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My Big Decision

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**For questions related to blogging for a living, see Blogging As A Full Time Job.

my blog f

Time to talk about the F word.

Yesterday’s f word was frivolous: Healthy Frappucinos.

But today, it’s time to get more serious; today’s f word is “future.” Specifically, my future and the future of my chocolate-covered blog.

The future of Chocolate-Covered Katie

This summer, I had to make a big decision regarding the blog I’ve written for over three years. I enjoy every second of the blogging process—from writing posts to creating recipes to setting up photoshoots to interacting with readers. But keeping up a blog takes a lot of time, and as the blog has grown, so too has the time requirement. Answering the hundreds of daily questions I receive from readers could be a full-time job in itself!

I knew there’d be no way to maintain a full-time job and still focus as much passion and energy as I’d like on CCK. If I didn’t want to give up the blog completely, I would at least be forced to give it less than my full attention.

This was not ok with me. When I do something, I do it 100% or not at all. But I couldn’t imagine giving up all my passions to make room for a job where I’d be miserable. Therefore, I decided to make this blog…

My full-time job.

It seems to easy, now, to write the above statement. Just. Like. That. But the truth is my decision wasn’t just like that. It took many hours of going back and forth, writing pros-and-cons lists, and eating a copious number of chocolate bars to counter all the nervousness. There were many “cons” on the list of reasons not to keep blogging, but I realized that most of them had something to do with security. And when it comes down to it, I’d rather take a risk if there’s a possibility to be ridiculously happy.

With Robert Frost’s “Road not Taken” poem in mind, I’ve decided to not go out and look for a “real” job. Instead, I will be a full-time blogger, at Chocolate-Covered Katie.

Nothing is going to change, except that I’ll now have even more time to dream up—and experiment with—healthy dessert creations like hot chocolate fudge cinnamon rolls or chocolate pumpkin cream pie. If I have a chance to do what I love for a living, I need to take that chance. I have to take a risk and at least try!

chocolate covered katie brownies


The fact that I even have the opportunity to make this choice is all thanks to you. If you’ve ever recommended my site to a friend, shared a link, liked the Chocolate-Covered Katie Facebook Page, made one of my recipes, or even simply read one of my posts, I am so incredibly grateful.

Yes, I’m scared about the future now that I’ve made my decision. But I’m also excited because of the people with whom I’ll get to interact every day: you all! (Well, you all and chocolate. I must admit to being pretty thrilled my job lets me work so closely with chocolate.) I think part of my apprehension for the future is unavoidable no matter what route I take. That’s just the nature of getting out on one’s own and defining one’s life. It’s a scary time.

I am so indebted to your support and kindness that makes it even possible for me to explore this path. I hope, if any of you are ever faced with a scary decision requiring you to take a leap of faith, that you go for it! Don’t force your passions to take a back seat to the “shoulds” and “have to”s in life, because you only stand to look back someday with regret, thinking:

“What if I’d followed my dreams???”

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. awesome decision katie – we would miss you and your healthy desserts. following your heart is always the way to go!

  2. Wow Katie! Good for you! It’s obvious as a reader how much you love blogging and I’m thrilled that you’re going to stay with us. That took a huge leap of faith and I know you will be extremely successful.

  3. I know I don’t know you personally, but I am so proud and HAPPY for you. No one should ever have to give up what they love.
    And I think I speak for everyone who reads your blog that we cannot get enough! I absolutely love looking at your desserts, attempting to make them, or just admiring how pretty they look! There is definitely a future here, even if you decide to branch out with a CCK cookbook or something. I’d be all over that 😀
    I think you’re awesome! And I bet it feels great to get that off your chest. Behind you 100% :)

  4. good for you katie. i know exactly how you feel, last year i made a huge decision and made some drastic changes with how my life was going. follow your heart and you will always be truly happy!!

  5. Congrats on your decision Katie!! I definitely think you mde the right one! :)

  6. Alyssa says:

    Wow, this is so exciting!!!!! Congratulations! So glad to see you following your heart.

  7. You’ve got guts! That’s something most people don’t have enough of. That’s amazing that you have so much passion to follow your… well, passion. I think that the best career is one that you love, and you obviously love doing this–you’ve been doing it for so long and put so much time and effort into it, and it’s turned into something great! Keep going! And I’d like to say that I fully support you and your blog. I’ll be recommending it to as many people as I can and spreading the word. :-) I’d be crushed if your blog had to come to an end.

    1. Emma says:

      Me too! I will be recommending this site to EVERYONE I know and sending along links and tweets, to help you “stay in business” lol.

      It’s purely selfish reasons I’ll do it, though: I want to keep reading your yummy recipes, so you have to keep writing them! 😉 ;).

      1. Aww thank y’all! I can’t even tell you how much that means to me!!

        1. Dear CCK,
          I’m always so inspired by your blog–and you! You fueled my decision to become vegan and your ideas and recipes opened up tons of new doors for me. Your blog also inspired me to start up my own. It isn’t much yet, but I’m hoping that, if I keep working on it, it’ll become better with time. My dream is to eventually have a blog as great and successful as yours! Of course, I know it will take tons of dedication and patience.
          I’m only fifteen, so I still have time to figure out what I want to dedicate my life to, but it seems like I don’t actually have that much time to decide. Picking a career seems scary. I’m pretty sure that no matter what I choose to do, though, I’m going to get a business degree–those are always useful. I might even open up my own all-natural business of some sort, or maybe a restaurant. I always wanted to be a writer, but I don’t think I’ll have the patience to write an entire novel or anything. Right now, I’m hoping that maybe I’ll have a blog as a sort of a part-time job? That would be amazing. It would satisfy my love of writing, photographing, creativity, AND experimenting in the kitchen: basically, getting to express myself for a career. <3

          Thank you so much for being such an inspiration! I just know your blog will continue to grow and blossom! 😉

          1. Marissa says:

            NaturalAsCanBe- What is your blog?

  8. That is such a bold move – congrats to you for making it! I’m not sure I had the guts you do when I graduated. I’m sure you will always be glad you did it. :)

  9. You know what? From the first time I read your blog… I still remember which post it was… the “Voluminous Oatmeal Trick” post… I fell in love… with this blog, with your recipes, with you (NO not in a lesbian kind of way!). This is an awesome blog and I’m so glad you’re going after your dreams all the way. Money indeed isn’t everything. No one wants to earn a ton yet dread every moment of everyday. Living life to the fullest by doing what you truly love? THAT’s the right thing to do! I’ve always had my own dream that I want to go after and to achieve… and it doesn’t really involve much money either. My parents have shown their disapproval but I’m not going to give p my dream. I’m so glad you can pursue yours. Please don’t be scared! We (the readers) will always be supportive of you! 😀 And thank you for your decision.

  10. Lisa C says:

    Oh my GOSH, thank goodness you’ve decided to stick with us. Where else would I got when I need a recipe for a dessert that tastes good and also makes my tummy feel good? Do not leave us, Katie. My tastebuds would miss you too much! 😉

  11. Joanna says:

    So glad you’ve decided to continue blogging! I was getting a little nervous when I first started reading this post since your blog is definitely one of my favorites. Congratulations on pursuing something your passionate about! You’re going to be great!

    1. Meg says:

      I got nervous as well! I am SO happy you’re pursuing happiness!!!! It is the only way to truly, TRULY live.

  12. I’m so glad you went forward with this post! And I couldn’t be happier that you’re staying with the blogging world. I’m a firm believer in doing what you love and loving what you do. I very much understand your position. I’m in a PhD program right now, doing something I thought I loved. It turns out, while I find it interesting, I’m not dedicated enough to finish my 6 year degree with enough gusto to be successful, nor do I love it enough to be happy doing so. I have so many more interests, blogging and photography included, to tie myself down here.

    You’re a fantastic blogger, I love reading your posts and making your recipes. You’ll be successful for sure! We’re all here to support you!

    1. Amy says:

      Ugh I am in the same position! I’m currently too far into my degree to quit, but I wish I hadn’t ever started. But if I quit now, all those years (three) will have been wasted :(.

  13. Sarah says:

    Congrats on your decision :) I am sure you will do amazing. I love your blogs and all of your recipes. I practically live off of the chocolate covered katie diet :) It sounds like you made a very long and hard decision and am happy you have chosen to continue what you love doing most.

  14. Ally says:

    CCK! What would I have done without you?! Your post today made me smile from ear-to-ear :) I am so happy I will be getting new CCK posts for a very long time in the future…

    1. Your comment made ME smile from ear to ear! :)

  15. Leslie says:

    I LOVE your blog, Katie! I even just voted for it in VegNews. I was shocked it wasn’t there originally :(. Thanks for being so awesome!

    1. Thanks Leslie! That means so much to me!

  16. I think all your readers will agree that your decision is a great one, and not one you will regret down the road. Your drive and confidence is contagious and inspiring! Congratulations on being brave enough to follow your true passion.

  17. Jen says:

    Decisions like these are hard to make, but nothing is permanent. The average person changes careers multiple times in a lifetime. I think it’s great that you’re doing what you love. Happiness comes first, in my book. Without it, you’ve got nothing! Life is too short to not do what we truly enjoy doing.

  18. Sarahishealthy says:

    I don’t have a blog of my own, but I check yours every day, and I think I’ve probably made over two thirds of your recipes. And only once did one not work out perfectly for me, and it turned out that was because of a mistake I made in reading the directions!

    You are so brave and so awesome. You have my best wishes for the future. And I am excited to hear about some of those new recipes!

  19. saskia says:

    Girl, you SO rock!

    nothing more i can say, i cannot find any words.

    sending you my best wishes and respect,


  20. Erika K says:

    Congrats! After college is a really scary time! But don’t worry, you can always change careers. Honestly its probably not the best time to go out looking for a job right now anyway, with our economy. You’re so lucky you get the opportunity to be doing what you love. I admire your courage and confidence, and it’s just natural to be scared, so don’t worry. We all love and support you!

    1. So true! Definitely not the best job market out there right now! 😕

  21. Heidi says:

    See those?


    Hear That?

    Shout of joy and “You Go Girl!”

    Feel that?

    A whoosh of air from my fist pumping in the air for your benefit.

    Too few follow their dreams. Thank you for sharing with us your decision to do just that. And Rock The Casbah Katie, you are ruling your world:) :)

  22. VeggieGirl says:

    Love ya, girl! We need to have a phone chat soon please.

  23. tracey says:

    Congrats on following your dreams! You have wonderful natural talents! :)

  24. Erin says:

    Hi Katie,
    I never comment, but I think your blog is incredible. You have nothing but support from me, a normally silent reader. Cheers to you. And get that cookbook out already! 😉

  25. Anonymous says:

    We love you Katie!

  26. Awesome, Katie!! Congratulations! :)

  27. Faith says:

    I am SO exicted for you! If I had the following/readership and the chance to be a full time blogger, I would definitely take advantage of it. You’re so lucky, but obviously you’ve also worked so hard to get here. I am so proud of you and excited to see your future posts! :)

  28. Congrats girl! You’ll never regret doing what you love!

  29. Lisa Fine says:

    Love it – congratulations, Katie! And sending you lots of love and good luck (though you don’t need the luck part). :)

  30. Desiree says:

    Congrats on your decision. As a stalker…um… reader of your blog, I am very happy. Who knows where this might lead you, a cookbook possibly??? I’d be the first in line to purchase it… as many other readers would probably be as well. Thank you for sharing your awesomeness with us!!!


  31. Melissa says:

    I am SO excited–SO SO excited!–for you, Katie! It’s clear that this is where your talent lies and you should absolutely pursue this dream. Congratulations on your new career! I’m sure it will be a long and successful one! :)

  32. Kat says:

    Katie,although I don’t know you well and although I am quite a “new” reader,I am SO glad about your decision as it means you won’t “leave us alone” out here. 😀
    I love your blog,your posts,your choice of words,your recipes. Qhat shall I say? – I am a CCK-addict! 😉
    I believe in you and your dreams,go,Katie! 😀

  33. CONGRATS! I am so glad you made the decision to not give up the blog! Who would I turn to for all my healthy treats?! Good luck with everything! I have no doubt that you will be successful no matter what path you choose!

  34. Em says:


  35. Yay! So pleased you’re not quitting blogging. I know what it’s like to make a scary career choice – as a full-time independent musician, I also chose to pursue my passion rather than pursue money, and I don’t regret it one bit. I’m confident that you won’t regret your decision either. Look forward to being able to continue reading CCK and trying out even more of your tasty recipes! I’ll also continue to spread the word about the blog!

  36. LizAshlee says:

    You rock and I am so happy for you! I believe we should all follow our dreams and do what we love to do! Things always have a way of working out if we believe it! Just gotta stick to those positive affirmations! I can easily identify as I recently enrolled in IIN’s program and kept going back and forth…in the end, I believe it is going to up opportunities to grow my passion for healthy living!! “She believed so she did!”

    Yay for you! Have a great day! :)

  37. Eric Jaffa says:

    Did you graduate from college in May?

