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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Babies

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Nursery Shenanigans

One fateful night, I laid my Cashew Cookie Truffles in their playpen next to the dark chocolate bars. 

But something happened while I slept… come morning, the bouncing babies were gone! I didn’t have to look far to find them, though:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Babies

As children, how many of you ate way more than your fair share of the raw dough when making chocolate chip cookies?

And how many of your salmonella-fearing, health-conscious mommies—like mine—reprimanded you for this?  Well there’s no need to hide your sticky fingers any more! It is now possible to eat raw cookie dough without feeling the wrath of Mom. How?  By whipping up a batch (or two or three) of these guys:

Cookie Dough Babies

(a.k.a. Raw Cookie Dough Balls)

  • Scant 2/3 cup pitted dates (80g) (I highly recommend Sunmaid dates, found in regular grocery stores near the raisins. They’re softer and easier to blend.) 
  • handful of chocolate chips or Sugar-Free Chocolate Chips
  • 1/4 cup cashews (30g) (or another nut, like almonds.)
  • 1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • tiny pinch of salt (can be omitted)

Blend the dates, cashews, salt, and vanilla in a food processor. (You can use a blender, but they’re much harder to blend and they can get very sticky.) You can either blend the chocolate with the other ingredients or chop it separately, then mix the pieces into the dough. Make bars, balls, or shapes of whatever size you want.

View Nutritional Info

Click for a full list of flavors:

All Fudge Baby Flavors.

Get those fingers dirty; Momma won’t mind.  Heck, when she hears how healthy this dough is, she may even join you!  So perhaps you shouldn’t let her in on the secret…

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. They look so good! I am craving chocolate now at 10am!

  2. Your treats always look amazing!

  3. Marina says:

    Again,you’re killing me.I need to get some cashews and make this asap!!

  4. I love those Lindt 90% chocolate bars, and I really need to make CD some babies soon…um, edible babies that is. 😉

  5. sisrocks1996 says:

    LOL Your turning into a cannibal eating your babies ! So yummy looking though. I need to conquer the fear and make my own dough babies. I’m on a cupcake kick though that can’t be matched.

  6. Jessica says:

    You know I already made these and gobbled them down! They’re my favorite variation so far (and my husband’s too!) I just bought some peanuts so I can try the PB chocolate babies :)

  7. Kate says:

    I just finally made myself the original fudge babies and the cashew cookie bars, but what could be better than the addition of CHOCOLATE? My food processor will be running out of power before I know it. Hahah.

  8. Who doesn’t love cookie dough?

  9. Yum! I think this is my favorite combo so far!

  10. Chrysta says:

    MMMmmm…looks delicious! I cant resist cookie dough!=)

  11. kbwood says:

    those look sooooo good! chocolate chip cooke dough is my fAV!

  12. Jenny says:

    oh honey, your babies are prettier than Angie and Brad’s :)

  13. Diana says:

    Those look so good. :) Easy to make too. Perfect!

  14. I hadn’t even seen this post when I replied to your email…ah-hah, now it makes more sense what you had written to which I replied before seeing this post.

    The cookie dough babies look awesome as do the oatmeal babies…you know I’ve been rocking out the raw vegan cookie dough and oatmeal raisin cookies lately so it’s cool to see you make Fudge Baby versions in keeping w/ the Baby Family Theme :)

    Thanks for the shout out too :)

  15. Melinda says:

    Yummy, now this flavor sounds heavenly. I love cookie dough, yum, yum, yum!

  16. i used to hate cashews ( i know I know.. caraaazy)
    but they have grown on me.


  17. Vanilla says:

    T_T. I’m jealous.

    It’s decided: For Christmas, I’m gonna ask for a Magic bullet, Vitamix or any kind of food processor.

    It’s killing me!
    I want my fudge babiiiiiiieeeeeeessssss!!

  18. Swoon, just the words “cookie dough” do tend to make my eyes glaze over. Yum.

  19. Megan says:

    Now I want “cookie dough” for lunch! :)

    I’ve made a Cinnamon Raisin version before using almond butter, and it’s my favorite around the holidays… maybe I’ll convert some family and friends this year with a variety of “babies” at the table!!

  20. You and Averie are KILLING me with all these yummy treats! LOL

    And you write in such a fun way. Love the pics, too.

    So cool, Katie. You’re the bestest!!! 😀


  21. Angela K. says:

    mmm those look delicious!

