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No-Bake Coconut Crack Bars

I’ve FINALLY made a Pinterest page!

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Anyways, on to today’s post…

COCONUT CRACK BARS - 1 cup shredded coconut, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract, 1/8 tsp salt, 1/4 cup... Full recipe: @choccoveredkt


These no-bake coconut bars are completely addictive – and you can make them in less than 10 minutes!

As if I needed yet another addictive no-bake recipe on the blog. Oh but one can never have enough no-bake recipes, right? Especially when there is coconut involved.

You know what else one can never have enough of?

Obviously I would say chocolate.

The eleven different types of chocolate bars in my kitchen pantry attest to that. My roommate would say makeup, as her collection could stock three separate branches of Sephora. My sister would probably say shoes. Although she might say nailpolish.

She really does have a lot of nailpolish.

Also try these: No Bake Coconut Bounty Bars


pin-itAnd one can never have enough coconut.

Except maybe my crazy boyfriend who just yesterday informed me that he doesn’t like coconut.

I think I stared at him blankly for over five minutes, trying to comprehend that statement.

coconut bars

5 Minute Coconut Crack Bars

You know, I also once dated a guy who didn’t like chocolate… 😕

Fill in the Blank: One can never have enough ________. Dishes? Scarves? Jars of peanut butter?

I’m also going to throw jeans and bathing suits onto my list, because even with all the ones I already own, I always want to buy more.

Oh, and puppies… I can’t go into Petsmart on adoption days for fear of taking home all the rescue puppies!

COCONUT CRACK BARS - 1 cup shredded coconut, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract, 1/8 tsp salt, 1/4 cup... Full recipe: @choccoveredkt


If you make these coconut bars, be sure to rate the recipe in the comments below or tag @ChocolateCoveredKatie on Instagram so I can see and like your pictures!

Coconut Crack Bars

No-Bake Coconut Crack Bars

Yield: Makes 6-8 Bars
Print This Recipe 4.96/5
No-Bake Coconut Crack Bars


  • 1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut (80g)
  • 1/4 cup agave or pure maple syrup (or 1/4 cup water and stevia to taste)
  • 2 tbsp virgin coconut oil (For substitutions, see nutrition link below)
  • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • optional raw chocolate chips from the Chocolate Covered Katie Cookbook


Combine all ingredients in a food processor. (Mixing by hand will still taste good, but the bars will crumble.) Squish into any small container–I used a 7×5–and refrigerate for an hour before trying to cut. Or freeze for 15 minutes. Can be stored in the fridge or freezer, for at least a few weeks.

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4.96/5 (47)

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Published on August 30, 2012

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  1. Mozzie says

    well, i noticed that many people say they don’t like coconut, meaning “i don’t like this hard-to-get-out-from-between-my-teeth-thing”. To many people coconut reminds of something dry and messy, which doesn’t allow them to fully enjoy the taste. now be careful, i have to confess – before i tried making your coconut butter fudge, i was one of such people as well.. try making your chocolate fudge for your friend, my hating-coconut friends tried it and they confessed that this is the only form of coconut they ever enjoyed 🙂

  2. India says

    I love coconut, bounties, water, milk, macaroons!
    Thought it was healthy but its so high in saturated fat, isn’t this the bad kind, I thought it was only in animal products x x x

  3. Darcie says

    Ooooh, I was in need of a good snack recipe to make with everything I already have. Perfect! I sort of want to halve the coconut and put some crispy brown rice cereal in. Maybe I’ll do both.

    And, one can never have too much fabric!

  4. [email protected] says

    One can never have enough handbags…….and cocounut butter! These look way too easy….could be a bit dangerous. My daughter loves coconut and these would be a great special treat for her.

  5. Annie says

    I’d say jeans, shorts (love running), books (of course), chocolate (obviously!), and onions – as strange as that may sound. They’re actually my favorite vegetable. Which could account for my not being prone to infection.

  6. Angela says

    Uh…..You had me at “Hello”; you lost me at “I don’t like coconut!!” 🙁 That’s crazy!! I LOVE coconut!!!! But I too get the up-turned nose when I mention a coconut cream pie for the work potluck! Or if I make (unhealthy) coconut cake for the quarterly birthday cake! So, I sympathize, but hope your boyfriend is accomodating to your need for coconut treats!!

  7. Suzanne B says

    These sound so good! I did try making them today, but I had the reduced fat shredded coconut…. and I think that doesn’t work as well, as it seems dry.

