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My Interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Sorry for the lack of new posts lately… It has been a CRAZY weekend!

As I mentioned a few days ago on the blog, my world was turned completely upside-down last week when I received an email from a writer for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, wanting to know if I was interested in being a guest on their “15 Minutes of Fame” segment.


Was I interested? Were they kidding?!

I stared at that email over and over again, thinking there was no way it could be real. And even now, I still can’t believe it actually happened!

On Wednesday night I flew to California, and the next morning a car took me to the Warner Bros. Studio, where I was met by a wonderful lady (named Sandy), who first gave me a quick tour of the studio. I followed her in a daze, and when she introduced me to Ellen, I don’t even remember what I said. I was so nervous!

The segment was taped in front of a live audience: we talked about the blog, about chocolate, about being vegan, and about Ellen’s favorite dessert in the whole world. But I’m not going to tell you what her favorite dessert is… you will have to wait and find out when the show airs. Smile

After the interview, they led me backstage, and Justin Timberlake—also a guest on the show—was standing right there in front of me! (Was this real life?) I almost screamed… or maybe I really did scream. Yikes embarrassing. He didn’t have time to chat (a good thing, because there’s no way I would’ve said anything coherent at that point), but he was kind enough to pose for a quick photo:

justin timberlake katie

If you are the type of person who doesn’t usually pay attention to the date, and if the waxy perfectness of Justin Timberlake’s skin in the above photo didn’t immediately give it away, you might want to check the date at the top of this post. It should clear a few things up.

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  1. Caitlyn @ City and the Cubicle says

    Hahaha, good one! I was staring at the pictures thinking “What the heck is wrong with my computer? Whyyyyyyyy do they all look so weird?” I keep forgetting the significance of today!

    Someday you’ll be on Ellen for real. 🙂

  2. Karen says

    Well, another episode of Gullible’s Travels for me. The reason so many started out believing is because it COULD realistically happen. Since Ellen’s vegan, she certainly could be interested in one day having a successful vegan blogger on her show.

  3. Eris says

    Wow I actually believed you. I kept looking for a date on the pic with “you and justin” i totally forgot its april 1st today

  4. Andrea says

    Justin Timberlake was the give away. Before that I was questioning your fashion choice for live TV, LOL. Good job on the pictures, I really believed Ellen was a possibility for you! 🙂 Love your website, been following you for a couple of years now.

  5. Julia says

    OMG so funny!!! XD I was like what is wrong with her hair lol I didn’t get it until I read the comments! Omg that was a awesome prank!! 😛

  6. Jamie H says

    Good one!! I thought the first photo looked a bit funny but I couldn’t quite figure it out. I wanted to come up with an April Fool’s joke for our blog but couldn’t think of a good one 🙁

  7. Jennifer S. says

    I thought YOU looked funny in the first pic…. nice photo shopping! and when I got to JT I was like – “yikes he looks waxy”. This was a much better april fools than my husband who declared he wanted another baby (!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

  8. Debbie says

    OOOH you got me! I was like “of course Ellen is interviewing a vegan blogger” and the segment name makes sense. Wishful thinking, you will be on her show one day I bet! 😉

  9. Lisa says

    Well, I feel hook line and sinker. It’s not that unbelievable. What was going through my mind was “of course, it was only a matter of time” and that still holds.
    Happy April fools to you too.

  10. Anna says

    Aw man, even though I perfectly knew that it was April Fool’s Day today, I still fell for this! This marks the 2nd time I’ve been fooled. )’:

  11. Ali @ Peaches and Football says


    I was thinking the picture of you on the couch looked a little weird but when I saw the picture on the table of you and Ellen I was even more puzzled. I thought the lighting was terrible everywhere – ha ha. Good one though because I was totally confused. (Why do I never immediately assume it’s an April Fool’s Day joke??)

  12. Kelly says

    Yep…you got me. Before I even finished reading, I was trolling youtube videos trying to see if you were on and I missed it! I am on your site 3 or 44 times a day and have started calling you my best friend (my husband thinks this is funny and just a little sad). I wish someone from Ellen would call you–then my only two vegan besties could meet;) I might be delusional from lack of face to face vegan interaction. I live in Cedar Rapids, IA–the only vegan friends I have are on my computer or t.v.! I fully believe you will be on Ellen one day.

    • Lonica says

      If you are in Cedar Rapids, then you need to come down to Fairfield (just 90 minutes South on IA-80), because there is a big Vegan community here!

