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Chocolate Covered Katie Anorexic?

Addressing the elephant in the room.

It’s not something I ever wanted to address; the subject of eating disorders has nothing to do with my website nor what I stand for, which is why I’ve let the rumors go unchallenged for so long. But readers have recently been leaving an even higher number of weight-related comments than usual, now calling me both too thin and too fat. (I’ve even been called pregnant and anorexic in the same post.) As I know girls are using photos of me for “thinspiration” and citing my blog as a reason it’s okay to eat 100 calories a day and starve down to 70 pounds…

I feel addressing it at this point is the right thing to do.

If you’ve ever googled “chocolate covered katie,” you’ve probably seen the search engine’s lovely (I say this facetiously) list of related searches, which includes “chocolate covered katie anorexic” and “chocolate covered katie eating disorder.”

It’s self-perpetuating: curiosity will cause people to click on the terms, and therefore the suggested searches will most likely never disappear.

Although I don’t have an eating disorder and have always eaten well, I fully admit that I did have an unhealthy relationship with exercise that took a toll on both my appearance and mental health.

While I’d thought I was happy during those years and was technically healthy—with normal labwork, few sick days, and a good relationship with food—the over-exercising was sabotaging my efforts to gain the curves I desired. I wouldn’t allow myself to even entertain the possibility my beloved running routine could be partially responsible for my inability to gain weight.

When I finally did make the choice to give up running (that story is linked above), I gained about 10-15 pounds quickly, easily, and happily. Imagine discovering—almost overnight—that you suddenly have the body you’d always wanted!

Looking back, I only wonder why I didn’t realize sooner the extreme exercise was not the healthiest thing for me: it had become a source of stress in my life and was draining me of energy, which was manifest in my appearance.

I am a million and a half times happier now, and it shows!!!

Chocolate Covered Katie Ice Cream

(Maybe even two million and a half times happier.)

It’s difficult to make guesses about a person’s life simply by looking at a photograph or by judging his or her online persona.

No, my life is not all about food; and yes, I occasionally do indulge in “unhealthy” meals and desserts. I just don’t post about these occasions because it isn’t relevant to the theme of my website.  Hateful things are written on the internet under a cloak of anonymity, and it’s unfortunately women putting down other women all too often, writing words they would never feel comfortable saying in real life.

In my years of blogging, I’ve been called everything from “skeleton” to “fat slug” to “anorexic with a boob job,” and it eventually forced me to realize my self worth needs to come from something other than the opinion of a stranger on the internet. The routineness with which I receive these acrimonious messages has at least given me the ability to shrug them off.

Although… when I saw the “fat slug” comment, I could not stop laughing.

I completely stopped reading the CCK internet rumors and conspiracy theories a long time ago, even if that means letting some false claims about my life go unchallenged. Although I could defend myself against the rumors, doing so would become a full-time job, and I’d rather focus my time elsewhere. The people who know me in real life are easily able to tell the truth, which is all that matters.

However, the one thing I feel I do need to clear up is that anyone who tells you my blog promotes eating disorders is grossly mistaken. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Chocolate Covered Recipes have healthy fats, whole grains, and real-food (non-artificial) ingredients, and you’ll never find me promoting dangerous cleanses, calorie restriction, or touting any one food as a “miracle” cure. I’ve turned down many high-paying offers from companies to promote such things on the blog.

In consideration of the readers with a medical need, lower-calorie and sugar-free options are included in my posts when available. But the recipes are not specifically “diet” choices; just healthier choices, and you can choose the ingredient options that suit your own personal needs.

I go further into detail on this topic in my Chocolate Covered Katie FAQ Page.

Please, the next time you read any kind of gossip online, take a moment to consider the source before believing it as fact. And if you ever come across something written about me that you don’t understand, please always feel free to ask.

I’m one of the most candid and open people you could ever meet, and I don’t get embarrassed easily. If a stranger really wanted to know everything about my life, I’d have no problem leaving in every detail. At the risk of sounding clichéd… all of the stupid mistakes I’ve made in my life have made me who I am today, and I’m not embarrassed about a single one.

Chocolate Covered Katie Anorexic

If you want to use me as thinspiration, keep in mind that the thinspiration you are using is a healthy woman who eats a balanced diet heavy in calories, healthy fats, and carbs.

I don’t advocate starving, and it’s completely not necessary to starve yourself to be thin.

