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Totally Addictive Cornbread

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This healthy cornbread is completely flourless!

healthy cornbread

Southern Comfort Food

If you were to peek inside the kitchen pantry of my childhood, I guarantee you’d find at least one box of Jiffy corn muffin mix. Although we rarely ate packaged foods (my mom preferred to cook from scratch), the Jiffy mix was an exception.

Now that I’m grown up and living on my own, I haven’t bought Jiffy in years. The mix is neither healthy nor vegan. (One of the main ingredients is hydrogenated lard!)

However, I craved it when I made my Sweet Potato Chili.

With temperatures dipping into the 20s, last week was a perfect time to experiment and create a healthy cornbread recipe. I went through three trials before coming up with the recipe below, which was a huge hit. My roommate describes it as being “totally, totally addictive. The best cornbread recipe ever.”

If you make this healthy cornbread, I hope you’ll feel the same way!

healthy cornbread

You know you want me…

Recipe here:

Totally Addictive Healthy Cornbread


  • 1 cup milk of choice (I used almond milk.)
  • 1 tablespoon white vinegar
  • 2 cups fine or medium cornmeal (I used whole-grain, but regular is ok.)
  • 2 tbsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 cup evaporated cane juice or regular sugar (I like my cornbread southern-style, with zero sweetness, so I like to omit this. But everyone else who tried the recipe preferred the sweetened version. I’d recommend leaving it in, especially if you’re making this recipe for the first time.)
  • 1 and 1/2 packets NuNaturals stevia (or 2 more tbsp sugar)
  • 11-oz can corn, drained (not unsalted)
  • 2 tbsp coconut or canola/veg oil (see nutrition link below, for a fat-free option)
  • 1/4 cup applesauce

Healthy Cornbread Recipe: Mix the vinegar with the milk, and set aside. Combine dry ingredients and mix very well. In a separate bowl, combine the oil, applesauce, corn (pulverized if you wish), and milk-vinegar. Then pour the wet into dry and mix until just mixed. Pour into a greased 8×8 dish and cook at 420 F (preheated) for about 25 minutes. Let cool at least 15 minutes before trying to cut, or it will crumble. (Side note: true southern cornbread is supposed to be crumbly. If you prefer cake-like cornbread, click the “calories and nutrition facts” link below, as I’ve posted my non-crumbly healthy cornbread recipe on the linked page.)

View Healthy Cornbread Nutrition Facts

vegan cornbread

What do you like to eat when it’s cold out?

One of my favorites: 5 Minute Chocolate Oatmeal.

I also love chili, hot soup or stew, and caramelized roast veggies. Oh, and anything chocolate. Chocolate is a year-round thing!

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. Rachel says:

    Yummmm!! :) Looks delish, Katie! I love to eat chilli too whn it’s cold. Also, warm cookies or maple baked beans :) Comfort foods for sure! Thnx for the recipe.

  2. So the texture will be fine if I completely omit that 1/4 cup of sugar? I made a great gluten free recipe that I found in a cookbook using agave for the sweetener!

    1. The texture will be fine, but I really would recommend keeping the sweetener in. None of my friends liked it without. (I actually used evaporated cane juice.)

      1. Marcee says:

        They (medical folks, etc.) say that sugar-is-sugar …. whatever form it comes in. Your body does not know the difference.

        So, I suppose it all adds up to the same thing ….. sugar = very bad. Eeeek.

        We are having a special birthday party this weekend ….. all goodies (preordered) from Vanille Patisserie. They have the best sugar-loaded treats …… ever. Yikes to me.

        Oh. I LOVE REAL SUGAR ….. everyday! Need to loose it though. ::sigh::

        1. Jessica says:

          You can use Xylitol instead of Sugar as an alternative “sugar free” sweetener that is diabetes/candida friendly. It’s a natural birch sugar that barely effects blood sugar levels, if at all. It doesn’t taste as funky as stevia, etc. – although it does have a slightly different aftertaste.

          I was sugar-free on a Candida Detox Cleanse for 3+ months last summer and used Xylitol in a Candida friendly/Allergen-free cake for my boyfriend’s birthday party – it was a success that had everyone coming back for seconds (even those who have no dietary restrictions)!

        2. @TerriblyLovely says:

          They (the people in those sweet little “sugar-is-sugar” commercials) are representing the corn industry. It says so right there at the bottom. Truth is, our bodies can’t break down HFCS and have difficulty with the white stuff. Stevia is extracted from the stevia plant and you can even make it at home. If you’re having a hard time kicking the sugar habit, you might want to consider this natural, unrefined, and mostly calorie-free option! :)

        3. Cheryl says:

          “sugar is sugar” doesn’t come from the medical community. The source for that phrase is the corn lobby.

      2. Pauline says:

        Hi Katie. I really love how you made a healthified delicious cornbread! Just what I’ve been craving in this cold weather. Wondering if you could replace the 1/4 cup sugar with honey and leave out the extra 2 Tbs of sweetener? Thanks for the recipe!

        1. I haven’t tried it, so I don’t know. But report back if you do try it!

          1. Pauline says:

            I plan to make it tonight or tomorrow, so I’ll let you know!

        2. Brent says:

          Honey is not vegan.

          1. Pauline says:

            I know it is not vegan. Neither am I.

  3. Jennifer JCD says:

    Considering the thermometer dipped to -32C today (-44C wind-chill), warm comfort food is definitely on the menu! Your cornbread recipe looks different from mine and I’ll definitely give it a try tonight – with some hearty and warm chilli on the side. We prefer unsweetened cornbread too – the sweet stuff tastes more like cake to me.

    More comfort foods for cold days: lentil soup, vegetable noodle soup, hot chocolate, chilli and cornbread, hot broth, squash soup (butternut = yummy) and lots and lots of tea. Add a fireplace, lots of warm blankets, and some cats to cuddle with, and those cold days become quite cosy!

    Keep warm!

  4. Looks GREAT! Matt loves cornbread, so I’m totally pinning this.

  5. I love cornbread! It is completely addicting, too. :) I love eating it with chili

  6. I love soups, stews, and the crockpot when the weather is cold. My BF is in Austin this week and said it’s gorgeous in TX. I woke up to 2 degrees and wind. Brr

    This looks awesome, love that it’s flour-free. Can’t wait to try!!

    1. Oh boo to Austin. They get all the nice weather and fun restaurants! Here in Dallas it’s 28 degrees!

  7. I love a good cornbread recipe for any hearty stew or chili this time of year. I actually usually make my cornbread pretty similar to this but I’ve never added whole/real corn. Love that idea!

  8. Gina says:

    I’ll have to try this next time I make your sweet potato chili (which I found to be delish).

  9. Ooh that looks good. There’s nothing better than a nice warm slab of cornbread. Bring it on!

  10. I love to eat a spicy soup or chili that warms my belly. :)

    Looks like this cornbread recipe is a keeper. Can’t wait to try it out!

  11. In the cold, its always nice to have warm rice drenched in soup. And hot chocolate with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!

  12. cornbread is my favorite thing on this earth! I am making this asap!

  13. Kathy says:

    I’ll eat just about anything on cold days (that includes ice cream) but a mug of microwave cake is also great too!

    It’s snowing outside as I type and I’m eating apple slices. Keep warm Katie!!

