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Cake Batter Ice Cream

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Homemade Cake Batter Ice Cream - A creamy frozen treat without any of the heavy cream or eggs. Have your cake and eat it too! Recipe instructions:

Magic Fairy Dust!

I had the privilege of babysitting two adorable little girls last night, and I brought my Vitamix.

As a teenager, I didn’t really like babysitting, even though do I love children. It’s just… after a while, I get to a point where I never want to see another Barbie or play the role of the daddy in “House,” can’t stand the show, Dragon Tales, and wish the kids would just go to bed already. (Now I am very sorry for being such a devil-child to my own babysitters, never going to sleep for them!)

That being said, I had the rare opportunity (rare because I pretty much stopped babysitting after high school) to babysit for these little angels last night and *gasp* actually found myself having a ton of fun! Maybe it helped that no one made me play the daddy!

I got the ice-cream idea from the popular Single Serving Cake Batter Milkshake.

And last night seemed like a perfect opportunity to try it out, since kids love sprinkles. Plus, kids seem to really love blending things. In any case, it beat watching Dexter’s Laboratory.

cake batter ice cream

funfetti ice cream

The girls adored the ice cream, which we called “Fairy Dust Ice Cream.”

Cake Batter Ice Cream

(Makes 1 huge serving)

  • 1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • scant 1/16 tsp salt (don’t omit)
  • pinch uncut stevia OR 2 tbsp sugar of choice
  • 1/2 tbsp sprinkles or homemade sprinkles
  • 1 cup canned coconut milk, nondairy creamer, almond milk, or a combination
  • If you want it to taste more like cake batter, add 2 tbsp coconut butter. You can also add 1/4 tsp butter extract, which is surprisingly vegan.

For a creamy ice-cream-like texture, use at least 1/2 cup full-fat canned coconut milk or nondairy creamer as opposed to all almond milk. You can, of course, sub other milks for the almond. But if you do this, play around with the amount of vanilla extract, sweetener, and add-ins. For example, an already-sweetened milk will probably need less added sweetener. RECIPE: Mix the ingredients together, then pour into an ice cube tray or 1 or 2 shallow plastic containers. Freeze. Once frozen, pop the blocks out and blend in your vitamix. (If you don’t have a vitamix, you’ll probably have to thaw the ice blocks longer, but you can still get a yummy ice milk in a food processor.)

View Cake Batter Ice Cream Nutrition Facts

birthday cake ice cream

Did you ever babysit?

When I babysat, the kids often wanted to just watch tv, which made my job easy, but boring. And some of the shows were awful! Cow and Chicken, Ed Edd and Eddy, Lizzie McGuire, SpongeBob… (Ok, so I secretly liked SpongeBob.) Were you good about going to bed for your own babysitters? I was not. But these sweeties were incredibly good! I’m already looking forward to spending time with them again.

Our next project: these Cake Batter Doughnuts.

Or, as the girls would say, fairy dust doughnuts!

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. I bet you are now their FAVORITE sitter! I don’t baby site… my sisters and I were so bad growing up that I’m scared it would be some terrible payback! LOL!

  2. Awww Fairy Dust Ice Cream?! So sweet!! More importantly, so YUMMY!! I’m planning on making this later this week yaaaay!! 😀

    I was good for my babysitter, because she bribed me with chocolate! She definitely knew the way to my heart 😉

    1. Wha? I want your babysitter! Who is she? Can you give me her phone number so I can stalk her? 😉

      1. Haha YOU are clearly the best babysitter ever!! Cake batter ice cream and funfetti blondies?! Uh, can you babysit ME please?! 😉

  3. Looks so delicious! I tried the ice-cream yesterday with some chocolate paste and used a blender. It turned out like an ice slushie but delicious anyway! 😀

  4. krickit6 says:

    Katie, can I just say: I cannot imagine YOU being a devil-child!! :-) This ice cream looks incredible, too.. My goodness, I.NEED.A.VITA-MIX!! :-)

    Thanks! :-)

  5. Lisa Fine says:

    Such a fun idea to make with kids. I love cooking with kids – and I love that they always seem to enjoy whatever they’ve made, including vegetables!

    I used to babysit quite a lot, since I worked at a day camp and was able to sit for many families. It was always a great way to earn extra money, and it was usually a lot of fun. There weren’t many kids I babysat for who just wanted to watch tv, luckily.

  6. Jennifer JCD says:

    I had to read this post twice because I didn’t believe what I was reading… Fairy Dust Ice Cream!! Wow! I think you made my day.