  38. Megan says:

    I have been awaiting this post since you said you had news to share on Tuesday. I am SO glad that you are keeping your blog and pursuing what is right for you! Thanks for sharing what’s been going on too (I am still pulling for a CCK cookbook). I LOVE reading your blog and look forward to seeing what you have everyday! You really inspire me to eat what sounds fun and explore new ideas! Thanks Katie!

  39. Wow, Katie this is so exciting!!! Good luck to you as you start this “new” adventure!

  40. Amanda says:

    Great post – congratulations! I only recently discovered your blog and immediately fell in love with it. I’m super excited that there will be many more recipes to come. I, too, hope I have the courage to follow my dreams and just do what makes me happy. When I’m finally brave enough, you’ll be my inspiration! :)

  41. Lita says:

    I just started reading your blog recently because I had to change my diet due to health reasons. I may not have tried any particular recipe but it’s very enjoyable to see all the possibilities and learn about new ingredients. I’m so glad you’re sticking around =)

  42. Anonymous says:

    Hey katie! Just wondering what you majored in college? And really glad that you’re not going to give up blogging! I don’t know what I’ll do without all your recipies!!

    1. I think I need to do a whole separate post about college! I’m starting to write it right now :).

  43. Jennifer says:

    Congratulations, Katie, on making a difficult decision! I know how scary making post-graduation decisions can be–which is probably why I am still in school…. From a completely selfish point of view, I am certainly glad that I will be able to come here to “see” you everyday as I toil away at my dissertation over the next few years. Reading your blog over the past year or so has been a great joy to me each day and getting to try your recipes has increased my confidence in the kitchen and increased my repetoire of recipes. Thanks!

  44. That’s awsome news. You must be feeling so excited!!

  45. Congratulations Katie! It is so hard to make big decisions like this one, but going with your gut feeling and your passion is always the right choice. I wish you the best of luck and I look forward to reading your blog for a long time to come!

  46. This is brilliant news Katie – great job!

    Really looking forward to all of your yummy recipes :)

  47. This post makes this chocolate maker very happy. What would we do without our daily dose of CCK? Wishing you success and most of all – happiness.

    1. Feeling is mutual… I do not know what I’d do without your chocolate, especially the raspberry one! LOVE that chocolate :) :).

  48. Way to go, Katie! It sounds like you made the right decision. I’m so glad there is still a lot more Chocolate-Covered Katie in the future! :-)

  49. Jessy says:

    Heh, from the moment you mentioned your blog-related future in your older posts/comments, I knew this would be the announcement! Exciting! 😉

  50. Congrats on being able to make your blog into your future – when something’s right, it’s just right (and your desserts, my friend, can’t get any more right!)

  51. Gen says:

    Yaaaay!!!!! Definitely looking forward to your future posts! 😀

  52. Lilly says:

    BIG chocolate hug! yayyy :)

  53. Lizzie says:

    Yahoo! You are the best, Katie. I’m hoping the “another post for another day” part is hintiing at a cookbook???

  54. Katie, major, major congrats to you for taking this leap!!!! I am so happy for you!!!! It’s super scary, yes, I am sure to not look for a “real job” but blogging (as anyone who writes a consistent daily or multi-daily blog) knows…blogging IS a job! It can be as much as you make it from photography to recipe development, writing the posts, handling the comments…this is ALL a job and I know this. You know this. I hope you can make a go of it and support yourself$$ from blogging. You deserve this!!! And gosh, I am thrilled for you!!

    I am sitting here at Food & Light in Boulder and I am sitting next to Elana Amsterdam of Elana’s Pantry and she says hi!

    We are both giving you a hi right how :) And a ((HUG))

    I want to be like you when I grow up!


    1. I heard on your blog that you were going to that conference. I am mucho jealous! And you met Elana? Now I am even MORE jealous! If you see this (and then see her again), say hi for me… and then give her a chocolate-covered hug :).

      And then maybe come to Texas so I can meet you too??? :)

  55. Congrats! I don’t remember how I came across your blog, but I remember when I did I literally read every single post you’ve ever posted. It took me a while, but I did it! And I’m so glad you’re going to continue blogging. The blog world wouldn’t be the same without you!

  56. Wow, that’s a huge decision. Congratulations. I’m sure that it wasn’t easy to get to this point and I really applaud you for pushing through and pursuing what you actually want-not what you think others want you to do. So often, we go through life pursuing dreams that other people have planted in our heads. Law school because parents suggest it is a good idea. Medicine because your father is a doctor. It takes guts to actually go after what you honestly love. I am very happy that CCK is here to stay and look forward to seeing how the blog grows in the future!

  57. Bryant says:

    I’m so excited for you!

    “To be honest with you, I am terrified. I’m scared of the uncertainty, and I’m especially scared of not knowing what the heck I’m doing in regards to the whole blogging process! I don’t have technological, culinary, nor photography training. In fact, I’ve never even taken a course in any of these areas. (So much for a college degree!) Everything I do is from experimentation– trial and error.

    As I wrote in my post on Food Blogging Tips, I blog simply because I enjoy sharing my crazy ideas and getting inspired by others’ crazy ideas.”

    This really struck me. I have something I feel I’m meant to do, but have been waiting until I have the money to do the website better, I know more, I know if it will be well received and so on. To read what you put, it just made sense! I want to share and connect and I should just get started. Terrifying! :) Thanks for sharing yourself with all of us and Good luck to you!

    1. Thanks! And good luck to you, too!!

  58. Gina G says:

    SO SO SO happy for you KATIE!!! <3

  59. Sarah C says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few years now, and I could not be more excited about your chocolate-covered future.
    Also, like some of the other commenters, I’d be very interested in a book…. and I’d fight them to be first in line ;).

  60. Nikita says:

    I’m so glad you made that decision! There are so many inspiring people in the blog world. Its wonderful that you can do what you love! I hope someday my blog will be a bigger part of my life, but right now it is small and I’m working AND in school so it’s difficult to find the time for it. Yet I find myself thinking about recipes and blog posts all day at work or school… Hmm… lol.

  61. Ellen says:

    Congratulations, Katie, and a big hug from a reader who adores you, your blog, and all your recipes I’ve ever tried!

  62. Jenny says:

    congrats on your decision & on following your heart! i’ve just stumbled on your blog recently (via tastespotting) and i’ve really been enjoying your posts and recipes. i’m glad to hear they wont be going away anytime soon!

    1. I’m so glad you found me!!! :)

  63. Amanda in TX says:

    Your blog wasn’t the first one I came across, but it certainly is the BEST one. I so look forward to clicking every day and seeing “What’s Katie up to? What amazing delicious yummy treat has she somehow healthified today?” Thanks for brightening my world. I know you’re going to succeed in your new job, and I am so happy you made the decision you did!

  64. What a great decision. I’ve been struggling with something similar lately, and while much of the “logic” and “practicality” swings in one direction, I know in my gut that, while it’s risky, now is the time to go the other way because I have the potential to make my dreams come true. It’s all about choosing mind over matter and pushing what other people think out of my mind completely, and remembering that even if the road is harder, it will be so much more worth it in the end!

  65. Kathy says:

    You go, girl! I am so happy for you–and your readers that you have decided to continue to dream up and share the most amazing chocolate recipes in the world! I truly believe that all forms of success (satisfaction, fame, money) come naturally when you do what you love. I wish you all the best.
    Chocolate XOs.

  66. Amy says:

    This post really helped me to evaluate my own life. You see, right now I’m stuck in a job that makes a lot of money but that I HATE. Reading about courage like yours is really making me think I should go for my dreams, even though it’s a bit harder now that I’m older. Congratulations for figuring it out so early in life. I wish I had!

  67. Thats so exciting and scary at the same time! But congratulations! I’m really glad that you said that you want to do something you enjoy instead of having a job that pays but you hate it. My parents have drilled this fact into my head because it’s so important to enjoy life. Who’s going to enjoy life when you have a job you hate, something you have to face every day? Not I. lol. Good luck with everything!
    Best wishes,

  68. Lorin says:

    I am happy you are not leaving, but also happy you thought about it and know that you truly want to stay, not just for the readers but for yourself. I’m looking forward to all the more delicious recipes that you’re making up :)

  69. Katherine says:

    Good for you, Katie! I know this must be really scary, but you’re always making the right decision when you choose to do a job you love! Best of luck to you and keep right on blogging to your heart’s content! 😀

  70. Kara says:

    GOOD LUCK! I enjoy your posts and am happy that you are going to continue!

  71. Congratulations! I am so happy and excited for you! This post is such an inspiration to many of us out there hesitant about following our dreams!! Your blog is one of a kind,and I look forward to reading more!:)

  72. hippierunner says:

    I’m glad you’re staying!

  73. Congrats, pretty lady! It’s a scary but wonderful feeling – needless to say, I’m familiar with it :) You’re very lucky to have such an amazing opportunity, so taking it and running with it is the right thing to do! Oh, and – I have quite a hunch that you’ve been offered a possible book deal – WOOT! ;D

  74. Holly says:

    Yay! So glad you’re sticking around (though if you’d have decided to leave, we’d all have supported you as well). I check your blog nearly every day and have made quite a few of your recipes. I love being able to make tasty foods that are also good for me.

    I think I first heard of you on the oxygen magazine forum (which no longer exists). I made your Fudge Babies, and it was love at first sight…err….taste. : )

  75. Jenny says:

    Already I can see there is an overflowing amount of support in the comments here, but… there can never be enough support, right?! Congratulations on your decision! We’re all glad to have you staying, keeping with your blog, and sharing all of your delicious dessert (and otherwise!) recipes!

    I’m going through a point in my life where I’m seeing many aspects of it change… Change is scary, and most difficult decisions involve some sort of change in our lives as our result. However, change is the only constant in life… So, at the very least, know that nothing is forever and even if you discover that you’ve made a decision you regret, you can still change. However, I highly, highly doubt you will doubt this decision. You are a great inventor when it comes to recipes, and the skills you’ve listed are ones that you’ve already improved upon tremendously already. You will go far. :) You love what you’re doing, and loving your job is probably one of the most, if not the most, important ways to do it well. And thank you for being so inspirational and reminding us all to strive to reach our goals, to make our dreams realities, and ultimately to make ourselves happy.

    1. There can definitely never be something as too much support… especially since I was so terrified of posting this! Sweet comments like yours make me KNOW I made the right decision. I can’t imagine my life without talking with you all!

  76. L. says:

    You go girl! I loved your blog from the very minute I was first told about it, from a friend who brought your fudge babies to a party. I’ve been hooked ever since!

  77. Lissy says:

    I’m glad your blog’s sticking around for a while :) I definitely look forward to reading your posts every day. I hope it works out for ya :)
    If you ever need technical help, I’d be more than happy to lend a hand assuming I had the time :)

    1. Oh wow, you are SO sweet! And so lucky to know tech-y stuff! Basically EVERYthing is a struggle for me, but I’m slooooowly learning. Right now I’m trying to make the sidebar look less haphazard and more professional.

  78. Hard decision to make but if you put your mind to really can do anything as my parents always tell me. Not to sound cliche but it’s true. :)

  79. Aja says:

    It’s totally always best to follow your dreams. I’m glad you decided to stick around, I love your blog. I hope everything works out for you. You never know, something great might happen.

  80. Katie!! I am so excited for you and so glad you broke the news to the blog world. You deserve all the support and encouragement in the world. You’ve worked so hared to make CCK a fantastic blog with the most amazing-looking recipes and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you.

    1. And now we’re co-workers lol. I can’t think of a co-worker I’d rather have (even if it is only virtual)!

  81. Kate says:

    I’m a mostly silent reader of yours, but thank goodness you have chosen to stay as I’ve just only found your blog. I can’t wait for the future of CCK!

  82. Maddie says:

    Haha,I thought this was ALREADY your job! 😛 So I guess that shows my opinion already but still …CONGRATULATIONS! This seems so perfect for you. You’re already such a wonderful blogger with beautiful pictures,versatile recipes,and fun to read blog posts. This seems like such a great fit and I’m really happy for you that you found something you love so much and are skilled enough to do it at a professional level. I know you probably don’t need it but good luck! Thank you for bringing another bit of fun and beauty into the world :)

    (p.s. I know that was insanely sappy but a girl (or boy 😛 ) can get a little sappy every once in a while,right? )

  83. Good luck to you! And remember, nothing is cast in stone… you can change your path any time you want to. All the best to you…

  84. Genevieve says:

    It is so nice to hear that after having doubts and fears, you decided to follow your passion…and from a selfish point of view, I’m so happy you are going to keep blogging! I have been reading your blog for a while, and it has become one of my go-to sources for healthy treats and single serving recipes.

    You are also one of my main inspirations for finally starting my own food blog…even though I’m still very new at it, I already find the whole experience very fulfilling in a different way than my regular “job”!

  85. Amber K says:

    As a reader, I can really tell how much you love blogging. Some blogs have too many posts that feel like the person is posting just for the money. Especially when they start posting 3+ times a day. I very much prefer quality over quantity and you have the perfect mix of both.