  22. The new cookie “babies” look oohey gooey and yummy!

  23. Bethany says:

    Yum, that looks delicious!

  24. Shelby says:

    If only I bought dates at the store! This is the first flavor I’m trying out. You know I love me some Lindt dark chocolate!

  25. larabar should hire you to make some new flav’s!! this one is out of this world delicious looking!

    and my mom used to buy the big tub of cookie dough and freeze it just to have on hand, yeah my bro and I would have our way with that tub quite often!!!

  26. candice says:

    Sadly, I never ate raw cookie dough when I was little… mostly because we never made cookies. *sigh* Of course, all that will change when I make this recipe with high quality dark chocolate… yummm. No danger except the threat of eating the whole thing. 😉

  27. Sarah A says:

    Sweet chocolaty, cashew goodness: I need a food processor. Stat. This is, by far, my favorite interpretation, and my blender just couldn’t handle all the awesome ingredients.

  28. Oh we love cookie dough, especially more now that is all raw and safe for us to eat : ) Love it!

  29. CaSaundra says:

    Katie–stop the baby making, your making me droooool! I love RAW cookie dough, but this would be a nice(healthier)alternative 😛

  30. Kate G. says:

    I love love love Lindt’s 90% dark chocolate. Have you tried their Touch of Salt version? it’s a lower % dark chocolate but it’s a yummy sweet/salty combo.
    I wish i could make these cookie dough babies but sadly i am without a food processor… i did enter your giveaway though!! Crossing my fingers!!

    Kate G.

  31. jessy says:

    i can’t get enough of your fudge baby yummies, Katie – and i’m especially looking forward to your running & kabocha post! i just had my first kabocha last week – i roasted it up and served it over millet- it magical and oh-so deeeelicious. i ate a ton of chocolate chip cookie dough when i was wee – i loved the dough pre-chocolate chips, too. mmmmmmm! think i’m gonna toss some oats in your cookie dough babies – what a super tasty idea!

  32. psychoj1 says:

    mmmm cookie dough 😀

    <3 jess

  33. yummy!!! you’re still are my number one chef katie

  34. BroccoliHut says:

    One of the many reason I love vegan baking–I can eat all the dough/batter I want without any fears of getting food-borne illness…well unless a tummy ache from too much sugar counts:)
    Quick Q: it looks like from your pics that you use raw cashews–is this true? Have you ever tried it with roasted nuts? Just curious!

  35. I think your charity idea is awesome and I can’t wait to make something from your blog and link back to it!

  36. Michelle says:

    So there I was, minding my own business, listenin’ to some groovin’ baby makin’ (chocolate cookie dough fudge babies that is) when all of the sudden! The motor on the food processor died. So tragic!! I had some fudge babies that, albiet chunky, tasty absolutely fantastic. Excellent recipe Katie! (Unfortunately I am going to have to wait until Christmas for Santa to bring a Magic Bullet or something of the sort)

  37. Michelle says:

    music!! I forgot that very important word xD baby making MUSIC! lol please excuse me… xD xD

  38. Shannon says:

    ooh, another winner 😉

  39. Marianne says:

    We lived on the edge back in my childhood – mom had no issues with us eating the raw cookie dough. And I’ll still do it, with no shame whatsoever 😀

  40. I just made these with toasted cashews & sunflower seeds, vanilla, raw cacao nibs, 4 dates and a touch of honey. OMG! Had to immediately pack them up in my hubby’s lunch, gave to my daughter for breakfast and am taking the rest to the gym to give away so I don’t eat them all!

  41. Katherine says:

    These look amazing! If I win the vita-mix I’ll have to try my hand at making a batch in there… after I make butternut squash soup, of course!

  42. Jennifer says:

    Oooooh these babies are so good! I’m munching a batch of them right now. You know what would make them even better? … If I could eat them with a bowl of fruit ice cream that I just whipped up in my brand new Vita-Mix! If only there was a way to make that happen…

  43. anisha says:

    My main reason to get a VitaMix would actually be to make a bunch of your recipes, especially all your oatmeal ones! They always look amazing but my lack-of-Vitamix makes it hard to replicate them!

  44. Liz says:

    If I had a VitaMix, the first thing I would make in it would be a wonderful Green Smoothie with tons of spinach, blueberries, banana, almond milk and flax meal!

  45. kk says:

    i would make nut butters with the vitamix!