    I babysit a lot when I was a teenager, mostly as a nanny for the neighbour kids after school and in the summers. It was lots of fun, but once I reached university, and the neighbour kids were in junior high, it tapered off because the kids didn’t need me any more. :( It was fun while it lasted, and the kids I babysat never had Barbies or played ‘house’ much… they were more into dinosaurs, playing in the park, and building forts with blankets and chairs.

  7. Serena says:

    I tried to make my mint ‘ice cream’ in the vita and it didn’t work :/ It just kept getting stuck. Maybe it was because I didn’t thaw enough, though.
    Beautiful ice cream. It really does look like fairy dust!

  8. kate says:

    im making this right now ahhhhh

  9. I used to babysit 2 little girls and they insisted we all sing karaoke christmas songs in October…
    This was a while ago however, and I remember I helped them bake cookies. Baking/cooking/experimenting in the kitchen with kids is so much fun for them! Really keeps them focused because they know there’s a yummy outcome! This kind of makes me want to babysit now :\ and you’re teaching young kids that healthy food can look like THAT!

  10. Jen says:

    I’ve never been the biggest babysitter, although I’ve done it before. I babysat an actual BABY once, and he cried (correction: screamed bloody murder) in my ear for 70% of the night. That was fun. When you babysit kids that are old enough to eat solid food, dessert is definitely the way to their hearts! Keep making these girls dessert and they’ll want you over every night. (I kinda want you over every night to make ME dessert…)

    1. I’d love to! Just be sure to have lots of chocolate on hand ;).

  11. Mandy says:

    I babysat quite a bit in middle school, and I loved it! I had the cutest boy and girl … ahh memories! I bet those little girls LOVED you! Fairy dust ice cream? How fun is that!

  12. That is a BEAUTY! I love sprinkles!

  13. Kayla says:

    This looks amazing! Katie, are you REALLY blending the ice cubes in the Vitamix, because your icecream just looks so perfect! What are you doing? When I blend icecream cubes in the Vitamix the icecream never comes out so perfect looking! It’s more of a slushy, yet delicious, mess!

    I love how they butter extract is vegan. Haha, now what does that tell you? :)

  14. Erin says:

    I love the name. Added it to my funfetti recipe round-up post!

    1. Aww thanks Erin! I love your funfetti round up. It’s awesome and so comprehensive!

  15. Katy sparrow says:

    Aw, you’re such a sweet babysitter! Bringing over the blender and everything! I know those little girls are talking about you nonstop.

    I babysat for several sweet kids on the beach where I lived while I was in college this past year..the little boy that I watched 3 times a week was such a great kid..we had lemonade stands with organic lemonade and vegan cookies sometimes and he saving the money to donate to Adopt an Angel, an animal adoption charity..And at bedtime I would sing him jack johnson songs until he fell asleep. Gah I miss him!

    When babysitters would come over, I would first off run and hide and later I would cry a little if they beat me at the Memory game. Hhaha

  16. Carrie says:

    OH MY LORDY!!! this is fab and GORGEOUS!!
    YES i babysit!!! a lot actually!! but i was a tERRIBLE little kid! i talked and danced NON STOP.. for real

  17. tea-bag says:

    i never baby sat – everyone knows i hate kids & i once accidentally dropped a baby. yeah, true story. don’t let me watch your kids! i might add some nyquil to this ice cream, though, and then i’d for sure baby sit them! jk! … :)

  18. Katherine says:

    I love babysitting personally, I wish I babysitted on a regular basis.

  19. What a great idea! It is colorful and perfect for kids.
    I love my Vita-Mix… and as a kid my dad would take me to the Texas State Fair where we’d watch the VM demo. How funny is that?!? I loved it.

    1. Ah the Texas state fair… I didn’t know they allowed healthy-living products such as Vita-Mixes in there ;). Well, unless they were blending deep-fried twinkies? LOL last year I heard they had deep-fried Coke! Not sure how that would work…

      1. Check this out:

        While the traditional state fair is funnel cakes and hot dogs, there is a Texas State Veggie Fair, which is very progressive. Though the VM demo was at the old fashioned fair.

  20. LizAshlee says:

    YUMMMMMMmmmmm!! I am going to make it a point today to get an ice cube tray!! Recipe sounds usual!:)

    I haven’t babysat recently but I use to quite a bit before I start my current position. It was a great job to have through grad school and the kids were adorable! Adorable and also difficult at times, but I have always loved working with children!

    Love that you took the vita-mix with you! I always packed snacks… :) and made a point to make the kiddos cookies or brownies while I was watching them and let them help with the mixing and pouring ingredients…so fun!

    Have a perfect day!

    1. You actually don’t need an ice-cube tray… I just use a few shallow bowls. I have an ice-cube tray somewhere, but I can’t find it!