    1. Even when I started posting twice a day when I was in NYC, I knew it was too much for me! I want blogging to be something I want to do, not something I have to do!

      1. Amber K says:

        At least you had something to say! I hate it when a blog has too many posts that could be described as “filler.” And so far, I haven’t seen any from you :)

  86. Mary says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for almost two years and have totally maintained my lurker-status until now, but I HAD to break my lurker-silence to congratulate you, lovely! You should be so incredibly proud & excited that you’re following your heart, and we all support you 100%! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

    1. Awwwwwwww Mary, this put a gigantic smile on my face!

  87. sarah says:

    Congrats Katie.
    You’re lucky to be in a position to follow your passion, and I admire your courage!
    I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while now. I would really miss you!
    Good luck to you.

  88. Megan says:

    I am so glad you made the decision you did. I was getting really worried when I started reading your post. Oh my gosh!

  89. mona says:

    i’ve been reading your blog for about two years now! We all love you! I’ve so excited for your FUTURE! 😀

  90. You are so brave and courageous, Katie! I wish I had your courage when I was in college/post college. I ended up changing majors from one I loved to one that I would “make money” in, and I spent 8 miserable years doing a job I hated!! I wish I had stayed true to my passion because I would have been so much happier and so much more successful if I had. I think you’re making a very wise decision. I hope it works out beautifully for you!!

  91. kathryn says:

    I think it’s fantastic that you’re doing what you WANT to do, instead of settling for something that won’t give you the fulfillment that this blog does.

  92. Namaste Gurl says:

    Aw, this couldn’t be a more relevant post, Katie! Way to speak straight from your heart and go for your dreams. You’re an inspiration to all of us of that example :) I’m going through the same thing, except I haven’t finished college yet :) I badly need a job during school, but don’t want to have to lessen my blogging time as I LOVE IT. So true- my brain flows with foodie ideas each day and had I not started a blog, I’d keep all the ideas to myself! Blogging is super fun in that way and many more. I wish I could turn my blog into more of a job, but I guess that’ll come with that- as it did with you.
    Good luck Katie and you’re awesome!

  93. lindsay says:

    i think you will definitely make a great career out of this passion. Its ooozes from you! Continue to pursue with all your heart friend.

  94. Phew! I was getting nervous reading this post. What would I do with out recipes like Blondie Batter Dip (how did you ever come up with that idea?! So, so good.) GOOD LUCK!!!!!! I think your decision is fantastic for you.

  95. OM OGMOGMOGGMOGGM IM SO SOSOOSOSOSOSSOO HAPPY for you! honestly, ive been having a crappy day and this gave me the biggest smile- im SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!

    1. Awww no, don’t have a crappy day :(. You are too sweet to have a crappy day!!!!!! Tell the crappiness to go away!!! 😉

  96. Karen says:

    I think this is my first comment ever! I found your blog a few weeks ago, and it’s quickly become my favorite. So I’ve “known” you for such a long time and yet I feel like I know you so well, and I would be so disappointed to lose your cute, delicious posts. I am loving your recipes and your blog. If you ever do write a cookbook, sign me up for the first copy!

  97. I’m so glad you’re sticking around! I love all of your recipes (I make them all the time, haha) and your adorable photography and witty posts. Who knows, maybe you could get more into the photography thing, or even start an online healthy bakery! The blog world thanks you, always :-)

  98. congrats girl!!! I’m so glad you choose to stay chocolatecoveredkatie because I am overallyobsessedwithyourbloggiraffelegs =)
    Seriously, so happy for you!!!

  99. Yay!!! You had me worried half way through this post :)

  100. Mandiee says:

    Congrats, Katie! I know it’s a scary decision, but your love and perseverance will get you through. In the end, it’s all about having fun and making a difference—two things you definitely do. I’m sure you will only continue to grow the blog (and yourself!) from here—I’ll be here with you all steps of the way!

  101. Juliet says:

    Decisions like that are never easy, often terrifying and fraught with misgivings. Congratulations on following your heart. :)

  102. Kate says:

    Congrats, from one Katie to another :).

  103. Katherine says:

    I am so excited for this decision and I will always be a proud reader of your blog!
    In fact, I am going right not to the oatmeal section to find something for lunch :)

  104. Abby says:

    Whooo! Go Katie! Go Katie!
    And you’d BETTER come out with a cookbook. Otherwise I’m gonna hafta kick your chocolate covered butt! 😉

  105. SO happy to hear this!!! Yay for CCK not disappearing. :)

  106. I was getting worried there for second thinking you’d be going away, but I’m so glad you’re sticking around! You should be so proud for following your heart and doing what makes you happy. You deserve this! *big hug*

  107. Erin says:

    I am currently in graduate school and I barely have time to keep up with my blog, let alone cook sometimes. My photos usually suffer because I just don’t have the time to set up a display and my kitchen is so tiny and usually a mess after cooking that I don’t have much space to work with anyway! Then I am usually writing my posts during down-time at the lab. But I could never imagine giving it up. Congrats!

    1. Erin, I can so relate to you!! I stay up extra late after i get my h/w done just so i can whip out a post b/c i love blogging!

      1. Sarah says:

        I can relate too! And actually I admire you girls. I ended up giving up my blog because I just didn’t have the time for it any more :(

  108. Jess says:

    well, i’m glad you decided to stay; i would miss this too. of course, i also don’t want you to feel like you owe me anything, but i appreciate this, and it has been tough with the economy lately.

  109. Sarah says:

    I. AM. SPEECHLESS. and that never happens. EVER. but this post did a pretty good job of shutting me up for a few minutes to reflect on what this world would look like without people who followed their hearts instead of their heads. it must have been reeeeaally hard not to choose making tons of dough over keeping up this blog ( forget the fact that hundreds of us love and live by it). But i can truly say that when i’m all grown up, i wanna be a big girl and follow what i know i love and want to do. Just like my big girl role models: you and Julie! I am so happy for you and can’t wait to see what else God has in store for you. You are in my prayers! BTW- my fave 6 letters: C, C, K, P, B, F ( ok make that 5 letters, used C 2x… darn!)

    1. Oh Sarah, now I am speechless with thanks that there are sweet people like you in the world to take the time to comment and make me smile!

  110. Julia says:

    Oh my gosh I literally do not know what I would have done if you said you were stopping blogging! I know that sounds extreme, but seriously I check your blog EVERY SINGLE DAY. I think I have probably made every one of your recipes (except the ones with pumpkin because I don’t like it) and pretty much don’t eat anything else BUT your recipes in terms of snacks and desserts and even breakfasts. You are the awesomeest blogger ever, and so I am SO glad to hear you decided to not stop blogging!

  111. Liz says:

    Another huge CCK fan here, wishing you well!

  112. Devan says:

    I am proud to say that I’ve been reading your blog since day 1. Well maybe not day one, but since the beginning of 2008 at least! You are the inspiration behind me going vegetarian, and then vegan, and you also inspired me to be more healthy and take better care of myself and watch what I put into my mouth. You have changed my life so much, and I am forever thankful for stumbling across your blog. God luck in the future. I will be here reading!

  113. Susan says:

    Good for you Katie! You’ve always been an inspirational blogger, but this decision is so beautiful. So many people do not follow their dreams out of fear. I love that you are just jumping in and going for it!

  114. Crystal says:

    Omg, when I first started reading this post, I almost peed my pants because I thought you were quitting! What a relief that you’re going to continue blogging, and full time too! This is so exciting :) I’m sure you will find success in full time blogging, because I believe that when you choose the right path, good things will happen. I love your recipes and think you’re an inspiration!

  115. Victoria says:

    congratulations on making such a bold decision! I think it always ends up paying off when you choose to do what you’re passionate about over the “right” thing to do. Do you already have a recipe for molten chocolate lava cake?? It’s something I’ve been dying to veganize because it used to be my absolute favorite dessert!!

    1. So far, I have perfected a no-added-fat version. It is very good for healthy foodies who want a snack… but it’s not the version I’d serve to company (or to anyone looking for a decadent dessert as opposed to a yummy snack). I still need to work on the more-decadent version. More taste tests!!! 😉

  116. Ali says:

    Congrats!! Follow your dreams… you’ll never know until you try:)

  117. Emily Zimmerman says:

    Best of luck to you, Katie. I am sure you will be very successful! :) So glad that you are following your passion!

  118. Jenny$1983 says:

    You are a beautiful person and I wish you only the best in every way: frankly, if the entire background of your website were tiled advertisements, I wouldn’t mind so long as it meant you kept writing 😀

  119. Priscilla says:

    So cool!!! Congratulations to you! Your courage is so inspiring! I also want to say that I think you are doing great things for the animals. All these healthy little desserts add up to a lot of animals saved! Very smart.

    1. Yup! You win more converts with honey (errrr agave lol… or chocolate!) than with bees! 😉

  120. Congrats on your decision! I love your blog, and I am so happy to hear there’s more to come. :) Good luck!

  121. Congratulations! You will do great!

  122. Katie says:

    I’m glad you’re not going away…..I’m a new reader, and your Deep Dish Cookie Pie changed my life! :)

    1. Aww I’m so glad you found me… and the pie ;).

  123. Amber says:

    I’m happy you’re following your passion! Maybe one day you can open a healthy bakery or be on the food network somehow! But I know I’d be super sad if you stopped blogging. I look at your blog every single day and I love that there is always a new post!

  124. beccah says:

    yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😛 *hugs* lol,its safe to say that youd be dearly missed if you were ever to stop blogging,things like the healthy living summit might interest you as a full time blogger 😀

    1. I really regret not buying a ticket now!

  125. Morgan says:

    Yeah!!!! Congrats, Katie!!!!

  126. katie, GOOD. FOR. YOU.
    i am 41 and i this blog post inspires ME! your last paragraph is soooo bang on correct.
    i am so happy for you – you go for it!!

    1. Amy says:

      Haha I am 52! I love learning things from the younger generation. It makes me feel young ;).

  127. I love this :) Your attitude is awesome and I know you will successful here :)

  128. Lauren says:

    Oh yes, please please do keep blogging! My entire family is hooked on your sight!

    1. Lauren says:

      I think we make a CCK recipe every day :)

  129. I’m super excited you’ll be staying, I’m still thinking about those peanut butter and jelly blondies, because I can’t wait to make them!!! And, I would have been sad to only have just found this blog, your wonderful posts and all your amazing recipes for it to end. Good luck in your continuing adventures in blogging (I can’t wait to try more of your crazy recipes) and congrats on making a decision I doubt you’ll ever regret!!!

    1. Amy says:

      Me too! I have a can of beans just waiting to become some pbj blondies!

  130. Kristi says:

    Congratulations on knowing what you want to do and having the courage to go for it. It takes some people a lifetime to get to this point. Definitely an inspiration to us all. :)

  131. Katy says:

    Katie! I am your newest fan! Even though you don’t spell your name right ;). I just found your blog today, and I am IN LOVE!!!! And this post is amazing! I’m off to make up for lost time and make all your recipes!

  132. Kristie says:

    YES! I KNOW you can do this! And I know you can do it wonderfully. You’re such a gem and following your dreams and doing what makes you happy is SO important. Being able to know what you want and being able to have the freedom to make that decision is amazing, why let it pass by? I can’t wait to see what else you have in store now that you’ll be able to fully commit yourself to this, and I have no doubt it will be crazy, wonderful, upbeat, inspiring and delicious all rolled into one big dough ball of Katie goodness. Plus, I don’t know WHAT I would do without your mouthwatering desserts popping up in my google reader everyday. It would be sad times, that’s for sure.
    Ps – Blog-based bakery? Blog morph into healthified bakery someday? You need to do it, you could start a bakery revolution! Or at least get started on that cookbook of yours, will you? 😉 xoxo

    1. Amy says:

      Oh a blog-based bakery would be the coolest idea ever!

  133. Leashieloo says:

    I’m so happy to hear that you’re going to continue with this blog. I know firsthand how difficult it is to juggle everything, good luck with it!

  134. Freya says:

    Ahh the biggest congrats ever! GO YOU for following your dream!! You’re an admirable :-)

  135. Hannah says:

    Congratulations, Katie! You’re the reason I and my mom became vegans :) :). Before you, I thought veganism was hard. But its so easy! Thanks for showing me this. And I’m so happy you’re not ending the blog :).

  136. Ragnhild says:

    Oh Katie! I have tears in my eyes (Seriously!!)! This is amazing!! I really cant believe it, and Im just so happy for you! And for me- I would (almost) die without your chocyy blog! Im so excited!
    As I write I eat my daily dose of dark chocolate 😀 Ill make sure Ill eat some extra to celebrate you!

    1. Amy says:

      As if we needed an extra excuse to eat more chocolate, right? 😉

  137. AHHHHH I am so proud of you!!!! Making this decision for YOU is going to warm your heart for the rest of your life, I can feel it. Oh and I think I know what the other thing is all about. 😉

  138. Katie, you are such a wonderful, caring person! I’m sure everything will be fine for you and your blog. I wish you all the best, and keep up with the fabulous recipessss!!!!!

