mean, if you look carefully enough there are often buggies in broccoli, kale, dried figs, etc. (And don’t even think about it if you eat meat… I’m sure the animals ingest their fair share of bugs before they’re slaughtered). Gross, but I try not to think about it or I’d lose my appetite LOL!

  180. Raychel says

    If I won the new artisana giveaway, I would totally use it to make coconut-banana butter! I love banana butter made w/peanut butter so I know it will be excellent w/coconut butter!!!!!! they just don’t sell it at my whole foods or anywhere else nearby 🙁

  181. Anne says

    Hi Katie

    I’m entering the giveaway for the Artisana nut butter (posted on October, 18). I would cry if I won this: I don’t get Artisana at all near me. I have some Maranatha selections and then its just generic name brands. This would be so amazing.

  182. Jen says

    I’m entering the coconut butter giveaway!
    I have a HUGE obsession with bananas, and coconut banana butter sounds soooo good. There are soooooooooo many possibilities:
    Plain Coconut Banana Butter
    CHOCOLATE coconut banana butter
    Fruit-y coconut banana butter (blend in some strawberries or other fruit with the coconut butter and banana)
    An ice-cream topping…..soo much good food!!!!

  183. Emily says

    Yay for the Coconut Butter giveaway!! It’s sad to say, but I am the only person in my family that likes coconuts. Maybe if I won I could convert some people 😉 Thanks for the giveaway, Katie!

  184. Jamie says

    i have tried this; it is awesome. The addition of coconut butter would be INSANE! if only i had some free samples to test it out… 🙂

  185. Lindsey says

    Love this recipe idea! SO easy but sounds so yummy! I would like some Coconut Butter, impossible to find where I live!

    • Emma says

      Would love to try some artisana! That banana butter sounds incredible too…I think It would be delicious drizzled over vegan pancakes 🙂

  186. Lisa says

    I want to try this recipe with Artisana! I make it all the time with regular pb, but I’ve never tried coconut butter. Thank you for the amazing giveaway 🙂

  187. Frances says

    Just commenting to say that…not only would I love to win some coconut butter, but I’d love to try making coconut banana butter. I already add coconut butter to my homemade nut butters- delicious!

  188. Raquel says

    I love this banana butter. I made it with chocolate almond butter once, and wow!!

    Here’s hoping I win some Coconut butter!

  189. Katie says

    OMGOSH I made this and it is AMAZING!!! I put it on like everything now- more bananas, other fruit, tofu ‘fries’, anything. (I can’t have like severe gluten allergy so I can’t have bread 🙁 boo) But to add coconut OMGOSH! HEAVEN IN A BLENDER!!!!!!!!!! And those little packets to try would be so cool! I <3 NUT BUTTERS!!!

  190. allie says

    Oh man, i love peanut butter and bananas, why didn’t i think of this?!
    Thanks for your creativity Katie, i can’t wait to make this.

  191. Carrie says

    entering to win the artisana yumminess – and let you know your banana butter has changed my life its so so good! (and several of my friends and co-workers now make it regularly!!!). xo!

  192. Amy Joy says

    Mmmm…When I read this I had to turn it into a smoothie. I added oats to make a complete breakfast. I ground 1/3 cup oats in the blender, added 1 tablespoon dark chocolate dreams pb, 1 banana and lots of almond milk. Serves 1-2/

  193. Jen says

    Ashamedly, I have yet to try banana butter. I buy coconut butter infrequently due to its hefty price tag… 🙁 And I love it so much…

    I would love to be the recipient of this giveaway!!

  194. Reema says

    Entering the giveaway 🙂 I actually have always hated bananas, but the only way I like them is with peanut butter!!!!! And my mom has just recently fallen in love with coconut butter, so this is totally for her.

  195. Shauna says

    Hmmm, I think I’ll have to try the coconut butter in banana soft serve. Yum! I almost always eat my coconut butter straight up, though.

  196. Soo says

    I love eating banana and pb together but never thought of making banana pb butter. It looks so delicious. I might make some tonight 🙂 thanks for a great idea!

  197. Tessa says

    OH my yummers. Coconut banana butter on my calorically dense bagel french toast would be worth every ounce of weight gained & more! Maybe even coconut banana butter on my Belgian waffles, topping my muffins, mixing into my oatmeal, or eating straight out of the jar.. 🙂

  198. Victoria says

    I LOVE mixing nut butters with banana to give them more bulk/last longer and that yummy banana taste! I want to try the coconut banana butter, please let me win 🙂

  199. Sonny says

    Ahh! Never fear when the magic bullet is near… What a great idea! I am excited to try this because I’m always looking for a thinner consistency for peanut butter and this looks like it’ll be perfect! I’m sure my husband will be weary at first but I’ll just try it on my daughter.. she’ll eat anything. KUDOS!

