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Vegan Cool Whip

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Oh my goodness goodness gosh.

vegan cool whip

(Do I sound like a pre-teen at a Justin Bieber concert?)

This light and creamy coconut whipped topping is totally dairy free, with just one main ingredient… but it has the exact same texture as real homemade whipped cream!

vegan whipped cream

Vegan Cool Whip

(or coconut whipped cream)

  • 1 can full-fat coconut milk (or coconut cream)
  • sugar, stevia, or powdered sugar to taste
  • optional: fruit (banana whipped cream, anyone?)

Coconut Whipped Cream: Open your coconut milk, and if it’s not already super-thick, leave the can (or transfer to a bowl) uncovered in the fridge overnight. (Try not to shake the can too much before opening.) It should get very, very thick. (If it doesn’t, you’ve gotten a bad can that won’t work for the recipe. I recommend Thai Kitchen Organic. Trader Joe’s coconut cream works perfectly for this recipe as well. Hint: shake the can when you’re at the store. If you can hear the liquidy contents swishing around, it’s probably too thin to work for this recipe.) Once thick, transfer only the thick creamy part to a bowl and whip in your sweetener with a fork, or beaters if you want to be really fancy and get stiff peaks like real whipped cream!

View Cool Whip Nutrition Facts

dairy free whipped cream

vegan whipped cream

Have you ever eaten Cool Whip?

No matter how you use this whipped cream, you really can’t go wrong. I recommend eating it with a spoon. Or your fingers. Not that I’ve tried this or anything…

For a chocoholic version, click here: Homemade Chocolate Cool Whip.

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. I’ve never liked whipped cream/cool whip or anything similar. Does it taste like cool whip or does it have more of a coconut flavour to it? Would love to try it on a stack of pancakes!

    1. I don’t really notice an overly-coconutty flavor… but then again, I LOVE coconut, so if there was a slight hint of coconut in there, my mind would probably just register it as good (as opposed to deciphering what exactly the flavor is that I’m tasting… if that makes sense!).

  2. Nichole says:

    cool whip is great! i’ve totally frozen it and eaten it like ice cream before 😡

  3. Tricia says:

    YES! I have missed whipped cream ever since I became vegan! And I love coconuts so I wouldn’t mind it having a coconut flavor 😉

  4. I have to admit to something. In my pre-vegan days I was a cool-whip ADDICT. Truly. I would open up a package, drizzle some chocolate syrup on top, and eat it. The whole thing. I will be leaving a can of coconut milk in my fridge opened tonight. Wow. I’m giddy.

  5. Too bad you can’t put it in a can and directly shoot it into your mouth!

    1. Rebecca says:

      All you have to do is spoon it into a piping bag (or ziplock bag with the corner cut off) and tada! you can shoot it directly into your mouth!

  6. Ashley says:

    Yumm!! I made this for a pie once and was thrilled that it turned out!! So fun :) The fridge trick totally helps!

    1. I’m only sad that it doesn’t always work! I guess it depends on the brand and the fat content of each individual can.

      1. Janice says:

        Is it against the rules for you to share the brand you used? I tried this the other day and wah-wah-wah. I even got the ‘full fat’ kind. Froze the dish, the beater, everything.

      2. Liz says:

        it helps if you put the coconut milk in the fridge(shake first) for at least 24 hrs so it can thicken. I’ve also found better luck with the organic milks. LOVE this recipe I can’t even tell a difference from real whip cream… then again I can’t remember the last time I had some.

        1. nasa says:

          I don’t understand… do you shake, or not shake? I didn’t, as per the instructions above, and it didn’t work; but here in the comment you say the opposite…

      3. Maria says:

        It’s not working for me! I have a cake just out of the oven cooling. But I just keep on getting clumpy mess. I tried with the exact brand recommended, it was super thick solid when I opened it. Then I tried the organic coconut cream I bought as backup. Same thing, just a clumpy soup. I’m using a hand beater.

        1. Maria says:

          Update! Got it to work! First I put my clumpy mess into tie blender, that made it smooth but not fluffy. I put it in the fridge for a couple of hours and tried with the hand beaters again, it worked! Super smooth and fluffy!

  7. Megan says:

    I think there’s a good number of people who eat Cool Whip straight up like ice cream ;D. You’re someone that has good taste and makes things taste good. In my opinion there’s no right or wrong way to eat something … as long as you enjoy what you eat that’s what matters!

    I would use this whipped cream recipe: – mixed into some oatmeal – on top of cookies, muffins, cupcakes, brownies, pancakes, pie, dessert squares, ice cream, berries, coffee or hot chocolate and shakes – straight out of the bowl or container -mixed into a parfait – in between frozen banana slices -dip or mix in fudge babies or larabars -spread on top of a doughnut – in a s’mores treat -on a piece of chocolate

  8. Sarah says:

    I make this all the time!! It’s so easy and it tastes amazing, doesn’t it?!

  9. How coconut-y is this? What sweetener did you use? The texture looks great and I’d love to try this!

    1. I used stevia… I don’t think it’s very coconutty at all. But maybe someone who hates coconut would disagree with me ;).

      1. Sarah says:

        How much stevia did you use?

  10. Oh my goodness…. this would taste so good on your brownie batter pancakes that I made last weekend!!

  11. Becky says:

    Oh, Katie. This is my favorite thing in the WORLD. The whole WORLD I tell you! I’m so glad to know someone else gets so excited about this! Coconut milk from a can is just to die for, in fact, I can hardly refrain from drinking the whole can tiny sips at a time. But then in the fridge it becomes even more incredible and transforms into a thick, heavenly cloud of coconut cream. Bliss on my finger. LOVE this post.

    P.S. We live in North Texas, too! Sometimes the blog world seems so detached from the real world, but knowing you live probably within an hour drive from me somehow makes your blog more personal. I read it every day! Keep it up!

    1. Awww!! I can’t even tell you how much your entire comment made me smile :) :).

  12. How come when I leave my coconut milk in a can it goes bad instead of getting all creamy like this? :C

    1. I think it depends on the brand and the fat content of each brand. What brand do you use?

      1. Usually the house brand, hahaha. I’m cheap 😀
        What fat content works the best? I’m assuming that “Light” (Lite?) coconut milk won’t work?

        1. Yeah, you definitely need the full fat one!

        2. Synne says:

          I tried with light and it did work, but it was more foamy than the full-fat version

  13. I’ve seen people use this sort of whipped cream (made from coconut milk) to make ganache/mousse to fill cakes so THAT’s the way I’m going to use it… riiiigghht after I finish eating them STraight from the bowl 😀

  14. At first I didn’t see the cocoa reference and got worried that you didn’t think about adding chocolate. But everything is A-okay! 😉

  15. Barb says:

    Can you do this with any other flavors of non-dairy milk? I used to buy cool whip and keep it in the freezer, eating spoonfuls like it was ice cream, but then got creeped out by the amount of hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup that are in it. also, I read posts like this:

    I’ve missed cool whip and can’t wait to try your version! I could definitely use it to top those brownie batter pancakes you made the other day, i made some last night!

    1. Lisa says:

      wow- thanks for sharing that article. just read it- so creeped out!!!! yuck!!!

    2. I don’t think so. When I say coconut milk, I don’t mean the So Delicious one. It needs to be the actual canned coconut milk.

      1. Barb says:

        OK, well it doesn’t matter! I’m going to try it with the coconut milk you suggested, I was just wondering if any other kinds came in cans like this!

        1. I’ve never seen any, but that doesn’t mean they might not exist :).

    3. Rebecca says:

      I have left a full tub of Cool Whip out to thaw out from the freezer. I had forgotten about it before running out to do some shopping. When I returned, it was totally melted and completely unusable. I don’t know how my tub of CW was any different from this guy’s, but mine definitely didn’t look the same after just leave it out for a few hours, not nearly 2 weeks as he did.

  16. My life is sweeter with CCK in it. Def trying this!!

  17. Your pictures are gorgeous today!!!!! I love whipped cream and would definetly make this and use it on top of fresh berries!!!!

  18. Stephanie M. says:

    I would eat this straight out of the bowl as pictured above!! Yum!

  19. That is so so so so awesome! I love that it’s basically one ingredient! I wonder if you could “frost” a cake with it? (obviously it would have to stay refrigerated)

    1. I was thinking of stuffing cupcakes… like healthy hostess cupcakes!

      1. Dianne says:

        I bet you’re really think in about it now! I know I am! Lovvve your site Katie. My grand daughter’s name is Katie so I think about her every time I see one of your posts, recipes, or your humor. She is so much like you. Thank you.

  20. I made something really similar with coconut milk- but made it into ice cream! Ill be posting it soon! :)

  21. Melissa says:

    I do eat Cool Whip straight up, but I am such a sucker for coconut that I’m pretty sure I’ll never want Cool Whip again after I try this. I’m going to add a little coconut extract, too, then die and go to heaven! :)

    1. PBnJ Fam says:

      oooh! adding coconut extract… genius!! I am drooling right now!!!

  22. Gen says:

    Awesome!!!! As for how I plan on eating this, is it acceptable to just eat it out of a bowl?

  23. katie says:

    Im not a cool whip lover, but I think your version might just grow on me, way better ingredients and the taste Im sure is better!

    Love you!