  21. I love everything about this recipe! You are most likely (if you weren’t already) now those girls favorite babysitter :-) I love the name too – how perfect for the children!

    I didn’t babysit that much but I’m going home in July to Omaha and have already offered to babysit for my best friend’s ADORABLE 1 year old boy. I cannot wait!

  22. This is AMAZING. and yes i was good to my babysitters. We never cooked/baked together!! what a great idea,… i am stealing it :)

  23. Michaela says:

    Seriously? I was only looking up the Cake Batter Milkshake recipe last night and now you came up with c.b. ice cream!! I love it! I wish I had a babysitter who brought their vitamix (!) and made us ice cream (!) with sprinkles (!).
    I do love babysitting and I have been doing it for ages! Also, I have been an aupair twice :) But I certainly didn´t like having someone babysit ME! All I wanted was my mummy and I rarely went to bed when she wasn´t there 😉

  24. I babysat all through college. The family I worked with ended up being MY second family and I am still very close to them three years after graduating! I worked in the husbands law firm through college too – and just recently went to the bar mitvah of the oldest boy. It is awesome watching them grow!

    I rarely ever got babysat..because I would CRY the WHOLE time.. because I wanted my mom!

  25. I wish I had YOU as my babysitter when I was younger!!! Those girls are so lucky to be able to enjoy your awesome kitchen creations. You seriously amaze me with everything you make…so much creativity and nothing but pure healthy REAL ingredients. I love it..and you! :)

  26. Alyssa says:

    My kids would LOVE you!!!!!!!
    I was good for my babysitter. But I did often ask a lot of inappropriate questions, to which she replied “Ask your parents. PLEASE ask your parents!”

  27. Ann Claire says:

    That is awesome that you took your vita to babysit.
    When I babysit, I try not to let the kids watch too much TV, but sometimes that’s all they want to do. I’ve definitely done some cooking/baking with the kids and that is always fun.
    I remember my siblings and I had this one guy babysitter and we would never go to bed for him. One time we finally agreed that if he told us a story about his girlfriend we would got to bed. Not sure why we cared about his girlfriend, strange kids we were (are).

  28. Lisa says:

    ah! I lOVED Lizzie McGuire! and before I ever started babysitting! haha :)
    but agreed, i HATE playing house. UGH!!!! im like, cant I just sit and watch you guys play? but nope! they wont have that!
    i dont remmeber if I was a good “going to bed” child, but my mom told me I would scream and cry when she left the house with my babysitter. I was a demon child!! :( haha

  29. Barb says:

    What can you use to blend your ice cream if you don’t have a vita-mix? Will a regular food processor work?

    My specialty with the kids I babysit for has been brownie cupcakes (brownie batter in cupcake tins). Easy to decorate, not as messy to eat.

    1. Hi Katie. I hope you don’t mind me answering – Barb I’ve used a food processor for Katie’s ice cream recipes before and it’s worked fine. :) I just sometimes use less liquid.

      1. Barb says:


        1. Thanks LB! :)

          Hi Barb,
          I wrote the following in the recipe: If you don’t have a vita-mix, you’ll probably have to thaw longer, but you can still get a yummy ice milk.
          I hope it works for ya! :)

  30. vogelstar says:

    I babysit my niece and nephews. I love tricking them into eating soy ice cream and such. They have no clue and they love it. And I do remember giving my babysitters a hard time when it came to sleeping. If I only knew then what I know now about how wonderful napping is, I would have happily taken all of them.

    1. My cousins are AWESOME! They actually WANT to try all my crazy soy food… and my one cousin even became a vegetarian. Awww :).

  31. Aja says:

    My job right now is babysitting, but it’s not on a schedule. I babysit when people call. One family has twin boys and they just play video games all evening and go to bed when I tell them to, so I kind of just laze around and watch television. The other family I have to keep entertained but no television for them while the parents are gone. I put the little girl down for a nap and the boy just likes to talk.

    My parents were always home in time for bed, so my babysitters never had to deal with that.

  32. I love how you brought your vita-mix with you to babysit! Fairy dust ice cream sounds amazing especially with this summer heat :)

  33. This ice cream looks fabulous…and the name is so cute!
    I hate babysitting, but maybe I’ll grow out of it like you did. When I was younger I was always really shy and quiet around my babysitters which is weird because now I hate it when I babysit a shy kid. Ooops. 😉

  34. Sarah says:

    Awww how sweet! Fairy dust ice cream haha I love kids :) When I used to babysit I would always make homemade pizzas with the kids. They loved that

  35. Ohh I love the “fairy dust” ice cream idea! It looks so pretty and I bet it tastes even better! You are an excellent food photographer too- your pictures always look so pretty! I’m glad you had a nice time babysitting! I’m with you- I think I’d enjoy babysitting now more than I used to! And I wasn’t so bad for my babysitters but the combination of me and my 2 older brothers was the bad part- the 3 of us together must have been quite a handful!!