  200. Ari says

    If you haven’t already you MUST try coconut peanut butter! Or would it be peanut coconut butter?? Tropical Traditions sells it, but it is really simple to make yourself!

    Combine: 200 grams coconut butter with 3/4 cup (about 188 grams) peanut butter. I melt them together. Keeps well in a glass container in the fridge. It’s addictive and amazing!

  201. Akanksha says


    I’m leaving this for the Artisana Coconut Butter giveaway! Hope I win! 😀 Please please please!

  202. Verity Kae says

    Haha. I just made a variation of this today!! Pumpkin butter! I use 1 tbsp pumpkin puree to 2 tsp nut butter (today it was soy nut butter). =]

    I know this is a really old post, but I stumbled upon it due to the fact that Ive been thinking about the whole calorie count on my blog too. Not many people actually READ my blog, but I post the calories sometimes but lately Ive been wanted to end that. Im still debating because I know to my friends who read that have eating disorders and are in recovery… it can actually be helpful to know how much your getting so you dont undereat and Im the same way. Right now, I have to count because if I dont I wont be getting enough.

    Thank you again for your blog! Im going to make some pumpkin pie babies right now!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Hey Liz,
      I’m probably not going to list calories for my recipes anymore, but I can easily calculate them for anything you want. So if I ever post a recipe and you want to know the calorie count, just ask in the comment section :).

  203. kathryn says

    I just made this and my whole family demolished it 😀
    It was in the fridge for a couple days before they got to it and it was fine… I wonder how long it will keep? Do you know?

  204. Kristen says

    First, let me tell you what has been made known to you before- I love your blog; the recipes are fantastic and all of a sort I’d willingly try (and love, afterwards!) and your philosophy on food (both veganism and calorie counting) is refreshing. (Sadly, I am condemned to count for life: I was just diagnosed with juvenile or type 1 diabetes.) Second, I just wanted to say that I was thrilled that today I was able to make pancakes (based off of one of your recipes), this banana butter, anddd a tofu scramble- all for under the amount of calories I allot to breakfast! Woo! Thank you sooo much!

  205. Ally Hudson says

    I don’t obsess over calories, but I do take part in a daily “general count.” I will be transparent and say that I live my recovery from an eating disorder every day. I have been in recovery for over two years now, and I use calorice ranges as a way to ensure that I am eating enough but not too much. I would appreciate caloric data on your blog because many of your recipes seem to follow my vegan, healthy lifestyle. However, in the end, I will subscribe to your blog regardless because I truly enjoy it!

  206. Mike Behnken, Personal Trainer says

    That looks pretty damn tasty… I would think it would be perfect to add in a chocolate protein smoothie as well. I have put it on waffles and pancakes, while it may not be the healthiest calorie wise, it tastes mighty delicious, thanks!

  207. Doug@DailyHealthBlitz says

    I always eat my bananas with pb and I love the combination. I am definitely going to try your recipe, but I got to say the color doesn’t look the most appetizing! Lol!

  208. banana! says

    loved this idea! i like a little crunch in my food
    so instead putting it in the blender i simply took
    half a banana and two tablespoons of peanut butter
    and mashed them together a fork. It was too easy
    and if your in the mood, put chocolate chips in!

  209. Elyse Sokoloff says

    Just found your blog and just made this and yu-HUM! Am currently eating it with a dollop (okay a bit *more* than a dollop) of maple syrup and it’s oh so good. And I wonder why my post partum weight loss has stalled. Hmmmmm. Anyway, love the blog and have told all my friends about it.

  210. Kelcey G. says

    I vote yes for calorie count. I know its not the most important thing when evaluating foods to eat ( but when you are on a diet like me) it is an important consideration.

  211. Sarah says

    this recipe is amazing. i made it this morning and had it on a sandwich at lunch.. SOOO GOOD! for dessert i took a frozen banana and a spoonful of peanut butter and it really was like peanut butter banana ice cream. AHH. this is my new addiction.

  212. Ana says

    I LOVE THIS RECIPE! I ate it in my oatmeal this morning.

    Oh and I think you should give calorie counts when specific people ask…. otherwise its not a big deal. Some people care, others don’t.

