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My Recipes in Pictures

  Click on the pictures to see each recipe:       Use your Imagination As a very young girl, I thought the concept of a pictureless book sounded terribly boring. Once I learned how to read, I obviously discovered this wasn’t true; anyone who’s ever created elaborate characters in his/her head, only to be disappointed […]

Pumpkin Bread in a Bowl

This is your new favorite breakfast. Or rather, my new favorite breakfast. This delicious breakfast recipe is super–filling (and keeps you full for a long time), and it’s extremely easy and quick to prepare. I don’t usually eat the same thing for breakfast more than two days in a row, because there are way too […]

The 100 Best Vegan Desserts On Pinterest (2016 Note: Page is in progress and will highlight the talents of vegan bloggers from around the web when it is finished. Stay tuned!) I kind of like chocolate. Kind of.  

(No Sugar!) Cookie Dough Dip

*Super-excited face* On Friday night, my other cookie dough dip post went viral, with over 2 millions views! It is crazy!!! Thank you so much to everyone who’s been sharing it! With so many more people finding that post, I spent yesterday afternoon doing something I’d meant to do for a long time: creating a sugar-free version of […]

Four-Minute Coconut Macaroons

If you run to your kitchens right now, you can assemble these delicious cookies in 4 minutes flat! On your mark… Get set… Go! They’re probably one of the easiest cookies I’ve ever made. Soft, chewy, amazingness. Easiest-Ever Coconut Macaroons (Can be gluten-free!) These were inspired by this little cookie. 1 cup shredded, unsweetened coconut […]

Chocolate-Covered Pancakes

You were supposed to get Apple Crumble Bars today. They are soft, crumbly, and perfect for Fall. But the photos… notsomuch. I don’t know how something so delicious can look so ugly! I’m going to have to make more bars and try again. Hopefully the recipe will be up soon, so keep checking back. Or, […]

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bars

Leaves paint the ground. Vivid orange, red, and yellow swirl through the sky, stirred by a cool Fall breeze. Monet’s paintbrush. (Hope you liked my little poem!) Fall is by far my favorite time of year. Everything about it just seems so cozy: oversized sweaters, steamy mugs of hot cider, scarecrows and falling leaves. It’s the […]

But Where’s the Cream Filling?

(More importantly, where is my brain??) I forgot to show you the most-important part of Tuesday’s post… The money shot: chocolate Cream-Filled Cupcakes. Taking healthy desserts to a new level. (Also, does anyone remember those “Where’s the cream filling” Hostess commercials? The ones where the bear tries to bite a giant truck that looks like […]

Five Minute Chocolate Oatmeal

Chocolate oatmeal?! Oh my goodness, yes! In just 5 minutes, you can make this decadent-yet-good-for-you chocolate oatmeal for one. It’s like dessert for breakfast! I don’t let chance dictate whether my day gets off to a good start. I’d rather make sure it’ll be a good day… by consuming chocolate first thing. Sometimes, it’s in the […]

Healthy Hostess Cupcakes

Healthy Hostess Cupcakes! Hostess cupcakes iced with Hot Chocolate Butter. Along with yesterday’s Healthy Cookie Dough Dip, I brought these cupcakes to Sunday’s pirate party. For a while now, I’d been looking for an excuse to try making a healthier version of the popular creme-filled cupcakes. So when I discovered I could stretch the “yo ho/ […]

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