  14. Rena says:

    Perfect timing! I already have chili ready for tonight. This is in the oven now :)

  15. Keep the flourless recipes coming, this looks great!

  16. Gi says:

    Hi there Katie!
    I do understand that you’re having problems with your site configuration and such, but…. I would have really expected you to say something about the PIPA/SOPA thing… you know, just a couple of words.
    I know this is a cooking blog, but this is a issue which would very deeply affect the net in every aspect… so you know, I think you could have spent a couple of words about the topic.
    In my humble opinion, of course!

    Anyway, awesome recipe as usual…

    1. Hi Gi,

      As I said, I know very little about technology. To be honest with you, I had no idea what PIPA/SOPA even stood for until your comment. I had to google it a few seconds ago.

      1. Ok, realizing now that this makes me sound very naive. I usually do keep up with the news… 😕

        1. Gi says:

          Oh, well, I understand that sometime everyone can miss some information… I guess?
          I had just thought that you would have wanted to talk about it because you are a USA-based blogger, and also a quite smart one – seeing how nicely you deal with some very difficult-to-deal-with-topics.
          …but I can see you had big problem issues to solve, instead of blacking-out your web site. (:

          I’m leaving you a link to a very nice video… you know, just in case you have 5 minutes to watch it… it also has a very nice graphic, which is always nice, isn’t it? It’s quite famous on the net, but I dare to link it to you, in case you haven’t still stumbled upon this one.

          On a side note, I still can’t understand how a person can create such good recipes from just ideas while I still have problems in deciding how much salt my salad need… just wondering, ya’ know! :)
          (ps: this is not trying to flatter you or anything… it’s something I always think when I help my granma cooking, for example!)

          1. I really appreciate that you brought it up! When I read about it, I was very surprised I hadn’t heard about it before… but obviously I heard about it A LOT yesterday ;).

  17. Kay Stephens says:

    Please specifcy for the cornbread recipe – cream or whole kernel corn???

    Also, will buttermilk substitute for the milk/vinegar mixture??

    1. Hi Kay,

      I used whole kernal, but you can use creamed if you’d rather not have the whole pieces in there. And yes, if you’re not a vegan you can use buttermilk.

  18. I’ve never made cornbread! One of those things that I’ve never had the urge to make; I’m more of a banana bread than a cornbread girl…and when it’s cold outside: coffee (or hot chocolate!) come to mind.

  19. Corn Bread is one of my favorites! I’ve never made it from scratch. Can’t wait to try this one

  20. Jess says:

    This sounds awesome. Too bad we’re having one of the first warm+sunny days here in a long, loooong time!
    And definitely soup, or orange pekoe tea (it’s not food but oh well)

  21. Ewww! I didn’t know Jiffy has hydrogenated lard, thats so gross! I love cornbread and your recipe looks wonderful!! I would add some jalapenos! Yum!!

    1. Marcee says:

      Jennifer ….. added note ….

      Many of the Jiffy products also contain beef-suet. Also, those horrid dinner rolls …. you slap em on your counter are made with yucky fats. Ugh. I do not like them. The last time I had a bite was a century ago. They are all oversalted, sugared, terrible fats and tons of fake ingredients. Not rolls or bread in my book. So easy to prepare your own w/3-4 ingredients.

      Perhaps manufacturers have changed-up ingredients. Not sure. Going to check it out next shopping trip. Got to always read labels! That really makes a huge difference in our choices for better health.

      Rachael Ray uses Jiffy mixes. Ick. Not liking how she often does that. Well, she’s a cook …… doesn’t bake from scratch.

  22. LisaG says:

    I sometimes like to use creamed corn to replace the milk when I make cornbread.

  23. Marcee says:

    Looks delicious Katie. Is that real butter on the cornbread? We love (organic whipped) butter in this household!

    Well ….. time for me to do some “changing up” regarding sugars/fats. I’ve never used …. stevia …. in baking. Or any of the other artificial sweetners. So, mix the real sugar w/the stevia. Will try that.

    My health is suffering from sugar from what I’ve been reading and being told. Kitchen supplies need to be revamped ….. not sure how to go about it. Fast! Ha.

    I should toss out all my 500+ cookbooks ….. and buy 2 veggie/vegan ones!

    Will try and make your recipe. Need to stop at Whole Foods asap!

    1. It’s actually Earth Balance buttery stick. :)

      With stevia, yeah definitely start by using it to only replace SOME of the sugar in a recipe. Especially in baked goods, you can’t replace stevia 1-for-1 because you’ll lose a lot of bulk. (Unless you use a stevia baking blend… I’ve never tried those.)

    2. Melissa says:

      Just in case you didn’t realize, stevia is not an artificial sweetener. :) It’s a plant, just like cane sugar is from plants.

      I use the NuNaturals baking blend exclusively when baking for myself/my family at home. I use about 1/3 – 1/2 the amount called for to avoid any aftertaste. Still plenty sweet but not overly stevia-ish. I even use stevia to make homemade vegan ice cream!


  24. Heather says:

    I was so sad the day I learned that Jiffy cornbread had lard in it. Because I also grew up using Jiffy mixes.. I can’t wait to try this recipe!

  25. kimber says:

    OH this looks and sounds completely yummy!!! This is a definite try to go with my 3-bean chili.

  26. Brittany says:

    I love this recipe! I’m a bit of a southern girl at heart, and cornbread is a definite favorite. I’m excited to try out a healthy version!!

  27. Erin says:

    Yay! Ya know, I found a vegan, GF cornbread recipe online a few months ago, and followed the recipe on my phone instead of printing it out…. what a mistake that was! It was the BEST cornbread I’ve ever had, and I can’t find it to save my life. It only used cornmeal no flour, so I’m hoping yours is as good as that one was!!! I can’t wait to try it. :)

  28. T says:

    Oooh I will definitely be making this! I used to love that Jiffy mix… I bet you could also jazz this up with some jalapenos (like people do with the box mix versions.)

    This would be great with a big bowl of chili!

  29. Paula says:

    Oh my goodness Katie — I can’t wait to try this. What great timing! I used up all my white and ww flour and decided not to bake anymore. But I do have a lot of cornmeal left, and was thinking how could I make muffins without the flour? And I also thought how interesting it would be to add real corn kernels. But I had not idea how to do it. Leave it to you, ya little genius. :) xoxo

    1. I want to try it as muffins, too! Will you let me know how it goes, if you do try?

      1. Paula says:

        Katie — I made them today, with the sugar this first time. Not as muffins though — I’m too lazy to clean muffin pans. Excellent! Only thing, I used coconut oil scooped out of the jar, and I should have heated it a bit first. No biggie, I just put the whole wet mixture into the microwave to liquid out the coconut oil and then mixed in the dry ingredients. Yep, you’re a genius. Just love the real corn kernels added (I mushed them up in my bullet).

        I think the recipe might also be good with a lot of lemon or orange zest/extract added. (Got that idea from Post Punk Kitchen’s Sunny Cornbread and I am hooked on adding citrus zest to any baking.

        Thank you so much. Have you thought of making a youtube?

        1. I have thought about it… but I’m camera shy! But I have to get over that because I just found out they’re going to run a story on me for the local news in Dallas. Nervous!! lol

          1. Paula says:

            Oh I am so happy to hear that! And I’m not surprised. Confidence girl, confidence. There’s no reason you should not have it. Hay look at this successful website that you’ve created. That took a set of … uh … that took a lot of moxy :). You are articulate, and it doesn’t hurt that you are also lovely to look at. And the world needs for the vegan cooks to take over … you can do it! Much love and support to you. Hope you can attach a link of the newsclip. And doing a youtube in the privacy and solitude of your home shouldn’t be hard. Look at all the attention-seeking jerks on there who have no problem putting themselves up there.