  46. Marisa says:

    If i had a vita mix i would be making banana “ice cream” like there is no tomorrow! this stuff is too good and i’m sure a blender like this would make the job muuuch easier.

  47. Metta says:

    Mmmm…chocolate chip cookie dough, what’s better than that?!

    The first thing I’d make with the vita mix is green smoothie and one of Gena’s blended salads (the harvest soup).

  48. laurie says:

    I would make banana ice cream for sure in the vitamix!!!

  49. Kimberly says:

    The first thing I would make if I got my hands on a Vitamix is banana “ice cream”. In the emulsion blender its yummy so i’m sure a blender like this would make it divine!

  50. lindsey says:

    i would DEFINITELY make these in a vitamix first, considering i have yet to try any!

  51. Brooke says:

    There is nothing like comfort food and remembering good times with girlfriends than bonding over raw cookie dough! Makes me smile and want to call some old buddies…and of course make these! LOL!

  52. Jessica says:

    The first thing I would make in a Vita-Mix is a smoothie… raspberries, banana, milk, almond butter and spinach… yum!

  53. ellyhong says:

    I would make one of your delicious blended soups!

  54. Megan Leigh says:

    I would make your peachy green ice cream!

  55. claire says:

    These babies look amazing!! I cant resist anything to do with cookies. Im not sure if I could control myself around these guys! The first thing I would make in my vitamix would be my own chocolate flavored nut butter. Everything just tastes better with chocolate. I would DIE to win one of these as my own, ancient, verrrrrrry cheap blender is on its last legs and I’m desperate to try out all your great recipes :)

  56. Sarah says:

    I would make raw soups every day with my new Vita-Mix ANDD I would my own nutmilks (my current blender can NOT handle dates, which are in majority of the recipes I’ve come across)

    Thanks! :-)

  57. Kel says:

    I would make lots of stuff in a Vita-Mix, but the one I would be most excited about are smoothies. My blender does not like frozen fruit!

  58. jayna says:

    If I had a Vita-Mix, I would first make a green smoothie with lots of kale! My dinky blender can hardly handle it, so I would be super excited to make one in a Vita-Mix.

  59. Jen says:

    I would make chocolate chip cookie dough babies of course!!

  60. Mitchell says:

    I get the feeling that I’m the only male visitor on this particular page. No matter. I’ll admit, the recipe sounded a little strange to me at first, but I was hooked from bite one.

    With a Vita-Mix, I’d be remiss to make anything BUT chocolate chip fudge children (er, babies), but I suppose a nicely blended (and heated!) split pea soup would be first on the menu.

  61. Chrissie says:

    These look delicious!

    If I had a Vitamix, I’d probably make a smoothie first. Then hummus. Then soup.

  62. sarah t says:

    mmmmmm… looks good. love cookie dough. if I won a vitamix I would make smoothies and ice cream. no more lumpy smoothies or hauling out the ice cream maker. thanks Sarah

  63. Mads says:

    Oh my…these look absolutely delicious…will make these with or without a new VitaMix!

    Thanks for a great recipe, Mads

  64. AnnieC says:

    These ingredients would DEFINITELY be going into my new Vitamix! My kids would adore the end product. I’d also love to make more smoothies with “tougher” ingredients that my current blender just can’t handle.

  65. Emm says:

    Mmmmm this sounds delicious! I’d definitly make these with (or without) a Vitamix!

  66. Alexa says:

    This is my first choice for a new vitamix, although it was so hard to choose! I just love chocolate chip cookie dough!

  67. Madeline says:

    i hardly use my blog at the moment, so i’m going to enter the vitamix giveaway as if i don’t have one, hope you don’t mind! i love chocolate chip cookie dough, so naturally these are my faves. i can always count on your recipes being quick and easy, and because they’re vegan i don’t need to worry about making myself sick with raw egg! hooray! with my vitamix, the first thing i would make is a killer smoothie. i only have a tiny hamilton beach mini smoothie blender, and i’m embarassed to say that it can’t really handle…ice. i know. it’s shameful. i hope i get the vitamix!

  68. Meaghen says:

    I adore raw cookie dough and immediately upon seeing this recipe knew it would be delicious.

    The first thing I would make in the Vita Mix would be some kind of soup. Because soup in a blender.. that’s just crazy!