  36. I hate babysitting! Ugh! I’ve managed to avoid it most of my life, but I have one friend who used to always make me watch her kid. Thankfully, that kid is now 14, so my babysitting days are over. I’m pretty sure the task would have been much easier with a scoop (or five) of that ice cream. Geez, I NEED a Vita Mix!

  37. Emilia says:

    I never thought to travel with my vitamix anywhere– it is pretty light and packable! I’m SO glad vitamix blender isn’t glass or else that would be bad news :)
    Mmmm– i’ll have to try this!

  38. Veronica says:

    I love that you can make icecream without an icecream maker! I have a food processor and have used it to make banana soft serve, but I bet I could make your ice cream recipes as well. I was never watched by a sitter in the evening, so I never got the opportunity to terrorize them about not wanting to go to bed. I used to go to daycare during the day and at nap time, I would just lay there, bored to death. I never was a nap-person.

  39. Amazing sounding recipe Katie – love the ice cream recipes you come up with! :)

  40. Amber K says:

    I babysat constantly! I actually liked it a lot better then than I do now. I find that I have much less patience for watching kid TV and replaying the same game over and over and over and over now. Although I hung out with my niece (7) and nephew (5) this past weekend and I had NO idea how excited they would be to shred papers. I bet those kids liked blending, because these kids went bat-sh!# crazy shredding paper after paper!

  41. Charissa says:

    I think I just might be making this!

  42. veganteen11 says:

    I am babysitting this summer for 6 week straight! I’m running out of ideas to do with the kids.. Yesterday we made vegan orange sorbet, but they wanted something like real ice cream. I will have to try this.
    Thanks for the ideas!

  43. Wow Katie this is beautiful! I love that it’s “fairy dust,” I bet the girls you babysat liked that 😉

    I babysat a bit, but I never got into it so much. I feel like parents got less willing to pay for a babysitter as the economy went bad, so I lost lots of opportunities. I probably wasn’t good at going to bed for a babysitter because my babysitter was oftentimes my older sister; and no one likes to take orders from his/her older sister!

  44. Fairy dust ice cream — so precious and delicious! I’m sure the girls were in heaven with you as a babysitter! :) I used to babysit, and I kinda miss it! I have a friend where we moved with a wee babe, so maybe I can babysit while she and Hubs have a night on the town. 😉

    I have an actual ice-cream maker that I received as a wedding present in ’08, but it’s never made it out of the box! Now that I have some more counter space in the new kitchen, I might try using it for something like this!

  45. You sound like a fun babysitter!

    I always loved babysitting because I love playing with little kids 😀 And making them treats, too! We always play games with their toys, go outside and play, run around, make treats….no wonder I am so exhausted after I babysit!

  46. I loved Dexter’s Lab! But as a science nerd… what else would you expect? :-)
    I babysat all the time! Quick and (sometimes) easy money! Most of my friends are getting married and having babies so I have a feeling I’ll be babysitting (not for $) pretty soon again!

  47. Gen says:

    I’m not a great babysitter……..I guess I lack both patience and imagination! hahaha
    This ice cream looks fabulous!

  48. Oc Ziegler says:

    I babysit pretty often cause I’m good with kids and just to make some extra cash! This ice cream looks so cute. It’s the kind of thing I would have eaten as a little girl just cause it looks so pretty :) haha I used to do that with the icing on cakes all the time when I was little. I always wanted the piece of cake that had the pretty flower or design on it!

  49. I work at a daycare, so I’m pretty much a professional babysitter :) And Dexter’s Laboratory is still on! I don’t know what channel, but one of the channels at work plays a bunch of old cartoons (The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Powerpuff Girls, etc) are played on there. I HATE Dexter’s Laboratory, but unfortunately the kids love it!

    1. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that lol.
      The Jetsons and Flinstones are so much better!

  50. Oh man that looks so good. I used to babysit all the time- it was how I earned money when I was a teenager! :)
    Love the idea of that ice cream too

  51. You brought your Vitamix to the babysitting gig? Omg those LUCKY girls!!!! My babysitters never brought anything over. Maybe a coloring book? But they certainly weren’t making me vegan ice cream :)

    And loving the pics of the ice cream and the funfetti blondie. Very FUN!

    Was I good for my sitters, honestly I think I was. Skylar is good for hers, so maybe there is some karma after all! :)

  52. Sarah C says:

    Love this! Oh my goodness!