  30. Rachelle says:

    This reminds me of a recipe I like to use from Alton Brown that also just uses cornmeal:

    1. I actually saw that recipe, too! I used it as a base for how much baking powder, salt, and baking soda to try for my experiments. :)

      1. Rachelle says:

        Awesome! =)

  31. Kilee says:

    OMG – gluten-free cornbread lover over here! I have to try this recipe out. I always use a mixture of half gluten-free flour and half cornmeal.

    I hope you have a great day!

  32. Rachelle says:

    Whoops! Totally didn’t mean to link your blog, Katie! Here’s Alton’s recipe:

  33. I’ve only tasted cornbread once, on a visit to the U.S., and it was pretty tasty! Will definitely be trying this, thanks! 😀

  34. Marilyn says:

    I love to eat bread when it’s cold out, so this is perfect! Last night, we had meatballs and mashed potatoes – also very nice. :-)

  35. KATIE! I’m back with a new blog!.. hope you are doing well :)
    this looks great- i love cornbread

  36. I love cornbread with chili and this is a guilt free recipe!

  37. Rena says:

    Ok so i might be the first one who actually made this lol. I halved the recipe since i only had 1 cup of cornmeal in the house. Its already done!!! I served it with chili. Had my father over for meal too and he was ooing and aahing :)
    Thanks for the great recipes!

    1. Wow, you are fast!! I’m so honored you already tried it… and super-excited it turned out so well :).

  38. Brandee says:

    Did you drain the corn? Thank you for the recipe, I just recently descovered your website and love it so far. I love to bake but had to cut down on it because we are trying to be more healthy. So thank you for giving me back baking.

    1. Betsy says:

      I HAD the EXACT same question!!!

      1. Oops! Fixed the post. Yes, I drained it :).

  39. Oh cornbread I love cornbread it’s always good with a veggie chili. That’s exactly what I like to have on a cold day or a hot bowl of soup.

  40. caterina says:

    Could you please explain me the difference between cornmeal and corn flour? I live in Italy so these terms are not very clear to me :-) And also, what would you call the flour used to make polenta?

    1. I think corn flour is softer, but I’m not sure. Polenta is cornmeal :).

    2. Hi, just adding to this comment as in the UK the terms get confusing too! cornmeal = polenta and is grainy. Cornflour is a starch powder and is used in small quantities as a thickener in sauces (similar to arrowroot, potato starch etc).

  41. vogelstar says:

    I wonder if this corn bread can be fried to make hush puppies – which I love?
    I grew up on custard as a warming food, yesturday my mom made me some with soy milk and added cocoa powder and shredded coconut, it was so comforting. PS, have you ever thought about filming little videos of your recipe prep?

    1. I’m actually going to be filmed for Dallas’ channel 8 news in less than a month. I am SO nervous about it :-?. They’re coming to my house, and they’re going to film me cooking something!

      1. vogelstar says:

        It’s normal to be nervous, just be your spunky self and you will do just fine! I wish I got that channel up here in Canada

  42. Nadiya says:

    Aww it does look very comforting and I’m completely jealous. It’s negative temperature where I live right now 😛 So deginately will be needing that soup and corn bread :)

  43. YUM! Being from TN, I also ate my fair share of cornbread growing up. My mom always made it from scratch, but every now and then we would use a quick fix of Jiffy. The ingredients are totally sketchy though – you are correct!

    I love eating chili, soups, and stews during colder weather. Also, if it is cold outside I must have a hot breakfast! Oatmeal, of course, always does the trick.

  44. omg, I love cornbread! Thanks for another amazing recipe, Katie :)

  45. Omg your cornbread looks amazing!! I can’t remember the last time I had cornbread but I love it– especially with chili! And we used to eat those Jiffy Cornbread all the time growing up! And my brother and I loved the Jiffy Blueberry Muffins– my mom always tried to get us to eat regular Blueberry muffins but we only liked the fake blueberries in the Jiffy mix!

  46. Sue says:

    Did you drain the corn or use it with all the liquid?

    1. Sorry, I fixed the recipe. I did drain it :).

  47. Jenn says:

    I love cornbread and I am looking forward to trying your version! It goes so well with my favorite winter food, soups and stews! I also like baked casseroles in the winter. You get warm food + warm kitchen. Win win.

  48. This is so exciting ! I was on the lookout for a healthy recipe to have some chilli with over the next week :) Perfect timing!

  49. Yum! Good cornbread is such a treat!

  50. Alyssa says:

    I LOVE cornbread, and this is perfect! Thank you!!!!!!

  51. Kit-Kat says:

    I love eating oatmeal on cold mornings, but my go-to comfort in the cold energy is cocoa (soy, of course). I was the cocoa queen as a little girl, and I still hold that title!
    The cornbread looks delish. I knew it was cornbread when I saw the picture yesterday. Looks so much tastier than Marie Calender’s! :-)

  52. Lisa says:

    Don’t you love when you see something like this, want to make it and realize that you have all the ingredients???? YAYYYYYYYYY

  53. Hannah says:

    Do you have an easy microwave cornbread recipe like the one minute cakes ?

  54. Lori says:

    Cant wait to try this. I have been searching for a healthy cornbread and not had any luck. Thanks for this.

  55. BroccoliHut says:

    Perfect timing! I was just looking for a good cornbread recipe to go with my pumpkin chili later this week!

  56. kerri says:

    What can be substituted for the applesauce?

    1. Maybe pureed pumpkin or banana? I haven’t tried it, though!

    2. Rebecca (Fit4sure) says:

      Pumpkin is what goes in my cornbread….LOVE it that way!

  57. Moni'sMeals says:

    GASP!!! No chocolate! WTF?! Haha just kidding. :) :)
    THIS ROCKS!! Great for this time of year too.

    I love trying a new Katie Recipe! Yum. :)

  58. Morgan says:

    Katie! I’ve been reading for a long time and love your blog so much :) do you think we will ever see a healthified cinnamon roll? Or maybe cinnamon swirl bread? That would be amazing!

    1. I’m getting REALLY close to a good cinnamon roll recipe! I keep going back to the recipe when I get a chance. I hope the next trial will get it perfect :).

  59. Mmmmm…looks delicious! I can’t wait to try it — I love cornbread!

  60. Jasmina says:

    So 1 square is 100 calories? Or 16 squares is 100 calories?

  61. Thanks for this recipe – I just discovered that my son loves corn bread!
    I love hot cocoa or soup when its cold out.

  62. I was skeptcal at first, but I think this savory thing could be a really REALLY great thing after all…

    Healthy and delcious cornbread? I’m sold.

  63. Katie says:

    Just wanted to say that I’m loving the addition of more savory recipes! Of course I love the sweets, but it’s exciting to see both because you’re so creative and come up with such delicious ideas – keep it up;)

  64. Caralyn says:

    This looks great! I love cornbread, buthaven’t had it in sooooooo long because it’s generally unhealthy. This recipe is just the thing to fix that. On cold days, I like to have a warm soup.

