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An Update On My Life…

Readers have been asking about my references to leaving Texas, and since I promised to make the blog more personal anyway, it’d probably be good to elaborate. If you’re only interested in recipes, feel free to skip this post; the recipes will continue soon.

chocolate covered katie

I’ve always been a passionate person.

This can either be a good or bad thing, depending on the situation. From the moment I decide to do something, I will throw all of my energy into it, can’t be talked out of it by anyone (including myself), and stubbornly refuse to give up until I’m successful. Or until I’m dragged away, kicking and screaming.

(My apologies to anyone who knew me as a two-year-old and witnessed one of my epic temper tantrums.)

In terms of the blog, this passion could mean baking seventeen batches of brownies in the span of two days to perfect the recipe… it could mean staying up until 3 am writing and editing a post I’m dead-set on publishing the next morning… it could mean reading through an entire computer self-help volume in a night to figure out how to implement one piece of coding… All real examples of things I’ve done.

And in my non-blog life, this passion manifests itself in the risks I take, some of which people would consider to be crazy.

Like when I quit college to write a food blog

In mid-October I decided that I wanted to was going to move to New York City, and I was going to do it before the month was over. So after planning everything down to the minutia, I packed my belongings into the car and commenced the long drive, pausing only for what was supposed to be a short detour to stay with cousins I’d promised to visit, directly along the way.


However, life decided it had a better idea than mine.

The morning I was scheduled to finish the trip, I woke up with a 102-degree fever; only the third time I’ve been sick in fourteen years. No big deal… I called my sister in New York (at whose apartment I’d planned to stay while looking for my own place) and told her to expect me the next weekend instead. Friday night before the next weekend: little sister calls me this time, saying she’s dealing with a gas leak at the apartment and could I please stay where I am for the moment? And then an unseasonably-early ice storm hit, rendering the roads un-drivable.

Meanwhile I found myself developing close relationships with some amazing people around me. Every day was a new adventure–from a Washington, D.C. socialite gala to a Rob Zombie concert, and everything in between. I was experiencing life in a way I’d never experienced it before, and it made me wonder…

winter tree

Once I got it in my mind to stay?

Of course there was no talking me out of that decision either.


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Published on December 22, 2013

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  1. Melissa says

    Congrats on the move and on taking risks! My husband and I deliberated for MONTHS about where to move next (out of NYC) and after an 8 month search, finally settled on being closer to family just outside the city. Everything in life is making one choice instead of another… if it’s working for you, go with it! Best wishes in your new digs and new adventure! (I’ve always had a mini-crush on DC. Lots to love there!)

  2. Jennifer says

    Good luck and many blessings on your new life in DC!! Something about your post made me think about the Mary Tyler Moore show(telling my age) new city, new apt and beautiful young woman!! I think you should star in your own show, you already have lots of devoted fans! Best of luck Katie and enjoy, enjoy your new adventure. The mom in me must also say, be careful and safe! 🙂

  3. Amber says

    LOVE THIS POST!! I love how life and the universe will just change your plans! I lived in DC for 3 months for work and miss it! I loved just being able to walk into (almost) any museum for free. And the Folklife Festival in the summer, the Marine Corps Marathon in October, it is such a wonderful city! And for food? Definitely Sticky Fingers bakery! I was able to have sausage gravy, which I haven’t had in 16 years! You should come up with a recipe for that! Good luck!

  4. Erin says

    Loving the pink ball! It just happens to be my fav color 😉
    Congrats on your big move and only the best in all of your ventures! We here at U Rock Girl think your recipes are totally fun and playful. Rock it in D.C. ,

  5. Dee in Oki says

    I moved to Japan in August. It wasn’t quite a big risk, as my hubby and I are both in the military. But…I also got tired of the way my marriage was going, and sat my hubby down and actually talked to him. It worked, and we’re better than ever! Good luck! I’d LOVE to live in NYC for a while!

    • April Damon says


      That’s awesome! I’m sure that it was a truly scary moment for you in your marriage and I’m glad it worked out.

  6. Sarah says

    Ugh. DC is so lucky! I was kinda hoping you were going to say you moved back to Philly / the Philly area. 🙁 oh well come visit! We’d love to have you!

  7. Ayaka says

    Welcome to DC! Are you in the district?? That picture from your window looks somewhat familiar…

    Anyway, I hope you like it here. (I think you will though…)

      • Ayaka says

        I moved here from Japan almost 6 years ago (with a break of 1 year in NYC for school). I am very much a city person myself, but with my family, especially now that I have a little one, DC is just perfect 🙂 Email me if you have any questions about things here. I am not a local but I think I might be able to help you with something 😉

  8. megan says

    DC is a great place for vegans – you’ll find tons of options (and if you’re in DC proper or southern Maryland, I recommend Yes! Organic Market). I’m not vegan myself, but have always been fascinated with vegan baking, and I have two good friends who are vegan, so I love having a go-to place to find recipes to make for them! Welcome!

