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Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Mini Muffins

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Mini Muffins:

As I hinted in my Chocolate Guinness Brownies post, there are probably quite a few things about me that, even in seven years of blogging, have never come up and might surprise some people!

For instance, I don’t know that I’ve ever mentioned on here how much I love to dance—any kind of dancing; I love it all. Pretty much every weekend, you can find me trying to persuade my friends to go out dancing with me. Sometimes they give in to my appeals, and we put on our comfortable shoes for a night on the town. (I once made the mistake of wearing heeled knee-high boots to go out dancing. Absolutely never again.)

Banana Mini Muffins

A couple of weeks ago, after friends stayed over following a night of dancing, I found myself in need of a quick and easy breakfast that I could make with limited supplies.

Because… you know… when your name is Chocolate-Covered Katie, it is expected that there will always be food at your apartment to feed your friends, regardless of whether or not you were out all night and therefore had no time to prepare said food.

These homemade mini muffins—inspired by my Homemade Hummingbird Cupcakes—were measured, baked, cooled, and plated before anyone else had even thought about waking up.

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Mini Muffins

Banana Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins

(makes 30-35 mini or 11 large)

  • 1 cup mashed banana (240g)
  • 2 tbsp milk of choice (30g)
  • 2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 2 tsp white or apple cider vinegar
  • 3 tbsp vegetable or coconut oil (30g)
  • 1 cup spelt or all-purpose or Bob’s gf flour (130g)
  • only if using the gf flour, add 1/4 tsp xanthan gum
  • 1/2 tsp plus 1/8 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips, optional
  • 1/3 cup xylitol or sugar of choice (65g)
  • pinch stevia or 1 extra tbsp sugar of choice

*Note: You will get fewer muffins if omitting the chocolate chips. Preheat your oven to 350 F, and line a mini muffin tin with  liners. In a large mixing bowl, whisk together first 5 ingredients. In a separate bowl, combine all of the remaining ingredients and stir well. Pour wet into dry, and stir until batter is just evenly mixed. Pour into the muffin liners and bake 15 minutes (19-20 minutes for regular-sized) or until muffins have domed and a toothpick comes out clean from the center. Allow to sit 10 minutes before removing from the muffin tin. After a day, it is best to refrigerate or freeze leftover muffins.

Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins Nutrition Facts

Vegan Mini Muffins

Mini Banana Bread Muffins  Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Mini Muffins

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Published on June 2, 2014

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  1. Deanna says

    Yummm! Chocolate chips in the morning? Instant winner in my house 🙂
    And does dancing alone count? I don’t think I can don a pair of heels/sneakers and spend the night out. Too accident prone :/

  2. bakeMeABallerina says

    dancing? LOVE it!!! Ever since I was 3.5! But I couldn’t dance at a party to save my life….It’s always been ballet for me!

  3. Julie @ WolfItDown says

    Haha, a friend of mine was telling another friend that if they were ever hungry, they’d just come over to my place, cause I was always prepared 😛 The curse of having food blogs eh? I don’t mind though, the more the merrier, and you’ve always got enough to come up with sooooomething ^ ^

    Mmm dancing, I am the kind of person that has to be in the mood for it (one of those people you probably try and convince every weekend :P). I did go on Saturday though, so much fun!
    These look scrumptious though! Thanks for sharing the recipe, I cannot believe how lovely and fluffy they look! Hope you’ve had a great start to your week 🙂

  4. Mia (Mia in Germany) says

    Looks like you had a lot of fun!! I love banana bread with chocolate. Your photos – and the photos of you and the muffin – are cute 🙂
    I don’t hate dancing, I’m just the most miserable dancer in the world, next to my husband. DH and I made total fools of ourselves on our wedding when we did the obligatory bride’s waltz to open the dancing LOL

  5. Jessica says

    What is the purpose of pouring wet into dry? Im just curious because most recipes say to pour dry into wet. I don’t know the purpose of that either.

    • Miranda says

      Things mix more thoroughly if you mix like with like first (the main oddball is you should always treat sugar as a wet ingredient). You’re less likely to have a random clump or two of mostly baking powder/soda (bitter lumps) in your final product if you thoroughly mix the dry stuff together first. As for which you pour into the other, it’s more a preference thing. I find wet into dry easier because the wet stuff sinks into the dry stuff nicely, and also I personally am less likely to splatter the wet stuff all over. If I pour the dry ingredients, I usually end up with a floury mess.