  139. judy says:

    wow for a minute I thought you would stop blogging and then I read on and I was sooo relieved. I LOVE your blog!! If you ever come out with a cook book i would totally buy it!! This is a big step and I know you will be succesfull, it might be hard at first but it will only get better. you have all of us to support you!

    1. Maggie says:

      Yes please write a cookbook???!

  140. Ruthiey says:

    I’m glad you’re going to keep blogging. I would miss you if you left. <3

  141. Ashley says:

    Congrats on the decision! Looking forward to still following chocolate covered katie.

  142. Katie, I don’t even know where to begin. First, when it sounded like you may be ending your blog, it nearly brought tears to my eyes (not even joking!). Then I decided that you knew what was best for you, and I would happy for you for doing whatever else you were planning on doing. Then I got excited that you were going to keep blogging. Then I almost began crying again because the last part was so touching (I’m sooo sensitive! Ever seen Marley and Me? I definitely cry at the end EVERY time!) and is something I think about a lot – doing want I want to do because it’s my dream. In the end, I’m so incredibly happy that you’re following your own dreams! Even if your dream wasn’t to continue blogging and you went with whatever your dream was, I would happy for you. Truly. You can definitely tell that blogging is something you love from the all the heart you put into each post and comment. You will be sooo successful in life because of how caring and dedicated you are. This was an incredibly inspiring post. (And obviously pretty emotional for me 😉 )

    We’ll always be here for you! (Especially me! 😀 )

    Chocolate hugs to you too x 1000000!!

    <3 <3 <3

    1. Haha I think I am even more sensitive than you… I refuse to even see Marley and Me! I still cry thinking about Old Yeller, and I saw that when I was in 5th grade!

      You are so incredibly sweet, and I love you!

  143. Jenny says:

    Your blog is one of my favorits and I look forward evrry day to your post.
    Chocolat huggs from Denmark

    1. Awwww chocolate hugs back from Texas! (Unfortunately, they’re melted chocolate hugs because it is so hot here!)

  144. Annette says:

    I hope now that you will be a full-time blogger that you expand your blog even more!! All the healthy desserts are wonderful, but I’d like more of the day-to-day type posts too! Congratulations and good luck!

  145. Aw, I’m so excited for you! I’ll admit I was a little nervous when I first started reading your post. I may not comment all the time, but I love your blog and would hate to see you stop! Good luck! Although I know you wont need luck 😀

  146. Jen says:

    I read your blog every day, Katie. It makes me think I could someday be a vegan!

  147. Kelsey says:

    I am so happy for you! I’m sure its scary as hell, but I’m sure your blog will prosper! Everything will work out for you :)

  148. Sara says:

    Your blog is my favorite, CCK. I was so worried for a minute that you were going to say you didn’t have time to blog any more. I would’ve been SO upset! I’m so selfishly glad that you’re going to find time to still post those delicious desserts. I am in love with your blondies, raw chocolate fudge cake, oatmeal trick, fat pancakes, and every other recipe of yours I’ve ever tried!

  149. Mary says:

    I know I don’t always comment, but I am a gigantic CCK fan and will support you through whatever decisions you make regarding this blog. But secretly I hope you never stop blogging. Unless of course it’s to write that cookbook I am greatly anticipating!!!!

  150. Lisa says:

    Yay Katie I’m sooo happy you’re continuing your blog! I just discovered it this summer but now I get excited to read it every day and try your recipes. It’s been a HUGE help for me in going toward a vegan diet — not to mention it was the whole reason I looked into it in the first place — and it’s just so fun and lighthearted. It may sound crazy but it makes me feel like a kid again to read your blog with all it’s excitement, sprinkles, and most importantly chocolate! You are definitely going places!

    1. Haha maybe it’s all the funfetti and sprinkles I use? Cooking with sprinkles always makes ME feel like a kid again too ;).

  151. Woooooooop! Congratulations! So pleased for you and good for you for following the dream, if that doesn’t sound too (vegan) cheese-y :-)
    I think it’ll be a real success because of how good your blog is.
    And I also promise to give you full support by making your chocolate-covered creations. It’s a hard life *sigh* :-)

  152. S. says:

    I love this post, Katie. Just like all your other posts. You have a way of speaking to me. I know you’re writing to thousands (millions?) but it feels like you’re personally talking to just me. Thank you so much for all the hard work you do. I know you are going to succeed in whatever you put your mind to!

  153. Jennifer JCD says:

    Wow, congratulations Katie!! That’s a big decision to make and I hope it proves to be a successful and happy one. Choosing the road less travelled is always a complicated decision, one that many people aren’t brave enough to do. Thank you for choosing to keep the blog, not only for the benefit of your readers (including me), but also for doing something you feel is ‘right’. Keep it up. There are many of us standing behind you, supporting you!

  154. I’m really, really glad you decided to stick with blogging! The blogosphere just wouldn’t be the same without you. I mean, who else would make delicious, chocolate-covered vegan treats all while being super duper cute?! Only you, that’s who. :)

    1. YOU are super duper cute as well, that is for sure!

  155. Wendy says:

    Congratulations to my favorite blogger and future (I hope) cookbook author!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We love you CCK!

  156. Jen says:

    Katie, I’m sitting here nearly about to cry after reading this post. I am so proud of you – that is a remarkably tough decision. I’m going through something similar as well. My biggest passions are health, fitness, and helping others, and I’ve known for years that I need to combine these things to live my ultimate, most-fulfilling life. I’ve been working a desk job for almost four years and just recently started my own home business as a health and fitness coach. I’m trying to balance the two right now without getting too overwhelmed, but doing something that excites every fiber of my being feels so… *right* (as you said in your post :), regardless of the time commitment.

    I really wish you all the best in your journey. You have many loving, loyal friends and supporters, which is a priceless gift at the start of your new adventure.

    1. Thank you so much, Jen. And I’m wishing you good luck too… I think the first step is KNOWING what you want to do and what your passions are. So many people are clueless (like I was a few years ago). So we are ahead of the game. You can’t follow your dreams if you don’t know what they are!

  157. Elise says:

    Congratulations on making such an awesome decision! I finished uni last June and I have been massively fretting about what to do and what direction to take. But I decided that as long as I was doing what made me happy at that moment (currently working in a cafe) then it didn’t matter.

    I am so excited that we get to read your blog for longer (I was slightly worried at the beginning of the post you were leaving us) and I’m really looking forward to more of your recipes. Afterall if you’ve been creating all the recipes you have when at college full time, imagine the awesomeness that’ll be coming out of your kitchen when you’re doing it full time!

    Elise x

    1. My sister is in the same boat as you! She graduated with a business degree from a highly-accredited school (BU), but she turns down stuff she knows isn’t right for her… and for the past year she’s happily been working at a burger place! (Ok, so we are polar opposites in terms of our food choices, but the point is that she’s working a low-paying job and couldn’t be happier!)

      1. Elise says:

        I couldn’t bare to be stuck in an office all day, it’d drive me crazy even though I’d probably earn a lot more!! x

  158. So considering i’m like the 4858 commenter on your post, I doubt you’ll even get to my comment, BUT, i just want to say thank you for sharing your dreams with us!! This post really helped me out today as I’m currently going through some mind-games, wondering if the path I’m on is worth the sacrifice etc, etc (just posted about it today, in fact – crazy coincidence!). Reading that you’re following your dreams, even though your not yet sure of the path (just like me) makes me feel a whole lot better in my own decision! So thank you, Katie!

    1. Oh Allison, of COURSE I see your comment! It also makes me feel better to know I’m not the only one. We’re in this together, trying to figure out our futures. Good luck with yours!!! :)

  159. Ella says:

    I can so relate to this post! I don’t have a blog, but I am also just done with college, and I have two different paths I can choose. I’ve been leaning towards the more stable, money making path until today when I read your post. Really, what is stopping me from taking a risk and going for my dreams? Thanks for being brave. It makes me feel like I can be too!

  160. Katharina says:

    Girl, I am in a similar situation. I know that I have some questions for you.. but I don’t know where to start. Actually, that can be my question. Where do I start??


    p.s. made your blondie dip the other day.. oh my gosh! I finished it for breakfast this morning, and I’ve already got some chickpeas soaking to make another batch.

    1. Maggie says:

      I still need to try that one!

    2. Definitely, ask away!

      P.S. So wishing we’d been in NY at the same time!

  161. Maggie says:

    Never ever leave!!! You have the best blog! What would I do without my daily dose of CCK???

  162. Laura says:

    Glad to hear you will be continuing your blog! Katie, I am curious, what did you study in college? What sort of job would you be interested in?

    1. LOL I think the question is “what didn’t I study?” 😉 I need to write another post about college. I’m starting to work on it now!

  163. Cindy says:

    I love your blog, Katie :). I check it every mornign while I’m eating breakfast… which is usually one of your recipes!

    1. Cindy says:

      Lately I’ve been hooked on the banana bread in a bowl. It’s so amazing, especially with a little almond extract added in. Oh and chocolate chips of course!

  164. Alyssa S says:

    I’ve never commented before, but I just wanted to say thanks for staying! I love your blog! I’m not vegan, but am working towards a life with less preservatives and just healthier all around, and I rely on your blog a lot for getting there! I’ve made several of your recipes and have liked them all! Thank you for staying, and next, I think we need a CCK cookbook!!! I would totally buy it!!!!

    1. Chocolate-Covered Katie says:

      Aww thanks Alyssa! I’m working on the cookbook :) :)

  165. Marianne says:

    Big life decisions are always stressful – totally how I felt when I gave up my full-time job two years ago to go back to school, in hopes of getting into the dietetics program…and it all turned out. Sometimes you have to take that leap of faith and go for what you really want and where your passions lie. And never think your college education was for not – you will have learned things you never thought applicable until you come to a situation where you use them. Plus you never know what other opportunities will present themselves, and you may very well end up with a “real job” part time to compliment blogging.

    Looking forward to many more desserts from my favourite hockey lovin’ Texan!

    1. Right now, it’s hard to believe they EVER play hockey in Texas… it is 110 degrees (which is like 44 C!) Yuck!

  166. Alicia Hall says:

    Oh Katie, I’m so glad you are sticking around! I’ve just recently discovered your blog and I would hate to have you leave. I am passionate about creating healthy, delicious dishes and especially healthy baked goods, as well. Recently I have had a bit of a lull, but then I stumbled upon your blog. You have reinspired me to get back to what I love most! Thank you for that and everything else that you do!

    1. I’m so so happy you found me!! :)

  167. This is so exciting! its awesome that your blog has gotten so big and popular that you’re able to make a decision like this!!! So proud of you girl!!!

  168. Charlie says:

    Wow, that’s so cool! I didn’t know blogging could be a job haha. I know some bloggers make money due to marketing and advertisements though. And I DO NOT want to sound critical at all because I’m honestly just curious, but it costs money to live and it definitely costs money to cook and eat! and I dunno how a blog can make money without “selling out” to marketers. I mean, I’m not a blogger so I don’t know.

    1. Charlie says:

      ahhhh and I don’t mean to sound pessimistic either! I think it’s great that you’re that dedicated to something, and I know a LOT of people (myself included) are glad that your blog will still be around :)

      1. Oh no worries! I am actually not a pro when it comes to advertising either. I originally didn’t have any ads at all, but then foodbuzz approached me. I now have their ads (with a no-meat clause I wrote in), but I feel like it’s unobtrusive: if you don’t want to click on the ads, you don’t have to– and I NEVER mention/promote the ads in the content of my blog. That’s something I WILL NOT do. I said no to companies like OpenSky for this reason. When I blog, I want it to be about things I WANT to say, not about things I want to SELL. (But I do know why other bloggers have gone this route. I wrote more on my feelings about all that here:

  169. Megan says:

    Good luck CCK! I know you’ll do well. I think every blogger I follow has raved about at least one of your recipes! And personally, I am in love with your brownie batter dip! :)

  170. Jessica says:

    Hey CCK! I love your blog and am so happy you’re sticking around :). I’ve made your snickerdoodle pancakes, blondie batter dip, and your soy free whipped cream and all have turned out great. Next up is your healthy chocolate chip cookies :).

  171. Jess says:

    Molten chocolate lava cake? That’s healthy???? YUM!!!!

  172. Lauren @ What Lauren Likes says:

    I dont know if you have seen the movie thumbalina…but this totally made me think of that movie…”your sure to do impossible things..when you follow your heart” haha :) great post!

      1. Emily says:

        Aw lol I love that movie! Haven’t watched it in so long.

  173. Rebecca says:

    hey girl, just wanted to let you know I love your blogs and recipes! Thanks for all the delicious suggestions, please don’t stop writing! :)

  174. Emily says:

    This post put a hige smile on my face, Katie :). So glad you’re not going for the money, but where your passion truly lies!

  175. Ellen says:

    Yeaaaaaa! I am so happy the blog will carry on. Congratulations on making the hard choice. As an actress I know what it is like to realize that you really have no choice but the choose to follow your dream, no matter how difficult it may be.