  9. Erin Cole says

    Back in 2008, one of my good friends got a teaching job in AZ (we lived in Maine at the time). He came to my job to tell me about it and I said “can I come?” I bought a ticket that day and we flew out the following afternoon. After a month I decided AZ was not the place for me.

    When I went to fly back to Maine from Arizona, I decided to stop in NYC to see two of my siblings (I am originally from NY). I never left. 5 years later I still live in New York. Had I not taken a risk on a whim to move to Arizona, I wouldn’t be back in New York. Our plans don’t always work as we originally imagined, but sometimes they lead us to something even greater than we ever dreamed. I hope Washington makes you as happy as New York has made me. You’re a beautiful woman inside and out, best of luck sweetie.

    (Not sure if you remember me, I sent you an email awhile back about someone who was using your photographs/recipes and claiming them as yours).

    God bless you during the holiday season… and always xoxoxo

  10. Casey says

    Oh FUN!! Since you’re a blogger, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are…use this time in your life to EXPLORE!!! I up and moved to San Diego (from FL) a month after graduating from college. I knew one person out there and she needed a roommate. Landed a job a week later and found my HUSBAND a month and a half later. We’ve been married for 10+ years…so I’ve always said, I followed my heart to Cali and FOUND it!!!!

  11. Maria says

    You look beautiful and happy, Katie – you’re an inspiration. Thanks for all that you contribute to the world! Can’t wait to hear about more of your adventures!

    By the way- was the concert Korn and Rob Zombie? My boyfriend and I flew to Corpus Christi just to see it. It was so fun!

  12. EVA says

    Did….did you get to go to the Twins of Evil concert?! (referring to your Rob Zombie experience) I’m fuming in a jealous rage right now.

  13. Nikki @ The Road to Less Cake says

    I recently moved from the north of England to Scotland for a job. Kind of crazy and even crazier that my boyfriend followed me.

  14. Nicole says

    First of all, congrats on your new place! It’s always great to follow your passions wherever they lead you 🙂 I’m also a very passionate person so I get it!
    The most recent risk I took was deciding to recover from an eating disorder and committing myself to it. I still struggle, but every day is a little easier, and the emotional risk I took when putting myself into treatment is SO worth it!!

  15. Sara says

    Welcome to the East Coast! Just north of DC is a vegan restaurant called Great Sage, which constantly wins awards for itS amaaaaazing vegan food. It’s in a plaza called Conscious Corner, with lots of beautiful animal and earth friendly shopping. I’m always looking for a reason to go, so if you get the urge to take a little trip (about 30 minutes), I’d love to meet up for yumminess! And shopping. Always shopping.

  16. Karen says

    Conratz on your new home! It’s weird what life throws at us sometimes but we learn to accept it. Good luck on your new place (:

  17. Erin | The Emerging Foodie says

    Congrats, Katie! What a fun, new adventure! You are definitely super courageous. That color of pink looks awesome on you, by the way! 🙂

  18. Katy says

    This is so exciting, I really loved reading this Katie. I can relate to your passion, and the feeling of wanting to stay in a place because of developing relationships with the place and people around you. Best of luck in your new adventure. 🙂

  19. Kate @ Coffee with Kate says

    Wow, great for you Katie. It’s inspiring to hear about others making “ballsy” moves. Good luck in NYC.

    I also just read your Blogger Beginner posts. Thanks for all the great advice! Since I’m just starting out, I love reading other blogger’s tips.

  20. Katie @ Cake Vs Scales says

    Oh my Katie – You look fantastic..Of course you’ve always been as beautiful as your amazing looking recipes but not running is really suiting your shape (as in you look so healthy).
    Enjoy your new life and furniture shopping is fun, just not as fun as eating chocolate! 🙂

  21. Sara says

    I guess the most recent risk was to become 100 % well and recovering from an eating disorder no matter what people ((incl. myself)) would think of my body. It is so painful, but I know that it is worth it. 🙂

    Btw, you look gorgeous! You’re such an inspiration, and my favorite part of your blog is actually this kind of personal stuff. Keep it up 🙂

  22. Lisa says

    Wow cool! Seriously admire your courage. Hope you’ll love your new town (is it D.C?), and that you’ll, in the future, make it to the oh-so-awesome New York, which I myself dream of to sometime call my home. Best wishes!!!

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