  65. C&C Cakery says:

    A vegan, GF cornbread? You are a woman after my own heart! I can’t wait to whip this stuff out with a big bowl of stew :)

  66. Ugh JIF cornbread is amazing- but yours looks even better! Great job AGAIN Katie!

  67. I like my cornbread southern style as well! More savory instead of sweet….plus I think corn has a ton of natural sweetness on its own!

  68. AikoVenus says:

    This is a great recipe! I have one that’s a bit more addictive though – with lots of veggie sausage and chilies – you just have to try it! ^^ Er…whenever I get around to the recipe.

  69. Steph says:

    Gosh, I am really craving some of your cornbread right now! When I get the chance, I will make both versions! I think I will like the cake one better but I’m definitely trying out both.

  70. JGodbolt says:

    Man I loved cornbread but I did’nt know that you actually have cornbread like that. That cornbread looks like a great dessert. How about you send me some that cornbread.

  71. Emilia says:

    This looks so good, even though it’s not that cold in England right now, I can’t wait to try it! I love cornbread and am always up for trying some, this one does sound particularly fantastic. When it’s cold out my favorite foods are generally oats and tea…if tea can be counted as a food, that is.

  72. When it’s cold I like soup or stew or anything from the slow cooker. :) Thanks for this recipe, I’ve been searching for a good gluten free cornbread recipe!

  73. I like soup or stew or anything from the slow cooker on a cold day. Thanks for the recipe, I’ve been searching for a good gluten free cornbread to make! :)

  74. Becca says:

    I’m a Texan living in Iowa…miss me some cornbread FOR REAL!! I’ll have to try this one! I’m also digging your sweet potato chili recipe…

  75. Sarah says:


    This got a big thumbs up from the entire family last night. And that’s sayin something, because my DH and teenage sons are NOT into healthy eating. Normally it takes a lot to even get them to TRY something semi-healthy. But this?
    This, my one son went back for thirds! And my southern-raised DH proclaimed it was the best cornbread he’s ever eaten!

    Thanks Katie!!! :)

  76. Shelly says:

    This is delicious! I am eating it right now. I didn’t have any canned corn so I subbed in frozen but I cooked it a little with some water and tossed it in my food processor to cream it slightly and it worked great!

    1. Allyson says:

      I just made it with frozen corn, totally frozen when I added it, and it worked fine. Was a little more crumbly than it was probably supposed to be. It’s my new favorite cornbread recipe. So glad I couldn’t find my old stand-by recipe. Change can be good :)

  77. Barb says:

    I made this last night and it was sooo good! I’ve never had a cornbread recipe that doesn’t use flour OR butter, and not a lot of sugar! It was perfect, as I’ve been on a soup-making kick recently! Thanks for the great recipe (although I still love your dessert posts more :) )

  78. ive been contemplating giving up eggs, and today i was just thinking ‘but what about cornbread?’. Thank you for this!!

  79. tinemarie says:

    This is the 2nd of your recipes I have made. I happened to have everything in my pantry. It only took a few minutes to throw it together. I am just a regular girl, who does not have much time to cook and who is trying to lose weight. I thought this cornbread was so good! Plenty sweet enough, and so delicious!!!!! Yum!

  80. Sooze says:

    I just made this cornbread (sugar-free option and I used coconut oil) and it is AMAZING. definitely agree that this could be addictive. Thanks for a healthy and delicious recipe!

  81. I love cornbread! <3 What an amazing recipe, Katie! Your recipes are always ta bomb! 😀

  82. Andrea says:

    I am SO excited to try this. I’m on a gluten-free experiment and have reaaaaaally been missing fresh-out-of-the-oven bread. I know my husband has, too! Chili and cornbread tonight, here we come!

  83. Andrea says:

    Mmm. Just made it, and have had my first taste. Love it and don’t even miss the flour! Thank you :)

  84. Sarah says:

    Anyway you could make a single lady cornbread muffin? I WOULD LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  85. So excited to try this! My recently discovered gluten intolerance has me seeking out recipes everywhere :)

  86. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a delicious corn bread recipe (or healthy one) ever posted. I’m going go-go over this. With loads of melted butter on top?! My mouth is drenched in drool!

  87. Anne Schnedl says:

    I just made this … excellent! This is *real* cornbread – and will now replace Jiffy for me!! I used the
    sugar, but did not use any stevia and loved it. I do think most would want/like the sweetened version (unless your really hard core – I’m not!); Next batch, though, I’ll use butter instead of oil (though coconut oil would probably work well also as it hardens at room temp like butter – I think that may help it be less crumbly). I can’t wait to try this under some chili! It is extremely crumbly – I ate my first piece in a bowl.

  88. Violet says:

    I just made this! I didn’t listen to you and just used the 2T of sugar and I like it! It’s plenty sweet for me, but I did use unsweetened vanilla almond milk which has a sweetness to it so maybe that’s why. It’s actually a bit on the salty side for my tastes, but I know I’m really sensitive to saltiness. I added about a cup of finely chopped broccoli to your recipe too. Yum! Love your recipes!

    1. I am on the opposite side of the spectrum. I love things salty! But I also love broccoli… I adore your idea! :)

  89. Violet says:

    eh I just had some more after it cooled down and I realized it’s probably bitterness from insisting on so little sugar that I’m tasting, and not salt. oh well I will certainly eat it all and enjoy :)

  90. Raney says:

    YUM! I just made this, using coconut oil, and half regular/half blue cornmeal. It’s definitely on the crumbly side, but perfect with a bowl of chili!

  91. isabel Barganier says:

    hey katie! i tried this cornbread recipe and it turned out soooooo delicious!!!! thank you so much for this awesome recipe! (by the way) I put it in the oven at 420 but i took it out at out 18 minutes and it was cooked all the way through :))) but anyways i absolutely love this yummy cornbread! thanks! :)

  92. Cath says:

    These were awesome! Great recipe. Thank you! Perfect for the Super Bowl!

  93. Amy says:

    I’m a huge Jiffy cornbread girl…but this was awesome!! So much healthier and my almost 2 year old (who eats NOTHING) gobbled up 2 pieces. I found your site through skinny taste and love it! We made your chocolate pecan pie for my Dad’s birthday yesterday. Thanks for all your hard work :)

  94. Anonymous says:

    Do you think Apple Cider Vinegar would work in place of the white vinegar? I don’t see why not, just thought maybe there was a reason you used the white :)

      1. Anonymous says:

        Awesome! Gonna make it tonight to accompany my spicy black bean soup….Gotta do something with the 10 litres of veggie stock I made yesterday 😉 YUM!

  95. Anonymous says:

    I just made this cornbread, using the Apple Cider Vinegar in the place of white, omitted the extra two Tbs of sweetener it called for and OMG soooooo good. Great accompaniment to my homemade spicy black bean soup. Just wanted to mention that I think you could even scale back on the sugar a bit if you wanted to, depending on your tastes of course :) (I used coconut sugar – the 1/4 cup called for and the cornbread is amazing, but I *think* I could cut this back by a third maybe. The less sugar in my diet, the better! : ) ) Thanks SO much for the amazing recipe!!! SO tasty!

  96. Cassandra says:

    I made the cakey version of this this morning before work. Didn’t try it yet, but it looked and smelled delicious! I tasted the batter, and it was a bit too sweet for me, so I’m interested to see how it turns out. I think next time I’ll use half the sweetener. Just wanted to say thank you again for your amazing recipes! My husband and I have been trying to lose weight, and this site helps us enjoy dessert every once in awhile. You’re the best!