    1. Sarah says:

      So cool that you’re an actress!!! I always wanted to be one, growing up, but my mom kept saying that it wasn’t a well paying job unless you got reeeeeaally lucky. So I gave up the idea. Good for you for sticking with it and going for your dream. I kinda wish I had!

  176. Char says:

    Good for you, Katie!! I’ve always been a firm believer in people following their dreams :)

  177. Jess says:

    Katie, your positive attitude inspires me everytime I click on your blog! Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for healthy yummy food (sorry if I’m souding lame) but your blog really brings joy to my life, and I hope you continue to stay happy and never regret a thing XD

  178. Kathy says:

    I think your blog was one of the first I ever read. I really enjoyed it and found it very fun and informative. I too want to develop my own blog and hope to be able to quit working and blog full time (someday). I have worked at jobs I disliked my entire life but my passion is in writing, so I think the time has come to really do what it is I was born to do!! Best wishes with your endeavors!!

  179. Valerie says:

    I freakin love your blog!

  180. Yayyy!! This makes me so happy :) Congrats on stepping outside of the box and doing what you want with your life. The working world will always be there if you decide to enter it… in the mean time, keep these posts crankin’ out! :)

    1. Sarah says:

      So true! The working world is not going away. If you try something and it doesn’t work out, the world will still be there for other opportunities. The time to try things out is when you’re young!

  181. Sophie says:

    Hey Katie,
    When i read the beginning of your post, my stomach definitely dropped when i thought you would stop blogging! I’m so glad you’ve decided to continue. There is really no blogger out there like you…so creative and upbeat! No matter what you do later in life, always try to keep baking and blogging! :)

  182. Nathalie says:

    Avoiding regret is absolutely a valid basis for a decision. I remember in high school, they gave us an essay topic, “Which is worse, dreading the future or regretting the past?” I unequivocally chose regretting the past to be worse. My reasoning is that whatever you dread, it will eventually come to pass and then be over. But regret will linger forever. It seems counter-intuitive, but the future is temporary, while the past is always there. At least… in my mind.

    ANYWAY, good on you, girl! Three cheers and all that jazz =D

    And if you need/want anything from Japan for your concoctions (like matcha, azuki beans, kinako powder, kuromitsu (black sugar syrup), kokutou (Japanese brown sugar), lemme know and I’ll send ’em on over to ya ^_~

    1. Oh my goodness, you are too sweet! And so lucky to live in Japan… we have an Asian market here, but I haven’t even begun to take full advantage of all the unusual-to-me products they sell!

  183. Congrats on the big decision CCK!! You are adorable and your recipes are stunning. Can’t wait to try your new concoctions.

  184. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU- YAY!!! You go girl, for pursing your dreams. Can’t see what’s next for CCK!!

  185. Lauren says:

    Did you just recently graduate from college in May? I saw you went to Bryn Mawr in your last post…What a prestigious school! How awesome! What did you study? I am so glad you have choosen to keep blogging. I’m currently in a similar situation. I’m finishing my Pre-Med and Marketing degree, and I have decided that I want to start an Organic Cosmetics line, because it’s ridiculous what companies put in their products. I have been researching this for the past two years. I kept putting it off because of the pressure to go to medical school, but you can only live for yourself. Most of my family is completely supportive. I know that if I went to medical school I would have job stability and a lot of money, but I would be so miserable. We spend most of our lives working, so it’s important to pursue what we love. I completely know how you feel when it comes to being uncertain about the future…It can been terrifying. Everything will turn out great in the long run, and it will be well worth the short-term sacrifices!

    1. Hey Lauren!
      I actually only went to BMC for my first year. It IS a great school, but it was hard to get into certain classes, and I found myself taking things I didn’t want, simply because they were the only open classes left that fit into my schedule (a downside of having a small school is that fewer class sections are offered). So I ended up transferring. I really did love the beauty of the school, though!

      Good luck if you do start that cosmetics line. I’m sure I’ll someday be buying some, if you do ;).

  186. Lauren says:

    Me and my typos ha ha ha :)

  187. Sunshine Jenny says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how many comments you have on this post! Obviously I’m not the only one who loves your blog! :)

  188. Maddy C. says:

    Oh yay!

    I was worried that you were going to close your blog down thereby rendering the internet a less delicious place. Good for you, Katie!

    (Now that you’re a full-time blogeteer, I expect copious amounts of tasty treats from you!)

    <3 Maddy

    1. Oh I will have to work extra hard, then. I can’t let you down. Ooh yay, an excuse to make more chocolate foods (and thus EAT more chocolate foods!) ;).

  189. Susan says:

    Big time reader here! I love your blog and your positive attitude, Katie. I know you’re going to go far in this world!

  190. Anonymous says:

    Congrats, CCK. I adore your blog. It is my very favorite. Thanks for all you do. Your passion really shows through!

  191. awesome decision! following your heart is always best. :)

  192. Albizia says:

    Wow! Congratulations on the brave decision! I wish I had the guts to follow my dreams like you do. I wish you lots of luck and success in your “new job” :) .

  193. Katarina says:

    I’m glad you decided to continue blogging :) I like your recipes so much and you are very inspiring.

  194. Eva says:

    Katie, I heard this once and I thought I’d pass it on to you:

    If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.

    I’m so happy you’re doing what you want to do. :)

    1. Thanks Eva! What a great quote!!

  195. Arielle says:

    Katie…I am so happy that you are following your dreams. Especially because your desserts are so dreamy! But seriously…besides the fact that I’ve made a dozen of your recipes (at least) and keep up every day with your blog and pass it along to all my health nuts and foodie friends, it makes me so happy that you get such joy out of it, too. It most definitely is important to follow your passion, because chocolate happiness is what matters most. And when you’re passionate about something, you do it well, and when you do it well, money follows! <3 Keep blogging :)

  196. Anonymous says:

    You have the BEST blog!!!!!

  197. Tara says:

    Huge congrats on this decision Katie!!! We love your blog so much, and I can tell you do too. You put so much time and effort into it and I’m glad you take so much pride and happiness in it. Where would i be without your banana butter, cookie pie, fudge babies…. I’d be hungry, that’s for sure! When you do what you love, you find a way to manage. It may not be ideal, but at least you’re happy. That’s what is important in the long run!

  198. Leslie Paquette says:

    I’m so happy for you :) I think it is a great decision and can’t wait to have more chocolate covered delicious recipes to try. Thanks for all of your time, devotion and committment to this blog. I LOVE reading your blog!!

  199. Katie says:

    I am so excited for you!! I think you are definitely taking a step in the right direction – when you are passionate about something, it is easier to be successful at it. Good for you!

  200. Way to go Katie! I am surprised and happy that you made this choice. You are definately and excellent blogger and I hope you go far with your blog. Who nows maybe one day you’ll publish your own book! (in which case I will definately buy it)

    1. Sarah says:

      Me too! Sign me up for three copies ;).

  201. CONGRATS!!!!!!!! i’m so so so excited for yoU!!!!! if you have any Austin or Houston recommendations ever, i’d love to hear them!

    1. I’ve never been to Houston… but if you go to Austin, you MUST check out the original Whole Foods :).
      And on a non-food note, Zilker Botanical Gardens is absolutely beautiful!!

  202. Nora says:

    Your blog never fails to put a smile on my face. I always feel like I am in the kitchen with you, whipping up something fabulous. I don’t know how you do it!

  203. i was so worried that you were going to tell us all there wasn’t going to be anymore CCK
    thank goodness that’s not the case!!
    just fyi, one of my friends is trying to eat healthy and i can’t get her to eat any more of my sweets, but i made her your raw cookie dough balls and she devoured them! thanks for the awesome recipe!!

    1. That just put a huge smile on my face!

  204. Ashley C says:

    Considering this post has over 250 comments, I can see im not the only one who would be heart broken if CCK came to end!! I can’t tell you (plus you probably already know) how much your blog has impacted the whole blogging community. Almost every blog i follow, has referenced or tried one of your recipes. Plus, you have definately shown me (and the rest of the blogging community) how you can be vegan and just plain healthy, but still eat some really good food!! Im sure it is scary, but with your creativity Im sure youll figure out something that lets you do what you love. Plus, you are way too good at this to do anything else!!

    1. Aww Ashley, thank you so much!

  205. Meeri says:

    I’ve only just recently found your blog but I’m really glad you’re continuing! It’s really helping me make the switch to vegan after I found out about my milk allergy. Great stuff that I’ve tried so far and can’t WAIT for the hot chocolate fudge cinnamon buns!!

    1. I’m so glad you found me!!! And lol I think I need to make a few more batches of the cinnamon rolls before posting… you know, I need to taste test some more, just to be 100% sure 😉 ;).

  206. CIndy says:

    Hi Katie! Let me just start by saying how much I’ve enjoyed your blog for the past few years or so. I’ve honestly never known anyone quite as passionate or enthusiastic about what they’re doing as you are. Which ever direction CCK is going from now on, or which ever direction you decide to take with you life, as a reader, I’m totally fine with anything. I feel lucky simply to know there’s someone out there who takes so much pride and courage in what she believes in. May you continue to find fulfillment in the future :)

    1. Thank you!!!! Haha yeah, I guess I am quite passionate about chocolate. But it’s so good… how could ya not be? 😉

      1. Megan says:

        I know someone who doesn’t like chocolate! Sad, right?

  207. Diana says:

    CCK healthy desserts are the best! Finally I’ve found recipes where it doesn’t feel like I’m eating healthy, and that is exactly how I like my healthy desserts to be! Excited for the chocolate lava post!!!!

    1. Megan says:

      Me too! And the cinnamon rolls! Also, did you ever post the recipe for the pb blondies? I’ve been waiting for that one!

      1. I haven’t yet… but it’s coming up in the very-near future!!

  208. Andrew Smith says:

    Hi Katie, I have posted a few times on your blog commenting on how you are a constant inspiration… I was hesitant to do so today in case you are getting sick of me posting the same things :) Anyway, I couldn’t resist commenting to say that you are genuinely a source of real motivation, your decision really brought home that everyone should persevere and make a leap of faith for what they love, rather than chase dreams that won’t actually make us happy. You have renewed my desire to be a better person, even if I only improve myself by 1% a day, every day. Thank you Katie for blogging and being so helpful to so many people without even realising :)

    1. Oh my goodness, Andrew, I am DEFINITELY never, ever sick of hearing comments like yours! Your comment (and others like it) is especially appreciated on this post, because words like yours help me to feel reassured that I’m making the right decision. I can’t ever thank you enough for your kindness in taking the time to lift my spirits!

  209. Crafty lil vegan says:

    I made the decision about a year a go to give up the university course i wasn’t enjoying, and the checkout-job at Asda (think Walmart) that was draining my soul, to become a full-time crafter! It’s still scary, as i don’t earn Nearly enough money yet! But I’d rather struggle a little and do a job that makes me So happy, than earn enough but hate every minute of it! Now my job consists of polka dotting and glittering funky names and shapes! I wouldn’t change a thing =] Life’s too short to do a job you don’t absolutely LOVE! Great choice Katie =] I hope you enjoy every second of it! <3 xx

    1. Your new job sounds way more fun! 😉
      Good luck… hopefully we can both succeed, long-term, in following our dreams!

  210. Caz says:

    I only just stumbled across your blog last week Katie so am VERY glad you’re not going to give it up! Great recipes without feeling like you’re missing out. Good luck with the full-time venture!

    1. I’m so glad you found me!! :)

  211. Laur says:

    Yay!!!!! I am an avid reader and would be so upset to not see your healthy dessert posts anymore. Because really they are the only “healthy” dessert recipes I have ever made from a blog that have turned out any good. I made an avocado pudding from another blog that was horrible, and same thing with a batch of cookies even my not picky brother wouldn’t touch! But I know I can always trust your recipes. They are amazing, just like YOU!

    1. Haha you probably will never see an avocado pudding recipe on my blog! 😉

  212. cally says:

    So glad to read this as I only just found your blog, via your mint ice cream recipe – finally got my vitamix and want to get the timings right for ice creams, so different from my crappy old blender. But instead of timings I found somone who has the same experimental approach to food as me, but does it way better and blogs it all, how fabulous. I’m glad you are continuing and I hope it goes wonderfully well for you, when I add food links to my blog yours will be on there.

    1. Aww thanks Cally! I’m so glad you found me. And have fun playing with your new vita-mix! :)

  213. Sylvia says:

    I just found your blog last month, and I want to make EVERYTHING! I can tell you, that doesn’t usually happen with a blog. I’ll read the blog and think something sounds good, but never good enough to actually try. With your blog, its different. I read the posts and have to run out the door that very minute to get the stuff I need to make the recipe. But usually I already have everything I need, so I can make the recipe right away :). I’m not a chef by any means, but when I make your recipes I always feel like a 5 star chef because they turn out SO GOOD and everyone always raves about them. Your cookie pie was a huge hit when I brought it to a party, as were the snickerdoodle blondies. I also made the peach breakfast bake for my mom, and I love the cake batter milkshake for myself. My newest favorite is your peanut butter cookies for one. They’re SO GOOD!