      • Kelly says

        That’s exciting…we have only ever seen reference to vegans when we were in Iowa City–trendy college kids! We have family in Fort Madison so we will have to do a vegan drive-by the next time we come through.
        (A vegan drive-by is where you hang vegetables out of your trunk sprinkled with nutritional yeast to see if you can lure vegans out their natural hiding places:)

  13. Colleen Grossner says

    You are hilarious! AND you are soon going to be on Ellen! Just remember you and the vegan magazine you love?! Your post was awesome! I hope you share it with Ellen!! Then she’s going to invite you on! You are SO perfectly creative, and clearly it goes way past the kitchen! Have fun as a REAL guest on Ellen’s show! All the best, Colleen 🙂

  14. Autumn says

    Haha! I thought the first photo of you with Ellen looked kind of photoshopped….happy April Fools Katie! One day you WILL be on Ellen 🙂

  15. Lisa says

    Happy April Fools 😉 I fell for about 5 already, with the joke that you tube was shutting down.
    Hope you had a great Easter this weekend.

  16. Donna C says

    Loved it! Unfortunately, your image looks “photoshopped” in to the picture at the top of you with Ellen. Wouldn’t it have been great, though!

  17. Anonymous says

    you are hysterical! I even sent you a congrats email! You had better write up more chocolate recipes to make up for this LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blessings, Linda

  18. Alyssa says

    I was about to ask when the segment airs, why you photoshopped your face onto that person next to Ellen and why you posed with a wax Justin Timberlake figure. I hate the first day of April!! I’m always on guard!

  19. Grace says

    LOL That was a good one Katie! I totally fell for it! (Though I’m sure you’ll be on Ellen’s show one day! I love her show! Isn’t she so funny?!)

    And I also fell for the YouTube one… I keep forgetting it’s April 1…. :/

    -Grace 🙂

  20. MJZ says

    That was well done. LOL! You had me for quite a while. I kept thinking, in the photo of you in Ellen’s guest chair, the lighting is all wrong on your hair, or, did you get some awkward highlights? And then when you were next to JT, I was thinking, I didn’t expect him to be so stiff, I would expect him to put his arm around her, and boy, does he have horrible make up. I kept scrolling up and down looking again and again. You are hilarious!

  21. Carissa says

    LOL! I kept thinking to myself, “Wow, that first picture REALLY looks photoshopped”, but I didn’t want to be mean and say anything. 😉

  22. connie munoz says

    when is it going to air, I have her dvr’d and it says all repeats and I thought she was in Australia this week, what the heck I missed you, how can that be….I just checked my dvr and it still says repeats, so did it air already or is it going to air????

      • Kasey Lawhorn says

        Yes, it may have been in your dreams BUT word travels fast and if Ellen hears it- it WILL come true some day SOON 😉 We all love you Katie!! You may be a little trickster but I think you are pretty smart about what you fool people with!

  23. alyssa booko says

    you crack me up katie. this was so believable BECAUSE you should be on her show. THAT is how great your talent is.

  24. Kelly Machonis says

    Katie! You totally pulled it off.. First I asked myself, what is the deal with her hair? Then I went along and laughed at the JT joke, then realized the whole thing was a joke … Hey guess what? I will bet you this clever post gets you on the show… mark it down; it will happen!

  25. Vicki says

    The first photo of you did look kinda strange, but I got it when I saw your clothes were different in the second one.

    Good April Fool’s prank!!

  26. Afton says

    I figured it was a joke. The picture with Ellen just looked way too photo shopped or something. Good one though!

  27. Anonymous says

    The waxy-looking Justin got my attention. : ) Up until then I was buying it! Haha! Thanks for all you do, Katie.

  28. Jennifer JCD says

    Oh, Katie! you crack me up every year with these posts.

    We made your pop tarts this morning for the first time (yeah, I know… a bit behind on that one) and they were divine! A second batch is in order later this week. Thank you for always being so awesome!

  29. laurabun says

    Love it, CKK; you’re a little stinker! Here I was thinking six degrees of separation: now I have met Ellen!! But it’s the wrong day!!

  30. Tammy says

    That’s the 2nd time today I was fooled! I did think you looked a little strange in the photo with Ellen.

  31. Hungry Heather says

    I thought you looked totally photoshopped in that pic with Ellen…but I didn’t get it until you mentioned Justin’s “waxy perfectness!” Lol, good one!

  32. Sue says

    You had me. I was looking all over for the actual interview. Too funny. You have a great sense of humor…….loved it. =)

  33. mandy says

    oh my gosh katie, i totally believed you and was so happy for you haha! i honestly don’t think it’s far-fetched at ALL for ellen to invite you on her show, and i hope she really does one day! your recipes are so creative and healthy and with ellen being a vegan herself, i think she’d appreciate your blog!!