  24. Kim says:

    I used to love Cool Whip! My grandma put it on everything when we were kids, well all her desserts anyway. Unfortunately I developed an allergy to it and apparently every other kind of edible oil product so I have to stay away :( That means no Cool Whip or flavoured coffee creamers because they all do horrible things to me. Will definitely be trying this! I just don’t know if an open can of coconut milk will survive in the fridge for an entire night…

  25. Jen says:

    I was always more of a whipped cream from the can kind of kid, rather than Cool Whip in a tub. Regardless, using some form dessert (like pie or cake) as a vehicle for whipped cream is completely unnecessary. Straight to the mouth is the way to go!

    1. Maya says:

      Me too! Cool whip always tasted so fake and the canned stuff tasted sooo creamy and “real” (even though I’m sure it’s fake too). Whipping up real cream is so delicious, but it melts super fast.

  26. Can I just say that you have some of the best pics that I have seen? They are so creative! Love the idea of vegan cool whip. WIll definitely be giving this a try!

    1. Thank you!!!!!! Seriously, that makes my day!

  27. This has to be one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in my life. I can’t wait to try it, thanks for posting the recipe!

  28. PBnJ Fam says:

    Oh man!!! I could have used this last night!!! I made your strawberry shortcake pancakes… DELISH…but couldn’t decide what the perfect topping would be… this would have been it!!! I made strawberry butter instead… which was yummy… but I think this whip cream will be heaven on ANYTHING!!! I want to put it on/in some hot cocoa… yumm! (I am dreaming of colder weather)

    1. Strawberry butter? That sounds so fun! I’ve heard of apple butter and pumpkin… why did I never think there could be strawberry?!

      1. PBnJ Fam says:

        It is sooo good! and “fancies up” even toast… I must admit I am not a vegan… so I use butter… but I bet you could come up with an awesome “healthy” version!! I ALWAYS look forward to reading what genius recipe you have come up with each day!! I am trying to change my lifestyle to be healthier for my daughter (and myself) and you have inspired me in so many ways – thank you!!

  29. Chelsea says:

    Seriously? That’s it? Gosh…I’m buying coconut milk TODAY! I love cool whip by the spoonful right out of the freezer, but I feel so guilty over that ingredient list! Yay! My hubby will be thrilled, too. :-)

  30. Yum yum yum! I’d have this with berries or with something chocolatey!

  31. Kelly says:

    Sounds awesome and easy! But I don’t think it’s good to leave anything in a can overnight in the fridge.

    1. Hmmm… maybe in a bowl? You’re probably right that a can isn’t the best idea! I’m sure it’ll be ok transferred to a bowl. In fact, I’ll edit my post to say that :).

  32. im sorry but youare WAY TOO COOL!! ahhh love everything you make and YOU!

  33. I can’t wait to try this!! PS – don’t use generic coconut milk from Walmart. Ever. Seriously.

  34. Lisa says:

    have I ever eaten coolwhip?!? Katie, I;ve eaten an entire container of the stuff by myself in 2 days! hehheh I love it. Plus its not filling at all! lol (bad combo….)
    I think Ill try this! Gotta find unsweetened coconut milk first. And how would I eat it? probably as is. maybe on graham crakers or on top of chocolate pudding :)

  35. No. Way. I was planning on making your agar whipped cream next week, but this looks sooooo easy and yum-tastic! (Am I twelve yet?) I’m gonna put it on some vegan custard!!

    1. I’ll put some on the chocolate pancakes that we’ll be eating while your bf is hard at work on my site ;).

  36. I would totally make the plain version and the chocolate version and then layer, plain, strawberries, chocolate, repeat 😀 That kinda sounds like heaven to me.

  37. I love your pictures of the spoons with the single raspberry…so pretty!!!

  38. Lauren says:

    I love Cool Whip! My favorite thing to dip it with is graham crackers.
    I might try this recipe. Does coconut milk have a strong taste? I’ve never had it. I don’t like coconuts. I know, I’m in a minority on that one. I don’t like the taste or texture.

    1. I don’t think it has a strong taste AT ALL… but I am a coconut lover, so I can’t say a coconut hater would necessarily agree!

  39. Jenny says:

    Your creativity and inventiveness never fails to impress, Katie!

    Alas, as a whipped cream hater and someone who’s allergic to coconut, obviously this recipe is not up my alley… 😉 I made your chocolate chip blondies this morning, though. They’re all everyone [who commented on the original post] said they were and so much more! So awesome that chickpeas can taste that good…

    1. I’m so happy you made the blondies!!

  40. Ah! I’ve totally made this before :-), and it is finger-licking good. Actually.

  41. Amber K says:

    Hmm…I’d totally have to mix something with it. That’s my own problem with finding non-dairy options, I always want them to taste “plain” or like “vanilla” and they always have some sort of other flavor, like coconut. That’s not always a bad thing, but if I’m not wanting a coconut flavor, it’s a bummer. But this looks SO delicious. And I want some inbetween some raw cookies!

  42. Shelby says:

    While I gave up cool whip a long time ago, my mom is still addicted. I have a can of coconut milk in the pantry right now so I’ll whip up a batch and make her try it…if there’s any left of course 😉

  43. Michaela says:

    Katie, your photography is gorgeous!
    I have never tried Cool Whip. I have an apple cake recipe that goes nicely with whipped cream, but since going vegan, I have crossed all the dessert including whipped cream of my list. Maybe I should re-think them 😉

    1. Thank you so so much, Michaela!

  44. Alexandra says:

    is it possible to make this with light coconut milk?

  45. Aja says:

    Gotta add coconut milk to my grocery list! I wonder if I could make my orange stuff with this instead of cool whip…

  46. Maren says:

    I’m so excited to use this recipe. I’ve been really trying to limit my intake of sugar and this recipe sounds so awesome! Thanks for the inspiration.

  47. Lauren says:

    You just made my day

  48. Namaste Gurl says:

    Stop it! You’re just too creative, my friend. Really though, you need to open up your own bakery ASAP. Your ideas are amazing and should be seriously enjoyed by the public :)
    What a good idea- never knew how to create my own vegan cream, but now I do 😉

  49. Lauren says:

    Amazing! I had half a can of coconut milk left over that I used for another recipe, and was looking for something to do with it. This is perfect!

  50. Katie Henderson says:

    Do you have a suggested brand? I see someone asked if its ok to use light coconut milk…I’m guessing the higher the fat the creamier the texture?

    1. Thai Kitchen Organic worked really well for me. Native Food brand didn’t work at all. It never got thick!

  51. Yes! I used to love Cool Whip until I figured out that I was basically eating spoonfuls of corn syrup. lol. My aunt used to be obsessed with the “Fat Free” version that came in the teal tub and put it on everything. Once she figured it out, she too went back to just making the homemade stuff! So great to find a vegan version! I will have to share it with her! :)

  52. Is Cool Whip the same as whipped cream? Haha sorry, we don’t have it over here, but anyway it looks DELICIOUS!! And so easy to make!! And…*goes to check*…………..I HAVE A CAN!! So excited I can make this!! Maybe I’ll top my pancakes with it next Pancake Sunday! 😀

    1. Sort of… it’s kinda like aa cross between ice cream and frosting. It’s sickly sweet. Like frozen frosting, sorta?

    2. Jacque Foster says:

      Um, Cool Whip is so heinous in reality that you may wish you hadn’t asked…it is made of water, hydrogenated vegetable oil, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, skim milk, light cream, sodium caseinate, natural and artificial flavor, xanthan and guar gums, polysorbate 60, sorbitan monostearate, and beta carotene (as a coloring).
      Are you vomiting yet? It’s called “non-dairy” but it has casein in it, which is the protein derivative of cow’s milk.
      Basically this is America’s answer to the “fattening” aspect of real whipped cream…why get fat eating whipped cream when you can just eat Cool Whip and get heart disease, type II Diabetes and maybe even cancer?!
      Katie, how many lives do you think you’re saving showing people how wonderful and easy it can be to go animal product FREE?!

  53. Of course I have! In fact its reallllllly good frozen! It’s like a light airy sweet ice cream. I just say this coconut milk cream recipe recently and have been meaning to try it layered as a parfait! Your pictures of it are simple and beautiful!

  54. Alison says:

    YESSSSSS! I’ve been waiting for this since you mentioned it! MUST pick up coconut milk tomorrow after work and give this a go! Looks sooo good!! Going to stick it on my coffee and maybe on a bowl of overnight oats with chocolate…mmmm. Thank you for this awesome idea!

  55. AHHHHH katie this is awesome!
    when i was a kiddo during my prevegan days i would eat cool whip like ice cream. haha im so excited to try this!

  56. This is really a genius idea! Wow, I cannot wait to try it! I’m a whipped cream fiend.

  57. Love it! I have a can of coconut sitting in the fridge as I type this 😀

  58. Woah you are a genius lady. I must try!

  59. Lyza says:

    OKAY this is awesome… Saved, liked the recipe, and added it to my favorites. Don’t think I’ve ever done all three!!!

  60. Lauren says:

    Katie will lite coconut milk work for this?

  61. Liz says:

    Woo hoo! I made it! It is awesome!!! As awesome as you said. Maybe even more!!!

  62. Gretna says:

    Do you have any suggestions for a coconut butter substitute. I’m allergic to coconut but I really wan to try a few of your recipes.

    1. Hi Gretna,

      It depends on the recipe as to what I’d recommend substituting.

      1. Gretna says:

        Hi Katie,

        Thanks for the quick reply!

        I want to try 32C Chocolate Cups and the Cake Batter Milkshake soon.

        1. Hi Gretna,
          Good news! You can use ANY nut butter in the c cups :). And cashew butter is a good sub in the shake!

