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CCK, the College Years

It’s finally time to continue with the “CCK Goes to College” story.

As I wrote in Chocolate Covered Katie’s College Story: Part One, it was definitely a good choice to cut my losses and transfer schools; a bigger university with more class options was a much better fit for me.  Right away, I made a lot of new friends and even joined a sorority for a year.


Questions of the Day:

Are you in college? High school? Done with school? And if you did go to college, how did you decide on your major? Did you ever change majors or transfer schools? And did you enjoy your school experience? 

Yikes, that’s a lot of questions. Don’t feel like you have to answer every single one.

Unlike college, blogging isn’t a grade!



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Published on August 29, 2010

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  1. mckella says

    No, I can’t keep my own secrets 🙂
    I just graduated college and I changed my major once, from art to English but art became my minor so I didn’t actually waste any credits. I really enjoyed school for the most part, but after some really shady events at my graduation, I felt ripped off and really upset with my school. I know Universities are businesses, but it really hit home that day. I’m glad I graduated, but I feel like the most important and useful skills I have didn’t really come from school.

  2. Anonymous says

    u look beautiful! and i have to admit, healthy too. weight wise, you look like me. i am 80 pounds too. but my hair isn’t shiny and thick, and my nails are thin and brittle and my face is sunken. and i am deathly afraid of all fat and pasta. i wish i could be as radiant as you and still skinny! sorry i made a snap judgment when i first saw your blog. keep being awesome!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Aww anonymous, your comment was sweet… but here’s some motivation for ya: I actually weigh more than 80 pounds, so if you indulge in some healthy fats and gain a little weight you can STILL be at a place you don’t think is scary ;). And the fats will help your hair!

        • The Vegan! says

          Weight is different for everyone, I know it’s said all the time, but you can’t base how thin you are compared to other people. I’m a very petite person but I weight 115 lbs. And health is much more than weight, I totally understand the fear of fats, I struggled a bit with that earlier this summer, but there is a balance.

        • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

          Weight is just a number. I really believe that if you eat exactly what you TRULY are craving at that exact moment, never restricting, your body will settle on its happy weight, where you’ll look and feel your best. That being said, I would happily take a few more pounds on me, simply because people would take me more seriously. I hate being mistaken for a 12-year-old.

          • Another Annonymous says

            Hi! Like the other anonymous, I am afraid of fats! But I recently finally conquered my fear of cashews :). I’m still working on walnuts and pecans, which are a bit higher in calories. But I just wanted to tell the other commenter that she should really not fear adding a little fat to her diet if she wishes to have healthier hair. Mine improved SO MUCH after I started adding a bit of fat (peanut butter, cashews, almonds, etc) to my diet. Hopefully soon I can conquer my fear of walnuts, because as much as I like cashews and almonds, I need some more variety. I’m running out of ways to eat them. You can only have so much cashew butter in a day, you know?

          • Anonymous says

            Sunken face, pencil-thin arms, no period,
            thin nails, and unshiney and unhealthy hair are symptoms of anorexia, a few months from now, even if you do fix this and gain weight you will start losing a lot of your hair, not in patches but all over, I, a few months ago, conquered anorexia and now my hair is 3x thinner than it was a few months ago. It does grow back eventually but it takes a while. Please, get help.

          • vicki says

            Anonymous, it’s okay to weigh whatever you weigh. As long as you are healthy and are making healthy choices and eating a healthy diet, it’s okay. It’s not okay to be afraid of any food group (unless of course it’s a GMO). If you aren’t okay w/how you look and you don’t have a healthy relationship w/food I hope you will seek out help to acheive that. Some of us “look” too think and some of us “look” too big. What matters is health and you being okay with what you see in the mirror. It seems that Katie is okay with what she sees, and she is enjoying food. So that number on the scale is irrelevent. It’s actually a little insensitive for you to point that out and then to try to narrow down exactly what she weighs… that concerns me because it indicates your issues are probably w/yourself. I just hope you do what you need to in order to have good health for yourself.

    • Sydney says

      These things you mentioned sound like symptoms of anorexia. Just because Katie is a healthy, slim individual does not mean her website promotes anorexia. This comment scares me as it is an example as it shows how are society portraits being beautiful as severely underweight. Katie herself writes in another artical how it pains her that people think her website is promoter of starving. I t does not matter how much she weighs, health matters and being at an unhealthy weight is not healthy at all. Katie, I am not veering this comment at you, but ‘anonymous’.

  3. Justine says

    I went to a smaller college branch for a couple of semesters and didn’t like it at all save for a free gym and one teacher. I had no major that I was working towards and I had no friends there. I got a job working for my father as his secretary and keeping the accounts balanced in our family owned business (since 1947 if you can imagine!). It isn’t a walk in the park working there, and it isn’t something that I want for the rest of my life, but at 21, having a full time job, holidays off, health insurance, and seeing my brother and father every day is really something that most people my age don’t have the opurtunity to do. Funnily enough, about the time I decided that I was completely through with college, I started dating a college teacher (not from my college, of course) and have been with him for two years. He is very supportive of my returning if I should ever choose to do so, but I really don’t think that that would lead me in a path to happiness.

