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Vanilla Fudge Frosting

My brain is fried like Fakin’ Bacon!

In fact, it’s so fried I accidentally just wrote brian instead of brain. After plowing through a three-page essay, I needed a break. Enter afternoon snack:

Baked sweet potato with coconut Banana Butter.

Yes, coconut banana butter. It’s something I’d been meaning to try for ages. And now I’m wishing I’d tried it a whole lot sooner, because this stuff kicks butt…ernut squash.

homemade coconut butter

Vanilla Fudge Frosting

(or Coconut Banana Butter)

  • 1/2 a very-ripe large banana (80g to 100g)
  • 1/4 cup melted coconut butter or homemade coconut butter
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon (omit for a whiter frosting)
  • 1/16th tsp salt
  • optional: a few drops pure vanilla extract
  • The ripe banana gives it sweetness, but you can add a little stevia or powdered sugar or maple syrup if you want it sweeter. Or use a non-ripe banana and extra sweetener if you don’t want any banana flavor in the frosting.

To make the frosting, just blend all ingredients together. (It’s even better if you microwave the banana for like 10-15 seconds before adding other ingredients.) Be sure not to use a cold or frozen banana unless you completely thaw it first, because it will solidify the coconut butter and make it taste grainy.

Edit: for those of you who asked for the nutritional info: Serving Size: 1 tablespoon, Calories: 40, Fat grams: 4, Deliciousness: 1 bazillion!

artisana coconut butter sweet potato

Update:  Use this recipe to make Sugar Free Chocolate Fudge!

A few lucky spoonfuls jumped into a roasted-sweet-potato blanket. (I bet even Linus would give up his blankie for one of those!) I’ve found a new nut butter obsession. As if I needed another one….

Have you tried coconut butter yet?

Also, does anyone have tips to re-charge a fried brain (or a fried brian, as the case may be)?

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Published on January 18, 2011

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  1. Kristina says

    Where can I find coconut butter? I have looked in a number of stores and only ever seem to find coconut oil. Thanks!

  2. Alanna says

    OMG. I finally got coconut butter, and this was the first recipe I tried with it. It’s taking an inordinate amount of willpower to not run back into the kitchen and eat it all by the spoonful! Must buy sweet potatoes at the store tomorrow. This is crazy good!!

  3. Diane says

    I LOVE your recipes and your blog! Most recently, I am in Love with the spoon shown pictured with the sweet potato and coconut banana butter. Care to share where one could purchase this silverware?

  4. CC says

    I scoured the comments but do not see anyone commenting on taste that has actually made this. See… (don’t hit me) Vanilla is my FAVOURITE flavor but based on the ingredients, I’m concerned this will come out mostly banana flavoured. Does it taste more banana or more vanilla? Before I make a big ol’ batch, kinda wanna know… thanks!

  5. Jeri says

    How about biscotti – Katie style…..dipped in chocolate! Definitely ethnic and, with your Italian roots….well….my coffee is ready and waiting!

  6. marg says

    mine didnt set up right either very runny, so i added 2 cups powdered sugar and a little more vanilla. Got thicker and tested great!

  7. Alice says

    Well, you could turn into a zombie and get yourself some nice, fresh brains! 😀


      • Alice says

        I thought something like this would happen when I was typing the comment…. 🙂

        I’m going through your whole blog, so there MIGHT be comments on your older posts 😛 I’m currently on page 90, just that you’re prepared ^^

  8. Jackie says

    Whoa! This stuff is seriously good (AND seriously filling). I had it on waffles, and while it was probably a bit of a calorie splurge, it was awesome. Also, I think compared to the amount of syrup and Earth Balance I would normally use, it was a bargain in the end. It’s almost lunch time and I can’t even consider eating again. For anyone thinking of trying it, the consistency is EXACTLY like frosting. I can imagine eating this all kinds of ways.

  9. Christine Welsh says

    I need a tofu chocolate frosting recipe; I can’t find any on your website…can you send me a recipe for one please ASAP? Thank you! Love your website 🙂

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