  97. snenny says:

    This was just gorgeous!! Another utterly delish recipe. I ended up doing 1 1/2 cups cornmeal with 1/2 cup flour. I’ve never tried cornbread before, and it was awesome with savoury (I had mine smeared with butter and served with chilli and your ranch dip), but also with sweet – I had another piece crumbled into one of your whip cream bowls with sprinkles and caramel drizzle!

    Any idea how long the cornbread would keep for? Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. A few days, loosely covered (not completely covered, because it’d get too moist).
      Or I bet you could freeze it!

      1. snenny says:

        Thanks *quickly removes it from the tupperware it is currently being stored in*

        Might indeed freeze some too, so that I always have cornbready goodness on hand!

  98. Heather says:

    would thawed frozen corn work with this recipe?

    1. Sorry, I haven’t tried it. I don’t see why not, though!

    2. Alanna says:

      Yes it does – see this comment from above for how another person made it work!

  99. Julie says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! (my 4-year old son, who’s not supposed to eat milk, eggs or wheat, gobbled it up with me.)

  100. Victoria says:

    AMAZING! you’ve done it again! ahh! another weekly must-make recipe of yours to add to my growing list!

  101. Alexandra says:

    Beautiful recipe! I’m new to your blog and still learning. Are you going to assemble a cookbook in the near future? Thanks so much.

  102. I love that you like the “true” southern style cornbread w/o sugar. THAT, my friend, is exactly who is is supposed to be!

  103. Allyson says:

    Oh my! I just got this cornbread out of the oven and it smells soooo good!!!!

  104. Annie says:

    Made this without the extra little bit of sweetener (just used the 1/4 cup sugar) and it was fantastic. Everyone who ate it LOVED it, despite their dietary persuasions.
    Thank you for a gluten free/vegan recipe that works!

  105. EQ says:

    Can you make a single serving cornbread?

    1. I tried once and it was awful! I’ll keep trying lol :)

      1. EQ says:

        Maybe use polenta and try sticking it in the fridge/freezer so it firms up 3T polenta and one packet of brown sugar maple cream of wheat with 1 cup of water microwaved for 2.5 minutes, stirred and microwaved for 2 more minutes then put in the freezer with whipped cream and 2tsp choco chips to melt in while it firms up is one of my fav desserts! Especially if you mix in chopped strawberries

  106. Natalie says:

    I love this recipe (cooking it right now! forgot the oil so we’ll see what happens :S) totally my favourite one on the blog. Please Please Please can you make more non-sweet baking recipes that are this easy???

  107. Lana says:

    Just made this as muffins! I kind of combined the two recipes :3 Made ~12 muffins, used a cup each of spelt and cornmeal, didn’t have any baking powder so used xanthum gum instead; also omitted pretty much all the sweetener because my family hates sweet cornbread. They taste slightly buttery, nice and savoury — really nice with ajvar, which is a spicy (ish) Polish/Croatian vegetable relish.

    1. Claire says:

      Ajvar!! I love that stuff!

  108. Alanna says:

    Finally got around to trying this one! Cornbread is one of those things I always forget I love, haha. It’s definitely crumbly, but that makes it good for soaking up other liquids from your food, right? 😉 I think next time I’ll puree the corn a bit and try the cakey version, but the flavor is quite good. Tomorrow will be the true taste-test, though… My boyfriend is from Southern VA and is a big cornbread fan!

  109. Gena says:

    This is the BEST flourless. Cornbread that I EVER made!!!thanks!!!

  110. Sara says:

    Hi Katie,

    I have been reading your blog from Belgium
    and I cant wait to try some of your recipies
    only one problem I don’t know what the amount is of one cup?
    What type of cup do you mean? A small one? How many grams?

    1. Boo says:

      A cup is an American measurement and is used of weight – there is a standard size “cup”. This may help:

  111. Annie says:

    This is the first time making one of your recipes, although I’ve been admiring and linking to them forever! I’ve been seriously craving cornbread for weeks now though, so when I saw this recipe I made it immediately. It was AMAZING, and seriously addicting! And for the record, I made the unsweetened version and loved it (so did my little sister, whose sweet tooth may rival yours!)

    Here’s the link to mine:

    Thanks again!

  112. Alexis says:

    This recipe looks pretty good. The last one I tried had some strange ingredients in it that made it get weird and moldy in like two days. (though for some reason, it smelled ten times sweeter when moldy than before…) I’ll probably combine this recipe with the one on the nutrition info page.

  113. Jen says:

    Can I use non fat yogurt instead of milk?

  114. morgan says:

    how much frozen/ fresh corn could i sub for the 11 oz can?

    1. Alanna says:

      This should help:

      Frozen is easy, since you’d just measure out a bit under 1 1/2 cups (11 oz is 1 cup + 3 Tbsp).

  115. Sarah says:

    I used House Autry Yellow Plain Cornmeal made with whole grain corn, Organic Pure Cane Sugar instead of evaporated cane juice, two whole packets of stevia, almond milk, coconut oil, and natural no sugar added applesauce. I saw on your cake-like recipe that you warned against over-mixing so I wondered if that was the reason they didn’t hold up.

  116. I’m going to a bar b q today a d wanted to try this out! I know, gutsy to try something new without knowing the outcome lol but I was wondering if I can sub the sugar with agave or honey? I just don’t know how much I should use. Any suggestions? Or should I just stick with reg sugar for the first time?

    1. Sorry, I haven’t tried the original version with agave. Only this version:

      1. Tiffany says:

        Well I went ahead and used less sugar and it tastes soo good! Since it was my first time making it I just went with regular sugar, but I’ll deff try using the agave or honey next time! I’m suppose to eliminate cane sugar. Thanks! Oh and I also made the crazy ingredient chocolate cake (with pumpkin since i don’t have a processor) and about to bring it all to the barbq! I hope every one likes it! :-)

  117. Starving Student says:

    I made these today and they are awesome! I will definitely make them again. I used some sweetcorn that I had frozen last summer, I just thawed it and drained it and it worked great.

  118. Cori says:

    I just made this today. SUPER yum! I used honey instead of sugar and added 2 TBSP of molasses instead of stevia…SOOOOOOO delish! very little crumbling and a bit darker looking than yours. I will definitely make this again!

    1. Leah says:

      How much honey did you use in place of the 1/4 cup sugar? I’m hoping to use it next time! Mine seems way too crumbly this time.

  119. Britni says:

    Wow. I can’t get over how amazing this cornbread is! I think it may be the best cornbread I have ever had. I think I may eat the whole pan tonight. By myself. This is in my recipe book for life!! Thank you!!

  120. karen says:

    What??? Cornbread is here too? Yes we used jiffy mix but then the egg allergy came along. Now I can have cornbread again. Wonderful…you have made me so happy :)

  121. Mike says:

    Googled to your site when I searched for making cornbread without flour. Tried your recipe and you’re right, I’m addicted to it! I used a Vita-Mix and ground the corn meal, which I find to be fun. The other ingredients were easy to obtain. I’ll definitely be trying more of your recipes.

  122. bobbi says:

    I tried your cake like cornbread yesterday with my sweet potato chili. we have one anti cornbread fan in this house, well,he ate 4 pieces of corn bread, needless to say, he’s now a convert. I will have try this corn bread recipe too.