          1. Gretna says:

            Want to know something funny? I’m allergic to cashews too! Lol

          2. Hmmm… macadamia butter? Or soak macadamia nuts and then use them? Or Earth Balance spread?

          3. Gretna says:

            Thanks so much for your help!

  63. Ok the first picture is absolutely breathtaking! That belongs on all the food sites and if you get turned down by ANY of the sites on that pic…they are wearing blinders. It’s stunning!

    As is the simplicity of the recipe. I love that you literally just whip it…like you’re whipping real cream. And voila, cool whip.

    You know how I said yesterday we are always on the same wavelength…I have a post in my drafts that I was going to publish but am hanging onto for a rainy day and it’s about Cool Whip!! And Scott’s love for it. And me growing up on the stuff. Seriously, I wrote it about a month ago and sort of forgot about it…and almost published it the other day and then thought I don’t “need” to use this yet..I’ll save it for a day when Im slammed.

    So needles to say, I adore Cool Whip and need to try your recipe!

  64. Kyra says:

    WOW THIS IS SO AWESOME!!! You have such innovative recipes. I was wondering if it works for “normal” milk? If not, is there a substitute for non-vegans? 😀

    PS: I sent you an email a few days ago sharing a recipe I think you should check out!! Would you like to have a look? Lol (:

    1. M. says:

      Why do non vegans need a substitute? Why can’t non vegans use the coconut milk?

      1. Gail O. says:

        I use coconut oil because I am intolerant to casein, a milk protein. I am not vegan.

    2. Non-vegan whipped cream is…whipped cream.

    3. Hi Kyra,
      I’m not sure if I got it… LOL I get literally hundreds of emails every day, and many of them have recipes. I can’t personally respond to every one, but I do read them all!
      And yes, you can still use coconut milk even if you aren’t vegan ;).

      1. Kyra says:

        By substitute, I mean another ingredient besides coconut milk (not implying that nonvegans are anti coconut milk, lol.) I think “alternative” is a better word? Hahaha, sorry for the confusion. But anyway, is there another ingredient I can use besides cocomilk?

        I will await your reply then! (:

        1. Melissa says:

          Heavy cream? Whipping cream?

          I mean, honestly, we’re not being jerks in our responses. It’s just a bit baffling! 😉 The whole point of this is taking a non-vegan thing that is really common (whipped cream) and making it dairy free. The dairy version is easy to find and readily available. Just check your dairy case at any grocery store.

          Non-vegans make whipped topping using heavy cream/whipping cream you can buy in a store. It’s just high fat dairy with some thickeners, probably.

          If you want to make cow whipping cream buy a container of whipping cream in the grocery store and then just dump it in a bowl and whip it with beaters.

          Really, though, try the coconut version (unless you’re allergic). It’s better for you and tastier! Plus, less added stuff. :)

          1. The coconut version is easier too, because you don’t have to use beaters. Less clean up ;). Haha I am so lazy!

  65. I love using coconut milk for frosting! I bet this tastes just as awesome.

  66. Elise says:

    That looks really good! Mmmm I’m thinking of fresh tropical fruit sundae’s using the whip and some kind of sorbet *drool* if only the weather was worth making it for!!

  67. Flower says:

    Keep up the wonderful photos! Love em! :)

  68. Anonymous says:

    Girl how do you think of these thing? I love it. I’m ironically going grocery shopping today and I’m totally getting a can. And maybe some larabars 😡

    1. I didn’t think of this one! It was an accident… I was lazy and didn’t cover the can, thinking I was going to use it again soon. Then I forgot about it. I am such a bad healthy-living blogger! LOL I don’t always wash my produce either… scandalous ;). Enjoy those bars for me!

  69. Oops realized I didn’t fill in my name. That’s me up there!

  70. OMG this is incredible! So simple too! Love it Katie!

  71. Katie says:

    how long does this “keep” in the fridge? Or maybe it can be frozen?

    1. At least a few days… but I’ve not kept it around longer than that, if you know what I mean ;).

  72. Mia says:

    I’m going to try this with light coconut milk instead, since that’s all I have on hand. =/

    1. It’s not going to work with lite. But it might make a yummy, liquidy sauce still :).

  73. Wow. This looks delicious! I’m not a huge whipped cream fan, but cool whip is one of my weaknesses.

  74. Char says:

    Omg. You are amazing. That is all <3

  75. Jessica says:

    I have had cool whip before, but not recently! I would have to say that my favorite way to eat it would be with strawberries! Class + simple yet oh so delicious! :)

  76. Ellen says:

    Oh dear, you got me. I have consumed entire containers of cool whip. And don’t get me strews on the joys of reddi-whip, the spray can stuff. Dangerous territory.
    On anything or straight into the mouth:)

  77. Oh I am so trying this with some shaved 70% chocolate!

  78. Don’t kill me, but I’m actually not a fan of regular Cool Whip to begin with. However, I would be a fool not to try this coconut milk concoction. You’re pretty genius Katie.

    1. Haha no worries; I don’t eat it anymore either, since it’s not vegan ;).

  79. Nathalie says:

    Oh jeebus, I already knew this!

    I mean, I knew if you leave a can of coconut milk in the fridge, it gets thick and pasty….But it NEVER occurred to me to whip it into whipped cream! A genius you be, yes. Before I was using the coconut ‘paste’ as a replacement for coconut butter between shipments (I order it online). This is totally a better idea.

  80. Katie says:

    Oh Lordy, I am so excited to try this. Whip cream is one of my favorite things ever.

  81. Um, I’m putting a can of coconut in the fridge TONIGHT!!! Then tomorrow, it’s totally going on my oatmeal 😀 And then on a green monster, and then on fruit. And then I’m going to take your advice and eat it with a spoon… and a finger! Ahhhh I’m so, so excited now!!! Katie. I. Love. You. I know you already knew that x about 1,000 but I just had to say it again because it’s so true!!!

    <3 <3

  82. Michelle says:

    I just love your recipes! How do you come up with these? As luck would have it, I think I have a can of coconut milk in my pantry. :)

    1. LOL this one was an accident! I accidentally left it uncovered in the fridge and came back to cream!

  83. Holy moly I don’t know how you come up with this stuff. I’m so excited to try this. I LOVE cool whip, but try to stay away from eating too much of this. I have a can of light coconut milk in the pantry, but I’m not sure if it’s unsweetened. Will it work? And will this stay good in the freidge for awhile? Mmmmm…… You amaze me!

  84. BroccoliHut says:

    My family was a HUGE Cool Whip family when I was growing up–we ate it on pretty much every dessert I can think of. My dad still loves it, but I probably haven’t had it since I was 10.
    If I were to make this awesome vegan version, I would use it to top banana cream pie!

  85. Aisha says:

    I absolutely LOVE making vegan whipped cream this way! I usually dip bananas or strawberries into it but sometimes, I add some vanilla and cinnamon and dollop some onto a vegan cupcake and it is so delicious!

  86. one more reason why YOU’RE A GENIUS

  87. This is begging for me to add some of my crumbled muffin in and eat it up :) I totally have the cool whip theme song running through my head … only before they say “cool whip” there’s a “vegan” thrown in before :) :)

    “ohohohoh do the vegan cool whip. do the vegan cooooollllll whip
    vegan cool whip!”

  88. Moni'sMeals says:

    Alright! I can’t wait to try this! I love whipped cream and only make it from home or buy the vegan kind from WFs. This sounds so good and so simply too. Thanks Katie!
    I also like the sounds of you Bon Bons from the other post. :)

  89. Lacey says:

    freeze it and then spread it frozen between grahm crackers-its like an light, fluffy, crunchy, airy, delicious ice cream sandwich. or might i suggest figuring out how to use it for cream puffs?

  90. Megan says:

    This looks delicious!!!! I will be trying this soon :-)

  91. I am so excited about this. I have no words!! :)

  92. Lorin says:

    I just made your chocolate chip blondies but put some jam ontop of a section that didn’t have chocolate chips and put nutella on an area too. I don’t think I put enough sugar in for my taste buds though, I tried 6 tbsp, should’ve known :). Oh well, it’s still pretty delicious and definitely want to try this cool whip recipe!!

  93. Robin says:

    Chocolate cool whip over hot chocolate. Swoon. :)

  94. Kara says:

    I LOVE all things coconut. I am so going to try this recipe out this coming weekend.
    Side note, I am also making fudge babies as well as your cobbler bars for the very first time for a party I’m hosting next weekend. I was hoping to make them a week ahead and freeze them so I can make other things closer to the party, so, just curious – do both the fudge babies and bars freeze well? Can you recommend anything?

    1. The babies freeze well. I’ve never tried freezing the cobbler bars… what version are you using? (I have three versions: the berry ones, the raspberry low-fat ones, and the cherry ones.)

      1. Kara says:

        Oh, sorry, I meant to say the raspberry “low-fat” ones…although the last time I made them, I used coconut oil over the applesauce and preferred the taste. Do you think coconut oil will affect the freezing process?
        And good to hear about the fudge babies! Thanks again.

        1. I’ve never tried them with coconut oil, so I can’t say for sure. But I would think if it hardens, it’ll melt again after they’ve been sitting out. Let me know if you try it! :)

          1. Kara says:

            I plan to! Thanks Katie!

  95. April says:

    I love cool whip, but hate the hydrogenated oils! Thank you for posting this! It will be on my pumpkin pie this fall! I can’t wait! :)

  96. Travis says:

    Add cinnamon to it and put on angel food cake!
    Katie have you ever made a angel food cake that has your twist on it??