    Thoughts………I wonder how coconut butter would be in this, and I wonder if this would hold up to being rolled into ball shapes? I will try it again, after I get a new bag of coconut.

    Love love love coconut!

  8. Hannah says

    This one can never have enough colored pencils, crayons, markers, paint, paint brushes, or pens apparently. My cupboard runneth over. You would think I’m an artist. I’m not. I guess I missed my calling. I’m so glad you didn’t miss yours. I love your blog & recipes, Katie!!!

  9. Kathryn says

    This recipe may excite me more than any of your chocolate recipes (which are amazing). My hubby and I love Oskri coconut bars and I’ve wanted to replicate them for ages. It looks like you’ve done all the work for us.

    Oskri coconut bars come plain – if you could call this plain – and dipped in dark chocolate. I plan to make a batch (or two) and try dipping some of them.

  10. Susan says

    mmmm I saw these on pinterest and HAD to make them. Decided to add chocolate chips to the mix before I ran the NINJA! I could have just melted some chocolate, but I was feeling lazy and this recipe was easy. After I pressed it in my pan, I added sliced almonds on top! Delicious! Not pretty white like yours, but tastes so good!

  11. Ruth says

    Great great recipe! I love coconut! and I was laughing so hard when I read your boyfriend doesn’t like coconut, LOL! Same thing happened to me and my husband 😛

  12. Brenda says

    Oh you bet I melted some chocolate and drizzled it over top of these superlicious coconut crack bars! Then I toasted some more coconut and used chocolate and toasted coconut with them…fabulous!

  13. LJ Briar says

    One can never have enough…

    -Phantom of the Opera paraphernalia
    -belly dance DVDs
    -sets of oddly specific collectibles no one else finds interesting

    • Peanut Butter Bunny says

      I thought I was the only one with a supply of collectibles that no one else finds interesting. XD Music and books are splendid responses, I’m on board! ^^

  14. Olivia says

    One can never have enough rubber ducks! But maybe that’s just me. I have 360+! I guess you could say my rubber duck collection has gotten a bit out of hand… 😛

  15. Jilly says

    These look freaking delicious!! I love coconut. There is a Latino coconut candy that i could eat everyyyy day that my ex-b/f introduced me to. OMG…

    Things i can NEVER have enuf of: Nail polish!! I’m an addict. I do my own nail art etc. One of my hobbies in my early retirement. (;

    I also could never get enuf of choc and pb, or choc and coconut as far as sweets, and Mexican foods or pizza as far as meals.

    Love you Katie!!

  16. Kerry says

    I split the mix into 2 & added spiralina powder & a little honey to one batch & kept the other 1 as per the recipe. Layered the green, sweeter layer on top & it is delish! Thanks for sharing such yummy recipes!

  17. Megan says

    One can never have enough…brownies, peanut butter, oatmeal…Seriously, I have peanut butter at least once a day…I could go through an entire jar of Teddy’s all-natural chunky peanut butter by myself in a week. Oatmeal I have at least five days a week for breakfast. Brownies I have whenever there’s ice cream in the freezer to make a sundae! I don’t know if they have it around you, but I buy this brownie mix called “No Pudge! Brownie Mix.” The mix itself has no fat, and all you add is yogurt. It’s a more natural brownie mix, and it makes really chewy brownies. I always call the middle piece 🙂

    • Peanut Butter Bunny says

      Gosh, I know right!? I can’t go without that beautiful…thick…yummy stuff for more than a day! If I do, then check the jars of the other butters for a crime. 😉

  18. Peanut Butter Bunny says

    Ahhh! So much catching up! It was totally worth it though to be hit with all of the goodness at once. 😀 I happen to remember “coconut crack sauce,” lol. Anything with coconut is a sure win! Oh my, um….jars of peanut butter, and dish rags! XD And shirts and jeans in general… Heh. And all of the foodie essentials; the various flakes, bananas (for the banana lovers)…and definitely oatmeal! An abundance of veggie-colors in the fridge never hurt either. 😉 And…um…video games. Or we would have enough of those, if they didn’t keep coming out with new ones every month. XC

  19. Dawn says

    I just made this – with almonds and melted chocolate chips/coconut oil on top. YUM! Thank you for another addiction. You can never have too much chocolate …or strappy tank tops… or sun.

  20. Moni Meals says

    This is something us food bloggers have not seen possibly ever!! great work Katie, I can’t wait to make it, hopefully soon too. Maybe dipped in chocolate, who is with me!

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