  213. Ana says

    I made this just today….. the banana butter was great..until it got a weird brown “skin” on top. Did I do something wrong? Anyway, it’s in my fridge. I hope it doesn’t go bad…probably not right?

  214. Teresa says

    These nut butter recipes are such good christmas presents 🙂 I was just wondering, do these need to be refrigerated? I wanted to send some to relatives.


  215. Sapphire says

    Unfortunately, as a gastric band patient, I have to count calories. That being said, it’s much easier for me to plug the items that I use in my little calculators, because I often adjust recipes to fit my own tastes. So if you don’t want to put up caloric info, that’s fine with me 🙂

  216. Ginger says

    I for one would love to know the nutritional content of your recipes. I would love to make more of these recipes, but I do not because of not knowing the nutritional content or having the time to figure it out *and* make the recipe etc. I like to keep the carbs, proteins and fat content balanced in my diet. If you decide *not* to add the nutritional content to your recipes, do you know if there is a “calculator” out there that would give this info to me if I enter the recipe ingredients/amounts? I would appreciate knowing where to get something like that.
    I say what would it hurt to make that info available? It’s not “obsessing” as so many put it, but having the info to make wise, healthy decisions.
    I love your web/blog! Thank you!

  217. Mila says

    There’s many ways to loosen up peanut butter, and they all have the same effects – smoother, lower in calories and often more nutritious. I just mixed some with a splash of mint tea, and have definitely used chocolate milk in the past!

  218. Andrea says

    I just made this banana butter this morning and am using it as a topping for buckwheat pancakes for breakfast! Amazing recipe, yet so simple! You’re so smart 🙂 I’ll def. be using this again!

  219. Nicole M. says

    Hi Katie! Big fan of your blog, but I could never get my meat-loving family to go vegan, or vegetarian for that matter! Anyway, I was just wondering if you noticed that you had two almost-identical posts about the Banna Butter? Also, I’ve been surfing your blog for the Cinnamon Roll Pie but it seems to have gone missing along with a few other recipes…

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I can pull up that page… maybe it’s a temporary glitch? Can you try again tomorrow and let me know if you still can’t see it?

      Also, what browser are you using? And can you copy/paste the links you’re getting error messages on?

      I’m also not sure what you mean by this: “you had two almost-identical posts about the Banna Butter”

  220. Marissa says

    I just made the Banana Peanut Butter and it was delicious! Although yours looks much more creamy than mine…did you use a very ripe banana? I used a just-yellowed banana and the texture and taste reminded me of peanut butter cheesecake. Thanks for the recipe! This happens to be one of my favorite flavor combinations….along with peanut butter and chocolate!

  221. Haley says

    Yes, please post calories!! I’m an athlete, which means I like to know my macronutrient breakdown (fat, protein, carb amount) in order to heighten my performance and get the best results.

  222. Katrina Cara says

    First of all, I looooooooooove your site. For me, calorie counting is really important…not an unhealthy obsession. I’m 180 pounds. When I first started reading your site I was 200 pounds. You have really helped me to lose weight and not feel like my life is over. And while calorie counting is important…I think the best thing is to just have everything in moderation. I’m not on a “diet” to lose weight, just reinventing the way that I eat so that I can be healthy, live longer and enjoy life. I think calorie counting can be really negative (especially when you’re not trying to lose weight.) but it’s important at first when you’re overweight to see just HOW MUCH you eat. I know you already do calorie counting, but if that’s too much work for you, you don’t have to include calories. What you could do is just include the servings per recipe in plain bold letters in each recipe and then make a separate article that explains why you don’t count calories, but gives a link to a recipe calorie counting website. It’s win-win. Not only did you made a healthy recipe, but you’d be giving people a tool to help them with other recipes outside of your blog. It’s your blog…don’t feel pressured to do all the work that people should be doing themselves. Keep being awesome!!!

  223. Leanna C says

    Dear Katie,
    I just got out of the gym and decided to try this because it’s warm today and I like cold things after working out. This is quite possibly the best thing I’ve tasted in a loooong while. Thank you for showing me how to eat vegan and be healthy and cool… thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

  224. Sarah says

    I say yes to adding the calorie counts. I love your website and all of the recipes I have tried from it, however it would be nice to have a general idea of the caloric density of the recipes! Thanks!! 😀

  225. Sarah says

    Yes calorie/nutritional info!! Knowledge is power and I think it’s important to be aware of what you’re eating- whether you’re counting calories or not. I think without the info it may also be easy to justify overeating because it’s ” healthy”. Calories are calories regardless of the additional nutritionist and therefore should be taken into consideration.

