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Peanut Butter Frosting

Smooth or Crunchy?

More of y’all like crunchy peanut butter than smooth, according to a poll on Twitter. I always figured it’d be the other way around!


Banana Bread for One

I created the above frosting for a friend, as a challenge. This friend has a serious frosting addiction. In fact, when we were in college she taught me to eat Pillsbury straight from the container. With a spoon. Like ice cream!

“Please,” she begged me, “Please make me a frosting recipe without all those scary ingredients!” (Partially hydrogenated oils are ingredient #2 in the aforementioned Pillsbury, much to my friend’s chagrin). “And please make it so a serving is more than a teaspoon!”


Peanut Butter Frosting

(Makes about 2/3 cup)

  • 1/3 cup silken-firm tofu (70g)
  • 3 tbsp peanut butter or allergy-friendly alternative
  • scant 1/16th tsp salt
  • scant 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • pinch pure stevia, or 2-3 tbsp powdered sugar

Blend everything together. This frosting is thicker when cold. And I won’t judge you if—like my friend—you opt to eat the whole thing in one sitting. But please, take it out of the blender first!

Add vanilla to the following for: Soy-Free Version.


Lower Fat?

Honestly, as a cupcake topper, I prefer my Coconut Banana Butter.

So if you don’t mind a little extra fat, I highly recommend treating your tastebuds to the coconut banana butter. However, my friend is afraid of fat grams. Oddly enough, she’s more afraid of a higher fat content than she is of the artificial Pillsbury icing (which has 4g per serving).

Vanilla or Chocolate Frosting: You can omit the peanut butter in this icing recipe, for a vanilla frosting (or add cocoa powder for chocolate frosting) that is virtually fat-free. But, as I wrote a few days ago, a little fat in one’s life is a good thing!


Oh, and she loved the frosting.

She ate it all… and the adorable Banana Bread for One.

Published on February 22, 2011

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  1. Jennifer JCD says

    I prefer smooth for some things and cruchy for others, but I love them both.

    Does this frosting recipe use silken tofu or regular pressed tofu? I’m guessing silken, but if you could clarify I’m sure some people not familiar with tofu would appreciate it. 😉

  2. Mari says

    I prefer the smooth I must say… So much easier to blend it in with other flavours, like this one! Looks uber yummy, I really need to get a food processor or blender…

    Although there are times when only crunchy will do, ah decisions, still if I had to chose smooth!

  3. Carrie (Moves 'N Munchies) says

    YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM ! you know i LIKE ANYTHING do with the words peanut… and not really butter.. but butter following a nut is where it’s at
    NO WAY CREAMY IS BETTER! why are people so ignorant when it comes to pb!

  4. Sarena (The Non Dairy Queen) says

    Well, I like both, but prefer smooth. I just had the conversation with my husband this morning about higher fat, but better for you. I think our generation suffers from food allergies and intolerances because our parents gave us the low fat chemical versions of foods when we were younger. Not that it is their fault, it is what they were being taught was better, but really…the real food is so much better for you. The frosting looks delicious!

  5. Änne says

    this looks so tasty 😀 I also prefer creamy PB…
    btw: yesterday I tried your selfmade coconut butter recipe as it doesn´t seem to exist here in Germany…guess what: I melted my blender! Now the halfway finished butter is in my fridge until I get a new one…maybe this would be a good occasion to even get a food processor which is more powerful…

      • Änne says

        ooooh no, you don´t have to feel bad! Actually I laughed about it the entire evening…never saw a blender melting away (maybe he just liked the butter as much as I did^^)
        It was a cheap one I bought 5 years ago when I moved into my first student´s appartment and I never dreamed of processing an amount of food like I do since I´m vegan… so I have the perfect excuse to buy a new and better one …and even if the butter is only halfay done, it tastes fantastic, so I guess there´s no better “dead” for a blender when making coconut butter 😀

        • Damjana says

          My blender is not a powerful one, only 220W, and luckily it stops working when it’s too hot. So it usually takes 3-4 breaks till I whip the whole batch. Poor your guy, it’ll be replaced by a more powerful fellow 😉