  123. bobbi says:

    you really need to put your cake like cornbread in the search engine- that was so delicious but it doesn’t come up when I search your site for it (of course I found it by following the nutritional link for the flour less cornbread)
    could you update the seach engine box when you get a moment (like you have time with all the wonderful recipes you are coming up with- I practically live on this website to see what you are making next)- LOVE the recipes!!!

  124. Amanda Jayne says:

    I just made the cake-like version as mini muffins. I left out half of the agave and added a half cup of frozen corn. I made a hole in the center of each muffin before putting it in the oven so that when they come out I can fill the hole with honey! This way the person eating it can decide how sweet they want it. It ends up making 24 mini muffins. I want to eat them all!!

  125. Anonymous says:

    Do you mean 2 teaspoons of baking powder, or do you really mean 2 TABLEspoons? That seems like quite a lot!

    1. cck says:

      Yes, tablespoons… I know it sounds like a lot, but it’s correct (and it really does work, as many others have made this successfully). 😉

  126. I made this the other night with some chili and it was a huge hit! Totally addictive is right!!

  127. YAY! A gf/vegan recipe that doesn’t call for Xantham or Guar Gum!! I’m pulling recipes for Thanksgiving to make and I’m definitely going to give this one a go. I think I’ll have to make it before hand to check it out first, of course!

    Happy to have found your blog!

  128. Bria says:

    I just made this tonight, baked it in my cast iron pan (8″) which I greased first by heating it in the oven with some ghee.

    I used light coconut milk, coconut oil, and since I had no canned corn (no frozen corn either) I subbed about 1 1/4 cup of canned pumpkin. I ended up adding about a 1/4 cup of water to the batter at the end although it may have been fine without it. I also used just 1/4 cup of coconut palm sugar.

    It turned out amazingly good and surprisingly not pumpkin-y. Crumbly, but tasty. Perfect for us because I can’t eat eggs and we don’t eat gluten.

    Thanks for the recipe!

  129. Amy says:

    Anyone tried this in cast iron skillet?

  130. Ali says:

    Katie, can you omit the vinegar?

  131. Teresa says:

    This is in the oven right now…I’m so excited! Having it tonight with a quinoa chili!

    1. Teresa says:

      This was phenomenal; a huge hit! Thanks for the recipe!

  132. Laura W. says:

    This cornbread turned out PERFECT!! I used it to make a cornbread dressing for Thanksgiving today, and everyone loved it. My boyfriend even went back for seconds! So glad to find a recipe that my taste buds and my stomach are in agreement about, delicious!

  133. Katie says:

    My fellow Katie, I love your blog and have made many of your recipes over the past year. Tonight I made the cornbread to go with my chili. As usual, when I halve a recipe, I halved some things and forgot to halve others so it was a bit salty! This is a great recipe; I left out the sugar and kept it crumbly. It totally reminded me of my grandma’s true southern cornbread.

    I also made your fudge daddy brownies sugar-free tonight (I added about 20 drops of stevia) and added some peanut butter to the batter. I used 1/4 cup raw cacao powder and added 2 tablespoons of unprocessed cocoa powder. I’m a bit of an angry munchkin, myself when it comes to chocolate.

    Lastly, I made the crustless pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving and I cut the sugar in half. It was so tasty. And yes, I ate the whole thing! Keep ’em comin’, girl.

  134. Lola says:

    Totally addictive is right! This is super yummy! I left out the corn kernels, just because I dont like the texture, and it was fantastic- especially warmed with a little melted earth balance.

  135. Carol says:

    My dad thinks he makes the world’s best cornbread. I hope this recipe proves him wrong!

  136. Kathy says:

    I tried this last night and it was yummy except not moist enough. I had previously made a yummy cornbread with Jiffy mix, cottage cheese, corn, eggs, etc. Since I am trying a vegan diet, I tried this one. Jiffy mix also contains animal fat FYI. So if I add more applesauce would that make it more moist? Thanks.

  137. Kristin says:

    I have a similar recipe but use ripe banana instead of applesauce. It’s a weird combination, but it tastes fantastic.

  138. Gordon Smith says:

    Been looking for a flour free cornbread recipe for awhile. Just tried yours. I’m hooked!

  139. Emma says:

    I just made this cornbread from some local corn meal we got at the farmers market and it is incredible! I am new to your blog but it is amazing and whenever I have a sweet craving, I come here. Thank you for all that you do! ( I can’t wait for my family to try this bread with some chili later :) )

  140. Masha says:

    Can I use honey instead of sugar?

  141. Elena Wurlitzer says:

    Sounds delicious! But I have BLUE CORNMEAL in my cupboard. Could I make it with that instead?

    1. Sorry, I’ve never tried so I really don’t know. I’d love to hear the results if you do try it :).

  142. Hania says:

    Well … can you believe I have never tried cornbread before?
    First try tonight- and and and… I love it :) Totally in love :)

    Thank you!!!! :)

  143. Kitty Bea says:

    When it’s cold out, I like to make hot cocoa… with very little sweetener. :)

    Thanks for the recipe!

  144. Ginger says:

    Hey Katie,

    I keep thinking of this as a single-lady thing, coming out of my microwave perfect for breakfast within a minute… Call me crazy, but maybe even with some blueberries thrown in…
    Do you think that could work? Any tips? I think I’ll just try it tomorrow, whatever the consequences! :)

    1. Ginger says:

      I did it. Of course, I’m less meticulous than you, and I think I may have reduced the grain amount much more than the other things… I also used banana instead of apple sauce, and more baking powder instead of soda (because I didn’t have any). And a 2:1 ratio of cornmeal and spelt flour. And then I microwaved.

      Well, it was — perfect! I nominate the single-lady corn bread as the next single-lady addition to CCK! Bonus points if you can somehow involve chocolate in the mix 😀

  145. Skylar says:


  146. Vienna says:

    ALL STEVIA VERSION: I used 2 packets of stevia and no other sweetener. I am not sure what others’ feedback would be, but for one who is reducing sugar in her diet this tasted great! Funny, it tasted really buttery too. I used 9 oz. of frozen corn that was half-blended, so no defined kernels. It was extremely moist – and extremely crumbly. I’ve never had southern-style so I am not sure if what I made has the correct texture, but Katie says it supposed to crumble.

  147. Julia says:

    Is this a boyfriend friendly recepie? Anyone had good reviews from the men in their lives?

  148. Marisa says:

    Just wondering if you knew that vinegar actually contains gluten, thus making this recipe NOT actually gluten-free.

    1. Vinegar is gluten-free (except for malt vinegar, but that is not called for in this recipe).

  149. Mary Beth says:

    I just made the fabulous corn bread but I didn’t have a can of corn. Instead of using sugar I used ‘Agave Nectar’ (raw)which is a natural sweetener. Ooh it’s so yummy!!

  150. Charlotte Moore says:

    I do not like my cornbread sweet. If I want sweet let it be cake or cookies.

  151. Melissa says:

    Hi Katie,
    I LOVE your site and use it ALL the time! I had a question about the cornbread… my family loves it and I make it alot, but whenever I try to make it with almond milk, the middle falls. It only rises when I use regular milk. Suggestions?
    Thanks for all of your great recipes – I’m addicted to so many of them!

  152. Katherine says:

    Made this recipe yesterday, halved (since it’s just my mom and I eating it), as you listed it with 1/8 cup sugar and used coconut oil. It turned out delicious, and my mom used inspiration from your sweet potato chili to make a stew, which is wonderful as well. Love all your recipes and how easy and customizable they are, Katie! :)

  153. Trina says:

    So great to know you can use almond milk in this instead of dairy! Thanks!