    I am so happy for you about your oppurtunity and cannot wait to hear what it is! As for secrets, I am pretty darn good at keeping them. 🙂

    Happy Sunday, dear friend!

  4. Molly says

    I’m in my senior year of high school, siiiiigh. I’m going to miss all of my friends (and family, pets, bedroom!) but the good thing is that I am doing some college visits with friends so there is the possibility that I won’t be leaving them ALL behind! Did you have any friends go to the same college as you? Or did you make all new ones when you got there?

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Not a single one of my friends went to Bryn Mawr with me, but I lucked out my second year in that a very good friend at SMU (from high school) was looking for a roommate. So we were roommies at SMU. Sadly for me, she was a senior, so we only were roommates for one year. But it was a great year!!

  5. Amy says

    Firstly, I am very excited to hear what your news is!

    Yes, I am currently in college. In fact, school started last Monday for me and I am already completed swamped with everything and I am only a Sophomore.

    I decided on my major based on what my interests were at the time of college applications. I did switch majors within my specific college at my university immediately after getting on to campus, but I think I like my decision still. I chose my major based on my strengths and how I could sell this major to employers in the future. I hope I am in the right major and don’t change my mind.

    Similar your situation, my good friend just transfered to my school and I think she is a lot happier since she has some good friends on campus already, unlike at her old school.

    So far I feel ok with my college experience, except for the fact that I woke up early this morning to do homework. College life gets so busy with all the school work and social commitments, and well, everything else… Also being surrounded by young adults constantly gets to be exhausting and sometimes I just really need a break from it all.

    I am not very good at keeping secrets. I like to be open with people. I don’t think its healthy to have to keep secrets. I really can’t keep any secrets from my big sister or my really good friend, but when it comes to other people I have a little self control.

  6. Jennifer says

    Just graduated college and desperate for a job. My major – English – was easy, as I’ve always been a bookwork. Nothing else would have felt right, though I had about a billion different minors that interested me. I too transferred though thankfully (and surprisingly) most of my credits transferred (though most only counted towards electives) and I was able to graduate on time (not counting the year I took off). Wow that’s a lot of parentheses. I loved school! I wish I could go back and forget this job search.

    Oh, and I’m also terrible at keeping my own secrets. Bizarre.

  7. Leslie says

    I’m with one of the commenters above me. I’m really hoping it’s a book deal, mainly for selfish reasons: I will be the FIRST one to buy it!!!! Please tell us soon so I can run over to my nearest book store as fast as I can if that is indeed what your opportunity is! 🙂

  8. Sarahishealthy says

    I changed majors too! At the time I thought I was nuts to throw away so many credits. But honestly, your happiness for the rest of your life is on the lines. Think about how many more wasted hours that would be if you did something you didn’t love!
    Also, I’m hoping you say it’s a book deal. As a avid reader of yours, I’m so excited to see what a Chocolate-Covered book would include!

  9. Erika @ Health and Happiness in LA says

    I just graduated from college last December (a semester early). I didn’t change my major but I did keep adding them and I end up graduating with three. Well, I did start out with an idea of maybe majoring or minoring in economics but after my first econ class I said HECK NO!

  10. hippierunner says

    I’m in college, switched, about to hopefully do that again..It’s a little complicated. Schools in California are so impacted, it’s impossible to get in when places are closed for admission! :/ Glad you made the right decision for yourself!

  11. Valerie says

    You are so totally cute! No makeup and bed head? Ha! You should see me in the mornings. Then again, you don’t want to. Believe me! 😉 It’s bad. I think even my cat is scared of my morning look.

  12. Katie says

    love that you were in a sorority! but yah i totally understand that it could take up too much time. i just pledged my freshman year, and it was the best thing I could have done, because it’s like instant friends! but it does take a lot of time, with meetings and service projects and sleepovers. but wait, it’s FUN even if it is a lot of time!

  13. Cate says

    I’m just starting university for the first time ever in 3 days!! I honestly never thought i’d be excited about going to university just up until recently either, i was sure i would hate it. But now i’m really looking forward to it 😀 The classes, the groups to join, and living in a big hotel-like building with tons of people my age.
    And i can’t even tell you’re wearing no makeup. Seriously 🙂
    Oh and that book deal thing would be awesome, if that’s what it is. One of my goals in life is to write a book someday.
    But whatever it is, good luck! And have an awesome last year of college!

  14. Kiki says

    I’m still in high school! My first day of junior year is tomorrow -__- But I’ve been researching colleges for like a YEAR already!