  34. Bridget says

    You are crazy clever! I really was fooled and even tried to justify why Justin seemed to tower over you in that picture.

  35. honeywhatscooking says

    OMG Katie.. I”m so happy for you. I love Ellen, I hope you let us know which day it airs so we don’t miss it. This is so exciting.. Will you be cooking on the show? I still have to make one of your famous recipes you keep raving about, the chocolate pie on the about me page. Looks so goooooooooood. 🙂

  36. Laura Miller says

    You are so funny! My whole music department actually just went to New York over spring break, and one of my band directors tried to pull the same trick on us. He said “look who I met!” Love Madame Tussaud’s.

  37. Medha @ Chewing the fat says

    sorry I saw through that one, because the first pic looked photoshopped! I hope you do end up on Ellen someday though 🙂

  38. Lisa @bitesforbabies says

    Lol!!!!! You fooled me! I did think the pictures looked kind of funny though 😉 With your luck Ellen will really see this and give you a call, lol!

  39. Eric J says

    I was able to tell that the top photo was a Photoshop.

    But regarding the lower photo, I didn’t know that “Justin Timberlake” was a wax figure until I read your phrase “waxy perfectness.”

  40. Donna Wojo says

    Hi Sweet Katie! I don’t know if you remember me,but I have been following you since you were featured on WFAA! I was the one that suggested you send samples to Ellen&various media outlets,etc.. to get your TALENTED&cute self out there! I also wanted you to have your own show too! (I get over zealous when I believe in someone or something!HA) I was wishing on the stars for you&part of my wishes have come true!! YEA! You go girl! Congrats,kuddos,WTG& AWESOME!

  41. luv2run says

    FINALLY! a blogger who pulled an april fools joke! i loved it! the other blogs i regularly read didn’t do any this yr…thanks for the laugh katie! you are fabulous! 😀

  42. Donna Wojo says

    OK….I’m a gullible idiot!? I’m just going to pretend this IS true&therefore it WILL be…one day! I knew the JT part was a joke,but made perfect sense to me that you would FINALLY be on Ellen! I’m UNSUBSCRIBING from your website now,due to the cruelness of your “joke”! APRIL FOOLS!

  43. Donna Wojo says

    One more thing…I knew Ellen was in Australia&did think it weird that you said you were introduced to her…hmmmm….my gullibility meter definitely needs recalibrating! It will take me a while to get over this one,Katie….you cheeky naughty girl!

  44. Nicole @ Fruit 'N' Fitness says

    That is so cool! No, never mind…. not funny!! I have been falling for these all morning!

  45. Katy @ KatysKitchen says

    When will the show air? Congrats, that is super cool that you got on Ellen! I can’t wait to see it and show my whole family!

  46. Winter says

    Oh my gosh! I was so fooled! But then, while I was reading it through the middle, I ran to my sister and sai “Oh my gosh! Chocolate Covered Katie was on Ellen!” And she was like “whaaat?!” and theeen I remembered today was April1, and I said “Aw, nope, it was probably an April Fool’s Joke.” You got us! Haha!

  47. Diana says

    Oh, Katie!
    I got this email and shrieked. Then I knocked over my chair dancing around in a circle out of sheer excitement. Then my internet was taking ages to load the post, so I started doing the Single Ladies dance by Beyonce while squealing because I was so happy. Then I read to the end and started snorting with laughter.
    You sure fooled me – luckily my flatmates think I was only acting crazy for an April Fool’s joke on them hahaha!
    My Easter’s been great, I made your raw strawberry truffle pie for my family and my parents loved it! Unfortunately my siblings twigged that it was raw and refused, but I live in hope that one day I can trick them into tasting a yummy raw dessert!
    Hope you had a great April 1st, even if you didn’t get to meet Justin Timberlake!

  48. Diana says

    Oh, Katie!
    I got this email and shrieked. Then I knocked over my chair dancing around in a circle out of sheer excitement. Then my internet was taking ages to load the post, so I started doing the Single Ladies dance by Beyonce while squealing because I was so happy. Then I read to the end and started snorting with laughter.
    You sure fooled me – luckily my flatmates think I was only acting crazy for an April Fool’s joke on them hahaha!
    My Easter’s been great, I made your raw strawberry truffle pie for my family and my parents loved it! Unfortunately my siblings twigged that it was raw and refused, but I live in hope that one day I can trick them into tasting a yummy raw dessert!
    Hope you had a great April 1st, even if you didn’t get to meet Justin Timberlake!
    Diana xox

  49. Karin says

    Ok, that was cute! I couldn’t get past the photoshop job on the pic with Ellen. LOL Seriously, if it weren’t for the photoshop, I would buy it! You are a great candidate for that segment!