  226. Mali Korsten (The Korsten Chronicle) says

    I think I’m going to make this and just eat the whole thing with a spoon like pudding. Yum.

  227. Lucy says

    Hi Katie!

    I am a huge nut butter lover so i made the banana butter/ better peanut
    butter and I LOVE it!!

    I just had a quick question: I could not believe that it’s only 40 calories per tablespoon
    and I’m truly stumped about how thats possible. My friend said maybe the banana somehow
    spreads it out? I have no idea, but if you have time to respond, that would be great!

    By the way, I abolsolutely love all of your recipes! I am a new reader and am really enjoying trying
    the recipes out!

    Thanks again!

  228. Lucy says

    Hi Katie!!

    I am a new reader/fan of yours and since I just started my new vegan lifestyle your recipes have been a great kick start, so thank you for that!

    I am a huge nut butter lover and so I had to try the Better Peanut Butter/ Banana Butter, it turned out amazing!

    I just had a quick question: I noticed that it was only 40 cal/tablespoon! I mean that’s awesome but I was wondering how on earth that’s possible! My friend suggested that maybe the banana spread some of the calories out? Im not sure..and also do you know how many carbs there are in each serving?

    Thanks so much!

  229. carole says

    WOW! i just used 3 oz. of frozen banana and 3 Tbsp of maranatha smooth almond butter and put it in my mini food processor and it was DA BOMB!!! i thought i would just have a Tbsp, then i had 2 tbsp, then i just ate the whole thing and I’ll have salad the rest of the day. It was like frozen yogurt and it was SOOOOOOOO yummy!! thanks, Katie! (that’s my 15 y/o dd’s name, so I’m a little partial to you- she loves to make yummy treats, too :-))

  230. Brittany says

    Please include calories! I love all of your recipes but I tend to not make them because I am a calorie counter and although they are healthy, I do not have any idea what the calories are like. If the calories were included in the recipes then I would be super excited to make more of your recipes and share them to my other “calorie counter” friends 🙂

  231. Annie says

    I made this yesterday and had to add a little milk to loosen it up as my hand blender didn’t seem to manage the “smooth blending”. It’s yummy though :))

  232. Emily Miller says

    I know that this is a REALLY, REALLY old post, but I’m just now reading it and wondering if you could use the powdered peanut butter (PB2) and come up with a similar output? It’d be more bananna-y in texture I suppose, but lower in fat…

    I’m not a calorie counter, but a point counter (weight watchers) so I’m just trying to figure out which would be better for this diet – this recipe, or the PB2, or a combination of the two. I love my regular peanut butter on a whole wheat english muffin each morning, but the fat in regular peanut butter doesn’t love me back.

  233. Jen says

    If some people are concerned with the high calories of peanut butter, a company makes powdered peanut butter you mix with water with 85% of the fat calories removed. It is called PB2, they also make a chocolate version.

  234. janice' esposito says

    I also say no to calorie counting. What could be more boring. Eat mostly plant food and as close to how it was intended to be eaten and as little of proccessed food as you can and you won’t have to worry about calories.

  235. Samantha says

    Yes to calories, that way they are there for those who want them and if you don’t want them then simply don’t look. Everyone’s happy 🙂 and more then half the time I won’t eat something without knowing what in it. I’m very concious when it cone to what I eat and j know plenty of others are as well. Thanks 🙂

  236. Lilly says

    I just made this! I feel so incredibly guilty saying what I’m about to say, but I think I actually like this just a tiny bit more than peanut butter.
    …There. I said it. Sue me. But it’s true.

  237. Kimberly says

    I’ve been eyeing this recipe for a few days now, and when I was blessed with a TON of bananas about to go bad, ta-da! I made a lot of this amazing banana butter. The best part is every person in my household LOVES it, even the guys. I used organic peanut butter and added some cinnamon. I could eat this all by itself it’s so good. I love your recipes Katie. Truly a fan.

  238. Pippa says

    I say yes to calories. may as well have them up there for those that want them. those that don’t, don’t need to take notice 🙂

  239. Rebecca says

    Calorieshmalories. It’s OKAY to have treats. That’s what they are, TREATS. This looks amazing, I’ll have to try it out.

  240. Shannon says

    I say YES to adding calorie counts. To me, they’re extremely important, and I won’t even touch a recipe unless it does have accurate nutritional information. Please add calorie counts to your recipes, so I have no fear in trying them out<3

  241. Jane says

    This is amazing. I only had chunky peanut butter and my blender isn’t the strongest so I added in a tablespoon of almond milk and a tablespoon of tahini to get things going and voila! So yum- oh and some agave ’cause I have a terrible sweet tooth 🙂 thank you Katie!