    1. I definitely try–as much as possible– to not use hard-to-find ingredients. ‘Cause I am the same way: when I see a recipe, I want to make it NOW! 😉

  214. Cat says:

    CCK! Your blog is MY FAVORITE!!! I don’t usually comment here, just on twitter. But I had to comment today, because I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!

    Oh and also I made your healthy frappuccinos and they are sooooooo good! I’m so relieved you are not quitting blogging. CONGRATS!

    1. So excited you liked the Frappuccinos! :)

  215. Deb says:

    As I’m sitting here eating my “Boatmeal” cake and drinking my healthy carrot cake milkshake (also your recipe), do I even need to tell you how happy I am about the decision you made? 😉

  216. Erin says:

    I’m late to the party, but I just wanted to wish you well. I’m so glad you’ll be sticking around, because you are without a doubt my favorite blog :). I don’t know anyone else who can make healthy food taste so delicious!

  217. Healthy Leslie says:

    I’m glad you’re going to stick with blogging, Katie. How else would I ever hear about these healthy cinnamon rolls? Do post that recipe soon!!! :) And keep on blogging. I read every morning!

  218. Meg says:

    Thanks for everything you do, Katie. Your blog is amazing and one of the biggest reasons I’ve decided to go vegan!!!! Wish me luck! :) :)

  219. Melanie says:

    I just started reading your blog and have already made a few things..
    banana bread cereal blender = awesome- I’m pretty sure I’ve had it every day for a week now and I already feel healthier
    chocolate chip cookies for one= equally as awesome!
    chocolate chip boatmeal= I made them in little muffin pans b/c I didn’t have anything else. YUM!
    chocolate cake batter shake= I have never liked milkshakes and this was pretty tasty! My banana wasn’t frozen all the way so it probably wasn’t as good as it normally would be. I was too impatient to try it to let it freeze all the way. I will try again. =)

    And finally- I’m so glad you’re going to continue b/c I love dessert and your blog has shown me that dessert can be healthy and fun! I can’t wait to try some of the pancakes! Thanks so much for all the time and energy you put into it.

    1. Oh wow, thank YOU for such sweet words! I’m so excited you’ve made so many of my recipes!!

  220. rachel says:

    ive enjoyed your blog so much and am thinking about using some recipies for my coffee shop! Get people into the vegan treats, it’s a big thing. and very important and healthy.

    thanks for everything you do for your blog. it is well loved by many <3

  221. jamie says:

    Hey Katie,
    Well i am so glad that you have decided to continue writing your blog. I love trying all your chocolate related recipes.
    You know what you should think about doing is putting together a cookbook of all your yummy creations, then you could sell it on your blog. I know i would love to have your recipes at my fingertips when i didn’t have access to the internet.
    Good luck

    1. I’m working on a cookbook! :)

  222. Kait says:

    I’ve never commented on your blog even though I LOVE all of your posts! (I do eat the cookie dough dip by the bowl =P). I was just so happy to hear you won’t be quitting what you love for the 9-5 slog so many of us give in to. Keep going and know that you have tons of readers who appreciate this blog even if they hardly ever comment!


    1. Thank you so much, Kait! It really does mean SO much to me that you read!!

  223. Carissa says:

    I’m so proud of you (and I don’t know you) for having the courage to believe in yourself! Working freelance is scary as I did it in TV hosting for 7 years. Just be you and make sure that whenever you are given an opportunity to get paid to do something- do it 110%!

    Best of luck and stay true to you!

  224. Leigh says:

    Congratulations Katie!! I agree with you, following your heart is all there is….so enjoy the process and have fun!! The rest of it will take care of itself! I’m a homeschooling mom to five lovelies and our oldest is 18 and this is my advise to her too…follow your love, your dreams, your passion and desire…the rest will follow, including the money. Love and hugs to you as you move along on your journey.

    1. Chocolate hugs right back to you!! :)

  225. Nikki says:

    Just wanted to say I am so happy with your decision!! Looking at your blog is one of the highlights of my day! :) You are so creative and have the best looking and tasting recipes!!

  226. Kim says:

    It takes courage to follow your heart. I would have been happy for you if the blog wasn’t your choice, but I’m glad that it is!

    Btw, Frost’s poem made an impression on me too the first time I read it back in high school. In fact, my alternate email address is yellow woods traveler!

    Best of luck and happy blogging!

  227. Jesse says:

    Congrats on your big decision. I would love to hear all about your journey so please keep us updated on how to become a full time blogger, and keep the delicious recipes coming!

  228. Jasmine says:

    Katie you are such an inspiration! I’m so glad you’re keeping this blog up, and I just wanted you to know your yummy posts and infectious energy always give me something to look forward to when I open my Google Reader :) Cheers from Singapore!

    1. Ooh wow, I’m so excited to get a comment from Singapore! :)

  229. claudia says:

    Hey Katie!
    I’m so glad you’ve decided to keep up the blog. I have a list of about 5 blogs that I need to look at every day, otherwise I feel deprived, and yours is definitely one of the top! The recipes are always delicious, not to mention healthy (and they really appeal to my inner chocoholic) and you have a great, bubbly personality. I should say thank you for your decision, because CCK makes my day. Good luck with everything!

    1. That made me smile so much!!!

  230. alyssa booko says:

    Dear Katie
    i just got turned on to your blog by a friend of mine named julie. of course i have no idea where you are spiritually but i feel lead to share something with you that just might make your decision a little less scarey. i have been blessed to have some amazing spiritual teachers that have shown me that everything we have in life comes from God in Heaven. HE is the ultimate provider Katie. since He takes care of the birds and worms He will take care of us. you bring so much joy to others Katie. keep on doing what you are doing and God WILL provide. After all, He created chocolate :)

    1. Thank you so much, Alyssa! And oh goodness, yes God definitely knew what he was doing when he made chocolate!!!

  231. Musugonekuku says:

    I have always loved your blog, so I wish you the best of luck with your future!

  232. Lyza says:


    Seriously there is so much I want to say!!!!!!


    You go girl!!! You are going for your dreams, you are doing what you love, and ignoring some of the common ignorant social stigmas etc along the way!!!! I am SO excited and happy for you and I know it’s going to work out for the best. I’m constantly recommending your blog because I love it so much!!!!

    I just…AHH!! Okay I’m done. Yayyy!!! :) Take care.

    1. Girl, that means so much to me!!

  233. GOOD FOR YOU! I can’t imagine the blogosphere without your amazing recipes, sweet and sincere comments/posts and lovely photos – you have a gift and I am glad you are following your heart!!! Best of luck to you, you will be AWESOME!

    1. Awww chocolate hugs back to you, Nora!!

  234. Congrats on the big decision – it’s the right one I promise! I went through a similar thought process – I realized I didn’t want to work a 9-5 anymore because I didn’t have enough time or energy to focus on my website. So I quit my job and used my credit cards to get by until I had enough freelance work to make my own schedule and pay my bills – just over a year later I’m living the dream and working towards doing my site and only my site! Good luck – I know you can do it – look at all the amazing support and love you have! ~ Whitney

    1. Thank you so so much, Whitney!

  235. Tamara says:

    Katie, I’ve been reading your blog for over a year, and learned some pretty kick-ass recipes along the way 😉 But I’ve never posted a comment until today. Just wanted to say – you’ve got guts, and I think you’ll be very happy with your decision!!

    I just graduated from college this spring too, and I know first hand the feeling of staring at that diploma and thinking,”well…. now what??” Life is so simple up through college – everything is planned out on a nice little path to follow, but then we come to its end, and suddenly the road is wide open. It really takes a leap of faith to chase your dreams, but you’re amazingly talented and I know you will make a fantastic food blogger 😀


    1. Thank you so much! And ugh, I agree! I kinda miss someone telling me what to do… it’s hard being a grown-up lol ;).

  236. Jaimi says:

    So glad you’ve decided to keep going! I have only recently discovered your blog but it has become part of my morning routine to read your latest post! You’ve totally inspired me to take up running again too! xx

  237. VEGirl says:

    What an agonizing decision to have to make! But I hope you’re hapy with your choice because I sure am ;).

    I have been thinking a lot about jobs lately as well– to get a part-time scheduled one or try to make enough money off of freelance stuff….. hmmm :)

    1. VEGirl says:

      PS: your next choice should be whether or not to write that cookbook we all know you need to make 😉

  238. Bethany says:

    My dad always liked to quote the old saying “Find something you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life.” When I made the decision to quit nursing school and pursue my love of literature and writing with an English degree, I was certain I’d be a broke writer forever. But so many opportunities have opened up for me, things I never dreamed in a million years would happen.

    You’ve found something you love to do and even though it’s scary, I have every confidence that you will succeed because you are GOOD at this. You know you’re good at it and when YOU know it’s in your blood, you’ll do well.

    Congratulations on pursuing what you love! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

  239. Ingrid says:

    Hi Katie! I’m sooooo glad you are not giving this blog up! I’m following it from Perth, Australia and your recipes are amaaaazing (fudge babies and chickpea blondies are my favourites!). Although, it is hard to find some ingredients in Perth (I had to drive to about 4 different health food stores over town to find coconut oil!)! Thanks and all the best for your future :)

    1. Awww one of my best friends in high school was from Perth! :)

  240. Raquel says:

    Hey Katie, just saw this. Congrats on your decision, and here’s hoping your future is wonderful!

  241. Ann Claire says:

    I forgot to commen ton this the other day, but I just wanted to say I am so incredibly happy for you that you decided to follow your dreams. I know your leap of faith will pay off. I don’t know what I’d do without my daily dose of CCK :)

  242. Susan says:

    Oh, thank goodness!! When I started reading this post, I thought you were going to say you won’t be blogging anymore! Your blog is my favorite, and I have a TON of blogs (vegan and otherwise) in my Google Reader. Every time I’m craving something for dessert or I have a dessert to bring to a family get together, I turn to your blog for ideas. You are incredibly talented at creating amazing recipes, your photography is beautiful, your posts are fun to read… I believe you have an incredible future ahead of you, and I love that you are going after your dreams!

    1. Aww Susan, that made me smile SO much!

  243. Maria says:

    I am so happy you aren’t leaving the blogger world! I just recently started following your blog and I am so in love with it. I started following ” HealthyTippingPoint” which is where I found your blog! and I am so happy that I did. Your recipes are amazing, I must say. Oatmeal “pudding” is now a staple of mine. Thanks for sharing your recipes and your quirky sense of humor. I applaud you for standing up for yourself against nasty people who leave nasty comments. It shows that you are a strong person and you accept yourself for who you are. I can’t wait to keep sampling these recipes! Congrats on an amzing blog :)

    1. I didn’t know HTP had a blogroll or anything, but I am so so happy you found me! And I’m so excited you’re trying the recipes. It always puts a huge smile on my face when someone tries one of my recipes!

  244. Lindsay says:

    I, too, just recently found your blog, and I am already hooked! I love the fact that you are turning decadent recipes into healthy treats that are no less decadent than their unhealthy counterparts. I am AMAZED at your talents, which are shining bright and obvious for anyone who even looks at just ONE of your posts. Your stories, your beautiful photos, and best of all? The recipes themselves! I’ve only tried the cookie dough pops, snickerdoodle pancakes, and Frappuccino so far, but I am already hooked! I have so many more that I want to try, and this is quickly becoming my new favorite blog.

  245. Katie says:

    I’m a little late on this one but am just catching up on my weekly blog reading. CONGRATS on your decision–I think it is a great one and am so glad that you are going to be continuing to blog. I love your blog and all of your recipes that I have tried and I know that this was probably a tough decision but, usually the best decisions are! I’m sure it is going to pay off and be a great one!

  246. Katie says:


    Love you and love that you follow your heart! Life is about taking risks, and I see big things happening for you girl! U are one of a kind, and I am so glad you are staying!! Don’t ever miss out on your dreams! Love u!

  247. Diane says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how many people have commented on this post. I was going to say that I am your BIGGEST fan and am so happy you’re going to continue blogging! But it seems there are a LOT of people who are in contention for the title of your biggest fan ;).
    Write that cookbook already!!!

  248. Kerry says:

    Katie, I am a first time commenter but have been addicted to your awesome blog for a LONG time! I know people have said it all already but just wanted to add some support on your bigggggg decision!!! Yay!!! WE DON’T LOSE YOU!!!!! :-) I’m a similar age to you and TRYING to make some life choices……don’t TALK to me about the dreaded “f” word! Just wanted to let you know that I can appreciate what a huge step this was for you and you have totally inspired me to start really making my OWN choices in life based on what I believce is right for me. This includes my leaning towards a vegetarian lifestyle, as this is something I’ve been “flirting” (quotes the lovely Alicia Silverstone!) with for a couple of years now and I really do feel so strongly about it from an ethical standpoint; and I’m ashamed to say that I’ve been letting my worry about others (mainly parents) opinions/reactions concern me (I know it will NOT go down well)…but your courage of your own conviction to follow the right life path for you has guven me a push to do the same. Maybe some awesome CCK creations will help show that I don’t pplan on a “rabbit food” diet! Wow essay alert! Sorry about that, I’ll stop rambling now, but from one chocoholic to another THANKYOU for your crazy amazing concoctions, congrats again and know that you have made so many readers smile with your decision! 😉

    1. Oh my goodness, never apologize for a ramble-y comment! They are my favorite!!! Maybe because I ramble all the time too? So I feel better knowing at least I am not alone? Or maybe just because you are so so so sweet???

