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Mocha Macaroons

Vegan Chocolate Macaroons Recipe


If you couldn’t tell, I kind of really love coconut

Just kind of.

Coconut: the other white meat

In my world, coconut could be its own food group; I love it almost as much as I love chocolate. Please note, I did say almost.

Let’s not take things too far.

(View The Step-By-Step Video Above)

Anyway it’s not like I must choose between the two.

Today’s chocolate macaroon recipe incorporates both of my favorites into one seriously good cookie.

If Starbucks were to turn their famous Mocha Coconut Frappuccinos into a macaroon, it might look and taste something like this:

Chocolate Macaroons

What are some of your favorite food pairs?

PB&J? Spaghetti and tomato sauce? Strawberries and cream? Biscuits and gravy?

Along with chocolate coconut, chocolate peanut butter and chocolate mint are right up there for me.

But let’s be honest, almost anything with chocolate will rank pretty favorably among my favorites.

macaroon less glare


Mocha Macaroons

  • 1 tbsp flour of choice or almond meal, or protein powder
  • 1 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp instant coffee powder, decaf or regular
  • 1 cup shredded, unsweetened coconut (not low-fat)
  • 1/2 cup plus 2 tbsp milk of choice or canned coconut milk
  • 3 tbsp agave or pure maple syrup (for keto, use 4 tbsp coconut oil instead, and sweeten with stevia to taste)
  • pinch stevia or 1 additional tbsp agave or maple syrup
  • 1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • just over 1/16 tsp salt
  • melted chocolate chips or sugar free chocolate chips

*The keto version can be no-bake. Simply scoop into balls and freeze to set.

Combine all ingredients except chocolate chips in a tall dish. If using a microwave, heat two minutes. Stir, then microwave one more minute or until firm enough to scoop out into ball shapes. (Or cook on the stovetop until it’s firm enough to scoop out.) Scoop into balls on a cookie tray—I used a melon baller, but a spoon or ice-cream scoop will also work. Cook at 360 F for 14-16 minutes. (You might be able to “bake” the cookies in the microwave, but I have not tried this.) Let cool before removing from tray. Line a plate with wax paper. Dip each cookie in melted chocolate, place on the wax paper, and refrigerate or freeze to set. Makes 12-22 cookies, depending on the size cookie scoop you use.

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Published on October 11, 2013

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Chocolate Covered Katie is one of the top 25 food websites in America, and Katie has been 
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ABC's 5 O’Clock News. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating dessert every single day.

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  1. janae @ bring joy says

    My fave food pairs…tomatoes & balsamic vinegar, bananas & peanut butter, dried cranberries & kale.

    I don’t drink coffee, wondering if something like eco (similar to postum, but they don’t sell postum anymore) would work to replace instant coffee?

  2. Maddie says

    These look awesome!

    Your coconut obsession rivals mine (my favorite pastime is making coconut butter in my vitamix)! I actually love coconut butter and peanut butter (I got the idea to add peanut butter and coconut butter from you, since you do banana peanut butter and banana coconut butter, seems logical). Chocolate and cinnamon are also really delicious together – like in a mousse or one of your tofu puddings 🙂

    Also I laughed out loud at “opportunity(?)” comment.

  3. Amanda says

    PB&J is my favorite. One of my favorite questions to ask people is : if you could eat just one meal what would it be? My answer is PB&J – wheat bread, smooth peanut butter, grape jelly.

    Thanks, as always, for your awesome posts, Katie.

  4. Emily says

    These look amazing!!! I have two questions though: can I make these without the coffee (not a fan) and can I make the with sweetened coconut minus the sweetener?
    Cinnamon sugar is probably one of my favorite combos. That and anything fruity covered in chocolate. (Except citrus. Blech)

  5. Kaira says

    Chocolate and coconut is one of my favorite pairs. Other favorites are pumpkin and chocolate, coffee and chocolate, and chocolate and raspberry. Notice something in common with all of those?

  6. Lisa says

    I think macaroons are the only type of dessert I haven’t really tried out yet. And I’m not sure why because I am obsessed with coconut…and coffee to add to that. So this is so my type of Dessert.
    I have a lot of favourite food pairs. Peanut butter + chocolate, coffee + cinnamon, coconut + pumpkin. I good go on…

  7. Katy @ Katy's Kitchen says

    These look awesome! I used to really hate coconut but now I love it. Especially coconut butter. 🙂 But, you’re right, loving it more than chocolate would be taking it just a little too far 😉

  8. Heather @TheSoulfulSpoon says

    Geez Katie! If your recipes get ANY more like my tastebuds, I’m going to eat my screen lol! These are all three of my fave flavors in ONE bite!:) I love these! I’ve decided I could live off chocolate and coconut if I had too:) I actually flavor my green smoothies with espresso beans, coconut and chocolate lol- it’s that bad!:)

  9. Alex @ Cookie Dough Katzen says

    I love how glossy the chocolate is in the first photo. Now, if only I could reach through this computer screen and eat them 🙂

  10. Catherine @ Chocolate & Vegetables says

    Looks delicious! I like the addition of coffee, I bet that gives some real depth to the chocolate flavor!