  53. Laura says:

    I babysit all the time and love it! I have found it helps to play card games or board games with the kids, color, read books, and even watch movies. Really, kids love anything if you are interested in it as well.

  54. I made some coconut ice cream this morning using a similar method and I was so pleasantly surprised at how creamy and ice cream like it came out with no need of an ice cream maker! My only issue was trying to take pictures of it for my blog, it got melty so quickly I had to re freeze it for an hour and try again! I can only imagine in Texas how much harder it must have been to get a great shot, but you definitely managed, it looks awesome!

    1. Oh goodness, yes it’s hard! For the photoshoot, I make the ice cream ahead of time, freeze it again (in ice cream shape), and then shoot really fast! I also do it indoors, in the air con ;).

  55. One time while I was babysitting, one of the kids got electrocuted. She was fine, but freaked out! Weirdly enough, the family asked me to babysit a few more times. I didn’t do it that often, though. I was usually too busy.

  56. Katie I shall be making this asap!! “ice cream” with no machine! nice! 😀 You sound like a great babysitter!

  57. You are definitely their favorite babysitter!!! When I use to babysit, the treat woudl always be using the Easy Bake Oven. Those treats far surpass that! haha

  58. Carissa says:

    Omg- that looks heavenly! Can you just please come to my house and whip up some for me?? :)

    1. If you have extra chocolate for me, I am so there! 😉

  59. Ragnhild says:

    Im not a big fan of sprinkles, but this looks perfect for kids 😀 I guess they loved you!
    I have been babysitting a lot over the years. Not too much for the last couple of years though, but from time to time :)

  60. Cait says:

    that’s awesome girl- i love babysitting but i know how crazy days can be especially if you’re like me and you nanny on a day to day basis. doing fun things like DIY projects are always a hit. that ice cream looks fabulous! xo great job girl!

  61. McIntosh says:

    Can’t wait to try this and love the nutritional stats but what is the serving size for the stats?

    1. Leslie says:

      Not Katie, but I thought I’d point out that the recipe says it makes two servings and the nutrition info says it’s per serving.

      1. McIntosh says:

        But how much is a serving in ounces though? 8?

        1. A serving is 1/2 the recipe. I’ve never measured the ounces, but if you really want to know, just add all the ounces of the individual ingredients and divide by two.

  62. Oh wow that looks so good. When I go home after my summer class ends, I’m planning on making a bunch of your recipes!

  63. Jess says:

    i want to try this soon. i loved the old spongebob, new episodes not so much. it looks so sparkly, but i made raw lucuma ice cream… maybe i can make my own cashew milk for the base.

  64. Nathalie says:

    I actually….never had babysitters. Well, I did when I was REALLY young, like 3 or 4. I barely remember that. When I got older we just never ran into the need for one.

    I have to admit that I did, and still would if I could, watch a lot of those original “cartoon cartoons.” I LOVE (the original, pre-style change) Dexter’s Lab, Johnny Bravo, even the Power Puff Girls. I always thought there was something in those for both the adults and the kids. A certain je ne sais quoi, a bit of bite, a touch of sarcasm. Er.. yeah.

    It’s suddenly gotten WAY hot here X_x. I’ve been playing with lighter, more refreshing lemon themed versions of some of your recipes. I’ll link ya when I finish the post on it (^.^)

    1. Nathalie says:

      Have a look if ya’d like =D You’ve certainly made my life a tastier one! Hehehe.

  65. Leslie says:

    Gorgeous photos, Miss Katie! Just beautiful. I love how colorful sprinkles make everything :).

  66. Sarah says:

    Well, I’m 20 and I still babysit.. but I like to think of myself as a nanny now. Sounds much more mature.

    The cake batter ice cream looks soo good! Soo do the blondies!

  67. Katarina says:

    Looks really yummy!

  68. michelle says:

    It’s so funny you have this blog tonight. My 13 yr old is on her very first babysitting gig. I’m in constant text with her and she’s loving it! Like you I didn’t really enjoy it either but she’s loving the little girl and counting her $$ in advance. I’m going to suggest she take healthy snacks with her next time.

  69. Amy says:

    I love this whole cake batter/sprinkles theme you have going! So adorable and colorful! It is hard not to want to eat anything that looks this delicious! I need to try out this recipe :)!

  70. Recently found your blog–love it! Healthy desserts are right up my alley! I’m a nanny, but babysit for over 10 families! It gets crazy at times, especially because I don’t go a single day without getting a new job and my schedule is constantly changing! I love it though!

    1. Aww I’m so glad you found my blog! Your title is ADORABLE :).

  71. Lorin says:

    Oh, how I wished I had a vita-mix because I don’t really want ice milk….but ice cream.

