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  1. larry long says

    In your Flourless Banana Blender Muffins. It said to use white beans. The web said that the great northern beans are white beans. But the picture of the ingredients, looks like garbanzo beans. There are like four types of white beans out there. So what type of white beans do I use?

  2. Joan McCraw says

    I have a friend who maintains a gluten and dairy free diet with the exception of eggs. It is her birthday and I am looking for a good chocolatey recipe that I could surprise her. So who better to know Chocolate than you. Can you help me? Do you have any dessert recipes that are gluten/dairy free or can you direct me to a good site that I can trust (like I trust you) with this important surprise.

    Thank You.

    • Julie Dove says

      The black bean brownies seem to be a huge reader hit with everyone 🙂

      All of Katie’s recipes are dairy-free as long as you use a nondairy milk such as almond milk. Most have a gf option as well.

  3. Kathy Dionne says

    Am looking for your Chocolate Chip Blondies that were noted in our local paper last week but can’t find the recipe on your website. Please advise.

  4. Kathleen Kareyva says

    Thank you, Katie, for the black bean brownie recipe. I will take these brownie to a special neighborhood fall bash, and tell them about your blog. They look scrumptiously delicious… and healthy, too. Kudos to you, Katie, and best wishes…now and always.

  5. Karen Chappler says

    You had a recipe for no bake applesauce peanut butter bars(not really sure if that’s what they were called) on The Dr. Oz holiday show.The recipe left out the applesauce amount. It also looked like there were oats in the bars, but none were listed in the ingredients. Could you direct me to the correct recipe, please.

  6. Anita says

    Hi. I’m looking for breakfast cookie, muffin, cupcake recipes using soaked grains and alternative sweeteners such as maple syrup. Can you help?

  7. Stella vasquez says

    My husband just had his second heart attack and his nurse told us about your reciepes.
    So here we are! Thank you

  8. Boelle Kirby says

    Hi Katie–this is not in re: the recipe, but for some reason for the past month I have not been getting your recipes to my email. Are you OK, or is something wrong with my email? I am still listed on your mailing list so I can’t even resubmit.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

    • Julie Dove says

      Hi, this is very strange, as we have you in there too! Is it going to spam by any chance? I’m going to delete your subscription and send you a link to resubscribe, and absolutely please let me know if that works or not. You might not see another email until January, but let us know if you don’t see one by the 5th or 6th!

  9. Lorraina Whitters says

    Hi Katey,

    I can’t seem to find your recipe for your No-Bake Chocolate Coffee Cookies. I can only find the nutrition facts. Is it not up here anymore?

  10. michele says

    hi katie i have your first book , witht he biscuts on the front and i want to buy the breakfast one and the meals one but I cnat find on your site where all the cook books are listed DA , i must nee dnew glasses , Imin new zealand i love your blog and recommend it to every one

  11. ShaJane says

    Hi, KATIE

    I have found your site recently. This is really a good site and I have share it with my network.


  12. Dee says

    Hi Katie. I love your recipes, but I am confused about the nutrition information since you list so many options for ingredients. Does the nutritional information refer to the healthiest ingredients?

    • Jason Sanford says

      It would always be for the lower-calorie option unless it specifically says otherwise in a particular recipe 🙂

  13. Helen says

    If I make Healthy Nutella using Sweetleaf Stevia, can you suggest how much stevia I should use instead of regular sugar or erythiol? Thanks much, Helen

  14. Israel Simkins says

    I made a scrumptious Mini Meat Loaf with black beans and lost the recipe. I cannot find it from the site. Nothing seems to work

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