    Glad your college switch worked out for the better! And can’t wait to hear your secret! I think I’m pretty good at keeping secrets; I used to just blurt things out without thinking but I’ve learned from experience to be a bit more cautious in what I tell people 😉

  15. Katharina says

    I love these pictures of some of your college memories 😀

    I just started my last year of college. I’m a year “Behind” but I really don’t mind. Who’s rushing? I never did change my major, but I had to go through a general art program in my first year. After that we sbmitted another portfolio to see if we could get accepted into our majors of choice–my top one being sculpture. Thank goodness I got in! So far I’ve been enjoying my school experience; that’s why I’m not in a rush. But I’m definitely motivated to finish :p

    I’m very good at keeping secrets. If someone tells me something and they trust me, I honor it 🙂


  16. Monica says

    I’m in high school, going into my senior year, finally! I’m enjoying school right now, but I don’t even know what I want to take in University yet :/ School is so stressful, but I can’t wait to be more independent and learn new things!
    I think I’m good at keeping secrets (:

  17. radioactivegan says

    lol, I was in college for nine years (having just finished in May). I loved every second of it and wouldn’t have graduated at all if my advisor hadn’t made me! I’m actually still working at the school as a post-doc right now. Being in university is so much better than the real world could possibly be.

  18. Gloria says

    Katie, take all the time you need! I entered college with the idea that I wanted to be a rocket scientist, got my mechanical engineering degree in 4 years, and rushed into the working world. I never really knew if this was the right field for me, and now 2 years later, I’m unhappy and ready to quit. It makes all the difference if you are passionate about your career. 1 or 2 years of delays at a young age is much worse than years and years of unhappiness later down the road. I’m quitting my job, selling my house, and becoming a vegan pastry chef! 🙂

    And I can’t keep a secret for the life of me 😉

  19. Coco says

    I am junior in highschool at Plano West!!!!! I can keep secrets fairly well. I am soo looking foward to starting college at Haylir hopefully!!!!
    As a somewhat new vegan I love your blog its sooo helpful!!!!

  20. Mary @ Bites and Bliss says

    I’m in college right now and loving it- much more than my freshman year. Me and my roommates didn’t get along at ALL. It was horrible. That was when I lost all the weight, had two very demeaning jobs (as a gym rep and a waitress at a sports bar…both had us in skimpy uniforms) I was also had a pre-pharm major I wasn’t too passionate about. Not that pharmacy’s not an incredible career, just that it wasnt for me.

    But its all better now that I have a cute lil furry roommie (being my cat, of course 😉 ), I’m back to being healthy, and I’m in a major I love- nutrition! Things are lookin up 🙂

    Congrats on the opportunity! That’s awesome it came through blogging! Can’t wait to hear more about it!

    Oh..and the “college years” of saved by the bell were a let-down!! Same goes for the grown up version of Rugrats. Kids today are really missin’ out. 😛

  21. rebecca lustig says

    i always knew i wanted to be a psych major. but the question remains: what to do with it.

    sociology kind of fell into my lap, but i’m so glad– i love it!

    happy sunday 🙂

  22. caronae says

    Thanks for sharing your college story with us! I am about to start my senior year as well! I’m applying for law schools this fall — eeek!!!! I am so not a grown-up…

    Happy Sunday! 🙂

  23. Still Life in Southeast Asia says

    I’m great at keeping secrets, so feel free to tell me about your new surprise! (hehe)

    I’m done with my undergrad and grad work. I was an English major and art minor. However, I’m at the point in my life where I might need to go back and take a few classes to diversify my skills a bit more and challenge myself. I don’t want to spend too much money on it, though.

    You look like you are at a normal weight for you, Katie. I think we are all surrounded by so many overweight people that we see someone naturally thin and the person stands out more. You are lovely.

  24. Katelyn says

    I’m a senior in high school and am ITCHING to go to college! I had “senioritis” for the majority of my junior year, so another year of high school just seems absurd. I plan on studying nutrition, hopefully at Cornell 🙂

  25. Tricia says

    Your so pretty without make-up! Personally i don’t think you need it 🙂
    Still in high school, but taking some college courses 😉

  26. Jess from Midwest Vegan says

    I’m a senior in college now (finally!!), but when I was a senior in high school, I had no idea I would be where I am now!

    I started out as an art education major but I HATED it, even though I loved art, so I wound up dropping out for three semesters to kind of figure out what I wanted to do. I love science and I wanted a career that would be kind of challenging so I went back as a biology major. The chemistry minor thing happened naturally since the two disciplines are interrelated. I work in a lab as a chemist which is basically what I would be doing with my degree after graduation. Since I don’t want to work around toxic chemicals all my life I’m going to be going to grad school to work with toxic plants instead. Some degrees, like biology are just too general to get to do much with them with just a bacholor’s degree.

    HOWEVER, if you’re seriously stressing about school and life decisions, my advice to everyone is to take a break!!! It wasn’t until I dropped out that I was truly able to decide what I wanted to do with myself. If you really want an education, you’ll always find a way to go.

    And for goodness sakes, if you hate your major, CHANGE it!!! Otherwise, you might wind up in a career you hate as well.

    I like school (MUCH better than high school) because of all the amazing opportunities I have to expand myself as a person, but it still takes work and dedication. I wouldn’t have it any other way though. Working in the real world sucks when you don’t have an education.

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