  72. AikoVenus says:

    There are so many things that I have to say about this. 1 – This is absolute favorite type of ice cream and uses all of my favorite nuts. 2 – Your pictures are so beautiful and clear that I’m a bit jealous. 3 – Oh my goodness, sprinkles? I need to confiscate all of them for…research.

    Don’t even get me started on the blondies.

  73. Shannon says:

    this looks SO GOOD! Im going to try making it this week! =D

    How do you come up with all these awesome recipes?? =)

  74. Nikki says:

    I am not sure if this question was already asked because I don’t have time to read 100 comments, but how long does this last if you make it and put it in the freezer? Also, how long after I make a smoothie using a banana can I keep it in the fridge before it starts effecting the taste and texture?

    1. It lasts for weeks, but you’ll have to re-thaw it.
      And I don’t know the answer to your second question because I’ve never tried it.


    This looks so good! Like REAL icecream!

  76. Marissa says:

    I hate children and thus will never babysit, lol. I have been asked many times. I say no. I am child adverse…

    When I was little, I would NEVER go to bed! I would always stay up until my parents got home, haha.

  77. I love to babysit!! :) I just babysat last night actually. :)

    I LOVE THIS!!! Girl, you always ahve the best recipes! :)

  78. Erin says:

    I’m 17, so I still get the “Oh, hey, do you babysit?” whenever I meet adults. I’ve always thought about bringing along something to bake but I was always too scared at the idea of making a mess in their kitchen! I think “Fairy Dust Ice Cream” would be a pretty safe bet though 😀

    But actually, the only babysitting I’ve done “officially” was for a 10-month-old boy and later, for two sisters: an 8-year-old and an 11-year-old. The baby was obviously pretty simple; he went to bed after around an hour of playing with his toys. The girls though… that was harder. We played A LOT of cards, I cooked them dinner, we watched TV, walked the dog, went swimming, etc… just basically whatever they wanted to do. The hardest part was that I had to channel some of my inner pre-teen so that I would be fun to play with! Haha.

    I was a dream child to babysit. All I did while she was there was play video games or computer games by myself. I didn’t want to bother the babysitter, haha.

  79. Trudy says:


    Can you use this mix in an ice cream machine?

    1. Hi Trudy!

      I’ve never actually tried it… but I’d be very interested to know if it works! If you try it, let me know! :)

  80. I just made this and I really want to try variations now! It was incredibly refreshing:)

  81. Twyla says:

    I never babysat, though I was secretly in love with the “idea” of the babysitter’s club, I never read any of the books either. I failed – yes straight out failed – miserably – the course at school when I was like fourteen and never looked back.
    Now I have a daughter of my own and think those people who run the course are full of sh— and if I failed then *good* for me. I wasn’t wrong then. Those people must not have heard of common sense.
    Now I have a question: why can you not omit the salt?
    (and yes … its still on tv in its fifth or tenth season of re-runs – much to my dismay and my DD’s enjoyment, though really it should be replaced by ‘angry beavers’ because really, who doesn’t love Stump?)

    1. LOL I guess you can technically omit the salt if you want to… I just wrote not to because I know people will think it’s weird to have salt in a sweet ice cream recipe. But a tiny pinch of salt really brings out the sweet flavor :).

  82. Nichole says:

    This looks AMAZING. I can’t wait to try it :) Thanks for sharing! By the way, I really enjoyed your posts on how to have a successful blog!

  83. Love this recipe, and your blog, what a great concept!! I’ve pinned it on my “things to make” recipe board on Pinterest and am going to follow you on Twitter too!

    1. Aww thank you so much! That really means a lot to me :)

  84. Diane says:

    This is excellent! Just made it for my husband. His favorite ice cream flavor is cake batter. I added 2 drops of blue food coloring to make it more believable. Thanks for all your amazing recipes :)

  85. Jen says:

    I saw this unsweetened almond-coconut milk blend (by Blue Diamond) and thought it would be perfect for this recipe — and it is deeeelicious! Well done.

  86. JMIKES says:

    Dear CCK,

    I have a life-threatening allergy to coconut and all coconut products. Is there any kind of vegan recipes you can come up with for me?


    1. LOL many of my recipes don’t contain coconut! Just browse through my recipe page:

  87. Elise Porter says:

    Could this be made in an ice cream maker? I don’t have a blender, much less a vitamix. :(

  88. Have you tried making any of these ice creams in a magic bullet? I might give it a whirl this evening…

    1. I think you could get a smoothie out of it… if you thawed a lot.

  89. Abby says:

    How do you keep the sprinkles from losing their color when mixing everything together? It looks so pretty in the picture!