  69. Marie says:

    These chocolate chip cookie dough babies look absolutely delightful. And so tasty too! 😉
    The first thing I would make if I got a Vita-mix is chickpea flour for making all kinds of vegan baked goodies!

  70. Gina says:

    The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Babies sounds delicious! I would probably make some raw banana ice cream in the Vita-Mix.

  71. Sha says:

    Mmmmm these chocolate chip cookie dough babies are callin my name!

  72. stacey h. says:

    i would make a smoothie!! not original, but tasty nonetheless. :)

  73. Samantha says:

    I would love to make these fudge babies – but I would probably first make a green smoothie with the vita mix!

  74. Lisa B. says:

    Love these babies! And in keeping with the theme, I’d love to use my VitaMix to make healthy homemade baby food!

  75. jenny says:

    mmmm cookie dough! my absolute favourite hands down.

  76. Stefanie says:

    This would be the first thing I make with a VitaMix. I have a craving for chocolate chip cookies but mainly want the dough. These look so yummy.

  77. Tanya says:

    Hey….I made a new version of these only by adding one ingredient: peppermint extract (or oil). So now they’re Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Babies……just like mint choc. chip ice cream :)

  78. Krystal says:

    This looks so0o0 tasty….I’d have to use almonds though because cashews do NOT agree with my stomach 😉

  79. Maya says:

    I’m dying for a Vitamix, but it’s a long way off for me at the moment.. I use my blender for everything, so it’s hard to answer this question, but I think the first thing I would make in a vitamix would probably be a big batch of some kind of nut butter.

    I don’t have access to any nut butters here in Japan, and generally end up dedicating 30-60 minutes out of every week trying to coax my broken down old blender into making me enough of the various nut butters I need to keep me going. Since I have to do it in so many tiny batches and pay such close attention to the blender it ends up being very, very time consuming, and I’m sure I’m very close to blowing out the motor entirely!

    I’d follow that up with energy balls, which are pretty much just nuttier versions of your fudge babies.. and either a nice big smoothie, or frozen banana ice cream!

  80. Christina says:

    Once again, delicious. My hamster Xenophon loves them too (I left the chocolate out of his though) :)

  81. Liz says:

    Hey Katie,
    Just thought you’d want to know that the Larabar people are reading your blog! Hahaha maybe not really, but guess what new flavors they’re coming out with……
    Chocolate chip cookie dough!
    And also Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip Brownie, and…
    Carrot Cake! (See, they really DO read your blog ;))
    Anyway, I thought of you as soon as I read their new flavors, since you make the yummiest “better-than-Larabars” around! Next I bet they’ll be coming out with Tiramisu, right? 😉

  82. Maya says:

    OMG!!! Just made the chocolate-chip-ccokie-dough babies and covered them in cocoa powder… I think I died and went to heaven or something, ’cause they taste too good to be true :-) I’ll never eat a store bought chocolate truffle ever again, these are sooo much better! thanx for sharing!

  83. Aww thanks Maya! And I’m so glad you left a comment; I just made a batch too, but I never thought to cover them in cocoa powder! I’m going to try your idea!! :)

  84. Laura says:

    me making your cake batter milkshake has opened a HUGE door… I’m slowly cooking (well, mixing, really) my way through your recipes and I’m a girl obsessed.

    I didn’t believe that dates + nuts = cookie dough but these are SO GOOD! can’t wait to make the cookie dough milkshake with them!

    1. Aw yay! I’m so honored you’re trying my ideas, Laura. Truly, it makes me so happy!

  85. Veronica says:

    OK, this is too funny! We recently discovered Lindt 90% chocolate and when I ate it, I couldn’t help but think of you and your love for bitter chocolate. I meant to tell you about it, but now I see from that last picture that it is old news for you! Figures. :) It’s also uncanny that just three days ago I also made some raw cookie dough balls, but I didn’t have a recipe. I used part dates to sweeten, part brown sugar, and I did put in as much oats as nuts (I used half cashews, half almonds). They were good, but not exactly perfect, and I think it was that I used roasted, salted cashews (the almonds were raw). I think the raw cashews are much better for baby-making. Lesson learned! Have you ever had any baby making flops?