  11. Erin says

    Wow! I just made these for a bunch of friends coming over. Rave reviews! The entire tray was gone in three minutes flat 😛

  12. Georgina says

    Just a quick question. Your recipes all look awesome – have tried a couple – and they are keepers. I just made my first batch of coconut milk this morning using shredded unsweetened coconut. I now have a bowl of coconut (that has literally been rung out). Can I still use it for the coconut qualities in coconut dessert recipes? Or should I use it more as a filler in recipes and in my daily smoothies & salads? I would appreciate your input!

  13. Laura says

    Made them! Though I forgot the vanilla and didn’t dip them in chocolate..yet. They are really good! Very rich and I love the texture.

  14. Brittany says

    Chocolate covered grasshoppers? Your joking…..right? Someone actually devised such an idea?

    I love chocolate on chocolate. MMMMMM. But once I did try chocolate covered potato chips and it was disgustingly delicious.

  15. susan says

    I like peanut butter and dill pickle sand
    wiches, carrots and peanut butter, greek yogurt with peanut butter and low sugar jam. Yep, I love peanut butter

  16. Melody says

    Hey Kaite!!! Ive been craving a single serving lemon poppy seed cake like you would find from costco!! Can you PLEASE come up with a recipe for it?! I haven’t had one in years because I cant find a good HEALTHY recipe for one! Hope all is well!!

  17. Shani says

    awww I got so excited when you started putting (gram) measurements after the volumes in your recipes, living in Australia without access to American cup measures, but you didn’t for this one 🙁

  18. Connie Badstuebner says

    Love all your recipes. Will be trying this one , also love chocolate & coconut!!!…You are very inspiring, making people really want to get in the kitchen & have fun & then have something yummy to eat……Thanks for all your hard work~~~~~~

  19. Jen La says

    Wow–these look fantastic!!! Can’t wait to try them!!!
    PLEASE ask Austin where she got the t-shirt! I googled it & could not find it

    • Jen La says

      Sorry – some of my reply is missing?!
      Ask your friend in Austin about the T-shirt! I want one!
      Did she make it herself?

  20. Diana says

    These are dangerously delicious… I say dangerously, because I just love coconut but even without any dded fat these are still quite fatty from the coconut itself. I’m trying to restrain myself from eating them all at once! 🙂 Thank you for yet another awesome recipe!
    My fave food pairs would be apple and cinnamon, chocolate and peanut butter, honey and walnuts, tahini and honey, only to name a few.

  21. Haley Todd says

    Totally trying this one! Katie, I feel so blessed to have found your Amazing blog. You are such a wonderful woman! 🙂

  22. Lillybeth says

    Wonderful! I added coconut cream to the chocolate as it melted, because mine wouldn’t melt properly, so they stuck to the wax paper a bit. Gorgeous – just don’t eat too late at night if you’re sensitive to coffee and cocoa like me. >wide awake<

  23. Swiftie22 says

    I just made these for my family today… and they were INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS!

    They were gone in like, 5 minutes, though. 🙂

  24. Caroline says

    Ever heard of or tried Wonderfully Raw CocoRoons? They’re raw, vegan, gluten free…and found at most health food stores and I think Whole Foods has them too. Brownie and Vanilla Maple are my favorite flavors!

  25. Vrinda says

    Hi Katie,

    I am a vegan who loves to cook and bake. So glad I found you! Today is Deepavali (like Christmas to Indians) and I plan to make all my treats to give away from your blog.

  26. Shannon Valerio says

    I made a double batch of these today, but only put in half coconut, replacing the other half with oats. Just to be little more after-school snack friendly. They are awesome! Will make the real deal for Christmas treats. Maybe dipped in green and red sprinkles?

  27. Olenka says

    They are ridiculously tasty!!! Heaven!!!! I substitute stevia and maple syrup with dark honey and used 85% Lindt for dipping. Awesome!!! Thanx a lot!!!!

  28. Rachel says

    Katie, I was wondering if there is something else you can use as a sweetener. I am trying to make my family happy AND cook healthy. I don’t buy agave or maple syrup that often, but I don’t want to use sugar or Stevia. Thanks

  29. Catherine says

    Mine turned out slightly gooey in the middle, but the outside was crusted. Mmm so delicious! Thanks for the recipe, I will be making them again soon! 🙂

  30. Rizi Harris says

    I just made these and while it’s not intuitive to microwave things in baking this method really works. These cookies are delicious and perfectly sweet. I am bringing them to my lunch hostess tomorrow as a healthier dessert option.

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