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Monkey Muffin for One… and CCK is Moving!

Chocolate-Chip Monkey Muffin is the Single Lady Cupcake flavor of the day. But I don’t really know why I decided to call this a monkey muffin. It’s not in any way reminiscent to monkey bread. For some reason, monkeys just came to mind as I peeled the banana. So “monkey muffin” it was. I used […]

Bread-free Vegan Stuffing

My Thanksgiving main dish was amazing! The mashed lentils acted almost like a thick gravy over the flavorful veggies.   Really, this is more like pot pie. But I already have a Vegan Pot Pie Filling. So for the above recipe title, I needed to get creative. Got creative with the actual recipe as well. […]

Check out my Vegan feast!

At some holiday gatherings, there is very little for vegans to eat. Thursday’s Thanksgiving feast, however, was not one of those parties! Literally, every time I blinked, a new vegan dish appeared. Anthony Nelson, your new genie is ready. 🙂 Dishes included the incredibly easy, yet so delicious Vegan Magic Mushrooms, and my favorite Creamy Vegan […]

Attack of the Brussels Sprouts

So… who went out shopping at 3AM? Yeah, I said three. Apparently, five isn’t crazy enough anymore. Stores such as JC Penney and Kohl’s opened their doors at three in the morning. But Walmart had ‘em beat: they opened a minute after midnight! My own Black Friday has been super-lazy so far. I didn’t even […]

A Blueberry is not a Pumpkin

Hello chocolate chips! Happy Thanksgiving! It’s a cooold one here. I just got back from a miserably-windy run (“feels like 31” with 30mph wind), and now I’m looking forward to a warm breakfast. The house smells like cinnamon, as I made vegan Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal for my whole family! Well, everyone except the little sister, […]

Reader Request: Vegan Thanksgiving Ideas

I bet some of you are probably thinking: . Ok, enough with the Thanksgiving-themed posts already! I promise that, after this week, I’ll lay off the pumpkin recipes for awhile. But for now, a lot of you have requested a Thanksgiving-recipe round-up. (Maybe because you’ve seen other bloggers doing similar round-ups?) So here goes: Pumpkin […]

Single-Serving Pumpkin Cream Cupcake

Hey Cacao Nibs! Yesterday I offered Thanksgiving main-dish idea: Vegan Lentil Mush. So, for today, how about dessert? You start out with a yummy Vegan Pumpkin Muffin for One. Then you cut a hole in the center. For the filling, ya know. (Read on; we’ll get to that!) Fill the hole, using the fun “Whipped […]

Vacation in Raw Chocolate Land

From What About Bob: Dr. Catherine Tomsky: Take a vacation. Dr. Leo Marvin: I’M ON VACATION! … . Vacation! A whole week of not writing essays, not rushing from class to class, and not opening a textbook. On Friday, I celebrated as soon as I got home: Raw Chocolate Melties I’m grateful for all the […]

A Foodie invades Whole Foods

Look out, Whole Foods! Sadly, I must admit that all self-restraint flies out the wide-open window whenever I go to Whole Foods.  On each trip to the healthy-food haven, I always manage to bring home at least one new product I don’t really need! Last week’s trip saw me leave with two new products. Okay, […]

Whipped Cream’s Healthy Makeover

Don’t tell me that, as a kid, you didn’t enjoy eating bowls of plain whipped cream. What? You didn’t? It was just me? Especially around Thanksgiving, I could’ve done without the pies. Just give me the heavy cream and nobody’d get hurt. Therefore, I am head-over-heels in love with this recipe. It’s light, airy, and… creamy! […]

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