    1. Haha sure I have! I can’t think of any particular flops off the top of my head… maybe because they were so awful I’ve blocked them out? 😉

  86. Oh my goodness gracious me – I can’t believe I waited so long to make these ones! Just finished whipping a batch up (a double batch at our place or they’re gone before you can say yum lol) and popped one in my mouth as I was putting them in the fridge to chill a little ready to snack on later. Heaven! Soooo yummy that I am actually seriously debating letting my kids have one each (since they helped me make them so I can’t completely cut them out of the eating part) and then hiding the plate so I don’t have to share with anyone else! Which is really kind of mean and evil of me but I’m oh so tempted and I just might do it lol. I did ours with the chocolate in the mixer and they’re a lovely chocolatey cookie tasting ball of deliciousness!

    1. I’m so honored you tried them! And lol they AARE addictive… especially early in the morning when I’m trying to get to class or out for a run. I just seem to keep popping more into my mouth. It’s worth the risk of being late for class ;).

  87. Stephaniedem says:

    Hi!!! I may have missed this somewhere, but do you have to refrigerate leftover babies –that is if they last that long!

    1. Nope! No need to refrigerate :).

  88. Hi Katie!
    I recently discovered your blog (and Heather’s) and just love all your recipes! I’m going to post the link to this recipe on my facebook page as when I mentioned making them I had multiple requests for the recipe :)

    1. Aww Donna, that means so much to me! I’m so glad you found me! :)

  89. I’ve have cookie dough balls in my freezer that I can’t stop eating!! I like your healthier/flour-less version – I need to try!!

  90. Kate says:

    FYI – made the cookie dough ones with half-cashew & half-pistachioes – AMAZING!!

  91. Lorin says:

    I’m making these tommorow! I have all the ingredients, yay!

  92. Bella says:

    Yummo! Can we use pistacios for the recipe (i love pistacios) and do you have the nutritional infornation?

    Thank you!

    1. Hey Bella, I heard one commenter say she used 1/2 pistachios. It will definitely work, texture-wise. And if you like the taste of pistachios, it’ll probably be really yummy :).

      I don;t have nutritional stats for these, specifically. However, I do have stats for the samoas larabars, and I guess these would be similar:

  93. hippierunner says:

    I made these yesterday without the vanilla (didn’t realize it was in the recipe) and they were great! You are amazing!

    1. Awww I’m so excited you liked them!!

  94. Anonymous says:

    Wowza! Just made these! I had no idea dates could be so delish!
    Great Recipe!

  95. Jenna says:

    Ok, I finally made these today! Thankfully (I suppose), I only had a few dates in my pantry so I had to cut the recipe in half….and….I’ve already eaten all but two babies! Oops!!! Haha!! Such a yummy recipe, Katie!!

  96. I just made these (minus the chocolate chips, as I had none), and OH MY WORD, they were good! Now I see what all the fuss is about 😉 Can’t wait to try all the other flavours!

  97. Anonymous says:

    I just made these with prunes and sunflower seeds instead of dates and nuts. My dad (who hates when something is even a little healthy) has already had 3!

    1. Oh wow, I’m so glad to know they work with sunflower seeds! I might have to try that too!

  98. Radisjoli says:

    Hi Katie,
    I’ve just tried your Cookie dough babies recipe.
    Mmmm Thank you very much for this beautiful idea! : )

    1. I am so so happy you liked them!

  99. Molly Francis says:

    Hi CCK! I recently bought “Lets do organic Creamed Coconut”

    and I was wondering if you think that I could sub it in place of the Artisana coconut oil that you use in your Fudge babies?

    Please let me know what you think if you have time!

    thanks–ps i just made your vanilla ice cream—so so SO delicious

    1. Sorry, I really have no idea. But if you try it, let me know what you think!

  100. Moni says:

    Just made these and OMG they are AMAZING! I need to hide them away or i will eat them all by myself

  101. Pallavi says:

    Oh My God ! Katie !! These were delish ! I made them with almonds and I can’t stop eating them :)

  102. Karen says:

    A.mazing! Love them!

  103. katia says:

    I just made cookie dough babies for the first time :) used this recipe as a guide rather than following it exactly. I used almonds as well as cashews, & processed them with some Medjool dates and half a banana. Mixed in some dark vegan chocolate chips. As I was forming them into balls, I noticed it was just so super sticky (probably the banana’s fault) but they were sill easy to roll. The stickiness bothered me so I rolled the cookie dough balls in some sweetened shredded coconut ! SNOWBALL BABIES ANYONE?:D

  104. Oh my goodness! Why did I wait so long to make these?!? Dates have always scared me for some reason but I had some that my parents gave me and decided tonight was the night to make your raw cookie dough bites. Thank you for your wonderful recipes!