          • Änne says

            just bought a Bosch food processor on ebay (bargain!!!)…800W should definitely make it 😀 can´t wait until its delivered…I´m looking like a cheshire cat^^

  6. Melissa says


    We’ve got a grind your own nut butter thingie at work (Whole Foods) and that’s the only almond butter I like… it’s got some crunchy little almond bits in it still! Smooth peanut butter just makes me feel like a dog someone played a trick on… (stuck to the roof of my mouth). I’ll eat it in a pinch, though. And I DO like PB2 which is definitely not crunchy… but the defatted nature means it’s not sticky, either.

    I LOVE coconut butter. I actually like that best when it’s really runny and smooth. I’ll eat it when it’s firmer but I like that more creamy and warm.

    I have a very sick rat at home right now and she gives your banana butter an A+. She enthusiastically ate some this morning, when most food isn’t really making her take much notice. :/ Avocado was just “good” today instead of “OMFG gimme or I’ll lick your fingers off”. So upset/worried. I’m glad she has some food she likes, though, so thanks for posting that recipe. Prairie appreciates it.

  7. Jessica says

    Now I’m REALLY missing my blender! We all know what I’ll be making when I get back to the states this summer… hahah, that frosting sounds deeelish! It’s basically delicious peanut butter jacked up with even more protein, i love 🙂

  8. Leslie says

    Haha Katie, I’m currently eating this frosting (er pudding) right now! It’s delicious! But am I surprised, given the fact that ALL your recipes I’ve tried have been delicious? Seriously, come out with a cookbook already!

  9. Lisa says

    peanut butter frosting sounds insanely delicious, being that i love peanut butter and i love frosting…
    who needs anything to spread it on? I;ll eat it with a spoon ;p

  10. Sydney says

    I’ve missed reading your blog! My internet has been randomly blocking blogs the past week or so =(

    I LOOOOVE peanut butter, I rather smooth but I would NEVER turn down crunchy! Lately I’ve been eating PB2 so I can cut calories and fat…since I tend to go a little crazy with peanut butter. I could seriously eat a whole jar in one day…I never have but I’ve been tempted!

    • Melissa says


      I also am now a PB2 person. I LOVE it thought.
      Seriously, in oatmeal. So good. Nom nom nom.

      I eat like 2-3 servings of PB2 a day and it’s still no where near what I’d do with the regular stuff. That PB2 is a lifesaver!

        • Melissa says

          Haha. With your metabolism, you don’t need it. 😉 You’ll probably prefer the real thang anyway. I really like PB2 and love it in my oatmeal. It’s not really a peanut butter substitute for me any more… just a food I like. Not as much as I like coconut butter, though!

  11. Damjana says

    I prefer crunchy pb. I don’t buy it since the one you can find at our stores is like glue, sticks to the teeth and doesn’t taste much like peanuts. So I whip my own and it has crunchy structure, not so smooth. Oh I’ve never come up with pb frosting, I feel like I need to run to the shop to get some tofu 😉

  12. Albizia says

    Honestly, at the moment I have no idea which kind of peanut butter I prefer. It seems completely unimportant. All I can think about is “Mmm, frosting!” 😀 .

  13. abby says

    holy frosting! this sounds so good… i think i’ll eat it in mousse form. cuz like your friend, i have a frosting addiction, but i don’t let myself have frosting because i would want way more than the 2 tablespoon serving size and always go overboard.

    i think i’ll try your chocolate variation you listed first. i’ll let you know what i think, because i’m making this today! 🙂

  14. Heather @ kissmybroccoli says

    Yay! I have some leftover tofu in the fridge right now…I’ve been wondering what I was going to do with it! Wonder no more!

    Creamy…unless the crunchy option is TJ’s Crunchy Valencia PB! I am totally addicted!

  15. Kat says

    You know what I DON’T love? HAVING A NUT ALLERGY. *sulk* I am beginning to suspect that you created this blog JUST to taunt me with delicious nutty concoctions that I am unable to eat! 🙁

    (…OK, to be fair you probably didn’t hehe! 😀 …PROBABLY.)