      Haha I think part of me wanted to go vegetarian simply BECAUSE my parents would be against it! You know, the whole teen rebellion thing. Some people dye their hair… I became a vegetarian ;).

      Anyway, thank YOU for such a sweet comment.

      See? I can ramble too!

  249. Way to go Katie, follow your heart. We will all be reading :)

  250. Lori says:

    I know I’m pretty late responding to this but I just got home from holidays and read it. When I first started reading I thought you were going to say you were quitting your blog. I totally understood why, but I was thinking about how much I was going to miss it. I was so glad to see you are following your heart and sticking with your blog. If anybody can make a living being a full time blogger, I believe you can! Best of luck to you – you are obviously not alone, looks like you have a ton of people following and supporting you!!

    1. Thank you so so much, Lori! :)

  251. Manny says:

    You are awesome! I just found your blog and it is my new FAVORITE already! I’m addicted. So glad you’re sticking around.

  252. Alison says:

    I recently found your blog and LOVE it. I’m amazed you can do this much while a student, I thought you were a full-timer already. I’m relieved you aren’t going away and look forward to trying all your recipes. I’ve already recommended this blog a couple times, so I’m sure your readership will only grow!

    1. Aww Alison, that means SO much to me!!!

  253. Alhely says:

    I’m excited!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for your future posts! Congratulations on your BIG DECISION!!:)

  254. Fran M says:

    Recently found your blog while looking for healthy desserts. So glad you decide to continue with your dreams.
    Best of luck to you.

  255. Liz says:

    Whoa, what a scary and exciting decision! I’m excited for you, though, and know you will do well. You have this amazing vibe that comes through your posts; even though I’ve never met you face to face, I still feel amazingly positive and relaxed when I come here and read one of your posts.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about doing a cookbook, but if you put together a bunch of recipes and offered it through some kind of print-on-demand site, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. I think it’s safe to say a lot of people would. You have great recipes that I’ve been dying to try — and now that I found a job, I can actually buy the ingredients — so an entire cookbook would be amazing. There are tons of print-on-demand sites, like CreateSpace and Lulu… Just some food for thought. 😉

    Also, if you need any technical help, feel free to shoot me an email, or tweet me @elizabethbarone. I’m a WordPress junkie and use it for all of my sites, and I certainly wouldn’t charge you for quick help. (For design work, I would, but only because I have to eat, too. :D) So just keep me in mind if you run into any issues with your site!

    1. Awwwww! Thank you so so much, Liz! And lol I am actually having a bunch of tech issues at the moment. My blog keeps crashing! I would love for your imput: Do you know how many page views/day a shared server is supposed to handle? Apparently I have the super cache installed, yet people keep saying my blog is giving them database errors. I’m thinking I might have to switch to VBS? But I am so tech-illiterate that I don’t even really know what that means, let alone how to do it! I might have to hire you sometime!

      1. Oh, and thanks for your sweet words about the cookbook. There definitely already is a CCK cookbook in the works :).

  256. Oh Katie! I cannot believe I missed this post! Ahh, I have so much to say, but I don’t know how to say it! Excuse me while I just let it flow: Congratulations…it takes so much courage to chose the “path less traveled” and I COMMEND you for it!…SOOO proud of you for following your heart/gut/dreams!

    You are such an inspiration…both in and out of the kitchen! Can’t wait to see your future chocolate covered shenanigans now that you can devote yourself to it 100%…I already know it’s going to be great! :)

  257. Iris says:

    Bravo Katie! I absolutely adore you, and I love the fact that you’re following your dreams and not letting the fear of money (or the lack thereof) get in the way. I can guarantee you that money won’t be an issue for you. You’re already a success and you’re only going to continue to become more of one now that you can devote your time to this 100%. In fact, this post helped me too…I’m working through some similar issues and it was nice to hear someone else express the same love for blogging and desire to make it work rather than do something else with less passion.

    1. Aww thanks, Iris! And good luck to you, too. Higgins hugs ;).

  258. I am one of your newest followers and I’m looking to see what you have in store for this endeavor :-)

  259. I’m late-on-the-scene here but just wanted to share some encouragement and congratulations. I fully understand the fear factor that comes with taking a chance and running with your passion but I think you have the relatability as a person, food ingenuity and blogging skills to make blogging a full time gig. And with any chances you take, you have to take comfort in knowing that you tried – you can’t succeed if you don’t try. Not that you won’t succeed because you will. You’ve hooked too many people on those darn fudge babies :)

  260. Meredith Bessey says:

    This post made me so happy, as I’ve been really debating what my future is going to hold once I graduate from university this coming May… should I pursue graduate studies? Or should I do what I really am passionate about, and attend yoga teacher training and nutrition school? Now I really feel like I should take control of my life, and do what I know will make me happy!

  261. Kiah says:

    Woot! Go for it, girl! I quit my first time job out of college to follow my dreams, and it has been the best decision I’ve ever made :-)

  262. Blogging IS a job! Many people and companies earn their entire or a big portion of their income from blogging. There’s nothing wrong with being a professional blogger, especially if you run it as a business! So glad to see you make an awesome decision! :) Good luck with it, but you’re already successful so I wish you continued luck and future prosperity!

    1. Thanks Jenn! And lol I need the well wishes… I’m so naive when it comes to blog advertising! 😕

  263. I am sooooo happy that you aren’t quitting! Yours are usually the only “desserts” that I can eat! What would I do with you?! :)

  264. Paula says:

    With a face and bubbly personality like yours I wouldn’t be surprised someone scarfs you up for your own tv show someday.

    How ’bout trying to get on the Martha Stewart show? Promotion, promotion … maybe we all here can bombard her with a request to have you on? Would you like that at some point?

    1. Oh gosh, that’d be AWESOME. Awesome awesome… awesomer than awesome ;).

  265. Paula says:

    HAY EVERYONE — JOIN ME! I just emailed Martha Stewart ( to ask her to look at this blog and to consider having Katie on her show. I did mention that it was a vegan dessert blog because Martha has already been open-minded enough to have Biz Stone (founder of Twitter), Kathy Freston, and Gene Baur on her show.

    1. Aw wow, Paula, you are too incredibly sweet! You put a huge smile on my face!!!

  266. Michele says:

    It is a wonderful gift and opportunity for you that full-time blogging is an option. Many people would love to delve into the world of full-time blogging but are forced to work full-time jobs. As you know, there’s just not enough energy in life to give our full selves to both. So stay grateful for your option, and I hope that it does become a sufficient source of income for you. You’re at the beginning of a wonderful journey.

  267. Katie, this post is so inspirational! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on becoming a FT blogger – it may be scary, but it’s awesome and wonderful that you’re even able to consider this option. Best of luck to you!!!

    PS – I was just wondering, who eats all the goodies you make every day!?

    PPS – I know you menioned a while ago wanting a new look for the blog. now that you’ve decided to become “professional” you should definitely find a good web designer and have a ball. I wish I knew online coding, I’d offer to help you in a heartbeat – it’d be such an honor.

    PPPS – you totally need to write a cookbook!!!

    1. Hi Julie!!

      Haha I actually wrote about this on my faq page because so many people ask! As a short answer, I eat some of it and my friends polish off the rest!

      I really DO need a web designer… but I really wish I could find one in person! It’s so hard to describe what you want through emails!

  268. Becky Wilson says:

    I already look forward to my daily e-mail. In fact I got the yogurt news yesterday and checked at a local store that thinks it has it all…and they didn’t! Would love to try some. I appreciate your help as I’m managing my diabetes.
    Keep the excitement coming!

  269. Natasha says:

    A cookbook with all of your recipes would definitely go over soooo well!!! I am stationed in Germany, and my hubby is deployed in Afghanistan for a year. I’ve taken on a million different projects to keep me busy while he is gone…and my favorite has been whipping up your amazing recipes!!!! Even my little munchkins love these healthy little creations :) It’s hard having their Daddy so far away, and I want to make them smile and happy…so saying “Sure, you can have another cookie” without feeling guilty for feeding them junk, is always a bonus :) :) :) I know that I am only one of many that completely support your decision to make the next step in blogging….we sure do not want to see you walk away from something that you are so good at! Maybe you could even look into starting your own little cooking network on TV??? :) :) :)

    1. cck says:

      Oh wow, Natasha, thank you so much for such an amazing comment. But even more than that, thank you so much for what you–and your husband–do for our country. I can’t even imagine the bravery and sacrifice it takes, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

      Also, haha a cooking show would pretty much be a dream… I probably need to get over my stage fright first, though! 😉

  270. Sophie says:

    I’m pretty new to reading your blog but already I don’t know what I would do without it! You have completely opened up a whole new world of dessert to me!
    You have beautiful way of writing, a really strong voice. I’m sure you will be a huge success.
    I hope it’s all going well!

  271. Katie,

    I just discovered your blog and I’m in chocolate love! I have pinned so many of your recipes to my pinterest boards ( and I have still so many more to read! Thank you for your inspiration and allowing me to get my chocolate fix in a healthy and guilt-free way!

    Chocolate Hugs to you too!

  272. L says:

    Guess I’m a little late reading this post. You are a lucky one that knows what it is that you have passion for. Even luckier, that you are GREAT at what you love to do. Those of us that have no idea which direction to go, and end up in a job that does not fulfill…know how lucky you are. Thank you for your blog. I have enjoyed it very much, and wish you all the success I know you will achieve. Happy, happy for you!

  273. Emily M says:

    I have never posted a comment but I read your blog every day and my roommates and I have tried many of your recipes! Baking can be scary since, unlike cooking, quantities actually matter, and having healthy baking options at our finger tips is great!
    congrats on following your gut and good luck in this big time of transition!

  274. Valerie says:

    Katie my dear…gosh I was just lucky enough to have found you…..pleaseeeeeeeee do not go away….yikes!!! Your recipes are just the BEST!!! I have so many of them book-marked already…love today’s oatmeal… I actually just finished eating my daily oatmeal with nothing more than SILK soy and some cinnamon….yikes…where have I been…. Your recipe speaks to me girl!! Love, your newest fan, Valerie (up in snowey southern Manitoba xo)

    1. Awwww!! Hehe hugs from Texas (it’s not snowy here… but it’s super-windy!)

  275. Beth says:

    CCKatie…… love your site and only discovered it not so long ago! So glad you took time with yourself and thought over what was best for you. Taking the easy way isn’t always the best in our lives even though it may feel easy at first, I think you made an wise decision. I think you’re pretty awesome and am so looking forward to you continuing to keep us happy with Chocolate, Chocolate and more yummy healthy recipes you create.

    Oh but I AM going to be squealing with delight when you finally share your Lasagna recipe that you and your friend made for New Years (?). I don’t think I missed it but maybe you already posted it?

    Very much looking forward to tasty healthy desserts PLUS entrées etc.

    Big Chocolate Hugs sent your way ♥

    1. Aww thanks, Beth!
      I haven’t posted that one yet… I need to write a post for it and make it again so I can get some pictures. But I can always send you the recipe if you need it right away :).

  276. Delta says:

    Katie, I don’t know how I missed this post before, I was traveling on the road with 3 kids until the 5th of July and thought I caught up with all that I missed but I guess I didn’t. I can say that I am SOOO glad you decided to NOT give up the blog! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!

    My next question… what cupcake is in that pic lol

      1. Delta says:

        thank you! But darn! yogurt :( we can’t do coconut and I don’t have anything on hand anyway. Maybe I could try whipping up some of yours and use it instead… have you tried your yogurt in any of the recipes? wonder if it would work… Course I’d have to make GF too. But I def have to make those :) They look YUMMM-MO!

        1. I haven’t tried it. But you could use Wholesoy, or they even have ricemilk-based and almondmilk-based yogurts on the market now :).

          1. Delta says:

            I will have to try that eventually but Im small town country girl, my closest walmart is 90 miles away, so i need to make these this weekend and not planning on driving even further than that to get to the closest health food store, sooooo maybe for now I’ll try it with your yogurt :) thanks!

  277. Karla says:

    Yay! This is great news! Every single recipe of yours that I’ve tried has been a huge success and my recipe binder is filling up with them. It’s also been neat getting to know the person behind the chocolate. :)

  278. Jackie says:

    Just curious, How does a blog such as this one make money? I noticed you call it your job (which I think is awesome by the way) – I know some people that have blogs and sell stuff to make money, but I was just wondering how one like this works. Don’t want to get into your business, just curious in general (I have a full time job – promise I’m not looking to still ideas!). I Googled it and saw some people let ads be posted but it doesn’t seem like yours if full of commercials. Just wondering :)

    1. Hi Jackie,

      I have a sponsor, foodbuzz. Their ads are on the side of my blog, and in return they give me a few cents per page view to my blog. When I first started out, it amounted to a few dollars a month. But if a blog gets popular enough, you can actually make a good living off of even just a few cents per page view :).