  105. Saranna says:

    I love chocolate chip cookie dough. I love Larabars. But nothing prepared me for how much I would LOVE these! When I first tasted the dough, I couldn’t believe how incredibly yummy it was! Just bought a whole bunch of cashews and dates… can’t wait to make them again this weekend! :)

  106. Ashley says:

    SO good!!! I added a handful of oatmeal and really liked it. But, I just like the flavor of oats in almost anything. I blended the chocolate together and it almost tasted like a no-bake. I want to to try it again to see if I like it better that way or with the chocolate chips separate. Thanks so much for this!

  107. Megan says:

    i just bought dates for the first time ever to give these a try… i couldn’t even find them at the grocery store for a LONG time. apparently michigan does not believe in sunmaid dates, so i will be trying my luck with “sun dates.” clever huh.

  108. Sandra Kutej says:

    I love your recipies every one I have tried I like I am so glad toy were on channel 8 I would of never known of you it is neat how you figured out beans could substitued for flour our family is on a low carb diet thanks to you it doesn’t have hum drum keep up the good work

  109. Andrea says:

    Thank you, thank you! You have cured my unhealthy craving for cookie dough! These are beyond wonderful! :)

  110. carre says:

    these taste awesome! only thing is that mine didn’t stick together to form balls…? anything I can add to make them stick more?

    1. Try the plastic bag trick: put dough into a plastic bag, squish into one big ball, then form balls from that :).

  111. Kari McKnight says:

    I made something similar today that was a yummy success. Handful of salted cashews, handful of walnuts, about 1/4c of rolled oats, Tbs honey, about 8-10 sundries apricots, Tbs coconut butter, tsp vanilla whirred in food processor til very well incorporated. Then a quick pulse with finely chopped dark chocolate bar (1.5 oz roughly) then rolled into balls. Oh my they taste just like raw cookie dough! Thanks for all your yummy ideas! You inspire me to be a better eater. :)

  112. Hayley says:

    Would raisins work as I don’t have any dates?

    1. I think so, but I haven’t tried it. However, if you have raisins, I think it’ll work because they work in this similar recipe:

  113. babs says:

    I just realized that these are kosher for passover and got really excited! and my friend who is paleo can eat them too. Thanks!

  114. LaNita says:

    So interesting! And so yummy! I feel good giving them to my 21mo old. Continued thanks! :) I will have to try the PB ones next

  115. Mary says:

    I loved these! Especially made with almond and dark chocolate! My super picky boyfriend even likes them and he’s a hard man to please!

  116. Björk says:

    Mm i put hazelnuts and chocolate in the blender, came out like nutella :) mmmmm yummy!

  117. Lesley says:

    Last night I wanted something sweet but not full of processed sugar, and I needed some protein post-work out. These fit the bill perfectly! So yum!

  118. Tanya says:

    Hey Katie! You tagged this as a vita-mix recipe… have you tried making this in a vita?

    1. It *can* be done in a vita-mix. I prefer the texture if you use a magic bullet or food processor, but if you must you can use a vita.

  119. Duygu says:

    What is “date”?

    I love your recipes!

  120. Duygu says:

    Just found out, it means “hurma” so thanks.

  121. Katie says:

    LOVE these! My 4 yr old and I made them, then immediately had to make more because we ate them all!

  122. Rachel says:

    These. Look. AMAZING. I’m in love with Larabars, so these are a must-try! Just wondering, can raisins be subbed for dates? Due to the recent hurricane, my local supermarket is out of dried fruit, but my mom has some raisins in the house.

  123. Parvaneh says:

    Hi. I`ve got a problem with making raw cookies made with walnut or other nuts. Usually the cookies are soaking in the oil of the nuts! is this because I process them too much? or it`s normal? I don`t like it because it makes healthy cookies look unhealthy!:(

    1. Hmmm I’ve never had that problem. Maybe try processing for a shorter time?

  124. Amanda K says:

    These are AMAZING! I’ve made them quite a few times now. I also love all the variation of your “fudge babies.” I wrote about these on my blog and credited and linked back to you :)

  125. Amy says:

    Ok…so I must ask…do these really taste like cookie dough? 😉

  126. Anonymous says:

    I just made these and they tasted AMAZING!!! However, had the same problem as Parvaneh: the resulting balls were really oily on the outside, and as a result, the chocolate chips wouldn’t stick to the dough, but just fell out. So I pressed it into the bottom of a container and put it in the fridge for a bit. It firmed right up, and I cut it into squares. I’m going to try again with softer, stickier dates and processing for a shorter amount of time. Thanks so much for this great recipe!