    1. I haven’t! I will put it on my list of things to try and re-create :).

  97. Elise says:

    Hi Katie, thank you for the recipe :) I was wondering, does the coconut milk you use contain coconut milk or coconut extract as the main ingredient? I’ve seen both kinds and I don’t know which one would be better to buy…

    1. The one I recommend is Thai Kitchen Organic. It hasn’t been watered down. The ingredients are: Organic coconut milk and guar gum (a natural emulsifier).

  98. Bria says:

    Katie, this looks glorious! I am definitely going to attempt a healthier mousse this weekend using this as a base (lemon mousse…with fresh raspberries!). Thank you much!

  99. Kim says:

    Made this yesterday for the healthy brownies I made. Today it is super thick brill be delightful once again.
    I did see a video of a guy making this and poked holes in thebottom of the can to drain off the water. That should helpake it thicker too. But gotta say, mine worked!!!! And my dairy allergic son loves it!

    1. Oh wow, that’s a great tip! Thanks, Kim!

  100. Andrea says:

    You have made my life (as my teen daughter would say)! My 4 month old has a milk/soy protein intolerance so no dairy or soy for nursing mama. I have missed creamer in my morning coffee so badly and Silk coconut milk was the best sub until I came across this recipe! I am so excited to run to the store tomorrow for a can or 2 or 3!!! The waiting for it to do it’s own magic is going to be the hardest part! Muah! Big ole besitos for you!

    1. Oh wow, YOU just made my morning. Seriously, it always makes me so happy to know my blog has helped someone.
      (Side note: Have you seen that the So Delicious brand now sells a coconut-based creamer? I haven’t tried it, but I do know that it’s soy-free.)

  101. Li says:

    Is there some way to make this into marshmallows? There is a recipe out there for homemade marshmallows ( but it’s rather unhealthy with a ton of added sugar. I think there is one using agave nectar out there but agave still has a lot of sugar and is very sweet. I really want something that has the same flavor as this whip cream (I only added 1 tsp of sweetener) but in marshmallow form. I don’t know if this is possible…

    1. Ooh that sounds fun! I’ve never seen it, but supposedly there exists such a thing as marshmallow extract, and it’s vegan. I’ll keep an eye out for it!

      1. Li says:

        I think it’s extract from the marshmallow plant, which does sound interesting. I know you can get some from, but don’t know if it’s available in any stores. I don’t think it’s anything like marshmallow (the confection) though…

        I was just wondering if there is a way to stabilize this cool whip recipe so you can cut it into marshmallow-cubes. That way you can have a healthy and delicious marshmallow.

        1. Hmmm… I can’t think of a way, but I’m really not good in terms of the science of cooking. We need Alton Brown (from Food Network)! 😉

        2. M says:

          Try to mix the coconut whipped cream with water and agar and bring to a boil or somethinf maybe? :)

          1. Li says:

            Wouldn’t that melt the coconut whipped cream?

  102. Livvy says:

    omg, KATIE! you’ve outdone yourself-AGAIN! I actually have a jar of coconut milk in my pantry and I’m about to transfer it to the fridge right now..GAHHH I’m so excited because this looks SO AMAZING! (and soo healthy too!) seriously, you ROCK ROCK ROCK and deserve huge compliments..I can not WAIT! :)

    1. Ooo I hope it works for you! I love that stuff!

  103. Audrey says:

    This looks fantastic! I’m your newest follower – can’t wait to peruse the whole blog!

    1. Aww I’m so glad you found me! And your blog title is so fun! Cow country lol… that’s where I’m stuck too!

  104. Katie, you are the BEST!!! Thank you SO MUCH for all of your amazing recipes!!!! I don’t know what I would do without you!

  105. YUM! I love this idea! Thanks :)

  106. Leigh says:

    Hi Katie,
    Wow!! Wow, oh wow, oh wow wow wow!! Yumm-o-licious!! Just made this as I’ve been hankering for something creamy and delish. I was worried it would taste like, well, like coconut and surprise, oh surprise….it doesn’t!! Though I like coconut and anything coconutty, my kiddos don’t, so it was GREAT to find this tastes just like whipped cream. I don’t eat cool whip, so I don’t know what that tastes like, but I used to LOVE whipped cream and though I tried my best to make your vegan whipped cream taste like what I remembered, I just couldn’t get it to work!! You can imagine my shock and delight to find that this tastes delightfully creamy and smooth and heavenly!! The kids LOVED it too. After our initial taste test of “vanilla” (we use coconut sugar), I then added some raw cacao and whipped it again. OH! MY! HEAVENS! Delicious. Just like chocolate mousse. We ate most of it and I managed to save some for the fridge to see how it comes out after being chilled.

    One question…I only used the “firm” part of the coconut milk, not the liquid at the bottom….what do you think? Do you use the liquid on the bottom?

    My gratitude to you….now I can have “whipped cream” on vegan cocoa on a cold morning, “whipped cream” on a slice of gluten free pie, “whipped cream” on a CCK raw cookie dough milkshake….ahhhh, the possibilities are endless!!

    Happy mom to five
    aka, Leigh

    1. Aw Leigh, I can’t even tell you how much your sweet comment made me smile!!

      I think I got a crazy-thick can of coconut milk when I first tried this, because there was no liquid at all! It was all cream! (Thai kitchen organic) The second can was a little more liquidy, but I did use all of it. But yes, if you only want to use the firm part, it’ll be a little bit thicker.

      I love your idea to make mousse!

      1. Michel says:

        I recently found and made a recipe on Pinterest that referenced your healthy hostess cupcakes, which then led me here. That was my first time using canned coconut milk. I keep seeing to use the firm part and not the liquid part. The can I had was essentially all white and thick, although it was a little softer toward the bottom, but only had a very minimal amount of water-like substance. I used the whole thing except the watery part. I just wanted to make sure I did it right! It seemed ok in the recipe I made. Thanks in advance!

        1. Sounds right to me. Different cans have different amounts of thickness… You got a good can!

  107. Jillian says:

    Hey Favorite Vegan Website Girl! I couldn’t find the organic version with no water. The closest I got was Thai Kitchen; but, though it has water, it has guar gum, so maybe it’ll balance. We’ll see. I have it in a stainless steel bowl chillin’ in the fridge for manana! I’ll letcha know how it works out. Oh, and btw, I noticed you were not on the list of options for VegNews Magazine Veggie Awards categories…but, there was a write in available, so you got written in! Your awesomeness mustn’t be overlooked! Hope this finds you well…happy belated birthday. Yay on your big career decision to keep blogging…umm…yeah, I’ve been outta touch with you! :( Sorry! You’re amazing and I may drop off here and there, but you are always # 1 on my list for favorite vegan site. xoxo

    1. Wow, this pretty much MADE my morning!!! Thank you, Jillian! :) :)

      Oh, and I think vanilla sounds like a terrific addition and should work perfectly! Let me know if the regular Thai Kitchen works… maybe, if it doesn’t firm up, you can poke tiny holes in the bottom to let out the water. (Another commenter suggested that.) I hope it does work!!

      1. Jillian says:

        I always get happy to write to you! Ha! You have such a positive energy, I think it is contagious. Thank you. :)
        Anyhow, wow, was this a colossal failure on my part! Haha! NOT NOT NOT your fault or the fault of your recipe!! You mentioned it should be “very very” thick. Well, I really wasn’t sure what that meant and it was quite thick (a little thicker than the consistency of thick dairy whipping cream) so I thought maybe that was what you meant. And, it does thicken in the fridge. But, when you mentioned poking holes to allow water to come out, I knew we had different definitions of thick! That sounds almost more like a solid and or yogurt/custard/flan thickness? Well, I am gonna check out some more cans and also try and find the variety you specifically recommend at my health food store. Wish me luck. On a positive note, if anyone is reading this and does get a “bad can” it is still a very rich product that does thicken from an opened stay in the fridge. So, while it won’t make “whipped cream” it can be mixed in as part of the milk portion of recipes (for example the Pumpkin Spice Latte) to make them quite rich and yummy! OK, shutting up now. Just wanted to give you the update, Katie. Can’t wait to say, “Katie! It worked!” And, don’t forget, you’re amazing! Your recipes, your commentary, your lovely smile and just all that is Katie. We love you! Thanks for all you do.

        1. Ooh good luck! And yes, if you get a good can it should be as thick as whipped heavy cream even without having to do anything to it. It’s like… like cool whip. But you have to get a good can. Thai Kitchen Organic seems to work really well because it has no water added. But I’ve had luck with some other brands as well.

          You are such a sweetheart!

          1. Jillian says:

            OK, ready for this, Katie? I am at my health food store and they have the Thai Kitchen Organic and I look at the ingredients and it is exact to the non organic (w/the exception of the milk being “organic” of course: coconut milk, water, guar gum. So, I am thinking, where is this one with no-water-one Katie is talking about? I figure, eh, what the heck, plop a couple in my cart and go. But, how different could it be, really? It be…..really! Yeah…I opened the can and it was this thick solid, I was amazed! So, I ran a knife around the edge and turned it over into a bowl….Aaaa! Liquid! So, I seperated the almost clear liquid into another bowl and have the heavy cream part in its own bowl. I was trying to find where you might mention about discarding liquid, but I don’t see it. I think I am doing the right thing on this. It is just night and day difference btwn the regular and the organic. The regular cans were one thick-ish white liquid. This is like a cream with translucent liquid. OK, how many times can I say “liquid”….sorry. :/ So, yeah, I guess I will toss the…umm…don’t wanna use that word again, you know and keep the cream part. I usually don’t pester you this much over one recipe! But, I am gonna be eternallly grateful bc I had always been a Cool Whip gal! Think the Red Robin jingle….Cool Whip, Yummmmm! But, once vegan, gave it up. This is gonna be so much better! I’ll just say it…I love Katie! Thank you! xoxo

          2. Woah, weird… your Thai Kitchen Organic has water? Mine doesn’t! I wonder if it’s a regional thing… I know some companies change products based on region. In any case, I’m glad it worked for you!!