  90. Jessica says:

    I feel so dumb asking, but what is vita mix?

    1. Diane says:

      Google it–it’s a super super blender, sort of!

  91. Anabel says:

    Oh my goodness this is delicious! I made it with some friends and let me tell you it was NOT enough to go around three people..mmmmm…..we made a second batch, of course!
    As a high school student I currently babysit some kids of a long-time family friend. I know them well but these three kids are little devils haha! One of them was kicked out of pre-school for being so rude, and the other has more attitude than all the Bratz dolls combined! (Am I the only one who finds them creepy? lol) The last, fortunately is a sweet little thing but a VERY nit-picky eater. I plan to make some of this when I babysit again next week. Who knows…maybe they’ll love it so much they’ll go right to sleep afterwards! Fingers crossed =)

  92. Tisha says:

    When you said you can use butter extract instead of coconut butter, do you mean imitation butter flavoring? I can’t find butter extract anywhere.

      1. Michaela says:

        Is there a certain brand you use or recommend?

    1. Aleshia says:

      Butter flavored extract is easy to find anywhere that carry cake decorating supplies. A lot of decorators use it in frosting and fondant. In my city I go to Micheals Arts and Crafts in the Wilton section.

  93. Liz says:

    Can you make this in an ice cream maker?

  94. This looks absolutely delish!! I love cake batter but hate all the junk that’s in it!
    I baby-sat A LOT in jr. high and high school but now that I have my own son, I’m less into other people’s kids….kind of interesting. I still love my friends kids, but I’m good just hangin’ out with my little guy :)

  95. Anonymous says:

    This is such a great recipe, SO YUMMY and healthy! :) thank you!!

  96. Sarah says:

    I tried making this tonight. Even with a normal blender, this came out pretty creamy. Next time, I’m going to try adding some coconut milk or cream — the almond flavor was nearly overpowering for me.

  97. Sella says:

    You are on a cake batter rage! I think you like sprinkles more than those kids..hahahaha!! I can’t wait to try this recipe. Thanks!

  98. Aj says:

    Is this dairy free?

    1. My entire website is dairy free :)

      Just be sure to use your favorite dairy-free milk, such as canned coconut milk or almond milk.

  99. Shabnam says:


    I first wanted to let you know that I LOVE your blog! In fact, you have inspired me to go vegan! Anyways, I am trying to win the cuisinart mixer and I re-pinned the cake batter frozen yogurt. I chose this recipe because what can be better than ice cream and cake, all wrapped up in a bowl?!

  100. Nic says:

    I made this with homemade coconut milk (sans the sprinkles) a few nights ago and it is by far the BEST vegan vanilla ice cream I have made. Adding the melted coconut butter really helps the flavor and texture. I can’t thank you enough. My husband and daughter love it. I actually can’t stop thinking about it! Thanks again!!

  101. Karen Sue says:

    Just put this in the freezer. Even my picky eater is waiting in anticipation of this treat.

  102. Mary says:

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  103. Ashley says:

    This looks great! But you should be aware that 1 cup of coconut milk is almost 500 calories…

  104. SaraAnne Stahl says:

    Hey there, Little Miss Chocolate Covered Katie!
    First, you re so darling and I love all of your wonderful ideas! We are all about the cake batter recipes and can’t wait to try this one. I was just toying with the exact recipe idea for your chocolate chip mint ice cream from frozen bananas (less the green) and I will now try it for certain! Also, did you know that IF you use white beans instead of garbanzo beans and melt the chocolate chips prior to adding to the blender, your deep dish chocolate chip cookie pie turns into AMAZING BROWNIES!?!?! (Also, you can lessen the oil by more than half and substitute with fat free Greek yogurt to lessen the fat, but I think that goes against your idea of staying away from dairy.) Thanks for such great posts! Keep up the wonderful work in the kitchen!

  105. This ice cream looks incredible! Love healthy, lighter ice creams that are still super tasty. I have never baby-sat before, as I am kind of uncomfortable around kids. But I used to love my baby-sitters. It was like having a best friend who played with me and went shopping and out to eat – it was a blast. I’m sure you’re a great baby-sitter.

  106. Sandra says:

    I made this recipe as written but, put the liquid into silicone molds. My daughter LOVES her new ice cream treats!

  107. Aleshia says:

    Please DO NOT USE STEVIA FOR CHILDREN UNDER 12!! It is well proven that it can have side effects that mimic stereroids in their systems. Both my family doctor and my nutritionist warned me of this. Just use sugar.

  108. Rachel says:

    This looks great, have you tried making it in a regular ice cream maker? I have one just laying around because I am avoiding the dairy fat but I haven’t found any other recipes. This looks like it might work, so creative, job well done.