  16. Hannah says

    I’m making those banana bread muffins for my friend today, and the icing will be the perfect addition!

    P.s. You’re amazing, and I cook (or bake) something from your blog at least once a day;)

  17. bitt says

    i have read that people who added fat in terms of nuts in their diet did not gain weight. bot sure if it was peanut butter or not. but there are plenty of nut butters in the sea…i mean store.

    sometimes i just use plain nut butter as a frosting. by itself. love the stuff.

  18. Elle says

    that looks so good, i’m definitely going to make it today! actually i’m going to make that right now so i have something to snack on during class.
    crunchy pb is the best 🙂

  19. Alex@Spoonful of Sugar Free says

    Sometimes I’m in the mood for creamy, but sometimes crunchy. Usually creamy, though. I just can’t get over the fact at how smooth and delicious Costco’s organic peanut butter is….ohhh man I could it all day long!

    I haven’t tried making frosting with tofu before….I usually just whisk my pb with a little almond milk to make frosting!

  20. Rachel says

    As for peanut butter flavor, it really depends on the day! Typically, though, I prefer crunchy. Question, though: why did you use firm tofu instead of silken tofu? I only just recently started using tofu and thought that silken would work better for smoothies and more liquid-ish dishes?

  21. Caitlin (EatFeats) says

    My college roommate taught me how to eat ice cream straight from the container. I didn’t even know that was a thing before I met her.

    Frosting is by far the most delicious component of cake! I prefer smooth peanut butter, especially in cookies and frostings, but I will take what I can get.

  22. Luciana says

    I can’t pick one type of nut butter, so I just keep them all! 🙂 I used to eat frosting with a spoon, too. Sometimes I’d even pretend I was going to make a cake, which is hard to do when your frosting is stored in the freezer!

    • abby says

      hehehe at birthday parties, i’d take the cupcakes and just eat the frosting off of it. my favorite were the frosting roses :).

  23. Namaste Gurl says

    Yum, tofu and peanut butter? Two of my favorite foods. I bet this would be super yummy atop hot oats, or mixed with yogurt!

  24. Amy @ ElephantEats says

    Mmmm, that looks soooo good! I always go overboard by eating like half of frosting container in one sitting and then feeling soooo sick…but this is the perfect solution! I can eat the whole thing, not feel *too bad about it, and get some protein to boot 🙂

  25. Lindsay says

    Too funny 🙂 I used your frosting for a cupcake last week, but wanted it to taste like pb so I added it to the mix. I guess we’re on the same wavelength. It was very tasty! I was so glad I only had one cupcake to frost so I could eat the rest in a bowl 🙂

  26. Kay says

    Ohhh Goodness does that look amazing! I’m not even a frosting fan but peanut butter ANYTHING is my JAM (hooooo, a pun!). I “frost” everything with greek yogurt but I think I’ll have to try this!

  27. Emma (Sweet Tooth Runner) says

    Both, with a side of coconut butter. We love those fats! 😉

    I think I’m going to have to do The Emma. Aka, head to my kitchen right now to make this! 😀

  28. Alyson says

    This looks positively amazing! Dude, I was just thinking yesterday about how I am NOT a fan of the tubs of frosting and how overly sugary and unhealthy they are. Then I was also debating on whether or not to buy peanut butter or “healthy frosting” mix to make my own… In short, your post was all of what I needed. 🙂 I can’t wait to dig into this!
    the heated debate between crunchy or smooth goes on! 😉 I, too, am a fan of either or, but I think I swing toward the butter with some crunch to it, but it totally depends on what I’m eating it with! 🙂 So, the other variables factor in too! Hahaha. (I’m a complicated nut-butter lover, but I’ll take it either way!)
    Aly 🙂

  29. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says

    Smooth!!! About once every 5 yrs I’ll buy a jar of crunchy and wonder why I did it 🙂

    Smooth is more versatile, too, in cooking applications, I’ve found. I just like it better. But I wouldnt kick crunchy out of bed, or anything. lol

    Love the ‘fu + PB = frosting. I can get into that!