  6. Red says

    I Loooooove dancing. I am not exactly GOOD at it, but it doesn’t stop me from busting a move whenever I hear a song I like.

    This includes car dancing, dancing at home, dancing at work, while walking down the street….

  7. nice try says

    it seemed before like maybe you’d gained weight but now its obvious you still look just as anorexic but you got a boob job to try and hide it. but its not fooling anyone. nice try oh and your website sucks.

    • blog trollers suck says

      Please take your unnecessary comments elsewhere. Katie — you look great and your recipes are fabulous. Ignore the haters.

    • Laura C says

      I can’t understand why you would even make this comment? You’re a bully and a good illustration with what’s wrong in our society 🙁

      • sarah says

        you are a perfect example of why the internet is dangerous…leaving an anonymous message to someone when you would never actually be able to say it to their face. this is what children (and adults, obviously) have to deal with. very sad. and cowardly.

        katie, i was actually going to comment just to say that you look stunning!

    • catta92 says

      “nice try” – maybe change that to try to be nice! One day you will be happy with yourself and don’t feel the need to put others down.

      Katie, don’t listens to this comment, you look great.

    • Laurie says

      Ha Yet this classy, beautiful, successful woman was way too busy to react to this person as he was trying to get attention in any way he could. Nice try though!

  8. Marina says

    I’m a dancer, so I absolutely LOVE dancing!! I understand your constant begging of friends to go dancing, I deal with it all the time haha 🙂

  9. Avery says

    These look so good! I can’t wait to try them later this week. Also, I’ve been obsessing over Trader Joe’s cookie butter lately. Any chance you could make a healthier/vegan version of it?

  10. Jenny says

    I made these today and accidentally forgot to add the sugar. But they came out great! Very banana-y and chocolate-y. So you could definitely cut down on the sugar or leave it out entirely : )

  11. Lisa says

    It’s recipes like this that make me wish I liked bananas more! I’m working on trying to like them, but it’s been a slow process. I love dancing! Party dancing, ballet, modern, salsa, swing, tap, jazz–any kind of dancing. Some of my happiest moments have been when I was dancing!

  12. Toni says

    These look so good. I’m going to have to try them!
    By the way, I can’t get over how healthy YOU look.
    This life-change that you’ve recently undergone has really turned out well for you. 🙂

  13. Avril says

    Hi! I just wanted to share that I have a banana-choc chip recipe that has no oil whatsoever. It uses applesauce instead and it is super delicious. I don’t think it is from a healthy-recipe book. :- ) Anyways, I also like to put just a little wheat germ to balance out the all-purpose flour, it tastes better for some reason. Spelt flour sounds delicious too. Thanks for sharing this recipe! =)

  14. Sarah says

    Hey Katie! Just made these and they are absolutely delicious! I think you should make a file for breads and muffins and etc! I was wondering if you could sub applesauce for the oil? I don’t mind using oil but just curious!

  15. Kyla says

    These look extraordinary! I love mini muffins. I’ve got to try these! It really surprised me that you like dancing. I do like dancing, too(but that doesn’t mean I’m good at it… :)! I mainly like locking myself in my room, blasting some music and just dancing around.

  16. Melody says

    Omg, these look amazing!!! Unfortunately, im paleo and cant have grains! Do you think you could start having paleo recipies on here!? God bless!!

  17. Alexa says

    These look so yummy! I love banana bread and chocolate chips and the mini muffins are adorable.

    I love dancing! Unfortunately I usually end up dancing alone (or with my cats, :P) or my girl friends because my boyfriend does not like to dance. His loss though!

  18. Heidi Bruner says

    I love to dance! I am by no means a good dancer, but nonetheless I enjoy it! I wish more of my friends would want to go with me but sadly they would rather sit at the table….Katie, you and I should go! haha. As for these awesome muffins! Def going to make them this week! I think i will make the regular muffins though cuz I can never have just one mini muffin 🙂

  19. Lola says

    Mmm… Yum they look so incredibly delicious.And I love muffins in the morning. Can’t wait to try! P.S. I love dancing although I am not very good at it.

  20. N says

    This is my first post on your blog, and I have been reading your blog for months! Lol. Anyway, I love your blog and it inspired me to make my own blog!