Here’s What I Eat In A Day

I’d hope that what people can get out of my blog is the message it’s important to treat your body kindly; to nourish it with real-food ingredients; to truly enjoy the foods you are eating; and to take in enough calories for the strength and energy to live your best life possible.

No crash dieting. No cutting out food groups. No starving. Please take good care of yourselves. ♥

Now, can we put this subject to rest and get back to the food?

Chocolate Covered Katie Beach

I’m going to hashtag this photo #fatslug Smile with tongue out





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Published on July 14, 2014

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  1. Penny H says

    Its about time someone did a post like this. Well done for addressing this issue and for standing up for yourself. Honestly, you look lovely and you’re perfect the way you are.
    Penny xxx

  2. Brooke says

    I’ve been a long time reader, and recipe tryer! I’m super proud of you for writing this, not only to put rumors to rest in your own defense, but also to make an important statement that ALL women need to read. Thanks for your honesty. Good for you. Keep on doing what you’re doing, and I hope you enjoy it as much as your readers do!! Your blog is a gift to humanity, no exaggeration. Ok maybe a little. 😉

  3. Jen says

    Wow I love your honesty and openness. Your blog was the first one I discovered when I began looking for gluten-free dessert recipes (without all the crazy ingredients) last year and, in my opinion, the best! I really appreciate that you take the time to test out gluten-free/sugar-free etc versions of your recipes, especially when you don’t have to 🙂 Keep doing what you’re doing <3

    • Jen says

      Also as a fellow naturally thin woman, I definitely understand how it feels when people assume that you must have eating issues. I used to feel like I needed to somehow “prove” that I eat, which is just ridiculous… Now I just go about my business 🙂

  4. Michelle says

    You’re not alone, lady! I think people overlook how often slim people get harassed. It’s seen as some kind of justifiable retribution for decades of thinness being a beauty standard. Ridiculous how people overreact in the opposite direction under the guise of promoting women’s self-esteem.
    What you say is true- eat as much as you want, but make sure it’s REAL food, not processed junk. So far I’ve made your black bean brownies 4 times & your chocolate eatmores- both got rave reviews, everyone wants the link to your site!

  5. Jodi says

    I’m sorry to hear these hurtful things that were said, it seems very backwards to the entire concept of your website. Your recipes are amazing, healthy, and delicious!

  6. Jodi says

    I’m sorry to hear these hurtful things were said, it seems very backwards to the entire concept of your website. Your recipes are amazing, healthy and delicious!

  7. Melissa says

    Katie, it never even crossed my mind that you might have any kind of problem! You look great, and to me it just reinforcees the value of healthy eating and portion control. I think you hit the nail on the head about people saying things anonymously that they’d never say in person. I teach at a university where the student anonymously evaluate their courses online after each semester. The things they say are amazing, and not in a good way! I do take the comments with a huge grain of salt, but even so, they can be painful. I hope you really are able to shrug them off so easily. Good for you!

  8. Jenn says

    This really stuck out to me: “Hateful things are written on the internet under a cloak of anonymity, and it’s unfortunately women putting down other women all too often, writing words they would never feel comfortable saying in real life.” It is all too true. Plain and simply, women are so, SO mean to one another, and it is incredibly sad. Imagine if those people who thought you were “too skinny” sent you a private message, asking if everything was okay, instead of turning to very public negativity? My wish is that women could begin to build each other up, and see that we are all different and amazing in our own ways, instead of feeling the need to compete and bring others down.

    Thank you for addressing all of this and being yourself from Day 1. There are many of us who follow you and are so grateful that you do what you do!

  9. Jennifer says

    It’s unfortunate that you have had to justify your weight and eating habits to people on the internet. I have been following your blog for a few years now and I have never gotten the impression that were trying to diet or lose weight or stay thin. You have never encouraged any of your readers to do any of that either. Your blog is about healthier desserts and a love of food, nothing more. It’s sad that people feel the need to say such awful things about you and make assumptions about your weight and your health. Keep up the great work! I can’t wait for your cookbook to come out! 🙂

      • Miranda says

        Is not quite out, that’s a pre-order link. It says: Available for Pre-Order
        This item will be available on January 06, 2015 – good news though 🙂

    • Lilly says


      Katie, I am proud of your courage to address this. Personally, I was unaware of any of those rumors or accusations, but I understand that with “fame” comes a responsibility to address some issues; but you can never or should ever address them all. Since these were obviously as numerous as your post indicated, I think we were right to address.

