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My Interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Sorry for the lack of new posts lately… It has been a CRAZY weekend!

As I mentioned a few days ago on the blog, my world was turned completely upside-down last week when I received an email from a writer for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, wanting to know if I was interested in being a guest on their “15 Minutes of Fame” segment.


Was I interested? Were they kidding?!

I stared at that email over and over again, thinking there was no way it could be real. And even now, I still can’t believe it actually happened!

On Wednesday night I flew to California, and the next morning a car took me to the Warner Bros. Studio, where I was met by a wonderful lady (named Sandy), who first gave me a quick tour of the studio. I followed her in a daze, and when she introduced me to Ellen, I don’t even remember what I said. I was so nervous!

The segment was taped in front of a live audience: we talked about the blog, about chocolate, about being vegan, and about Ellen’s favorite dessert in the whole world. But I’m not going to tell you what her favorite dessert is… you will have to wait and find out when the show airs. Smile

After the interview, they led me backstage, and Justin Timberlake—also a guest on the show—was standing right there in front of me! (Was this real life?) I almost screamed… or maybe I really did scream. Yikes embarrassing. He didn’t have time to chat (a good thing, because there’s no way I would’ve said anything coherent at that point), but he was kind enough to pose for a quick photo:

justin timberlake katie

If you are the type of person who doesn’t usually pay attention to the date, and if the waxy perfectness of Justin Timberlake’s skin in the above photo didn’t immediately give it away, you might want to check the date at the top of this post. It should clear a few things up.

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Published on April 1, 2013

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  1. Lisa says

    Well, I feel hook line and sinker. It’s not that unbelievable. What was going through my mind was “of course, it was only a matter of time” and that still holds.
    Happy April fools to you too.

  2. Anna says

    Aw man, even though I perfectly knew that it was April Fool’s Day today, I still fell for this! This marks the 2nd time I’ve been fooled. )’:

  3. Ali @ Peaches and Football says


    I was thinking the picture of you on the couch looked a little weird but when I saw the picture on the table of you and Ellen I was even more puzzled. I thought the lighting was terrible everywhere – ha ha. Good one though because I was totally confused. (Why do I never immediately assume it’s an April Fool’s Day joke??)

  4. Kelly says

    Yep…you got me. Before I even finished reading, I was trolling youtube videos trying to see if you were on and I missed it! I am on your site 3 or 44 times a day and have started calling you my best friend (my husband thinks this is funny and just a little sad). I wish someone from Ellen would call you–then my only two vegan besties could meet;) I might be delusional from lack of face to face vegan interaction. I live in Cedar Rapids, IA–the only vegan friends I have are on my computer or t.v.! I fully believe you will be on Ellen one day.

    • Lonica says

      If you are in Cedar Rapids, then you need to come down to Fairfield (just 90 minutes South on IA-80), because there is a big Vegan community here!

      • Kelly says

        That’s exciting…we have only ever seen reference to vegans when we were in Iowa City–trendy college kids! We have family in Fort Madison so we will have to do a vegan drive-by the next time we come through.
        (A vegan drive-by is where you hang vegetables out of your trunk sprinkled with nutritional yeast to see if you can lure vegans out their natural hiding places:)

  5. Colleen Grossner says

    You are hilarious! AND you are soon going to be on Ellen! Just remember you and the vegan magazine you love?! Your post was awesome! I hope you share it with Ellen!! Then she’s going to invite you on! You are SO perfectly creative, and clearly it goes way past the kitchen! Have fun as a REAL guest on Ellen’s show! All the best, Colleen 🙂

  6. Autumn says

    Haha! I thought the first photo of you with Ellen looked kind of photoshopped….happy April Fools Katie! One day you WILL be on Ellen 🙂

  7. Lisa says

    Happy April Fools 😉 I fell for about 5 already, with the joke that you tube was shutting down.
    Hope you had a great Easter this weekend.

  8. Donna C says

    Loved it! Unfortunately, your image looks “photoshopped” in to the picture at the top of you with Ellen. Wouldn’t it have been great, though!

  9. Anonymous says

    you are hysterical! I even sent you a congrats email! You had better write up more chocolate recipes to make up for this LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blessings, Linda

  10. Alyssa says

    I was about to ask when the segment airs, why you photoshopped your face onto that person next to Ellen and why you posed with a wax Justin Timberlake figure. I hate the first day of April!! I’m always on guard!

  11. Grace says

    LOL That was a good one Katie! I totally fell for it! (Though I’m sure you’ll be on Ellen’s show one day! I love her show! Isn’t she so funny?!)

    And I also fell for the YouTube one… I keep forgetting it’s April 1…. :/

    -Grace 🙂

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