  21. Lucy says

    I just made these using Splenda (actually the Japanese equivalent, substituting rhubarb and ginger for the choc chips. Amazing! Moist and sweet and tangy, and brilliantly low cal. Thanks so much for the recipe! 🙂

    • Lucy says

      P.S. Dancing… I did ballet, tap and modern for about 10 years so my balance and rhythm are pretty good. Unfortunately my moves these days are like a drunk dad at a wedding in the 80s XD
      Might have something to do with the fact that I can only be persuaded to a club when I’m drunk. But anyway, it certainly is fun!!

    • Chris says

      Have you tried xylitol, or lakanto? You can bake with those and they are much better (healthier) sugar substitutes and taste really good.

      • Lucy says

        Yeah actually I did use lakanto, because it’s easier to get my hands on out here than the others. It’s worked pretty well in baking so far, yeah! 🙂
        Is lakanto actually Japanese, do you know? Or did it originate in another country?

  22. Nikki says

    Why don’t you have a YouTube Channel – you would have so many followers?!

    Still waiting on that book :p *Excited*

  23. Tricia says

    Delicious! Made the batter with regular flour and sugar. I also froze some of the batter and eat it as a treat every so often. Will definitely make again. Nothing beats your banana bread though. I can only make it every few months b/c I eat the whole thing in one day. Keep up the great work Katie!

  24. Josie says

    I loooove dancing…especially ballroom dancing…it is so fun to go out on the dance floor and actually know what your doing and having fun, instead of pretending and having to concentrate.

  25. sarah says

    Soo… I have a serious question. Which do YOU like better… this recipe or your fat free banana bread? I know you’ve said you don’t like fat free baked goods, and while I generally agree, your fat free banana bread is the BEST banana bread I’ve ever had! Ever! So when my bananas ripen up, I am wondering if I should try this recipe or stick with your other…and just add chocolate chips (or peanut butter chips! which is what I did last time)! Would love to hear your thoughts!
    P.S. you are beautiful! Inside and out!

  26. Courtney says

    Hey Katie! I love your blog 🙂 And I know you’ve probably heard this a LOT, but I can’t help but say that you are so beautiful!

    And the dancing thing – hmmm…I have no idea because I don’t dance (maybe :P)…Okay maybe I do.

  27. Jess says

    1/2 cup mashed banana (only had one left after the bf scoffed a few yesterday)
    Almond milk
    Apple cider vinegar
    Coconut oil
    All-purpose flour

    I left out the sugar. The ingredient subs I chose to use are as above. It ended up being 24 mini muffins, and each muffin is about 46 calories using the brands I had on hand 🙂 Thanks Katie, satisfied my chocolate craving for sure!

  28. Dia says

    So im making this as I type but instead of using the choc chips I used the homemade choc bar chopped into pieces. While I was mixing them together they melted and now its more like choc swirl banana muffins. Still yummy though, just thought it was unfortunate the choc chips melted before going into the oven. I wish they tasted more chocolatey. Overall great recipe!

  29. Emily says

    Made this for fathers day with gluten free flour. I never add in xanthan gum. They turned out super yummy 🙂

  30. Vanessa says

    Wow, these are good! I used white whole wheat, coconut oil and coconut sugar. They browned really nicely but they don’t taste coconut-y. My only question is when using coconut oil how do you keep the oil from seizing up? I had to heat up the whole mixture to get the oil to dissolve. It worked but is there a better strategy?

    • Unofficial CCK Helper says

      Use melted coconut oil to begin with, and make sure all other ingredients are at room temp.

  31. Laurie says

    I tried to scroll through to see if this question was already asked, sorry if it’s here but I missed it. Wondering if I can use coconut flour? I know coconut flour is a little different than other GF flours. Any idea how much I’d use in this recipe or maybe not recommended?

  32. Lonna says

    I just made these and have to say they are the best recipe I’ve ever tasted. I didn’t have any chocolate chips so I cut up at Hershey bar. Next time I will omit the sugar and try it without. My kids love these as well. Thank you for all the delicious and healthy recipes!

  33. Mary says

    Had one very ripe banana saying make me into something delicious, so I mashed it with some applesauce, substituted blueberries for chips, added chopped walnuts, cinnamon, sugar crumbs on the top. Baking right now. Sad I can’t taste them til after my dr appt, no food/drink for 2 more hours. The smell of the cinnamon is wonderful. Can’t wait to try them. Love all your recipes Katie, little or no sugar and GF.