  154. Lilly says:

    This is a recipes I’ve been looking for! I love to make chili and this is an accompaniment I have been living without because of a wheat allergy :-( I’ve tried other recipes and have received thumbs down from my family on taste. Used maple syrup instead of white or cane sugar.

  155. Alli says:

    Just made these as muffins. The recipie made 16 muffins and after just 12 minutes I had delicious cornbread perfection! I’ve used this recipie in a pan too; honestly, the muffins might be better. Wonderful recipie!

  156. Esther says:

    This recipe sounds great! I’d like to make it with real milk as my son has nut allergies, but I’m not sure it’s a good idea given that it has to be combined with vinegar. Won’t the milk curdle? Please let me know, I’d like to make it today, if possible. Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Esther,
      You actually WANT the milk to curdle ;). Essentially, what you’re doing is making your own buttermilk.

  157. angela says:


    I’ve been making a lot of your recipes recently. I just made the cornbread. Fabulous!!! I used creamed corn and a bit more applesauce. It was moist and delicious. Thank you!!!! Blessings~~angela

  158. Tanya says:

    The cornbread I grew up on had zero sugar. Also didn’t have the kernel corn in it. Just cornmeal, egg, oil and milk. So I pretty much followed that with this recipe. Wish me luck.

    1. Tanya says:

      Not only was it amazing with my okra, tomato, corn succotash and sauted chard with hot sauce…I then tested it with just a little salt and some almond milk! AMAZING! Thank you, Katie!

    2. Tanya says:

      Had the leftovers with black beans, hot sauce and almond milk for breakfast. OMG! This now a staple!

  159. Melanie says:

    Great Cornbread! It came out perfect. I only had Vanilla Almond milk on hand and I used a whole can of creamed corn instead of the applesauce.
    Good Eats.
    Thanks for the recipe.

  160. Mariah says:

    I used this recipe to make corn muffins. They were so good with chili! Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe! :)

  161. Laura says:

    Usually I don’t really like cornbread, but this was so moist and delicious I don’t think I’ll ever try another recipe. You rock! :)

  162. Katherine says:

    i made the cake-like cornbread, using sweetened applesauce so i omitted the maple syrup. I used white flour. they were so delicious! even my mom who is very picky when it comes to healthy dessert-type things said she really liked them, and didn’t even say it with a high voice that she uses when she lies :) very good Katie! thank you!

  163. Just made a version of this…was amazing. Seriously had to leave the room so I’d stop eating it. THANKS for the recipe:)

  164. Katherine says:

    Omg Katie this cornbread was DELICIOUS! Believe it or not, this was my first time ever trying cornbread, so I might not have anything to compare it to, but I don’t think I need to!
    And for the record, I used the “crumbly recipe”, and made it into muffins and they completely held their place!! They didn’t fall apart like I was expecting based on other reviews! Very impressed :)

    1. Thank you so much for trying it :)

    2. Leah says:

      Glad to hear that this works well for muffins! I’ll try that next!

  165. Tim says:

    It looks like you’re pretty passionate about the healthy good eats so I thought you might like to see this website. Also….. you’re very beautiful.

  166. Barbara says:

    Made this tonight with White Chicken Chili and LOVED it! I followed the recipe exactly except I added 2 TBSP honey instead of the stevia. It turned out delicious! Definitely addictive!

  167. Shawna says:

    Great recipe – I juuuust made it but added pumpkin to it (and an egg). So delicious!

    1. Leah says:

      Adding pumpkin sounds great! How much did you use?

  168. Amy says:

    Excited to try this. I don’t have any canned corn- could I use frozen corn, boil it then pulverize it?

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      You’d probably need to add some salt…

    2. Tanu says:

      I used a frozen bag of corn. I washed it with warm water to thaw, squeezed out all the water and just threw it in the mix. It was perfect. I don’t think you need to add anything before pulverizing in my opinion.

  169. Erin in AK says:

    I’m late to the party, but wanted to take a moment to thank you for this great recipe. After many attempts at a GF/DF cornbread, even succumbing to a mix at one point, with a variety of failures…we’ve finally found a winner! The crumblyness is perfect, yet the bread is still moist. We all had seconds. Thank you!

  170. Robin Ferguson says:

    You’re right! It is totally addictive! I milled some cornmeal today from organic popcorn in my Nutrimill and went in search of a healthier cornbread recipe and found yours. Being diabetic, I have to be careful about the carb count. The only change I made was that I used Featherweight no sodium baking powder. It really cut down on the sodium content. Being from Texas, I left the “sweet” out. Next time, I’ll add some jalapeno heat. I loved the density and the corn kernels in it! According to my calculations, it made 9 servings with each one being 166 calories, 299 mg of sodium, and only 30 g of carbohydrate (which counts as 2 starches) per serving! And it is a nice portion…not a thumbnails worth! I will be making this on a regular basis for sure! Meanwhile, I have 8 more portions in the freezer…(had to get them there fast ’cause I really wanted to fall face forward a la Garfield into the lot!). Now to look at your other recipes since you did such a great job with this one!

  171. Ruth says:

    Is it really 2 TBSP baking powder, or tsp? I’ve never used so much baking powder….

  172. Tanu says:

    I made this yesterday and it turned out pretty good. One of the best gluten free vegan baking I have done! So thank you for the recipe!!

    It was a bit in the drier side for me and I felt it could have been more moist. Any suggestions?

    1. Add a little oil, or cook a shorter amount of time.

  173. Rexxie says:

    My boyfriend made this the other day (I was planning to but he offered to do it for me because I was busy). It was AMAZING! We finished the tray in about 24 hours and I may or may not have eaten 2/3 of it 😉 In my defence I have several food intolerances and this was the only bread I’ve had in over a month (aside from some coconut paleo bread that was super dense and I’m just really not a fan of). It was so awesome to have some kind of real bread again, and it tasted so good! Thanks for sharing this, and I hope you don’t mind me mentioning it on my new blog (I’ll give you credit of course) :)

  174. Leah says:

    Because I dislike the texture of kernels in cornbread, I put all the liquid ingredients in my blender before mixing them into the dry. Turned out great!!

  175. Jaime says:

    I just made this to go with my (vegan) chilli. I added a minced, fresh jalapeño to the batter. It was freakin’ FABULOUS!!!!! A keeper!!!!!!!

  176. grace says:

    Excellent cornbread. I subbed 1/3 cup ground flaxseed for part of the cornmeal and did not use any corn or stevia. It is the best gluten free cornbread I have ever had. Great job. Thanks for sharing.

  177. Audrey says:

    Can apple cider vinegar be substituted for white vinegar?

      1. Audrey says:

        Thanks! I made these on Sunday, and…..they’re all gone. I ate ALL the muffins and I’m not even remotely sorry :) I used unsweetened applesauce instead of oil, and halved the Stevia since I like it just a little sweet. Definitely addictive, and I’m a happy, healthy cornbread addict.

  178. Kerri says:

    This looks great, I am fruit intolerant however and wonder if you have a suggestion for swapping out the applesauce with something non-fruit?

  179. Cindy Moore says:

    I make healthy cornbread with cream corn and no sugar at all.

  180. laura says:

    Way too salty! And no, we didn’t confuse baking soda and powder. with some tweaking, this would be an excellent recipe!