      I had a niece with anorexia (onset at age 13) and over the years it became Bulimia Nervosa; an even more dangerous disorder. She died at age 39. And sadly there are many women who do struggle with eating disorders. So, for all the women, and men, who struggle with these disorders, I think you did the right thing by addressing this issue for their sakes. They need to hear the voice of truth and balance so it can shine into the very dark struggle they are fighting.

      I am sorry you have had to endure the remarks you have but thankful to see the good that has come from it in your healthy attitude. As you said, your identity can never be in another, especially a stranger. The sliver lining is the healthy self image you have as a result and being able to let hurtful comments roll off like water off a ducks back. And thank you for being transparent about your running….and I recall you wrote about that a while back too when you stopped. I see you always been transparent and “real”.

      Katie, you are beautiful and healthy. I am thankful for your healthy recipes. And I have always seen your comments where you usually opt for the “full fat” ingredients when there are options…like the coconut oil. That has encouraged me to do the same.

      We should all strive to be healthy and revel in the beautiful form God has given us. Why would we all want to look alike anyway….how boring. Beauty is far beyond a size or shape. It is the attitude, the outlook, the contentedness of being who you are. And most importantly, how one treats others.

      Thank you for your inspiration Katie. For me you have not been an inspiration about size at all, but one of health and exercising the self discipline to make the choices needed to be healthy inside.

      From a “young” 44 year old mom trying to be healthy so I can enjoy life and serve God. Aging gracefully and not artificially. 🙂


  10. Jennifer says

    As an aside, I wonder if the people who called you a fat slug are the same people who called Kate Upton a piggy? I think those awful comments say more about other people than they do about you.

  11. cookie says

    lovely. i enjoyed this post as i can relate__only when i gained weight it went on my butt! your blog helped me recover from anorexia, you are a shining insparation of courage and health.

  12. Sarah says

    I’m glad you spoke up! You should have not have to deal with such relentless scrutiny of your body! I’m glad to hear you are happy and healthy. THAT (not numbers, sizes, etc.) is what’s important.
    I bet it’s hard to be in the public eye like you are, but you’re offering some of what you’re good at to the world, and I’m glad all that scrutiny didn’t cause you to back down from what you love.

  13. Amber says

    I never knew about these claims but what a well written post! I’m impressed by the candidness and openness. You also look wonderful regaurdless if you lost or gained 20 pounds!

  14. Cassidy says

    Dearest Katie,
    I’ve been a fan of your blog for a few years now. As somebody who does struggle with anorexia, I’ve always felt sorry for the accusations made towards you. Ignorance leads many to believe anorexia is completely about being underweight, and that isn’t the case. The mental struggle is so often overlooked. Reading this post has made me so proud that you’ve admitted you had an unhealthy relationship with exercise. I’m very impressed that you were able to get passed it. I’m also very inspired. My struggles with anorexia have been very hard to push through, but you give me hope. I’m sorry people have had negative comments about your body, and I know the feeling. Ultimately it matters that we love and accept ourselves. You do a fantastic job of that. I aspire to have even an ounce of the confidence you display. Thank you for this post. And of course, thank you for the delicious healthy dessert recipes. They help me to treat myself, and quiet the disordered voice in my head. Keep doing your thing, girl. You’re a beautiful person.

    • Morag says

      Amen. As a recovering anorexic, it drives me up the wall when people assume that anorexia is purely based on weight. It’s absolutely ridiculous that someone could call such an obviously happy and healthy young lady such as Katie anorexic. Anorexia is a disease, not a dress size.

      As all the comments here indicate: WE LOVE YOU, KATIE! You are an amazing role model and you clearly lead a balanced and healthy life.


  15. Stephanie says

    oh my, people can be so horrible…. I found your blog within the last 6 months, and LOVE IT. I’ve never assumed you had any type of eating disorder, or looked anorexic. You are very slim, and I assume healthy. Being in the public eye, and especially on the internet, people think you are fair game, and also that it’s ok to personally attack you, without even knowing any facts. I’m sorry this has happened to you, and I can only think the mean comments are coming from people who are extremely jealous of you. Keep up the good work, and keep you chin up!

