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31 Delicious Meatless Meals

You definitely don’t need to be a vegan or vegetarian to enjoy the countless health benefits of enjoying meatless meals every now and then. And eating meatless doesn’t need to be complicated either. Some of the recipes in this post take literally 5 minutes to prepare!

In general, meatless meals get a bad rap because they’re often centered around “fake” meat products attempting to masquerade as chicken, beef, or pork. But non-processed vegan foods and recipes are so incredibly delicious in their own right that there’s really no need to think of them as a second-rate substitute for meat.

If you’re not a fan of fake meat products—or even if you are—you will be happy to know that none of the 31 meatless meals recipes below include meat substitutes!

Meatless Meals – Main Courses

You definitely don’t need to be a vegan or vegetarian to enjoy the countless health benefits of adding more meatless meals to your diet. No fake meat products, and some of the recipes can be prepared in just 5 minutes:

1. Cheesy Baked Pasta Casserole 


Full recipe—>  Cheesy Baked Pasta Casserole


2. Homemade Panda Express – Orange Cauliflower “Chicken”

You will want to put this sauce over everything. It's one of the most addictive recipes I've ever made... if you try it, you will totally understand why people are obsessed with this sauce! Recipe here:

Full recipe—> Healthy Panda Express


3. Greek Yogurt Mac &  Cheese

Healthy Mac & Cheese Recipe

Full recipe—> Greek Yogurt Mac and Cheese


4. Homemade Spaghetti Os   (reader favorite)


Full recipe—> Homemade Spaghettios


5. Sweet Potato Burgers From Kathy Patalsky

kathy patalsky

Full recipe—> Sweet Potato Burgers


6. Green Coconut Noodles

Green Curry

Full recipe—> Coconut Green Noodles


7. Thai Peanut Butter Curry


Full recipe—>  Thai Peanut Butter Curry


8. Homemade Amy’s Mexican Tamale Pies

tamale pie

Full recipe—> Homemade Amy’s Mexican Tamale Pies


9. Polenta Casserole

polenta nutritional yeast casserole

Full recipe—> Vegan Polenta Casserole


10. Loaded Baked Sweet Potato Skins

super bowl sweet potatoes

Full recipe—> Baked Sweet Potato Skins


11. Vegan Mac & Cheese From Dreena Burton


Full recipe—> Vegan Macaroni And Cheese


12. Spaghetti Squash Lo Mein


Full recipe—> Spaghetti Squash Lo Mein


13. Lentil Sloppy Joes

SUPER healthy lentil sloppy joes!

Full recipe—> Lentil Sloppy Joes


14. Bread Free Lentil Stuffing


Full recipe—> Bread Free Lentil Stuffing


15. Portobello Mushroom Burgers

Portobello Mushroom Burger Recipe

Full recipe—> Portobello Mushroom Burgers


Soups & Stews

1. Loaded Veggie Miso Soup

miso soup

Full Recipe—> Veggie Miso Soup


2. Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut Squash Soup

Full recipe—> Butternut Squash Soup Recipe


3. No Chicken Noodle Soup


Full recipe—> No Chicken Noodle Soup


4. Million Veggie Lentil Stew

Why not try out a healthy dinner tonight, with this delicious and hearty vegetable stew, bursting with essential vitamins, protein, fiber, and antioxidants? Healthy eating never tasted so good! Find the recipe here:


Full recipe—> 1 Million Vegetable Lentil Stew


5. (No Cream) Cream Of Broccoli Soup

vegan lunch

Full recipe—> (No Cream) Cream Of Broccoli Soup


Meatless Chili Recipes

1. Three Bean Vegan Chili

tofu chili

Full recipe—> Three Bean Vegan Chili


2. Sweet Potato Chili  (reader favorite)


Full recipe—> Sweet Potato Chili


3. Classic Vegetarian Chili

meatless chili

Full recipe—> Vegetarian Chili Recipe


Meatless Appetizers & Side Dishes

1. Cool Ranch Doritos Hummus

fat free hummus

Full recipe—> Cool Ranch Hummus


2. Nacho Cheese Doritos Hummus

nacho hummus

Full recipe—> Nacho Cheese Hummus


3. Blueberry Ketchup

blueberry ketchup

Full recipe—> Blueberry Ketchup


4. Slow Cooker Veggies

How to roast vegetables... in your slow cooker!

Full recipe—> Slow Cooker Roast Vegetables


5. Flourless Cheese Bread

cheese bread

Full recipe—> Flourless Cheese Bread


6. Barbecue Baked Beans

Crock Pot Baked Beans

Full recipe—> Baked Beans Recipe


7. Quinoa Pizza Bites

Quinoa Pizza Bites

Full recipe—> Quinoa Pizza Bites


8. Healthy Corn Muffins  (reader favorite)

healthy corn muffin

Full recipe—> Healthy Corn Muffins

Do you have any go-to favorite meatless meals?

Any quick weeknight meatless recipes, fancy Sunday dinner recipes, or a favorite soup, salad, or meatless appetizer recipe? As always, please feel free to leave ideas and links to your own meatless meals recipes in the comments to inspire other readers.

Published on July 27, 2015

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  1. Cassie Tran says

    Tofu-veggie stir-fries can never do you wrong! I so want to try your orange cauliflower chicken, oh and your peanut butter curry 🙂 how about evvvveeeeeryyyyyything???

  2. cupcake recipes says

    I really want to try loaded Veggie Miso Soup, I already taste it in a resto but I didn’t know how to make it, is there some ingredients liste for that meal?

  3. Jules @ WolfItDown says

    Wow! These all look fantastic! I still need to try and make your Doritos hummus, it sounds incredible 😀 I had tandoori sweet potatoe wedges with hummus today, and a sneaky piece of chocolate, veggie aint boring 😀
    I hope the week has treated you well so far 🙂 xx

  4. Maria says

    Thanks for this compilation. A nice variety and an excellent quick reference for that big question…what to make for dinner!?! Might have to start with the cheesy baked pasta (I LOVE baked pasta, yours looks so delish) and just work my way down the list!

  5. Wendy@TheNomadicVegan says

    Hi Katie,
    Glad to see you still posting non-dessert recipes every once and a while. I’m a HUGE fan of your Coconut Green Noodles and your Cool Ranch Doritos Hummus. And now I see lots more delicious-looking recipes here I’m going to have to try!

  6. Gluten Free Babe says

    This is a great post! I love all the ideas. The quinoa pizza bites look fantastic. I just did a post on tomato quinoa with summer veggies. I can’t wait to make this one. Being gluten free I eat a lot of quinoa – I love it too – so that’s good 🙂

  7. Paula says

    Saw this and decided I *had* to have the cheesy bread immediately, and even though I had just went shopping made an extra trip to my favorite local natural foods store for daiya. Somehow still wound up with a $50 grocery bill due to so many tempting distractions! Am I the only person that is incapable of going into one of these places and not stuffing my cart with bulk bin items and at least 10 things I decidedly “forgot” the last time I was there (which in my case was yesterday!)?

    Either way, big thanks for the inspiration! So so good!

  8. Jan says

    I’ve tried so many of these meatless meals and everything I’ve made from your site has turned out really well. We’re not vegetarians but we like to not eat too much meat in our house. Thanks for not using meat substitutes either. Those are not healthy for anyone.

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