  181. Lori says:

    Served this last night alongside my favorite chili –! Even included a link to your recipe in my post because it was so good! This is the best healthy cornbread recipe I’ve tried – definitely a keeper! Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much for trying it!

  182. Toni says:

    Hi Katie, stumbled upon this recipe and had a couple of questions: can I substitute vegs butter for the oil and can I bake the recipe in muffin form?

    1. I think you could… might want to use less salt if using salted veg butter though :)

      1. Toni says:

        Ok, would I use the same amount of butter as oil do you think? Also, do you recommend a length of time I should bake in muffin form rather than bread form?

  183. Syfronia says:

    May these be made into muffins, instead of a loaf? They’re for a potluck.

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Sure, sounds like a good idea!

  184. Nicole says:

    i just made this and safe to say it is the best cornbread i have ever tried! thank you katie!! you’re genius :)

  185. Kristin Thompson says:

    This was heaven!!

  186. Carlena says:

    Never mind it’s the best cornbread I’ve ever had it’s the best I’ve ever made thank you so much for sharing this recipe Ive been going through hundreds of vegan recipes for cornbread and by far this one is the most delicious thank you so much Katie.
    And I wanted to ask is the batter supposed to me in between thick and thin or thick

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      It should be medium thick. Not soup but not super thick either.

  187. jo says:

    I need a marriage of this and a single lady cupcake. A whole pan is a dangerous thing to have in my house. (even the freezer, even something healthy.)

  188. Luci says:

    I just made this. I inadvertently left out the Stevia, but to be honest, the cornbread doesn’t need it. I thought it tasted delicious!

  189. Grace says:

    My mom just made this for me as part of my birthday dinner. It was delicious!

  190. Marci says:

    Have you ever tried this completely unsweetened? I’m trying to live sweetener free for awhile

  191. Brit says:

    This cornbread is amazing! I only had maybe 3 tbsp of applesauce left so I added just a little extra oil. But really, it couldn’t have come out any better. This southern girl gives this recipe 5 stars!

  192. Lisa says:

    Dear Katie,
    Thank you so much for the recipe of this delicious cornbread! I made the cornbread for the birthday party of my little child. We had it with pumpin soup and everybody loved it (I think they all had cornbread for the first time)! It was moist and had perfect consistency. I made it with one half corn flour and the other half polenta.
    Greetings from Berlin!


  193. Geselle says:

    I will be trying this recipe today, but I just wanted to throw my two cents in about something. I noticed the concern about the taste with applesauce. I discovered, by chance, many years back, that pear sauce (like the ones in baby food jars), is an excellent replacement. I can’t stand the taste left behind by apple sauce, but pear sauce I can’t taste. Just a thought for those who might want to consider it.

  194. Hayley says:

    Has anyone tried this with 1/4 cup of honey instead of 1/4 cup of sugar? If so how did it come out?

  195. Kate says:

    I just made this and it came out fantastic! I didn’t include the salt because I was a bit wary of others comments, but I’m sure it would of been fine with it (perhaps mixing up baking soda and baking powder is easy to do? Or there’s salt in the canned corn already?) I stuck the corn, apple sauce, oil in a food processor instead of using just whole corn kernels. I also added a little flax seed to the milk mixture to add a little more binding power. It came out perfectly corn bread crumbly and not fall apart crumbly. I used just plain sugar for all the call for sugar and probably would half it next time because it doesn’t need to be that sweet, (says a girl with a huge sweet tooth) but it is definitely still excellent. This is a really great recipe I’m really glad I found it! My celiac roommate is psyched.

  196. Rita says:

    Can you use corn grits(aka. Polenta) instead of corn meal?

  197. Carissa says:

    Katie, is 2 tablespoons of baking powder correct? I’ve never used that much in a recipe before.

  198. emily says:

    2 Tablespoons of baking powder seems like a mistake, it is supposed to be teaspoons?

  199. Tina says:

    Cornbread is baby stufff, Katie…..come on!
    Healthy up those King’s Hawaiian Rolls if you want to impress us!
    (I’m just kidding. This is a great recipe. I just figured you couldn’t turn down a challenge and if anyone could conquer the mystery of that pineapple-y bread, it would be YOU!)

  200. Hannah S says:

    This sounds delicious and so much healthier then the one I make now with buttermilk. Would this recipe keep the cornbread still moist if I use a cast iron pan to bake it?
    And I agree with you, I like my cornbread without the sugar, I think it makes for a well rounded side for lunch or dinner and it seems healthier.
    Thank you for the new recipe. Happy holidays!

  201. Claire says:

    Just made this for my (healthy tastebud free) family & was met with their enthusiastic approval!
    I subbed the 1/4C of sugar with 1/4C of maple syrup and 2TBS honey instead of the extra sugar…It really is super super addicting. I just had two large pieces and I think I’ll go for some more as soon as I finish writing this;)
    Thank you for another scrumptious and deliciously wholesome recipe!

    1. Dana says:

      Oh, I just noticed where you subbed 1/4 c. maple syrup instead of sugar. I am going to try this.

  202. Holly says:

    I LOVE this cornbread. I have made so many cornbread recipes in the past and haven’t found the perfect one. This has great texture and the perfect sweetness. One mistake I made the first time I made it was I thought it was done and the middle sank, so I have found it works best if I cook it for about 30 minutes and at about 20 minutes I cover the top with tin foil. Thanks Katie for a great recipe!

  203. Cassie says:

    I love cornbread! This recipe looks awesome 😀

  204. Dana says:

    I’ve been looking for a vegan cornbread recipe that I like! I like the idea of adding a tiny bit of sweetness to it, but would like to try maple syrup instead. Katie, how much maple syrup do you think will be needed to substitute for the sugar? Thank you!

  205. Just made this with the kids tonight, and we loved it! We substituted the sugar with honey used all applesauce instead of the oil. It was a little moist in some places (my guess is from the applesauce), but still turned out wonderful! I may try using the oil next time, but plan on keeping the honey instead of the sugar.

  206. Sarah Hernandez says:

    Could I substitute the regular sugar for coconut palm sugar or xylitol? If I do would it be the same measurement?

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Yes but if using coconut sugar, you should use 1 packed cup for every 1 regular cup sugar.

  207. Rachel says:

    Is the 2 TBSP baking powder a typo? I’ve made this twice exactly according to the recipe and both times it collapsed in the middle and tasted strongly of baking powder. I made it a second time because I wondered if I had inadvertently mixed up the baking powder and soda, but nope, it was exactly the same. And I have used this exact can of baking powder in other recipes with no problem. And I don’t live at elevation or anything. Maybe there is a mistake? But then I see a lot of people seemed to enjoy the recipe… confusing!

  208. Grace says:

    Finally found organic cornmeal that agrees with my diet and was so excited to try this! I can’t eat apples so I used honey instead of sugar and omitted the applesauce. Turned out great!

  209. Morgan says:

    Just made this, it only took me 45 minutes!
    – counting the clean-up in between ingredients
    It’s delicious covered in honey in a bowl of chilled almond milk!

    1. There’s a small typo in the ingredient list. It should say “1 tablespoon white vinegar.”

  210. Christina says:

    Hi! So happy to have found this! Thank you! The vinegar is to activate the baking soda/powder? Could I use an almond buttermilk instead? Something I stumbled upon a fews ago i.e. one squeezed lemon
    for every cup of almond milk. Happy holidays!