            (Mine was so thick that I just used the entire can. But some people want it even thicker and discard the liquid part.)

          3. Anna says:

            I usually have liquid that separates from the creamy goodness when I use this recipe. I use it in oats, or shakes for an extra coconutty hit.

  108. Jillian says:

    Hey Katie,
    I am hoping you’ll read this before I attempt to whip this up. Do you know if vanilla will cause it to break down or be a problem? Seems like a bit of vanilla would make this even yummier!

  109. Elise says:

    I love coconut whipped cream :) But today I wanted to try something new so I made almond whipped cream! It was so good and healthy too! :) Have you tried a nut-based cream, Katie? 😀 If not, you really should! 😛

    1. I haven’t tried making my own… I love cashew cheesecake, so I really should try!

  110. Govinda Jaya says:

    This is really good and as easy to make as opening a can. I used just a touch of agave to sweeten as I do not like my sweets super sweet. Been drinking it in my coffee and tomorrow morning I am going to try it in my earl grey tea! Thumbs up on this one!!

    1. Jillian says:

      I used it in the Pumpkin Spice Latte and it put it over the top! I was thinking of it in my Chamomile tea as well. Mmmmmmm….comforting.

  111. Michelle says:

    I hope this recipe works for everyone. Mine has already started to thicken. :) Lucky for me, I have canned coconut milk in my house. But if the recipe doesn’t work for you, I suggest using your leftover coconut milk for a vegan crème brûlée. :) I’m going to try this on Katie’s Pumpkin Spice Latte tomorrow.

    1. Woah, I am running off to google “vegan creme brulee with coconut milk.” That sounds amazing!

  112. janice H says:

    Ey Katie, I have a question. Since the coconut is considered saturated fat. Is it still somewhat considered Ohealthy Fat”? I would love to know! Also, how can I store it, will it go bad fast if I just leave it in the can or can I just put it all in the plastic container?

    1. Google “coconut oil saturated fat healthy” and you’ll get a lot of good info. It is saturated fat, but it’s different than the saturated fat from animals. The Coconut Research Center provides some good info.

      Oh, and you can store this in the can or in a container. I know some people don’t like leaving things in open cans, so a container is fine as long as the lid’s not closed.

  113. jovani says:

    Does this need to be refrigerated after made and also do you need a mixer for adding bananas..

    1. It does need to be refrigerated for sanitary reasons, because coconut is perishable.
      And I guess you could mash the banana in without a blender if you wished!

  114. Nina says:

    Do you think this would work with a can of coconut cream? Or would that be too thick to begin with?
    Just wondered. :)

    1. I bet it would work perfectly!

  115. jenny says:

    in true cool whip form, can you freeze and de-frost this repeatedly?

    1. Hmmm… honestly I have no idea! It sounds like a fun experiment, though!

      1. jenny says:

        ooh, cant wait until grocery day =]

  116. Jane says:

    Just wanted to comment for those who don’t like coconut. I HATE coconut, but I LIKE coconut milk! The two taste nothing alike.

    1. Kele says:

      Interesting! I absolutely LOATHE coconut – the taste literally triggers my gag reflex. I’ve tried coconut milk several times and not been able to drink more than a sip or two of it. :( I have had Turtle Mountain’s So Delicious coconut milk ‘ice cream’ and liked that, though (no taste of coconut whatsoever).

      So I’m curious, but not terribly hopeful about how this recipe would sit with my palette. :/

  117. Sepide says:

    Hi, thank you for your yummy dessert ,

    can we make whipped cream with homemade coconut milk? Because the country that I live, there is no coconut milk to buy,
    thank you so much

    1. Sorry, I don’t know :(. I’ve never made homemade coconut milk. I do know that if you blend the meat with the water, you can make an awesome ice cream or smoothie though! Just in case you’d be interested, here’s my favorite version:

  118. Misty says:

    I have been missing whipped cream for years! I’ll be making some of this to go on top of some homemade pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving. I have tried many of your recipes and loved them (especially the healthy chocolate chip cookies!), so I expect this whipped topping to be great. This is probably my favorite blog!

    1. Awww that makes me so happy!!

  119. Rachael says:

    This recipe is so divine! I just made it for a vegan thanksgiving feast, and it was even better than the pumpkin pie! Thank you Katie for sharing such a delicious and easy recipe. I whipped mine with a whisk until it formed stiff peaks, and the coconut cream held the stiff peaks for days. Now I need to try this as the cream for coconut cream pie! :)

  120. Tel says:

    Katie, I made this for the 4th of July, but mixed in a few drops of coconut flavoring and some fresh grated lime zest. This became the filling for my delicious, homemade, and very easy coconut-berry shortcake! And yes–the coconut whipped cream delicious!

  121. vicki says:

    I am so in love w/this recipe. I just store my cans of coconut milk in the fridge now… right next to my chick peas :) The cream rises to the top, so I just remove the bottom of the can and drain the liquid out and then scoup out the cream and throw it in my fancy mixer w/some powdered sugar and wisk away on high. I covered your chocolate fudge pie w/this and it was to die for. No one was the wiser when I served it and it was deeelish! I am so grateful to have this recipe. Thanks!

  122. Rebecka says:

    I don’t know where to begin, Katie! This is a complete revolution. For years I’ve been searching for a tasty alternative to the commercial vegan whipping creams out there, and FINALLY you’ve shed some light on my path! I went out and bought a jar yesterday, and this morning I had blackberry pancakes with coco-cream, and just minutes ago I had a fudge baby-pattie topped with a mountain of fluffy cream. So easy, so creative, so delicious, healthy and everything everything I love about your recipes and your blog – all in one “dish” 😀

  123. Lauren Ochoa says:

    This is so awesome. It also gave me a great idea for a vegan substitute for sweetened condensed milk. I have several to-die-for dessert recipes that require SW. Cond. milk and I’ve been racking my brain trying to come up with a nondairy alternative that doesn’t rely on soy. I, going to try a can of full fat coconut milk simmered on the stovetop with plenty of sweetener until it gets super thick and see if that does the trick.

    1. Oh wow, that sounds like a really great idea! If it works, definitely report back!

  124. Emily says:

    Where did you buy the coconut milk, all i can find are the carton, and the juice boxes on the dry isle.

    1. Emily: look in the Asian section. If you still can’t find it, ask a store employee :).

  125. Leslie says:

    Yummy! And I thought my whip cream days might be over. I am going to have to try this asap. Thanks for sharing. I wonder how it will taste with coffee?

  126. Sondra says:

    Have you ever tried this using the dried coconut milk method? It works like a charm. Most coconut milk that you can buy goes through 2 extractions- thick and thin, and is mixed 50/50. If you make your own you can keep the extractions completely separate, using the thick for your wonderful cool whip, and the thin for drinking! Just measure out 2 cups dessicated coconut and put in a bowl. Heat up some water on the stove and once it starts to bubble pour unto coconut. Let cool to room temperature, blend and strain. Then repeat the process with boiling water for the thin milk! I’ve never had your cool whip fail when using my own milk!

    1. I haven’t tried that. Thanks for a really great tip!

    2. Jessy says:

      I would love to make my own coconut milk! How much water do you use with 2 cups coconut?

  127. Tatum says:

    Do you think you could replace the coconut with almond milk? I just don’t have coconut milk at the moment :}

    1. It needs to be coconut milk– CANNED coconut milk. That’s the only one with enough fat to work.

  128. Melissa says:

    I do this same thing, but I add vanilla extract and cinnamon and put it in my coffee. Yum!

  129. SugarFreeMom says:

    I just made this recipe and LOVED it! I actually had it in the fridge overnight until the next afternoon, super thick and then added stevia. How much do you usually add? My can was about 3/4 of the way thick and I eft about a 1/4 of the coconut milk water in the can. After I mixed in the stevia it got very loose and creamy so I am leaving it uncovered to do its thang…… Thanks for a yummy cool whippy option vs. corn syrupy junk!

    1. I don’t actually usually add any stevia. I’m weird and like it plain. Usually I just scoop it straight out of the container and don’t even bother to whip it up with beaters. :)

  130. amy says:

    This recipe makes me so happy! I think i can do this vegan thing afterall. I love cool whip in my coffee, its better than any starbucks drink & i aways add coconut extract so this sounds perf.! How long will it keep in fridge?

    1. A few days, but probably not longer since you’ll want to leave it uncovered for maximum thickness :).

  131. Queen Mommy says:

    I have made this several times (before seeing the recipe here). As mentioned previously, Thai Kitchen is the best brand for this….either the full-fat or the coconut cream (not to be mistaken for cream of coconut), which I’ve been able to find in some stores. Now, I big, fat, puffy heart LOVE coconut, but I do not love this whipped creme. It’s just too much coconut, but not in a good way…for me. I mean, it’s okay, and I will make it from time to time, but I’m still on the hunt for one that more closely resembles a traditional whipped cream.