    1. Chocolate Covered Katie says:

      Yes, it works :)

  109. Jeanie says:

    Hey Katie!
    I’ve been chowing down on your recipes for a while now (telling everyone who’ll listen in the meantime) but this will be my very first comment! I’ve made this recipe as written several times but… I just got an icecream maker so I had to try it out! I made the peanut butter version in the machine as written and it was fantabulous! I decided though that I would try the cake batter recipe smushed together with another recipe I found for cornstarch icecream. (The recipe can be googled) I pretty much just used almond milk as the milk in the other recipe along with your suggestion of coconut butter and of course the vanilla and salt. Holy cow. It’s amazing and you must try it immediately.
    That is all.

    1. Heather says:

      I was so excited to see your comment. I am trying to find recipes for our 4 quart ice cream maker, what size is yours and could you please tell me what quantities you used?

  110. Emily says:


    Can you explain how this is 40 calories a serving to me? Silk almond milk is 90 calories per cup, so I am confused as to how this actually pans out. Thanks!

  111. Heather says:

    Katie, Have you ever made your recipes in an old fashioned ice cream maker? My kids have dairy allergies and I want to make large batches for our family (6 of us!) I would love to have recipes with adjusted measurements for a 4 quart ice cream maker. Any ideas? Thanks!

    1. I haven’t tried, but I don’t see why you couldn’t do this one in an ice cream maker. Or try my four ingredient ice cream recipe instead.

  112. Jaime says:

    I made this and it came out to be a slush…

  113. stephanie says:

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  114. Sam says:

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  115. Monica says:

    I will defiantly try this but I really love chocolate, so maybe I will modify it, and I just became the owner of a vitamin a couple of months ago! :)

  116. I knew you wouldn’t let me down. I saw the facebook post and I was just hoping this would be vegan! Thanks

  117. Bethany says:

    Hi Katie,
    I REALLY need a substitution for coconut butter. I can never find it ANYWHERE and you use it a lot in your recipes.
    Thank you!!!

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    you are an amazing person Katie!

    All your recipes are just amazing! i’m amazed a little bit more each day i find a new awesome recipe! Keep them coming gurlll and thank you! I really appreciate you posting your recipes instead of selling them to people! :)

    1. Thank you so much for trying it :)

  119. Karen W says:

    This looks yummy! I just treated my family to an ice cream maker, so we’re trying a vanilla ice cream recipe as I type! I was wondering, can this be made in an ice cream maker? I’m hoping so bc my daughter, even though she’s almost 13, would LOVE this recipe!

    Wow, you must be the BEST babysitter EVER!

  120. Maggie says:

    Would this work with a magic bullet instead of a vitamix?

  121. Audrey says:

    Did you use sweetened or unsweetened almond milk? I try to follow recipes 100% the first time (then decide whether or not to tweak it for my personal tastes).

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      I think Katie usually uses Silk unsweetened almond milk in recipes. I know she’s said that about some of the other ice cream recipes on this blog.

      1. Audrey says:

        Thank you!

  122. Maddy pewtress says:

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  123. Robert Talound says:

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  124. Savannah says:

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  125. Krista says:

    I have a soft serve ice cream maker would this work? And what is a serving size

  126. Cynthia says:

    Hi, Katie,
    Used to love cake batter ice cream, so this is great, but isn’t it really ice milk if you don’t use full fat coconut milk? Would putting it in an ice cream maker make it creamy?
    Thanks for all you do!

  127. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

    You need to use the tamper. For easier blending, either thaw a little more before blending or you can double the recipe, which makes for smoother blending as well.

  128. Sue Cousins says:

    What is coconut butter, and where can I find it? Is it high in everything? Is the stevie good for the recipes. Just don’t want to gain any weight! Where can I get chocolate protein powder for three fro you recipe

  129. Seva says:

    First of all, I don’t do pinit, nor tweet or any of the other social media things but I do like your site and your recipes help a lot because I am diabetic. Thank you for all your recipes, and I do like the fact that you allow us to print some of them. I have tried everything to get a print of the Cake Batter Ice Cream but nothing works. Please don’t ask me to cut and paste as I’m very old and am lucky to have found your website!….lol.
    Please tell how I can get a clean printable copy of this recipe.
    Will be truly grateful.

  130. sara says:

    must the milk be canned?

  131. kristi says:

    Katie can you please email me receipes . I can figure out how to sign up??? Saw Alfredo avocado one. Looks good and dessert ones for sure…??? Thank you. Just saw one on Pinterest !! :) thanks

    1. Just sent you a confirmation email! :) :)