  242. Julia says

    Oh my goodness. I just made this and my mind was BLOWN. I absolutely adore the flavor combo or peanut butter and bananas, and I can’t believe I haven’t tried something like this before. The flavor is amazing, and only gets better after a few hours in the fridge. I made myself a single batch (1/2 banana and 4 tbsp PB) and already ate half of it. The rest has been used (or is going to be used) in my overnight oats for tomorrow morning! Mine doesn’t look nearly as smooth and fluffy as yours, but I hand-whisked it. I think next time I’ll just suck it up and use the electric mixer, because I eat with my eyes as much as I do my stomach haha.
    Such a fantastic recipe…thanks for sharing!

  243. Denise says

    I love this and used to make it, although I never blended it together in a blender, just my hand with a fork/spoon. “Just how long will this recipe keep in the fridge”? Can I make it like peanut butter and it will keep? Thanks, Denise

  244. Karen says

    This looks absolutely amazing!!! I love both banana and PB, but hate the hassle of slicing and dirtying more dishes, so thank you for making my life easier Katie!!!
    As for the calorie counts, I’m the odd one out when I say yes to add them. For many years, I was overweight and have a slower metabolism due to genetics. I need to count my calories to stay at an average weight, but often times I don’t have the time because I am a single mom with a full-time job. Posting calorie counts would really help me out!!!

  245. Bess says

    Love the sound of this spread…. I am a peanut butter devotee, but have been worried about eating it too much for obvious reasons. Am off to buy some banana’s today to give it a try.
    I am looking forward to exploring the rest of you blog.

  246. Joanne says

    I vote yes to the calories- I’m not a counter myself but it’s really helpful and great when I’m serving to people who are doubtful or skeptical of “healthy desserts”
    Great recipes!!!

  247. Freya says

    i really like the calorie count because knowing there arent that many calories makes me feel okay for eating it. If i didnt know how many calories were in them then i would feel guilty the entire time for eating them. PLEASE KEEP THE CALORIES!!!! if you dont want to know, just dont read the link.

  248. Emily says

    Could you melt the banana in the microwave before to give it a caramelly flavor? Or would it mess up the texture?

  249. Debbie says

    I’ve tried it last week and it was sooo delicious but the banana turned brown after a few hours. It wasn’t bad but it didn’t look nice anymore. Is it because I didn’t use a food processor but a fork?
    I did the same thing again but with homemade applesauce, it is at least just as delicious as this one! 🙂

  250. melnebone says

    You mentioned 80gms of banana without peel, why would anybody be so stupid enough to put peel (banana) in anything, execpt?.

  251. JW says

    Quick question…I made this with a higher banana-to-pb ratio than you seem to use and it tasted and looked great straight out of the food processor. But after a few hours in the fridge, the top is black (which is what happens to unpeeled banana parts in the fridge, obviously). Is this normal or is it because there is too much banana in the mixture? I used 2 large bananas and 4 tbsp peanut butter. Like I said, it was perfect right off the bat and it still tastes fine, it just starts to blacken on top and needs to be stirred (but then those black parts get stirred into the rest…so I’m not sure if that’s bad). Unfortunately, that’s the ratio that results in 41 calories per tbsp. I’m not sure how you’re getting only 40 or so calories per tbsp with a 4 – 0.5 ratio of pb and bananas…for reference, how many 1 tbsp servings do you get out of that? Thanks!

  252. Jim says

    What attachment do you use on your food processor? I can’t see using my blender because that goopy mix will be a challenge to clean out of the bottom and off the blades.

  253. Zabrina says

    I have a question instead of comment… how long does this typically last refrigerated and can I can this? Thanks for your help!

  254. Dyan Merick says

    Re calories listings, forget it. I write vegan cookbooks and I’d hate to have to figure them out for all my recipes. If I did, I’d have to make sure every measurement was absolutely exact so they’d be correct, which doesn’t allow for the small changes that occur every time you make a recipe.

  255. Gabby says

    Add the calories please! I would really appreciate, if it’s not too much trouble, because I count calories and it makes me anxious when I don’t know how many calories are in something.

  256. Joe says

    Katie, Thankyou for this great banana butter recipe. I have a son that wont eat chocolate so finding ideas like this helps a lot.

  257. Johnna Prater says


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