  132. Sjill says:

    Just tried this recipe… I think it’s alright, but my fiance finds a taste in it that she doesn’t quite like. I added a drop of vanilla extract and we both thought that made it taste more like the regular whipped cream.

    I also tried a version with carob powder (pretty good), and another version with carob powder and peppermint extract (also pretty good).

    I don’t quite love this, and not sure I’ll be making it again… but I can see how some people could really get into it.

  133. Amanda R. says:

    Found you via Pinterest, so excited! I found out that I have diabetes about a year ago, and have completely changed my diet and eating habits. I have it completely under control now (with no meds), and I’m very happy with my lifestyle. But I REALLY miss cool whip, frosting, coffee creamer, etc. Thank you SO much! I made the chocolate version of this tonight, added a shot of Peppermint Mocha Kahlua to it! I’m going to use it for my “Fake” Pepp. Mocha Coffee and Hot Chocolate.

    1. Wow that sounds good! You had me at peppermint ;).

  134. Karla says:

    Chocolate-Covered Katie,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful recipes! I found last year that I am dairy intolerant, and also cannot eat soy. I have changed my foods/eating, but wow I miss some things. This cool whip recipe sounds really good and is very simple. Thanks!!

  135. Katrina says:

    So I didn’t shake the can and when I opened it to put it in the fridge… it was already creamy? Is it supposed to be like that or do I have a bad can??? It’s not expired, but I was just curious as to if it is supposed to be creamy when you don’t shake it… Thanks!

    1. You got a very GOOD can for this recipe! :)
      Just scoop out the top and leave the watery bit on the bottom.

      1. katrina says:

        THANK you very much. Making it now

        1. katrina says:

          Oh my goodness…amazing., I’m allergic to all dairy. So your recipes are amazing. THANK you

  136. Joan says:

    Hi, Katie!

    I was looking at your recipe to make the whipped cream where you use coconut milk; but I am extremely allergic to anything coconut – I can’t touch it. Would you know of any substitutions? I am diabetic and these breakfasts sound so delicious! Thank you so much for creating these recipes and making them available to us. They say that you are what you eat, so I bet that you’re a real sweetheart!

    Thanks, Katie!

  137. Sarah says:

    I’m wondering, how much powdered sugar should be used exactly?

    1. Depends on your tastebuds!

  138. I was totally going to read all of the comments to find out if the answer to my question was there….and I gave up! There are too many of them! :)

    Why does it need to be an opened can of coconut milk? Wouldn’t a carefully opened can work after it was chilled? Then you’d always be able to have some available at a moment’s notice without it going bad….

    I made a vegan cheesecake from another blog’s recipe last week and it called for chilled canned coconut cream – skimmed from the top of a refrigerated can. She didn’t specify opened or closed. (It was amazing and I couldn’t help dipping my finger into the can!)

    I think I’ll go try it with my closed cans. I just made vegan chocolate pudding and it cries out for
    “cool whip.” (Which, btw, I used to get SICK on from eating SO much of the “real” stuff just plain! I’ve missed it, even though I KNOW it’s filled with garbage.)

    1. It depends on how thick the coconut milk is… Some cans are thick right away, but some need the water to evaporate first. But yeah, definitely keep one in the fridge because if you’re lucky it’ll be thick right away!

    2. Okay – back from the experiment. Yes, unopened cans work! And the cheaper stuff – Golden Star – from Walmart even works! I added stevia, but it just wasn’t getting the taste I was looking for. (Maybe that’s because I need the more expensive, organic stuff….) I ended up putting in powdered sugar. I’d like to figure out a better way to sweeten it next time. But I couldn’t keep from taste-testing it!!! Oh, it’s so good!

      Thanks for a lovely recipe, Katie!

  139. Ann W. says:

    This whipped cream tastes better the day after you make it! It gives it a chance to fluff up even more and for the flavors of your sweetener, flavor extracts, and coconut cream to meld together! I mix it with some cocoa powder when I’m craving chocolate. So delicious. I’m not even a coconut fan and this whipped cream is amazing. I always have either a can of coconut milk in my fridge or some already made. It’s a must-have, in my humble opinion.

  140. Ashley says:

    Would this work as a cupcake frosting? Would it hold a shape?

    1. I think it would. But frost right before serving, so the coconut cream stays chilled as long as possible.

  141. Al says:

    Once you beat the milk, does it tend to stay as thick? Or will it thin out overtime?

    1. I guess it depends on the amoount of fat in your can of coconut milk. Usually mine stays pretty thick if I keep it fridged and uncovered.

  142. Melissa says:

    Damn, I didn’t read the reviews until after and used the Lite Coconut milk and it came out runny. Guess I’ll have to get the full fat kind.

  143. katie says:

    This was freakin’ delicious! I used it on top of a vegan brownie. Nom nom nom nom

  144. Lindsay Ford says:

    That looks so delicious! I’m so excited I found it!

  145. Hi,
    I’m writing an article for a newspaper about homemade recipes from food bloggers. I would love to use this cool whip recipe and photo. Can you email me and let me know if that’s okay?

    1. Hi Karen,

      As long as you source them as being from me, I’d be honored to be included :).

  146. Mere says:

    This. Is. Amazing! Changed my life! So delicious on berries and vegan brownies!!! mmmmmm…

  147. Eva says:

    Do you know if goya can would work?

  148. Gerri Hudson says:

    Do you think you can use this in a frozen dessert?

    1. Do you mean, can it be frozen? If so, the answer is yes. It makes very creamy fudge pops!

      1. Gerri Hudson says:

        Yes, there are a few desserts that I make that used the store bought cool whip and you freeze the dessert once the cool whip is added.

  149. Gerri Hudson says:

    Please notify by email

  150. Christine Scalfo says:

    Any suggestion as to how much sweetener to use as a starting point? 1 cup? 1 T?


  151. TD says:

    This sounds dangerous for the heart…..I mean,…basically you are consuming fat solids.

    Coconut was always thought to be TERRIBLE for your health,..and I understand that “they” changed their minds on this,…but still,….something about consuming a fat solid in any form seems just plain wrong to me.

    I WANT this to be healthy, because it sounds like it would taste fantastic,….but it still scares me after finally getting my heart’s BP under control.

    So what would the fat grams be on something like this concoction per tspn? Cholesterol?

    I’m a whipped cream freak,….but sadly,…the store bought kind is very bad too! They are pretty clever about it because I do believe that they call it “Whipped Topping” and NOT Whipped Cream.

  152. TD says:


    Let me add on to my previous post that I think your site is brilliant and I love what you are doing and how you are so generous with your time and ideas for the benefit of the many readers that follow you.

    I may be skeptical of the Coconut whipped cream recipe, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not tempted to try it. I’m looking to see if there is perhaps yet another alternative to the Coconut fat idea due to my concerns about consuming just a fat solid. I’m also not a huge coconut fan, although I could handle a mild coconut flavor.

    If the Coconut fat proves to be safe, then maybe I might investigate Almond Milk (in a can) or something along that line too. You at least have me thinking now!!!!

    Thanks again!

  153. Laura says:

    Wow, a whole new healthier, chocolatey world just opened up for my kids! I’ve just started eating a vegan diet and I’m trying to get my kids to eat healthier too (less sugar). Your delish recipes make me feel better about satisfying their sweet tooth and chocolate cravings by offering healthier choices. At the same time, they are easy enough for me to make after work when I don’t always feel like cooking and it’s all packed in to one web site. I’m so excited to try everything! I already passed your web site along to a friend and I’m sending recipes to my mom :) Thanks – you’re a sweetheart!

  154. Valerie says:

    I LOVE this! I enjoy it on top of a big bowl of blueberries :)

  155. Open Bar says:

    Ok, I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. I confess to loving whipped cream on my coffee, with a dash of cinnamon. This is easy, perfect, and sinful— GREAT idea!

  156. Alice says:

    Ok, I know this is a weird question, but…where do you get those spoons?!?! 😉

    1. I actually got them from Bed Bath Beyond. :)

  157. Heather says:

    Love this idea; frosting is always my favorite part of cupcakes and cakes! Now I don’t have to eat a whole cupcake to enjoy the frosting, I can just skip to my favorite part.

  158. Debbi says:

    Thanks! I can’t wait to try this! I just dug in the cabinet and found that I DO have a can of coconut milk (Thai Kitchen, no less!) but not sure which I want to try more..the Vanilla or Strawberry – no cocoa in the house :( – it seems possible that I can do both. One of my favorite lo-cal treats is to put whipped cream between 2 graham cracker squares and freeze. It becomes an ice cream sandwich – and really does taste like it!

  159. Courtney says:

    can you use soy milk for this?

    1. Sorry, no. It needs to be full-fat coconut.

  160. sad coconut says:

    i’ve tried three brands of coconut milk recently–one sprout’s generic brand, which thickened the best but tasted less coconutty, one von’s generic brand, which was a good balance of texture & flavor, and thai kitchens full-fat coconut milk–which made me really sad! it tasted amazing (such pure coconut goodness!) but it never thickened properly! i still consumed it of course… but it was sad. :'( has anyone else not had luck with thai kitchens?

  161. This is a great idea, but doesn’t it taste like coconut, and not vanilla or whipped cream….?

  162. Ashleigh says:

    I am NOT crazy about the flavor. It tastes kind of metallic. I put in 3 packets of Truvia, and still kind of blah. And some vanilla. and then a dash of salt. Finally, I mixed it with peanut butter and it was more palatable. Am I doing something wrong?