  30. Christin@purplebirdblog says

    I love all peanut butter, but since Nuttzo is so amazing and probably my favorite, I guess I have to say crunchy. 🙂

  31. Ally (oatsandspice) says

    Banana cupcakes and peanut butter frosting sound like the most amazing combination EVER – love your recipes katie!

  32. BroccoliHut says

    Creamy! I used to refuse anything but creamy, but I have come to appreciate the textural joys of crunchy every now and then:)

  33. Fat Fearer says

    Katie, or anyone else, do you have advice for people like your friend (and me) who are “afraid” of foods with a high amount of fat grams? I’m trying to eat more real foods instead of processed diet foods, and I love vegetables, but I am also concerned about my weight.

    Also this looks amazing and I am making it ASAP!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Maybe start slowly? Like eat smaller amounts of the fear food at first… or dilute it with something with less fat (like my friend was less afraid of the icing because it was made lower-fat thanks to the tofu. She wouldn’t have been able to eat just pb on her cupcake).
      But also remember that fat doesn’t make you fat. An excess of calories in as opposed to calories out makes you fat. So calories from fat are no different than, say, calories from broccoli ;). Plus think of all the amazing benefits you can get from eating a little fat: my hair, skin, and nails are incredibly smooth, strong, and long (in the case of my nails and hair). On the flip side, a lot of people on low fat diets suffer from dry, brittle hair and cracked skin. So every time you eat some healthy ffat, remind yourself of all the places (besides your butt) that it’s going to help! 🙂

  34. Anonymous says

    I am not vegan, but I love your recipes! Do you have any substitutes for tofu? They don’t have to be vegan, i just am craving little pb in my life:)

  35. Libby D. says

    So, I made one of your single lady cupcakes (using coconut oil) and used chocolate silk as the liquid to make it a chocolate cupcake. I blended the cream from a refridgerated coconut milk can with about 2-3 tbsp of peanut butter, a little vanilla, and a dash of sugar and topped the coconut with it. served along side a banana. Even my carnivorous husband and his brother loved it! Awesome single-serve cupcakes! A tip of my hat to you, CCK!

  36. Frances says

    Mmmm I love this recipe! It tastes freakin amazing :)) I’m making my dog a birthday cake today and I’ve been thinking what should I frost it with? Question answered now 🙂 I’m gonna add Banana for extra deliciousness. I’ll just have to make sure I leave some for the cake before I eat it all 😛
    Thanks from me & my dogs 😀

  37. KT says

    Making this today to put on my next batch of brownie. That is if it makes it to the brownies. I might eat it all with spoon before the brownies ever get chance!!

  38. monica says

    I made this tonight but adjusted the quantities for a cake. 3/4 cup creamy peanut butter, 1 cup tofu, pinch of salt, 1 tsp vanilla, and a splash of milk because it seemed to thick. Had I not made it myself, I would have NEVER guessed it was made with tofu. DELISH!!!

  39. starbucksam says

    Hi, Katie! LOVE your blog! This post mentions that you made the frosting for your friend in college, so I was just wondering what you studied in college?

  40. Becky says

    I found that the regular firm tofu works just fine. Also, a drizzle of molasses makes it taste a bit richer w/o adding much noticeable flavor. Delicious!

  41. Cheryl says

    Hi Katie, I love your recipes! May I know how to store your recipes especially this one? How many days can it be kept in the fridge?

  42. Dorian @ Crunchy on the Weekend says

    Hi Katie!!

    I love all your recipes! Im going to be using this on top of my girl’s 1st birthday cake and was wondering how long this keeps in the fridge? Her birthday is on Sunday 2/1 and i was hoping to make everything ahead of time today then frost on Sunday morning!

    Thank you and ill be sharing this recipe on my blog 🙂

  43. Kristi says

    Which would you recommend as the frosting for your carrot cake cupcakes: this peanut butter frosting or peanut butter lite?

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