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My Television Debut

chocolate covered katie cookie pie

Woke up really early Friday.

I couldn’t sleep; I was too eager for the television feature.

(If I’ve been talking about it way too much, please forgive me! I’m just so excited!) And so I went for a run in the dark (in shorts, because it was an insanely-warm 63 degrees. Last year at this time, we were under almost a foot of snow and ice!).


Post-run breakfast was amazing: Apple Pie Pancakes.

These pancakes really do taste like you’re eating an actual slice of apple pie! I usually make pancakes up in bulk and freeze leftovers so I don’t have to cook when I’m in a rush. And Friday I was definitely in a rush, needing to shower, change, and drive to my parents’ house where the news crew would be filming. (The kitchen in my condo is tiny, so I decided it’d be better to film in their kitchen.)

chocolate covered katie cookie pie

I listened to everyone’s suggestions to keep it simple, stay away from white and red, and wear something that reflects the upbeat tone of my blog (hence the frilly Anthropologie apron).

Deciding what to make on tv was a no-brainer:


………………………………….Chocolate-Chip Cookie Cake

The entire filming process took less than an hour, and Shelly Slater (the news reporter) was so incredibly nice. I completely forgot to feel nervous… although now I’m apprehensive, waiting for the feature to air!

If you’re in the area surrounding Dallas/Ft. Worth, or even Oklahoma, you can see the story on Channel 8’s 5 o’clock news tonight. (I’m nervous telling you all this, because I haven’t seen it yet. I really hope I don’t look ridiculous on live tv!)

Question of the Day:

If you had the chance to cook on tv, what ONE dish would you make?

I thought about making my Hot Chocolate Fudge Bites.

But somehow, a cookie pie seems much more fancy-schmancy. Maybe I’ll make hot chocolate fudge bites when I have my own television show ;).


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Published on February 7, 2012

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  1. lucy says

    well done on your tv debut katie! you are doing so well, i have been following your website on and off for about two months ago and i think your fantastic! with love from london!

  2. Kim says

    I hope you don’t mind. I was reading the comments after the news article and someone suggested that you were a bad role model for girls and women because you look too thin and sick (!). I attempted to come to your defense without sounding like I was speaking for you but I don’t know if I did a good job :-/ I think you look great because you’re happy with yourself and that’s all that should matter to anybody!

    • Anonymous says

      Not that it matters because we all know Katie’s healthy, but I don’t think she looks too thin at all! Her outfit wasn’t revealing in the least.

  3. HealthFoodJunky says

    Congratulations! I wish I lived in Texas so that way I could see the feature. 🙁 Is there anyway to post it on YouTube? Maybe? Btw, great dish to exhibit your creativity!

  4. Ashley says

    Ah katie! Just saw your your television debut on a link that a reader posted and was so happy to see how well it turned out. You did great and seemed so natural in front of the camera! I’m kind of new to your blog but since I’ve gone vegetarian and (eventually) vegan for lent (was a pescaterian in high school) your blog means even more to me now! Congrats and hopefully you will have your own food network tv show soon!

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