  163. Chelsy says:

    This didn’t work for me. I used the organic Thai Kitchen coconut milk but it never got very thick. Disappointing.

  164. Mrs. Kim says:

    I tried this today using organic coconut milk (our store only sells two brands, the non-organic and organic) and neither specified whether or not they were full-fat. Anyway, I chilled it for about 8 hours and it was like soft whipping cream, and it definitely had a coconut flavor. It was good as a different kind of frosting over chocolate cake, but wasn’t really reminiscent of whipped cream. It was just all right. I still want to try the chocolate version and see if that cuts the coconut flavor.

  165. Jacque Foster says:

    SOLUTION! Trader Joe’s brand Coconut Cream in a can…thicker and richer than regular coconut milk (has guar gum added) works like a DREAM for this “recipe.” If you don’t have Trader Joe’s near you (I’m so sad for you…am in love) try Whole Foods b/c Traders tends to have everything one can find at Whole Foods, just way less expensive.

  166. Kay Gellerstedt says:

    Just when I think you can’t blow my socks off again…you do! I LOVE your site; my teenage twins are diabetic and your recipes give them hope that they can eat delicious food in spite of the diabetes. keep rocking Katie…one of my twins is named Katy! Awesome name! hahaha

  167. Tabitha says:

    Does this hold up for long out of the fridge? I want to frost cupcakes with this for my boys birthday party, but we’re in a tropical climate and I worry that it’ll just melt all over. I’ve been looking for a frosting that isn’t butter based and this one seems amazing!

    1. Unfortunately, coconut tends to melt very quickly when warm :(

  168. Christy says:

    Discoveries like this make me happy! Thanks for sharing!

  169. Heather the Non-Vegan CCK Lover says:

    Oh I’ll eat Cool Whip/whipped cream by the mouthful!! Haha I can’t wait to try this!

  170. Amy says:

    Ok, I think I did something wrong. I never did open my can of coconut milk (full fat organic Thai Kitchen).until I went to make this. It was in the fridge though and had a thick layer on top but still ALOT of watery part. I used what I could and sweetened it but it’s realy thin. Will this thicken up? If not, I ‘m sure I can find another use for it if it can’t be used as a topper! Thanks!

    1. Jacque Foster says:

      Hi Amy! I’ve made this probably 10 times and I’ve had that happen…I suggest the following:
      1. Open the can and dump into a CLEAR GLASS bowl (just b/c cans aren’t supposed to be used for storage once opened)
      2. Let sit 24 hours
      3. If there is any liquid left (you’ll see through the glass, if there is any, that it will be under the thick stuff along the bottom) us a drinking straw, stick it down to the bottom and drink up! (If you don’t like coconut water, which is basically what this is, you probably won’t like the “coco-cool whip” so if this idea grosses you out, perhaps this isn’t the recipe for you.)
      4. NOW stick the thick remaining milk and your packet of sweetener–I use NOW brand Xylitol Plus, one packet per can of milk–into your blender.
      5. While I’m at it, I eat this straight, but it’s also divine as a party dip for strawberries, on pancakes and waffles along with sliced strawberries & other fruit (I’ve served it to a crowd in both those ways) and I also put it on top of CCK’s chocolate “mousse”, her banana-chocolate-nut butter concoction and basically anything else of hers I make. But mostly I just eat it straight, when I need a bite of something sweet and don’t have time to make anything.
      PS If you have a Trader Joe’s, they sell a can of “Coconut Cream,” which has some thickener (guar gum) in it–that works the best of anything I’ve tried.
      I hope this helps!!

  171. MrsPetey says:

    Ever looked at the ingredients of cool whip though? It’s a science experiment! Thanks for the recipe CCK! This looks much more safe to feed my family!

  172. Laura says:

    I made this about 10 days ago and made it with powdered sugar and vanilla, the same as you’d make whipping cream. AMAZING!
    a) I’ve had it stored in an airtight container and it is still fresh tasting, as well as holding it’s shape so well, which I think is from the powdered sugar
    b) because it’s cold and rainy in Nova Scotia, I just put it in my homemade hot chocolate (cocoa, honey, hot water) and it is just as fantastic. It’s rich, sweet and foamy and hasn’t melted as fast as the Cool Whip my son has in his.
    I’M IN LOVE!! I make a lot of recipes that require whipped cream or cool whip and I can’t wait to try this out as a replacement.

  173. Heather says:

    Thanks for this. I’m just starting out vegan. I am doing a vegan pumpkin pudding for dessert on Thanksgiving and didn’t want to use cool whip for the topping, but knew my parents would want it. This way we can all be happy, I think. The main dish is going to be a little more tricky. Lol.

  174. Kate says:

    Thanks so much for this idea. I just made an “IceBox Cake” with chocolate wafers and this whipped topping. It is delicious!!

  175. Scoops33 says:

    Very disappointed, wanted to use this to top off a vegan spelt flour birthday cake….tried with 2 cans of coconut (brand mentioned as well as an ‘off’ brand) with no luck…..had high hopes but am simply ending up with tons of chilled coconut milk, bummer.

  176. Lenelle says:

    Thank you so much for the recipe. I used it to make dirt pie and it is wonderful! Everything I used today for the dirt pie was vegan and thanks to you, I will never have to use cool whip again. :)

  177. Sharon says:

    This is an awesome gadgit! I’ve never seen one like it before so good to know it’s out there. I would love to have one!

  178. Penny says:

    Cool Tool!!! If I don’t win this one, it’s going on my Birthday/Christmas list (or any other list I can think of lol)

  179. Janine says:

    Yay! Finally a replacement for cool whip. Gave it up years ago when I took the time to read the ingredients. Scared the popcorn out of me. So many recipes use it too. I will use this and your chocolate shots recipe from now on. Have the first batch of choco shots in the fridge thickening up some more after I added the cocoa etc. Added a few drops of orange oil to it as well as the vanilla. Going on my morning coffee tomorrow.

  180. Lori Ann says:

    Hi Katie,

    I just stumbled upon your site tonight. I am sure glad I did. I just kept clicking on link after link of different recipe and now I can’t decide which one to make first. I did see this cool whip recipe and then after many clicks later I tried to search for it but couldn’t find it using your search bar. I looked under the recipe tab and didn’t know where to look to find it there. Then I just had to remember some of the recipes that I saw it linked on. I found it again. I want to know if there is a quick way to just pull this up. I want to pass this along to friends and give them the right path to find it. Thanks!!

  181. Nikki says:

    Thank you for telling me about this! I can’t wait to try it! :-)

  182. Robin says:

    I pinned this quite awhile ago and just tonight decided to try it. I had put a closed can of Coconut milk in the fridge a few days ago. I was careful to put to where it wouldn’t get jostled around. I opened it and it was pretty thick I used a spatula to scoop it out and only got a small amount of the liquid in. I’ll use that for cooking tomorrow:) I did the chocolate version and my sweetie and I just finished it with raspberries. It was heavenly. What a great, quick dessert with no fuss. I use coconut milk for lots of things and would never, even when I was a vegetarian, eat cool whip. It actually says in small print now, “This is a petrochemical”. Can we say Ewww? Yeah. So now we are saying here how light that dessert was. I’m going to buy some vanilla bean and make a vanilla version this week. It doesn’t taste coco nutty for those of you who have asked. Thank you for your blog it’s such a sweet one<3

  183. Tellie says:

    Katie I have to tell you how HAPPY I am to have found you!! Two years ago I was diagnosed with “the common 8” food allergies and had pretty much given up dessert. My family loves everything I have made from your site!! So THANK YOU!! :) Question…does it store well if you don’t eat it all at one time?? Not that would happen or anything!! :)

  184. Donna Schubbe says:

    I tried to do this recipe with the Trader Joe’s coconut cream(not coconut milk) and maybe I’m doing something wrong… are you supposed to use the liquid in the coconut cream can or just the super thick cream? I thought I was following directions by only using the thick cream and none of the water but it turned out terrible! It was just super thick and chunky and never whipped up. I have 1 can of coconut cream left and I would love to try again. HELP PLEASE!?

    1. Just the thick cream part. I’ve never actually gotten a TJ’s can with any liquid… maybe it is a regional thing or a climate thing.

  185. Laura says:

    I have always DETESTED the taste of cool whip, even as a little kid I wouldn’t eat it. Thought it tasted like plastic. Later when I grew up I found out it’s loaded with partially hydrogenated oil, so that explains the plastic flavor! This coconut cool whip is fabulous though.

  186. Krysta says:

    Hey Katie,
    I was wondering if you did anything with the remaining coconut milk left in the can? I don’t want to waste it. Also, am I just missing the search option on your blog or is there just not one?
    Thanks! I love your blog, my toddler highly approved of the cosmic brownie recipe and the no potato tater tots. And he has very high standards. :)

    1. You can put it in smoothies!

      Yes, there is a search button right under the “follow chocolate-covered katie” buttons on the right side of the blog :).

  187. Anonymous says:

    I love the way you displayed the first few pictures! :)

  188. Cali says:

    I love the way you displayed the first few pics! :)

  189. Cali says:

    I love the way you displayed this!

  190. hayley thomas says:

    how much sweetner do you use?