  34. Kathryn says

    I made these today for a celebration of life honoring my mother in law. They are fantastic! I love that they’re light and fresh tasting, and not overly sweet. My two little boys are obsessed with them too. Good thing I made a double batch!

  35. Miriam says

    Can I use any gluten free flour blend or does it have to be Bob’s. I have a corn allergy and I’m not sure if Bob’s has corn, but a lot of the gf flours do.

  36. Monica says

    Katie – I had to write to tell you how awesome these muffins are. Truly! I have made this recipe *at least* 5 times this summer. My kids absolutely inhale them. My friends tell me I should make them every week. 🙂 It is an excellent, easy, delicious and fail-proof recipe. Thank you!!

  37. Veronika says

    These look amazing! I plan to make them tomorrow morning, but I just realized I only have agave nectar, maple syrup and brown rice syrup at home, no sugar, so I will have to sub. Fingers crossed I don’t mess it up. 😉

    • Unofficial CCK Helper says

      3 tbsp IS 30g. If you measure out 3 tbsp of oil with measuring spoons, some will stick to the spoon, so you really get around 30g of oil into the baked goods. For accurate measuring, it’s always a good idea to go with the gram measurements.

  38. Trish says

    These are fantastic! I love banana bread, but most recipes seems to be more of a cake, really sweet. I made these this evening to have on hand for quick and mobile breakfast for my kids. I snuck one to taste and they are great, not too sweet but really delicious. I made them in my Pampered Chef brownie pan, so each one looks like a perfect little loaf of banana bread! Thanks so much Katie, we just recently discovered wheat, dairy and soy allergies between my two small kids…so your website has been nothing short of a life-saver!

  39. Steffanie says

    I am trying to make healthier choices and when I came across your channel I was blown away. I jumped out of bed when I saw that I had the ingredients for the banana bread muffins and… They… Were… The… Best!!!!!!!!! I gave one each to my family and they all came back for more!!!!!!! Actually my mother didn’t want another one until I told her they were healthy. Now we are both huge fans of Katie. Going to buy your book.

  40. kc says

    Just made these into cookies..yummy! Also I don’t use baking powder, I use more baking soda and vinegar. Seems to work :0)

  41. Awdur says

    Hi Katie! These look so good! I have them in the oven right now, so I can’t vouch for the taste of cooked muffins but the batter was tasty. 🙂 I went the large muffin route, and I ended up using whole wheat flour because, although I thought I had both spelt and gf flour, I ended up not having a cup of either! I also used defrosted frozen bananas since I didn’t have any fresh. So we’ll see how that all turns out.
    I am definitely a dancer! I prefer English country dancing, line dancing, that sort of thing. Eek, high heeled boots? Sounds most painful (although short boots with no heel can be quite comfortable for dancing). Even with the best of shoes my feet hurt by the end of the night. 😛
    Thanks for another great recipe!

  42. Maria says

    Has anyone tried this recipe as a loaf instead of muffins? Wondering about cooking time and if this would be a mini loaf or standard 9×5? Thanks

  43. Diana says

    These mini muffins were adorable and delicious, especially when warm! Very easy to make, too. I used a little under 1/2 cup of chocolate chips, and that was plenty.

  44. Samina says

    These were soooooooooooo delicious! I added 2 Tbsp maple syrup + 4 Tbsp white sugar for the sugar part and they were so satisfying and moist. I had three!

  45. Wendy Crouch says

    I have made these several times with a 1/4 cup coconut flour and an egg (not vegan) and they are GREAT!!

  46. Rubyred says

    Just took these out of the oven! they smell so good. I added some flax seeds and made them as regular-sized muffins. Letting them cool but they are hard to resist! I love dancing too but I agree, must wear comfy shoes

  47. Truly says

    Hi Katie, Do you have suggestions for how to reheat frozen baked goods like these muffins? I’m making a double batch- too many bananas- and will definitely freeze some, but what do I do when I’m ready to eat them? Let them thaw in the fridge overnight then microwave?? Thanks in advance!

  48. Patty says

    I just made these using oat flour and 2 tbsps of maple syrup + 2 packets stevia and they are great! I did one less tbsp each of milk and oil to account for the added liquid with the maple syrup. Will def be making again!

  49. Jess says

    These are out of this world! I got about 8 large sized muffins, and used whole milk and 1/2 cup regular-sized chocolate chips… I could have cut down on those, but where’s the fun in that??
    Another awesome Katie recipe – thank you!

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