  279. Casey says:

    A very inspiring post, especially to someone nearing the end of college. My biggest issue is having too many intests ans not knowing which path to take, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out when the time is right. I applaud your decision and wish you the best of luck!

  280. Jessica Caneal says:

    How does one become a full-time blogger? Can you share a little bit about how you are making this work and how things are going for you now?

    1. I guess I need to write a post about it, and about what I do and what it means. But in short, I have a sponsor, foodbuzz. Their ads are on the side of my blog, and in return they give me a few cents per page view to my blog. When I first started out, it amounted to a few dollars a month. But if a blog gets popular enough, you can actually make a good living off of even just a few cents per page view .

  281. Becky MacKenzie says:

    Yay! I just recently found your blog. I am so glad you are not going away!

  282. Coila says:

    Wow, good for you!! I hope it turns out great for you, but even if it doesn’t, at least you got to do it for a little while! 😉

  283. Rebecca says:

    Okay, Katie, when are we FINALLY going to get a vegan dessert cookbook?!?!?!?! Like a real one that we can go buy from the bookstore and tell the whole world about so they’ll go buy it too? Because it needs to happen!

    1. You are the sweetest!!
      It will happen… I’m in talks with agents and a publisher. But I need to have 80% new content for the book (i.e. unposted recipes) so I’m in the process of compiling new recipes at the moment. I need to get good ones! :)

  284. Monica says:

    hey you’re so young, don’t worry about the real world yet. congrats on finding out what you love at such a young age. shoot, i figured it out and began going to school at 25 lol…. thx for your blog

  285. Heather says:

    so guess you could say I don’t know much at all about blogging so my question is how exactly does a person make money blogging?

    1. In short, I have a sponsor, foodbuzz. Their ads are on the side of my blog, and in return they give me a few cents per page view to my blog. When I first started out, it amounted to a few dollars a month. But if a blog gets popular enough, you can actually make a good living off of even just a few cents per page view .

  286. C.J. says:

    Dear Katie, I’m new to your blog, but WAY TO GO. My husband and I are dairy-free and mostly sugar-free, and it’s hard to come up with recipes, thanks for your creative suggestions! Are you (I hope) taking good steps for your blog, such as gaining healthy advertising (from healthy companies you pre-screen) if you want to put that on your blog, or are you going to do an ECookbook for Kindle through Amazon? There are good books on writing EBooks out there, check out, or email me, I have some emails on the subject that I could send to you if desired. Either way, make sure you are doing this in a smart way so that you can succeed in your dreams! Pitch how many hits you have from Google (get a company to track them for you, or automatic software to count your unrepeated visits and daily hit rate) and pitch those numbers to publishing companies or (as I suggested) get into the Kindle EBook route, or self-publish to all your bloggers. We would buy your book! GOOD LUCK, it’s wonderful you’re pursuing your dreams!

  287. C.J. says:

    Sorry, I just updated myself by reading more of your comments — if you need unpublished recipes for the publisher of a cookbook, that’s awesome, but please get all of your posts from this blog into an eBook for your fans so those recipes are not lost! Thank you and CONGRATS!

    1. Thank you so so much, C.J.
      Your comment really meant a lot to me… and I love your idea about an e-cookbook. Honestly, I’m kinda sad I’ll have to come up with new recipes for the cookbook and leave some of my favorites out, so I really will have to look into your idea!

  288. Sonja says:

    Hi Katie,
    I made your peanut butter pretzels bars today. My daughter wanted chocolate magic on top in stead. Yum. And next I want to try the pumpkin brownies. It is good news for me that your are sticking with your blog. I enjoy the pictures and trying recipes with healthier ingredients. This may be a personal question but how does a blogger make money? I assume you get sponsors or advertisements but I don’t see any on your site. I am just curious and hope that you are compensated for all the work you do that we get to enjoy. I have to say that it is also your sunny attitude, honesty and sharing that I also enjoy reading.

    Thanks for your work and creativity. We at the Norberg-Sanchez house enjoy it!

    1. I’m actually publishing a post today with more info! :)

  289. Sonja says:

    Katie I just read an older response your gave to Heather answering my question. I thought it was something like that. =)

  290. Katie, you are a shining example of what can happen when a person refuses to buy the ‘mainstream’ version of life–punching in at 9am and punching back out at 5pm–and decides to take a calculated risk and live the life he/she was truly meant to live. We all have different talents, abilities, and passions for a reason–our lives are most certainly not by accident and in my opinion serve more purpose than what science has otherwise tried to teach us. When you have a talent and you LOVE what you do so much that are you willing to do it all day long without earning a dime, there is ALWAYS someone willing to pay you for that talent. You HAVE what they NEED, and you are essentially ‘solving a problem’ for someone else. That’s why people pay for anything…to have their problems solved.
    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog so much, and it inspires me to go in the direction of my OWN dreams that much more.
    <3 <3 <3

  291. Kathy says:

    I love your site and have used many of your recipes. I’m excited to get some new ones in the form of a cookbook. I have many cookbooks that I don’t use but this one will be a USER. Good luck and keep following your dreams.

  292. Paige says:

    I love your blog. Just wanted you to know. It’s amazing – I share it with everyone.

  293. Abbey says:

    One of my friends recently showed me your blog and since that moment I have been absolutely obsessed with the chocolate covered diet! My siblings many of my friends find my healthy diet wierd, and think I’m crazy when I choose a roasted veggie platter rather than a huge hamburger when we go out to eat. However, the one chink in the armour of my healthy diet plan has always been dessert! I am in love with chocolate and am soooooo happy you keep up this incredible blog. I can now make your delectable desserts which are a little bit of a “take that” to my friends who don’t think healthy can’t taste delicious! Your recipes are amazing and perfect fuels for the rigorouss cross- country season. Thanks for all of your work, Abbey:)

  294. Sue Bilstad says:

    I am so glad you didn’t give up, if you had, I wouldn’t of found your wonderful blog. I recommend it all the time, make desserts, feed them to children, friends, anyone willing, and then tell them what is in it (well I don’t tell the kids everything)! Everything is so fun to make and I enjoy adding and changing them up and seeing where I end up. I also am one of those who look forward to my daily e-mail with some cool new treat to try. Way to go – keep up the amazing work!

    1. Thank you so much, Sue. That really means a lot to me :).

  295. Dan Griffin says:

    It’s not really apparent to me how you are making money from the site. I don’t see ads or cookbooks. How are you making ends meet?
    That being said, if you as a recent college grad, who took a few years after college to be a successful full time blogger, came in for an interview with me, I would look very favorably on that. It shows a lot of initiative and business savvy in the digital world. A lot (most) of our social media marketers don’t have a fraction of the experience you have gained through this blog. I would say that, should you eventually go the traditional route of employment, this experience will be more valuable than you college education.

    Best of luck!!!

    1. Thanks, Dan! I actually DO have ads on my site, and I’m working on a cookbook :).

      More about blogging as a job here:

  296. Susan Smith says:

    Just found your blog today and can’t wait to try your recipes!!!! Pumpkin Frappachino shall be my first. Just makes my mouth water to think about it. You definitely have a talent and a passion, and I’m glad I found you!!! I’m following all your boards on Pinterest too. Keep up the amazing recipes and funny comments. Good luck with your future which we all hope includes keeping the blog for a long, long time.

  297. Karen says:

    So happy you decided to stick around! I only found your blog about when you wrote this; I would have been very sad. You are great Katie!

  298. Mari M says:

    Found your blog a couple months back… and have yet to try all of your recipes (studying abroad in foreign country… i cook less) but I have had a couple! (dessert for ones are a fav :) ) but when I am home I think I am going to try just about EVERY recipe you have on here. I love ALL of them and can’t wait to try them!

  299. Heather Edwards says:


    You are an inspiration for women everywhere! Doing what you love. I only recently discovered you. I feel like I am just now starting on my food journey for real. I have always loved sweets, cooking, and entertaining. However, I am turning 41 and realizing I must start paying more attention to what I am putting into my body! I love your recipes and your general outlook on life. I am working toward starting a company that gives self esteem seminars mostly to young girls and women. You truly are an inspiration to women!


  300. Dare says:

    Dear Katie,

    I realize this post is from a while ago, but I am only just discovering your blog (and I must say I am IN LOVE!). Anyways, I wanted to let you know that this post means a lot to me, because I’m am currently in the huge decision making process of switching majors in University. What I want to take is potentially a huge risk, but I truly believe I will be happier if I do. Thank you for inspiring me!


    P.S. What did you take in school?

  301. Hi, I just found you when I searched for a chocolate bar recipe, I’ve been going thru all your recipes and I must say, they look so easy to make and delicious too, I am a celiac therefore gluten free is a must and you have so many recipes that are just what I have been looking for easy and with chocolate, I just want to say that I’m so glad you didn’t give up this because you are very good at it, I want to thank you so much for the recipes. I’ve been having a hard time finding ones that are easy and taste good too, I live in the country and some ingredients are hard to find, so here’s a big cheer to you! keeping it simple and good too, it’s always best to follow your heart <3

  302. Hi Katie! I would love to talk to you more about your decision and thoughts behind going into blogging full-time. I could use some tips/advice! I was looking for your email address but couldn’t find it on the site, unless I just over-looked it. Would you mind emailing me so I can ask you some questions if you’re up to it? My email is bfdahn at gmail dot com. Thank you!!

  303. Maria says:

    I just discovered your blog and I’m so impressed with all these amazing recipes. But I’m even more impressed with the decision you made to make this blog your job. With this decision you’ve earned all of my respect. And this blog is just the beginning of an awesome trip in your life – I’m pretty sure.
    Your recipes are so inspiring – there is so much love and passion. I’m glad, I discovered your blog – it makes my life a little sweeter… 😉
    Greetings from Germany!

  304. Catherine says:

    This gave me goosebumps! I love your choice. Hope everything goes the way you want. Xo!

  305. Kiki says:

    I’m really young, but I love the idea of being healthy yet eating delicious foods, like the ones presented on your blog. I love trying new healthy foods and I would love to have a website or a little place when I’m older but I have absolutely no experience and I don’t understand, how do you get all the right measurements, all the right ingredients and combinations?? Help!!!

    1. Do a lot of experimenting! Edible experiments are always fun, and after a few years you’ll become a pro :)

  306. Donna Clelments says:

    Well, it is now March 18th, 2014. This post is nearly 3 years old. And it is still so very relevant today. Your parting sentence is so filled with sage for one so young. I just turned 59, and sugar, the time does fly faster with each passing year, so take it from this ole prune and do the best you can to TRULY savor each and every single day in and of itself. Now I need to thank you for those parting words. I have not yet followed my dreams. Not really. So you see, even 3 years later, your words still have impact.

  307. Dabney says:

    I know that post is three years old, but I am so, so glad you have kept this blog. I found it in the past few weeks ad have to say no other blog even comes close! All your recipes are healthy and ACTUALLY taste good! Lots of people blogging healthy food claim it taste nice… but bleh. Anyway, you make it possible for me to eat in a way that makes me feel better without sacrificing. THANK YOU!!!

  308. Ozne says:

    Katie, I love your site but I know I’d love you on YouTube even more! I think it’s the next step in Kate-volution. Also, I’m sure you’d get a large number of subscribers where you’d be making some nice cash.

    I can totally see you standing in a sexy kitchen showing us how to make all your delicious recipes. The world is waiting . . .

  309. Kay says:

    Katie, it would shock me with all of your work to even sen me a response is email. But somehow, someway I had to ask. What is really the secret to just growing a business and doing well. This field of cooking has been my passion my entire life, I was raised in the restaurant business. However I do it healthy. I would literally fall over to do what you do and inspire others. I just returned from Cambodia volunteering with young women and children teaching proper health and what I noticed was my niche for making things healthy and cooking for a community often. I’m home now, wanting to find a way, any way, to do what you do. I’m lost. How the heck do you do it? Katie you inspire me. Really. Go girl.

  310. Angela P. says:

    Good for you, Katie!! Congratulations on your decision and all your success so far! I totally believe in following your dreams and living your passion. I just came across your site a few hours ago and have been captivated by your story and delicious-looking, healthy recipes ever since! You’ve inspired me to not only try the black bean brownies and no-bake chocolate peanut butter pie (both of which I am going to make today!), but I’ve also thought about starting a blog of my own but wasn’t sure of the subject matter. It just dawned on me…martinis!!! Making decadent, delicious, festive martinis has been a passion of mine for at least 10 years. Having made them for family and friends’ parties, I’m known as the mad mixologist, always being told I should bartend for a living or write a recipe book! I also love photographing them. After considering all my options, I thought a blog would be the perfect blend of all those things that I truly enjoy, which would incorporate posting my recipes and photographing them for my blog site! And if I can make a little money at the same time, that’s a plus! (I still have to research how to monetize a blog as I am brand new to it.) Someday, I hope to have even half the success that you’ve had! Thanks for the inspiration, I wish you all the best!! 😉