  191. Anonymous says:

    I love the chocolate and the vanilla flavor of this. I also like to add some Rose syrup to it :)

  192. Ash says:

    i’ve gone through four cans of coconut milk and all failed to separate after 12+ hours :( if I buy trader joe’s coconut cream, can I whip that up? or do I need to put that in the refrigerator to separate? I don’t know why but the coconut cream never solidifies.. it only gets as thick as condensed milk

    1. Ash says:

      *the coconut cream inside the can of coconut milk never solidifies i mean.. it simply turns into a thicker, whiter layer of liquid

    2. Yes, you can use coconut cream and whip it immediately.

  193. Mickey says:

    Oh MY… made this twice now.. I LOVE IT .I used Trader Joes extra thick coconut cream. I used Stevia as my sweetner and cocoa powder and added a touch more vanilla.. D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S!!!!!!!!!! No impact on my Low Carb Diet.. Thank You for this ingenious concoction of low carb heaven…..

  194. Mickey says:

    OMG..I’ve made this twice now. I used Trader Joes extra creamy coconut cream, Stevia and cocoa with extra vanilla… This is D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S! Thankyou for this ingenious concoction of pure low carb heaven….

  195. janet says:

    Can you make cool whip with soy or almond milk?

    1. Sorry, this particular recipe just won’t work with soy or almond milk.

  196. Megan says:

    Hi Katie, I think this is a silly question, but I have tried and tried again to make this… and I keep messing it up. I can not seem to get it as fluffy and light as yours. What am I doing wrong?

    1. You’re probably getting “bad” cans of coconut milk for the recipe. Try coconut cream if you can :).

      1. Megan says:

        Hey Katie, I thought I’d tell you that I finally figured it out! Embarrassingly enough it took like 3 cans… but it’s okay. My family enjoyed delicious bowls of coconut rice for breakfast. :)

        I also wanted to tell you that I use the other unused cans of coconut cream in a creamy slushy. I keep finding great produce on sale, so I buy a ton, and slice it up and freeze it. The other day I made a “Pina Colada” Slushi. I took 1 cup of frozen pineapple, 1/2 cup fresh pineapple, and two heaping tablespoons of coconut cream. Blend until creamy. It was SOOO good! Thanks for all the recipes you post. It has triggered my creative side. :)

  197. Caroline Collins says:

    Hi Katie,

    Love your site and recipes! Just wondering if you’ve noticed a change in the Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk lately- the last 10 cans I’ve purchased haven’t had the “chunk” at the top, but have been more liquid-y. I’ve found the occasional can like that in the past, but now it seems they’re all like that. Putting them in the fridge doesn’t help. Just wondering if you’ve had the same experience or have heard about a product change, etc. If I just buy the cans of coconut cream will that just be the solid “chunk” stuff? Thanks so much!

    1. Andrea says:

      For the life of me I can’t get it to work either…

  198. julie says:

    In search of dairy free, coconut free whipping cream recipe! I have yet to find a product or recipe that exists that is free of both of those

    1. Amy Lynn says:

      Julie, have you tried a soy version? I can’t eat soy so I’m not a ton of help here, but I feel like I’ve seen it before. I would hit Google and see if there is a recipe or a place that sells it. Wishing you very good luck!!

  199. Amy Lynn says:

    Yay! I was so bummed when they put dairy in Cool-Whip, i miss it on pies. And yes, right out of the freezer. Put it on an ice cream cone once (: Every time I go in search of a recipe (heard of chocolate lasagne?! Looks amazing. I am so going to get fat), i end up here! I just love your photos, so clever to use the spoons!

    Thanks again!! :)

  200. katherine says:

    Anyone know if I could use this in place of cool whip for a frozen lime pie – in other words, once whipped will it freeze ok?

    1. Unfortunately, I haven’t had success freezing it :(

      1. Darryl C says:

        So making a batch & putting left overs in the freezer won’t work????

  201. melissa says:

    This tasted great with strawberries. :)

  202. jessica says:

    Can anyone tell me how long this lasts refrigerated?

  203. jessica says:

    Does anyone know how long this keeps for?

  204. Maura Steele says:

    Thank you so much Katie! Not only am I gluten free, I am also dairy free. I’ve also created a dairy free flan. So glad to have found your recipes.

  205. Marlene says:

    Hi Katie, I have Tropica Traditions Coconut Cream Concentreat. How can I use this and how much? Thanks for your great recipes!!

  206. I add a tsp or more depending on how much whipping cream you use, of cream of tartar, 1tsp of dry milk powder & 1TBSP of organic sugar while beating whipping cream & it stays nice & firm & keeps it’s shape beautifully….I always make it this way to top cheesecake~~~~~~~

  207. Jenna Lambert says:

    I can’t wait to make this! I was wondering, though, can you use it to layer in a cake? I want to make strawberry layers with vanilla frosting, and I’m just curious

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Yes. Frost right before serving.

  208. Katherine says:

    Thank you so much! Was looking for a healthy substitution for some family Thanksgiving recipes..this looks Perfect! :)

  209. Alisa says:

    I usually make a pumpkin trifle for the holidays every year. Pumpkin mixed with butterscotch pudding, gingerbread cake and cool whip as the layers. I’m really wanting to try this in it this year!

  210. Taylor says:

    JUST SO YOU KNOW THIS IS AMAZING! Lol I add it to my “healthy” hot cocoa and it makes it spook much better! Thanks for all the awesome recipes, they have made my families transition to clean eating.

  211. dj says:

    well this will be interesting. although vegan is not 100% healthy. yes yes i am about to get some growls from many but there still needs to be some protein via poultry or pork or fish. yes beef is healthy if eaten in small portions. cool whip is 100% artifical bad for the body. so this looks healthy. nothing beats real whipped cream

    1. Brea says:

      Actually, you can get complete proteins from non-animal sources such as rice and dried beans. Winter squash seeds and pumpkin seeds (raw, baked, fried) are also a great protein snack and when eaten (or washed down) with a carbohydrate provide complete protein for the body. There are many, many others, but space is limited here. Google and you will find them. Bright Blessings!

  212. Rhonda says:

    Is there another ingredient to substitute or use besides coconut milk? It’s quite expensive here in Canada, coconut milk that is.

  213. andrew g says:

    I became a `lactose avoidant `2 years ago lost about 50 lbs and loving it. I tried the cashew cream recipe but do not have a super blender [too grainy]. Will definitely give this one `A GO`Thanks Andrew Gibson New Englander

  214. Sarah says:

    This looks healthy and great. I’d love to make this to frost a cake I’m going to make for my mom’s birthday. Is it possible to frost this on a cake?
    Please reply ASAP. My mom’s birthday is next week!

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:


  215. Arlene says:

    Can I freeze this just like the purchased one?

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      I would not recommend it.

  216. Jenn C says:

    You are amazing. I love your blog! You make us dairy free and gluten free people EXTREMELY happy!!!

  217. Leandra says:

    If I make this tonight will it be okay in the fridge for the next 2 days?

  218. Ginger says:

    My daughter has a nut allergy so I can’t use the coconut milk. Would this work with soy milk?

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Sadly, no.

  219. Emily says:

    I had an unusual problem when I tried making this – I thought it was way too thick. I could barely even beat it with my electric mixer and it was very dense and gaggingly rich. I don’t think it would sit on top of a milkshake very well – too heavy! Maybe it was the brand I used? I will try it again with another can and see if it works better.

  220. Meg says:

    WOW! This is the 2nd or 3rd time I have tried to make this. Found your recipe and it worked! It feels like real cool whip in your mouth, even a little creamier!!!!!!!! GREAT!! Thanks for posting. I am going to put on your breakfast pizza in the morning, if I can keep from eating it all tonight. Eating on top of almond cake right now with frozen blueberries, yummmmmmm!

  221. Brea says:

    This is a great recipe! Thank you for sharing with us!
    I wonder if this version would taste more like real whipped cream if 1 tsp of a butter-flavored extract was added. Real whipped cream has butter fat in it’s base, so I think I’d try whipping in some butter extract first and see how it tastes. Since I adore vanilla, I’d probably add 1/2 tsp vanilla.
    I would think that Maple-Nut flavoring would be great in this recipe, too. Then put the flavored Cool Whip on pancakes or spice cake. Or dunk cookies in it. Awwww…now I’m hungry just thinking about this. Gotta wait till payday ….. groan……..

  222. Kelley says:

    Hi Katie! LOVE this recipe and soooo many others of yours! Thank you for sharing your talents with those of us who are not so fortunate in that area! 😀 I just made this and had a spoonful swirled into a bit of peanut butter and sprinkled chocolate chips on top. Yum! So rich and much less guilt-laden than many other dessert options!

  223. Meredith Mattimoe says:

    Good Day! I’m wondering if the leftovers should be kept in the fridge and if so, how soon after whipping together?
    Thanks and Be Well!

  224. Natalie says:

    I am making dairy-free cupcakes for my son’s birthday and plan on making the chocolate frosting recipe for the chocolate cupcakes. I was wondering if just adding some vanilla would make a vanilla frosting? Or is there another secret to vanilla flavour?


    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      You can definitely add vanilla extract! Be sure to use pure, not imitation which tastes much different.

  225. Mish says:

    I made my mum a (secretly healthy) banoffee pie for her birthday breakfast and topped it with this. It worked so well I could pipe it into cute little tufts! awesome idea.

  226. Diana says:

    I’m excited to try this, but before I do, I have a few questions:
    How long do leftovers keep in the fridge? Does the consistency change after being stored in the fridge for a day or two?
    What can I do with the extra liquid remaining in the can?
    Can I make this in a food processor?
    I’m excited to give it a shot!

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Discard the extra liquid or use it in smoothies! It’ll keep about 5 days in the fridge and gets thicker. I’ve had success with a food processor before.