  127. Catrina T says:

    Made these again last night. Usually I replace the nuts with oats (since we have an allergy) and last night did them with sunflower seeds. They are so good both ways!! This has become a staple for us during dance competitions. :) Thank you so much for your recipes!!

  128. Ellie says:

    Hey! I Tried a version of these last night and loved them!! I will definitely be scoping your site for more recipes!

  129. Ellie says:

    Hey! About to post a larabar recipe! Made sure to note that I found it on your site!! :)

  130. Kayleigh says:

    I made these with walnuts and without the pinch of salt and my 14 and a half month old baby girl thought they were ‘yum!’ She’s veggie, not vegan but has a real sweet tooth, so these are great! Keep ’em coming!

  131. Alice says:

    I just made these and they are so yummy! Will definitely be making them again! :)

  132. katherine says:

    Where do u buy your nuts? At my grocery store it is $10 per pound for cashews!!

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Look in the bulk section for cheapest nuts.

  133. ariella says:

    hi katie.
    i just made these, and my Magic Bullet hated them, so i had to add about a sixth of a cup of water in there, so it turned to like chunky cookie dough pudding, so it is in the freezer right now. very yummy, very sweet. i used almonds.

  134. Celena says:

    After walking past the dates in my grocery aisle countless times, I finally decided to pick up and box and try making these despite not having tried a lara bar before. Needless to say, these are AMAZING!!! I added a small spoon of cacao nibs instead of chocolate chips because I thought the dates made it sweet enough already. I also included some puffed kamut to add some volume :) Thanks Katie!

  135. Anna says:

    I made these a few days ago, and they were a hit with my family! I did make some adjustments:
    -My food processor chops pretty poorly, so I had to add a little flax milk and honey to the dates in order to adhere the bits together
    -I added cocoa powder because more chocolate never hurt anyone
    -Since the flax milk made the rounds a bit wet for my liking, I baked them for 10 minutes at 350 degrees F and then stuck them in the fridge overnight. (I know, that’s not raw, but it gave them EXACTLY the same texture as real cookie dough)

    Thank you so much for your recipes! I feel great because I can eat delicious food while still being healthy about it :)

  136. Allyn says:

    I made this once before and they were pretty good. I decided I would try them again because I am traveling the next couple of days and enjoy having healthy snacks, and let me just say how even more amazing they were. This time I was able to fix the mistakes I made the first time and bars (I made them into “lara bars”) are fabulous. They hold together better and I added a little more vanilla because I love the flavor. I used a magic bullet and would highly suggest to blend the ingredients in sections and combine them after. Thank you Katie !! <3

  137. Kellecat says:

    Hey there… so, couple quick questions, to clarify!!

    To make the sugar free raw chips, you pour mixture into a bar mold and freeze and then shatter, or crumble to make chips?

    And when you write cocoa powder did you mean regular cocoa, or could raw cacao powder be used, and if so, same ratios/amount??

    Anyways, putting these on the Christmas cookie list this year!! THANKS!!

  138. Jessica Lloyd says:

    I am so happy I found you on Pinterest!
    I love all your recipes, and make them all the time!!
    Just wanted to say how much I love making and eating it all!! :)
    Jessica lloyd

  139. Sarah says:

    What is the nurtition info for these? The link takes me to a laurabar page, but no nutrition info for the cookie bites.

    Thank you,

    1. Sarah says:

      *nutrition info

  140. Lauren says:

    Can you use medjool dates?

  141. Charlyne says:

    Hi Katie, Someone mentioned SnickerDoodles…So you have a recipe for them ? Would love to try that also. PS love your site. Found you on Pintrest. So glad ! Look forward to may more recipes from you.

  142. heather says:

    We made these for a “healthy snack” project for Brownies and they were a huge hit with the whole troop as well as the moms! Can’t wait to play around with some variations…I’m thinking coconut, macadamia nut, and white chocolate would be amazing!

  143. Holly says:

    What food processor do you use? I have a kitchenAid that does an ok job, but it doesn’t chop the nuts up as fine as yours. My balls are always pretty chunky looking.