  50. Kim @Cooking in the City says

    I was completely fooled! I even thought for a minute that the only joke was the JT part. Well played 🙂

  51. Melissa Aguilar says


    but alas, it wasn’t so ;( At least I have some of your brownies left over to console me

  52. Catherine @ foodiecology says

    Good one! Totally fell for it at first, even though, like others, I thought the top pic looked funny

  53. Sushma says

    Oh wow Katie, I very well believed your story 🙂
    And I was so happy for you, thinking ‘Well deserved interview! This was possible only because Katie devotes herself to come up with brilliant healthy dessert recipes …’ and so on and so forth; only a couple of minutes later did I realize it’s April 1st.

  54. M says

    Good one! Wouldn’t be surprised if this post somehow gets to Ellen and it comes true! You seem like one of those people who everything just happens to fall into place for!

  55. Danica @ It's Progression says

    ummm yeah…I first thought that photo looked a little photoshopped, but I kept reading and definitely fell for it!
    good one 🙂

  56. Amy @ Fun With Family and Fitness says

    HA! Just like everyone else who read this, I too was so excited to see that you were going to be on the Ellen show before realizing it was an April Fools joke! But you know what? I think you would be a WONDERFUL guest on the Ellen show for real! You have a super popular blog, amazing desserts AND the fact that you are vegan for the animal’s sake are ALL reasons why I (and everyone else!) would LOVE to see you on Ellen! I hope Ellen sees this post and has you on the show! It could happen!!!!! 🙂

  57. Bo says

    Ha! I was thinking JT must have REALLY been in a hurry, as he looked quite annoyed that you wanted a picture. Nice one.

  58. Senna says

    Little disapointted here hon, here I was thinking wow, here she’s come so far and worked so hard and now she is getting to do something awesome.

  59. Rena says

    Thats so not funny! I read this post today and before i even read the whole post i went on youtube to find her channel to see your segment! Then when it wasnt there i read your full post. OMG!!!! That was a great april fools joke, but im actually sad now!!!

  60. Carol Hesterberg says

    You got me, too! I even set up my DVR to record all of Ellen’s new shows so that I would be sure to see you! I did notice the weird picture of you with Ellen and wondered what was going on, but the Justin Timberlake photo looked fine to me.

  61. Denise (loves your blog!!) says

    You totally got me! I was searching through the blog looking for an air date! Even after I looked at the date, I was still thinking the Ellen thing was real! Love your posts, love your alternative dessert recipes, thanks for sharing!!

  62. Maria says

    All these comments about how people fell for it…it’s so weird. I only just started reading your website the last 3 days prior to April 1st, yet when I saw it. I knew it was a joke. People can’t seriously have believed it…?
    Either way, you DID get them it seems, so kudos for ya!

  63. Mary says

    First of all, I love your recipes. I do have a question though. A lot of your recipes call for ground flax. Are there any good substitutes for flax? Thanks!

  64. April B says

    Too funny Katie!! I’m just returning from spring break & you got me. Better late than never! Love your blog, I’ve strongly recommended your recipes to my diabetic father.

  65. Allie says

    Its not even April fools day today and I still totally fell for this. My jaw actually dropped haha.
    But I really believed that you had a spot on the show! Your blog is amazing and would be worth the air-time. I hope that one day this joke will actually be a reality for you. 🙂

  66. Anonymous says

    I knew it was a prank because when I read the date and studied the pictures something didn’t seem right but I didn’t know for sure so I read the bottom and I was like I knew it!

  67. Emily says

    Oh sheesh – I’m super behind on your blog and am trying to catch up, so now that it’s MAY – it took me a while to figure out this was an April Fool’s joke. Drat! I was even looking it up on you tube to catch your segment.

  68. Jefferson says

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  70. coppertopper says

    LMAO! I’m new to this blog, and this was the 3rd post I’ve read (quitting running, and cinnamon-roll-baked-oatmeal being the first 2), but yea you got me : )

  71. carleigh says

    hahahah nice one!!! i was thinking the photos looked very strange but none the less, you had me going haha .. well done 🙂

  72. Michelle says

    OH. MY. WORD. How did I ever manage 43 years of life without you? 😉
    Your recipes have kept me going (on my journey to get family healthy). U R UHHHH-MAZ’N KATIE

  73. Jay says

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the fabulous and creative recipes that you share. Your recipes add fun back into an allergy restricted diet.

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