  16. Reesa says

    I’m sorry you have to deal with comments about you that are mean and untrue. I’ve been reading your blog for a long time and always viewed you as a healthy person. Also, thank you for sharing about your relationship with exercise. I think you alluded to it when you wrote the post about cutting down on the time you spend running, but I do think mentioning again will help someone out there. I’m inspired by your healthy recipes and will continue to read your blog to see your good work!

  17. Wendy says

    You know, I think those internet rumors (of which I knew nothing until your post today) are ironic. I like your recipes and have made some of them myself. However, since they use all the healthy fats, when I calculate weight watchers points for them, the points are sometimes very high! So I end up not making your stuff as much as I otherwise might. How ironic that people think you are promoting a diet that starves people when I’ve limited myself to only a few of your desserts for fear that they would make me fat! Haha!
    On another note, I think our country has so many overweight and obese people that when we see people of “normal weight” now (which I always assumed you were), we think they are “too thin.” But that could be an entirely new thesis altogether. Anyway, kudos to you for addressing the rumors. It sounds like you’ve found a way to eat what you like, like what you eat, and stay healthy. Keep it up!

  18. Hannah says

    Katie, you are such an inspiration! Those words seem to be what a lot of young girls should keep in mind. No one could have said them in a better way than you did.
    Your blog is perfect and I love it! You are really doing a good job.
    Please, please don’t ever change the way you write or the way you are!
    Greetings from Austria,

  19. Mindy says

    As a lover of your blog and recipes, and another skinny-mini who has been labeled as “anorexic” or “bulimic” as well as chunky in the past… I sympathize with you. I hate to hear that you have been through what I have. Naturally skinny, I lost about 20 pounds a couple years ago when I was going through a breakup. Literally the stress melted it off me. People don’t realize that being called “anorexic” hurts just as much as being called “fat” … I just wanted to say that I respect you, I love your blog, and I hope that you don’t want the comments get to you like they did me. You’re a beautiful girl, keep doing what you do!!

  20. Lauren says

    Oddly enough, I just had to address this topic on my own blog over the weekend. People haven’t personally accused me of having an eating disorder, but they claimed my blog (because of the healthy recipes) was fueling eating disorders. It’s very frustrating, but like I said on my blog, I have never once promoted cutting calories or losing weight, and I can’t help it if someone uses my recipes in that way (or alters them to make them less hearty).

    The picture of you in the green-striped dress is fabulous! You have the freshest face ever.

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      I am so sorry to know your blog’s message was also misconstrued. But I just checked out your post and think it’s so funny how we both used the same words to describe it! Aldo, that is such a cute blog name. 🙂

  21. Krista says

    I love reading your blog, but I do not read it to watch my weight. I read it to eat less processed foods and so my children can enjoy wonderful healthy snacks that are fun and still feel a little naughty. They think I am letting them get away with junk sometimes… but it is still wholesome food. I enjoy the sugar free options and gluten free options as we have a few food sensitives and it it helpful to find options when family comes to visit. Everyone wants to eat good food, but sometimes we have to think and cook outside the box to get to enjoy the same type of foods as others…thanks for doing all the work. I refer people to your blog often who want to eat yummy food but a healthier version. Everything you have ever posted has only encouraged a healthy lifestyle and I have truly appreciated it.

  22. jane says

    Had no idea these rumors were floating around. So glad you’re above these malicious internet rumors. Keep up the good work with your blog and your inspiring stories, Katie. You are a beautiful woman and people who make up lies and say negative things are jealous of you and they’re insecure about who they are. Your recipes are delicious and healthy and I love making/eating them!

  23. Marina says

    Thank you Katie, your blog has been a source of inspiration to me for the past three years 🙂 I admire your resilience to the people who leave negative comments and think you are a beautiful person inside and out! I am slowly trying to break from my unhealthy obsession with exercise, and this is why you are so inspiring 🙂 I will continue to work my way through all the recipes on your blog!

  24. Connie says


    As a mom of a talented daughter who uses social media to promote her healthy lifestyle and business ( it is very upsetting to read about your situation. I’m sorry that people can be so cruel. Please do not let discourage you from doing what you do so well. My daughter is vegan and I have learned some great recipes from your blog that allowed me to serve her some great treats when she visits. Thank you for that. I wish you so much happiness and success!!

    • Kt says

      The amount of hatred from women on the internet is incredible! Do they not see how much of their lives they are wasting?

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